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1Author:  Gauld, George.Requires cookie*
 Title:  A general description of the sea-coasts, harbours, lakes, rivers, etc. of the province of West Florida, 1769     
 Dates:  1769 
 Abstract:  George Gauld served as a surveyor in the British Army. Stationed in Florida after the Seven Years' War, this collection contains his general observations of the recently acquired territory. Its MOLE entry is very detailed. There are two other general features that should be mentioned. First, Gauld's essay contains smatterings of references to Native Americans and occasionally local Native American names for geographic features. The second is that this document captures part of the imperial consolidation Great Britain began in the wake of the Seven Years' War.

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 Call #:  Mss.917.59.G23 
 Extent:  1 volume(s) 
 Topics:  Colonial Politics | Exploration. | Government Affairs | Science and technology | Surveying and Maps 
 Genre:  Maps and Surveys | Official Government Documents and Records 
 Subjects:  Hydrographic surveying -- Florida. | Rivers -- Florida. 
2Author:  Byrd, William, 1674-1744Requires cookie*
 Title:  The secret history of the line between Virginia and North Carolina, [1728]     
 Dates:  Circa 1728 
 Abstract:  The collection of William Byrd's writings consists of two leather bound, handwritten copies of Byrd's History of the Dividing Line Run in the Year 1728 (Mss.975.5.B99h) and A Secret History of the Dividing Line (Mss.975.5.B99s). The former was likely written for public audiences and contains the details of drawing the lines, interactions with Indians, observations of the flora and fauna of the area, the health and culture of settlers, and the official actions of the commissioners. Byrd regularly wrote Peter Collinson, an English scientist, about his journal and his hope that it would be of interest and benefit to a wide audience. The Secret History, on the other hand, contains a wealth of the more personal, private, and often humorous anecdotes of the trip. Neither manuscript was published in Byrd's lifetime, although both were eventually published.

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 Call #:  Mss.975.5.B99s 
 Extent:  1 volume(s) 
 Topics:  Colony and State Specific History | Exploration. | Land and Speculation | Natural history | Surveying and Maps 
 Genre:  Manuscript Essays | Maps and Surveys | Official Government Documents and Records | Travel Narratives and Journals 
 Subjects:  Boundaries, State.