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301. Anthropology, Demography, Psychology, and Sociology[X]
1Name:  Dr. Samuel H. Preston
 Institution:  University of Pennsylvania
 Year Elected:  1992
 Class:  3. Social Sciences
 Subdivision:  301. Anthropology, Demography, Psychology, and Sociology
 Residency:  Resident
 Living? :   Living
 Birth Date:  1943
Samuel H. Preston is the Fredrick J. Warren Professor of Demography at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught since 1979. Dr. Preston has also served as director of the university's Population Studies Center, chair of the sociology department, and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (1998-2004). Prior to arriving at the University of Pennsylvania, he served as director of the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology at the University of Washington (1972-77) and as acting chief of the United Nation's Population Division's Population Trends and Structure Section (1977-79). The author of many scientific discoveries in demography, including technical insights at the very core of the discipline, he is known for his new ideas on the analysis of mortality and policy issues. Dr. Preston received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University in 1968. He has been presented with the Population Association of America's Irene B. Tauber Award for Excellence in Demographic Research and the Association's Mindel Sheps Award in Mathematical Demography and Demographic Methodology.
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