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3. Social Sciences[X]
301. Anthropology, Demography, Psychology, and Sociology[X]
1Name:  Dr. R. Duncan Luce
 Institution:  University of California, Irvine
 Year Elected:  1994
 Class:  3. Social Sciences
 Subdivision:  301. Anthropology, Demography, Psychology, and Sociology
 Residency:  Resident
 Living? :   Deceased
 Birth Date:  1925
 Death Date:  August 11, 2012
Trained as a mathematician (Ph.D. MIT, 1950) but transformed under the tutelage of many distinguished social and psychological scientists into a mathematical behavioral scientist, R. Duncan Luce worked on a variety of measurement issues. These include probabilistic models of choice and responses times, algebraic formulations that lead to measurement representations such as additive and non-additive conjoint measurement, the interlocks between measurement systems with applications to utility and subjective weights and to aspects of psychophysics. His publications include 8 authored or co-authored volumes, 14 edited or co-edited volumes, and over 220 journal articles. His honors include membership in the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences; the National Medal of Science; the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal; the UCI Medal; the Ramsey Medal; the Norman Anderson Award; an honorary doctorate from the University of Waterloo. At the time of his death he was serving as Distinguished Research Professor of Cognitive Sciences and Research Professor of Economics at the University of California, Irvine, where he had been since 1988. Previously he served on the faculties of Harvard University, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Pennsylvania, all at the rank of professor or a name chair. At it's Spring Meeting in 2012, Dr. Luce was awarded the American Philosophical Society's Patrick Suppes Prize in Psychology "in recognition of his distinguished and prolific research and publications in decision-making and utility theory that have continued unabated from the 1950s to the present." R. Duncan Luce died on August 11, 2012, at age 87, in Irvine, California.
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