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204. Medicine, Surgery, Pathology and Immunology[X]
1Name:  Sir David J. Weatherall
 Institution:  University of Oxford
 Year Elected:  2005
 Class:  2. Biological Sciences
 Subdivision:  204. Medicine, Surgery, Pathology and Immunology
 Residency:  International
 Living? :   Deceased
 Birth Date:  1933
 Death Date:  December 8, 2018
David Weatherall was a life-long student of the thalassemias. He was involved in identifying the general molecular nature of this group of hereditary anemias and in describing the genetic and clinical heterogeneity of both alpha- and beta-thalassemias. He also studied their influence on populations in many parts of the world and the role of malaria in determining their frequency. Both clinician and scientist, editor of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine and author of The New Genetics in Clinical Practice, Dr. Weatherall has played a significant role in bringing molecular genetics into the main stream of clinical medicine. He has been associated with the University of Oxford for more than thirty years as Nuffield Professor of Clinical Medicine (1974-92), Regius Professor of Medicine (1992-2000) and, after 2001, Regius Professor of Medicine Emeritus and Honorary Director of the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford. In 2002 he was appointed Chancellor of Keele University. He was a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (1988); the Royal Society (vice president, 1990-91); the National Academy of Sciences (1990); and the Institute of Medicine (1990). David Weatherall was elected a member of the American Philosophical society in 2005. He died on December 8, 2018 at the age of 85.
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