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503. Administrators, Bankers and Opinion Leaders from the Public or Private Sectors[X]
1Name:  Dr. Janet Morgan
 Year Elected:  2012
 Class:  5. The Arts, Professions, and Leaders in Public & Private Affairs
 Subdivision:  503. Administrators, Bankers and Opinion Leaders from the Public or Private Sectors
 Residency:  International
 Living? :   Living
 Birth Date:  1945
After some years of teaching politics and recent history at Oxford University, I joined the Central Policy Review Staff in the Cabinet Office, the so called ‘Think Tank’, working there during the governments of James Callaghan and Margaret Thatcher. The invitation to do so came at the end of a long case, heard by the Lord Chief Justice, to decide whether volume one of the diaries of a recently deceased cabinet minister, Richard Crossman, should or should not be published. I had edited this book - and went on to edit three further volumes - and, when the Government lost the case, was asked to come into the Cabinet Office to see for myself. Three years of government work, in which I sought to specialise in issues to do with advanced technological development, unfitted me for a return to the university. Thinking that it would be interesting to try to write a biography, I was fortunate to be asked to write the authorised life of Agatha Christie (author of detective stories). I also found work as a consultant to various companies and governments, including some years as adviser first to the Director General of the BBC and then to the board of the Granada Group. This gave time for a little writing etc, including the authorised life of Edwina Mountbatten (a person too complicated to summarise here). In 1988 I moved to Scotland. A variety of public appointments followed, supported by a sequence of directorships of companies in telecommunications, transport, retail, power generation, construction, finance etc. Since 1996 my main work has been in securing the investment of funds to deal with waste management and decommissioning liabilities of nuclear power stations. There has been one book, the account of a military espionage operation behind enemy lines in the First World War, the most difficult and enjoyable work I’ve done so far.
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