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2. Biological Sciences[X]
210. Behavioral Biology, Psychology, Ethology, and Animal Behavior[X]
1Name:  Prof. Martin Lindauer
 Institution:  Wurzburg University
 Year Elected:  1976
 Class:  2. Biological Sciences
 Subdivision:  210. Behavioral Biology, Psychology, Ethology, and Animal Behavior
 Residency:  International
 Living? :   Deceased
 Birth Date:  1918
 Death Date:  November 13, 2008
Currently Professor Emeritus of Zoology, Dr. Martin Lindauer has been affiliated with Wurzburg University since 1972. An extraordinarily versatile and imaginative scholar of animal behavior, he has devoted particular effort to the study of bees. He is credited with discovering the gravity sense organ of bees and providing the first solid proof of magnetic orientation in animals. Dr. Lindauer has also served on the faculties of the Universities of Munich and Frankfurt and is a member of the Deutsche Akademie Leopoldina and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
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