Thomas Foxen Anderson Papers


Date: 1928-1989 | Size: 43 Linear feet


Thomas F. Anderson (1911-1991) was a biophysicist and electron microscopist whose research included Raman spectroscopy; the physiology of yeast; the biological effects of radiation; the biological applications of electron microscopy; and the genetics of bacteria, bacterial viruses, and bacteriophage. He was a Professor of Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania and a Senior Member of the Institute for Cancer Research in Fox Chase.

Background note

Thomas Foxen Anderson, a biophysicist and electron microscopist, was born on February 7, 1911 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. After attending high schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and California and graduating from Glendale Union High School in California in 1928, he entered the California Institute of Technology, where he received a B.S. in chemistry in 1932.

At this early stage of his scientific career, Anderson began to display a remarkable technological ingenuity and a penchant for using advanced technologies to resolve microscopic structures. During a post-graduate year abroad at the University of Munich, he employed an inexpensive spectrograph to study the dispersion of crystals, working under the guidance of physical chemists, Kasimir Fajans and Peter Wulff. After his return to Cal. Tech. in 1933, to pursue graduate studies with Don M. Yost and Linus Pauling, Anderson became an expert in Raman spectroscopic analysis of polyatomic molecules. Several publications resulted from this work before Anderson received his doctorate in chemistry in 1936.

Anderson assumed his first professional appointment as Instructor in Surface Chemistry at the University of Chicago from 1936 to 1937, where his work with William D. Harkins led to the development of a simple accurate film balance and a micropipette of high accuracy. From Chicago, he returned to his native Wisconsin to become Investigator in Botany at the University of Wisconsin (1937-1939), where he and B.M. Duggar engaged in projects concerning the effects of ultraviolet light on yeast. In 1939, he was appointed Instructor in Physical Chemistry.

It was in the following year, however, that Anderson was offered a position that changed the direction of his career, from a focus on chemistry to a focus on electron microscopy. In 1940, RCA gave grant money to the National Research Council to establish and administer a committee and fellowship to explore the biological applications of the electron microscope, a technology still in its infancy. In September 1940, Stuart Mudd, as chair of the Committee for research, selected Anderson as RCA Fellow and appointed him Secretary of the Committee. Anderson served in this capacity until 1942.

Well before Anderson's arrival, RCA had demonstrated a strong commitment to developing the electron microscope and exploring its commercial potential. In 1938, RCA's Dr. V.K. Zworykin had brought L. Marton from Belgium to develop an electron microscope. Marton had constructed an electron microscope in Brussels as early as 1934, using it regularly in his own research; and he built upon this experience to develop a new instrument at RCA that was operating by early 1940. Because Marton's model was not practical for commercial production, Zworykin brought James Hillier from Toronto to help develop a new model, Model B, which became the prototype for the first commercial electron microscopes made by RCA.

During the first few months of Anderson's work at RCA, Marton's microscope was the only one available, but Hillier's microscope was ready by Spring of 1941, and toward the end of the two years, Hillier had built an even more sophisticated microscope. Using these instruments, Anderson studied bacteria with Stuart Mudd and Katherine Polevitzky, viruses with Wendell M. Stanley, insect structures with A. Glenn Richards, Jr., and bacteriophages with Salvador E. Luria. For the first time, scientists were able to identify and measure a wide range of viruses and molecules.

Anderson soon devoted the majority of his time to bacteriophages, later describing them as "the most interesting" systems available, and presenting the "greatest challenge." Bacteriophages, he wrote, were "viruses of complex morphology that could be accurately assayed and whose interactions with their host cells could be studied directly in the electron microscope," offering not only the opportunity to advance the study of microscopic organisms, but proving the value of the new instrumentation.{1} More than thirty papers resulted from Anderson's two years of work at RCA, and his successes earned him a reputation as an evangelist for the electron microscope, as well as an innovator.{2} In the summer of 1942, he introduced many scientists to electron microscopy with a Model B at the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

During the fall of 1942, Anderson became an Associate at the Johnson Foundation at the University of Pennsylvania. Under Leslie A. Chambers, he continued his research on the physiology and structure of bacterial viruses using the seventh instrument to be produced by RCA, a type EMB electron microscope that had been purchased with funds donated by the American Philosophical Society in 1940. The Johnson Foundation purchased a Japanese microscope in 1957 to supplement the RCA model.

Rising to Assistant Professor of Biophysics in 1946, Anderson continued to refine electron microscopic techniques, developing the "critical point method" in 1949 to address the problems posed by the surface tension of the water droplet that contained the specimen to be studied. As the droplet dried, researchers found, surface tension distorted the image of the specimen. Anderson reasoned that he could reduce surface tension by raising the temperature of the water to its critical point (374° C) until the boundary between liquid and gas disappeared. In practice, however, he found that specimens could not withstand the heat required, and he therefore explored the possibility of substituting carbon dioxide as a mounting medium, which has a lower critical point (40° C). Heating a specimen of onion skin to 40° C, he commented that "the bone dry tissue and cells look as good as the fresh onion skin on a control slide!"{3}

In 1950, Anderson was promoted to Associate Professor of Biophysics, and then in 1958, Professor. In that same year, he also became a Senior Member of the Institute for Cancer Research in Fox Chase, in the meantime, spending two years as a Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellow at the Institut Pasteur (1955-1957). It was there that he took a series of astonishing electron micrographs of male bacteria transferring genes to females, which became staple illustrations in scientific textbooks for many years. In 1976, Anderson became Senior Member Emeritus for one year, after which he returned as Senior Member. He returned to emeritus status in 1983.

Anderson's professional commitments were numerous. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences (elected 1964), the Biophysical Society (President 1965-1966), the Electron Microscope Society of America (President, 1955), the International Federation of Electron Microscope Societies (President, 1959-1963), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroscopie, the International Organization for Pure and Applied Biophysics, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was an honorary member of the Société Française de Microscopie Électronique, and received the Institut Pasteur's Silver Medal in 1957, and the Electron Microscope Society of America's Distinguished Award in 1978.

He served as Chairman of the United States National Committee of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (1965-1968); on the International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses from (1968-1971); and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Commission on Subcellular Biophysics of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (1971-1976). He also served as Chair of the Genetics Section of the National Academy of Sciences from 1985 to 1988.

Anderson was Associate Editor of Biophysical Journal from 1960 to 1966; Associate Editor of Virology from 1960 to 1966; on the editorial board of Bacteriological Reviews from 1967 to 1969; and on the editorial board of Intervirology from 1972 to 1985.

He died on August 11, 1991, survived by his wife, Wilma Ecton Anderson, his son, Thomas F. Anderson, Jr., and his daughter, Jessie Dale Anderson

Scope and content

The Thomas F. Anderson Papers (1928-1989) contain correspondence, subject files, grant files, manuscripts of published and unpublished works by Anderson, manuscripts and research notes by students and colleagues, research notes by Anderson, and photographs, which document Anderson's career as a biophysicist. The collection is mainly in English, however a few items are written in other languages, including French and German.

The papers (77 boxes; 43 linear feet) are divided into seven series:

Series ICorrespondence, 1932-1989(15 boxes; 7.5 linear feet)
Series IISubject Files, 1928-1989(7 boxes; 3.75 linear feet)
Series IIIGrant Files: 1940-1983(5 boxes; 1.75 linear feet)
Series IVWorks by Anderson, 1934-1985(14 boxes; 6.5 linear feet)
Series VWorks by Others, 1933-1988(4 boxes; 1.5 linear feet)
Series VIResearch Notes and Notebooks, 1931-1977(6 boxes; 2.75 linear feet)
Series VII Photographs,. 1938-1988(25 boxes; 19 linear feet)
Series II, VII (O.S.)Oversized material(1 box; 0.25 linear feet)

Collection Information


The Anderson Papers were donated by Wilma E. Anderson in 1992 (Accession 1992-1390ms). Additions to the collection were made in 1993 (Accessions 1993-566ms and 1993-567ms).

Preferred citation

Cite as: Thomas Foxen Anderson Papers, American Philosophical Society.

Separated material

Photographs and negatives have been removed from Series I-VI and placed in Series VII. Cross references appear in the original series.

Reprints have been transferred to the printed materials collection of the APS library. If a reprint was found as an enclosure, a photocopy of the title page was filed in its place. To retrieve reprints, consult the card catalog for printed materials.

Also removed from the collection was a motion picture reel entitled "Invasion by Virus" that contains electron micrographs taken by Anderson. To retrieve this item, consult the card catalog for manuscript materials.

General note

Missing Title
  1. See Thomas F. Anderson Papers (Ms. Coll. 75), Ser.II, Biographical Material, 1954.
  2. For more on Anderson's work at RCA, see John H. Reiser. "Introduction--A Glimpse of the Anderson Papers." EMSA Bulletin, 22:3 Nov. 1992. See also Ms. Coll. No. 75, Ser.I, Watson, John H.L., 8 Feb. 1965.
  3. See Thomas F. Anderson Papers (Ms. Coll. 75), Ser.I, Borasky, Rubin, 11 Dec. 1959.

Genetics Note

This collection contains materials which relate to the history of genetics.

Anderson, Thomas Foxen -- Jack SchultzManuscripts (5 folders)1961-1975
Crow, James F. Correspondence (6 items)1968-1976
Delbruck, Max Correspondence (38 items)1942-1969
Demerec, Milislav Correspondence (7 items)1942-1966
Genetics Correspondence (15 items)1968-1976
Genetics Society of America. Committee on Historical Documents Correspondence (3 items)1978
Hershey, Alfred Day Correspondence (7 items)1950-1961
Luria, Salvador Edward Correspondence (50 items)1942-1978
Pauling, Linus Correspondence (12 items)1939-1981
Sonneborn, Tracy M. Correspondence (2 items)1978
Stern, Curt Correspondence (7 items)1972-1973

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • Biophysical Society
  • Electron Microscope Society of America
  • Institute for Medical Research
  • International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses
  • International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics
  • National Cancer Institute (U.S.)
  • National Research Council (U.S.)
  • National Science Foundation, U.S.
  • Philadelphia Electron Microscope Society
  • RCA Laboratories
  • U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
  • United States. National Institutes of Health
  • United States. Office of Naval Research
  • United States. Office of Scientific Research and Development
  • University of Pennsylvania.


  • Glass plate negatives
  • Laboratory notes
  • Photonegatives
  • Photoprints
  • Slides.
  • Stereographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Anderson, Andy, b. 1927
  • Anderson, Thomas Foxen, 1911-1991
  • Brill, Arthur S., 1927-
  • Brown , Dennis Taylor
  • Chance, Britton, 1913-2010
  • Crick, Francis, 1916-2004
  • Delbrück, Max, 1906-1981
  • Demerec, M. (Milislav), 1895-1966
  • Gay, Helen
  • Gibbons, Ian R. (Ian Read), b.
  • Hall, Cecil Edwin, b. 1912
  • Hayes, William
  • Heidelberger, Michael
  • Hershey, A. D. (Alfred Day)
  • Israel, Vance
  • Jacob, Francois, 1920-2013
  • Kellenberger, Eduard
  • Kozinski, Andrzej W.
  • Latarjet, Raymond
  • Lederberg, Joshua
  • Loeb, Marilyn Rosenthal
  • Luria, S. E. (Salvador Edward), 1912-1991
  • Lwoff, André
  • Metz, Charles W.
  • Mintz, Beatrice
  • Monod, Jacques, 1910-1976
  • Mudd, Stuart
  • Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994
  • Richards, A. Glenn, Jr.
  • Schultz, Jack,1904-1971.
  • Simon, Lee D.
  • Smadel, Joseph E. (Joseph Edwi
  • Sonneborn, T. M. (Tracy Morton), 1905-1981
  • Stanley, Wendell M. (Wendell Meredith), 1904-1971
  • The Institute for Cancer Resea
  • Walker, Donald H., Jr.
  • Wollman, Elie
  • Wulff, Peter
  • Wyckoff, Ralph W. G. (Ralph Walter Graystone)
  • Yost, Don M., b. 1893


  • Bacterial genetics.
  • Bacteriophages
  • Biophysics
  • Electron microscopy
  • Genetics
  • Radiation -- Physiological effect
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Viral genetics

Collection overview

1932-198915 boxes; 7.5 linear feet

Incoming and outgoing manuscript and typescript letters, carbons, telegrams, and postcards generated during Anderson's career. Series I is arranged alphabetically by correspondent's name and then chronologically within each folder.

When correspondence files include letters to a third party (i.e., not Anderson), the name is indicated on the container list, indented under the folder title.

Unidentified correspondence has been filed as "Unidentified" and is arranged chronologically. Enclosed manuscripts have been removed from this series and placed in Series IV or V as appropriate. As with the reprints, a photocopy of the title page was filed with the original letter. Cross-references are also given for enclosed photographs, which have been removed to Series VII. Letters of reference are filed under the name of the person who is the subject of the letter.

The bulk of this series covers the 1950s to the 1960s. Correspondents include biophysicists, biochemists, geneticists, students, and publishers. Among the topics covered in this series are biological electron microscopy; research on bacterial viruses; conferences; the publishing of journal articles; and participation in professional societies. There is correspondence about Anderson's affiliations with the Biophysical Society, Electron Microscope Society of America, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses, International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics, and the Philadelphia Electron Microscope Society. There is also correspondence concerning his work at The Institute for Cancer Research, the Institute for Medical Research, RCA Laboratories, and the University of Pennsylvania.

1928-19897 boxes; 3.75 linear feet

Anderson's bibliography and curriculum vitae; some biographical material about Anderson; newspaper clippings; material about conferences; calendars/daybooks for almost every year from 1941 to 1989 that contain Anderson's brief notes; letters written by colleagues and publishers asking for Anderson's permission to publish electron micrographs taken by him; a guest register used in 1942 and in 1949 at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; and meeting minutes, agenda, and reports for the Biophysical Society. The folders are arranged alphabetically by title.

1940-19835 boxes; 1.75 linear feet

Applications, reports, correspondence, and expenditure statements for various agencies that granted Anderson research money for his laboratories at the University of Pennsylvania's Johnson Foundation and at The Institute for Cancer Research. The United States Office of Naval Research accounts for a large portion of the material. Other granting agencies include the National Cancer Institute, the National Science Foundation, and the United States Atomic Energy Commission. There are two folders of material about the National Research Council's RCA Fellowship that Anderson received in 1940.

Also in this series are reviews of other people's grant applications that Anderson wrote for various agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the United States Atomic Energy Commission. The folders are arranged alphabetically by title.

1943-198514 boxes; 6.5 linear feet

Anderson's typewritten and handwritten outlines, preparatory notes, research, graphs and figures, drafts, and some galley proofs for articles. There are some notes for lectures, as well as several reviews of books. Some of the works are co-authored with colleagues and students. For each work, the notes and drafts are filed together. This series includes several early papers from the 1930s; the earliest is an article in German, "Ein Neues Drehprismenverfahren zur Photographischen Ermittlung der Dispersion. II. Mitteilung uber Refraktion und Dispersion von Kristallen," from 1935. There are also several historical treatments of electron microscopy, including "The First Years of the Electron Microscope in the United States, 1940-52," "Reflections on Phage Genetics," and Anderson's biographical memoir of Jack Schultz ("Jack Schultz, May 7, 1904 - April 29, 1971"). This series is arranged alphabetically by title, and cross references are given for photographs that appear in the series.

1933-19884 boxes; 1.5 linear feet

Articles, notes, reports, and abstracts written by colleagues and students of Anderson. Some authors are represented by two or more manuscripts, including Helen Gay, Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling, François Jacob, Andrzej W. Kozinski, Bruce R. Levin, Peter C. Nowell, Jonathan T. Ou, Lee D. Simon, Donald H. Walker, Jr., and Nobuto Yamamoto. Most of the works are scientific in nature, although there are two historical articles by Lily E. Kay. Any works that Anderson co-wrote with students and colleagues are filed in Series III alphabetically by title. Cross references are given for photographs that appear in this series.

1931-19776 boxes; 2.75 linear feet

Loose notes and notebooks that are arranged by folder title and include notes from experiments (e.g, "Growth Requirements of T2, T4A, T6"); notes taken by Anderson at Cold Spring Harbor and at other symposia; and course notes from Anderson's days at California Institute of Technology (e.g., "Atomic Physics"). Notebooks with no title have been filed as "Unidentified--Notebook." Some notebooks have loose notes that are larger than the notebook pages. These notes were placed in the same folder as the notebook but at the end of the folder. A photocopy of the first sheet of notes was placed at the appropriate notebook page with a cross reference to the end of the folder.

1938-198825 boxes; 19 linear feet

Prints and negatives of electron micrographs that Anderson took of viruses and Drosophila, among other specimens. Some of the micrographs were used for articles, while others are unpublished. The prints are of varying sizes, including many oversized, and many are unidentified. There are also a few photographs of Anderson and his colleagues.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Correspondence
1932-198915 boxes; 7.5 linear feet

Incoming and outgoing manuscript and typescript letters, carbons, telegrams, and postcards generated during Anderson's career. Series I is arranged alphabetically by correspondent's name and then chronologically within each folder.

When correspondence files include letters to a third party (i.e., not Anderson), the name is indicated on the container list, indented under the folder title.

Unidentified correspondence has been filed as "Unidentified" and is arranged chronologically. Enclosed manuscripts have been removed from this series and placed in Series IV or V as appropriate. As with the reprints, a photocopy of the title page was filed with the original letter. Cross-references are also given for enclosed photographs, which have been removed to Series VII. Letters of reference are filed under the name of the person who is the subject of the letter.

The bulk of this series covers the 1950s to the 1960s. Correspondents include biophysicists, biochemists, geneticists, students, and publishers. Among the topics covered in this series are biological electron microscopy; research on bacterial viruses; conferences; the publishing of journal articles; and participation in professional societies. There is correspondence about Anderson's affiliations with the Biophysical Society, Electron Microscope Society of America, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses, International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics, and the Philadelphia Electron Microscope Society. There is also correspondence concerning his work at The Institute for Cancer Research, the Institute for Medical Research, RCA Laboratories, and the University of Pennsylvania.

 Abington Township Science and Mathematics Seminar
1958-1962 Box 1
 Abir-Am, Pnina Geraldine
n.d. Box 1
 Academic Press, Inc.
1953-1972 Box 1
 Accola, James
1963 Box 1
 Achtman, Mark
1977-1978 Box 1
 Ackerman, Eugene
1953 Box 1
 Adams, Mark H.
1953, 1956 Box 1
 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
1963 Box 1
 Adelberg, Edward A.
1967, 1978 Box 1
 Adler, Alan D.
1953-1956 Box 1
  Advances in Colloid Science
1941 Box 1
  Advances in Virus Research
1958 Box 1

Lauffer, Max A.

 Ahmad, M.S.
1967 Box 1
 Akashi, K.
1954 Box 1
 Alberty, Robert A.
1965 Box 1
 Alföldi, Lajos
1957, 1978 Box 1
 Allenspach, Allan
1965 Box 1
 Allibone, T.E.
1954 Box 1
 Alyea, Hubert N.
1941 Box 1
 Ambrose, Susan C.
1967 Box 1
 American Association for the Advancement of Science
1974 Box 1
 American Association of University Women
1964-1965 Box 1
 American Chemical Society
1940-1942, 1962 Box 1

Clark, G.L.

 American Institute of Biological Sciences
1959, 1961 Box 1
 American Laboratory
1979 Box 1
 American Medical Association
1944 Box 1
 American Microscopical Society
1954 Box 1

-See also Ser.II, American Microscopical Society

 The American Naturalist
1951 Box 1
 American Philosophical Society
1957, 1978 Box 1
 American Physical Society
1973-1974 Box 1

Brill, Arthur S.  Hutchinson, Franklin

 American Society for Cell Biology
1969 Box 1

Gibbons, Ian R.

 American Society for Microbiology
1961-1962 Box 1

Gerhardt, Philipp  Ginsberg, Harold S.  Morgan, Councilman  Williams, Robley C.

 American Society of Naturalists
1951 Box 1
 Anderson, D.L.
1971 Box 1
 Anderson, E.S. (Andy)
1954-1978 Box 1
 Andreeva, I.
1972 Box 1
 Annual Review of Genetics
1980-1981 Box 1
 Annual Review of Microbiology
1949-1950, 1975 Box 1
 Arber, Werner
1960-1962, n.d. Box 1
 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
1953-1960 Box 1
 Arey, Ruth
1954 Box 1
 Argonne National Laboratory
1971 Box 1
 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
1970 Box 1
 Armour Institute Symposium
1955 Box 1
 Association of Philadelphia Scientists
1947 Box 1

Delbrück, Max  Luria, Salvador E.  -See also Ser.IV, "Techniques for Total War"

 Astrin, Sue
1981, 1983 Box 1
 Atherton, J.C.
1962 Box 1
 Austrian, Robert
1979 Box 1
 Bachmann, Barbara
1978 Box 1
 Bacteriological Reviews
1969-1970 Box 1

Murray, R.G.E.

 Baez, Albert V.
1953 Box 1
 Bailey, William Robert Arthur
1958-1961 Box 1
 Baker, Lou C.W.
1957 Box 1
 Baker, Richard F.
1942-1961 Box 1
 Banfield, William G.
1955 Box 1
 Baran, Chester Joseph, Jr.
1954 Box 1
 Barer, R.
1956 Box 1
 Barnhart, J.H.
1942 Box 1
 Baron, L.S.
1967, 1974, n.d. Box 1
 Barrois, Veronique
1976 Box 1
 Bartell, Pasquale F.
1965 Box 1
 Bartsch, G.
1960 Box 1

Some in German

 Basic Books, Inc.
1960 Box 1
 Bateman, J.B.
1954 Box 1
 Bateson, Richard C.
1962 Box 1
 Battin, William T.
1957-1958 Box 1
 Bawden, A.T.
1941 Box 1
 Bayer, Manfred E.
1961, 1963 Box 1

-See also Ser.I, Prince, Alfred M.

 Bayer, Margret
1973 Box 1
 Bayley, S.T.
1960 Box 1
 Beckwith, Jon
1987 Box 1
 Beer, Michael
1962-1963, n.d. Box 1
 Beidler, L.M.
1975 Box 1
 Bellanti, Joseph A.
1962 Box 1
 Bendet, Irwin
1953 Box 2
 Benzer, Seymour
1954-1961 Box 2
 Berg, Clarence P.
1945 Box 2
 Bernhard, W. (Bill)
1953-1961 Box 2

some in French

 Bernstein, Seymour
1941 Box 2
 Bertani, G. (Joe)
1953, 1960 Box 2

-See also Ser.I, Brownstein, Barbara

 Berwick, Leonard
1960 Box 2
 Bessis, M.
1953, 1959 Box 2

Some in French

 Billingham, Rupert E.
1967 Box 2
 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
1973 Box 2

Loeb, Marilyn R.

 Biographical Directory of American Men of Science
n.d. Box 2
 Biophysical Journal
1958-1969, n.d. Box 2

-See also Ser.I, Kempner, Ellis S.  -See also Ser.II, Biophysical Journal

 Biophysical Society
 5 foldersBox 2

-See also Ser.II, same title

 Folder #1
1955-1960 Box 2
 Folder #2
1961-Jun. 1964 Box 2
 Folder #3
Sep. 1964-Jun. 1965 Box 2
 Folder #4
Jul. 1965-Jun. 1966 Box 2
 Folder #5
Oct. 1966-1972 Box 2
 Birch-Anderson, Axel
1961-1962 Box 2
 Bird, E.W.
1941 Box 2
 Black, Lindsay M.
1941 Box 2

-See also Ser.I, Virology

 Blanchard, André
1942 Box 2
 Blankenship, L. Vaughan
1966 Box 2
 Bloom, Naomi M.
1953, 1961 Box 2
 Blough, Herbert A.
1965 Box 2
 Blumberg, Baruch S.
1967, 1979 Box 2

Ogston, Alexander G.  Prince, Alfred M.  -See also Ser.I, Prince, Alfred M.

 Boice, LuBelle
1958 Box 2
 Bonifas, V.
1953 Box 2
 Bonner, James F.
1973 Box 2
 Bonner, Walter
1960 Box 2
 Borasky, Rubin
1960-1969 Box 2

-See also Ser.I, Mudd, Stuart -See also Ser.I, University of Illinois

 Borek, Ernest
1959-1961, 1981 Box 2
 Borysko, Emil
1953, 1959 Box 2
 The Botanical Review
1946-1949 Box 2
 Botstein, David
1974 Box 2
 Bourdillon, Jaques
1942 Box 2
 Bowen, C.C.
1957 Box 2
 Boyd, George Edward
1941 Box 2
 Boyd, Harriet M.
1957-1960 Box 2
 Bradbury, Phyllis Clarke
1964-1965 Box 2

Lwoff, André

 Bradfield, J.R.G.
1957 Box 2
 Bradley, David E.
1960-1962, 1968 Box 2

-See also Ser.I, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses

 Breedis, Charles
1961 Box 2
 Breese, Sydney S., Jr.
1959, 1963 Box 2

-See also Ser.I, Electron Microscope Society of America

 Brenneman, A.E., Jr.
1964 Box 3
 Brenner, Sydney
1955-1959 Box 3
 Bresch, Carsten
1961, 1969 Box 3
 Briggs, Robert
1973 Box 3
 Brill, Arthur S.
1953-1973, n.d. Box 3

-See also Ser.I, American Physical Society -See also Ser.I, University of Virginia

 Brinton, Charles C., Jr.
1959-1960 Box 3
 Bronfenbrenner, J.J.
1942-1943 Box 3
 Bronk, Detlev W.
1951 Box 3

-See also Ser.I, The Rockefeller Institute -See also Ser.I, University of Pennsylvania

 Brown, Dennis Taylor
1966-1984 Box 3
 Brown, Nigel
1978 Box 3
 Brownstein, Barbara
1961-1963 Box 3

Bertani, G.  Kellenberger, Eduard

 Brunings, K.J.
1946 Box 3
 Bryn Mawr College
1953, 1957 Box 3
 Bryson, Vernon
1960-1961 Box 3
 Buckley, Patrick
1972 Box 3
 Bucky, Peter A.
1974 Box 3
 Burdette, Walter J.
1962 Box 3
 Burdick, C. Lalor
1955 Box 3
 Burg, Anton B.
1938-1940 Box 3
 Burken, Jerome D.
1956 Box 3
 Burnet, MacFarlane
1961-1962, 1978 Box 3
 Burton, Alan C.
n.d. Box 3
 Cabral, Fernando R.
1979 Box 3
 Calbrick, Chester J.
1960 Box 3
 California Institute of Technology
1950-1958, 1967 Box 3

Beadle, George W.  -See also Ser.II, same title

 Campbell, Allan
1973, 1975 Box 3
 Canadian Broadcasting Company
1960 Box 3
  Cancer Research
n.d. Box 3
 Cañedo, Luis
1969 Box 3
 Cardell, Robert, Jr.
1963 Box 3
 Carlson, F.D. (Spike)
1956 Box 3
 Carlson, Harve J.
1958 Box 3
 Carnegie Institution of Washington
1944-1957 Box 3
 Caro, Lucien G.
1956 Box 3
 Carta, Guy R.
1963 Box 3
 Caspersson, Torbjörn
1955, 1973 Box 3
 Castor, LaRoy N., Jr.
1951-1954, n.d. Box 3
 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
1955 Box 3
 Césarini, J.P.
1971 Box 3

in French

 Chambers, Leslie A.
1942, 1944, 1968 Box 3
 Champayne, E.F.
1963 Box 3
 Champe, Sewell P.
1961 Box 3
 Chance, Britton
1950-1969, n.d. Box 3

-See also Ser.I, Davis, Herbert L.

 Chargaff, Erwin
1942 Box 3
 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
1967 Box 3
 Chronica Botanica
1940 Box 3
 Clark, Alvin J.
1974-1975, 1978 Box 3
 Clark, G.L.
1944 Box 3

-See also Ser.I, American Chemical Society

 Clark, H. Fred
1972 Box 3
 Claude, Albert
1944-1967 Box 3

-See also Ser.I, Porter, Keith R.

 Clothier, Bill
n.d. Box 3
 Cockerham, C. Clark
1975 Box 3
 Cohen, Arthur L.
1968 Box 3
 Cohen, Denise
1960 Box 3
 Cohen, Georges
1958 Box 3
 Cohen, Leonard H.
1973 Box 3
 Cohen, Seymour S.
1954, 1967 Box 3
 Cohn, Mildred
1965 Box 3
 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology
1966-1967 Box 3
 Cole, Garry T.
1971 Box 3
 Colloque de Royaumont
1957-1958 Box 3

Some in French  Jacob, François  Lwoff, André

 Columbia University
1958 Box 3

Taylor, J. Herbert

 Columbia University Press
1949-1950 Box 3
 Comer, Joseph J.
1957, 1967 Box 3
 Conference Board of Associated Research Councils
1960-1961 Box 4
 Conference on Respiratory Disease
1962 Box 4
 Conference on the Control of Form in Cells
1968-1969 Box 4

Porter, Keith R.  Satir, Peter  Simon, Lee D.  Williams, Robley C.  -See also Ser.II, same title

 Conference on Transfer RNA
1970-1971 Box 4
 Congrès International de Microscopie Électronique
1950 Box 4

-See also Ser.II, same title

 Convey, John H.
1955 Box 4
 Corbett, M.K.
1962 Box 4
 Cornell University
1960-1967 Box 4
 Coryell, Charles
1942 Box 4
 Cosslett, V.E.
1961 Box 4

-See also Ser.I, International Conference on Electron Microscopy

 Cowles, John (Jack)
1958 Box 4
 Crawford, Bryce L., Jr.
1938 Box 4
 Crawford, Irving
1978 Box 4
 Crick, Francis
1954, 1962 Box 4
 Crow, James F.
1968, 1975-1976 6 item(s) Box 4

-See also Ser.I, Genetics

Subject(s): Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; Bacterial genetics; Molecular genetics; Referee's report; Population genetics; Publication; Human genetics

 Cummings, Donald S.
1960-1961 Box 4
 Curtiss, Roy III
1978 Box 4
 Dalton, Albert J.
1955, 1970-1972 Box 4
 Daniels, Farrington
1940-1955 Box 4
 Danon, David
1962 Box 4
 Danovich, John F.
1961 Box 4
 Darlington, J.M. (Jim)
1961-1962 Box 4
 Das Gupta, N.N.
1965-1966 Box 4
 Davies, R.E. (Bob)
1962, 1965 Box 4
 Davis, Bernard D.
1965 Box 4
 Davis, Herbert L.
1953 Box 4

Chance, Britton

 Davis, Marguerite
1953 Box 4
 Davison, Peter F.
1963 Box 4
 Dawes, Geoffrey
1949 Box 4
 de Duve, Christian
1978 Box 4
 de Ruyck, R.
1953 Box 4
 de Souza Santos, Persio
1955 Box 4

de Souza Santos, Helena

 De Taxis du Poët, Philippe
1985 Box 4
 DeCew, Walter M.
1964-1965 Box 4
 DeLamater, Edward D.
1961-1962 Box 4
 Delbrück, Max
1942-1969, n.d. 38 item(s) Box 4

Luria, Salvador E.  -See also Ser.I, Association of Philadelphia Scientists

Subject(s): Luria, Salvador Edward; Bacteriophage and viral genetics; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Publication; Radiation genetics; Bacterial genetics; Conferences and symposia; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Molecular genetics; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Delbruck, Max. 60th birthday; Laboratory techniques, equipment; Poetry and literature; Invitations; Recommendations; Honors -- National Medal of Science; Honors -- Horwitz Prize

 Demerec, Milislav
1942-1966 7 item(s) Box 4

-See also Ser.I, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Subject(s): Laboratory techniques, equipment; Molecular genetics; Biochemistry and organic chemistry; Mirsky, Alfred Ezra; Cancer, chemotherapy; Bacteriophage and viral genetics; Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

 Denues, A.R.T.
1953-1961, n.d. Box 4

Wyckoff, Ralph W.G.

 Deonier, Richard
1977 Box 4
 Desikachary, T.V.
1954 Box 4
 D'Eustachio, Anthony
1960 Box 4
 Deutch, Bernhard
1948-1954 Box 4
 DeVault, Don
1937 Box 4

Yost, Don M.

 Dickerson, Roy E.
1944 Box 4
 Dmochowski, Leon
1955 Box 4
 Doermann, A.H. (Gus)
1950-1952, 1961 Box 4
 Donoso, Larry A.
1987 Box 4
 Dorsey, John R.
1960 Box 4
 Duggar, B.M.
1941 Box 4
 Dulbecco, Renato
1950, 1958-1959 Box 4

-See also Ser.I, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

 Dupouy, G.
1959-1970 Box 4

Some in French

 Dürwald, Hildegard
1961, 1963 Box 4
 du Vigneaud, Vincent
1945 Box 4
 Eastman Kodak Company
1960 Box 4
 Edgar, Robert S.
1966-1967 Box 4

Eiserling, Fred A.

 Eisenstark, Abe
1961 Box 4
 Eiserling, Fred A.
1967 Box 4

-See also Ser.I, Edgar, Robert S.

 Elbertson, Barbara J.
1978 Box 4
 Electron Microscope Society of America
1952-1978 Box 4

Breese, Sidney S., Jr.  Preuss, Luther E.

 Elford, W.J.
1950 Box 4
 Ellis, Emory L.
1943 Box 4
 English, Sally Park
1960 Box 4
 Engstrom, Arne
1959 Box 4
 Espejo, Romilio T.
1971 Box 4
 Eubanks, Kathie Lynn
1984 Box 4
 European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy
1956, 1960 Box 4
 Evans, Susan C.
1964 Box 4
 Everhart, T.E.
1959 Box 4
 Eyring, Henry
1941-1942, 1954 Box 4
 Fajans, Kasimir
1932, 1940, 1956 Box 4

some in German

 Falkow, S.
1978 Box 4
 The Faraday Society
1950 Box 4
 Farrant, John
1958 Box 4
 Fawcett, Don W.
1959 Box 5
 Feinstein, Robert N.
1959 Box 5
 Feldman, William
1955 Box 5
 Fenner, Frank
1977-1987 Box 5

-See also Ser.I, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses

 Fernandez-Moran, Humberto
1957-1968 Box 5

Robinson, John

 Fernholm, Bo
1979 Box 5

Simon, Lee D.  -See also Ser.I, Simon, Lee D.

 Finegold, Leonard
1974 Box 5
 Fisher, Agnes
1971 Box 5
 Fisher, Harold W.
1977 Box 5
 Fisher, Ken W.
1958 Box 5
 Fleischer, Sidney
1968 Box 5
 Flexner, Louis B.
1954, 1958 Box 5
 Forro, Frederick, Jr.
1960 Box 5
 Fowler, Catherine B.
  Box 5

-See Ser.I, Rappaport, Catherine Fowler

 Fowler, R.H.
n.d. Box 5
 Fox, Sidney W.
1946, 1955 Box 5
 Frankel, Fred R.
1969-1976 Box 5
 Franklin, Naomi
1961-1962 Box 5

-See also Ser.I, Brownstein, Barbara, 1962

 Franklin, Richard
1953 Box 5
 Frazer, John E.
1942 Box 5
 Fred, E.B.
1941, n.d. Box 5
 Frederickson, Donald S.
1978 Box 5
 Freed, Jerome J.
1973 Box 5
 Friedenberg, Robert
1954 Box 5
 Friedman, Murray
1953 Box 5
 Fuerst, Clarence R.
1957-1958 Box 5
 Ernest F. Fullham, Inc.
1960-1961 Box 5
 Funk, Fred D.
1967 Box 5
 Fussell, Catharine
1966 Box 5
 Gak, Ernst F.
[1949] Box 5

Pirie, N.W.

 Gall, Joseph G.
1976, 1981 Box 5
 Galtsoff, Paul S.
1942 Box 5
 Garen, Alan
1957-1963, n.d. Box 5
 Garen, Suzanne
1963 Box 5
 Garfinkel, Lillian
1961 Box 5
 Gay, Helen
1952-1964, n.d. Box 5
 General Electric Company
1942 Box 5
1968-1976 15 item(s) Box 5

Crow, James F.  Caspari, Ernst W.

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data -- Schultz, Jack; Drosophila genetics; Schultz, Jack; Bacterial genetics; Molecular genetics; Referee's report; Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm; Crow, James F.; Publication -- Genetics; National Academy of Sciences

 Genetics Society of America. Committee on Historical Documents
1978 3 item(s) Box 5

Subject(s): Sonneborn, Tracy M.; American Philosophical Society; Preservation of historical materials; History of biology, especially genetics; Committee activities; Genetics Society of America

 Gerhardt, Philipp
1965 Box 5

-See also Ser.I, American Society for Microbiology

n.d. Box 5
 Gewanter, Robert
1955 Box 5
 Gibbons, Ian Read
1956-1964 Box 5

-See also Ser.I, American Society for Cell Biology

 Gibson, Dean W.
1968 Box 5
 Gille, Alain
1954 Box 5
 Ginsberg, Harold S.
1962-1963 Box 5

-See also Ser.I, American Society for Microbiology -See also Ser.I, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses

 Glaser, Donald A.
1967 Box 5
 Glaser, Elizabeth B.
1942 Box 5
 Glaser, O.C.
1942 Box 5
 Glass, Bentley
  Box 5

-See Ser.I, Science

 Glauert, Audrey M.
1961 Box 5
 Gledhill, Barton L.
1972 Box 5
 Glusker, Donald
1981 Box 5
 Goldberg, Herbert S.
1961 Box 5
 The B.F. Goodrich Company
1942 Box 5
 Gordan Research Conferences
1960-1961, 1966 Box 5

Kellenberger, Eduard -See also Ser.II, same title

 Gordan, Francis B.
1950 Box 5
 Graham, Angus F.
1958-1974 Box 5

Millward, Stewart  Reichman, M.E.

 Granboulan, Philippe
1966 Box 5
 Gray, Irving
1972 Box 5
 Green, David E.
1947-1949, 1968 Box 5
 Green, Robert H.
1942 Box 5
 Greenberg, Jay
1972 Box 5
 Greenspan, Neil Sanford
1985 Box 5
 Grube, William L.
1956 Box 5
 Guha, Arabindo
1966 Box 5
 Gunsalus, I.C.
1956-1966 Box 5
 Guttman, Burton S.
1984-1985 Box 5
 Hagen, George L.
1973 Box 5
 Hagopian, Arpi
1966 Box 5
 Haguenau, Françoise
1967 Box 5
 Hall, Cecil E.
1945-1964, n.d. Box 5
 Halpern, B. David
1965 Box 6
 Halpern, Jules
1956 Box 6
 Halverson, Valerie S.
1966 Box 6
 Hanawalt, Philip Courtland
1959-1961 Box 6
 Hane, Michael W.
1965-1966 Box 6
 Hansburg, Daniel
n.d. Box 6
 Hardco International, Inc.
1958 Box 6
 Harding, Clifford V.
1961 Box 6
 Harker, David
1978 Box 6
 Harper and Row, Publishers
1966 Box 6
 Hart, Hiram
1966-1967 Box 6
 Hartman, Philip E.
1955-1965 Box 6

-See also Ser.I, Walker, Donald H., Jr.

 Harvey, Ethel Browne
1943 Box 6
 Haskins Laboratories
1941 Box 6
 Hastings, E.G.
1940 Box 6
 Hauschka, Theodore
1973 Box 6
 Hawley, R. Scott
1981-1982 Box 6
 Hayes, William
1957-1958, 1978 Box 6
 Hazel, Fred
1963 Box 6
 Heidelberger, Michael
1941-1942 Box 6
 Heinmets, Ferdinand
1958 Box 6
 Henkel, Joel
1953 Box 6
 Henle, Gertrude
1979 Box 6
 Henle, Werner
1953-1965 Box 6
 Hepfer, Carol
1978 Box 6
 Hercules Powder Company
1943-1944 Box 6
 Herman, Robert K.
1960 Box 6
 Hermann Editions Scientifiques
1962 Box 6

in French

 Herriott, Roger M.
1951, 1966, 1982 Box 6
 Herrmann, F.J.
1962 Box 6
 Hershey, Alfred D.
1950, 1953, 1961 7 item(s) Box 6

Subject(s): Bacterial genetics; Invitations; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Bacteriophage and viral genetics

 Herskowitz, [Irwin H.]
n.d. Box 6
 Heston, Walt E.
1963 Box 6
 Hewitt, A. Tyl
1977, n.d. Box 6
 Heyn, A.N.J.
1965 Box 6
 Higgins, Michael L.
1967 Box 6
 Hilbig, A.
1960 Box 6

some in German

 Hillier, James
1942-1943 Box 6
 Hirano, Tadashi
1964 Box 6
 Hoffman, Charles W.
1944 Box 6
 Hoffman, Joseph F.
1955 Box 6
 Hoffmann-Berling, Hartmut
1963 Box 6
 Hofschneider, Peter H.
1971 Box 6
 Hogman, David
1976 Box 6
 Holbert, Pauline E.
1961 Box 6
 Holmes, Francis O.
1940 Box 6
 Holmes, Ian Hamilton
1962-1970 Box 6
 Holt, Stanley C.
1975 Box 6
 Hoppe, Walter
1970 Box 6
 Hosoda, Junko
1970 Box 6
 Hotchkiss, Rollin D.
1977-1978 Box 6

Schaeffer, Pierre

 Hotz, G.
1953 Box 6
 "How About..."
1980 Box 6
 Howard, Jack B.
1938 Box 6
 Hufnagel, Linda Ann
1966-1968 Box 6
 Hughes, Inge M.
1952 Box 6
 Hummeler, Klaus
1961, 1963 Box 6
 Hungerford, David A.
1973 Box 6
 Huppert, Charles H.
1959 Box 6
 Hurwitz, Jerard
1961, 1972 Box 6
 Hurwitz, Sue
1955, 1958 Box 6
 Hutchinson, Franklin
1966-1982 Box 6

-See also Ser.I, American Physical Society

 Hutchinson, W.G.
1959, 1965 Box 6
 Inglis, Sarah Park (Sally)
1960-1961, 1976 Box 6
 The Institute for Cancer Research
 2 foldersBox 6

-See also Ser.II, same title

 Folder #1
1960-1980 Box 6
 Folder #2
1981-1983, n.d. Box 6
 Institute for Medical Research
1967-1971 Box 6
 Institute for Scientific Information
1982 Box 6
 Instituto Nacional de Enfermedádes Neoplásicas
1961 Box 6
 Instrument Society of America
1955 Box 6
 International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses
1966-1971 Box 6

Bradley, David E.  Fenner, Frank  Ginsberg, Harold S.  Kaiser, Dale  Lwoff, André  Wildy, Peter -See also Ser.II, same title

 International Conference on Electron Microscopy
1953-1954, 1957, 1962 Box 7

-See also Ser.II, same title

 International Congress for Microbiology
1953, 1958 Box 7

-See also Ser.II, same title

 International Congress of Physiological Sciences
1967 Box 7

Pappenheimer, John R.

 International Congress on Photobiology
1953 Box 7

Latarjet, Raymond

 International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy
1964-1967, 1987 Box 7

Poole, Jan B.  -See also Ser.II, same title

 International Organization for Pure and Applied Biophysics
1964, 1966 Box 7

-See also Ser.II, same title

 International Society for Cell Biology
1960-1962 Box 7

-See also Ser.II, same title

 International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics
 2 foldersBox 7

-See also Ser.II, same title

 Folder #1
1966-Apr. 1970 Box 7
 Folder #2
Jun. 1970-1973 Box 7
 Interscience Publishers, Inc.
1941 Box 7
1972-1977 Box 7
 Israel, Vance
1965-1971, n.d. Box 7

-See also Ser.I, Levine, Myron

 Itokawa, Hideo
1953 Box 7
 Jackson, Richard W.
[1945] Box 7
 Jacob, François
1957-1978, n.d. Box 7

Some in French -See also Ser.I, Colloque de Royaumont -See also Ser.I, Wollman, Elie

 Jacobson, A.P.
1982 Box 7
 Jacobson, Leon O.
1965 Box 7
 Jahn, E.C.
1942 Box 7
 Jakob, A.
1950 Box 7
 Jean, Marcel
1961 Box 7
 Jeanes Hospital
1968 Box 7
 Jerne, Niels K.
1961-1962 Box 7
1961 Box 7
 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
1959, 1961 Box 5

Demerec, M.

 Johnson, Frank H.
1941 Box 7
 Jones, Grinnell
1940 Box 7
 Journal de Microscopie
1965-1971 Box 7

some in French

 Journal of Applied Physics
1942-1957 Box 7
 Journal of Bacteriology
1951-1972 Box 7

-See also Ser.I, Luria, Salvador E., 10 Feb. 1972

 Journal of Electronmicroscopy
1960 Box 7
 Journal of Molecular Biology
1965-1973 Box 7

Kaiser, Dale

 Journal of the American Chemical Society
1943 Box 7
 Journal of Ultrastructure Research
1968, 1970 Box 7
 Journal of Virology
1966-1975 Box 7

Kozloff, Lloyd M.

 Jungeblut, Claus W.
1942 Box 7
 Kabrich, W.C.
1941 Box 7
 Kahn, Barbara
1958 Box 7
 Kaiser, Dale
1961, 1982, n.d. Box 7

-See also Ser.I, International Committee on Nomenclature of Viruses -See also Ser.I, Journal of Molecular Biology

 Kalckar, Herman M.
1952 Box 7
 Kaudewitz, F.
1958 Box 7
 Kauffman, George B.
1983-1984 Box 7
 Kaufmann, Berwind P.
1961 Box 7
 Kawabe, Osamu
1962 Box 7
 Kay, Lily E.
1986 Box 7
 Kehler, H.
1960 Box 7
 Keiper, David Allen
1958-1959 Box 7
 Kelemen, Mary V.
1957 Box 7
 Kellenberger, Eduard
1953-1978, n.d. Box 7

-See also Ser.I, Brownstein, Barbara -See also Ser.I, Gordon Research Conferences

 Keller, A.
1959 Box 7
 Kelly, Thomas A.
1968 Box 7
 The Jackson Laboratory
1977 Box 7
 The Johns Hopkins University
1941-1965 Box 7
 The Journal of Cell Biology
1965 Box 7
 The Journal of Chemical Physics
1936, 1938 Box 7
 The Journal of Experimental Medicine
1942-1943 Box 7
 The Journal of General Physiology
1951-1952 Box 7
 Kempner, Ellis Stanley
1952-1953, 1960 Box 8

Biophysical Journal

 Kempton, J.H.
1941 Box 8
 The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
1971 Box 8
 Kennedy, Simon C.
1984-1985 Box 8
 Kilkson, Rein
1962 Box 8
 Kim, Sun Kee
  Box 8

-See Ser.I, Walker, Donald H., Jr.

 Kim, Sung-How
1974 Box 8
 King, E.S.
1943 Box 8
 King, Thomas J.
1971-1973 Box 8
 Kinsbourne, Marcel
1976 Box 8
 Kirkpatrick, Paul H.
1959 Box 8
 Klein, Richard
1960-1961 Box 8
 Kleinschmidt, A.K.
1964-1965 Box 8
 Klimenko, Sergei
1963, 1966 Box 8
 Klug, Aaron
1965 Box 8
 Kluyver, A.J.
1950 Box 8
 Knaysi, Georges
1967 Box 8
 Knight, C.A., Jr.
1941 Box 8
 Knopf, Paul M.
1970-1971 Box 8
 Koch, Arthur L.
1957 Box 8
 Köhler, W.
1960 Box 8
 Kondo, Mansaka
1960 Box 8
 König, H.
1950 Box 8

some in German

 Koprowski, Hilary
1957, 1975 Box 8
 Kornberg, Arthur
1972, n.d. Box 8
 Kozinski, Andrzej W.
1951-1968, n.d. Box 8
 Kozloff, Lloyd M.
1962-1965 Box 8

-See also Ser.I, Journal of Virology

 Kranzberg, Melvin
  Box 8

-See Ser.I, Technology and Culture

 Krimm, Sam
1965-1967, n.d. Box 8

-See also Ser.I, Moody, Michael F.

 Kueppers, Friedrich
1983 Box 8
 Kushmerick, Martin
1961 Box 8
 Lafontaine, Jean G.
1954 Box 8
 LaMer, Victor K.
1941 Box 8

National Research Council. RCA Fellowship

 Lancaster, Wayne D.
1985 Box 8
 Lanni, Frank
1953, 1961, 1966 Box 8
 Lardy, Henry
1941-1942 Box 8
 Lark, Gordon
1953 Box 8
 Larsen, Joseph R.
1964 Box 8

Stay, Barbara

 Latarjet, Raymond
1949-1978, n.d. Box 8

-See also Ser.I, International Congress on Photobiology

 Lauffer, Max A.
1942-1984 Box 8

-See also Ser.I, Advances in Virus Research

 Laven, H.
1953 Box 8
 Lazarow, Arnold
n.d. Box 8
 Lazo, Pedro A.