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*Please note: Subdivisions in Classes 2 and 4 have been restructured and are being reassigned for living members, but this process is currently under construction. A search for Class 2 by subdivision will give you the correct list, but the results page will still list the old subdivision. For instance, a search for 208 Neuroscience will give you the correct list of members in neuroscience, but the results page will still have the old subdivision 208 Plant Sciences on it. Searching Class 4 by subdivision is not correct at this time. We hope to have this updated soon.:
201 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
202 Cellular and Developmental Biology
203 Evolution and Ecology, Systematics, Population Genetics, Paleontology, and Physical Anthropology
204 Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, and Immunology
205 Microbiology, including Bacteriology, Virology, Protozoology
206 Physiology, Biophysics, and Pharmacology
207 Genetics
208 Plant Sciences
209 Neurobiology
210 Behavioral Biology, Psychology, Ethology, and Animal Behavior
301. Anthropology, Demography, Psychology, and Sociology
302. Economics
303. History Since 1715
304. Jurisprudence and Political Science