Frank Siebert Papers


Date: 1929-1998 | Size: 41 Linear feet


Frank Siebert (1913-1998) is one of the key contributors to the field of Algonquian linguistics. While he did not pursue a degree in linguistics or anthropology, he independently acquired the skills and knowledge of a professional scholar. His work on Penobscot is some of the best and most comprehensive in existence. The Siebert Papers document the interest and work of Frank Siebert in the linguistics of the Algonquian family of languages, particularly Penobscot. The collection includes correspondence, research notes, drafts and published manuscripts by Siebert, as well as secondary sources consulted by Siebert. To a lesser extent, it contains material that documents Siebert's personal life, his interest in book collecting and his career as a physician.

Background note

Frank Siebert (1913-1998) is one of the key contributors to the field of Algonquian linguistics. While he did not pursue a degree in linguistics or anthropology, he independently acquired the skills and knowledge of a professional scholar. His work on Penobscot is some of the best and most comprehensive in existence.

Siebert began his Penobscot research in 1932 while an undergraduate studying chemistry at Haverford College. It was in this year that he made his first trip to Indian Island, Maine in the Penobscot Reservation. While a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, Siebert continued to pursue his interest in anthropological linguistics. He received training in this field by attending lectures by Franz Boas and Edward Sapir. He associated with Frank Speck and the anthropologists and linguists who congregated in Speck's office. Throughout his career as a pathologist, Siebert continued his Penobscot field work. He also had an interest in Catawba, which he did field research on in 1941, during a six month break from medical school. Later in life, he studied secondary sources on the language. After his retirement, Siebert dedicated all his time to his research. In 1968, he moved to Old Town, Maine so he could work more frequently with his informants.

When Siebert began his research, there were about one hundred fluent speakers of Penobscot. Over the years, Siebert worked with many informants. His longest collaboration was with Andrew Dana, with whom he worked closely for over thirty years. Over the course of Siebert's life, most of the Penobscots fluent in their native language died. This left Siebert among, or possibly, the last speaker with any great knowledge of the language. He continued his work up to his death in 1998, leaving much of it unpublished.

Some of Siebert's work built on existing studies of Algonquian languages. Siebert's mentor, Frank Speck, had worked on both Penobscot and Catawba. Also, Siebert's work on Proto-Algonquian began with a correction of Leonard Bloomfield's reconstruction. However, as Siebert felt strongly that scholars should do their own research, all his writings have come from his own field work. This research formed the basis of some of the most important contributions to the field of Algonquian linguistics. His Penobscot Dictionary is the most complete documentation of the language in existence. Siebert also collected folklore and history of the Penobscot Indians, which he compiled in a volume called Penobscot Texts. While most of his work was linguistic, Siebert also wrote articles on Algonquian history. He combined these interests in his reconstruction of Proto-Algonquian and a study of eighteenth century Virginia Algonquian. He used a knowledge of natural history as well as linguistics and history to identify the original homeland of the Algonquians.

Siebert maintained a frequent correspondence with his mentors and colleagues, including C.F. Voegelin, Frank Speck, Edward Sapir, Ives Goddard, Gordon Day and Willard Walker. Through letters, they shared ideas and augmented each other's work. Siebert was also an avid book collector, amassing a large and valuable collection of works on United States and American Indian history. In addition, he belonged to several historical and archeological societies. Siebert was awarded grants by the Guggenheim Foundation, the NSF and NEH to carry out his research.

Scope and content

The Siebert Papers document the interest and work of Frank Siebert in the linguistics of the Algonquian family of languages, particularly Penobscot. The collection includes correspondence, research notes, drafts and published manuscripts by Siebert, as well as secondary sources consulted by Siebert. To a lesser extent, it contains material that documents Siebert's personal life, his interest in book collecting and his career as a physician. Siebert carried on frequent and long standing correspondence with others in the field of American Indian linguistics. In their letters, Siebert and his colleagues presented and discussed linguistic theories and evidence and kept each other notified about their current projects. Often these letters included articles of interest or drafts of papers with a request for comments.

Siebert's research, and thus his field notes, center on the Penobscot language. The field notes also display an interest in related topics, such as Indian history and anthropology, Maine geography and natural history. His two major projects on Penobscot, the Penobscot Dictionary and Penobscot Texts, demonstrate Siebert's desire not only to understand the linguistic operation of the language, but to preserve the language itself as well as the culture and history of the Penobscot people. Siebert made several sound recordings of Penobscot songs, stories and speech to this end. While Algonquian languages were Siebert's main interest, he did a significant amount of research on Catawba, a Siouan language. He kept extensive field notes on Catawba from which he produced a published article.

Siebert's field research was augmented by a study of secondary sources. He consulted many journals, articles and manuscripts on the disciplines of linguistics and anthropology as well as on Algonquian and Catawba linguistics. Also included are documents particularly useful as sources for Siebert's work on Indian history. A small portion of the collection represents Siebert's interest in book collecting, his medical career and his personal life. He kept articles, newspaper clippings and notes on diseases and medical practice. In addition, he accumulated book advertisements, catalogues and auction notices. Siebert kept up personal correspondence with friends, whose letters he kept with those from his colleagues. He was also interested in politics and saved newspaper articles on current political and social issues.

Native American Images note : Nearly 800 ink and pencil sketches, photographs, newspaper clippings, and black and white photocopy images of Catawba and Penobscot tribes collected and drawn by Frank Siebert from 1932-1946 and 1985-1994. The ethnological sketches in notebooks reflect social life and customs, including tools, traps, design motifs, ball games, wampum and picture writing. Research notes contain photocopies from various sources. Many original and printed maps of North Carolina and Maine pinpointing tribal distributions.


Frank Siebert's method of working was not conducive to orderly record-keeping. He worked in iterations. It was his practice to take to the field and review with native speakers his notebooks from earlier field trips; adding notes to and editing pre-existing material as he went along. This process was sometimes repeated many times. Consequently, his notebooks have extensive additions, corrections, and annotations, sometimes identified with dates, initials of informants, or both. Siebert took notes on any available paper that was ready to hand, including old examination books, school composition books, dimestore notebooks, hotel stationery, pieces of correspondence, and used envelopes. Because of this approach, the notebooks, or indeed any material in the collection, may contain annotations on a wide variety of themes or topics.

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41.0 linear feet.

41.0 linear feet.

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  • Anishinaabe
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  • Catawba Indians
  • Catawba Indians -- History
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  • Penobscot Indians -- History
  • Penobscot language
  • Petroglyphs
  • Tubatulabal language

Collection overview

1929-19973.5 Linear Feetbox 1-7

Siebert kept up regular correspondence with others in the field of linguistics and anthropology, exchanging information about his work, discoveries, and theories. Siebert's correspondents often sent him papers, asking for comments. They frequently included relevant articles or newspaper clippings with their letters. Most of the correspondence preserved in the collection are incoming letters written to Siebert, with occasional copies of outgoing letters written by Siebert.

 4.5 Linear Feetbox 8-14:
box 66

In addition to his work on Algonquian languages for which he is best known, Siebert studied the linguistics of Catawba, adding to the work of Frank Speck and Floyd Lounsbury. Much of Siebert's Catawba material is kept in a series of field notes and loose leaf notes, in which he recorded vocabulary, as well as observations on grammar and linguistics. The series also contains Catawba materials compiled and sent to Siebert by Wes Taukchiray, a Catawba scholar who worked for various Native American organizations. These papers were accumulated throughout the 1990s and led to no published work.

 10 Linear Feetbox 81 (OS):
box 14-29:
box 67-70

The materials in this large series concern the Penobscot and related Algonquian tribes.

  box 14-17

An extensive series of notes and compiled material--copies of primary sources and annotated secondary sources--concerning anthropological and historical topics on the Penobscot and related Algonquian tribes.

  box 18-23:
box 67-69:
box 81 (OS)

An extensive series of notes and compiled material--copies of primary sources and annotated secondary sources--concerning Penobscot and related Algonquian languages.

  box 24-26:
box 70

The Penobscot Texts are a collection of folktales, legends and histories of the Penobscot people. Siebert collected the stories from several informants, principally Andrew Dana. The collection contains material from all steps of the project, beginning with notebooks and loose leaf notes. These record the stories in Penobscot with interlinear translation, accompanied by notes on vocabulary, linguistics and Penobscot culture. The texts appear in a later form, typed with separate translations and footnotes commenting on Penobscot linguistics, history, and story-telling. The stories were first dictated in the late 1930s. In the 1990's, Siebert received an NEH grant to prepare them for publication. Papers concerning the grant are found in Series VIII. The stories were in final draft form at the time of Siebert's death.

1982-1996 box 70:
box 27-29

The Penobscot Dictionary was the most ambitious and perhaps most important of Siebert's projects. This subseries contains handwritten notes and typed drafts of introductory material and dictionary entries.The typed drafts often contain handwritten editing. The subseries also includes one complete, bound draft. Late in his life, Siebert received an NEH grant to publish the Dictionary along with his Penobscot Texts. However, Siebert died before completing the project.

 3 Linear Feetbox 81 (OS):
box 30-34:
box 66-67

In addition to materials related to the Catawba and Penobscot, Siebert compiled a wide array of materials on other Native American Cultures and languages. Included in this series are photocopied primary sources, manuscripts of secondary sources, and annotated reprints.

 6 Linear Feetbox 35-46

This series contains over 100 notebooks created by Siebert. It includes information on Native American languages--vocabulary lists, notes on grammar, and linguistic observations. While many of the notebooks focus on Penobscot, other languages such as Abenaki and Ojibwa are also represented. Some of the notebooks, dating from the mid 1930s, represent Siebert's earliest work on Penobscot linguistics. Most notebooks are undated and it is impossible to tell what span of time they cover. The numbering of the notebooks was imposed after they were completed and does not reflect any order by chronology or subject. Due to the nature of Siebert's notetaking, the material in any given notebook may touch upon multiple subjects.

 1 Linear Feetbox 47-48

Siebert produced a variety of published work over his lifetime, including book reviews, DCB entries and papers for conferences and journals. Included in this series are handwritten and typewritten drafts, as well as reprints of his works.

 6 Linear Feetbox 49-60

Siebert kept many works created by other scholars--manuscripts and reprints relevant to his work, both originals and photocopies. Most of the publications in this series are scholarly articles written by Siebert's colleagues in the fields of anthropology, linguistics, or history.

 1.5 Linear Feetbox 61-63:
box 82 (OS)

This series includes materials relating to the funding of Siebert's research, conferences he attended or followed, and papers related to his professional career as a pathologist. Siebert's research on Native American subjects was funded in part by several grants. From 1979 to 1988 he received money from the NSF. This series contains applications for funding, project descriptions and evaluations, and financial records relating to the NSF grants. Later, the NEH gave the Penobscot Indian Nation a grant for Siebert to prepare the Penobscot Dictionary and Penobscot Texts for publication, as well as to complete work on other linguistic projects. As Siebert received the money as an employee of the Penobscot Indian Nation, memos and financial papers related to Siebert's employment by the PIN are included here as well. Siebert participated in and followed scholarly developments in the fields of anthropology and linguistics. Included in this series are materials related to professional conferences.

 1 Linear Feetbox 82 (OS):
box 63-64

This series includes a small amount of material relating to Siebert's personal life and pursuits. It includes health records, financial papers, advertisements, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Other personal material is interspersed in Series I, Correspondence.

Siebert was an avid book collector, amassing a large and valuable library, much of it about Native American history. He kept book catalogues, advertisements and clippings from catalogues among his papers. These materials are also part of this series.

 1 Linear Feetbox 64-65:
box 82 (OS)

This series is comprised of complete journals, or issues of publications. Larger works, such as books, have been removed from the collection and added to the larger printed collection of the library.

 0.5 Linear Feetbox 65

This small series is comprised of photographs and maps. The bulk of the imagery in the collection, the nearly 800 ink and pencil sketches described in the Native American image note above, may be found interspersed elsewhere in the collection.

 3 Linear Feetbox 75-80:
box 65

Siebert made a series of sound recordings documenting Penobscot speech, song, and stories. He also consulted recordings made by others on a variety of Native American languages. The recordings are on reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes, and records. Most of the original recordings have been digitized for preservation.

Detailed Inventory

I. Correspondence
1929-19973.5 Linear Feetbox 1-7

Siebert kept up regular correspondence with others in the field of linguistics and anthropology, exchanging information about his work, discoveries, and theories. Siebert's correspondents often sent him papers, asking for comments. They frequently included relevant articles or newspaper clippings with their letters. Most of the correspondence preserved in the collection are incoming letters written to Siebert, with occasional copies of outgoing letters written by Siebert.

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19381 item(s)box 3

Daughter of Nick Peters

Herzog, George
19411 item(s)box 3
Hess, Gertrude D.
1965-19703 item(s)box 3

American Philosophical Society

Hewson, A.
[1937]3 item(s)box 3

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Anatomical Board

Hewson, John
1970-198115 item(s)box 3
Hipple, Byron
1985-19944 item(s)box 3
Hockett, Charles
1964-19856 item(s)box 3
Hollow, Robert C.
19761 item(s)box 3

Siouan language newsletter

Houston, Annette
19882 item(s)box 3

Maine School Administration

Howe, Parkman D.
19551 item(s)box 3
Hudson, Charles
19662 item(s)box 3

Voegelin, C. F.; Catawba language

Hume, H. Alan
1991-19924 item(s)box 3
Hummell, Judy
19891 item(s)box 3
n.d.1 item(s)box 3

Christmas card signed by Jack, Ila, Vic, Danny, and Ronnie

Indian Rights Association
1960-19613 item(s)box 3

American Indian Charter Convention

Indiana University
1980-198912 item(s)box 3

Archives of Traditional Music; Linguistics Club; Lee, Dorothy Sara; Russell, Mary E.; Speck, Frank; Penobscot recordings

Indianapolis City Hospital
19381 item(s)box 3

Blank application form

International Journal of American Linguistics
19804 item(s)box 3

Rood, David

Iron Thunderhorse
19961 item(s)box 3
[J. S.]
n.d.1 item(s)box 3
Jacobs, E. Atwood
19385 item(s)box 3

Reading Hospital

Jameson, J. F. (John Franklin)
19331 item(s)box 3

Letter to R. W. Kelsey, Haverford College

Jarett, Leonard and Donald Young
19943 item(s)box 3

William Pepper Laboratory

Jerry and Nancy
19621 item(s)box 3
19421 item(s)box 4

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine

John, Sabatio Susep
19391 item(s)box 4
Jones, Hunt B.
1986-19924 item(s)box 4
Kardon, Peter
19901 item(s)box 4

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

Karsner, Howard
19412 item(s)box 4

Western Reserve University, Institute of Pathology

Kendall, Helen L.
19402 item(s)box 4

Jeter, Hugh L.; University of Oklahoma

Kent, Roland G.
1934-19407 item(s)box 4

Linguistic Society of America

Kenward, Kevin
19921 item(s)box 4

American Medical Association

Kerr, Justin
19951 item(s)box 4

Postcard announcing lecture entitled "Where Do You Wear Your Paint Pot? A Discussion of Maya Scribes." The notation "John Nichols, Canada" appears on the card.

Kidder, Mary Helen
19331 item(s)box 4

Connecticut Historical Society

Kingsbury, Isaac W.
19601 item(s)box 4
Klar, Kathryn A.
19941 item(s)box 4
Kolb, Alma Dean
1978-19792 item(s)box 4

International Journal of American Linguistics

Koontz, John E.
1986-198811 item(s)box 4
Kopperman, Paul E.
19791 item(s)box 4
Krieger, Carlo J.
19873 item(s)box 4
Lachner, Ernest A.
19631 item(s)box 4

Smithsonian Institution

Lailer, Doris
19951 item(s)box 4
Landar, Herbert
1966-19692 item(s)box 4
Langendoen, D. Terence
19871 item(s)box 4

Linguistic Society of America

Larson, M. Burniece
1939-194010 item(s)box 4

Medical Bureau

Lassiter, William L.
19341 item(s)box 4
Laurent, Stephen
19902 item(s)box 4
Lee, Penny
1990-19954 item(s)box 4
LeFaivre-Rochester, Carol
19962 item(s)box 4

American Philosophical Society

Leman, Wayne
19843 item(s)box 4
Lembke, Linda
19903 item(s)box 4

Green River Bindery

Lerch, Jimmy
19481 item(s)box 4
Lesser, Alexander
19352 item(s)box 4

American Ethnological Society

Letter Fragments
n.d.2 item(s)box 4
Linguistic Society of America
19731 item(s)box 4
Linton, Ralph
19392 item(s)box 4

American Anthropologist

Lips, Julius E.
19371 item(s)box 4

Columbia University

Little, Elizabeth A.
1983-19854 item(s)box 4
Loewenstein, Benjamin
19691 item(s)box 4
Lolar, Louis
1932-193415 item(s)box 4
Longley, G. T.
19342 item(s)box 4

British Museum

Loring, Laura and Gene
19781 item(s)box 4
Lounsbury, Floyd G.
19792 item(s)box 4
Love, Timothy R.
1975-1986, n.d.9 item(s)box 4

Penobscot Indian Community Action Program; Akin, Michael; Schweppe, Pamela

W. H. Lowdermilk and Company
19291 item(s)box 4
Luciers, F.
1943 box 4

Pacifique, Reverend Father; Monastere des Freres-Mineurs Capucins

Luders, Ulrich
19932 item(s)box 4

Lincom Europa

Ludwig, Andrea O.
19763 item(s)box 4

Smithsonian Institution

Lunkenheimer, Glenna and Paul
19851 item(s)box 4
MacDonnell, Thomas P.
1975-19947 item(s)box 4
Maggs Brothers Limited
19451 item(s)box 4
Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission
19911 item(s)box 4
Maniuel, Martine
19891 item(s)box 4
Mason, J. Alden
19341 item(s)box 4

University Museum, University of Pennsylvania

Masthay, Carl
1979-1994, n.d.24 item(s)box 4
Mathias, James F.
19702 item(s)box 4

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

McCorison, Marcus A.
1988-19942 item(s)box 4

American Antiquarian Society; Christie, Manson, and Woods International

McEllroy, W. S.
19561 item(s)box 4

Letter written to Albert Craig

McKeough, Helen M.
1981-1996, n.d.15 item(s)box 4
McKinstry, H. E.
19371 item(s)box 4
McKrae, Jill F. Kealey
1994-19953 item(s)box 4
Meade, Edward J., Jr.
19831 item(s)box 4

Ford Foundation

Meldrum, W. B. (William Buell)
19421 item(s)box 4

Haverford College

Merrell, James H.
1981-19827 item(s)box 4
[Meyer], Heidi
19641 item(s)box 4
Michelson, Truman
1934-193811 item(s)box 4
Micmac-Maliseet Institute
19911 item(s)box 4
Middleton, Dorothy E.
19321 item(s)box 4
Millar, Eric G.
19334 item(s)box 4

British Museum

Miller, P. Schuyler
19689 item(s)box 4
Mills, Elaine L.
1986-19904 item(s)box 4

Smithsonian Institution

Mitchell, Francis D.
19892 item(s)box 4
Mitchell, George W., Jr.
1988-19895 item(s)box 4

Penobscot Cultural Center; Seeber, Pauline

Monahan, Barbara
19901 item(s)box 5

Piscataquis Regional Young Men's Christian Association

Monke, Ingrid
19891 item(s)box 5

Maine Humanities Council

Moody, John
n.d.1 item(s)box 5
Moore, Robert M.
19381 item(s)box 5
Moorehead, Warren King
19872 item(s)box 5
Morgan, Lael
19842 item(s)box 5
Morley, Felix
19411 item(s)box 5

Haverford College

Morrison, Alvin H.
1973-19753 item(s)box 5

Includes "Dissertation Progress Report," 23 December 1973

Moulton, F. R. (Forest Ray)
19382 item(s)box 5

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Murphy, Richard M.
19811 item(s)box 5

National Endowment for the Humanities

Myers, Albert Cook
19323 item(s)box 5

Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of William Penn in America

National Endowment for the Humanities
19814 item(s)box 5
New England Historic Genealogical Society Library
19881 item(s)box 5
New York Public Library, Reserve Division
19881 item(s)box 5
Newmeyer, Frederick J.
19902 item(s)box 5

Linguistic Society of America

Nicholas, Andrea Bear
1983-19865 item(s)box 5
Norman, Jean
19672 item(s)box 5

University of Toronto Press

Nurmekund, Pent
19951 item(s)box 5

Letter to Robert J. Throckmorton

Nye, Gerald P.
19393 item(s)box 5

United States Senate

O'Donnell, Mathew Pierce
19871 item(s)box 5
Old Town Museum
19956 5

Siebert Basket Display, June 1995

Olmstead, D. L.
19721 item(s)box 5
Olsen, E. T.
1939-19405 item(s)box 5

State University and Crippled Children's Hospitals, Oklahoma

O'Meara, John
19951 item(s)box 5

Letter to Carl [Mathay]. Includes English-Native American vocabulary

Orchard, W. C. (William C.)
19361 item(s)box 5
Ortlepp, William H.
19791 item(s)box 5

Episcopal Academy

Pacifique, Reverend Father
1938-19409 item(s)box 5

Monastere des Freres-Mineurs Capucins

Palmer, Ralph S.
19652 item(s)box 5
Pare, Rick and Nancy
19891 item(s)box 5
Parkinson, A. D.
19361 item(s)box 5

Jones, Daniel; University of London, University College

Parks, Doug
19961 item(s)box 5
Parks, Lucy
19361 item(s)box 5
Parks, Ruth
19361 item(s)box 5
Peacock, James L.
19933 item(s)box 5

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Pendergast, Jim
19831 item(s)box 5
Penobscot Nation
1979-1986, n.d.12 item(s)box 5
Pepper, O. H. Perry
19391 item(s)box 5

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Pepper, William
1934-19377 item(s)box 5

University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

Peters, Nick
19383 item(s)box 5
Petersen, James B.
1995-199614 item(s)box 5
Petry, H. K.
19393 item(s)box 5

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Welfare

Plain Truth
19841 item(s)box 5

Bauer, Ted

[Pontius], Mary
19391 item(s)box 5
Pratt, Anne S.
19312 item(s)box 5

Yale University Library

Prins, Harald E. L.
1988-19963 item(s)box 5
Proulx, Paul
1976-1982, n.d.8 item(s)box 5
1985-19872 item(s)box 5

Maxfield, William; Haverford College

Quarterly Progress Report
19881 item(s)box 5

Penobscot Cultural Center

Quinn, Catherine C.
19332 item(s)box 5

John Carter Brown Library

Quinn, Conor McDonough
1996, n.d.2 item(s)box 5

One letter is written in the Penobscot language

Rankin, Nancy
1986-19882 item(s)box 5
Rankin, Robert L.
1975-19932 item(s)box 5
Ray, Gordon N.
1969-198517 item(s)box 5

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Ray, Roger B.
19961 item(s)box 5
Reading Hospital
19401 item(s)box 5
Reese, Lewis L.
19401 item(s)box 5

University Hospitals, Oklahoma

19321 item(s)box 5

Cousin Reid

[Reid, L. W.]
19441 item(s)box 5

Phi Beta Kappa, Haverford College

Rementer, Jim
19854 item(s)box 5
Reynolds, Margaret W.
19871 item(s)box 5

Linguistic Society of America

Rhine, Mary
19891 item(s)box 5
Rhodes, Richard
19851 item(s)box 5
Richardson, Hubbard
1978-19892 item(s)box 5
Ritchie, William A.
19342 item(s)box 5

New York State Archaeological Association

Roberts, Ethel D.
19331 item(s)box 5

Wellesley College Library

Robinson, Cedrick L. ("Rob")
1973-19742 item(s)box 5
Rogers, Jean
19752 item(s)box 5
Romanoff, Stephen J.
19792 item(s)box 5
Rood, David S.
1980-199216 item(s)box 5

International Journal of American Linguistics; Proulx, Paul

[Rorico], Valentine
19351 item(s)box 5
Ross, Adeline
19371 item(s)box 5

St. Michael Mission

Roth, John E.
19863 item(s)box 5
Rothenheber, Paul
19931 item(s)box 5

High-Tech Educational Services, Bismarck, ND

Rountree, Helen C.
19953 item(s)box 5
19941 item(s)box 5
Rudes, Blair
19951 item(s)box 5
Ruhlen, Merritt
19944 item(s)box 5
Ryan and Christie Storage, Inc.
19863 item(s)box 5

See also, Series IX, Ryan and Christie Storage, Inc.

St. John, Robin
19711 item(s)box 5
Salisbury, Neal
1970-19722 item(s)box 5
19451 item(s)box 5
Salzman, Zdenek
19641 item(s)box 5
Sands, Donald
1983-19843 item(s)box 5
Saphir, Otto
19411 item(s)box 5

Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, IL

Sapiel, Francis C. (Bobcat)
19811 item(s)box 5

Penobscot National Historical Society

Sappier, James G.
19901 item(s)box 5

Penobscot Cultural Center and Museum

Saul, C. Dudley
19421 item(s)box 5

St. Luke's and Children's Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

Scancarelli, Janine
1987-19943 item(s)box 6
Schenken, Jerald R.
19871 6
Schmuckie, Louis and Marcie
1986-19954 item(s)box 6
Schwartz, Dorothy
19891 item(s)box 6

Maine Humanities Council

Schwarze, W. U.
19321 item(s)box 6

Moravian College and Theological Seminary

Sebeok, Thomas A.
19731 item(s)box 6

Linguistic Society of America

Seeber, Pauleena M.
1986-198817 item(s)box 6

Penobscot Nation, Department of Humanities

Shappell, Betty
19391 item(s)box 6
Shaw, John J.
19381 item(s)box 6

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health

Sheets, Ossie and Elsie
1962-19652 item(s)box 6
Sherwood, David
19811 item(s)box 6
Shipley, William and Nancy Rankin
19891 item(s)box 6
Sholes, S.
19358 item(s)box 6

Presto Recording Corporation

Shryock, Richard H.
1961-19634 item(s)box 6

American Philosophical Society

Siebert, Carol
19871 item(s)box 6
Siebert, Florence
1974-19965 item(s)box 6
Siebert, George
1987-19964 item(s)box 6
Siebert, Lillie
19331 item(s)box 6

Letter to Lillie Siebert from Friedrich WIlhelms Universitat, Berlin, Germany. In German

Siebert, Marion (Mrs. Frank)
19602 item(s)box 6
Siebert, Peggy
1979-19963 item(s)box 6
Siebert, Sally
1986-19962 item(s)box 6
Sieceichowicz, Krystyna
19961 item(s)box 6
Silverstein, Michael
1984-19866 item(s)box 6
Singer, Richard B. and Margaret
1980-199310 item(s)box 6

Episcopal Academy

Sloper, J. C.
1958-19592 item(s)box 6
Smith, Linda
19851 item(s)box 6
Smith, Marian W.
19421 item(s)box 6

American Ethnological Society

Smith, Nicholas N.
1989-19967 item(s)box 6
Smith, Peter
19301 item(s)box 6

National Bibliophile Service

Smith-Breckling, Carol B.
1980-199613 item(s)box 6
Smithsonian Institution, Department of Humanities
19861 item(s)box 6
Snider, Gordon L.
1958-19592 item(s)box 6
Snow, Dean R.
1970-19753 item(s)box 6
Snowe, Olympia
19811 item(s)box 6

United States House of Representatives

Snyder, Audrey
19941 item(s)box 6
Snyder, Heinrick
19921 item(s)box 6
Sobczak, J.
19751 item(s)box 6

College of American Pathologists

Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology
1947-19496 item(s)box 6
Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages
n.d.1 item(s)box 6
Spang, Bruce
1980, n.d.2 item(s)box 6
Spannuth, John R.
19391 item(s)box 6

Reading Hospital

Speck, Frank
1938-19409 item(s)box 6
Stacey Koon Defense Fund
n.d.1 item(s)box 6
Stanislaus, Francis
1936-19383 item(s)box 6
Stewart, Alice R.
19831 item(s)box 6
Stolz, Robert Wesley
1972-197320 6

Correspondence with Clinton Alfred Weslager. Copies of correspondence given to Siebert by Carl Masthay (See also Series I, Masthay, Carl, March 14, 1980).

Storm, Colton
19442 item(s)box 6

William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan

Streeter, Thomas W.
19561 item(s)box 6
Struever, Stuart
19691 item(s)box 6
Stuart, Judi and Jack
1971, n.d.2 item(s)box 6
Studenski, E. R.
19571 item(s)box 6
Sturgis, Cyrus C.
1938-19403 item(s)box 6

University of Michigan, University Hospital

Sturtevant, William C.
1957-19877 item(s)box 6
Sudak, Alexander
19892 item(s)box 6
Swanton, John R.
19401 item(s)box 6

Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology

Taft, Robert A.
19391 item(s)box 6

United States Senate

Tatem, William
1988-199610 item(s)box 6
Taukchiray, Wes
1991-1997, n.d.4 foldersbox 6

Correspondence related to Catawba. See also, Series I: White, Wes

Folder #1
1991-1992 box 6
Folder #2
1993 box 6
Folder #3
1994-1997 box 6
Folder #4
n.d. box 6
Tax, Sol
19681 item(s)box 6

Current Anthropology

Taylor, Allan R.
1972-19945 item(s)box 6
19921 item(s)box 6
Teeter, Karl V.
19671 item(s)box 6
Thomas, Gladys (Mrs. Howard)
1952-19544 item(s)box 7

Catawba speaker, Sally (Brown) Gordon

Thomas, Robert G.
19771 item(s)box 7

Private Practitioners of Pathology Foundation

Thomason, Sarah G.
1989-1994, n.d.6 item(s)box 7
Thompson, Ann and Bryan
19941 item(s)box 7
Thompson, Theresa E.
19871 item(s)box 7
Thomson, Robert C.
19391 item(s)box 7
Todd, Evelyn
19721 item(s)box 7
Trager, George L.
19371 item(s)box 7
Traugott, Elizabeth C.
19881 item(s)box 7
Trimnal, Roger S.
[1990]1 item(s)box 7

Catawba Cultural Preservation Project

Tully, Melba W.
1953-199624 item(s)box 7
Tuttle, Edward F.
1974-19755 item(s)box 7

See also Series VII: Tuttle, Edward. Borrowing Versus Semantic Shift...

Tzhe, Ben and Helen
19731 item(s)box 7
Uhlenbeck, C. C. (Christianus Cornelius)
19381 item(s)box 7
Unami Lodge
19323 item(s)box 7