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1Name:  Dr. Fedwa Malti-Douglas
 Institution:  Indiana University
 Year Elected:  2004
 Class:  4. Humanities
 Subdivision:  408
 Residency:  Resident
 Living? :   Living
 Birth Date:  1946
Fedwa Malti-Douglas served as the Martha C. Kraft Chair of Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Gender Studies and Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor of Law in the School of Law at Indiana University. In January 2013 she became College Professor Emeritus at Indiana University. A former Chercheur at the CNRS in Paris, she was a faculty member at the Salzburg Seminar in Salzburg, Austria, a Resident Fellow at the Bellagio Study and Conference Center, and a Senior Fellow at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. She was selected by the Cornell College of Arts and Sciences as the James H. Becker Annual Distinguished Alumna. In addition, Dr. Malti-Douglas has delivered many annual, name, and endowed lectures, been the recipient of numerous grants, and served on various boards (including editorial boards) and visiting committees. After winning the 1997 Kuwait Prize for Arts and Letters, Dr. Malti-Douglas went on to receive the 1998 Distinguished Scholar Award from the Office for Women's Affairs as well as the 2000 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture Award at Indiana University (both university wide). The Indiana University Student Association had already named her an Outstanding Teacher in 1993-94. The author of nine scholarly books and coauthor of three more, she has also published over ninety articles (as well as being editor of coeditor of four volumes). Her book Men, Women, and God(s) was chosen as A Centennial Book by the University of California Press (1995) and her The Starr Report Disrobed (2000) was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Dr. Malti-Douglas has also published a novel, Hisland (1998, 1999), an academic satire featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education, where Marjorie Perloff called it "one of the funniest academic novels in recent years." Prof. Malti-Douglas has been a guest on radio and television programs. She served as Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender (4 volumes, 2006). She was awarded the 2014 National Humanities Medal and the 2015 Indiana University President's Medal.
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