Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection


Date: 1605-2017 | Size: 30 Linear feet


The Phillips Fund Collection consists of materials submitted to the APS by recipients of grants from its Phillips Fund for Native American Research. The materials vary in scope, ranging from linguistics to ethnography, musicology, religion, ethnobotany, and ethnohistory, and including studies of Indigenous peoples of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Materials in this collection include brief project reports, dissertations, published and unpublished manuscripts, dictionaries and vocabularies, field notes, and audiovisual materials.

Background note

In 1895, Henry Phillips left a portion of his estate to the American Philosophical Society to support research in archaeology and philology, to which supplementary bequests were added in 1903 by his aunt, Emily Phillips, and uncle, Henry M. Phillips. Originally used to acquire books in these subject areas, the increasing strength of the APS collections for Native American languages combined with a critical need for support for primary research led to a gradual change in the use of the Phillips Fund.

Since the 1930s, the APS had provided grants to support research on Native American languages, but in 1941, a Special Committee on the Future Policy of the Library recommended tapping the Phillips Fund for this purpose. Following approval of the Committee on the Library in 1944, the first grant under the Phillips Fund was awarded in the fall, 1945, supporting Zellig Harris of the University of Pennsylvania in his research on the Cherokee language. Since the 1960s, the results of Phillips grants -- including field notes, audio and visual recordings, dissertations, and published and unpublished works -- have been sent to the Library for inclusion in its collections.

The Phillips Fund currently provides grants for research in Native American linguistics and ethnohistory, and the history of studies of Native Americans, in the continental United States and Canada. Information about the Fund can be found at the Phillips Fund section of the American Philosophical Society website.

Scope and content

The Phillips Fund Collection is arranged alphabetically by grantee of the Phillips Fund, with some grantees submitting materials for multiple grants.

While no systematic effort was made to gather the results of early Phillips grants (up until around the 1950s), several grantees, including Zellig Harris, sent sound recordings, notes, or other works anyway. In most cases, these were incorporated into the American Council of Learned Society's Committee on Native American Languages Collection (also known as the Franz Boas Linguistic Collection).

Native American Images note: Over 400 black and white silver gelatin photographs, color photographs, color slides, color VHS video, photocopy prints, and ink sketches of eleven different Native American tribes contained in thirteen grantee reports from 1964-1995. Arranged alphabetically by contributor, the images reflect Seneca political charts (Abler); Mayan street festivals (Adams); early Minnesota Dakota settlements (Bray); old Oraibi Hopi pueblo (Cameron); murals of Oklahoma tribes (Carlisle); Taino island scenes (Forbes); Navajo mountain community (Hammond); Conquest of Itza (Hellmuth); Hopi pottery (Kealiinohomoku); Stockbridge-Munsee community (Mochon); Dakota Pine Ridge reservation (Powers); Mixtec picture-writing (Troike); Seneca dwellings (Wyler). Of note, the Oklahoma post office murals of Seminoles, Kiowa, and Chickasaws were painted by Native American artists from 1939-1943. Also of note, the Bray video details cartographer Joseph Nicollet 1836-1840 expedition to the Upper Mississippi River. The slides by Powers are housed in the Photograph Collection. Almost all images are housed with their corresponding textual reports in the Phillips Fund collection.

Digital objects note

This collection contains digital materials that are available in the APS Digital Library. Links to these materials are provided with context in the inventory of this finding aid. A general listing of digital objects may also be found here.

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Some materials are restricted for access and use. Please consult the Manuscripts Curator.


Materials present in the Phillips Fund Collection are the gifts of grantees of the Phillips Fund.

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Original inventory prepared by RSC, 2001. Processed by Paul Sutherland, September 2017.

Separated material

Most audiovisual materials collected from the Phillips Fund are housed and inventories separately in their own collections.

Related material

Materials submitted by some Phillips Fund grantees may be located in:

American Council of Learned Societies. Committee on Native American Languages Collections. (Mss.497.3.B63c).

The following audio collections are of Phillips Fund projects, but have no associated manuscript material: The Russian Orthodox Church of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska (Mss.Rec.244) (not yet processed - six 7" reel-to-reel tapes, 2 videotapes, 1999). Case Particles in Moses Columbia Salish (Nxa?amxcin) (Mss.Rec.250).

General note

Information for applicants for Phillips Fund grants is located on the APS website at

Indexing Terms


  • Field notes.
  • Gelatin silver prints
  • Photographs
  • Photomechanical prints
  • Sketches.
  • Slides.
  • Sound recordings

Personal Name(s)

  • Boas, Franz, 1858-1942
  • Gielow, Donald L.
  • Mattina, Nancy
  • Nicollet, J. N. (Joseph Nicolas), 1786-1843
  • Occom, Samson, 1723-1792
  • Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clews, 1875-1941


  • Acoma language
  • Anishinaabe
  • Anthropology -- History
  • Arapaho Indians -- Music
  • Arapaho language
  • Athapascan Indians
  • Athapascan languages
  • Cahuilla language
  • Carrier language
  • Cherokee Indians
  • Cherokee Indians -- History
  • Cherokee language
  • Cheyenne Indians
  • Cheyenne language
  • Chickasaw Indians
  • Chilcotin language
  • Choctaw Indians
  • Choctaw language
  • Cochiti dialect
  • Columbia-Wenatchi language
  • Comox language
  • Cree language
  • Creek Indians
  • Creek Indians -- History
  • Creek language
  • Dakota Indians
  • Dakota Indians -- History
  • Dakota Indians -- Music
  • Dakota language
  • Delaware Indians -- Music
  • Dogrib Indians
  • Ethnobotany
  • Fox language
  • Fur trade
  • Gwenhoot Indians
  • Haida Indians
  • Haida language
  • Haisla Indians
  • Hare Indians
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Heiltsuk Indians -- History
  • Hidatsa Indians
  • Hidatsa language
  • Highland Chontal language
  • Hopi Indians -- History
  • Hopi dance
  • Hopi language
  • Hualapai language
  • Hupa language
  • Indians of Mexico
  • Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas
  • Indians of Mexico -- Oaxaca
  • Indians of Mexico -- Religion
  • Indians of North America
  • Indians of North America -- Alaska
  • Indians of North America -- Arizona
  • Indians of North America -- Arkansas
  • Indians of North America -- Canada
  • Indians of North America -- Michigan
  • Indians of North America -- Minnesota
  • Indians of North America -- Missions
  • Indians of North America -- New York (State)
  • Indians of North America -- Oklahoma
  • Indians of North America -- South Dakota
  • Indians of North America -- Wisconsin
  • Indians of the West Indies -- Antilles, Lesser
  • Inuit
  • Inuktitut language
  • Iowa language
  • Iroquois Indians -- History
  • Iroquois Indians -- Virginia
  • Jemez language
  • Karok language
  • Kawki language
  • Kiowa Indians
  • Koasati language
  • Kootenai language
  • Kumiai language
  • Lacandon Indians
  • Little Bog Horn, Battle of, 1876
  • Mam language
  • Mandan Indians
  • Mandan language
  • Massachusett language
  • Matlatzinca language
  • Maya Indians
  • Mayan languages
  • Mazatec language
  • Menominee language
  • Michif language
  • Micmac Indians
  • Miwok language
  • Mixtec Indians
  • Mobilian trade language
  • Mohawk Indians
  • Mohawk Indians -- History
  • Mohawk language
  • Munsee Indians -- History
  • Nahuatl language
  • Narragansett Indians -- History
  • Navajo Indians -- History
  • Navajo language
  • Nez Percé Indians -- History
  • Nez Percé language
  • Niska language
  • Nootka language
  • Ntlakyapamuk Indians
  • Ntlakyapamuk language
  • Nuu-chah-nulth
  • Ojibwa Indians
  • Ojibwa Indians -- History
  • Ojibwa language
  • Ojibwe people
  • Okanagan language
  • Oneida language
  • Onondaga language
  • Otomi language
  • Ottawa Indians -- History
  • Paiute language
  • Papamiento language
  • Passamaquoddy Indians
  • Passamaquoddy language
  • Pawnee Indians
  • Penobscot Indians -- History
  • Penobscot language
  • Pima Bajo language
  • Pima language
  • Plains Indians
  • Pokomam language
  • Pomo language
  • Potawatomi language
  • Powhattan Indians -- History
  • Pueblo Indians
  • Quileute language
  • Salishan languages
  • Sandia dialect
  • Seminole Indians
  • Seminole Indians -- History
  • Seneca Indians -- History
  • Seneca language
  • Shawnee language
  • Siksika Indians
  • Siouan languages
  • Smallpox
  • Southwest Indians
  • Spokane language
  • Stockbridge Indians -- History
  • Tahltan language
  • Taino Indians
  • Teton Indians -- History
  • Tlakluit language
  • Tlingit Indians
  • Tohono O'odham dialect
  • Tolowa language
  • Tsimshian Indians
  • Tsimshian language
  • Tuscarora Indians -- History
  • Wakashan language
  • Wasco language
  • Western Apache language
  • Wichita language
  • Xinca language
  • Yakama language
  • Yamasee War, 1715
  • Yana language
  • Yavapai language
  • Yuchi Indians -- History
  • Yuchi language
  • Yuma language
  • Yupik languages
  • Zapotec language
  • Zuni Indians -- History
  • Zuni language

Detailed Inventory

American Philosophical Society. Phillips Fund for Native American Research Collection
  box 1-23
Abler, Thomas S.
 2.5 lin._feet

In addition to research on the political and social changes in the construction of the Seneca Nation in the 19th century, Abler's contribution to this collection includes materials relating to the construction of the Kinzua Dam that parts of the Seneca reservations.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Calendar for 1966
1966 box 17

Partially filled wall calendar.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Constitutions of the Seneca Nation
 18 17

Copies of constitutions between and 1848 and 1964, including a full copy of the 1964 constitution.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Correspondence #1
1964-11-1965-06ca. 35 17

Concerning applications for grants to the American Philosophical Society and New York State Museum and Science Service. Correspondence is largely with William N. Fenton.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Correspondence #2
1965-06-1966-06ca. 80 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Correspondence #3
1966-1967ca. 80 17

Includes manuscript draft "Seneca Factionalism: The First Twenty Years".

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Correspondence #4
1968-1973ca. 30 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
"Factional dispute and party conflict in the political system of the Seneca Nation (1845-1895): An Ethnohistorical Analysis"
1969274 p.

PhD dissertation submitted to the Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto (274 p.). Images include photomechanical prints of Senecas in New York State, their councils, community buildings, and a flow chart of the Seneca political system. Fieldwork conducted at the Allegany Reservation, New York.

Subject(s): Seneca Indians -- History; Seneca Indians -- Politics and government

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Fieldwork expenses #1
19651 notebookbox 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Fieldwork expenses #2: Phillips Fund expenditure
19651 notebookbox 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Fieldwork expenses #3: "1966 Field Season"
1966-19671 notebookbox 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Index cards
   Box 19-20

Contents include: Indexes to Seneca council minutes, election results, etc.; Signatories to the 1848 Seneca Nation constitution; Field notes, 1965-1966 and some 1970, including interviews with George Heron, Cornelius Abrams, and Leroy Bennett; Transcripts of letters and other pages from microfilm (see Microfilm, also deposited here); Transcripts of minutes, 1850s-1900; Newspaper clippings, especially Salamanca Republican Press and Salamanca Inquirer, 1965-1969;

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Iroquoia Meeting, July 9, 1965
1965-06-1965-0721 17
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
The Kinzua Planning Newsletter: Vol. 1
1961-1962 box 18

Nos. 2, 5, 9, 10, 11.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
The Kinzua Planning Newsletter: Vol. 2
1962-1963 box 18

Nos. 1-3, 5-9, 11-13.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
The Kinzua Planning Newsletter: Vol. 3
1963-1965 box 18

Nos. 1-8.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
List of presidents of the Seneca Nation of Indians, 1848-1896
200417 18

Includes sources, corrections, and correspondence with Jack Ericson (Reed Library, State University of New York College at Fredonia).

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Maps of Jimersontown and Steamburg-Quaker Br. relocation areas
 4 18

Handdrawn maps with key to residences.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
 27 microfilm_reel(s) Box 21-23

National Archives of the United States reels 234.583-234.597 (15 reels); selection of the Ely Samuel Parker Papers at the American Philosophical Society, Mss.497.3.P223 (1 reel); Buffalo Historical Society (1 reel); Harvard University Library reels 66-2838 45, 58 and 59, also titled ABC: 18.6.3 v2-v3 (3 reels); reels 3-7, 9 and 12 of most likely the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Indian Committee Records at the American Philosophical Society (Mss.Film.824).

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Newspaper clippings on the Seneca Nation of Indians election, 1968
19686 18

Seneca People's Party elected all candidates. Clippings are from the Salamanca Republican-Press.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Photographs and index
1965-0673 photograph(s)37 black and white prints; 36 negatives; 1 notebookbox 18

Locations are between Allegany Indian Reservation near Salamanca, NY, and Kinzua Dam (Warren, PA) to the southwest. Includes images of the construction of the Kinzua Dam. Rolls A, B and C are present in both print and negative form. Rolls D and E are described but not present. Image B-3 is missing from the prints. Also contains portrait, likely of Abler.

 5 p.
Negatives of rolls A-C
A1. "View of Salamanca from Allegany State Park"
A2. "Allegheny Valley from Allegany State Park"
A3. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca"
A4. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca"
A5. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca, Home Face Route 17"
A6. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca, Home Face Route 17"
A7. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca, Home Face Route 17"
A8. "Seneca Nation Housing Construction just outside of Salamanca, Home Face Route 17 (mail box, L. Jennerson?)"
A9. "Construction on community building, tract near Salamanca"
A10. "Construction on community building, tract near Salamanca"
A11. "Construction on community building, tract near Salamanca"
A12. "Houses (public housing?) looking west(?) from community building"
B1. "Red house (junction NY 17 & NY 382) abandoned houses (or is it abandoned?)"
B2. "Red house (junction NY 17 & NY 382)"
B4. "Old longhouse (on NY 280, now (6/16/64) closed for construction)"
B5. "Old longhouse (on NY 280, now (6/16/64) closed for construction)"
B6. "Old longhouse (on NY 280, now (6/16/64) closed for construction)"
B7. "Bridge construction for new highway across Allegheny River"
B8. "Burning of land for Kinzua res."
B9. "Burning of land for Kinzua res."
B10. "New longhouse (Steamburg)"
B11. "Steamburg house"
B12. "New longhouse (Steamburg)"
C1. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C2. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C3. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C4. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C5. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C6. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C7. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C8. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C9. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C10. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C11. "Kinzua Dam Construction"
C12. "Kinzua Dam Construction"

Two identical prints of a portrait. Likely Thomas Abler.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
"Research Report: Seneca Nation Ethnohistory"
19665 18

Other Descriptive Information: Report (5 p.) on research into the Seneca Nation's history since the revolution in 1848, mostly conducted with the Council Records of the Seneca Nation, Allegany Reservation, New York.

Subject(s): Seneca Indians; Seneca Indians -- History; Seneca Indians -- Politics and government

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
"Research Report Summer 1965", Political history of the Seneca Nation
1965-19665 18

Other Descriptive Information: Report (5 p.). Research was conducted in Salamanca, New York, on the political history of the Seneca, involving attending councils, committee meetings and informal gatherings.

Subject(s): Seneca Indians; Seneca Indians -- History; Seneca Indians -- Politics and government

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
"Seneca Nation Election Tickets, Election Results"
ca. 1968ca. 40 18

Notes on elections of 1854-1894, with list of sources.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
The Seneca Nation Newsletter
1967-1968 box 18

Vol. V Nos. 6-8, 10; Vol. VI Nos. 1-2.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
The Seneca Nation of Indians Report
1966 box 18

Vol II No. 3.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Small field notebooks #1
 4 notebookbox 18

Includes contact details and brief notes on interviews, places, etc.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Small field notebooks #2
 2 notebookbox 18

Includes contact details and brief notes on interviews, places, etc.

Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Various publications on the Kinzua Dam
1962-1969 box 18
Abler, Thomas S. (Thomas Struthers), 1941-2019.
Various publications on the Seneca Nation of Indians
  box 18
Ackerman, Lillian
Ackerman, Lillian A. (Lillian Alice).
Project report and essay ("Descent and Clan in the Plateau Culture Area")
1987-199197 p.

Project report and notes from field work at Coeur d'Alene Reservation in 1987 and Colville Reservation in 1988 and 1991 (35 p.); essay, "Descent and Clan in the Plateau Culture Area" (first draft, 62 p.).

Subject(s): Nez Percé Indians; Colville Indians; Coeur d'Alene Indians; Wenatchi Indians

Ackerman, Lillian A. (Lillian Alice).
Project report ("Sexual Equality on the Colville Indian Reservation") and recording transcripts
198287 p.

Project report (14 p.); transcripts of life history interviews with Sophie Gabourie, Sept. 18, 1979 (38 p.); and Isabel Arcasa Oct. 2, 1979 (35 p.). Conducted on the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington.

Related material: See Recording Collection 119 for accompanying audio material.

Geographic Name(s): Colville Indian Reservation (Wash.)

Subject(s): Indian Shaker Church

Adams, Walter Randolph.
Adams, Walter Randolph

Black and white, color photographs, ink sketches of mayan processions, festivals, dances, masks.

Adams, Walter Randolph.
Coxoh Maya papers and Spanish colonial transcripts
197796 p.

Two archeological and ethnohistorical essays by Thomas A. Lee, Jr. and Sidney D. Markman on Coxoh Maya (16 and 20 p.); transcriptions of 17th and 18th century Spanish colonial documents relating to Chiapas (ca. 60 p.).

Subject(s): Chiapas (Mexico) -- History; Maya Indians

Adams, Walter Randolph.
"Ethnohistorical Approach to Sacred and Secular Interpretations of Traditional Pilgrimages"
198111 1

Paper presented at the 1981 Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, San Antonio, Texas (11 p.). Based on fieldwork in 1977, southeastern Chiapas, Mexico.

Subject(s): Tzeltal Indians -- Religion; Tojolabal Indians -- Religion

Adams, Walter Randolph.
Field Notes for "Coxoh Ethnohistorical Project"
197766 p.

Letter to APS Librarian describing materials sent (1 p.); "Status of Archives" paper, describing archives in Chiapas (3 p.); copies of field notes, including Tzeltal religious text with interlinear gloss (62 p.).

Subject(s): Tzeltal Indians; Tzotzil Indians; Tojolabal Indians -- Religion; Tzeltal Indians -- Religion

Adams, Walter Randolph.
Papers on Tzeltal-Tojolabal Pilgrimages
198147 p.

"Pilgrimages and Politico-economic Organization: The Tzeltal and Tojolabal Pilgrimages of Southeastern Chiapas" (10 p.); "Political and Economic Correlates of Pilgrimage Behavior" (37 p.)

Geographic Name(s): Chiapas (Mexico)

Subject(s): Tzeltal Indians -- Religion; Tojolabal Indians -- Religion; Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas; Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas -- Religion; Chiapas (Mexico) History Tzeltal Revolt, 1712; Indians of Mexico -- Chiapas

Adams, Walter Randolph.
Some Religious Practices of Southeastern Chiapas, Mexico
1977173 p.74 photographic prints

Field report (68 p.) plus 6 black and white photographs as figures, removed from mounting; 68 photographs (most black and white, some color) of festivals, plants, portraits of people; photocopy of unidentified historic manuscript partially in Tzotzil (ca. 105 p.). Includes discussion and photographs of religious pilgrimages and concomitant religious practices; discussion of prayers (with emphasis on the Rezo Tzeltal), the cargo system, and the Coxoh colonial project; report on pilgrimages by the Tzeltal and Tojolabal; copies of papers on the Coxoh (Chicomuceltec) coauthored by Thomas A. Lee, Jr., and Sidney D. Markham (given at the Society for Historic Archaeology and the Forty-second International Congress of Americanists); transcripts of Spanish manuscripts; field notes.

Related material: See Recording Collection 108 for accompanying audio material.

Genre(s): Photographs

Geographic Name(s): Chiapas (Mexico)

Subject(s): Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas -- Religion; Indians of Mexico -- Chiapas; Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas; Tzeltal Indians -- Religion; Tojolabal Indians -- Religion

Black and white photographs - Fieldwork in Chiapas, Mexico
1977-06-1977-0751 Photographic Prints

Photographs taken in Bajucu, Morelia, and Trinitaria, Chiapas, Mexico. Captions provided by Adams. Numbering created by archivist and does not reflect order originally taken.

01. Curing broken bone
02. Waiting for the encuentro to begin, note two mask-wearers: diablito to the left, moro (woman) to the right
03. Romeristas carrying flowers to Las Margaritas
04. Las Margaritas, romeria
05. The flor de Castilla
06. Bull dancer, Las Margaritas
07. Curing broken bone
08. Curing broken bone
09. Romeria to Las Margaritas
10. Romeria to Las Margaritas
11. Romeria to Las Margaritas, Francisco Calvo in foreground with coat over his shoulder
12. Romeria to Las Margaritas
13. Romeria to Las Margaritas, note method of protecting one's back from heavy load
14. Romeria to Las Margaritas, Francisco Calvo Perez with jacket over shoulder, directing
15. Romeria to Las Margaritas
16. At the encuentro to Las Margaritas, waiting for entrada to begin
17. Romeria to Las Margaritas
18. Romeria to Las Margaritas
19. Romeria to Las Margaritas
20. Miguel Calvo Perez
21. José Hernandez
22. Francisco Calvo Perez
23. Romeria to Las Margaritas
24. José Hernandez [and unidentified woman]
25. Francisco Calvo Perez
26. Soposuk from a distance, cross is located behind behind thicker fence post
27. Church in Bajucu
28. The laurel
29. Flor de Castilla
30. Arrangement for curing the sick at home, without cross, minus flower called patrosano
31. Town of Morelia
32. Town of Morelia
33. Ramiete [ramillete] for romeria
34. Arrangement for curing at home without cross minus the flower patrosano
35. Ramiete [ramillete] for Saint's day
36. Alter at Soposuk
37. Soposuk
38. Ramiete [ramillete] for romeria
39. Ramiete [ramillete] for romeria
40. Ramiete [ramillete] for Saint's day
41. Laurel and candles for curing - need 2 more sprigs before can say prayer
42. Arrangement for curing, without patrosano
43. Monico Perez Lopez
44. Flor de Castilla and candles - need another flower for curing
45. Ignacio Calvo
46. Ignacio Calvo
47. Monico Perez Lopez and children
48. Looking toward Calvario from Soposuk
49. Flor de Castilla
50. Placement of flowers on cran[?]
51. Flor de Castilla
Color photographs - Romeria to Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico
1977-0717 Photographic Prints

Captions provided by Adams. Numbering created by archivist and does not reflect order originally taken.

01. Moros
02. Tzeltal Virgin - Francisco Calvo Perez, encargado
03. Drummers
04. Diablito

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05. People

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06. Moros
07. Moros

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08. Procession
09. Flowers at door of church
10. In church
11. Moros
12. Moros
13. Tzeltal Virgin
14. In church
15. People
16. Moros
17. Waiting at the encuentro
Amoss, Pamela
Amoss, Pamela T..
Catalogue of The Marian Smith Collection in the Library of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
197526 1

Consists of report (1 p.); catalog of manuscript materials (20 p.); inventory of photographs (5 p.). The catalog lists documents on the Salish, the Kwakiutl, and Indian Shakers; correspondence between Marian Smith and Ernest Bertelson; typewritten notes of Arthur Ballard on Salish; photographs on various topics.

Subject(s): Suquamish Indians; Skagit Indians; Kwakiutl Indians; Nooksack Indians; Salish Indians; Puyallup Indians; Halkomelem language; Stó:lō Indians; Indian Shaker Church

Anderson, Carolyn R.
Anderson, Carolyn R..
Project report: "Issues of identity for the Dakota at Santee, Nebraska, 1866-1876"
1997-19981 1

Report on visits to archives in Missouri and Nebraska (including a visit to Santee Sioux Reservation) in search of administrative records relating to Santee, Nebraska (1p.).

Subject(s): Dakota Indians -- History

Anderson, Laura L.
Anderson, Laura L., 1950-.
"Photographs of the Skinner-Oneroad Collection, Heye Foundation, National Museum of the American Indian"
19953 1

Project report (3 p.), including listing of photos from Skinner-Oneroad Collection in the Heye Foundation of the National Museum of the American Indian. Also includes 46 color slides. Clearance to photograph materials grant by Michael I. Selvage, Sr., Tribal Secretary fof the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe (now Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate), which requested the photography. Forty articles were photographed and 25 were omitted from photography at request of the Sisseton-Wahpeton. Copies of the photographs were also deposited with the Sisseton-Wahpteon archives.

Restrictions on Access: Reproductcion of the photographs in this file requires the permission of the Sisseton Wahpteton Oyate.

Subject(s): Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota; Dakota Indians

Armoskaite, Solveiga
Armoskaite, Solveiga. Cook, Clare. Muehlbauer, Jeffrey.
Plains Cree fieldwork
200515 p.4 CDsbox 1

Paper, "Constructing Aspect in Plains Cree" presented at WSCLA 10, University of Toronto, March 4-6 2005, concerning ambiguity and telic interpretation (9 p.); release form (1 p.); three CDs of Plains Cree with consultant Toni Cardinal, Vancouver, British Columbia, and one on Blackfoot; two intermediary reports (2 p.) on fieldwork on the semantic, syntactic and morphological properties of Plains Cree intransitive predicates, and later work (due to structural similarity) on Blackfoot (3 p.).

Related material: See Constructing Aspect in Plains Cree (Mss.Rec.275) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Cree language; Blackfoot language

Artuso, Christian
Artuso, Christian.
"noogom gaa-izhi-anishinaabemonaaniwag: Generational Differences in Algonquin"
1998184 p.

Masters thesis, Linguistics, University of Manitoba, 1998 (184 p.). Based on fieldwork in Kitiganik, Quebec.

Related material: See Recording Collection 259 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Algonquin language; Anishinaabe; Algonquian Indians

Baer, Phillip and William R. Merrifield
Baer, Phillip. Merrifield, William R..
"Lacandone subsistence and culinary arts"
1969137 p.

Typescript of unpublished (?) monograph (137 p.) Includes info on natural history, plants and animals, social life and customs, demographic statistics, genealogical charts, etc., of the Lacandon, Chiapas, Mexico, based partially on Phillips Fund research in Mitla, Mexico.

Subject(s): Lacandon Indians

Bahr, Donald M.
Bahr, Donald M..
Abstract of recordings of Papago oral literature
1978135 p.

Letter to Whitfield Bell regarding materials being sent (2 p.); English translation of audio interviews Juan Gregorio (in Series B of Recording Collection 111) (105 p.); "Glossary of Papago words" (14 p.); "Glossary/Index to Texts" (14 p.). Based on fieldwork conducted in southern Arizona.

Related material: See Recording Collection 111 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Tohono O'odham Indians; Pima language

Baksi, Shila
Baksi, Shila, 1944-.
Nez Perce Kinship Terms
1988-1989185 p.

Project report and photocopies of field notebooks containing transcriptions of audio recordings (185 p.). Recorded in Lewiston, Idaho, with consultant Horace Axtell. Contents page describes "various kinship terms with various possessors, and pronominal prefixes; in various cases; adjective agreement, and number"; mostly sentence elicitations.

Related material: See Recording Collection 146 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Nez Percé language; Nez Percé Indians

Bank, Rosemarie K.
Bank, Rosemarie K., 1947-.
"Archiving Culture: Performance and American Museums in the Earlier Nineteenth Century"
1994, 1999, 200113 1

Xerox of article in Mason, Jeffrey D. and J. Ellen Gainor (eds.) "Cultural Nationalism in American Theater" (2001, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press), resulting from a Phillips Fund grant.

Subject(s): Peale's Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.); Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827 -- Art collections.

Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969.
Barbeau, Marius
Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969.
"Gwenhoot Of Alaska: In Search of a Bounteous Land"
1960-1961814 p.

Typescript of a book to be published by the National Museum of Canada (664 p., in two books); "Traditional Narratives (adaaorh) of the Tsimsyan Nations on the North Pacific Coast", with illustrations and maps (ca. 150 p.). Consists of an account of the wanderers or fugitives from Siberia who helped populate the northwest coast of the Americas. By means of epic-folklore collected by Barbeau and Beynon since 1916, he tells of migration routes, the particular traditions of the Tsimshian, and 126 traditional narratives (mostly collected by Beynon).

Subject(s): Tsimshian Indians; Indians of North America -- Northwest Coast

Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969.
"Temlarh'am: The Land Of Plenty On The North Pacific Coast"
1959-1960738 p.

2 volumes, typeset and bound (738 p.). Second part in a series on North Pacific Coast migrations (part 1: "The Gwenhoot of Alaska"). Variants of origin stories; 110 traditional narratives, recorded by William Beynon, 1916-1950.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- Northwest Coast; Haida Indians; Tlingit Indians; Tsimshian Indians

Barbeau, Marius, 1883-1969.
"Wolf-Clan Invaders from the northern plateaux among the Tsimsyans"
1962419 p.

Typeset manuscript in book form (419 p.). Continuation of the series begun with "Gwenhoot of Alaska" and "Temlarh'am". Consists of 89 texts in English collected by the late William Beynon. The texts refer to many Northwest Coast peoples. Consultants are named inside.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- Northwest Coast; Tsimshian Indians

Bartholemew, Doris
Bartholomew, Doris A., 1930-.
"Matlatzinca phonology"
196744 p.

Typeset manuscript "Matlatzinca Phonology", describing the phonology of Matlazinca/pjiekak'joo (7 p.); spectograms for tonal analysis (7 p.); 179 verbs with English and Spanish translations (11 p.); texts with interlinear Spanish glosses (19 p.). Likely from fieldwork in the Toluca Valley, Mexico.

Related material: See Recording Collection 60 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Matlatzinca language

Bauer, William
Bauer, William.
"Agricultural Labor, Race, and Indian Policy on the Round Valley Reservation, 1850-1941"
2002-2003, 2009347 p.3 foldersbox 1

Correspondence (1 p.); PhD thesis submitted to the University of Oklahoma (346 p.), examining the labor history of Native Americans on the Round Valley Reservation, California, based on archival research and own fieldwork in the area.

Subject(s): Pit River Tribe; Pomo Indians; Wailaki people; Maidu Indians; Indians of North America -- California -- History; Yuki people; Indians of North America -- California

Becker, Marshall J.
Becker, Marshall Joseph.
"Preliminary Report of the 1980 Excavation Program at the Montgomery Site (36-CH-60) in Chester County, Pennsylvania"
19807 1

Project report with correspondence with the American Philosophical Society (7 p.). The report details the excavation of a Lenape burial ground near the Brandywine River, Pennsylvania.

Subject(s): Delaware Indians -- History; Archaeology -- Pennsylvania

Beckett, Kristen M.
Beckett, Kristen M..
"The 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic in Berens River and Poplar River, Manitoba"
19971 1

Project report (1 p.). Research was conducted at the American Philosophical Society on A. Irving Hallowell's fieldnotes relating to the 1918 influenza epidemic in Berens River and Poplar River, Manitoba.

Subject(s): Influenza; Ojibwa Indians -- Canada

Belvin, Robert
Belvin, Robert S. (Robert Stallings), 1958-.
"Nisgha Language Field Studies"
1989-199191 p.

Correspondence and contents summary (1 p.); index to audio tapes (2 p.); report (2 p.); copies of published articles on Nisgha morphology and syntax, based on the fieldwork (17 p.); copy of field notebook, containing transcriptions and translations of tapes, with some typeset interlinear glosses and free translations (69 p.). Fieldwork was conducted in Vancouver and New Aiyansh, British Columbia, with consultants including Bertha Azak, Dorothy Doolan, Sam Haizimsque, Verna Williams, and Rosie Robinson. Nisga'a/Nisgha language.

Related material: Recordings of Nisgha language field studies (Mss.Rec.163).

Subject(s): Nisga'a language; Niska Indians; Niska language

Bender, Margaret
Bender, Margaret Clelland, 1963-.
Contemporary Usage of the Cherokee Syllabary
1993-19963 1

Letter to APS Librarian (1 p.); tape inventory describing contents, fieldwork conducted with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and terms of usage (1 p.); Reading Culture: The Cherokee Syllabary and the Eastern Cherokees, 1993-1995 (Diss.: University of Chicago, 1996): transferred to Printed Materials; receipt of accession (1 p.).

Related material: See Recording Collection 262 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Cherokee language; Cherokee language -- Alphabet

Berge, Anna
Berge, Anna.
"Topic and Discourse Structure in West Greenlandic Agreement Constructions"
1995-1996225 p.

Report (1 p.); notes on transcription (4 p.); transcription of texts, with 4-line interlinear glosses and separate morphological breakdown of each word (185 p.); 3 papers: "Switch-reference of Switch-topic?", 10th Inuit Studies Conference, 1996 (14 p.); "Ergativity and topic in West Greenlandic" (10 p.); and "Discourse, topic, and switch-reference in West Greenlandic," 1998 SSILA Annual Meeting (11 p.). Fieldwork conducted at the University of Greenland, Nuuk, Greenland, 1996, based on recordings in 1995.

Subject(s): Greenland -- Languages; Inuit -- Greenland; West Greenlandic language

Berman, Judith
Berman, Judith.
"Two Hundred Years in the History of a Tlingit Indian Family"
1993, 19953 1

Report, including a full itinerary (3 p.). Ethnohistorical research on the Ebbetts-Kinninook Tlingit family.

Subject(s): Tlingit Indians

Berman, Tressa
Index to the Luis S. Kemnitzer Papers
20142 1

Index (2 p.) to the Luis S. Kemnitzer Papers at the American Philosophical Society, including sections on the San Francisco Bay Area Urban Indian Relocation Project, Pine Ridge Reservation (Oglala Lakota), Yurok, Palau, and Californian railroad lore. Prepared by Tressa Berman as part of a Phillips Fund grant awarded to project director William Willard, Washington State University. The processing of the Luis S. Kemnitzer Papers has been guided by this index.

Bernard, H. Russell
Bernard, H. Russell (Harvey Russell), 1940-. Salinas Pedraza, Jesús.
Otomi recording transcripts and correspondence
1972, 197469 1

Correspondence between H. Russell Bernard and Whitfield Bell, APS Librarian, including a letter from Jesus Pedraza to Whitfield Bell written in Otomi, with English translation, described as "the first spontaneous correspondence ever to be produced in Otomi" (10 p.); summaries of Otomi stories recorded on reel-to-reel tapes (4 p.); copy of Bernard's manuscript "Otomi Phonology and Orthography" submitted to IJAL (8 p.); transcriptions of the Otomi stories in Otomi orthographic transcription, with English literal and free translations (44 p.); correspondence with the APS reporting on work in 1974 with Jesus Pedraza in Ixmiquilpan, Mexico, on corpora of Otomi humor and ethnographic descriptions (3 p.).

Related material: See Recording Collection 86 and Recording Collection 90 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Otomi language; Otomi Indians -- Folklore

Access digital object:

Berndt, Christina
Berndt, Christina.
Northern Cheyenne ethnography
2005, 2009181 p.2 CDsbox 1

Correspondence with the APS (1 p.); copies of fieldnotes from summer 2005, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Lame Deer, Montana, containing ethnographic notes focusing on ceremonies and social customs (ca. 180 p.); 2 CDs of photographs from a pow-wow, summer 2005.

Restrictions on Use: Researchers wishing to use these materials in a publication or publish the names of consultants must contact the Manuscripts department for permission.

Bernsten, Deborah
Bernsten, Deborah.
Archival research project on the Ottawa Indians of Oklahoma

Report, 1994 (1p.)

Subject(s): Ottawa Indians

Berryhill, Stephanie Hasselbacher
Berryhill, Stephanie Hasselbacher.
"Koasati language recordings"
20101 items1 DVDbox 1

Recordings and transcriptions of Koasati from the Coushatta tribe, Elton, Louisiana. Consultants not yet identified.

Bessell, Nicola
Bessell, Nicola.
"Representing Retraction"

Correspondence and report (6 p.); spectograms (9 p.); copy of a paper, "Vowel effects of uvular and pharyngeal consonants in Nxa?amxcin (Interior Salish)" (8 p.); charts of uvular and pharyngeal phonetic data (10 p.); original field notebook with elicitations (52 p.). Fieldwork in 1989 was with speakers of Moses-Columbia Salish in Omak and Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, and with Spokane speaker Pauline Flett on the Muckleshoot Reserve, Washington. Fieldwork in 1990 was to Plummer, Idaho with Coeur d'Alene and Colville-Okanagan speakers.

Related material: See Salish language recordings (Mss.Rec.154) for accompanying audio materials.

Subject(s): Columbia-Wenatchi language; Salishan languages; Colville dialect; Okanagan language; Spokane language; Coeur d'Alene language

Linguistic notebook on Interior Salish languages
Bessell, Nicola.
"The Phonetics of Interior Salish"
199180 p.

Report (2 p.); lexical materials on "St'at'imcets elicitation", a database for eliciting CV/VC combinations (4 p.); field notebook containing elicitations (73 p.); tape inventory (1 p.); and 4 cassette tapes (Rec. 253). Includes data for Tlingit (consultants: Richard Newton, Judson Brown); Ahousaht Nuu-chah-nulth (George Louie); Gitksan Tsimshian (Barbara Sennott); St'at'imcets (Rose Whitley) and Nxa?kepmx (Dorothy Ursaki). Fieldwork in Vancouver, Lillooet and Victoria (British Columbia), and Seattle (Washington), on interaction between consonants and vowels in initial and final position in St'at'imcets, with other Salishan languages and Tlingit.

Related material: See Recording Collection 253 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Nootka language; Tlingit language; Ntlakyapamuk language; Lillooet language; Gitksan language; Salishan languages

Bisha, Tim
Bisha, Tim.
"Searching for Stoney Point"
2001512 p.4 folders

Project report (2 p.), research report (10 p.), and photocopies of documents from the National Archives of Canada (ca. 500p.). Research was on the shooting death of Dudley George, Stoney Point Band, by Ontario Provincial Police, and surrounding land rights claims, based on archival research and undisclosed fieldwork (due to sensitivities).

Subject(s): Anishinaabe

Black, Robert A., 1927-.
Black, Robert A.
Black, Robert A., 1927-.
"Field work among the Hopi Indians, Summer, 1965"
1965, 19669 1

Field report (2 p.) and index to field recordings (7 p.). Fieldwork concerned Hopi song genre classifications, and conducted in Arizona, particularly Oraibi and Sicomovi. Consultants included Earl Albert, Charlie Talawepi, Don Talayeseva, and Sylvin Nash.

Related material: See Hopi Indian Songs for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Hopi Indians -- Social life and customs; Hopi language; Hopi Indians -- Food; Hopi Indians -- Rites and ceremonies; Hopi Indians -- Music

Black, Robert A., 1927-.
"Report of field work among the Hopi Indians, Summer, 1960"
1960, 19632 1

Report (2 p.). Fieldwork aimed to determine stylistic differences between words in Hopi songs and spoken Hopi, and was conducted in seven Hopi villages of Arizona: Moenkopi, Hotevilla, Baccavi, New Oraibi, Oraibi, Shongopovi, Shipaulavi, and Sichomovi.

Related material: See Hopi Songs (Mss.Rec.47) for recordings from the session and further metadata.

Subject(s): Hopi language; Hopi Indians -- Music

Black, Robert A., 1927-.
"A Content Analysis of 81 Hopi Indian Chants"
1964456 p.

Doctoral dissertation in Department of Anthropology, Indiana University, 1964 (456 p.). Fieldwork conducted during 1957, 1958 and 1960 on the Hopi Indian Reservation, Northern Arizona. Detailed analysis of contents of "secular chants or announcement-making". Includes interlinear glosses and free translations.

Subject(s): Hopi Indians -- Music

Blackman, Margaret B.
Blackman, Margaret B.. Harrison, Charles.
Archival documents from the University of British Columbia

Photocopy of "History of the Queen Charlotte Islands: Haidas and Their Legends" by Charles Harrison, from the University of British Columbia.

Blackman, Margaret B..
Ethnohistory and the Life History of a Northern Haida Woman
19788 1

APS correspondence (1 p.) and report (7 p.) on biography of Florence Davidson, eventually published as "During My Time: Florence Edenshaw Davidson, A Haida Woman" (University of Washington Press, 1982).

Subject(s): Haida Indians; Haida Indians -- Biography

Blain, Eleanor
Blain, Eleanor M..
Plains Cree fieldwork
1992-1994236 p.3 folders

Project report and correspondence (4 p.); article "Emphatic Pronouns in Plains Cree", 1994, describing personal pronouns that only occur in emphatic contexts (70 p.); two field notebooks containing elicitations (81 p. each, some double-sided). Research was conducted at Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. Consultants: Bill Sewepagaham, from northern Alberta, near Slave Lake, in 1992, and Jane Tipewan of Wichikan Lake Reserve, Saskatchewan, in 1993.

Related material: See Recording Collection 191 for accompanying audio material.

Subject(s): Cree Indians; Cree language

Bliss, Heather
Bliss, Heather.
"Blackfoot Language Materials"
2012-2013, 20153 CDsbox 16

Not yet transferred.

Subject(s): Blackfoot language

Bob, Tanya
Bob, Tanya. Alderete, John, 1969-.
Laryngeal Phenomena in Tahltan
1997-200096 2

Masters thesis, Linguistics, University of British Columbia, 1999, including spectographs (95 p.). Includes cover letter from John Alderete (1 p.). Original title of Phillips Fund project: "Phonetic and Phonological Investigations in Tahltan Stress".

Subject(s): Tahltan language

Bochnak, M. Ryan
Bochnak, M. Ryan.
"Washo language fieldwork"
2010, 20111 CDbox 2

1 CD of Washo language recordings.

Subject(s): Washo language

Bock, Philip K.
Bock, Philip K..
"Fieldwork at Restigouche, 1971"
19713 2

Report on fieldwork at the "Restigouche Micmac Indian Reserve" (Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation) and other nearby reservations, with commentary on political, economic, and educational changes during the period 1961-1971 (3 p.).

Subject(s): Micmac Indians

Bonvillain, Nancy
Bonvillain, Nancy, 1945-2016.
Fieldwork carried out at the St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reserve
1969-19705 2

Report of fieldwork during summer 1969 to St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation, between Cornwall Island Ontario and Hogansburg New York (5 p.). The report details factors in Mohawk, English and French language use, and synchronic linguistic fieldwork.

Geographic Name(s): Saint Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation (N.Y.)

Subject(s): Mohawk language; Mohawk Indians -- Social life and customs

Bowers, Alfred W.
Bowers, Alfred W., 1901-1990.
Mandan-Hidatsa cultural change and language studies
1967-19726 2

Report (1 p.); correspondence (1 p.); inventory of tapes (4 p.). Fieldwork conducted at Newtown, North Dakota. Tapes described include a comparative study of Mandan and Hidatsa, historical narratives by Hidatsa consultant James Driver, and a reanalysis of word lists, syntax and structure in a publication by Washington Matthews, 1877.

Related material: See Mandan-Hidatsa cultural change and language studies, Fort Berthold Reservation (Mss.Rec.84) for referenced tapes, including a fuller contents description of each reel.

Subject(s): Hidatsa language; Hidatsa Indians; Hidatsa Indians -- History; Mandan language

Boyce, Douglas W..
Boyce, Douglas W.
Boyce, Douglas W..
Ethnohistorical research on the Tuscarora
1971, 19743 2

Report (3 p.) on archival research, mostly detailing derived publications.

Subject(s): Tuscarora Indians -- History; Tuscarora Indians -- Politics and government; Tuscarora Indians

Boyce, Douglas W..
"Notes On Tuscararora Political Organization, 1650-1713"
1971, 197466 p.

M.A. thesis submitted to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (66 p.). Concerns Tuscarora political organization, and the "level of cultural development". Includes maps.

Subject(s): Tuscarora Indians -- Politics and government; Tuscarora Indians -- Social life and customs; Tuscarora Indians -- History

Boyce, Douglas W..
"The Iroquoian Tribes Of The Virginia-North Carolina Coastal Plain"
197432 p.

Article (32 p.) written for the Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 14, Northeast. Describes culture, history, and synonymy.

Subject(s): Iroquoian Indians; Tuscarora Indians; Iroquoian languages

Boyce, Douglas W..
"Tuscararora Political Organization, Ethnic Identity And Sociohistorical Demography, 1711-1825"
1974284 p.

PhD thesis in Anthropology submitted to the University of North Carolina (284 p.). Study of Tuscarora village political organization, particularly their relationships to one another and ethnic identity.

Subject(s): Tuscarora Indians -- History; Tuscarora Indians -- Politics and government; Tuscarora Indians

Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert.
"Smallpox among the Indians of the Northwest Coast..."
1979-1980110 p.

Research was on the impact of smallpox on Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast, with funds used to conduct research at various archives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Project report (2 p.); copies of handwritten notes and article xeroxes with marginalia (92 p.); typeset copy of William Duncan's journal, from the William Duncan Papers at the University of British Columbia (16 p.).

Subject(s): Smallpox; Indigenous peoples -- British Columbia.; Smallpox -- United States -- History

Boynton, Sylvia S.
Boynton, Sylvia S..
Mikasuki Grammar in Outline
1982192 p.

PhD dissertation submitted to the University of Florida (192 p.).

Subject(s): Mikasuki Indians; Mikasuki language; Seminole Indians

Braatz, Timothy
Braatz, Timothy, 1966-.
Struggle and Survival: Yavapai Indian History to 1910
1996, 19981 2

Report in research in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., on Yavapai colonial history (1 p.).

Subject(s): Yavapai Indians; Yavapai Indians -- History

Bragdon, Kathleen Joan.
Bragdon, Kathleen Joan
Bragdon, Kathleen Joan.
"Another Tongue Brought In: An Ethnohistorical Study of Native Writings in Massachusett"
1981210 p.

PhD thesis delivered to Brown University (bound, 210 p.). Fieldwork was conducted throughout Massachusetts, including in Natick.

Geographic Name(s): Massachusetts

Subject(s): Algonquian languages; Indians of North America -- Massachusetts; Massachusett language

Bragdon, Kathleen Joan.
"Misc. MSS used for dissertation research, 1981"
198144 p.

Xeroxes of manuscripts from various Massachusetts archives (44 p.). Used for 1981 PhD thesis, "Another Tongue Brought In: An Ethnohistorical Study of Native Writings in Massachusett".

Geographic Name(s): Massachusetts

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- Massachusetts; Massachusett language

Brandt, Elizabeth A..
Brandt, Elizabeth Anne
Brandt, Elizabeth A..
"On the origins of linguistic stratification: The Sandia Case"
19699 2

Copy of a paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association, November 1969, New Orleans, Louisiana (9 p.). Discusses stratification by age group. Criterion is the extent to which stops are spirantized. Research conducted at Sandia Pueblo, New Mexico.

Geographic Name(s): Sandia Pueblo (N.M.)

Subject(s): Sandia dialect; Tiwa language

Brandt, Elizabeth A..
"Sandia Pueblo, New Mexico: A linguistic and ethnolinguistic investigation"
1970142 p.

PhD thesis submitted to the Southern Methodist University (142 p.). Includes historical background; Sandia Pueblo as a modern community; phonology; morphology; changes in phonology and morphology across four generations; use of Sandia, Spanish, and English in the community.

Geographic Name(s): Sandia Pueblo (N.M.)

Subject(s): Tiwa language; Sandia dialect

Brant, Charles S.
Brant, Charles S..
Kiowa-Apache reprints
1949-195325 2

Reprints of articles in Southwestern Journal of Anthropology: "The Cultural Position of the Kiowa-Apache", 5(1); "Peyotism Among the Kiowa-Apache and Neighboring Tribes", 6(2); "Kiowa Apache Culture History: Some Further Observations", 9(2).

Subject(s): Kiowa Apache Indians -- Social life and customs; Kiowa Indians; Kiowa Indians -- Religion

Brown, Alanna K.
Brown, Alanna K..
"The Mourning Dove and L. V. McWhorter Correspondence"
19894 2

Report (2 p.); copies of correspondence verifying that "The Mourning Dove and L. V. McWhorter Correspondence" may be published (2 p.). The Phillips Fund funded travel to multiple places, including to visit the Mourning Dove and McWhorter heirs in British Columbia and elsewhere.

Subject(s): Okanagan Indians

Brown, Jason
Brown, Jason.
"The Tonal Phonology of Upriver Halkomelem"
20041 2

Report (1 p.) on research into phonetics and phonology of Upriver Halkomelem. Consultants include: Elizabeth Herrling, Strang Brown, Maliol Harris, James Thompson, and Martina Wiltschko. Chiliwack, British Columbia.

Related material: See The Tonal Phonology of Upriver Halkomelem (Mss.Rec.282) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Halkomelem language

Bruening, Benjamin
Bruening, Benjamin.
Wampanoag Text Database
1999, 20002 2

Project report (2 p.); 1 CD-R. Electronic database "containing all of the extant textual material on the Algonquian language Wampanoag (aka Massachussett, Natick)". The report mentions plain-text versions of the texts, accessible (as of 8/29/2017) at The Internet Archive.

Subject(s): Wampanoag language; Massachusett language

Bsumek, Erika
Bsumek, Erika.
"Making 'Indian-made': The Production, Consumption, and Construction of Navajo Ethnicity, 1880-1939"
19772 2

Project report (2 p.) on research at the University of Arizona and Hubbell's Trading Post, Ganado, Arizona, on railway travel's relationship with the consumption of Navajo-made products, and the necessity of using pre-industrial production techniques to fulfil an image to non-Natives.

Subject(s): Navajo Indians -- Material culture; Navajo Indians

Buchholtz, Debra
Buchholtz, Debra.
"The Battle of the Little Bighorn: A Study in Culture, History, and the Construction of Identity"
1995-1996, 2000-2001383 p.

Project report (1 p.); correspondence with Eleanor Roach, Phillips Fund Research Administrator (2 p.); PhD thesis submitted to the University of Minnesota (380 p.). Research was conducted at the Crow Reservation, Big Horn County, Montana. Identity in on the Crow Reservation; histories and re-enactments of the Battle of Little Bighorn/the Battle of the Greasy Grass/Custer's Last Stand.

Subject(s): Crow Indians

Bunte, Pamela Ann
Bunte, Pamela Ann.
"Problems in Southern Paiute Syntax and Semantics"
1976, 1979, 1981327 p.2 folders

PhD thesis submitted to Indiana University (154 p.); correspondence with the American Philosophical Society (1 p.); copies of fieldnotes from 1976 (172 p.). Research was conducted on the Kaibab Paiute Reservation (Kaibab Indian Reservation), northern Arizona. The thesis describes declarative sentences; the interface of Southern Paiute morphology and syntax; subordination (syntax); suffix /kai/; and contemporary sociolinguistics of Southern Paiute. Fieldnotes are mostly elicited narratives with interlinear glosses.

Subject(s): Paiute language; Ute language

Buszard-Welcher, Laura
Buszard-Welcher, Laura.
Linguistic status of Potawatomi in Southwest Michigan
1992-199519 2

Correspondence with the APS (1 p.); report (9 p.); "The Position of Potawatomi in Southwest Michigan", presented to the American Anthropological Association in 1992 (3 p.); contents of audio tapes (6 p.). Consultants were Julia Wesaw, Martin Wesaw and other members of the Wesaw family; Ella Lois. Research conducted in Southern Michigan, especially Rush Lake, and was part of the Potawatomi Language Project, started in 1991, which aims to document Potawatomi.

Related material: See Potawatomi language recordings (Mss.Rec.193).

Subject(s): Potawatomi Indians; Potawatomi language

Cameron, Catherine M.
Cameron, Catherine M..
Pictorial survey of structure abandonment, Old Oraibi Hopi Pueblo
1988-1989, 199454 2

Report (2 p.); 52 photocopies of photographs from originals in the Southwest Museum, Huntington Library, Pasadena Public Library, and the Seaver Center, Los Angeles County Museum. Images include Hopi dwellings, dance formations, individual and group portraits.

Subject(s): Hopi Indians

Campana, Mark
Campana, Mark.
"Passamaquoddy Syntax Project"
199556 2

Correspondence with the APS (1 p.); report (1 p.); abstract of paper "The Conjunct Order in Algonquian" (1 p.); notes on particle placement, uses of referents, the structure of noun phrases, and question formation, with examples from the recordings (24 p.); paper: "The Conjunct Order in Algonquian" (29 p.). Research conducted at Pleasant Point, Maine and later Orono, Maine, primarily with consultants David Francis, Joseph Louis (Passamaquoddy speakers), and Robert Leavitt (director of Micmac-Maliseet Institute, University of New Brunswick).

Related material: Passamaquoddy Syntax Project (Mss.Rec.245).

Subject(s): Passamaquoddy language -- Syntax; Passamaquoddy language

Campbell, Lyle.
Campbell, Lyle
128. Campbell, Lyle.
"Aztec manuscript and Xinca linguistic material"
1605, 1649, 1972, 1976220 p.2 folders

Copy of an Aztec manuscript in Nahuatl discovered in Santa Maria Ixhuatan, Guatemala which, as described by Campbell, "bears several dates, 1605, 1649, etc., and speaks often of the Conquerors of Guatemala and the Southern region (Pedro Alvarado, Chavez, etc.)" including a map (109 p.); copies of Lyle Campbell's Xinca fieldnotes, recorded 1972 in Guazacapan, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, consisting mostly of elicited lexica with consultants Tomas Garcia, Ciriaco Santo, Lucio Soliz Perez, Cipriano Gomez, Teofilia, Eugenio Lopez Martinez, and Felipe Marroquin (111 p.).

Subject(s): Xinca language; Nahuatl language

Campbell, Lyle.
Project report: Mexico and Guatemala fieldwork
19722 2

Project report including information regarding attempt to locate Chicomuceltec speakers in Chiapas, location of some Mam speakers, continuation of work in Guatemala with Xinca speakers to determine extent of where Xinca is spoken, location of a different variety of Xinca in Jumaytepeque, and discovery in Santa Maria Ixhuatan in the possession of the sindico a manuscript written in Nahuatl dating from the early 17th century, which he was permitted to photocopy.

Subject(s): Xinca language; Mam language; Chicomuceltec language; Nahuatl language

Canger, Una
Canger, Una.
Linguistic study of Northern Mam, Todos Santos
1966-19682 2

Report (2 p.) on fieldwork in Todos Santos, Guatemala, with speakers of Northern Mam. Mostly traditional stories and narratives of activities were collected.

Subject(s): Mam language

Carlisle, John C.
Carlisle, John C..
"Oklahoma post office murals painted by Native Americans, 1930s-1940s"
19951 p.8 color slidesbox 2

Report (1p.); 8 35mm slides Images include village scenes, councils, dancing, cooking by Native American artists Richard West, Woodrow Crumbo, Acee Blue Eagle, Stephen Mopope, and Solomon McComb, of Seminoles, Kiowa, and Chickasaw.

Subject(s): Kiowa Indians; Indians of North America -- Oklahoma; Chickasaw Indians; Seminole Indians

Carlson, Barry F.
Carlson, Barry F..
"Spokane Linguistic Material"
1974161 p.

Project report (with correspondence) on field work with Spokane language speakers (named as Margaret Sherwood, Nancy Flett, Albert Sam and Antoine Andrews) as part of Spokane Dictionary Project (4 p.); tape inventory and information on notebooks (4 p.); draft version of Spokane dictionary (153 p.). Research was conducted on the Spokane Indian Reservation, eastern Washington, United States. The tapes and notebooks were not deposited at the APS. A version of the Spokane dictionary was published in 1989 with Pauline Flett.

Subject(s): Spokane language

Carson, James Taylor
Carson, James Taylor.
"'Searching for the Bright Path': The Mississippi Choctaws from Prehistory to Removal"
1995, 19961 2

Report (1 p.) describing research trips to various archives in Oklahoma, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Subject(s): Choctaw Indians -- Mississippi; Choctaw Indians; Choctaw Indians -- History

Carter, Jr., Richard T.
Carter, Jr., Richard T..
"Dakota linguistic material"
1969-197177 p.

Project report (2 p.); copies of fieldnotes consisting mostly of phonemes, lexica, narratives and sentences with interlinear glosses (75 p.). Research was conducted between 1969 and 1970. Research in 1969 was on the Lower Brule Reservation, South Dakota on phonetics and phonology, with consultants Noah, Maxine and Garfield Grassrope, and Herbert Flute. Research in 1970 was on the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota on phonological analysis, polymorphemic words, and verb paradigms, with consultants Joseph Marshall, Lloyd One Star, Moses Big Crow, and Noah Kills. All spoke the Western variety of Dakota.

Related material: See Dakota language, Western dialect (Mss.Rec.84A) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Dakota language

Chafe, Wallace L.
Chafe, Wallace L..
"Toward a Generative Semantic Description of Onondaga"
1969183 p.

Copy of an unpublished typeset manuscript draft on Onondaga phonological processes, simple sentences, and semantics of verbal and nominal units (183 p.). Research was conducted on the Onondaga Reservation in New York.

Subject(s): Onondaga language

Chamberlain, Kathleen P.
Chamberlain, Kathleen P..
"Dine Bikeyah Bik'ah (Navajo Oil): An Ethnohistory"
19961 2

Report (1 p.) on a project to assess the social, economic and environmental impact of oil discoveries on the Navajo Reservation. Research was conducted at various locations in Arizona and New Mexico. See the resulting dissertation, separated to Printed Materials.

Subject(s): Navajo Indians

Chee, Melvatha R.
Chee, Melvatha R..
"Navajo child language data collection"
201513 DVDsbox 16

Over 80 hours of DVD (presumably video) recordings of children aged 1-11 years. Not yet transferred.

Restrictions on Access: Permission to access must be obtained from researcher for 10 years after deposit. Please speak to the Manuscripts department.

Subject(s): Navajo language

Clemmer, Richard O.
Clemmer, Richard O..
"The tail of the elephant: Indians in emigrant diaries, 1844-1862"
1981, 1989, 199423 2

Correspondence with the APS (1 p.); photocopy of article, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 30 (1987), 269-290 (22 p.).

Subject(s): Shoshoni Indians; Shoshoni Indians -- History

Clemmons, Linda M.
Clemmons, Linda M..
"'Satisfied to Walk in the Ways of Their Fathers': Dakotas and Missionaries, 1835-1862"
19961 2

Report (1 p.) on research conducted at the Minnesota History Center, Minnesota, and Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on missionary correspondence, involving some oral histories with Dakota elders.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- South Dakota; Dakota Indians; Dakota Indians -- History

Collins, James.
Collins, James
Collins, James.
"The Structure of Tolowa, Phase II"
1987-1988116 p.

Correspondence with the American Philosophical Society dated 1988 (1 p.); research report for "Smith River Athabaskan, Phase II" describing the collection of 185 pages of fieldnotes and 60+ hours of audio recordings in Smith River, California, and the phonological, morphological, syntactic and narrative products (7 p.); "Vowel Reduction and Syllable Structure in Tolowa" typeset manuscript draft (32 p.); "Nasalization, Lengthening and Phonological Rhyme in Tolowa" typeset manuscript draft submitted to IJAL for 1988 (24 p.); "Tolowa lexical structure, the verb", described as the "background to a proposed Tolowa Lexicon Project" (8 p.); "Working Draft: Order Classes, Tolowa Verb, October, 1987" (20 p.); and many brief working documents titled: "lexical entries" on verb themes, bases and forms (4 p.); "Nominals in Tolowa" (4 p.); "Optative: a fragmentary paradigm" (1 p.); "WH-movement" (4 p.); "relatives" on syntax (4 p.); "control structures" (2 p.); "adverbials" (2 p.); "provisional transcript of sk'3m' nedaS" interlinear text (1 p.); "provisional transcription: xweYa'xaSne'" interlinear text (2 p.).

Subject(s): Tolowa Indians; Tolowa language

Collins, James.
"Tolowa language materials"
1984-198544 2

Correspondence with the American Philosophical Society (1 p.); report on "The Structure of Smith River Athabaskan" describing fieldwork at Smith River, California, on phonological contrasts, nominal morphology and verbal morphology (1 p.); "Tolowa Morphology and Syntax in Comparative Perspective", presented at the American Anthropological Association meetings 1984 (13 p.); and "Outline of Tolowa Grammar" typeset manuscript draft (22 p.); "Pronouns, markedness, and stem change in Tolowa" to be published in IJAL 1985 (7 p.). Copies of the fieldnotes are described as being at the University of Washington Library.

Subject(s): Tolowa language

Compton, Brian D..
Compton, Brian D.
Compton, Brian D..
"From "smoke in the eyes" to "smoke of the world"?: Haisla ethnomycology and the translation of the name 'Kwakiutl""
19948 2

Typeset manuscript concerning etymologies of "smoke" and "puffball" in Indigenous languages of North America (8 p.). See "Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian ethnobotany fieldnotes" for details of original fieldwork.

Subject(s): Ooweekeeno language; Haisla language; Kwakiutl language; Heiltsuk language; Haisla Indians; Kwakiutl Indians

Compton, Brian D..
"'Ghost's ears' (Exobasidium sp. affin. vaccinii) and fool's huckleberries (Menziesia ferruginea) : a unique report of mycophagy on the central coast of British Columbia"
199411 2

Typeset manuscript concerning the consumption of the fungal parasite "ghost's ears" of fool's huckleberries (11 p.). See "Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian ethnobotany fieldnotes" for details of original fieldwork in British Columbia.

Subject(s): Haisla Indians; Heiltsuk Indians; Heiltsuk language

Compton, Brian D..
"'It pulls everything to you': North Wakashan herbal talismans"
199426 2

Typeset manuscript on "the talismanic use of fungal and plant species belonging to four genera [...] among the Upper North Wakashan groups (Haihais, Haisla, Heiltsuk, and Oweekeno)", from fieldwork in British Columbia (26 p.). See "Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian ethnobotany fieldnotes" for more detail on the fieldwork.

Subject(s): Heiltsuk language; Ooweekeeno language; Haisla Indians; Heiltsuk Indians; Oowekeeno Indians; Wakashan language

Compton, Brian D..
"Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian Ethnobotany"
1993, 1994530 p.

PhD thesis submitted to the University of British Columbia titled "Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian Ethnobotany: The Knowledge and Usage of Plants and Fungi Among the Oweekeno, Hanaksiala (Kitlope and Kemano), Haisla (Kitamaat) and Kitasoo Peoples of the Central and North Coasts of British Columbia" (bound, 530 p.). Describes botanical knowledge, use and nomenclature among the named Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian groups. Appendices include indexes of botanical names in the subject languages.

Subject(s): Tsimshian language; Wakashan language; Haisla Indians; Tsimshian Indians; Oowekeeno Indians; Ooweekeeno language

Compton, Brian D..
Upper North Wakashan and Southern Tsimshian ethnobotany fieldnotes
1989-1990, 1994134 p.

Correspondence with the American Philosophical Society (2 p.); contents list (1 p.); and typeset ethnobotanic fieldnotes (mostly descriptive of conversations with Indigenous and Latin names for plants) recorded in 1989-1990 divided into sections titled: "Heiltsuk" (65 p.), "Oweekeno" (35 p.), "Haihais" (7 p.), "Haihais/Kitasoo" (14 p.), "Kitasoo" (2 p.), and "Kitlope (Hanaksiala)" (8 p.). Research was conducted at various locations in British Columbia including: Pauline Waterfall, Klemtu, Bella Bella, North Delta, Oweekeno village, Sointula, and University of British Columbia Native Plant Garden. See correspondence for details of restrictions on Waglisla (Bella Bella) materials.

Subject(s): Tsimshian language; Oowekeeno Indians; Ooweekeeno language; Wakashan language; Kwakiutl language; Heiltsuk language

Cowell, Andrew
Cowell, Andrew.
"Arapaho Verbal Morphology"
2000-200125 2

Project report (1 p.); summary of tapes and contents, with interlinear transcriptions (25 p.). Grantee documented "all of the verb paradigms of the various modes of the conjunct order in Arapaho" during research at Wind River Reservation, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado, mostly with consultants Alonzo Moss and Merry Kate Underwood. Elements were used for a pedagogical grammar of Arapaho.

Related material: The recordings made as part of this project are cataloged under Recording Collection 278.

Subject(s): Arapaho language; Arapaho language -- Verbs

Cummins, Bryan
Cummins, Bryan.
"John Honigmann's Ethnographic Work in Attawapiskat, Ontario" and "The Ethnographic Photography of John Honigmann"
1995, 19973 2

Report, 1996 (1p.) and report, 1998 (2p.). Concerns preparations for a book tentatively titled "Faces of the North: The Ethnographic Photographs of John Honigmann", on First Nations peoples, and other research on John Honigmann.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- Canada

Darnell, Regna
Darnell, Regna.
"Emergence of Academic Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania"
196827 p.

Typeset manuscript draft based on archival research conducted in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Cambridge, Massachusetts (27 p.).

Subject(s): Anthropology -- History; Anthropology -- United States -- History.

Davidson, Matthew
Davidson, Matthew.
Recordings of Mowachat variety of Nuu-chah-nulth
2003, 20151 USB flash drivebox 16

Recorded by Davidson in Neh (Neah?) Bay, Washington, 2003. Not yet transferred.

Subject(s): Nuu-chah-nulth language

Davies, William D..
Davies, William D.
Davies, William D..
"Choctaw Clause Structure"
1981, 1983475 p.

PhD thesis submitted to the University of California, San Diego (bound, 475 p. printed double-sided, two pages per side). Research conducted in Oklahoma, particularly Broken Bow. Analysis of major clausal constructions in Choctaw within the framework of relational grammar.

Subject(s): Choctaw language

Davies, William D..
"Choctaw linguistic material"
1980-1984313 p.

Contents listing and abbreviations (3 p.). Copies and reprints of Davies' articles and manuscripts on Choctaw between 1981 and 1984 (see also Davies, William D.: "Choctaw Clause Structure", PhD thesis) (7 articles, total 175 p.). Copies of typeset interlinear texts, some with lexica: "Bana:ha/Shortbread" (2 p.); "Chahta Yakni/Choctaw Land" (2 p.); "Chokfi anoti Shilaklak/The Rabbit and the Geese" (3 p.); "Chokfi, nashoba, anoti ohoyo alhtakla/The Rabbit, the Wolf, and the Widow" (10 p.); "Kitti anoti kitosh/Mortar and Pestle" (3 p.); "Kowi anoti Shokhata/The Lion and the Opossum" (12 p.); "Loksi anoti Oho:yo Alhtakla/The Turtle and the Widow" (6 p.); "Oka/Water" (3 p.); "Tolih (traditional Choctaw ball game)" (14 p.); "Simon Durant Tells of Moving to Oklahoma" (3 p.). Elicited sentences with Choctaw morpheme divisions and English translations, copied from fieldnotes taken in 1980 (77 p., ca.1875 sentences). Consultants for texts and elicited sentences are named as Cynthia Billy, Simon Durant, and Diane and Nettie Jacob.

Related material: See Choctaw Stories (Mss.Rec.120) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Choctaw language

Davis, Irvine
Davis, Irvine.
"Preliminary Materials for an Acoma (Keresan) Dictionary"
1969137 p.

Orthography and source note (2 p.); preliminary dictionary of Acoma Pueblo Western Keresan, New Mexico (135 p., ca.1950 lexical items). Sourced from work by Wick R. Miller and Davis' fieldwork (no consultants or placenames are provided).

Subject(s): Acoma dialect; Acoma language; Keres language

De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004.
de Laguna, Frederica
De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004.
"An Arctic Summer"
1930335 p.

Report on archaeological expedition to the island of Inugsuk (north of Upernivik, Greenland). Taken from letters to her family. For photographs taken by de Laguna during the expedition, see: Frederica de Laguna Photograph Collection (Mss.SMs.Coll.31).

Geographic Name(s): Upernavik (Greenland); Greenland -- Description and travel.

Subject(s): Eskimos -- Greenland -- Social life and customs; Archaeology -- Greenland

De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004.
Explanation of cassette recordings made at Upernavik, West Greenland, 1979
1979, 19852 2

Brief description of Greenland Recordings (Mss.Rec.123), including work with Greenlandic consultants Birgithe Møldrop, Paulita Petrussen, Pavia Geisler, Niels Møller, Kristoffer Kleeman, and Peter Geisler, and tape contents (2 p.). See also "Study of childhood memories of Greenlanders" project report, also in the Phillips Fund Collection.

Subject(s): Greenland -- Languages

De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004.
"Study of childhood memories of Greenlanders, Upernavik District, Greenland"
1980, 19919 2

Correspondence with the American Philosophical Society and project report (9 p.). Contains a fuller description of Greenland Recordings (Mss.Rec.123) and plans for derived publications. Fieldwork was conducted in Upernavik, Greenland.

Subject(s): Eskimos -- Greenland -- Social life and customs; Greenland -- Languages

Den Ouden, Amy E.
Den Ouden, Amy E..
"Native peoples of Connecticut: Culture, Politics and Power, 1700-1994"
1994-199515 2

Project report (3 p.); typeset manuscript of paper "Native Peoples of Connecticut: Culture, Politics and Power, 1700-1994," presented at annual meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory, 1994 (12 p.). Research was on ethnic identity and political mobilization among Native peoples of southern New England in C18, involving archival research and an oral history project at North Stonington, Connecticut.

Subject(s): Pequot Indians; Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation

Dinwoodie, David
Dinwoodie, David.
Verbs of Saying in Chilcotin Historical Narratives
1992, 199652 2

Report (1 p.); photocopies, Sept. 1992: elicited lexica and sentences, verbs of speaking, and kinship terms., with consultants Lenny Solomon, Doris Williams, Adam Williams and possibly others (36 p.); interlinear gloss of narrative by Henry Solomon about a white man in the Nemiah Valley named Robertson (15 p.). Nemaiah Valley, British Columbia.

Related material: Chilcotin language recording (Mss.Rec.257).

Subject(s): Chilcotin language

Doherty, Robert
Doherty, Robert.
Research in Chippewa history and culture in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
1995, 19962 2

Report (2 p.) on research at archives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, concerning Chippewa engagement in colonial economies, and Chippewa social customs.

Subject(s): Chippewa Indians

Drechsel, Emanuel J..
Drechsel, Emmanuel J.
Drechsel, Emanuel J..
Research on lingua franca Creek
19816 2

Correspondence and report (6 p.) comparing lingua franca Creek (Drechsel's terminology) with Creek (Muskogee) and Mobilian Jargon, and providing linguistic, historical and sociocultural description of lingua franca Creek. Research was conducted at various university and national archives.

Subject(s): Mobilian trade language; Creek Indians; Creek language; Choctaw Indians; Choctaw language; Chickasaw Indians; Chickasaw language

Drechsel, Emanuel J..
"Research on Mobilian Jargon"
19896 2

Correspondence and report (6 p.) on Mobilian Jargon's usage and linguistic structure. Research was conducted at various archives in Louisiana, and with several Koasati including Tom John and Ernest Sickey (Lafayette).

Subject(s): Koasati Indians; Mobilian trade language

Druke, Mary A.
Druke, Mary A..
Archival research in 17th and 18th century Iroquois history
1976, 197722 2

Letter, Oct. 11, 1977 (2 p.); report (8 p.); photocopy of English-"Nottawegh" (Mohawk)-Cherokee word list, in Duke of Northumberland's Library in hand of Cherokee Indian, John Norton (12 p.). Research conducted at the British Museum, U.K., in search of primary materials on Iroquois history.

Subject(s): Iroquois Indians -- History -- 17th century; Iroquois Indians -- History -- 18th century; Iroquois Indians; Iroquois Indians -- History

Dunn, John A.
Dunn, John A..
"Linguistic and demographic history of the Coast Tsimshian"
19709 2

Typeset manuscript on Coast Tsimshian (9 p.). Includes maps, regional history from early 19th century, Tsimshian family tree, phonology and phonotactics.

Subject(s): Tsimshian Indians; Tsimshian language

Dunnigan, Timothy
Dunnigan, Timothy.
"A Report on Linguistic Field Work among the Pima Bajo of Eastern Sonora, Mexico"
1965, 19663 2

Report on fieldwork on Pima Bajo, with a very brief discussion concerning phonology and syntax (3 p.). Fieldwork was conducted with consultant Leonardo Duarte O., Yecora, Eastern Sonora, Mexico.

Related material: See Pima Bajo recordings (Mss.Rec.55) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Pima Indians; Piman languages; Pima Bajo language

DuVal, Kathleen A.
DuVal, Kathleen A..
"Faithful Nations and Ruthless Savages: Diplomacy and Transformation in the Arkansas River Valley, 1763 to 1828"
19991 2

Report (1 p.). Research conducted at the National Archives, Washington D.C.

Subject(s): Quapaw Indians; Indians of North America -- Arkansas; Osage Indians

Edwards, Elizabeth A..
Edwards, Elizabeth A.
Edwards, Elizabeth A..
"Topic and Topic Marking Particles in Haida"
197844 3

Project report describing the elicitation of over 1400 Haida sentences and derived publications (1 p.); M.A. thesis submitted to the University of Washington, examining topicalization in Haida (43 p.).

Subject(s): Haida language

Edwards, Elizabeth A..
"Haida syntax material; 1983-1984"
19841199 p.

Divided into 19 parts: Vocabulary, word list (92 p.) Word list (86 p.) and story (4 p.) Word list (86 p.) and story (4 p.) Word list dated 1983-05-05 (166 p.) "Full word list" dated 1983-05-31 (28 p.) Word list tables (160 p.) "1984 Kaigani version of the Skidegate story that occurs in Swanton 1911." (6 p.) Psalm 46 in Haida (4 p.) "Psalm 46 in Haida + list of words in the database and the sentence # of each occurrence" (18 p.) Concordence of Psalm 46 (35 p.) "A list of words in the KWOC database and the number of the sentences in which each occurs" (40 p.) Haida conversation, 1983 (22 p.) "AHT correspondences according to Boas" (5 p.) "(1) Word list and sentence of Haida First Kill Potlatch; (2) Concordance of Haida First Kill Potlatch" (28 p.) "Octopus song. Sorted database. Spring 1984." (76 p.) "All the words in the Kaigani version of the Skidegate story and the number of the sentences in which each occurs" Concordence of Kaigani version of Skidegate story (51 p.) "Octopus song; Beginning of Margaret's story; Lil's telling of Margaret's telling of the Octopus song" (37 p.) "The sorted database" (251 p.)

Elliott, Eric
Elliott, Eric. Ramón, Dorothy.
Serrano-English Dictionary draft
1995-1996401 p.

Handwritten project report (1 p.); Serrano-English dictionary (ca.400 p., ca.2200 lexical entries, on continuous form stationary); APS accession receipt (1 p.). The dictionary is described by author and grantee Eric Elliott as a "rough draft of Serrano-English Dictionary, divided into Noun and Verb sections, not yet alphabetized, but does contain some 2000 entries" and was produced with consultant and speaker Dorothy Ramón at Banning, California, 1995-1996.

Subject(s): Serrano language

Elliott, Eric and Katherine Siva Saubel
Saubel, Katherine Siva. Elliott, Eric.
Mountain Cahuilla Texts
1990, 19941002 p.4 folders

Report of the project titled "Cahuilla Oral Traditions" (2 p.); draft orthographic transcriptions and English interlinear glosses of 516 texts preserved in 4 folders (ca. 1000 p., as per the grantee's estimate). The project consisted of editing previously recorded and transcribed texts of Mountain Cahuilla (Ivilyuat), and updating an online Mountain Cahuilla dictionary.

Subject(s): Cahuilla Indians; Cahuilla language

Epstein, Richard
Epstein, Richard.
"A Definite Article in Jamul Diegueño?"
199535 3

Report on Jamul Diegueno (Kumiai/Kumeyaay) language research in Jamul, California (1 p.); index and interlinear glosses (34 p.) of ten texts, recorded with Gloria Casteneda and Helen Cuero, including "Wage labor," "The Coyote and the girls," "Anastasio Cuero," "Singing at a wake," "The coyote and the two brothers," "Singing in the old days," "The book of the Indians," "The sun", "Mules and names," and "Rocks".

Related material: Ten stories in Jamul Diegueño (Mss.Rec.264).

Subject(s): Kumiai Indians -- Social life and customs; Kumeyaay Indians; Kumiai language; Diegueño language; Kumeyaay language

Ethridge, Robbie
Ethridge, Robbie.
Archival research on 18th century Creek agent Benjamin Hawkins
1993-19941005 p.

Report and inventory (5 p.); microfilm copies and photocopies of collections from the National Archives and the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.) (ca.1000 p., very rough estimate, divided into 4 folders). Archival research on the 18th century Creek and the U.S. agent Benjamin Hawkins, as part of a social history of the Creek.

Subject(s): Creek Indians -- Government relations; Creek Indians -- History; Creek Indians

Farrer, Claire R.
Farrer, Claire R..
Research report and index for Mescalera Apache cylinder recordings
198237 p.

Project report, indices, and budget sheets (37 p. total) for a project to copy and transcribe cylinders (1931) and tapes (1982 remasters) of Mescalero Apache songs, held at the School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The indices provide detailed accounts of their contents, interpretations by consultant Bernard Second, and their audio quality. Cultural sensitivity information is on the first page.

Subject(s): Apache Indians -- Music; Mescalero language

Fenton, William N.
Fenton, William N. (William Nelson), 1908-2005. Moore, Elizabeth.
Introduction to Lafitau, Joseph-François (1974)
1971136 p.

Copy of typeset manuscript (136 p.). Later published as Fenton, William; Moore, Elizabeth (1974). "Introduction". In Lafitau, Joseph-François. Customs of the American Indians compared with the customs of primitive times. Toronto: Champlain Society.

Subject(s): Anthropology -- United States -- History.; Iroquois Indians; Anthropology -- History

Fernald, Theodore B.
Fernald, Theodore B..
"Navajo Adverbial Quantification and the Interpretation 1of Nominals"
19961 3

Report (1 p.) of a project with Navajo speakers (three with PhDs; no location identified) to determine which nominal phrases are interpreted as indefinite, and which are interpreted as definite.

Subject(s): Navajo language; Navajo language -- Semantics

Fickes, Michael Lincoln
Fickes, Michael Lincoln.
"Strangers in Their Native Land: American Indian Experiences in the Colonial New England Town"
19976 3

Report (2 p.); revised project description titled "Algonquian Work Roles in Southern New England, 1620-1810" (4 p.). Research conducted at various New England archives, eventually on gendered work roles.

Subject(s): Algonquian Indians -- Social life and customs; Algonquian Indians

Field, Margaret
Field, Margaret.
"Navajo Conversational Discourse"
19951 3

Report (1 p.) on conversation elicitation between two native Navajo speakers, Taft Blackhorse of Bitl'a Bito (near Shiprock, New Mexico) and Ernest Johnson of Ganado, recorded at the University of New Mexico.

Related material: Navajo Conversational Discourse (Mss.Rec.256).

Subject(s): Navajo language

Fife, Sharon A.
Fife, Sharon A..
"Thlewarle Mekko Sapkv Coko"
197117 3

Copy of a typeset manuscript (17 p.) on the establishment of churches by Creek Indians in Oklahoma (specifically Dustin), after 1836. The churches' social use, structure, etc., are described, with illustrations.

Subject(s): Creek Indians; Creek Indians -- Oklahoma -- Religion

Fitzgerald, Colleen Miriam
Fitzgerald, Colleen Miriam.
"Tohono O'odham Traditional Songs"
1994-199717 3

Report and correspondence (2 p.); article "Degenerate feet and morphology in Tohono O'odham," Proc. West Coast Conference in Formal Linguistics 15 (1996) (15 p.). Research was on the prosody of O'odham songs with consultants F. Alvarez and G. Jose (fieldwork location not named).

Subject(s): Tohono O'odham Indians -- Music; Tohono O'odham dialect; Tohono O'odham Indians

Fogelson, Raymond.
Fogelson, Raymond
11. Fogelson, Raymond.
"The Cherokee Ball Game: A Study In Southeastern Ethnology"

Dissertation. Includes photographs. (F&S 601). Item is currently located in LH-MV-E.

Restrictions on Use: Reproduction of this item, including reading room photography, is restricted due to cultural sensitivity concerns. Please consult a librarian for more information.

Fogelson, Raymond.
"Report on a summer's field work among the Cherokee"
1960-196131 p.

Abstract: Typed field report (13 p.) on the Cherokee ball game, field work in Oklahoma, and comments on myths and formulae. Also contains 24 formulae written in the Cherokee syllabary (18 p.).

Restrictions on Use: Reproduction or photography of material in the Cherokee syllabary is restricted.

Subject(s): Cherokee Indians -- Games; Cherokee language

Forbes, Jacques C. R.
Forbes, Jacques C. R..
Materials on Papiamento
196430 p.

Index of contents (1 p.); bibliography of materials about the Papiemento language (3 p.); index to slides (2 p.); typeset texts in Papiemento, Spanish, and English concerning music and dance of Curaçao (24 p.).

Related material: See Recording Collection 48 for accompanying audio material.

Geographic Name(s): Curaçao

Subject(s): Papiamento; Songs, Papiamento; Curaçao -- Social life and customs; Music -- Curaçao

Curaçao slides ("Original")
1963-196439 Photographic Slidesbox 16

One set of 17 color slides, as described in "Materials on Papiamento"; one set of 22 color slides, not described by Forbes, including images of Willemstad. Previously separated from the collection and catalogued as Neg.416.

Curaçao slides ("Commercial")
196413 Photographic Slidesbox 16

Set of 13 color slides of commercial images produced by J. L. Penha and Sons, as described in "Materials on Papiamento". Previously separated and catalogued as Neg.416

Forward, Jean S.
Forward, Jean S..
"Women sachems"
198815 3

Correspondence with brief report (1 p.); typeset manuscript submission "Women Sachems" (14 p.), discussing Native American women sachems in New England in the seventeenth century.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- New England

Foster, Michael K..
Foster, Michael K.
Foster, Michael K..
Report: "The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: A Close Linguistic Translation (Phase 3)"
19974 3

Correspondence with the APS (1 p.); outline of contents of tapes (2 p.); report (1 p.). Describes transcription, translation and analysis of a Cayuga text outlining traditional Iroquois councils, with consultant Chief Jacob E. Thomas, Six Nations Reserve, southern Ontario, 1976.

Related material: See The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: Close Linguistic Translation (Mss.Rec.165) for the described tapes.

Subject(s): Cayuga Indians -- Politics; Cayuga language; Cayuga Indians

Foster, Michael K..
"The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: A Close Linguistic Translation" application
19907 3

Application for a Phillips Fund grant to perform linguistic analysis on a Cayuga political text (2 p.); inventory, description and certificate of gift of 20 audio tapes, mostly in Cayuga, recorded by Chief Thomas (Jacob E. Thomas) of the Six Nations Reserve, Ontario (5 p.). The audio tapes have been digitized and may be found at: The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: Close Linguistic Translation (Mss.Rec.165).

Subject(s): Cayuga language; Cayuga Indians -- Politics

Foster, Michael K..
"The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: A Close Linguistic Translation" (Phase 1)
1991255 p.2 folders

Project report and correspondence (3 p.); outline of the contents of The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: Close Linguistic Translation (Mss.Rec.165) tapes (4 p.); brief notes on the transcribed texts (7 p.); copies of handwritten transcription and analysis of the audio tapes (241 p. in two folders).

Subject(s): Cayuga Indians -- Politics; Cayuga language

Foster, Michael K..
"The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: A Close Linguistic Translation (Phase 2)"
1993159 p.

Project report (2 p.); outline of the contents of The Iroquois Council-Speaking Tradition: Close Linguistic Translation (Mss.Rec.165) tapes (2 p.); copies of handwritten transcription and analysis of the audio tapes (155 p. as per the grantee's account).

Subject(s): Cayuga Indians -- Politics; Cayuga language

Frisch, Jack A.
Frisch, Jack A..
"Mohawk Color Terms"
197112 3

Conference manuscript and reprint titled "Mohawk Color Terms" (12 p. total). Based on Phillips Fund research with the Saint Regis Mohawks, likely at the reservation in Franklin County, New York.

Subject(s): Mohawk language

Garner, Beatrice Medicine
Garner, Beatrice Medicine.
"Analysis of comparative Siouan dialects of Canada, Summer, 1964"
1964, 19653 3

Report (3 p.) on fieldwork in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, as well as various locations in South Dakota, to begin working relationships with speakers of Dakota. Photographs, texts, conversations (including on religion and ceremonies), songs and a word list are mentioned.

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- South Dakota; Indians of North America -- Saskatchewan; Sioux Nation; Dakota language

Garrison, Edward R.
Garrison, Edward R..
"Spaces, objects, and figures in Navajo: from labeling to perception and cognition"
1969, 197026 3

Two copies of a paper presented at the meeting of the Central States Anthropological Society, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, on Navajo words for types of spaces (13 p. each). Based on fieldwork on the Navajo Reservation, Arizona, 1969.

Related material: See Navajo Texts (Mss.Rec.79) for associated audio materials.

Subject(s): Navajo language

George, Alice L.
George, Alice L..
"Native Americans in the Colonial Period: A Guide to the Holdings of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania"
199838 p.

Guide to the holdings of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania relating to Native Americans in the colonial era, including brief descriptions of materials (38 p.).

Subject(s): Indians of North America -- Pennsylvania

Gick, Bryan
Gick, Bryan.
"Oneida Language Study and Databasing Project"
1995-199724 2

Report (1 p.); "The First Hundred Words of the Oneida Creation Story as Told by Harvey Antone", containing a transcription, interlinear gloss, free translation and analysis of the creation story, and a lexicon (23 p.). Text recorded with Harvey Antone at the Oneida Indian Nation, Oneida, New York.

Subject(s): Oneida language; Oneida Indians; Oneida Indians -- Religion

Gill, Samuel Dale
Gill, Samuel Dale.
"A Theory Of Navajo Prayer Acts: A Study Of Ritual Symbolism" volume 1
1974578 p.

PhD thesis submitted to the University of Chicago, 1974 (578 p., bound).

Subject(s): Navajo Indians; Navajo Indians -- Religion

Gillespie, Beryl C.
Gillespie, Beryl C..
"Athabaskans Who Have Cree For Neighbors"
197159 p.

Correspondence to the APS (1 p.); typeset manuscript "Athabaskans who have Cree for neighbors (51 p.); typeset manuscript "A few comments on the early records for the Mackenzie Basin- Slave, Dogrib, Mountain Indians" (7 p. including map). All xeroxes.

Subject(s): Mountain Indians; Athapascan Indians; Slave Indians; Dogrib Indians; Indians of North America -- Canada.; Cree Indians; Cree Indians -- History

Gills, Bradley
Gills, Bradley.
"Mining in the Forest: American Indians and Wage Labor in the Lumber Industry of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, 1850-1950"
2004-2005256 p.5 CDsbox 3

Report (2 p.); release forms (2 p.); map of Raco, Michigan, ca. 1930-1950 (1 p.); transcripts of interviews (171 p.); 5 CDs containing the interviews; copies of materials from the state archives of Michigan (ca. 80 p.). Involved archival research and oral history interviews with members of the Bay Mills Band of Ojibwe Indians, Northern Michigan, 2004-2005: Wayne Tadgerson, Marie Cameron, Bill LeBlanc, and Donald Parish. In addition to the title, the oral histories contain discussion of participation in World War II, experiences in public and boarding schools, the maintenance of traditional subsistence strategies from the 20th century onwards, and other socioeconomic and cultural themes.

Subject(s): Ojibwa Indians; Ojibwa Indians -- Michigan; Ojibwe people; Ojibwe -- Economy

Gleach, Frederic W.
Gleach, Frederic W..
"English And Powhatan Approaches To Civilizing Each Other: A History Of Indian-White Relations In Early Colonial Virginia" and archival materials
1991-1992335 p.2 folders