Albert Einstein Manuscript Collection


Date: 1921-1953 | Size: 38 item(s)


Among the most famous scientists who ever lived, a world-famous celebrity during his lifetime, theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) developed the special and general theories of relativity, formulations that changed physics forever and indeed had far-reaching consequences for humankind.

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Artificial collection created from manuscripts taken from 14 collections.

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  • Physicists.


  • Einstein, Albert
  • Physics -- 20th century

Detailed Inventory

 Einstein, Albert letters to W.B. Scott
1921 April 8, 1921 April 15 Box 1:
folder 1

Manuscripts taken from APS Archives.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Max Bergmann
1940 December 28, 1941 January 12 Box 1:
folder 2

Manuscripts taken from Max Bergmann Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. Mss. Ms. Coll. B.B445.

 Einstein, Albert letter to Albert Blakeslee
1947 January 20 Box 1:
folder 3

Manuscript taken from Albert Blakeslee Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. B.B585.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Franz Boas and Anathon Aall
1927-1942 Box 1:
folder 4

Manuscripts taken from Franz Boas Papers, Mss.Ms.Coll. B.B61.

 Einstein, Albert letter to William E. Lingelbach
1947 February 10 Box 1:
folder 5

Manuscript taken from Lingelbach Papers, Mss.Ms.Coll. B.L635.

 Einstein, Albert letter to Warren McCulloch
1953 April 2 Box 1:
folder 6

Manuscript taken from McCulloch Papers, Mss. Ms. BM139, Series II. Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Meeting, Folder 15.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Ashley Montagu
1953 March 20, 1953 March 29, 1953 June 11, 1953 September 30. Box 1:
folder 7

Manuscript taken from Ashley Montagu Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. 109.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Roy F. Nichols and Dear Friend
1934 December 9, 1947 February 10 Box 1:
folder 8

Manuscripts taken from Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection, Mss. Ms. Coll. 200.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Florence Sabin
1935, 1938 Box 1:
folder 9

Manuscript taken from Florence Sabin Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. B: Sa12

 Einstein, Albert signature on mail card.
1929 February 15 Box 1:
folder 10

Manuscript card taken from Scientists Collection.

 Einstein, Albert letter to Sewall Wright
undated Box 1:
folder 11

Manuscript taken from Sewell Wright Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. 60.

 Einstein, Albert letters to Dear Friend
1947 March 20, 1948 January 10 Box 1:
folder 12

Manuscripts taken from Curt Stern Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. 5, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists.

 Einstein, Albert letters to William F.G. Swann
1940-1947 Box 1:
folder 13

Manuscripts taken from William F.G. Swann Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. B. Sw1.

 Einstein, Albert letter to Mr. Sargeant
1953 January 21 Box 1:
folder 14

Manuscript taken from John Wheeler Papers, Mss. Ms. Coll. B. W564, Series I.