Emanuel Ruben Piore Papers


Date: Circa 1918-1986 | Size: 22.5 Linear feet


The physicist, Emanuel Ruben Piore, emigrated from Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1917 at the age of 9. "Mannie," as he was known, became a naturalized citizen in 1924, and obtained both his BA and Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wisconsin. After gaining nearly ten years experience as a research physicist, first at the Radio Corporation of American then CBS laboratories, he went to work for the Navy, eventually becoming the first civilian to head the Office of Naval Research and playing a major role in the transition of American science from war to peace. Throughout his career, Piore strove to promote research through a close relationship between government, industry, and universities. IBM realized the importance of developing a strong research department and Piore's key role in this endeavor and offered him the position as their first Director of Research. At IBM he continued to encourage research by establishing the IBM Fellow program rewarded to top researchers. Piore held increasingly responsible positions at IBM becoming a vice president, group executive and finally Chief Scientist. He served as a member of IBM's advisory board well after he retired. The Piore papers contain material relating to his latter years at IBM as Vice President and Chief Scientist, as well as some of his time spent on the Board of Directors. In addition, there are materials, though sparse, concerning his work with the Navy. An extensive series of speeches and lectures illustrates Piore's commitment to scientific research and national policy. In addition to his professional correspondence, the papers contain material pertaining to Piore's involvement in professional organizations such as the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Science, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research and the American Philosophical Society. A number of professional and personal photographs are also found within the papers.

Background note

Emanuel Ruben Piore was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 19 July 1908 to Ruben and Olga Piore. Piore's early education was provided by a personal tutor, though he later attended school. When the Germans occupied of Vilnius during the First World War, Emanuel and his mother were granted permission to leave. Piore later speculated that his mother had two reasons for leaving: first, to distance herself from Piore's father, whom she felt was a "bad influence," and second, to distance herself from her mother for whom she, as the eldest daughter, was expected to care.

In the fall of 1916, Piore and his mother stopped briefly in Berlin and then proceeded to Rotterdam, Holland, where they embarked on the S.S. Rotterdam for America. The trip was only underway two days when the Germans forced the ship to return to port, and for six months the Piore's were housed in dorms provided by the Holland-American Line. Piore had fond memories of his time there writing that he, "had no worries and enjoyed living on the edge of a business port." In May 1917, he and his mother once again boarded the Rotterdam, and after a perilous crossing, landed on New York's Ellis Island.

Almost as soon as he arrived, Piore was enrolled in a New York City public school, assigned to the first grade due to his inability to speak English. Apparently undaunted, it was not long before he caught up to his peers and surpassed them, winning a scholarship to the Ethical Culture School at age 13. It was here that he first became intrigued with science after reading as book by Arthur S. Eddington. He did so well at Ethical that he skipped a year and enrolled at the University of Wisconsin.

When asked how he became a physicist Piore stated simply, "physics had fewer degree requirements then math," though he was quick to reiterate the important impact that Eddington's book had on his decision. He earned both his his BA (1930) and doctorate in physics (1935) at Wisconsin, after which he found employment in the electrical research laboratory of the Radio Corporation of America.

Much of his work at RCA centered on the development of television, e.g. finding surfaces for multipliers for radio tubes and working out how to use phosphorous for television tubes. In 1938, after three years at RCA, Piore was hired as engineer in charge in the TV laboratory at CBS run by Peter Goldmark, inventor of the 33-rpm record, and worked on the early development of color television.

The onset of the Second World War brought radical changes to the relationship between university research and the federal government. Laboratories which had previously beem manned by civil servants were now manned and managed by universities, and as a vocal advocate for fostering this relationship, Piore received a call from the Navy Department. Arriving in Washington in the spring of 1942, Piore was assigned to the Naval Research Laboratory and given charge of getting new devices to the fleets. His administrative skills led to a rapid rise through ranks, eventually resulting in his appointment as the first civilian to head the Office of Naval Research. The navy recognized his achievements by honoring him with its highest civilian medal, the Distinguished Civilian Award.

With the conclusion of the war, Piore, like many scientists, hoped that the monetary relationship that had been established between the Federal Government and primary research would continue, and as Chief Scientist of ONR, Piore was in a prime position to see that it happened. He left ONR in 1955 to pursue research in industry, and after a brief stay at AVCO, an airplane engine company, where he was responsible for key defense contracts, he was offered the position of director of research at IBM.

Piore's appointment was the first time in the history of IBM that the company went outside to find someone to head a department. In the post-war years, IBM recognized the need to bolster its research in order to make the transition from war to peace. Under Piore, the corporation moved away from a strict emphasis upon product development toward support for basic research on product technologies and promising areas of technology. The scientists under Piore's direction were given unusual latitude to pursue basic research, making IBM an attractive place of employment, and giving IBM the ability to hire newly issued Ph.Ds in extraordinary numbers. Piore also pioneered the technique of attracting university scientists into the ranks by encouraging universities to invite IBM scientists as visiting professors or lecturers. Moreover, he created the IBM Fellowship program that allowed top researchers to engage in their personal interests for a given period of time. Piore's goal was to keep the lines of communications between industry and academia open.

Piore's foresight helped establish IBM as a technological leader in several additional ways, most notably by moving IBM away from the use of vacuum tubes, which required a great deal of power, to transistors and later semiconductors in computers. Other innovative projects did not pan out quite as well: the attempt to create a computer centered on cryotrons (a kind of super conducting wire) floundered due to technical difficulties, as did another to use microwaves instead of electrical current as the basis for a computer.

Promoted to vice president in 1960, Piore became a director in 1962, a group executive in 1963, and finally Chief Scientist in 1965. He was also a member of the board of directors and a member of the advisory committee to the board, a position he held after he officially retired from IBM in 1971. Piore contributed in many other areas of science and industry. He was a member of the National Science Board, the President's Science Advisory Committee and the Naval Research Advisory Committee. Other memberships included the New York State Science and Technology Foundation and the board of Science research Associates, inc. He was a trustee and member of the Executive Committee of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, chairman of the Committee on Scientific Policy of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, a trustee of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hall of Science of the City of New York, and a member of the Board of Directors of Resources for the Future. He was elected for membership to various academic and scientific societies including the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the American Philosophical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Aside from his professional achievements, Piore was a devoted family man. As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin he met fellow student Nora Kahn, who later became a successful economist. The two were married on 26 August 1931, and had three children, Michael, Margot and Jane, all of whom went on to excel in some aspect of the field of science. After a long illness Piore died on 9 May 2000 at the age of 91.

Scope and content

The Emanuel Ruben Piore Papers contains approximately 22 linear feet of professional correspondence, an extensive series of lectures given by Piore to public and professional audiences, and a series of IBM material relating to his concluding years as Chief scientist and as an informal consultant after his retirement. These provide valuable insight into Piore's role in fostering the relationship between basic research and the Federal Government,however they contain little of substance relevant to Piore's early career at the Office of Naval Research or at IBM.

Piore often lectured and spoke publicly. The largest series in the collection contains copious lectures delivered by Piore between 1951 and 1982. Piore's favorite topic was the importance of federal support of university research in basic science and technology, believing that the future of any nation was bleak without making continual investments in basic science. Moreover, Piore spoke on the function of research in industry arguing that those within industry had a common mission to make industry more beneficial to society by using their skills in science, engineering, and technology to create new products. While at IBM, Piore also spoke often on the importance of computer technology and its role in society and the future of technology. These speeches are a valuable resource for study of the history of science, technology, and industry and the relationship between the Federal Government and scientific research in the post-WWII years.

Also included in this collection are materials relating to Piore's career at IBM. Although the collection does not include information from his early career there, it does contain wide-ranging information beginning in 1965, when he was promoted to Chief Scientist, to well after his retirement in 1986. More specifically, this series includes minutes of the IBM board of directors and correspondence relating to IBM's Science Advisory board, which Piore continued to stay involved with after his retirement from 1971-1981.

Finally, the Piore papers contain a small sampling of Piore's incoming and outgoing correspondence, both personal and professional, including correspondence relating to the National Science Foundation, National Science Board, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, National Academy of Sciences, President's Science Advisory Committee, and the Office of Naval Research to name a few. Piore's personal financial information including stock options and income tax returns is also represented in Series IV, and Series V contains a collection of miscellaneous personal and professional photographs.


Series I. Subject files 1930-198632 boxes; 16 linear feet
Series II. IBM 1956-19863 boxes; 1.5 linear feet
Series III. Speeches 1951-19825 boxes; 2.5 linear feet
Series IV. Financial Records 1955-19723 boxes; 1.5 linear feet
Series V. Photographs ca. 1918-19826 boxes; 1 linear foot

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Collection Information


Gift of Emanuel Ruben Piore, 1993.

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Cite as: Emanuel Ruben Piore Papers, American Philosophical Society.

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Catalogued by Leigh McCuen, April 2003.

Separated material

Two cassette tapes of an annual meeting of the National Research Council are stored with the Audiovisual Materials (Rec. 273).

Related material

Additional information on computing and IBM can be found in the Papers of Herman Goldstine (Ms. Coll. 19).


Piore, Emanuel, Science and Academic Life in Transition: Emanuel Piore (New Brunswick, N. J.: Transaction Publishers, Rutger-The State University, 1990). Call no.: 501 P65s.

There is also a biographical memoir in APS Proceedings 2001.

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  • Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.)
  • National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
  • National Science Board (U.S.)
  • National Science Foundation, U.S.
  • New York Hall of Science
  • President's Science Advisory Committee
  • United States. Navy Dept
  • United States. Office of Naval Research


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Collection overview

1930-198632 boxes; 16 linear feetBox Series I: 1-32

Professional and personal correspondence of physicist, Emanuel Ruben Piore, pertaining to a large number of wide-randging interest, although limited in content, most notably his work with the National Academy of Science, the United States Office of Naval Research, and the New York Hall of Science.

1956-19863 boxes; 1.5 linear feetBox Series II: 1-3

Correspondence and subject files relating only to Piore's concluding years at IBM as a vice president, Chief Scientist, and as a member of the board in addition to his years as an unofficial IBM consultant after he retired.

1951-19825 boxes; 2.5 linear feetBox Series III: 1-5

An important series of Piore's speeches highlighting his dedication to federal funding of scientific and industrial research at the univeristy level.

1955-19723 boxes; 1.5 linear feetBox Series IV: 1-3

Financial records including Piore's tax returns and stock options.

ca. 1918-19826 boxes; 1 linear footBox Series V: 1-6

Miscellaneous personal and professional photographs including family photographs, numerous studio and informal portraits of Piore, and informal and formal group photographs. A number of unidentifed photograph are also found in this series.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Subject files
1930-198632 boxes; 16 linear feetBox Series I: 1-32

Professional and personal correspondence of physicist, Emanuel Ruben Piore, pertaining to a large number of wide-randging interest, although limited in content, most notably his work with the National Academy of Science, the United States Office of Naval Research, and the New York Hall of Science.

 Admirals Club
19703 items
 Albert Einstein Peace Prize Foundation
19825 items
 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
1965-198624 items.
 Altshuler, Boris
19832 items
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences -- Folder 1
1957-196339 items
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences -- Folder 2
1964-197048 items
 American Association for the Advancement of Science.
1955-197115 items
 American Committee for the Weizman Institute of Science
19713 items
 American Geophysical Union
1969-19717 items
 American Institute of Physics
1961-198548 items

Other Descriptive Information: Group Photograph and identification included. Chemistry and Physics of Metals. Removed to series V.

 American Jewish Committee
1969-197313 items
 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
1976 December 162 items
 American Museum of Natural History
19715 items
 American Philosophical Society
 9 folders
 Folder 1
1967-196927 items
 Folder 2
1970-197225 items
 Folder 3
1974-19805 items
 Folder 4
198137 items
 Folder 5
198340 items
 Folder 6
198423 items
 Folder 7
198527 items
 Research grant applications, A-F
198820 items
 Research grant applications, G-W
198820 items
 American Physical Society
 3 folders
 Folder 1
1952-196523 items
 Folder 2
1968-197322 items
 Folder 3
1974-198620 items

Other Descriptive Information: Group photograph included, Woods Hole, Annual Meeting, 1977. Removed to Series V.

 Bell Telephone Laboratories, inc.
1961-197013 items
 Bard College
19804 items
 Bates, Charles C. (Charles Carpenter), 1918-
19824 items
 Bigeleisen, Jacob, 1919-
1976-19783 items
 Brademas, John
1980 October 201 item
 Brandeis University
19782 items
 Brewer, Garry D. -- Systems Analysis in the Urban Complex: Potential and Limitations
19741 item
 Bromley, D. Allan (David Allan), 1926-
19852 items
 Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975
1954-197548 items

Other Descriptive Information: Included portrait photograph of Joan Davidson, Chairman of N.Y. State Council of the Arts. Original removed to Series V.

 Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975 -- Alfred Newton Richards, 1876-1966
19711 item
 Brown University
1972-19754 items
 Burbidge, Margaret
1985 April 31 item
 Buchvertrieb Wockel and Co. KG
1979-19809 items

Regarding european addition of Who is Who.

 Burhoe, Ralph Wendell, 1911-
19722 items
 Business Executives for National Security Education Fund, inc.
19854 items
 California Institute of Technology
1976-19796 items
 Casimir, H. B. G. (Hendrik Brugt Gerhard), 1910- -- The Importance of "Useless" Research
19781 item
 Center for History of Physics
 2 folders
 Folder 1
197523 items
 Folder 2
1976-198539 items
 Charles Babbage Institute
1979-19834 items


 Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
 7 folders
 Folder 1
197024 items
 Folder 2
197113 items

Board of Directors Meeting minutes.

 Folder 3
197135 items

Board of Directors Meeting minutes.

 Folder 4
1972-197841 items

Includes Draper Laboratory bylaws.

 Folder 5
1979-198244 items
 Folder 6
1983-198426 items
 Folder 7
1985-198625 items
 Chem Systems, inc.
19702 items
 City Club of New York
1969-197111 items
 City University of New York. City College
1974-198511 items

Grant proposal to IBM.

 Clementi, Enrico
197916 items
 Code, Arthur D.
19793 items
 Columbia University
 3 folders
 Columbia University
1970-198513 items
 2 folders
 Folder 1
1977-198337 items
 Folder 2
1984-198613 items
 Committee of Concerned Scientists, inc.
1984-198517 items
 Community College of the Air Force
1973-197611 items
 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, inc.
19754 items
 Concerned Citizens for the Arts
1970-19713 items
 Conflict of interests forms
 2 folders
 Folder 1
1962-196530 items
 Folder 2
1966-19709 items
 Conresco Corporation
1969-197020 items
 Cosmos Club (Washington, D.C.)
1950-198521 folders
 Folder 1
195037 items
 Folder 2
195177 items
 Folder 3
195224 items
 Folder 4
195383 items
 Folder 5
195488 items
 Folder 6
195538 items
 Folder 7
195611 items
 Folder 8
195911 items
 Folder 9
196029 items
 Folder 10
196190 items
 Folder 11
196280 items
 Folder 12
196326 items
 Folder 13
196418 items
 Folder 14
196532 items
 Folder 15
196623 items
 Folder 16
196728 items
 Folder 17
196883 items
 Folder 18
196910 items
 Folder 19
1970-197113 items
 Folder 20
1977-197911 items
 Folder 21
1981-198534 items
 Davis, Ruth M. -- TLS to Oettinger, Anthony G.
1974 March 181 item
 DeCarlo, Charles R.
1982-198511 items
 Department of Housing and Urban Development
19673 items
 Dibner, Bern -- TLS to Poire, Emanual Ruben, 1908-2000
1976 November 301 item
 Dicke, Robert W. -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1974 November 251 item
 Dickerson, O. Bruce -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1985 October 31 item
 Diebold Group, inc.
19852 items
 Dionne, Michele
1980 November 111 item
 Directors of Industrial Research
1955-19865 folders
 Folder 1
1955-196350 items
 Folder 2
1964-196825 items
 Folder 3
1969-19713 items
 Folder 4
1982-19835 items
 Folder 5
1985-19862 items
 Doud, Wallace -- TL Cy From Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1985 March 131 item
 Dubridge, Lee A. (Lee Alvin), 1901-
1970-19846 items
 Eagle, Hope
1973-197412 items

Regarding funding for the Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts.

 Eastern's Frequent Traveler -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Rubin, 1908-2000
1984 November 11 item
 Ebert, James David, 1921-
19813 items
 The Economist
1980 June 141 item
 Edelstein, Julius C. C. -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1975 March 271 item
 Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
19824 items
 Eistein Centennial Symposium
1979 February 161 item
 Eldredge, Arnold L.
1976 August 302 items
 Endler, John A., 1947-
19805 items
 Eta Kappa Nu
1969-197043 items
 Ethical Culture Schools
1981-198427 items
 Ethical Culture Society -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-200
1982 September 301 item
 Evans, B. O.
1971-19853 items
 The Explorers Club
19782 items

Membership proposal.

 Faber, Patricia
19862 items
 The Federal City College
19772 items
 Federal Council for Science and Technology (U.S.)
1964-19705 items
 Federation of American Scientists.
1970-197110 items
1975-19763 items
 Fingermatrix, inc.
1983-198610 folders
 Folder 1
198313 items
 Folder 2
198421 items
 Folder 3
198413 items
 Folder 4
198423 items
 Folder 5
198511 items
 Folder 6
198521 items
 Folder 7
19859 items
 Folder 8
19868 items
 Folder 9
198613 items
 Business Plan -- Folder 10
19832 items
 Fishman, Seymour
1981 October 21 item
 Fisk, James Brown, 1910-1981
19813 items
 FitzGerald, William
19793 items
 Ford Foundation
1953-197336 items
 Ford, Gerald R., 1913-
19741 item
19771 items

Magazine article.

 Foss, Murray F.
1980-19812 items
 Fredman, Marrio
1982 May 161 item

Other Descriptive Information: Included family photograph. Original removed to Series V

 Fiedman, Alan -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanual Ruben, 1908-2000
1985 January 141 item
 Friedman, Richard D.
19782 item
 Friendly, Alfred, 1938-
19773 items
 Frito-Lay, inc.
1981-19839 items
 Geiger, R. K.
n.d.1 item
 General Electric Company
1978-19836 items
 General Technologies Corporation
19678 items
 Gersh, Harry, 1912-
1974-197910 items
 Getting, Ivan A. (Ivan Alexander), 1912-
1958-19743 items
 Giesen, Richard A.
19804 items
 Gilman, Sarah
n.d.12 items

Piore's Granddaughter

 Ginzberg, Eli, 1911-
1983-19864 items
 Goethals, Thomas -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-
1983 December 281 item
 Goldberg, Michael
1980-19814 items
 Golden, William T., 1909-
1975-198428 items
 Goldman, J. E.
19782 items
 Goldmark, Peter C., 1906-1977.
1972-19855 items
 Goldstine, Herman Heine, 1913-
1978-198520 items
 Goldstine, Herman Heine, 1913-: Works in Progress -- TMs
n.d.2 item
 Goldwasser, Edwin L.
19782 items
 Gould inc.
19742 items
 Greenwalt, Crawford H. (Crawford Hallock), 1937-
19843 items
 Gressley, Gene M., 1931-
1979-19868 items
 Griffith, John
1982-19855 items
 Gruber, John -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1981 April 231 item
 Guardian Mutual Fund, inc.
1957-19864 folders
 Folder 1
1957-196043 items
 Folder 2
1963-197178 items
 Folder 3
1982-198311 items
 Folder 4
1985-198612 items
 Guggenheimer, Elinor
19822 items
 Gunn, James E., 1923-
n.d.1 item
 Haddad, J. A.
1984 January 101 item
 Hahn, Walter A.
19823 items
 Hampshire College
1978-198428 items
 Handler, Philip, 1917-
1970-198410 folders
 Folder 1
1972-198214 items
 Folder 2
1971-197720 items
 Folder 3
1972-197616 items
 Folder 4
1972-198027 items
 Folder 5
1972-198112 items
 Folder 6
198213 items
 Folder 7
19836 items
 Folder 8
19843 items
 Folder 9
1975-198112 items
 Folder 10
1971-198210 items
 Handler, Philip, 1917- -- His Tenure as President of the National Academy of Sciences
1981-19824 folders
 Folder 1
19818 items
 Folder 2
19811 items
 Folder 3
198211 items
 Folder 4
198216 items
 Harris, Patricia, 1924-1985
19843 items
 Harvard University
1972-19842 folders
 Folder 1
1972-197920 items
 Folder 2
1980-198422 items
 Harvard University. Visiting Committee
1957-19715 folders
 Folder 1
1957-196217 items
 Folder 2
196317 items
 Folder 3
196414 items
 Folder 4
1965-196924 items
 Folder 5
1970-197123 items
 Harvey Mudd College
1960-197112 items
 Havoens, B. L. -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1973 June 191 item
 Health Advancement, inc.
1972-19783 folders
 Folder 1
197219 items
 Folder 2
1973-197518 items
 Folder 3
1977-19782 items
 Health Research Council of the City of New York
1961-196820 items
 Hertz, Roy
19842 items
 Hesburgh, Theodore Martin, 1917-
19776 items
 Hewlett, William -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1985 March 131 item
 Hill, Albert G.
19792 items
 History of the Directors of Industrial Reseach -- TMs
n.d.1 item
 Hobbins, James M.
19833 items
 Hofmann, Valentine
19733 items
 Hofstra University
1983-198414 items
 Holtzman, Wayne H. -- Computer-Assisted Instruction in the United States: Past, Present, and Future
19771 item
 Hone, -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1972 September 91 item
 Hunt, James B., 1937-
1977-19859 items
 Hunter College. Institute of Health Sciences
19704 items
 Hyatt Regency Cambridge
19844 items
 Ingle, Dwight Joyce, 1907-
19721 item
 Institut de la vie
1972-197631 items
 Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, N.J.)
1978-19795 items
 Institute for Defense Analyses.
1959-197134 items
 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
1955-19842 folders
 Folder 1
1955-197132 items

Other Descriptive Information: Includes group photograph of Piore and others at the Joint Technical Advisory Committee meeting. Removed to Series V.

 Folder 2
1973-198419 items
 Intercontinental Book and Publishing in Deutschland
1982-19835 items
 International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators (12th: 1983: Batavia, Illinois)
19833 items
 International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences
198122 items
 International Rescue Committee, inc. -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1985 September 51 item
 Insurance policies
1955-19712 folders
 Folder 1
 Folder 2
197129 items
1968-197146 items
 ITNR Advisory Corporation S.A.
19761 item
1983 October1 item
 Jason, Leonard
1966-197130 items
 Jennings, Edward H. -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000.
1981 July 211 item
 Jewett, Frank Baldwin, 1917-
19765 items
 J. M. Rubin and Sons, inc. -- TDS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1977 September 281 item
 Johansgatan, Karl -- TNS to Piore, Emanual Ruben, 1908-2000
1981 February 201 item
 Johns Hopkins University
19762 items
 Johns Hopkins University -- Policy Advisory Committee
197553 items
 Johnson, Agatha -- TLS from Piore, Emanual Ruben, 1908-2000
1973 August 11 item
 Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
1961-19634 items
 Jones, Gilbert E. -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1976 May 251 item
 Journal of computational physics.
1964-196816 items
 Kac, Mark
19842 items
 Kahn, Robert F., 1917-
n.d.1 item


 Kapitsa, P. L. (Petr Leonidovich), 1894- -- The Bernal Lecture, 1976: Scientific and social approaches for the solution of global problems.
19771 item
 Kaplan, Joseph
19863 items
 Katcher, David A.
19762 items
 Kaya, Seiji, 1898-
1975-19817 items
 Kelman, Steven
19854 items
 Keynan, Alex, 1921-
1973-19794 items
 Kheel, Theodore Woodrow.
1979-19802 items
 Kibbee, Robert J.
1980-19822 items
 Kiley, Robert R. -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1983 October 111 item
 Killian, James Rhyne, 1904-
19732 items
 King, Seth S. -- TMs Cy Test Finds I.O.'s Can Be Lifted for Children of Retarded
1972 July 171 item
 Kline, Sidney
1982-19832 items
 Kochen, Manfred
1975-19764 items
 Kortchmar, Emil
19842 items
 Laboratory Data Control, inc.
1970-197136 items
 Lamport, Bernard, 1929-
19852 items
 Land, Edwin Herbert, 1909- -- On the Proper Properties of the Permeable Membrane between Research and Engineering.
19721 item
 Landon, Ned
19792 items
 Lankford, John -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1984 December 11 item
 Lauritsen, Charles Charles, 1892-1968
19713 items
 Lawless, William J.
1982-19832 items
 Levi, Edward Hirsch, 1911- -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1975 February 241 item
 Libby, Leona Marshall, 1919-
19834 items
 Library of Congress
1974 September 181 item
 Lin, Robert I.
19833 items
 Lipsky, Karl
19712 items
 2 folders

Various membership lists.

 LogEtronics, inc.
1968-19855 items
 Logsdon, John M., 1937-
19802 items
 Lord and Taylor Benefit
19853 items
 Loveless, Mary -- TNS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1977 February 11 item
 Loweth, Hugh
19762 items
 Lundquist, Stig, 1925-
n.d.1 item
 Mahoney, Margaret, 1924-
19842 items
19813 items
 Malone, Thomas
1980 May 121 item
 Manfred Sakel Institute
19713 items
 Manhattan Cable TV
19853 items
 Marconi International Fellowship
19772 items
 Marcy, H. T.
19742 items
 Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.)
1955-19846 folders
 Folder 1
1955-197115 items
 Folder 2
1973-197418 items
 Folder 3
1976-197728 items
 Folder 4
1978-198116 items
 Folder 5
19827 items
 Folder 6
1983-198415 items
 Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.) -- Nominating Committee
1973-197415 items
 Mario Negri Institute Foundation, inc.
19756 items
 Marshak, Robert Eugene, 1916-
19832 items
 Marshall, Burke, 1922- -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1982 July 151 item
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1955-19837 folders
 Folder 1
1955-196722 items
 Folder 2
1968-197140 items
 Folder 3
1972-197734 items
 Folder 4
1979-198416 items
 Health Sciences and Technology -- Folder 5
19726 items
 Visiting Committee for the Department of Physics -- Folder 6
1971-197420 items
 Visiting Committee for the Department of Physics -- Folder 7
1975-198317 items
 Mayor's Commission for Science and Technology
1984-198527 items
 McConahy, John G. -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1981 October 161 item
 McCormack, Mike
1972-19762 items
 McNamee, George C. -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1986 June 241 item
 Mekhon Vaitsman le-mada.
1972-19772 folders
 Folder 1
19727 items
 Folder 2
1973-197716 items
 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
1963-19866 folders
 Folder 1
1963-197054 items
 Folder 2
1971-197233 items
 Folder 3
197323 items
 Folder 4
1974-198244 items
 Folder 5
1983-198434 items
 Folder 6
1985-198616 items
 Meselson, Matthew
19853 items
 METRO, New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library
1981-19862 folders
 Folder 1
1981-198212 items
 Folder 2
1983-198615 items
 Meyer, Carl H.
19853 items
 Mikesell, Nancy
19772 items
 Milton Roy Company -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1982 March 311 item
 Ming-teh, Li
19792 items
n.d.7 items
 Mott, N. F. (Nevill Francis), Sir, 1905-
19772 items
 Moynihan, Daniel P. (Daniel Patrick), 1927- -- TLS to Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1984 January 121 item
 Montedison Progetto Cultura
19863 items
 Murphy, Thomas. Partnership Dankist.
 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
1975-19864 items
 Naftalin, Micah H.
19824 items
 National Academy of Engineering
1966-19868 folders
 Folder 1
1966-196744 items
 Folder 2
1968-197130 items
 Folder 3
1972-197429 items
 Folder 4
1975-197627 items
 Folder 5
1977-197919 items
 Folder 6
1981-198245 items
 Folder 7
1983-198644 items
 Awards -- Folder 8
1968-197041 items
 National Academy of Public Administration
1981-19827 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
1963-198526 folders
 Folder 1
1963112 items

Letters of congratulations on election to NAS.

 Folder 2
1971 January-March60 items
 Folder 3
1971 April-July59 items
 Folder 4
1971 September-December45 items
 Folder 5
1972 January-May30 items
 Folder 6
1972 June-September25 items
 Folder 7
1972 October-December42 items
 Folder 8
1973 January-September10 items
 Folder 9
1973 October-December20 items
 Folder 10
197441 items
 Folder 11
1975 January-May31 items
 Folder 12
1975 June-December52 items
 Folder 13
1976 January-July43 items
 Folder 14
1976 August-December59 items
 Folder 15
1977 January-February49 items
 Folder 16
1977 May-August52 items
 Folder 17
1977 September-December25 items
 Folder 18
197831 items
 Folder 19
197935 items
 Folder 20
1980 January13 items
 Folder 21
1980 February-March24 items
 Folder 22
1980 April-May12 items
 Folder 23
1980 September-December14 items
 Folder 24
198115 items
 Folder 25
1982-198311 items
 Folder 26
1984-198517 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Awards and Grants
1979-198012 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Computer Science and Engineering Board
1968-197144 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Council
1973-197635 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Cyrus B. Comstock Fund
1965-197022 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Gomory Committee
19796 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Institute of Medicine (U.S.)
1973-19744 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Invitations
196314 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Navy Study
1974-197531 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Nominations
19685 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Physics Survey Committee
1969-19714 folders
 Folder 1
196919 items
 Folder 2
197029 items
 Folder 3
19716 items
 Folder 4
197133 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Public Welfare Medal
1968-197046 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Quissett Property
19766 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- Travel
1960-197129 items
 National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) -- White, Gilbert F.
1972-197517 items
 National Association of Science Writers, inc. -- TLS to Piore, Emanual Ruben, 1908-2000
1972 December 131 item
 National Commission on Research
n.d.2 items
 National Information Bureau
1975 November 111 item
 National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
1965-19757 items
 National Medal of Science
1962-197476 items
 Folder 1
1962-196735 items
 Folder 2
1968-197430 items
 National Research Corps
1946-19472 folders
 Folder 1
194641 items
 Folder 2
194717 items
 National Research Council (U.S.)
1975-19853 folders
 Folder 1
1975-197718 items
 Folder 2
197843 items
 Folder 3
1980-198514 items
 National Science Board (U.S.)
1961-197435 items

Other Descriptive Information: Three group photographs included. Removed to Series V.

 National Science Board (U.S.) -- Long Range Planning Committee
1969-19734 folders
 Folder 1
196916 items
 Folder 2
197014 items
 Folder 3
197014 items
 Folder 4
1971-197317 items
 National Science Board (U.S.) -- Travel
 National Science Foundation (U.S.)
1970-198423 items
 National Science Foundation (U.S.) -- The National Science Board and The Formulation of National Science Policy
1981 July 312 items
 Naval Historical Foundation
19825 items
 Naval Research Advisory Committee
1973-198518 items
 Nerken, Albert
19775 items
 Neuberger, Roy
19793 items
 Neufeld, Maurice F. -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1977 December 201 item
 Neugebauer, Gerry, 1932-
n.d.1 item
 Neurosciences Institute (La Jolla, San Diego, Calif.)
19822 items
 Newcomen Society in North America
1965-197120 items
 The New Leader
19752 items
 Newman, Edward -- TL Cy from Piore, Emanuel Ruben, 1908-2000
1973 January 181 item
 Newspaper clippings
19613 items
 The Newtown Fund
19853 items
 New York
1976-198510 items
 New York Academy of Sciences
19753 items
 New York City Science and Technology Advisory Council
1965 -197125 items
 The New Yorker
1969-19716 items
 New York Hall of Science
1967-198631 folders
 Folder 1
196739 items
 Folder 2
197227 items
 Folder 3
197313 items
 Folder 4
197310 items
 Folder 5
197419 items
 Folder 6
197425 items
 Folder 7
197516 items
 Folder 8
197621 items
 Folder 9
197727 items
 Folder 10
197835 items
 Folder 11
19787 items
 Folder 12
197911 items
 Folder 13
198023 items
 Folder 14
198023 items
 Folder 15
198121 items
 Folder 16
198126 items
 Folder 17
198129 items
 Folder 18
198234 items
 Folder 19
198226 items
 Folder 20
198212 items
 Folder 21
198325 items
 Folder 22
198312 items
 Folder 23
198412 items
 Folder 24
198433 items
 Folder 25
198412 items
 Folder 26
198512 items
 Folder 27
198511 items

Other Descriptive Information: Studio photograph of Piore smoking pipe included. Removed to Series V.

 Folder 28
198513 items
 Folder 29
198510 items
 Folder 30
198612 items
 Folder 31
198628 items
 New York Hall of Science -- Proposal to the National Science Foundation
19733 items
 New York State Bar Association
1969-19708 items
 New York State Project 2000
19862 folders
 Folder 1
 Folder 2
198615 items
 New York State Science and Technology Foundation
1964-198513 folders
 Folder 1
1964-197127 items
 Folder 2
1974-197520 items
 Folder 3
197615 items
 Folder 4
197714 items
 Folder 5
197813 items
 Folder 6
197918 items
 Folder 7
197911 items
 Folder 8
198014 items
 Folder 9
19817 items
 Folder 10
198110 items
 Folder 11
198110 items
 Folder 12
19826 items
 Folder 13
1983-198523 items
 New York State Science and Technology Foundation -- Board of Directors Meeting, 29 September 1980
19806 items
 New York State Science and Technology Foundation -- Board of Directors Meeting, 1 May 1984
19841 item
 New York University
19812 items
 New York University -- Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
1958-19864 folders
 Folder 1
1958-197220 items
 Folder 2
1973-197917 items
 Folder 3
1980-198216 items
 Folder 4
1983-198625 items
 Nierenberg, William Aaron, 1919-
1983-19844 items
 Nishina, Yuichiro, 1930-
19832 items
 Niven, David, 1910-
n.d.1 item
 Nixon, Sir Edwin
19852 items
 Nobel, Alfred Bernhard, 1833-1896
n.d.1 item
 Nobel festival
1973-19752 folders
 Folder 1
 21 items
 Folder 2
 27 items
 North Carolina
19782 items
 North Carolina State University
1985-198620 items
 Nye, Larry -- TLS Cy to Gentlemen
1975 June 71 item