Floyd Glenn Lounsbury papers, ca. 1935-1998


Date: Circa 1935-1998 | Size: 90 Linear Feet


The papers contain correspondence, research and teaching notes, data (card and slip) files, published and unpublished manuscripts by Lounsbury and others, books and reprints, sound recordings, and computer programs and files. Correspondents include: William N. Fenton, Mary R. Haas, William C. Sturtevant, Morris Swadesh, and Carl F. Voegelin. Roughly one-quarter of the collection relates to Iroquoian languages and includes much WPA Oneida Project material. Research into the Cherokee language, South American languages, and kinship structures is also well represented. Floyd Lounsbury's wife, Masako Yokoyama Lounsbury, is represented by a smaller amount of material relating to linguistic research in Shanghai.

Background note

A Wisconsin native, Lounsbury completed his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and took an MA degree there. He then went to Yale University and was awarded a Ph.D. for work on Oneida phonology and morphology in 1949. While in the Ph.D. program he started teaching, and remained at Yale for the rest of his career. Retiring in 1979, Lounsbury was appointed Sterling Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, a post he held until his death at age 84.

Influenced by his graduate advisor, Morris Swadesh, Lounsbury undertook (1939-1940) the WPA-funded Oneida Language and Folklore Project, Green Bay, Wisconsin. This work eventually culminated in his MA thesis and dissertation. Lounsbury undertook pioneering work in descriptive and comparative Iroquoian linguistics, and made very significant contributions to the decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic texts. He was also an important innovator in the formal analysis of kinship terminologies and structural semantics. Fieldwork was conducted among the Oneida and all other speakers of surviving Iroquoian languages, Natchez, two Mayan and six Brazilian Indian languages. Lounsbury was a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (1969), and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1976) and American Philosophical Society (1987).

Scope and content

Works by Lounsbury are found in multiple series, throughout the collection.

Native American Images note : Just over 1,200 black and white photomechanical prints; black and white silver gelatin photographs; color, ink, and pencil sketches; and color illustrations of Mayan glyphs and Inca ethnological images from 1958-1995. Collected by Lounsbury to support his linguistic research, glyphic prints are from Mayan codices and stelae. In works by others, the South American series includes images of Inca calendars, Waimiri-Atroari Indian customs, and Quechua pottery from the Andes region. Of note, the Dresden Codex contains glyphs reproduced from the original color tracings. Check the inventory with detailed descriptions of each folder.

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Presented by Ruth Ozeki Lounsbury, 1998.

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Collection processed by Daythal Kendall and Michael Miller. Audio Materials series added by Brian Carpenter.

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  • Gelatin silver prints
  • Maps.
  • Photomechanical prints
  • Sketches.
  • Sound recordings


  • Anishinaabe
  • Cherokee language
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Illustrations -- Color
  • Incas -- Social life and customs
  • Indians of Central America -- Languages -- Writing
  • Indians of Mexico -- Languages -- Writing
  • Indians of South America -- Andes Region -- Social life and customs
  • Indians of South America -- Languages
  • Iroquoian languages
  • Lacandon Indians -- Social life and customs
  • Mayan languages -- Writing
  • Oneida Indians
  • Oneida Indians -- Wisconsin
  • Oneida language
  • Quechua Indians -- Social life and customs
  • United States. Works Progress Administration
  • Waimiri Indians -- Social life and customs

Collection overview

  box 1-18
  box 19-85

Includes works by Lounsbury and others.

  box 19
Lounsbury, Floyd Glenn. Lounsbury, Masako Yokoyama.
Asian Languages
various, n.d.4.5 linear feetbox 19-24

Primarily Spoken Shanghai, includes some Japanese-fieldnotes, analysis, notes on Okinawan, etc.

1940-1960, n.d.1 boxbox 25

Notes, offprints, etc. on languages of Hawaii, Indonesia, Philippines, Formosa, Austronesia, New Guinea; Icelandic; German; Dominican Creole; Sumerian.

  box 26-31
  box 32
  box 32-69
  box 32-33
  box 34-36
  box 36-40
  box 41
  box 41-42
  box 42-63
  box 42-47
  box 47-63
  box 47-48
  box 49-52
n.d.2 boxes_(1_ln._ft.); 1 linear footbox 52

Texts in Oneida, accent, grammar, vocabulary.

n.d.6 box; 3 linear feetbox 53-58

Typed texts with interlinear word-by-word glosses in English. Each is identified by the same letter-number combination used in the fieldnotes, consultant, recorder, and corrector(s).

n.d.1 linear footbox 59-60

Typed texts in Oneida. Each is identified by the same letter-number combination used in the fieldnotes, consultant, recorder, and corrector(s).

n.d.1 linear footbox 61-62

Typed and handwritten translation in English. Each is identified by the same letter-number combination used in the fieldnotes, consultant, recorder, and corrector(s). Most have original and carbons.

n.d.1 linear footbox 62-63

Typed and handwritten translation in English. Each is identified by the same letter-number combination used in the fieldnotes, consultant, and recorder. Categories include: Artifacts and Techniques, Attitudes toward Indian Culture, Attitudes toward Whites, Customs, Medicine, Naming, etc. Most are carbons.

  box 63
  box 64
  box 65
  box 65-69
  box 69-76
  box 73-75
  box 76-78
  box 78-82
  box 79-81
  box 82
  box 82-83
  box 84-85
  box 85-92

Includes works by Lounsbury and others.

  box 93-95
 2 lin._feetbox 96-99
 129 boxbox 100-228
  box 229-240

Many analog recordings have been converted to digital files. Some recordings exist as Digital Audio Tape (DAT), WAV files, and MP3 files. Links to digital files in the finding aid are for in-house use only.


Physical objects.


Digital files derived from analog recordings in Series VII.

Items are described in following manner: Title of Object--number of tape--track number.

Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.1  Abenaki Kinship
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.11  Ayar Incas
 4 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.1  Bakairi Stories
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.2  Bakairi Words and Phrases
 1 item
 3 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.4  Cayuga
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.5  Cayuga: H. Skye
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.6  Cayuga: Mrs. Greene
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.2  Cherokee letter
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.3  Cherokee: Walker & Spade
 1 tape(s)
 6 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.02  Oklahoma Cherokee unidentified text
 13 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.3  Bushyhead & Cook
 4 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.5  LaMere: Winnebago
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.8  Maliseet Stories
 1 reel(s)
 2 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.27  Yucatec Maya
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.6  Micmac
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.21  Stray Numbers
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.11  Whalen's Mohawk
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.7  Mohawk
 9 item(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.04  Natchez recordings
 4 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.1  Bruce Elijah
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.4  KWA-KO-LI - Whippoorwill
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.5  Oneida 1-16
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.7  Ray Elm
 2 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.10  Venus Walker
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.12  Yotinúhsote
 2 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.07  Dekanawidah (Oneida)
 6 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.08  Oneida practice recitations and texts
 6 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.14  Wisconsin Oneida texts and songs
 7 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.7  Lanukwehuwe
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.9  Tekanawita (1971)
 2 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.10  Oneida Practice Tape
 3 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.17  R. Chrisjohn
 2 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.18  R. Chrisjohn in Classroom
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.8  Oneida Texts
 1 items
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.9  Oneida Wires
 3 items
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.6  Onondaga singers
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.10  Condolence Ceremony (Onondaga)
 3 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.26  White Dog Ceremony
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.11  Onondaga Texts
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.13  Les règles de la méthode sociologique
 1 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.4  Gillespie: Wyandot
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.12  Panama
 2 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.03  Paraguayan popular music
 7 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.10  Paressi
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.05  Quechua and Tagalog texts
 2 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.13  Quechua: Ayarkuna
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.14  Quechua Exercises
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.15  Quechua: Junius Bird's Group
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.16  Quechua: Malikaca
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.11  Quechua
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.12  Quechua Notes
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.19  Seneca I (Songs)
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.20  Seneca Song
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.13  Seneca
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.06  Terena and Bororo texts
 2 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.3  Bororo
 3 item(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.14  Terena-Guarani
 3 items
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.8  Tuscarora 7-30-91
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Cassettes.9  Tuscarora II
 1 tape(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Discs.12  Tuscarora texts
 2 records
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.22  Tuscarora Practice Tape
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.23  Tuscarora Reel
 2 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.15  Tuscarora wire
 1 item
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.24  Umatina Reel
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.16  Umatina Translations
 2 item(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Wires.17  Umatina Wire
 2 item(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.25  Ute: Jorgensen
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.2  Barbeau reading Wyandot
 1 reel(s)
Mss.Ms.Coll.95.Reels.28  Dennis Tedlock Practice Tape
circa 1970s1 reel(s)

Detailed Inventory

Series I. Correspondence
  box 1-18
Aaron, Ely M.
19503 itemsbox 1

Material in support of a claim to the Indian Claims Commission on behalf of the Indian Tribe of Wisconsin.

Abbott, Clifford
1974-199824 itemsbox 1

Abbott's work on Oneida. Mentions FGL's work on Tuscarora. Enclosures missing.

Aberle, David F.
1953-19703 itemsbox 1

Aberle's analysis of kinship in "Canadian" material.

Aberle, Kathleen
19692 itemsbox 1

Student and faculty strike at Simon Fraser University.

Abler, Thomas S.
19901 itembox 1

Notes on Elisabeth Tooker's comments on Seneca kinship. Enclosure missing.

Acoustical Society of America
19501 itembox 1

Publication of papers from a Speech Communication Conference and membership application.

Acuna, Rene
19801 itembox 1

A Motul (Mayan) dictionary.

Adam, Herbert
19706 itemsbox 1

Two copies of a response to Kathleen Aberle's article "The Struggle at Simon Fraser University."

Adams, Richard N.
1963-197012 itemsbox 1

Inviting FGL to visit the University of Texas, Austin, to speak and talk with students; students interested in jobs at UT; Chorti (Mayan) consultant at Yale; possibility of FGL teaching in Rio de Janeiro.

Adams, Robert McC.
19801 itembox 1

Description of the purpose of the Committee on Basic Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences and a request for comments by FGL.

Adams, Thomas R.
1964-19655 itemsbox 1

Fellowships available from the John Carter Brown Library, Brown University (enclosures missing) and Quechua materials in the library.

Ainsworth, Jerry L.
19912 itemsbox 1

Request for the meaning of some Maya glyphs from Mexico. Includes drawing of the glyphs.

Alatis, James E.
1961-19655 itemsbox 1

Preparation of instructional materials in Quechua; grant proposal to produce teaching materials in Yucatec and Quiche (Mayan).

Albert, Ethel M.
1961-19644 itemsbox 1

Status of FGL's article for Educational Resources in Anthropology Project; request for reference for NSF fellowship.

Alcina, Jose
19642 itemsbox 1

FGL's article for the Acts of the XXXVI International Congress of Americanists.

Alcock, F.J.
19532 itemsbox 1

Forwarding to FGL notes by Marius Barbeau on 6 Iroquoian dialects.

Aliphat Fernandez, Mario M.
19924 itemsbox 1

An international colloquium on Maya archaeology.

Alland, Alex
19622 itemsbox 1

Alland's work in the Rep. Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Allen, Bill
[1976]1 itembox 1

FGL's talk at Wesleyan, taking Loundsbury's course in Mayan hieroglyphics; offprints.

Alpher, Barry
19881 itembox 1

Gender marking on mixed-sex, non-singular subjects in Iroquoian (Enclosure missing)..

Altamirano, Oscar
1964-19664 itemsbox 1

Altamirano's work on Quechua; job possibilities.

Alverson, Hoyt S.
1965-19719 itemsbox 1

FGL's illness; Alverson's predoctoral fellowship; time-sharing applications in anthropology at Dartmouth College.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
19854 itemsbox 1

Nomination and election of members.

American Anthropological Association
1951-1991, n.d.31 itemsbox 1

FGL's membership status; AAA publications; his election as an AAA fellow; AAA meetings; visiting lecturer program; review of manuscripts; FGL's 1990 Distinguished Lecture.

American Association for the Advancement of Science
19593 itemsbox 1

Membership in AAAS as member of American Ethnological Society.

American Bible Society
19502 itemsbox 1

Christian scriptures in Aymara and Quechua.

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)
  box 1
American Council of Learned Societies
1946-197293 itemsbox 1

FGL's time in Brazil while in the Army; returning to school; work on Oneida and Cherokee; fellowships and reports; Committee on Language Programs; linguistics; etc.

Joint Committee on American Native Languages
1945-1965, n.d.270 itemsbox 1

Membership of the committee; activities of the committee; proposed research projects. Includes a 1934 letter from Franz Boas to Manuel J. Andrade.

Program in Oriental Languages
1953-1961, n.d.132 itemsbox 1

Correspondence primarily with Masako Lounsbury, somewhat with FGL regarding the preparation, review, revising, and publication of instructional materials, Spoken Shanghai. Correspondents include: Yuen-Ren Chao, Charles F. Hockett, John Kepke, Fang-Kuei Li, and others.

American Council on Education
19699 itemsbox 2

Survey on graduate education.

American Ethnological Society
1954-19716 itemsbox 2

Meetings, dues, newsletter.

American Indian Historical Society
19673 itemsbox 2

Asking FGL to serve on the editorial board of The Indian Historian.

American Philosophical Society
1949-199331 itemsbox 2

Return of Anthony F. C. Wallace's Tuscarora notebook; obtaining copy of FGL's Oneida materials; publication of Archiquette's Oneida diary by the APS; recording of the Iroquois condolence ceremony chanted by George Thomas; grants; current status of American Indian studies; Onondaga recordings; manuscript review; FGL's membership in APS; asking FGL to serve on the Phillips Fund Committee of the APS; committee meetings.

American Scandinavian Foundation, The
1979-19805 itemsbox 2

Evaluating applications for awards.

American Society for Ethnohistory
19713 itemsbox 2

Annual meeting.

Amith, Jonathan D.
1979-1991, n.d.5 itemsbox 2

Recommendation; Amith's work on Nahuatl in Mexico; kinship.

Amram, David W., Jr.
19573 itemsbox 2

Availability of grammars in several Native American languages of Mexico.

Anderson, Lloyd B.
19842 itemsbox 2

Etymologies of Mayan calendrical and astronomical terms.

Anderson, Myrdene
1969-198331 itemsbox 2

NSF research grant application; archaeoastronomy; job applications; abstracts of papers given.

Anderson, Philip C.
19791 itembox 2

The meaning of the placename "Coxsackie".

Annan, Noel
19683 itemsbox 2

The future of the Anthropology Department at University College London.

Antal, Laszlo
19642 itemsbox 2

Possibly reprinting FGL's article "A Semantic Analysis of the Pawnee Kinship Usage."

Antilla, Raimo
n.d.1 itembox 2

A hand written note on a ditto copy of "Chapter 16, Classification of Languages" requesting that FGL check Oneida data for accuracy.

Arata, Luis O.
19931 itembox 2

Popol Vuh; interpretation of Maya glyphs.

Archiquette, Oscar H.
1939-196624 itemsbox 2

Includes letters and postcards, most in Oneida, and 3 photographs.

Arostegui, Carlos
19782 itemsbox 2

Dissertation outline for the study of Mixtec names.

Athayde, Austregasilo de, et al.
19922 itemsbox 2

Waimiri-Atroari education program. In Portuguese.

Atkins, John
1962-19643 itemsbox 2

Atkins' work on Omaha kinship systems; offprints.

Austerlitz, Robert
1965-19674 itemsbox 2

Invitations to speak at linguistics seminars at Columbia University.

Aveni, Anthony F.
1972-199124 itemsbox 2

Astro-archaeology; archaeoastronomy; Bonampak astronomical evidence; Maya hieroglyphs.

Ayala, Maricela
19805 itemsbox 2

Invitation to participate in a session on Mayan epigraphy at a meeting on Mayan languages. In Spanish.

Bach, Emmon
19641 itembox 2

Invitation to speak at the Linguistics Club, University of Texas.

Ballard, W. L.
1966-19676 itemsbox 2

Loundsbury's paper on Shanghaiese.

Barbeau, Marius
1941-196412 itemsbox 2

FGL's work on Oneida, Cherokee, and Wyandot; Barbeau's materials on Cayuga and Tuscarora. Includes an inventory of materials on Huron-Iroquois and Algonkian in the Archives du Seminaire de Quebec.

Barber, Elizabeth
1974-19752 itemsbox 2

Requesting a copy of a paper FGL gave at LSA. Sending a copy of her paper on voice (enclosure missing).

Bardawil, Lawrence W.
19741 itembox 2

Requesting a recommendation to enter special study on Maya gestures.

Barrau, Jacques
n.d.1 itembox 2

Botanical names and descriptions of several kinds of wood from Brazil.

Basehart, Harry W.
1941-196233 itemsbox 2

Oneida language, medicine-compounding, false faces, [Oneida] hymnbooks, Cherokee language, Oneida WPA projects, Creek busk or green corn dance and other activities on the Oklahoma reservation, Oneida prayers.

Bassie, Karen
19863 itemsbox 2

Identification of figures the "Group of the Cross at Palenque."

Basso, Keith H.
1965-19793 itemsbox 2

Application of semantic theory to anthropological problems; ethnographic study of Western Apache placenames.

Bauman, James
19743 itemsbox 2

Postdoctoral study in social anthropology from a background in linguistics.

Beals, Ralph L.
1951-19714 itemsbox 2

FGL's service as LSA liaison to AAA and on the Committee on American Native Languages.

Beatty, John
1972-1973, n.d.7 itemsbox 2

Beatty's dissertation, conference on second language acquisition, job possibilities.

Beaux, Nathalie
19871 itembox 2

Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.

Becks, D.
19851 itembox 2

Componential analysis in FGL's work. Includes a 5-page questionaire.

Behrman, Carolyn
19901 itembox 2

History of relations between physical and cultural anthropology.

Belshaw, Cyril S.
19832 itemsbox 2

Asking FGL to referee an article by Alphonso H. Feng, "On the Ordering of the Signs of the North Semitic Theory" (included).

Benda, Henry J.
19642 itemsbox 2

Publication of Mrs. Ihromi-Simatupang's M.A. thesis on the Batak.

Bennett, David
19671 itembox 2

Bennett's paper on the phoneme, taking courses at the University of Michigan.

Bennett, Wendell C.
1941-1952, n.d.4 itemsbox 2

FGL's work on Oneida and comparative Iroquoian, studying anthropology, and plans to apply to Yale.

Benson, Elizabeth P.
1977-1984, n.d.5 itemsbox 2

FGL's appointment as visiting scholar at Dumbarton Oaks, Palenque rubbings, conference on "The Beginnings of Maya Iconography."

Berlin, Brent
1963-19676 itemsbox 2

Work on Tzeltal, decipherment of Maya hieroglyphs, classifiers. Includes a letter from Berlin to Morris Swadesh regarding color categories.

Bernstein, Howard B.
1963-199717 itemsbox 2

Bernstein's course schedule, recommendations, fieldwork proposal.

Berry, Alison
19791 itembox 2

Her visit to Palenque. Includes a color photograph.

Berry, Jack
19683 itemsbox 2

A special issue of IJAL in memory of Hans Wolff.

Berwick, Rachel
1996, n.d.2 itemsbox 2

Gilis book, a wish list of phrases (enclosures missing).

Beukema, Ron
1972-1973, n.d.21 itemsbox 2

Quechua phonology and morphology, Proto-Quechua consonants. Includes term papers, dissertation proposal, and possibly parts of dissertation.

Bick, John
19962 itemsbox 2

Personal greetings. Includes "Full Circle" by John Bick, Barb Cranford and Lois McNevin: English verse in haiku no renga (Japanese) verse form.

Biedermann, Hans
1962-19694 itemsbox 2

Compiling a complete corpus of Maya inscriptions, Ferdinand Anders, Das Pantheon der Maya.

Bierhorst, John
19772 itemsbox 2

A Cherokee lullaby.

Biese, Leo P.
n.d.1 itembox 2

Subscription to Mexicon.

Biographical Dictionary of Speech
19745 itemsbox 2

Entries on Horatio Hale and John W. Powell for The Biographical Dictionary of the Phonetic Sciences.

Bishop, Morris
1958-19618 itemsbox 2

The Indians of Hochelaga (Montreal, Quebec), FGL's paper on Cherokee-Iroquoian linguistic relationships

Black, Eugene C.
19712 itemsbox 3

Asking FGL to serve on the committee to evaluate the Anthropology Department at Brandeis University.

Black, Glenn A.
1949-19514 itemsbox 3

FGL's membership in The Society for American Archaeology.

Black, Lydia
19713 itemsbox 3

Gilyak kinship.

Black, Mary
19681 itembox 3

FGL's paper at AAA Plenary Session.

Blau, Harold
1963-19678 itemsbox 3

Recording in Onondaga of Handsome Lake's Code, meeting at an Iroquois conference; copies of recent JAF articles, work on Onondaga. Enclosures missing.

Blin-Lagarde, Pierrette
1971-19752 itemsbox 3

Application for a Killam scholarship.

Blinco, Tom and Lila
19621 itembox 3

Their work in Venezuela.

Bloch, Bernard
1954-19639 itemsbox 3

Dissertation proposal of J. C. Street, an article by Pierce, the Linguistic Institute, Yale's undergraduate linguistics program, an article by [Dell] Hymes, foreign language requirements.

Bloomfield, Leonard
19415 itemsbox 3

Alternative forms for Oneida numerals, collection of Oneida materials, FGL's work on Oneida.

Blueye, Esther
19811 itembox 3

Willingness of Maryanne [Mithun] Williams to work with her.

Blumensath, H.
19784 itemsbox 3

Permission to reprint FGL's article, "A Semantic Analysis of the Pawnee Kinship Usage."

Bo, Carlo
1973-198911 itemsbox 3

Seminars and colloquia organized by the Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e Linguistica, Urbino, Italy. Mostly in French, some Italian.

Bodman, Nicholas C.
1964-19654 itemsbox 3

FGL's article on the Shanghai dialect.

Boggs, S. Whittemore
1952-19538 itemsbox 3

Boggs' paper "An Atlas of Ignorance: A Needed Stimulus to Honest Thinking and Hard Work," proposal to create maps showing the adequacy of knowledge in various fields around the world.

Boggs, Stephen T.
1962-19645 itemsbox 3

Teaching English as a foreign language, abstracts of papers (enclosures missing), FGL to be nominated to Executive Board of AAA.

Bohannan, Paul
1963-19677 itemsbox 3

Republishing early classics in anthropology, request to reprint FGL's "The Structural Analysis of Kinship"

Bolton, Ralph
19725 itemsbox 3

FGL's ICA paper "Some Aspects of the Inca Kinship System," being a discussant for a proposed symposium on Andean kinship.

Bonnemete, Pascole
 1 itembox 3

Requesting a meeting with FGL to discuss Maya glyphs.

Bonvillain, Nancy L.
1970-197510 itemsbox 3

Grant applications and references.

Bowles, John H.
19891 itembox 3

Selection of a Cherokee word to name a nature conservancy. Includes a map showing the location of the conservancy.

Bowman, J. K.
196212 itemsbox 3

FGL's article "Linguistics and Psychology."

Brenner, Edgar H.
1969-19854 itemsbox 3

Brenner's trip to Guatemala; Maya hieroglyphs.

Brew, J. O. and Evelyn N.
1966-197011 itemsbox 3

FGL's talk at the Peabody Museum, Harvard; FGL's manuscripts for publication.

Bright, William
1965-19693 itemsbox 3

Reviews of books by Malinowski and Greenberg

Brockman, L.
19801 itembox 3

Brockman's interest in studying Maya hieroglyphs.

Bromley, Myron
1967-1996, n.d.34 itemsbox 3

Bromley's graduate work in anthropology and linguistics at Yale; kinship terms in Lower Grand Valley Dani of West Irian (Indonesia); the Bromleys' missionary work in Indonesia. Includes a photo of the Bromley family [1982].

Brotherston, J. Gordon
19833 itemsbox 3

FGL's manuscript on Maya dates.

Brown University, The John Carter Brown Library
19661 itembox 3

Preparation for publication of the Spanish-Maya part of a Motul dictionary.

Bruner, Edward M.
1957-196915 itemsbox 3

Southeast Asia Program at Yale; Batak kinship; proposed session on "Methods of Formal Analysis in Anthropology" for AAA; Batak dictionaries; fieldwork in Indonesia.

Bucca, Salvador
1958-196711 itemsbox 3

Bucca's application to Yale; suggested courses; invitation to FGL to teach a course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buchler, Ira R.
1963-19667 itemsbox 3

Buchler's work on a comparative study of Crow terminological systems; Nahuatl kinship terms and pronouns.

Buckman, Rev. Winfield
1950, n.d.3 itemsbox 3

FGL's fieldwork in Brazil. Include a pamphlet on the South America Indian Mission, Inc.

Buettner-Janusch, John
1959-19848 itemsbox 3

Buettner-Janusch's fieldwork in Kenya; Anthropology at Duke University; invitation to FGL to speak at New York University; his conviction for unnamed crimes and his responses to published statements.

Burkenroad, David C.
19681 itembox 3

Burkenroad's Yale experience and the possibility of returning to Yale as a student.

Burling, Robbins
1967-19695 itemsbox 3

Request for a copy of FGL's Pawnee paper (1956); Tibeto-Burman kinship.

Burnaby, Barbara
19834 item(s)box 3
Burns, Donald H.
19582 itemsbox 3

Translation into Spanish of an article on Quechua structure by Masako Lounsbury.

Buser, C. A.
19662 itemsbox 3

Buser's proposed study of Wyandot and comparison with Mohawk.

Bush, Archie C.
19682 itemsbox 3

Latin kinship terms as a possible dissertation topic.

Butt, Audrey, et al.
1952-195622 itemsbox 3

A manuscript dictionary of Akawaio found among the effects of a Mr. Kenswil; editing and publishing the dictionary; Butt's work among the Akawaio.

Calderon, Hector M.
n.d.2 itemsbox 3

Publications on Maya hieroglyphs; research on Maya-Yucatec and related languages.

Cambridge University Press
1979-1990, n.d.9 itemsbox 3

Various publications; publication of proceedings of Oxford Conference on Archaeoastronomy in the New World: American Primitive Astronomy. Includes part of draft of FGL's "Astronomical Knowledge at Bonampak."

Cameron, Constance P.
19711 itembox 3

Meaning of place-name kenta-ke, possibly of Iroquoian origin.

Campbell, Lyle
1974-19807 itemsbox 3

Bibliography of Mayan linguistics and languages; Maya hieroglyphs conference.

Campisi, Jack
1971-19739 itemsbox 3

An Oneida consultant for a course FGL was teaching; Campisi's work on Oneida; teachings of Handsome Lake.

Cardoso de Oliveira, Roberto
19657 itemsbox 3

Fieldwork in Brazil by Zarko Levak. 2 items in Portuguese.

Carlson, John B.
1976-19857 itemsbox 3

Carlson's post-doctoral fellowship; publication of Archaeoastronomy.

Carneiro, Robert L.
1953-19665 itemsbox 3

Carneiro's proposed work in Brazil; FGL's work in Brazil.

Carr, Elizabeth
1953-19594 itemsbox 3

Nomination of Charles Hockett as Carnegie Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii.

Carroll, Vern
19591 itembox 3

Carroll's experience as an anthropologist teaching in England.

Carter, Anthony T.
1970-19716 itemsbox 3

Marathi kinship and Dravidian kinship systems in general.

Carter, George F.
19471 itembox 3

Possible pre-Columbian contacts between Central Mexico and Eastern United States.

Casagrande, Joseph B.
1940-196625 itemsbox 3

Casagrande's work in Oklahoma on Comanche and the relationship between language and culture with George Herzog; whispered vowels in Oneida; language and acculturation; FGL's work in Oklahoma on Cherokee; Committee on Linguistics and Psychology, Social Science Research Council.

Castillo, Leon Lourie
19522 itemsbox 3

suggested study materials for Quechua and Aymara.

Caufield, Monica
19693 itemsbox 3

FGL's intellectual career.

Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Cayuga County Historical Society
1966-1979, n.d.24 itemsbox 3

Presentation of the Cornplanter Medal; FGL's vita; FGL's talk "Some Aspects of Iroquoian Languages"; Society meetings.

Cazes, Daniel
19661 itembox 3

An international seminar on the study of Mayan writing. In Spanish.

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
1964-1971, n.d.11 itemsbox 3

FGL's report on his work at the Center (semantic structure, language and culture, Maya hieroglyphs); arson at the Center; lists of fellows.

Center for Applied Linguistics
19644 itemsbox 3

Roster of Linguists.

Center for Inter-American Relations, Inc.
1968-197121 itemsbox 3

Corpus of Maya hieroglyphs project.

Center for Maya Research
19931 itembox 3

Hiatus in the Center's activities.

Chafe, Wallace L.
1958-1992, n.d.56 itemsbox 4

Red House meeting; FGL's paper on Mohawk placenames; estimates of the number of speakers of Native American languages; Cherokee language; possible relationships between Caddoan, Iroquoian and Siouan; publications; "Linguistic Considerations in the Interpretation of Place Names"; Iroquois conferences; Onondaga language; reflexes of Proto-Iroquoian; how FGL got into the study of Maya hieroglyphics. Includes a draft of Chafe's paper "Accent and Related Phenomena in the Five Nations Iroquois Languages."

Chafe, Wallace L., and Marianne Mithun
19912 itemsbox 4

William H. Cook serving as cultural attache at U.S. embassy in Bulgaria; teaching Tuscarora to some Tuscaroras.

Chafe, Wallace L., and William C. Sturtevant
19602 itemsbox 4

The future of the Red House meetings.

Chan, Eugene S. L.
19931 itembox 4

Requesting details of Iroquoian numerals.

Chang, Kwang-Chih
1964-19828 itemsbox 4

Fellowships and administrative matters; FGL's appointment as Sterling Professor.

Chao, Yuen R.
1950-196910 itemsbox 4

Comments on FGL's spoken Shanghai paper; additional discussion and questions from FGL to Chao.

Chapin, Miriam
1951-19526 itemsbox 4

Preservation of Native American languages in Canada.

Chatfield, Ruby
19502 itemsbox 4

Official letter of introduction for FGL's fieldwork in Brazil.

Childerston, Harry J.
19722 itemsbox 4

Bibliographical references for materials on the Native Americans of Colorado.

Ciaramella, Mary A.
19781 itembox 4

Permission to take FGL's course on Maya hieroglyphics.

Cine-video Productions, Inc.
19582 itemsbox 4

Anthropologists acquainted with the Mixtec and Middle American ethnology.

Clifton, James
19733 itemsbox 4

A teacher for an Oneida course in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Clinchy, Everett R.
19711 itembox 4

Activities at The Institute on Man and Science, Rensselaerville, New York.

Cline, Howard F.
 3 itemsbox 4

Corrections to the entry for FGL in the National Directory of Latin Americanists.

Closs, Michael P.
1977-198510 itemsbox 4

Maya numeration, computation, calendrical astronomy, and hieroglyphs; visit to Yale. Includes manuscript paper "A Phonetic Version of the Maya Glyph for North."

Coe, Michael D.
1961-199516 itemsbox 4

A report that the Soviets were successful in using a computer to translate Maya hieroglyphs; publication of the Spanish-Maya portion of a Motul dictionary; the death of Jeff Miller in Merida, Yucatan; preparing the Northern Paiute (Paviotso) materials of Willard Z. Park for publication; arithmetic in Maya system.

Coggins, Clemency Chase
1974-19886 itemsbox 4

Dynastic history of Tikal; interpretation of Maya glyphs. Includes an offprint of Coggins' "On the Historical Significance of Decorated Ceramics at Copan and Quirigua and Related Classic Maya Sites."

Cohen, Yehudi A.
1952-196511 itemsbox 4

Requests for recommendations; Cohen's trip to Okinawa; search for articles on adaptive or maladaptive languages in particular environments.

Colby, Benjamin N.
1965-19714 itemsbox 4

Maya calendar, gambling and other games.

Coleman, Mildred H.
19412 itemsbox 4

FGL's work on Cherokee in Oklahoma.

Collier, Nancy
19522 itemsbox 4

Request for information on Samoan phonemes.

Colon, Jose C.
19922 itemsbox 4

Three contemporary ritual practices, apparently of ancient origin, among the Maya of north central Yucatan.

Commins, Dorothy B.
19633 itemsbox 4

The translation of a Parici (Arawak) lullaby.

Conant, Francis P.
1964-19652 itemsbox 4

Developing and strengthening the graduate program in anthropology at Hunter College.

Condominas, Georges
19627 itemsbox 4

FGL's work on kinship.

Conference on Iroquois Research
1964-198020 itemsbox 4

Schedules, registration, etc. for the conferences.

Conklin, Harold C.
  box 4
Folder #1
1951-1991, n.d.43 itemsbox 4

Conklin's work in the Philippines and Southeast Asia in general; Iroquoian languages; publications and manuscripts.

Folder #2
2003 box 4

Contains an autographed obituary of Lounsbury written by Conklin ( American Anthropologist vol. 102, no. 4, 2000) and a photograph of Lounsbury.

Provenance: Gift of Harold Conklin, October 2003.

Accruals: Accession M2003-49.

Connecticut State Welfare Department
1956-19585 itemsbox 4

Racial ancestry of orphan children.

Cook, Edwin A.
1965-1972, n.d.7 itemsbox 4

Requests for offprints; Highland New Guinea kinship systems.

Cook, William H.
1969-19916 itemsbox 4

Cook's work on Cherokee. Includes a manuscript "The Iroquoian Origins of the Cherokee Language, Part I: The Pronominal Prefixes."

Cooper, Franklin S.
1957-19582 itemsbox 4

Possible employment at Haskins Laboratories for a Yale student; specifications for a scale magnifier addition to a Kay Electric sound spectrograph.

Coppens, W.
19773 itemsbox 4

Sape (or Kaliana) kinship system.

Corman, Cathy
19981 itembox 4

Request for help in translating names of treaty signatories. Includes photocopies of signatory pages from various treaties with Native American groups.

Cornyn, William S., and Bernard Bloch
19622 itemsbox 4

Possibility of bringing certain individuals to Yale as visiting lecturer and post-doctoral fellow.

Costa, John
19601 itembox 4

Costa's work on Dakota in Minnesota and finding a graduate student to continue the work.

Coulter, Alan W.
1970-197210 itemsbox 4

Coulter's proposed work on the Navajo Reservation; travel in Africa; a North American Indian Issues seminar to be conducted by Coulter.

Cowan, J. M. (Milt)
19505 itemsbox 4

Speech stretchers.

Cowell, Bainbridge
19642 itemsbox 4

Request to enroll in FGL's Maya hieroglyphs course.

Cowgill, George L.
19651 itembox 4

Maya kinship and personal names.

Cowgill, Warren
 2 itemsbox 4

Administrative matters.

Cravens, Thomas D.
19771 itembox 4

Request for information about replacement words for 'head' in Pipil, and Nahuat.

Crawford, James M.
19731 itembox 4

Request for the name of the student working on Tuscarora.

Crocker, William H.
1974-19779 itemsbox 4

Crocker's work on Canela kinship.

Crouse, Dorothy
19811 itembox 4

A thank-you note to FGL for teaching a Tuscarora class.

Cunningham, Clark
1963-19667 itemsbox 4

People working on Dravidian kinship.

Cutler, Preston S.
1960-19623 itemsbox 4

Tentative scheduling of a fellowship for FGL at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Dahl, Deborah H.
19792 item(s)box 4
Dahlin, Bruce H.
19821 itembox 4

The role of Jupiter in Preclassic Maya cosmology; alignment of structures at El Mirador with Jupiter at Spring equinox.

Dalby, Michael T.
19643 itemsbox 4

Possibility of Dalby working on FGL's Latin kinship project.

Damerau, Fred
19642 itemsbox 4

Proposal for a dissertation on information theoretic models in linguistics.

Damrow, N. Joyce
19782 itemsbox 4

Materials relating to the Oneida of Wisconsin (including the Archiquette diary) to be used in developing a curriculum for their Community School.

Danforth, Leota S.
19821 itembox 4

The location of the Mayan portrait glyph on the dust jacket of J. Eric Thompson's Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs.

Daniels, Robert A.
19911 itembox 4

Using Native American names for fish to determine their pre-contact distribution.

Danien, Elin
[1989]1 itembox 4

Details for Maya weekend in 1989 at The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania.

Daugherty, D. H.
1962-198811 itemsbox 4

Publications; FGL's Spoken Shanghai manuscript; financial support for various projects.

Davenport, William
1964-197210 itemsbox 4

Kinship; Hawaiian social organization including a bibliography.

Davis, Frank M.
19392 itemsbox 4

Request for information about materials relating to the history of the Oneidas.

Davis, Irvine
19621 itembox 4

Requesting FGL's comments on Davis' chart of relationships among North American languages (enclosure missing).

Day, Gordon M.
1956-197258 itemsbox 4

Day's work on Abenaki; Iroquois place-names in Vermont. Includes Day's paper read at Algonquian-Iroquois Conference at Trent University: "The Eastern Boundary of Iroquoin[sic]: Abenaki Evidence."

Dayton, Nancy
19841 itembox 4

Glyphs newly discovered in Guatemala.

Deardorff, Merle H.
1953-19676 itemsbox 4

Iroquoian place-names. Includes Stepping Stones, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Warren County Historical Society) relating to the Kinzua Dam, Cornplanter Monument, and Seneca.

DeBlois, A. D.
19644 itemsbox 4

A scheduled conference on Algonquian linguistics.

Delisle, Helga Harries
19741 itembox 4

Requesting sources of information to help in developing a teaching grammar of Mohawk.

Denny, Peter
19941 itembox 4

Asks questions of FGL regarding Iroquois-Cherokee linguistic relations and resemblances between Carib and Iroquoian.

Dentan, Robert Knox
1963, n.d.4 itemsbox 4

Dentan's work among the Semai of Malaya; Dentan's Kamba kinship material in FGL's possession; request for recommendations.

Devine, Jeanne
1971, n.d.2 itemsbox 4

Devine's proposed fieldwork in Ireland to study Gaelic.

Dickson, Frederick S., III
19735 itemsbox 5

Gift of Dickson's grandfather's Abnaki language materials to the Beinecke Library at Yale.

Diebold, A. Richard, Jr.
1958-197625 itemsbox 5

Diebold's work on Huave and Zapotec in Oaxaca, Mexico; Diebold's work in nonverbal communicative behavior; job search.

Dixson, Alana
19961 itembox 5

Meeting with FGL; her study of Oneida.

Dobyns, Henry F.
19672 itemsbox 5

A proposed symposium on Indian place names.

Donlon, Thomas F.
19672 itemsbox 5

Meaning of the place name "Canajoharie".

Dowd, Anne Susan
1994-1997, n.d.8 itemsbox 5

Maya hieroglyphs. Includes: 14 photos and 2 drawings of glyphs, a statement of proposed study "The Calakmul Polity and its Composition: Sculpture Recording and Interpretation at Balamku and Nadzca'an, Campeche, Mexico."

Mayan glyph
1994 box 5
Mayan glyphs
1994 box 5
Mayan glyphs
1994 box 5
Drever, John
19951 itembox 5

Inquiring about glyphs on Maya vases and bowls.

Drucker, R. David
1985, n.d.4 itemsbox 5

Aztec and Maya calendars. Includes a manuscript "The Mexican ("Aztec") and (Western) Maya 365-Day Calendars: A Perpetual Relationship" and a chart comparing the two calendars.

Duffek, Alfons A.
19561 itembox 5

Requesting references on languages of American Indians.

Dumbarton Oaks
1970-1995125 itemsbox 5

Conferences, symposia, committee meetings, travel, administrative matters, politics of the changing environment at Dumbarton Oaks, etc. Includes: bequest by Robert Woods Bliss of his library and collection of Pre-Columbian Art objects to Dumbarton Oaks; tables for shared features of early Mesoamerican scripts, shared innovations in Izapan/Mayan writing, phylogenetic classifications for Mayan languages and Mixe-Zoquean languages, and Lowland Mayan vocabulary; "The Arts and Iconography of Late Post-Classic Central Mexico"-discussion after paper by Thelma Sullivan, "Tlazolteotl-Ixcuina: The Great Spinner and Weaver".

Dunkelman, Arthur
19931 itembox 5

Goals and functions of the Barbachano Foundation.

Dunnell, Robert C.
19722 itemsbox 5

A Festschrift in honor of Benjamin Rouse.

Dunning, R. W.
1957-19639 itemsbox 5

Dunning's Ojibwa monograph. Includes reprints of articles (1962) by Dunning: "An Aspect of Recent Eskimo Polygyny and Wife-Lending in the Eastern Arctic" and "A Note on Adoption among the Southampton Island Eskimo."

Durbin, Marshall
1971-19784 itemsbox 5

Job possibilities. Includes NSF research proposal for work on the genetic classification of Venezuelan languages.

Dutting, Dieter
1972-198718 itemsbox 5

Maya hieroglyphs; transformational analysis of Yucatec.

Dyen, Isidore
1963-19715 itemsbox 5


Dyer, Joan
19634 itemsbox 5

Conference on "Speech, Language and Communication."

Earls, John
n.d.1 itembox 5

Kinship systems.

Eastman Kodak Company
19519 itemsbox 5

Regaining possession from the Kodak of allegedly obscene photos of the Bororo Indians, Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Ebihara, May
19822 itemsbox 5

Interview with FGL as part of a study of the social organization and institutional framework of American cultural anthropology, 1925-1955.

Edgerton, Samuel
1993, n.d.3 itemsbox 5

Archaeoastronomy, particularly with regard to the Maya; interpretation of "constellation" figures in Room 2, Structure 1, Bonampak. Includes part of a manuscript version of Edgerton's and Jay Pasachoff's "Chan Bahlum Meets Halley's Comet."

Edmonson, Munro S.
1979-19835 itemsbox 5

The Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians: Volume 2; filling a position at Tulane.

Eggan, Fred
1957-19667 itemsbox 5

Kinship systems.

Ehrensperger, E. C.
1969-19702 itemsbox 5

Collecting data on place names.

Ehrmann, Jacques
19663 itemsbox 5

Translation into English of Claude Levi-Strauss The Raw and the Cooked. Includes 27 pages of translation.

Einhorn, Arthur
1966-199415 itemsbox 5

Culture of and events related to various Iroquois groups. Includes photocopies of several newspaper articles on topics such as reading of "Great Law."

Ekman, Lennart
19551 itembox 5

Request for "I love you" in some Native American languages as part of an anniversary gift for his wife.

Ellis, C. Douglas
19601 itembox 5

A survey of which Native American languages are being studied.

Ellis, Dorothy
19535 itemsbox 5

Proofs of photos of FGL (4 included).

Ember, Melvin
1961-197212 itemsbox 5

Reprints, recommendations, advice.

Embree, Lester
1979-1983, n.d.12 itemsbox 5

Survey on "New Ethnography."

England, Nora C.
1975-19783 itemsbox 5

Mayan Linguistics Symposia; Journal of Mayan Linguistics.

Engle, Carrie
19712 itemsbox 5

Position available at the Cherokee Bilingual Education Program, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Escobar, Alberto
19662 itemsbox 5

Proposed publication of a book on the morphology and syntax of the Quechua of Cuzco. In Spanish.

Escobar, Gabriel J.
1967-1998, n.d.4 itemsbox 5

Visiting FGL in New Haven; reminiscing about work on Quechua and Oneida.

Esser, Barbara
19703 itemsbox 5

Comments on linguistic questions being prepared for the GRE Anthropology Test.

Evans, Clifford
1949-1959, n.d.5 itemsbox 5

Evans' archeological field work in Brazil; a monograph he is sending to FGL; talk given at Yale by Prof. Reina Torres de Iannello (University of Panama) on Choco, Cuna, and Guaymi; FGL's work on Oneida.

Eyde, David
1969, n.d.3 itemsbox 5

Proposal for a study of the introduction of new cultural traits into a Mexican community; requesting comments by FGL on some papers (enclosures missing).

Eyerman, James D.
19712 itemsbox 5

Asking advice for a medical project among American Indians, preferably Sioux or Hopi.

Eyzaguirre, Pablo B.
19932 itemsbox 5

Death of Michael G. Smith, political anthropologist and professor emeritus at Yale.

Febres de Ayala, Laura
19901 itembox 6

Requesting an interview with FGL regarding Edward Sapir.

Feeling, Durbin
19823 itemsbox 6

Requesting that FGL review the 1975 edition of a Cherokee-English dictionary for a revised publication.

Fejos, Lita
1953-196510 itemsbox 6

Status of wire recorders on loan from Wenner-Gren; travel grants.

Fejos, Paul
1949-1960, n.d.98 itemsbox 6

Viking Fund Medals and Awards in anthropology; mechanical and electrical aids to linguistic research; equipment loans; grants; FGL's field work Mato Grosso, Brazil; progress reports; 70th birthday of Dr. Axel Leonard Wenner-Gren; conferences and symposia; Burg Wartenstein, European Headquarters of the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

Fenton, William N.
1941-1993, n.d.275 itemsbox 6

Cultural and linguistic studies of Eastern North America; Oneida language; Mohawk language; comparative Iroquoian; Iroquois and other conferences; symposia; ethnohistorical studies; Wallace Chafe's work on Seneca; Iroquois-Cherokee linguistic relations; subgrouping within Iroquoian; Mohawk materials of Charles A. Cook; Mohawk and Onondaga materials in the Moravian Archives; working with Howard Sky on the Gibson-Goldenweiser version of the Deganawidah epic (in Onondaga); place names of Iroquoian origin. Includes: linguistic data in Oneida; typescript of FGL's "Iroquois-Cherokee Linguistic Relations" paper delivered at 1958 AAA meeting as well as discussion by Mary Haas.

Ferguson, Charles A.
 2 itemsbox 6

FGL's unhappiness with a survey of "information services in linguistics."

Fernandez Guizzetti, German
19654 itemsbox 6

Requesting FGL's participation in the 37th Congress of Americanists and a list of other possible participants.

Fickett, Joan Gleason
1971-19815 itemsbox 6

Work on Tuscarora; job possibilities; Iroquois conference.

Fintzelberg, Nicholas
19642 itemsbox 6


Fischer, John L.
1959-196411 itemsbox 6

Invitation to present a paper at a symposium, "Cognitive Structures," at the AAA meeting in Mexico City; comments on FGL's "The Structural Analysis of Kinship Semantics", asking FGL for a reference; mimeograph copy of Fischer's "Words for Self and Others in some Japanese Families"; seeking suggestions for someone to fill a position at Tulane University.

Fishman, Joshua A.
1964-19765 itemsbox 6

Fishman's duties at Yeshiva University; the future of sociolinguistics at Yale.

Fitzer, Pete
19643 itemsbox 6

Acculturation and mental illness among the Maya in Yucatan.

Flemming, Atal
19591 itembox 6

Flemming's work in Ethiopia collecting linguistic and cultural data on a number of groups.

Ford, Anabel
19901 itembox 6

Requesting that FGL to write an epilogue for The Language of Maya Hieroglyphs on the historical process of the study of the hieroglyphs.

Fortes, Meyer
1960-196212 itemsbox 6

A proposed joint meeting of linguists doing componential analysis of kinship terms and structural anthropologists working on the same subject; inviting FGL to be a Fulbright Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Foster, Michael K.
1969-199580 itemsbox 6

Foster's work on Cayuga and the Midwinter ceremonies at Sour Springs Longhouse; collecting versions of the Thanksgiving Address in Seneca and Onondaga; social, political, and linguistic situations on the Six Nations Reserve (Ontario); language preservation; Iroquois seminars and conferences; FGL's work on Oneida; Wallace Chafe's paper on Iroquoian accent; chiefs' titles. Also includes: some field reports of Foster's work, manuscript of Foster's paper, "A Note on the Language of Tense, Mood and Aspect in Northern Iroquoian Descriptions; Cayuga pronominal prefix chart; questions to ask FGL about his professional life for use in an interview; short biography of FGL; names of 'Massawomeck' villages including a letter from MKF to James Pendergast.

Foster, Morris
19851 itembox 6

Foster's work with Comanche people and his paper on the usages of descent in Omaha society.

Fought, John Guy
1965-199743 itemsbox 6

Fought's work on Chorti in the municipio of Jocotan (Chiquimula), Guatemala; work on the history of the decipherment of Maya hieroglyphics. Also includes: Chorti texts "The Signs of the Rainy Season" and "Astronomy"; research proposal on the Cholan (Central Mayan) languages; a ditto copy of Fought's paper, "The Basilisk: A Chorti (Mayan) Text"; photocopy of Fought's paper, "A Note on Chorti (Mayan) Ceremonial Organizations."

Fox, Leonard
19722 itemsbox 7

Seeking advice on doing work in Iroquoian linguistics.

Francis, W. Nelson
19672 itemsbox 7

Francis' paper on English phonemics.

Freedman, Maurice
1964-196714 itemsbox 7

Attendance at meetings; papers; Chinese kinship terminology.

Freilich, Morris
1956-19586 itemsbox 7

Freilich's paper on Mohawk social structure and his work in Trinidad.

Friedrich, Paul
1959-1971, n.d.18 itemsbox 7

Friedrich's work in Mexico on Tarascan language and factory work experiences; job openings; proposed sessions for meetings; kinship analysis, particularly Indo-European.

Frisch, Jack A.
19721 itembox 7

A proposed paper for the 1972 Iroquois conference, "The Mohawk Vocabularies of C. C. Trowbridge."

Fuller, Franklin E.
1956-19576 itemsbox 7

Search for materials on the Mohawk language to enable Fuller to regain the language he had lost.

Fuller, Henry W.
 1 itembox 7

Proposed project for a fellowship involving 1 year of study in South America.

Furst, Peter T.
1969-19795 itemsbox 7

Ethnographic film, "To Find Our Life: The Peyote Hunt of the Huichols of Mexico"; Furst's resignation from a doctoral committee.

Gaines, Richard M.
1991, n.d. box 7

Mayan dates; software to manipulate and display the calendar and certain astronomical tables of the Maya of Mexico.

Gardiner, Rev. Father Giles
19501 itembox 7

FGL's collecting materials near Cuiaba, Brazil on Bororo, Umotina, Bakairi, and Paressi.

Gardner, Elizabeth F.
1966-1973, n.d.4 itemsbox 7

Ancient Chinese coins of possible interest to Yale's Peabody Museum.

Garvin Paul L.
1964-19653 itemsbox 7

Proposal to Wenner-Gren for a symposium on cognitive studies and artificial intelligence research.

Garza, Mercedes de la
19872 itemsbox 7

Round table of Mayanists in Mexico.

Gates, Edward
19682 itemsbox 7

Hebrew kinship terminology. Includes a small part of a ditto manuscript.

Gedney, William J.
1949-197212 itemsbox 7

Work in Thailand (Siam) by Gedney and Mary Haas; jobs; honorary degree for Fang Kuei Li from the University of Michigan.

Gernet, Alexander von
19901 itembox 7

Iroquoian words for 'pipe' and 'tobacco'.

Gick, Bryan
1996-199822 itemsbox 7

The Harvey / Demus Creation / Tekanawita story in Oneida including some text in Oneida with English translation and a complete English translation.

Giertler, P. Engelbert-K.
19693 itemsbox 7

The Siriono Grammar of P. Fr. Anselmo Schermair and the Siriono kinship system.

Gilbert, W. H.
19571 itembox 7

The relation of speech and speech families to social origins.

Gillespie, John D.
1960-19623 itemsbox 7

Gillespie's work on his Cherokee grammar and dictionary; Caddoan-Iroquois-Chibchan-Cuna-Quechua comparisons.

Gillespie, John W.
1950-19529 itemsbox 7

Gillespie's work on Oklahoma Cherokee and Wyandot; working with Gertrude Kurath on Cherokee music.

Gillin, John L.
19512 itemsbox 7

The death of Edward Alsworth Ross and a memorial fund in his honor.

Gillispie, Charles C.
19871 itembox 7

FGL's election to the APS.

Gilpatric, Chadbourne
195014 itemsbox 7

Conference on future directions for linguistic research, particularly with regard to semantics. Includes: manuscripts of Charles F. Hockett's "Communication Theory, Language, and Meaning" and Emile Benveniste's "A Proposal for a Discussion on the Problems of Meaning".

Gingerich, Owen, and Anthony F. Aveni
19851 itembox 7

An international conference on archaeoastronomy.

Gladwin, Thomas
1958-19696 itemsbox 7

Borrowing Gladwin's copy of volume II of Malinowski's Coral Gardens and Their Magic.

Glen, Edmund S.
19571 itembox 7