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1Author:  VariousRequires cookie*
 Title:  Pennsylvania Stamp Act and Non-Importation Resolutions Collection     
 Dates:  1765-1775 
 Abstract:  This collection contains a range of documents on the imperial crisis in Philadelphia. Specifically, the documents focus on the Stamp Act and the Non-importation agreements of 1773. For the Stamp Act, there are many letters from John Hughes, the Stamp Tax collector. The letters detail his tribulations. There is also a large, oversize letter from John Hughes to the Commissioners of the Stamp Office in London defending his actions and outlining his experiences during the Stamp Act controversy (first page missing). The documents surrounding the 1773 boycott of tea in Philadelphia include detailed reports from commissioners appointed by residents to negotiate with the East India company officials and the testimony of the firm of James and Drinker who were designated distributors of the tea.

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 Call #:  Mss.973.2.M31 
 Extent:  2 volume(s) 
 Topics:  American Revolution | Colonial Politics | Government Affairs | Pennsylvania History | Philadelphia History 
 Genre:  Legal Records | Official Government Documents and Records | Political Correspondence | Printed Material 
 Subjects:  Non-importation agreements, 1768-1769 | Sons of Liberty | Stamp Act, 1765 | Tea tax (American colonies) 
2Author:  Penn, William, 1644-1718Requires cookie*
 Title:  William Penn miscellaneous letters and documents, 1665-1801     
 Dates:  1665-1801 
 Abstract:  This collection of William Penn's miscellaneous documents and letters largely consists of material relating to the early settlement of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. There are also records that relate to William Penn's interests in the Jerseys. Most documents are from before 1710, although some do come after and some appear to be manuscript copies of older documents. Most of the documents are signed by or addressed to William Penn and have been published in various publications from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and in the Papers of William Penn.

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 Call #:  Mss.B.P38 
 Extent:  4 volume(s) 
 Topics:  Colonial Politics | Military History | Pennsylvania History | Philadelphia History | Seven Years' War 
 Genre:  Business Records and Accounts | Maps and Surveys | Official Government Documents and Records | Political Correspondence | Printed Material 
 Subjects:  Land speculation | Sugar.