Virginia D. Hymes Papers


Date: 1875-2006 1970-1988 | Size: 11 Linear feet


The Virginia D. Hymes Papers focus primarily on the Sahaptin language research of Virginia Hymes and several others between the 1970s and 1980s. They contain several extensive lexical card files of Sahaptin, original field notes, Sahaptin texts and a dictionary, notes toward an unpublished dissertation, works by others (especially Eugene Hunn, David and Kathrine French, and Bruce Rigsby on Sahaptin, and Noel Rude on Nez Perce/Niimi'ipuutímt), and smaller amounts of teaching files, conferences, correspondence, and personal and administrative files.

Background note

Virginia Dosch Hymes (1923-2015) was an anthropologist and linguist known for contributions to the study of Native American oral literature, the Sahaptin language and related languages of Oregon, and teaching and mentorship. Beginning her career as a mathematician in the 1940s, Virginia began graduate work in anthropology at Indiana University in 1953, graduating in 1954 with a thesis titled "Athapaskan numeral systems". Here she met and married fellow anthropologist and linguist Dell Hathaway Hymes, whose papers are also held at the American Philosophical Society (see the Dell H. Hymes Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.55)). The professional partnership of Virginia and Dell Hymes is apparent in not only their contributions to their institutions and fieldwork locations, but in the overlapping themes of their research and teaching.

In 1956 Hymes undertook her first fieldwork at Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon, observing early child language socialization and developing census materials and genealogies for most families on the reservation. She notes that this helped establish rapport through familiarity in later fieldtrips there. Research on child language socialization continued in the 1960s with work with Susan Ervin-Tripp and Wick R. Miller, and shortly afterwards she also assisted Dell Hymes' groundbreaking work on the ethnography of speaking.

Returning to Warm Springs in 1972 and annually for decades on, Hymes focused this time on the Sahaptin language, a project involving and crossing paths with many consultants and researchers. As Hymes herself writes in her resume, "the work has resulted in collection of a large body of texts, including an eight hour cycle of Coyote myths, and materials for a dictionary and grammatical sketch of Warm Springs Sahaptin". Although a Ph.D. thesis on Sahaptin was never completed and little was formally published, the product lives on within the notes and publications of other researchers (especially David and Kathrine French, Dell Hymes, Eugune Hunn, Bruce Rigsby), of her students, and of course residents of Warm Springs. In addition to the linguistic research, Hymes consulted for the Language Development Program of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, developing an orthography, preparing pedagogical materials, and teaching classes, and later in the 1970s consulted with a number of other projects, often focusing on Indigenous language use by Native Americans of Oregon.

Between 1975 and 1987, Virginia Hymes was the Undergraduate Chair for the Department of Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching courses on Native American languages, folklore, and ways of speaking. She then lectured at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Virginia through the 1990s. Regular presentations at conferences and a dedication to teaching culminated in a session for Hymes at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, titled "Listening to Discourse and Ways of Telling Stories: Papers in Honor of Virginia Hymes". Hymes was a member of the American Anthropologist Association, American Folkilore Society, Linguistic Society of America, Oregon Folklore Society, Oregon Historical Society, Society for Linguistic Anthropology, and the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA).

Scope and content

Series I consists of a small volume of correspondence, most notably with Bruce Rigsby, who shared much of his Sahaptin research with Hymes in series IV. Series II is also small, and contains work toward publications and presentations, including some that may not have been made public. Hymes' research files in Series III form the richest area of the collection, representing fieldwork in and around Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, in the 1950s and 1970s. Sahaptin-language texts, retranscribed often multiple times, are present alongside lexica derived from fieldnotes, of which some originals are here. Otherwise of note is Hymes' reworking of others' Sahaptin texts. Series IV contains published and unpublished works by others, particularly Eugene Hunn and Bruce Rigsby's Sahaptin research, and Noel Rude's Nez Perce/Niimi'ipuutímt research. The physical bulk of the collection is taken up by series V, containing three Sahaptin lexica: one by Hymes, estimated at around 35,500 slips with much cross-referencing to fieldnotes and texts; one by Kathrine and/or David French, with whom Hymes engaged in fieldwork in the 1950s; and a third by an unidentified author. Series VI contains a few folders of personal and administrative work. Of particular note is a bibliography that details all Hymes' professional activities, including individual fieldtrips to Oregon and every conference presentation, up to 1988. There is also contact information for her colleagues and consultants. Series VII contains files moved from the Dell Hymes Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.55) subcollection 2 during processing of that collection, and includes teaching files and other administration, conferences, verse analysis and a small amount of Warm Springs material.

Digital objects note

This collection contains digital materials that are available in the APS Digital Library. Links to these materials are provided with context in the inventory of this finding aid. A general listing of digital objects may also be found here.

Collection Information

Physical description

11 linear feet.

Processing information

Series I-VI of the collection was processed by Paul Sutherland in 2018. Series VII was processed by Paul Sutherland in 2023.

Separated material

A small amount of materials by Virginia Hymes' spouse Dell Hymes was moved into Subcollection II of the Dell H. Hymes Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.55).

Related material

The David H. and Kathrine S. French papers at the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections reflect a similar period of research at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon. Some of their materials are present in this collection, especially a lexical file in Series V.

Virginia Hymes' spouse Dell Hymes conducted much research on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, on the Wasco-Wishram language. These materials can be found in the Dell H. Hymes Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.55).

The Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection (Mss.497.3.Am4) contains multiple other materials derived from fieldwork at Warm Springs Reservation, by at least Eugene Hunn, Dell Hymes, Bruce Rigsby and Michael Silverstein.

Indexing Terms

Personal Name(s)

  • Colwash, Amelia
  • Colwash, Amelia
  • Colwash, Millie
  • Colwash, Millie
  • Curtin, Jeremiah
  • Curtin, Jeremiah
  • Curtin, Jeremiah
  • French, David H.
  • French, Kathrine S.
  • Greene, Verbena
  • Greene, Verbena
  • Hunn, Eugene
  • Hunt, Joe
  • Hunt, Joe
  • Hymes, Dell H.
  • Hymes, Virginia, 1923-2015
  • Jacobs, Melville, 1902-1971
  • Jacobs, Melville, 1902-1971
  • Moses, Susan
  • Moses, Susan
  • Pistolhead, Elsie
  • Pistolhead, Elsie
  • Rigsby, Bruce Joseph
  • Rude, Noel
  • Squiemphen, Ellen
  • Squiemphen, Ellen
  • Suppah, Hazel
  • Suppah, Hazel
  • Winishut, Linton
  • Winishut, Linton


  • Anthropology -- Cultural anthropology
  • Anthropology, ethnography, fieldwork
  • Ethnography
  • Indians of North America -- Oregon
  • Indians of North America -- Oregon -- Languages
  • Native American linguistics
  • Nez Percé Indians
  • Nez Percé language
  • Niimiipuutímt language
  • Oregon -- History
  • Penutian languages
  • Plateau Indians
  • Sahaptin language
  • Shahaptian languages

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Correspondence
  Box 1
 Hunn, Eugene
1977 1 page(s) Box 1

Concerns Sahaptin, especially color terminology and fieldwork by Curtis and Bruce Rigsby.

 Kono, Nariyo
2006 1 page(s) Box 1

Concerns the memorial of Kathrine S. French.

 Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy
1976 5 page(s) Box 1

Concerns Hymes' Sahaptin texts and lexical slips (see Research Files and Card Files series).

Separated material: Removed from Series III, "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #3: Versions with correspondence from Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, 1976.

 Rigsby, Bruce
1971-1974 19 page(s) Box 1

Concerns Sahaptin, including materials present in the 'Works by Others & Printed Materials' series, as well as other Pacific Northwest languages (Klamath, Nisga'a) and fieldwork in Australia.

 Silverstein, Michael
1971 1 page(s) Box 1

Concerns Sahaptin, including reference to "a rather good machine-to-machine copy of the Yakima material from Alex Saluskin". These may refer to materials by Bruce Rigsby in the "Works by Others & Printed Materials" series, although it is unclear which.

 Suttles, Wayne [to Dell Hymes]
1977 1 page(s) Box 1

Concerns "the copy of Virginia Beavert's dictionary for Ginnie [Virginia Hymes]", likely the item in Series IV.

 Series II. Works by Hymes
  Box 1
 Article on Warm Springs Sahaptin phonology
1972ca. 60 p.Box 1

Manuscript in the form of a letter to "John" (possibly an incomplete copy, as there is no ending or sign-off) interspersed with many notes. Letter indicates that is for a "502 course", and also talks about Warm Springs fieldwork.

 Dissertation notes 40 p.Box 1

Includes several of the Sahaptin texts present in series III, and possible parts of other publications.

 "The Ethnography of Linguistic Intuitions at Warm Springs"
1975 8 page(s) Box 1

Xerox of publication.

 Notes for a talk on Sahaptin
n.d. 9 page(s) Box 1

Handwritten notes on the history of Sahaptin fieldwork and basic aspects of grammar, apparently for an introductory talk.

 "Past Tense Paper" 25 p.Box 1

Handwritten early draft and notes toward an unidentified article on Warm Springs Sahaptin past tense. Includes lists of verbs from stories told to Hymes by her consultants (especially Hazel Suppah).

 "A Sahaptin Narrative Device: From Sahaptin to English and Back Again"
ca. 1982 46 page(s) Box 1

Two versions of manuscript, possibly identical (23 p. each).

 Statement to the Society for Linguistic Anthropology
ca. 1990s 1 page(s) Box 1
 "Talk on Excerpt from Abalone for D. Sapir Session on Translation, AAA 1988"
1988 11 page(s) Box 1

Includes an excerpt from Elsie Pistolhead's story, as told to Eugene Hunn, with notes. See also Series IV: "Hunn, Eugene: "Transcription and Translation of Sahaptin Language Tapes: 1976-1978"" for microfilms of texts, and within the Research Files series for Hymes' additional work on these texts.

 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Narrative Analysis" #1: Copyediting
1986over 50 p.Box 1

Correspondence from Tony Woodbury (1 p.) and Hymes' response to manuscript corrections, xeroxed.

 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Narrative Analysis" #2: Publication with marginalia
n.d. 10 page(s) Box 1

Article (9 p.); page describing "Linguistic Features Organizing Narratives", author unknown (1 p.).

 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Verse Analysis" #1: Draft with notes
ca. 1981ca. 60 p.Box 1

Handwritten and typeset.

 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Verse Analysis" #2: Typeset draft sections
ca. 1981ca. 13 p.Box 1
 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Verse Analysis" #3: Texts
ca. 1981ca. 40 p.Box 1

Multiple versions of text "A story, the first of thre, about T'at'aliya, the Basket Woman", told by Hazel Suppah in 1979.

 Series III. Research Files
  Box 1-6
 Analysis of Eugene Hunn's Elsie Pistolhead texts #1: "Abalone"
ca. 1978over 100 p.Box 1

Typeset versions of one of the texts. See series IV: "Hunn, Eugene: "Transcription and Translation of Sahaptin Language Tapes: 1976-1978".

 Analysis of Eugene Hunn's Elsie Pistolhead texts #2: Copies with marginalia, notes
ca. 1978ca. 150 p.Box 1

Additional xeroxes of the microfilmed texts, with Hymes' marginalia and handwritten notes. See series IV: "Hunn, Eugene: "Transcription and Translation of Sahaptin Language Tapes: 1976-1978".

 "Commands as they might be given to children"
1973 41 page(s) Box 2

11 p. typed and 30 p. handwritten versions of section of Sahaptin fieldnotes with Hazel Suppah, detailing conversational phrases.

 "Coyote and Wood Tick"
n.d. 14 page(s) Box 2

"Told in English by Herb Manuel, Thompson Salish". Analyses by both Virginia and Dell Hymes. Multiple versions, around 4 pages each. Nlaka'pamux.

 "Coyote Cuts Food Out of a Child" 25 p.Box 2

Multiple versions of Hymes' Sahaptin and English versions of text recorded by Melville Jacobs.

 "Coyote in a Hollow Tree"
n.d. 16 page(s) Box 2

Handwritten version of Edward Sapir's Takelma text, in Takelma and English (5 p. each), with xerox of original publication.

 Dictionary file 1000 p.Box 2

Handwritten pages of a dictionary in progress, in Sahaptin order. References field notebooks, texts and consultants, and the data appear similar or identical to those on the lexical slips (see Series V).

  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
  Box 2
 "E.W. Tape"
n.d. 34 page(s) Box 3

Transcriptions from a tape, handwritten, with consultants "EW" and "BR".

 "Field notes and copies"
1973-1976 75 page(s) Box 3

Cover of original binder, referring to acronyms on the corner of pages:V. G.: Copies made from notebooks.SM, AC, ES, LW*: Texts - original transcriptions, corrected transcriptions (with H. S.), copies for typist (numbered sentences)H. S.: 1973, 1975 and texts.*elicitations are in Blue & Green Notebooks - slipped by hand.Section "V.G." (40 p.) contains mostly lexica and grammatical elicitations, as well as a testimonial. Texts (35 p.) are interlinear with Sahaptin and English.

 Field notes, 1956
1956 33 page(s) Box 3

Typeset versions of notes from fieldwork in 1956 with Kathrine and David French at Warm Springs, Oregon. Consultants: Eva Polk, Bertha Stevens, Linton Winishut, Mrs. Cargo, Alice Florendo, and Lucinda Smith. Fieldnotes discuss raising and socializing children at the Warm Springs reservation, and includes some notes on genealogy, although no charts.

 Field notes, 1975 with Hazel Suppah, pp.1-37
1975 37 page(s) Box 3


 "Field Notes, Spring & Summer 1973"
1973-1974 166 page(s) Box 3

Cover of original binder: "A.C., S.M., E.S., L.W. All copied by hand onto slips. Not typed". Contains a variety of lexical, sentence and grammatical elicitations, with some emphasis on social customs. Mostly with consultant Hazel Suppah.

 "Field Notes, Summer 1979"
1979ca. 40 p.Box 3

Xeroxes. Includes "Story of Chipmunk and T'at'aliya". See "Texts from Warm Springs, Oregon fieldwork", this series.

 Field notes with Verbena Greene, pp.29-67
ca. 1973 55 page(s) Box 3

Xeroxes of pp.29-67, plus originals of pp.41-56.

 Grant application to the Melville and Elizabeth Jacobs Research Fund
1982-1984ca. 20 p.Box 3

Application title: "Sahaptin narrative translation and analysis", for work with James Selam and Eugene Hunn on the translation of part of a Coyote cycle. There is also a Phillips Fund Grant (American Philosophical Society) by Eugene Hunn for Hunn, Hymes and Selam, stipulating that the Jacobs fund would cover Hymes' travel.

 "Hazel Suppah '73, '74, '75 fieldnotes; Texts 1975"
1972-1976 65 page(s) Box 3

Typed versions of field notes and texts. There are full contents and a log of the completion of fieldwork processing (e.g. tape correction) at the front. Fieldnotes of 1973-1975 contain especially commands and requests to children, responses, language about household chores, animals, and verbs. Texts are transcribed with Sahaptin and English on facing pages, with some comments by consultant Hazel Suppah, and are titled by Hymes: "How Her Grandmother Dried Fish", "True Story, No Fantasy", "Tanning a hide", "How grandmother got trapped in forest fire", "Trip to Crow celebration", "Story about getting lost with grandmother", and "Wrestling Match Between North Wind and East Wind". Some additional stories are mentioned in the log.

 L. W. Coyote ["Coyote was there"] #1: Handwritten version
n.d. 74 page(s) Box 3

Two copies (37 p. each, in Sahaptin then English) with some minor marginalia.

 L. W. Coyote ["Coyote was there"] #2: Beginning
ca. 1990s 13 page(s) Box 3

Typeset version, apparently transcribed from tape, with introduction in English.

 L. W. Coyote ["Coyote was there"] #3: Typeset versions
ca. 1970sca. 35 p.Box 3

Version on alternating pages (14 p.); two other, likely earlier, versions with marginalia

 L. W. Coyote ["Coyote was there"] #4: "Notes to sequence" & "Original"
ca. 1970sca. 35 p.Box 3

Handwritten on alternating pages.

 L. W. Coyote ["Coyote was there"] #5: Working copies
ca. 1970sca. 100 p.Box 3

Working versions (xeroxes with marginalia) and additional notes.

 Lexica and sentences from field notebooks
ca. 1973-1975ca. 35 p.Box 3

Typeset lexica and sentences from field notebooks of Verbena Greene and Hazel Suppah.

 "M. Jacobs archives notes" 20 filled p.Box 4

Notebook containing notes on the Melville Jacobs papers, presumably at the University of Washington Libraries.

 "Melville Jacobs: Some Notes on Yakima-Klickitat"
ca. 1950s-1960s 2 page(s) Box 4

Phonology and lexica, handwritten.

 Miscellaneous fieldnotes
1975 12 page(s) Box 4

Xeroxes of Sahaptin fieldnotes from Warm Springs, Oregon, not apparently elsewhere in the collection.

 Miscellaneous notes on Sahaptin 30 p.Box 4
 "Native American Verbal Art - notes etc."
n.d. 19 page(s) Box 4

Folder containing handwritten notes (7 p.); manuscript titled "American Indian Anthropologists at the Smithsonian", possibly by JoAllyn Archambault (written "Sue Allyn"; 10 p.); manuscript by Michael Krauss titled "Number and Viability of Native American Languages by State and Province" (2 p.).

 Notes on Joe Hunt's texts in Melville Jacobs' "Northwest Sahaptin Texts"
ca. 1980sca. 25 p.Box 4

Includes rewritings of various texts. Some notes are by Dell Hymes. See elsewhere in this series for more.

 "Notes on Naming ceremonies at HEHE August 9, 1970"
1970 6 page(s) Box 4

Typeset ethnographic notes.

 Notes on Sahaptin verbs
ca. 1970s 10 page(s) Box 4


 "Order for Sahaptin alphabet"
n.d. 1 page(s) Box 4
 "Presbytarian Missionary Historical Society Notes"
n.d. 8 page(s) Box 4

Copies of manuscripts and handwritten notes (4 p.). Concerns Niimi'ipuutímt.

 "Queries for B.R."
n.d. 4 page(s) Box 4

Questions about imperatives and phonology in Sahaptin. Handwritten.

 "Summer '74 Class"
1971-1974ca. 61 p.Box 4

"Warm Springs Language Dictionary" from Fall 1972 (6 p. with heavy marginalia); "Addition to Wordlist", handwritten lexica from July-August, likely 1974 (ca. 25 p.); small notebook including contact information, personal schedules and notes on Sahaptin (ca. 30 p.); two dried specimens of "Wapan Wapan", a plant used by Hazel Suppah's grandmother medicinally.

 Texts from Warm Springs, Oregon fieldwork
ca. 1973-1976ca. 500 p.Box 4-5

These folders contain multiple versions of texts, many from presumed original handwritten fieldnotes (1973) to later typeset revisions in the mid to late 1970s. Texts often mention having been checked against a tape (location of these are unknown). See the collection-level description area for all fieldwork consultants, although the majority of these texts were told by Hazel Suppah or Linton Winishut. These are often referenced elsewhere in the collection by abbreviation (e.g. "Story of the wrestling match" as "WM").

 "Chipmunk and his Grandmother"
  Box 4
 "Conversation between HS and AC"
  Box 4
 "Going berrypicking"
  Box 4
 "Going for Tule"
  Box 4
 "The Horse that Shied"
  Box 4
 "How Grandmother Dried Fish"
  Box 4
 "How Long Ago We Got Lost"/"A Story About Getting Lost in the Fog"
  Box 4
 "Linton Winishut story about snake"
  Box 4
  Box 4
 "Story about Indianhead Canyon"
  Box 4
 "A Story my Mother-in-Law Used to Tell"
  Box 4
 "The Story of how her grandmother was trapped in a forest fire and escaped"
  Box 4
 "Story of the wrestling match between North wind and East wind"
  Box 5
 "Swallow and Spilyai"
  Box 5
 "Tanning a Hide"
  Box 5
 "This is a true story. No fantasy."
  Box 5
 "Trailer on Coyote Story"
  Box 5

Title approximate.

 "Trip to Crow celebration"
  Box 5
 "There Was Beaver"
n.d. 17 page(s) Box 5

Hymes' outline, Sahaptin and English versions of Sahaptin text recorded by Melville Jacobs.

 "Vocab to elicit - from D's Wasco domains"
1975ca. 60 filled p.Box 5

Notebook with lexica and sentences, following a structure of semantic domains of Dell Hymes.

 "Wildcat and His Older Brother Cougar"
n.d. 36 page(s) Box 5

"From [Melville] Jacobs. Major data for discovery of pa-{a} alternation in "Verse Analysis" as heuristics." Original by Joe Hunt with Jacobs, likely retyped by Hymes. Concerns Sahaptin.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #1: 86-page version
1976 86 page(s) Box 5

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain. Xerox.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #2: 70-page versions 141 p.Box 5

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain. Two copies, one with a note to Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, and some marginalia.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #3: Versions with correspondence from Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
1976ca. 139 p.Box 5

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain. The bulk of two versions, 70 p. and 86 p.

Separated material: Correspondence separated to Series I. Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #4: Various sections 30 p.Box 5

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain. Various sections of the list. Includes crossed-out note to Bruce Rigsby.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #5: Handwritten drafts
n.d.over 150 p.Box 5

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain.

 "Word and Phrase List of Warm Springs Sahaptin" #6: Handwritten additions 70 p.Box 6

Project with Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (typist) producing a word list with introduction, arranged by semantic domain. Lexica on letter pages and lexical slips, sorted by semantic domain.

 "Word list to accompany tape by Verbena Greene"
n.d. 16 page(s) Box 6

Sahaptin word list in a handwritten notepad.

 Yakima and Klickitat vocabularies from Jeremiah Curtin
n.d. 12 page(s) Box 6

See also Series IV.

 Series IV. Works by Others & Printed Materials
  Box 6-7
 Beavert, Virginia & Bruce Rigsby: "Yakima Language Practical Dictionary"
ca. 1970s 83 page(s) Box 6

Typeset manuscript with extensive marginalia by Hymes. Consortium of Johnson O'Malley Committees of Region IV, State of Washington.

 Brown, Cecil H.: "Polysemy, Overt Marking, and the Concept "Week""
1986 18 page(s) Box 6

Typeset draft.

 Conference ephemera
1983-1986ca. 21 p.Box 6

For Ethnography in Education Research Forum (1983, 1985) and International Oracy Convention (1987).

 "Conference on American Indian Languages Clearinghouse Newsletter"
1972 18 page(s) Box 6

Vol. 1, No. 2. Xerox.

 Curtin, Jeremiah: Manuscripts at NAA #1: Sahaptin lexicon, 1884
1884ca. 100 p.Box 6

Xeroxes of manuscripts at the National Anthropological Archives. Contains some marginalia by Hymes. Likely NAA MS 1448.

 Curtin, Jeremiah: Manuscripts at NAA #2: "Comparative Vocabulary" at Warm Springs, Oregon
1875ca. 25 p.Box 6

Xeroxes of manuscripts at the National Anthropological Archives. Lexicon and correspondence.

 Curtin, Jeremiah: Manuscripts at NAA #3: Diary 70 p.Box 6

Sections of volumes 2-4.

 French, David & Kathrine French: "Warm Springs Sahaptin Medicinal Plants, A Summary"
1979 52 page(s) Box 6

Preliminary version of manuscript (51 p.); correspondence (1 p.).

 Hunn, Eugene: "Sahaptin Animal Terms"
1977-1978 39 page(s) Box 6

Preliminary version of manuscript (23 p.); correspondence (1 p.); lexical slips by Hymes with animal terms (15 p.).

 Hunn, Eugene: Sahaptin terms for animals
1976-1977 23 page(s) Box 6

Xeroxes of typeset wordlists with Hymes' marginalia (mostly referencing Hazel Suppah). Multiple varieties included. Fish, birds, mammals, invertebrates, plants, reptiles and more are included.

 Hunn, Eugene: "Transcription and Translation of Sahaptin Language Tapes: 1976-1978"
1978ca. 102 p.Box 6

Copies from microfilm held at the University of Washington. Part of the Jacobs Research Funds archive. Hunn worked with James Selam (transcriber and consultant) and others in and around the Yakama Reservation, Washington. Contains front cover, "Elsie Pistolhead, Tape 1", "Elsie Pistolhead, Tape 2: Legend 1", and "Elsie Pistolhead, Tape 9".

 Hunn, Eugene & David French: "Lomatium. A Key Resource for Columbia Plateau Native Subsistence"
1980 20 page(s) Box 6

On Lomatium as food by Sahaptin people.

 Hymes, Dell: "The deserted boy"
n.d. 1 page(s) Box 6

Xerox of part of the Upper Chinook text, with Virginia Hymes' additional marginalia.

 List of works by others
n.d. 15 page(s) Box 7

Xerox of list of publications refering to their box locations. Likely a summary of Virginia Hymes' reprints held.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Agreement and Pronominalization in a Pacific Northwest Language"
ca. 1971 4 page(s) Box 7

On Sahaptin language.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Key to the Gitksan Alphabet"
ca. 1971 3 page(s) Box 7

Guide to orthography plus first page of an unidentified dictionary (English words beginning with 'a').

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Key to the Yakima Sahaptin Alphabet" & "A Proposed Practical Alphabet for the Nez Perce Language"
ca. 1971 12 page(s) Box 7

Part of "A Short Practical Dictionary of the Yakima Sahaptin Language". Several versions with different marginalia.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Linguistics 292: Introduction to the Study of Language"
n.d. 1 page(s) Box 7

Umatilla Sahaptin lexicon and verb conjugations.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Sahaptin Inflectional Syntax"
1973 14 page(s) Box 7

Section from Rigsby's grammar. Typeset draft. See 1973 correspondence.

 Rigsby, Bruce: Sahaptin phonology
1973 15 page(s) Box 7

Section from Rigsby's grammar. Typeset draft. See 1973 correspondence.

 Rigsby, Bruce: Sahaptin texts
1964 13 page(s) Box 7

Some interlinear, typeset and handwritten, and some undated. Texts: "Temnanaxt Tuuxanatmiki" (Walla Walla variety, March 1964 with Winnie Burke, 2 p.); "Itamaluuka Achaash Spilyai" (from Melville Jacobs, 2 p.); "Piitl'iyawiya Watl'ikaasyainan Spilyain" (ibid., 2 p.); "Temnanaxt Walter Pond-mi" (Umatilla variety, 3 p.); "Temnanaxt Sam Sturgismi" (Walla Walla variety, 4 p.).

 Rigsby, Bruce: Sahaptin wordlist
n.d. 10 page(s) Box 7

Wordlist in English order in two hands, possibly Virginia Hymes and Bruce Rigsby. Accessioned in a folder titled "Rigsby materials".

 Rigsby, Bruce: "A Short Practical Dictionary of the Yakima Sahaptin Language"
1971 40 page(s) Box 7

Three xeroxes with marginalia by multiple people. Longest is 30 p.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "The Surface Cases"
1973 16 page(s) Box 7

Section from Rigsby's Sahaptin grammar. Typeset draft. See 1973 correspondence.

 Rigsby, Bruce: Umatilla Sahaptin handouts
ca. 1970s 2 page(s) Box 7

Handouts for Anthropology 317L course.

 Rigsby, Bruce: Verb charts
n.d. 4 page(s) Box 7

Likely Sahaptin.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Yakima Sahaptin Sentences (in a taxonomic phonemic notation)"
ca. 1970s 7 page(s) Box 7

116 sentences with English translations.

 Rigsby, Bruce: "Yakima Sahaptin Terms for Kin Relationships"
1971 2 page(s) Box 7

"From notes and materials given by Alex Saluskin in 8/66". 40 kinship terms with different inflections.

 Rude, Noel: "Bibliography of Sahaptian Languages" & "Sources for Sahaptian Languages"
ca. 1986 19 page(s) Box 7
 Rude, Noel: "Complementation in Nez Perce"
1985 32 page(s) Box 7

1st Pacific Linguistics Conference. With marginalia.

 Rude, Noel: "Objectification: A Consequence of Verb Serialization"
n.d. 13 page(s) Box 7

Previous title: "Serial Verbs in Nez Perce"

 Rude, Noel: "Promotion and Topicality of Nez Perce Objects"
1982 21 page(s) Box 7
 Rude, Noel: "Tables for Sahaptian Linguistics"
n.d. 21 page(s) Box 7

Grammatical tables and family trees

 Rude, Noel: "Topicality, Transitivity and the Direct Object in Nez Perce" #1
n.d. 19 page(s) Box 7

Xerox with marginalia.

 Rude, Noel: "Topicality, Transitivity and the Direct Object in Nez Perce" #2
n.d. 59 page(s) Box 7
 Schrager, Sam: "Annotated Bibliography of Materials Relating to the Nez Perce Language"
1980 5 page(s) Box 7

Student paper for Hymes.

 Schrager, Sam: "First Retranslation of Coyote and Fox, a Nez Perce Myth Told by Elizabeth P. Wilson"
1980 25 page(s) Box 7

Student paper for Hymes, pages reordered and with alternative analysis by Hymes (21 p.); xerox of Aoki's text (4 p.).

 Turner, Edith: "Home Seminar, Anthropology 539, Contemporary Ethnography and Fieldwork"
1996 6 page(s) Box 7

Summary of seminar.

 Unidentified author: "Klikatat: Spilyai Tales"
n.d. 2 page(s) Box 7

Xerox of Sahaptin fieldnotes.

 Walker, M. W.: Warm Springs Sahaptin wordlist
1883ca. 120 p.Box 7

Xerox of manuscript held at the National Anthropological Archives, possibly NAA MS 1448.

 "Warm Springs & Simnasho Schools Indian Language Schedule 1973-1974"
1973 1 page(s) Box 7

Details lessons by Amelia Colwash, Susan Moses and Ellen Squiemphen.

 "Warm Springs Mementos"
1980 Box 7

Newspaper clippings relating to Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, and its residents.

 Zwicky, Arnold M.: "More on Nez Perce: On Alternative Analyses"
n.d. 12 page(s) Box 7

Pages 115-126 of unidentified larger publication.

 Series V. Card Files
  Box 8-30
 French's Sahaptin lexicon
ca. 1954, 1977ca. 1400 p.Box 8

Organized into semantic domains. Consultants (of French) listed on the front as: Alec Tohet, Blanche Tohet, Lucy Miller, Walter Miller, Kate Kuikeep (sp.), Eva Polk, J. Wahineka, Maude Winishut, Sarah Walsey, Jessie McCorble (sp.), Bob Wallace, A. Florendo, Jesse Heath, and "M. T.". In two hands - likely Kathrine French (lexica dated ca. 1951-1954) and later additions by Virginia Hymes cited as "HS" (Hazel Suppah?), 1977.

 Hymes' Sahaptin lexicon
ca. 1973-1977ca. 35500 p.Box 9-30

Extensive lexicon in Sahaptin order. Includes many example sentences, with reference to Hymes' fieldnotes and collected texts (see especially Series III, and the collection description for names of consultants).

  Box 9
  Box 10
  Box 11
  Box 12
  Box 13
  Box 14
  Box 15
  Box 16
  Box 17
  Box 18
  Box 19
  Box 20
  Box 21
  Box 22
  Box 23
  Box 24
  Box 25
  Box 26
  Box 27
 ya-yu & "GR File" & Miscellaneous slips
  Box 28

"GR File" may be "grammatical file".

  Box 29-30

Grammar section includes dialects, code-switching, borrowings, a short English-first lexicon, and various other features.

 Unidentified Sahaptin lexicon 1000 p.Box 30

In Sahaptin order. Author unknown.

 Series VI. Personal & Administrative
  Box 31-32
 "Bio-Bibliography of Virginia Dosch Hymes"
ca. 1988 7 page(s) Box 31

Includes education, fellowships, details of birth, teaching experience, research and linguistics fieldwork experience (including description of Sahaptin language fieldwork and language teaching roles), list of publications 1955-1987, list of papers presented 1974-1988, and memberships.

Access digital object:

 Contact information #1
1998ca. 15 p.Box 31

Index cards and loose pages with contact information of colleagues.

 Contact information #2
ca. 1993 12 page(s) Box 31

Mostly alphabetical list of addresses and telephone numbers of family members and colleagues.

 List of birthdays and wedding anniversaries
n.d. 1 page(s) Box 31

Hymes family, Dosch family and others.

 Letters of support for students (Restricted)
1993-1998ca. 40 p.Box 32
 Series VII. Additions from Dell H. Hymes Papers
  Box 31-32

Files transferred from the Dell H. Hymes Papers during processing of that collection, that are authored by Virginia Hymes or otherwise in folders that indicate they were part of her personal files.

Processing information: Added from Dell H. Hymes Papers, Subcollection 2 (Mss.Ms.Coll.55), during processing of that collection between 2019 and 2022. This second subcollection included materials from the Hymes' home and so therefore includes materials shared between them.

 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, 1987
1987 Box 31
 American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, 1986
1986 Box 31
 "Appendix II"
  Box 31

Starts "Proppian analysis of Dream C". Author unidentified.

 Hymes, Virginia, 1923-2015.
"Athapaskan Numeral Systems"
1955 Box 31

Reprint from IJAL. Addressed to Hymes' mother.

 Bibliographic index cards
  Box 31
 The Bungling Host
  Box 31

Analysis of Crow text (as published in "Myths and traditions of the Crow Indians", Robert Lowie, 1918) by an unidentified student of Hymes.

 Coyote notes
  Box 31

Work toward a review of William Bright's "Coyote Reader"; listings of Coyote texts (maybe related).

 "Duck Hawk and His Wife"
  Box 31

Karuk text by Mamie Offield. Text 27 from a publication. Apparently a teaching handout, with English translations and grammatical analysis by Hymes.

 "Ethnography of Speaking" course
1990 Box 31

At University of Virginia, co-taught with Dell Hymes.

 Folklore Fellows' Summer School, Turku, Finland 1999
1999 Box 31

Various papers from the event in a folder marked Virginia Hymes.

 "Handouts for Monday"
  Box 31

Newspaper clipping on Philadelphia English.

 Hokan-Penutian Workshop, 1994
1994 Box 31

Schedule. Also handout by Leanne Hinton, "10 Points for Successful Language Teaching & Learning", which may or may not have been shared at the conference.

 National Science Foundation grant review
1989 Box 32

Restrictions on Access: This file has a 25-year restriction on access from date of arrival (ending 2033).

 "Native American Folklore" course readings binder
1987 1 volume(s) volume 1
 "Native American Women" course
  Box 31
 Notes on Keenan and Ochs, "Becoming a Competent Speaker of Malagasy"
  Box 31
 Notes on Traugott and Pratt
  Box 31
 Duranti, Alessandro, 1950-.
"Opening and Closing a Samoan Formal Event"
1982 Box 31

Draft. Note by Hymes that this is to be used in a lecture. Front page marginalia also by Dell Hymes.

 "Sahaptin Myths collected by J. Curtin"
  2 p Box 31

Listing of texts in BAE (National Anthropological Archives) manuscript 3534.

 Texts by Charlotte Ross
  Box 31

In English (maybe Appalachian English). Various transcriptions and analyses by Hymes of texts narrated by Charlotte Rose: "Tremble Dove" and "Mutsmag". One version of Tremble Dove notes: "This transcription is from a recording of a performance of this story before a theater audience at the Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania on February 9, 1983".

 Texts by Joe Heaney
1973-1982, 2000, n.d. Box 31

Texts in English by Joe Heaney, about Ireland. Correspondence concerning their return to Hymes by Bill McCarthy. Hymes' notes.

 University of Virginia activity report 1988
1988 Box 31
 University of Virginia library reservation lists
1999 Box 31
 "Verb conjugation classes in Klamath"
  3 p Box 31

Author unidentified. Appears to be a conference handout.

 "Warm Springs Sahaptin Word & Phrase List, 1976 revision"
1976 91 p Box 31

Photocopy. Originally prepared by Hymes with Susan Moses, Ellen Squiemphen, Linton Winishut and Amelia Colwash. Describes tapes that accompanied the publication, available at the Warm Sprins Confederated Tribes Education Department, which funded the project.

 "Ways of Speaking" course #1: Bibliography
  Box 31
 "Ways of Speaking" course #2: "Bibliography - Ethnographies"
  Box 31
 "Ways of Speaking" course #3: Descriptions
1981-1986 Box 31
 "Ways of Speaking" course #4: "List of references in Language in Society"
  Box 31
 "Ways of Speaking" course #5: "Notes on papers for Ethnographies (Ways) of Speaking"
  Box 32
 "Ways of Speaking" course #6: Readings packet
  Box 32
 "Ways of Speaking" course #7: "Role of Theory"
  Box 32
 "Ways of Speaking" course #8: Schedule, Spring 1987
1987 Box 32
 "Ways of Speaking" course #9: Student lists and evaluations
1984-1988 Box 32

Restrictions on Access: This file has a 25-year restriction on access from date of arrival (ending 2033).

 "Ways of Speaking" course #10: Various notes
  Box 32
 "Why There Was a Famine in Olden Times"
  Box 32

"Quiche" (Kʼicheʼ) text, from unidentified source, with analysis of English by Hymes.