Achumawi language database


Date: 2016-2020 | Size: .5 Linear feet


A database of Achumawi language documentation in the Fieldworks Langauge Explorer (FLEx) format. Contains transcribed and partially analyzes texts, word lists, elicitations, and other data from Nevin's own extensive fieldwork as well as nearly all published and unpublished Achumawi language materials, as well as data derived from these transcriptions.

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Donated by Bruce Nevin beginning in 2016. Updated annually since then on August 1.

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  • Achumawi Indians
  • Achumawi language

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 Achumawi FLEx database
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Database in the Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) format, containing data from legacy published and unpublished mansucripts sources and Nevin's own fieldwork. This database is being added to and developed on an ongoing basis by Nevin and updates are archived annually at the APS.