Elihu Thomson Papers


Date: 1865-1944 | Size: 65 Linear feet, 65 linear feet


An electrical engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, Elihu Thomson was an innovator in electrification in both a technical and corporate sense. With interests that ranged from the technical (electrical meters, high-pressure steam engines, dynamos, generators) to scientific (fused quartz optics, X-rays), Thomson acquired over 700 patents in his career, and in 1882, founded one of the early electrical corporations in the United States, the Thomson-Houston Company, which merged with the Edison Electric Company in 1892 to form the General Electric Company. The Thomson Papers are a massive and nearly comprehensive collection documenting the wide range of Thomson's scientific and technical interestsm from his electrical experiments, inventions, and patents, to his interests in astronomy, geology, and medicine, as well as his role in the development of two major corporations involved in electrification, the Thomson-Houston Electric Company and General Electric Company. Roughly three quarters of the collection is dated between 1890 and 1920 when Thomson was associated with General Electric, and was active in professional groups such as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE), International Electrotechnical Commission. His research interests. The balance of the collection is comprised of eight boxes and five volumes relating to Thomson's patents; a series of notebooks kept at Central High School; 43 letterbooks, 1882-1936; diaries of trips to Europe; notebooks on genealogy; scrapbooks of cards, photographs, clippings, and other souvenirs; and 2 vols. of tributes on his eightieth birthday, etc.

Background note

Elihu Thomson (1853-1937) was an electrical engineer, inventor, business man, and entrepreneur who figured prominently in the development of early electric light and power systems in the United States. During a long career which spanned the 19th and 20th centuries, Thomson acquired over 700 patents involving dynamos, three-phase generators, repulsion induction motors, electric welding, transformers, meters, lamps, railways, and steam engines. Thomson was responsible for pioneering research in alternating currents and high frequency, as well as the first safety standards for electrical work. Additional studies in astronomy, refracting telescopes, optics, and x-rays enhanced his industrial research. Besides his achievements in early electric technology, Thomson made considerable contributions to the professionalization of engineers through his active involvement in organizations such as the Franklin Institute, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and the International Electrical Congress.

Elihu Thomson was born in Manchester, England on 29 March 1853 to Daniel Thomson and Mary Ann Rhodes Thomson. In 1858, the Thomson family moved to the United States and settled in Philadelphia. At the age of thirteen, Thomson entered Philadelphia's Central High School. Upon graduation in 1870, Thomson was offered a position with the school as an instructor in physics. By 1876, he was honored with the chair in chemistry.

In 1880, Thomson resigned from his professorship to enter the electric industry. He moved to New Britain, Connecticut to accept a position as an electrician with the American Electric Company. While employed with American Electric, Thomson developed his electric lighting system and formed the Thomson-Houston Company in 1882. In 1883, the Thomson-Houston works moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, where the great development of Thomson's electric company took place throughout the 1880s. The Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged with the Edison Electric Company of Schenectady, New York to form the General Electric Company in 1892. Major off-shoots of this company grew in Germany, France, and England and helped spread throughout Europe an electric lighting system based on Thomson's patents. Thomson's work was not restricted to the electric manufacturing business; he acted as president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1920 to 1923.

Thomson married his first wife, Mary Louise Peck, in 1884. They had four children: Stuart, Roland Davis, Malcolm, and Donald Thurston Thomson. His first wife died in 1916, and in 1923 he married Clarissa Hovey. Elihu Thomson died on 13 March 1937 after a long illness at his home in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

Scope and content

The Elihu Thomson Papers (1853-1955) contain correspondence, subject files, manuscripts of published and unpublished works, speeches, notebooks, sketches, photographs, certificates, clippings, scrapbooks, and memorabilia which document Thomson's career as an inventor, electrical engineer, and entrepreneur. Thomson's original birth certificate from Manchester, England, is the earliest piece of the collection (1853). Some of the most recent items of the collection, primarily memorial pieces written by Thomson's colleagues and friends, date well after his death in 1937.

The collection spans Thomson's lifetime, with a significant amount of material dating from his high school years in Philadelphia, through his mid-career, and into his final years of retirement in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Thomson's many achievements in the development of late 19th and early 20th century technology as well as his involvement in the growth of the Thomson-Houston companies and the General Electric Company are the primary subjects of this collection.

The correspondence of Series I and II give a full understanding of Thomson's success in presenting his ideas on electricity, astronomy, physics, lightning, fused quartz, scientific education, investments, and patents. Thomson was a remarkably focused person who knew clearly that he was not interested in business administration or management and so removed himself from those elements as they developed from his scientific ideas and inventions. Thomson's work for the General Electric Company, through a combination of his ideas and the enormous professional respect he gained, was done on Thomson's own terms. He apparently did very much as he pleased, and was pleased first to be a scientist.

Thomson had a life-long reputation for kindness, honesty, good manners and charm, although the papers also reveal a kind of curtness in his early years. The papers reflect his privileged status among the corporate, professional and academic leaders of his time. It is not always clear where his activities were GE-related rather than simply the activities of Elihu Thomson the electrical engineer, the scientist, the professional. Added to this, the GE Company itself and Thomson and his professional peers apparently worked without clear boundaries as to where personal/professional interests and corporate interests started and stopped. They wrote about "personal" scientific questions on company letterhead and of course used informal names for professional celebrations, meetings, and congresses.

Consequently, keeping Series I (Professional Correspondence) and II (General Electric Company Correspondence) compartmentalized was a formidable task. These two series must be used together to gain a complete picture of Thomson's life and work, and they also serve as a "mortar," the subjects covered binding together all the other series.

The papers of Series III-XV offer a wide range of topics relating to Thomson's long life and career. His involvement in the development of early electric light and power systems, the growth of the modern research industry, the building of individual businesses, and the professionalization of engineers and their academic institutions is documented in the collection. Detailed information on Thomson's many inventions and patents is preserved through sketches, blueprints, photographs, notebooks, and manuscript comments. These documents involve early dynamos, three-phase generators, electric welding, transformers, meters, lamps, and steam engines. Besides information on Thomson's inventive process, researchers will also find material of note regarding his interests in astronomy, x-rays, and fused quartz optics.

The papers are divided into fifteen series:

Series IProfessional Correspondence(52 boxes; 26 linear feet)
Series IIGeneral Electric Co. Correspondence(38 boxes; 19 linear feet)
Series IIaGeneral Electric Letterbooks(44 volumes)
Series IIISubject Files(7 boxes; 3.5 linear feet)
Series IVPublished Works (manuscripts)(3 boxes; 1.5 linear feet)
Series VUnpublished Works (manuscripts)(2 boxes; 1 linear foot)
Series VISpeeches and Addresses(2 boxes; 1 linear foot)
Series VIIManuscripts and Transcripts of Works by Others(4 boxes; 2 linear feet)
Series VIIINotebooks(4 boxes; 2 linear feet)
Series IXSketches(2 boxes; 1 linear foot)
Series XComments on Patents(4 boxes; 2 linear feet)
Series XIPhotographs(3 boxes; 1.5 linear feet)
Series XIICertificates(1 box; 0.5 linear feet)
Series XIIINewspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks(1 box; 0.5 linear feet)
Series XIVMemorabilia and Ephemera(1 box; 0.5 linear feet)
Series XVMaterial on the Creation of the Collection(2 boxes; 1 linear foot)
A. Correspondence
B. Inventories
Series XVIOversized Materials(2 boxes; 0.5 linear feet)

Materials in oversized box #1 follow the same series arrangement as noted above. If an item is stored in this box, a note appears on the original folder in the standard sized boxes which refers researchers to oversized storage. Two large scrapbooks of Series XIII are located in oversized box #2.

Digital objects note

This collection contains digital materials that are available in the APS Digital Library. Links to these materials are provided with context in the inventory of this finding aid. A general listing of digital objects may also be found here.

Collection Information


The Thomson Papers have come to the APS Library in many accessions. The first group of papers were donated by Thomson's second wife, Mrs. Clarissa Hovey Thomson, after his death in 1937. Soon after, Owen D. Young, Chairman of the Board of General Electric, had Thomson's office files from the Lynn, Massachusetts plant transferred to the APS. Additional material was collected from Thomson's colleagues. Researchers interested in the history of the creation of this collection at the APS Library should see Series XV for further information.

In March of 1985, a second major accession from General Electric came to the APS Library. Approximately 3.5 linear feet, this material was sent from the G.E. Hall of History Foundation in Schenectady, New York. Prior to 1982, the papers had been housed in Thomson's personal office at the West Lynn (Massachusetts) plant. When the West Lynn plant was sold in 1982, the papers were transferred to the G.E. Hall of History. It appears that this second General Electric accession includes material pulled from the papers sent to the APS in 1937-38, due to proprietary interest held by G.E. at that time.

In September of 1980, W. Bernard Carlson of the University of Pennsylvania organized a conference at the APS in which the Thomson Papers were discussed and a planning report for their future arrangement and use was produced. Carlson used the collection heavily for his dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania (entitled Invention, Science, and Business: The Professional Career of Elihu Thomson, 1870-1900, 1984). Carlson subsequently developed this dissertation into a biography (Innovation as a Social Process: Elihu Thomson and the Rise of General Electric, 1870-1900, Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991).

Preferred citation

Cite as: Elihu Thomson Papers, American Philosophical Society.

Processing information

The Thomson Papers were assembled from the various accessions received from his widow, General Electric, and Thomson's colleagues. Some, but not all of this activity is documented in Series XV; additional information can be found in the Planning Report written by Bernard Carlson, in the APS Legal File, which may be requested from the Manuscripts Librarian. The collection was first given the call number B T384, but was reorganized under the call number Ms. Coll. 74.

A few parts of the collection were cataloged in great detail by Gertrude Hess and other staff members of the APS, but for the most part, except for Bernard Carlson's devoted attention to the papers, they remained unprocessed and unusable until 1992, when the collection was removed from its scattered storage sites within the building and reunited under a new call number. Under the supervision of first Elaine McCluskey, then Miriam Spectre and finally Beth Carroll-Horrocks, Library volunteer Charles J. Fitti processed the two correspondence series. Robin Klein reprocessed the correspondence series in 2004-2005.

Separated material

An extensive group of reprints was transferred to Printed Materials.


W. Bernard Carlson, Innovation as a Social Process: Elihu Thomson and the Rise of General Electric, 1870-1900 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991).

David O. Woodbury, Elihu Thomson, Beloved Scientist (Boston: Museum of Science, 1944)

John L. Haney, "The Elihu Thomson Collection," American Philosophical Society Yearbook 1944.

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • Central High School (Philadelphia, Pa.)
  • General Electric Company
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Thomson-Houston Electrical Co.

Personal Name(s)

  • Ayrton, W. E. (William Edward), 1847-1908
  • Barker, George F. (George Frederick), 1835-1910
  • Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 1860-1929
  • Bragg, William Henry, 1862-1942
  • Brashear, John A. (John Alfred), 1840-1920
  • Bush, Vannevar, 1890-1974
  • Coffin, Charles A., Jr.
  • Coolidge, William David
  • Crompton, Robert E.
  • Cutter, George W.
  • De Forest, Lee, 1873-1961
  • Dercum, Francis X. (Francis Xavier), 1856-1931
  • Dunn, Gano, 1870-
  • Edison , Thomas A. (Thomas Alva), 1847-1931
  • Fleming, J. A., Sir (John Ambrose), 1849-1945
  • Greene, Wm. H. (William Houston), 1853-1918
  • Hale , George Ellery, 1868-1938
  • Hewitt, George Watson, 1841-19
  • Jackson, Dugald C. (Dugald Cal
  • Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir, 1877-1946
  • Jeffcott, Henry Homan, d.1937
  • Johnson, Alba Boardman, 1858-
  • Keen, William W. (William Williams)
  • Kennelly, Arthur E. (Arthur Ed
  • Langmuir, Irving, 1881-1957
  • Lovejoy, J. Robert
  • Mallinckrodt, Edward, 1845-192
  • Martin, Thomas Commerford, 185
  • Meadowcroft, William Henry, 18
  • Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin
  • Miller, Dayton Clarence, 1866-
  • Morgan, Charles
  • Mottelay, Paul Fleury
  • Pickering, William Henry, 1858
  • Pratt, Joseph Hyde, 1870-1942
  • Pritchett, Henry S. (Henry Smith), 1857-1939
  • Rawle, Francis
  • Rice, Edwin Wilbur, 1831-1929
  • Riche, George W.
  • Shapley, Harlow, 1885-1972
  • Snyder, Monroe Benjamin, 1848-
  • Spooner, Henry John, 1856-1940
  • Steinmetz, Charles Proteur, 18
  • Stockley, George
  • Stratton, Samuel Wesley, 1861-1931
  • Stuart, George
  • Thompson, Maria M.
  • Thomson, Elihu, 1853-1937
  • Thomson, Silvanus P.
  • Todd, David
  • Whitney, Willis Rodney, 1868-1


  • Astronomy
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electrical experiments
  • Electricity
  • Geology
  • Inventors
  • Machinery, Electrical
  • Quartz optics
  • Steam engines
  • X-rays

Collection overview

Ca. 1870-193752 boxes; 26 linear feet

Letters arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent, mostly corporate correspondents such "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" or "American Institute of Electrical Engineers," but also some under the names of individual correspondents. Within the series are large sections of correspondence with Clarissa Hovey Thomson (Thomson's second wife), and also with John McManus, Jr., [identify]. As with any correspondent who has more than one letter in the series, the correspondence under those names are then arranged chronologically. In the cases where both persons corresponding were someone other than Thomson, both names were noted on the folder. In the cases of letters from institutions the name(s) of the individual representing the institution was also noted on the folder.

 38 boxes; 19 linear feetBox Series II: 1-38

Arranged chronologically, contains materials related to the General Electric Company, but also material concerning the Thomson Houston Electric co., the Welding Co., patents (which were a GE interest) and letters or documents by persons not employed by GE but who somehow contributed to the work of GE. Documentation of scientific clubs by or for GE employees are also in this series, and also correspondence about GE publications. Since Thomson was so often consulted by other scientists and laypersons, it is difficult to distinguish between his work as a GE employee and his "personal" interests, often documented in letters addressed to him (and certainly answered by him) at his GE addresses. Series II also documents cases where the GE Company expressed a direct interest in technical or scientific institutions, meetings, trade congresses, technical terminology, acts of the U.S. Congress, and educational institutions.

Series I and II are accompanied by an index card file that has undergone several procedural changes since it was begun by APS librarians soon after the arrival of the collection. It began as a highly-detailed, item-level catalog for a portion of the letters that are now distributed between the two series, but that level of cataloging was impossible to maintain, and since one series is arranged alphabetically and the other chronologically, it is usually possible for researchers to use the two series together to find correspondents and then specific topics. The card file is also very useful for matching individual correspondents to their affiliated institutions, and since many of the cards contain a one-sentence snopsis of the contents they can help direct researchers to specific dates or correspondents.

Along with Thomson's incoming business correspondence, GE presented to the APS most of Thomson's outgoing business correspondence. Series IIA contains 43 large volumes, of which 28 are letterpress copybooks with hundreds of tissue paper pages while the remaining volumes are bound carbon copies of letters. Thirty-six of the letterbooks form one unbroken series extending from 1887 to 1936, while seven other letterbooks cover various periods from 1882 to 1890. Approximately six of the early volumes (1883-1890) contain only patent applications, interference briefs, and correspondence with the Patent Office. It appears that the series contains nearly all of the letters Thomson wrote while associated with Thomson-Houston and General Electric and perhaps most of the letters related to the American Electric Company.

The early letterpress copy books, especially the patent correspondence volumes, contain copies of Thomson's handwritten letters and notes. Around 1885 Thomson acquired a secretary and a typewriter, so most of the subsequent letters were dictated and typed. Unfortunately, because the chemical transfer process used in the letterpress copybooks occasionally worked poorly, some letters in these volumes are faint. Also, since the bindings of most of the volumes have deteriorated badly, and since the numbering system(s) for the volumes has been inconsistent, researchers should rely on the volume list provided by Charles Fitti, which follows later in this finding aid. Also, please note that Mr. Fitti took as a sample Volume 46 to test the amount of duplication between the documents preserved in the letterbooks and the letters in Series I and Series II. He found that of the 800 pages 30% were duplicated in either Series I or II (10% in Series I; 20% in Series II). Those percentages may vary in other volumes.

1866-19447 boxes; 3.25 linear feet

Material dating primarily from Elihu Thomson's years at Central High School in Philadelphia through the end of his life, although there are several files collected by his wife which date after his death in 1937. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject. Files consist of a variety of materials, such as legal documents, reports, specifications on inventions and patents, blueprints, programs for scientific meetings and events, and miscellaneous manuscript data relating to Thomson's industrial research and personal interests.

Subjects files hold much information regarding Thomson's inventions as well as his studies in astronomy, optics, and x-rays. Many of Thomson's early legal agreements relating to the development of the Thomson-Houston electric companies and the use of his patents have been preserved in this series. These documents trace the growth of Thomson's business concerns and his affiliation with early electric lighting companies such as the American Electric Company. Information on Thomson's involvement with many professional societies for electrical engineers and scientists is available throughout many of the subject files; as an active member of the Franklin Institute, the American Philosophical Society, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Thomson collected much material on their meetings and events.

1869-19323 boxes; 1.5 linear feet

Autograph and typescript drafts, notes, comments, and printers' page proofs. Printed articles, journals, reprints, and photostats have been moved to the Thomson Reprint Collection. Title pages or first pages of this printed material were photocopied onto acid-free Permalife bond paper and included in the manuscript files before the printed material was transferred to the reprint collection. The only printed materials not removed from Series IV are several ephemeral pieces which are extremely fragile due to age.

Manuscripts of Thomson publications are arranged alphabetically by title, and focus on his lifelong interests in electrical systems, welding, astronomy, optics, etc. Many facets of Thomson's professional career and inventions are documented throughout the series. The manuscripts date from Thomson's first published article, "The Triumphs of Science" in his high school paper (1869), to the works published towards the end of his career. Besides manuscripts of papers prepared for publication in scientific journals, this series also contains manuscript drafts of Thomson's many editorial pieces published in both newspapers and journals throughout the country.

Comments by Thomson appear on separate sheets and on the actual manuscripts and evaluate the historical importance of many publications. It appears he was making these notes to a future editor of his biography/bibliography.

1866-19372 boxes; 1 linear foot

School papers, autobiographical essays, poetry, short papers on ideas and inventions, and any works which were not identified as published. These manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by title and date from Thomson's high school years to the end of his life.

Among the many high school papers preserved in this series, probably of most interest is the "Universal Journal." Produced by the Junior Scientific and Literary Society of Central High School in Philadelphia, this journal is primarily written in Thomson's longhand. Other manuscripts of interest in this series include the many short, anecdotal papers written by Thomson about his childhood in Philadelphia and the origins of his studies in the sciences. While most of these papers are autograph manuscripts, some appear to have been dictated to and typed by Thomson's second wife, Clarissa Hovey Thomson. A great deal of these autobiographical papers must have been used by David O. Woodbury in the biography, Elihu Thomson, Beloved Scientist (1944), as the stories are repeated throughout this book.

1870-19332 boxes; 1 linear foot

Manuscript and typescript drafts of speeches, lectures, papers and addresses given by Thomson at meetings of various professional scientific organizations and societies. The series also holds typed transcripts of these talks which were produced after they were given, as well as Thomson's preparatory notes and comments.

The speeches are arranged alphabetically by title. If a speech appeared in print at a later date, the title page of the printed version has been photocopied onto acid-free Permalife bond paper and filed with the manuscript material. The original printed material has been transferred to the Thomson Reprint Collection.

1871-19474 boxes; 2 linear feet

Manuscript and typescript drafts and transcripts of works by Thomson's colleagues and others and is arranged alphabetically by author. This series holds manuscript material both published and unpublished, including papers, reports, journal articles, speeches, and radio addresses. A large portion of the series is biographical, produced by Thomson's friends and colleagues after his death and originally stored in two boxes labeled "Biographical Material." The complete, original manuscript of David O. Woodbury's biography, Elihu Thomson, Beloved Scientist (1944), is preserved in this series as well.

Also of interest are several manuscript and typescript translations of historical works in the field of optics. Produced for Thomson's friend and fellow amateur telescope maker George Wattson Hewitt by Florence C. and Emil P. Albrecht, these translations date ca. 1901 and focus on the works of S. Czapski, J.J. Littow, and L. Schuppmann.

1865-19364 boxes; 2 linear feet

Thomson's high school notebooks from classes taken as a student, some industrial research notebooks, genealogy notebooks, and trip journals. Notebooks are arranged alphabetically by subject, although the folder title does not reflect all the information located in the notebook. Many notebooks contain miscellaneous, random notes regarding other topics. Often these notebooks were labeled on the front cover by Thomson, including his evaluations as to the historical significance of the contents.

Notebooks often appear in a journal or diary page format, although they were not necessarily used as such; often volumes printed as journals were used as notebooks, with no apparent connection between printed dates on pages and manuscript notes. In many cases, blank pages remain throughout the volumes. Miscellaneous diagrams and sketches appear within the text of the manuscript notes. Some of the journals documenting Thomson's travels contain additional notes in the hand of Clarissa Hovey Thomson, his second wife and traveling companion during the later years of his life.

1877-19332 boxes; 1 linear feet

Primarily pencil sketches of inventions and mechanical apparatus on individual sheets of assorted shapes, sizes, and types of paper. For the most part, sketches remain in Thomson's original order, as found in his filing cabinets. These sketches are arranged alphabetically by general subject headings and then chronologically within each file. In many cases, these sketches are only identified by date, without any other description. For this reason, they remain under Thomson's general subject headings, as they have not been identified any further. Other individual sketches are filed by subject when they have been identified. Occasional Thomson manuscript notes on specifications for patents appear on the sketches.

Several files of sketches by E.W. Rice, Jr., fellow inventor and business associate of Thomson, exist in a general chronological arrangement; most of these sketches are not identified by subject, but were found within a file labeled with Rice's name. Many of these sketches seem to have Thomson's manuscript notation on them and suggest collaboration between the two. Other sketches which appear to have been executed in conjunction with colleagues are identified by various signatures and initials.

 4 boxes; 2 linear feet

Thomson's manuscript comments and notes on his patents. Originally bound in five volumes, comments are now arranged chronologically (by date patent was issued) on individual 8" x 10" sheets of paper. Each patent comment appears on a single page which has been laminated with Japanese tissue and is filed in a separate folder. Patents have been assigned identifying numbers which appear at the top of each patent comment and on a typescript list which duplicates the chronological arrangement of the series. This list is located in Box 1, Folder 1. Folders 2-4 in Box 1 contain typescript versions of the manuscript patent comments, and also follow the same chronological arrangement of the series (these typescripts exist for "vols. II-V;" "vol. I" is missing).

In these patent comments, Thomson describes and evaluates each invention, often detailing the slight variations and improvements in newer versions. Thomson continued to work on some devices for years; consequently, he held many patents for mechanical apparatus such as dynamos, electric lighting systems, meters, and lamps. Initials at the top of each patent comment sheet appear to refer to the individuals, often besides Thomson, who worked on the patent. Edwin J. Houston and E.W. Rice, Jr. most often appear as collaborators on these inventions.

Only three patent certificates issued to Thomson by the United States Patent Office have been preserved in this collection. They date ca. 1879 and are filed in Series XII, Certificates.

1866-19443 boxes; 1.5 linear feet

Black and white photographs in various sizes, organized alphabetically by subject or last name and then chronologically within each file. Besides early 20th century prints, several 19th century formats exist in this series as well, including albumen and cyanotype prints. Dates on the folders often reflect the date of the image, not when the photograph was taken, as this was sometimes the only date recorded on the photograph. Negatives can be located in this series as well; if a negative exists within a folder, [neg.] has been indicated after the folder title.

Photographs are often those of Thomson, family members, professional associates, events, and places. Many photographs of Thomson's inventions and miscellaneous mechanical apparatus are filed in this series as well. A typed description of the device often appears on the photograph, with a date reflecting the year of invention, not when the photograph was taken. Other photographs of interest include those taken by Thomson as a hobby.

F8.54.1 Instrument
undatedSize: 20 x 13 cm. Format: 1 photoprintLH-B-33
1917Size: mounted 14.5 x 12.5 cm. Format: 1 photoprintLH-B-33
1899Size: image 26.5 x 20.5 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33
1899-19371 boxes; 0.5 linear feet

Certificates which recognize Thomson's membership or election to many professional scientific organizations throughout his career. Certificates are arranged alphabetically by organization title. Also of interest in this series are three patent certificates issued to Thomson by the U.S. Patent Office.

1866-19551 box; 0.5 linear feet

Individual clippings arranged alphabetically by subject and scrapbooks of collected clippings (#1-4). Clippings have been photocopied onto acid-free Permalife bond paper; copies were filed and original clips were discarded due to brittleness. Topics of clippings include obituaries (of Thomson and colleagues), wedding announcements for Thomson's second marriage, and miscellaneous biographical information on Thomson and his career.

Scrapbooks primarily contain newspaper clippings, although a small amount of memorabilia and photographs exists within the scrapbooks as well. Some of the clippings in these scrapbooks are duplicates of individual clippings which have been filed by subject. For the most part, the scrapbooks follow a general chronological arrangement. For conservation purposes, these scrapbooks will be microfilmed in the future.

1853-19461 boxes; 0.5 linear feet

Miscellaneous items collected by Thomson, his wife, and the original organizers of this collection at the APS. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject or name of item. Several pieces of interest in this series date from Thomson's youth, including his birth certificate (1853) and his Philadelphia Central High School commencement program (1870).

ca. 1937-19432 boxes; 1 linear foot

Comprised of two subseries. Subseries A contains correspondence generated during the APS Library's attempt to collect Thomson letters from his colleagues after his death. It was the intention of those involved to create the most complete collection of Thomson papers possible; this meant writing to a great many prominent scientists and engineers across the country, asking them to donate any Thomson letters they may have received from him during his lifetime. Major correspondents of this series include Gertrude D. Hess, Assistant Librarian of the APS; Clarissa Hovey Thomson, widow; Roland S. Morris, APS President; Owen D. Young, Chairman of the Board of the General Electric Company; and John A. McManus, Thomson's longtime secretary at General Electric. Correspondence has been placed in five file folders and remain in its original, semi-chronological arrangement.

Subseries B holds inventories of manuscripts which were produced as the papers were donated. Several of these inventories record the various shipments of papers as they were received from Thomson's widow at their home in Swampscott, Mass. Other inventories were created as the initial processing of the professional correspondence occurred ca. 1937-38.

Both the correspondence and inventories of Series XV offer a great deal of information on the provenance and initial organization of the Thomson Papers at the APS Library.

ca. 1937-19436 FoldersBox Series XV-1
ca. 1937-19434 FoldersBox Series XV-2

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Professional Correspondence
Ca. 1870-193752 boxes; 26 linear feet

Letters arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent, mostly corporate correspondents such "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" or "American Institute of Electrical Engineers," but also some under the names of individual correspondents. Within the series are large sections of correspondence with Clarissa Hovey Thomson (Thomson's second wife), and also with John McManus, Jr., [identify]. As with any correspondent who has more than one letter in the series, the correspondence under those names are then arranged chronologically. In the cases where both persons corresponding were someone other than Thomson, both names were noted on the folder. In the cases of letters from institutions the name(s) of the individual representing the institution was also noted on the folder.

 Aaron, Barney
19152 itemsBox Series I-1
 Abakanowicz, B. Abdank
18941 itemBox Series I-1

Processing information: Original folder had date of 1915. Correct date is 1894. Bruno Abdank-Abakanowicz died in 1900.

 Abbot, C. G.
1917-19272 itemsBox Series I-1

Smithsonian Institution

 Abbott, Gordon
19166 itemsBox Series I-1

Old Colony Trust Co.

 Abrahams, B. A.
1888-18892 itemsBox Series I-1
 ABSE Bros.
19211 itemBox Series I-1
 Academie Française and Academie Des Beaux-Arts
19161 itemBox Series I-1
 Academy of Natural Sciences. Peary Relief Committee
18921 itemBox Series I-1
 Academy Round Table
19291 itemBox Series I-1
 Acetylene Speciality Co.
19061 itemBox Series I-1
 Acheson, Edward G.
1907-19315 itemsBox Series I-1
 Acheson, E. G., Jr.
19311 itemBox Series I-1
 Acheson, E. G., Mrs.
19311 itemBox Series I-1
 Adams, Comfort A.
1903-19189 itemsBox Series I-1
 Adams, Edward D.
1923-19298 itemsBox Series I-1
 Adams, William Crittenden
19121 itemBox Series I-1

Union Mortgage Co.

 Adirondack League Club
1902-19209 itemsBox Series I-1
 Adkins, Ernest L.
19041 itemBox Series I-1
 Aeolian Co.
1916-19296 itemsBox Series I-1
 Aerial League of America
19173 itemsBox Series I-1
 Aero Club of America
19101 itemBox Series I-1
 Agassiz, G.R.
1906-19266 itemsBox Series I-1
 Agnew, P. G.
1916-19324 itemsBox Series I-1

Bureau of Standards

 Aitken, E. S.
19133 itemsBox Series I-1

Trenton Potteries Co.

 Akademja Gornicza W. Krakowie
19271 itemBox Series I-1

(Electrotechnical Inst. Of the Mining Academy

 Alabama Polytechnic Institute
18911 itemBox Series I-1
 Alaska Consolidated Copper Company
1911-191411 itemsBox Series I-1
 Alaska Copper Corporation
1913-192012 itemsBox Series I-1
 Alaska Copper Development Syndicate
1915-19193 itemsBox Series I-1
 Alaska Copper Equipment Syndicate
19141 itemBox Series I-1
 Albanese, G.S.
19271 itemBox Series I-1
 Alden, George I.
19161 itemBox Series I-1

The Norton Co.

 Alexander, Harry
19032 itemsBox Series I-1
 Alexander, M. W.
1903-193116 itemsBox Series I-1

See also: National Industrial Conference Bd.

 Alexander, Peter P.
19221 itemBox Series I-1
 Algonquin Club
1902-19082 itemsBox Series I-1
 Allen, C. E.
19091 itemBox Series I-1
 Allen, Charles R.
1912-19132 itemsBox Series I-1

Massachusetts Board of Education

 Allen, Frank
18991 itemBox Series I-1
 Allen, Fred C.
18991 itemBox Series I-1
 Allen, H. W.
19002 itemsBox Series I-1
 Allen, James E.
19091 itemBox Series I-1
 Allen, John
19091 itemBox Series I-1
 Allen, L. B.
18971 itemBox Series I-1
 Alley, Alonzo
19042 itemsBox Series I-1
 Altoona Mechanic's Library
18921 itemBox Series I-1

From Chas B. Dudley, Pennsylvania Railroad Co.

 Aluminum World and Brass and Bronze Industries
18991 itemBox Series I-1
 Ambler American Asbestos Shingle & Sheathing Co.
19311 itemBox Series I-1
 Amend, Otto P.
1927-19282 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1888-193524 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Academy of Physiotherapy
19254 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Academy of Political and Social Science
1908-19255 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Agency for Hachette & Company
18941 itemBox Series I-1

Carl Schoenof

 American Association For The Advancement of Science
1897-193323 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Association of Electrotherapeutics and Radiology
19191 itemBox Series I-1
 American Association of Engineers
19281 itemBox Series I-1
 American Association of Inventors and Manufacturers
1891-190227 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Association of Labor Legislation
19111 itemBox Series I-1
 American Association of Mechanical Engineers- Boston Section
19201 itemBox Series I-1
 American Association of Museums
1925-19282 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf
19112 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Astronomical Society
1933-19343 itemsBox Series I-1
 American Automobile Club
19021 itemBox Series I-1
 American Automobile Directory
19011 itemBox Series I-1
 American Baptist Home Mission Society
18911 itemBox Series I-2
 American Bell Telephone Company
18932 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Blower Company
19141 itemBox Series I-2
 American Blue Book
1913-19213 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Button Fastener Company
1891-18923 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Ceramic Society
19312 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Chemical Society
1899-193223 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Colleges and Universities
19051 itemBox Series I-2
 American Congress of Radiology
19335 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Construction Council
19221 itemBox Series I-2
 American Council of Learned Societies
19201 itemBox Series I-2

Louis H. Gray

 American Council on Education
19331 itemBox Series I-2
 American Cyanamid Company
1916-19173 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Defense League
19161 itemBox Series I-2
 American Defense Society
19172 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Economic Association
1911-19123 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Electric Light Association
19061 itemBox Series I-2
 American Electrical War Committee for France
1917-19187 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Electrical Works
1897-19003 itemsBox Series I-2

Eugene F. Phillips

 American Electrician
1896-18989 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Electrochemical Society
1903-192812 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Electro-Therapeutic Association
1894-192939 itemsBox Series I-2

See also: Clarence Edward Skinner

 American Forestry Association
1906-19208 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Free Art League
19062 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Geographical Society of New York
19121 itemBox Series I-2
 American Institute
1929-19312 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1889-189743 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1898-189934 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1990-190239 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers [Event honoring Marconi]
19021 itemBox Series I-2

Elihu Thomson Characterization

 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1903-190638 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1907-190923 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1910-191236 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1913-191643 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1917-192234 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1923-193740 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Lynn Section
1914-191710 itemsBox Series I-2

G.M. Campbell

 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Pittsfield Section
1910-19137 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Schenectady Section
1909-191615 itemsBox Series I-2
 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Standards Committee
1898-191916 itemsBox Series I-2
 American International Corporation
19211 itemBox Series I-3
 American Journal of Roentgenology and Radium Therapy
19322 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Journal of Science
19001 itemBox Series I-3
 American Law List
19111 itemBox Series I-3
 American Lead Pencil Company
19091 itemBox Series I-3
 American Legion
1922-19313 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Library Association
18981 itemBox Series I-3
 American Loan and Trust Company
18993 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Machinist
19022 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Manual Training Association
18962 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Metric Association
19172 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Museum of Natural History
1906-19347 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Museum of Safety
19131 itemBox Series I-3
 American Museum of Safety Devices and Industrial Hygiene
19081 itemBox Series I-3
 American Philosophical Society
1876-192628 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Philosophical Society
1927-192934 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Philosophical Society
1930-193920 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Physical Society
1900-193828 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Physical Therapy Association
19311 itemBox Series I-3
 American Press Association
18972 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Projectile Company
18923 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Publishing Company
19021 itemBox Series I-3
 American Rights League
19161 itemBox Series I-3
 American School of Correspondence
1902-19083 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Smelting and Refining Company
1906-19153 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Society of Civil Engineers
1893-19304 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Society of the French Legion of Honor
19322 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1893-192430 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1928-193526 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Society for Testing Materials
19311 itemBox Series I-3
 American Street-Railway Association
18921 itemBox Series I-3
 American University Magazine
18984 itemsBox Series I-3
 American Watch Tool Company
19021 itemBox Series I-3
 American Welding Society
1930-193613 itemsBox Series I-3
 American X-Ray Journal
1897-18984 itemsBox Series I-3
 Amerland, W.H.
1913-19145 itemsBox Series I-3
 Ames, C.K.
19223 itemsBox Series I-3
 Ames, J.S.
1913-19204 itemsBox Series I-3
 Amesbury, Ivon C.R.
19032 itemsBox Series I-3
 Amstutz, N.S.
18972 itemsBox Series I-3
 Amusement Age
19331 itemBox Series I-3
 Anderson, Godfry
19051 itemBox Series I-3
 Anderson, Joseph
18911 itemBox Series I-3
 Anderson, Robert
18921 itemBox Series I-3
 Anderson, Stewart
19211 itemBox Series I-3
 Anderson, Walter
19361 itemBox Series I-3
 Andrews, George F.
19331 itemBox Series I-3
 Andrews, H.L.
19311 itemBox Series I-3
 Andrew J. Lloyd Company
19221 itemsBox Series I-3


 Andrews, John B.
1910-19111 itemBox Series I-3
 Andrews, W.S.
1899-19277 itemsBox Series I-3
 Animal Rescue League
19171 itemBox Series I-4
 Anthony, Alys S.
19151 itemBox Series I-4
 Anthony, James S.
1902-191414 itemsBox Series I-4
 Anthony, William A.
1887-18976 itemsBox Series I-4
 Antioch College
19211 itemBox Series I-4
 Antonio Alzate Society - Mexico
18981 itemBox Series I-4
 Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics
1891-19203 itemsBox Series I-4
 Archibald, James F.J.
19111 itemBox Series I-4
 Arctowska, Jane
19161 itemBox Series I-4
 Arctowski, Henryk
19171 itemBox Series I-4
 Argus Pressclipping Bureau
19302 itemsBox Series I-4
 Argyle Publication Company, Inc.
19201 itemBox Series I-4
 Arkwright Mutual Fire Insurance Company
1911-19213 itemsBox Series I-4
 Arms Conference Special
19211 itemBox Series I-4
 Armstrong, A. H.
1908-19094 itemsBox Series I-4
 Arnold Arboretum
19211 itemBox Series I-4
 Arnold, Bion J.
1908-19103 itemsBox Series I-4
 Arnot, Mr. & Mrs.
19021 itemBox Series I-4

Picture postcard

 Arthur's Patent Exhibition
19031 itemBox Series I-4
 Aspinwall Hotel
19082 itemsBox Series I-4
 Associated Advertising Agency
19321 itemBox Series I-4
 Associated Factory Mutual Insurance Company
1906-19146 itemsBox Series I-4
 Associated Industries of Massachusetts
19295 itemsBox Series I-4
 Association Against the Prohibition Amendment
19221 itemBox Series I-4
 Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
1902-193039 itemsBox Series I-4
 Association des Ingenieurs Electriciens sortis de l'Intstitut Montefiore
18932 itemsBox Series I-4
 Association of International Patentees, Inc.
1930-19312 itemsBox Series I-4
 Association of Iron & Steel Electrical Engineers
19222 itemsBox Series I-4
 Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana
18972 itemsBox Series I-4
 Astrological Research Society
19152 itemsBox Series I-4

Frank Theodore Allen

 Astronomical and Astrophysical Society of America
19101 itemBox Series I-4
19311 itemBox Series I-4
 Atkinson, Edward
18931 itemBox Series I-4
 Atkinson, W. J.
19011 itemBox Series I-4

St. Louis Exposition

 Auchouy, William A.
18911 itemBox Series I-4
 Audem. Herbert W.
18991 itemBox Series I-4
 Audiffren Refrigerating Machine Company
19132 itemsBox Series I-4
 Audobon Society
19311 itemBox Series I-4
 Austin, George L.
18911 itemBox Series I-4
 Austin, O. P.
1907-19124 itemsBox Series I-4
 Australia- Postmaster General's Department
19041 itemBox Series I-4
1899-19005 itemsBox Series I-4
 Automobile Magazine
18994 itemsBox Series I-4
 Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America
19131 itemBox Series I-4
 Automobile Club of America
1900-19127 itemsBox Series I-4

See also Field, C. J.

 Automobile Legal Association
19091 itemBox Series I-4
 Automobile Owners Association
19081 itemBox Series I-4
 Automobile Review
19001 itemsBox Series I-4
 Automobile Topics
19001 itemBox Series I-4
 Axtell-Rush Publishing Company
19051 itemBox Series I-4
 Ayer, J. M.
18911 itemBox Series I-4
 Ayer, Jas. I.
18921 itemBox Series I-4
 Ayer, N. W & Son
19301 itemBox Series I-4
 Ayers, Kreigh B.
19074 itemsBox Series I-4
 Ayrton, W. E.
1895-193012 itemsBox Series I-4
 Babbitt, Seward
19121 itemBox Series I-4
 Babcock, A. H.
19211 itemBox Series I-4
 Bach, Henry C.
18921 itemBox Series I-4
 Badger, Richard G.
1917-19212 itemsBox Series I-4
 Badt, F. B.
18912 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baekeland, H.
1916-19226 itemsBox Series I-4
 Bailey, D. D.
18982 itemsBox Series I-4
 Bailey, S. I.
1915-19216 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baker, Alfred E.
19132 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baker, Frederick A.
19322 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baker, I. F.
19081 itemBox Series I-4
 Baker, Joseph B.
1903-19083 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baker, Leslie Stewart
19291 itemBox Series I-4
 Balch, Frank
1898-18994 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baldwin, H. S.
1912-19285 itemsBox Series I-4
 Baldwin, Stephen W.
18961 itemBox Series I-4
 Balfour, Arthur James
19111 itemBox Series I-4
 Balger, J.
19021 itemBox Series I-4
 Ballou, William H.
19014 itemsBox Series I-4
 Bancroft, Hubert H.
18981 itemBox Series I-4
 Bancroft, Hugh
19321 itemBox Series I-4
 Bancroft, William A.
19051 itemBox Series I-4
 Bange, Charles H.
19301 itemBox Series I-4
 Banker, L. G.
19291 itemBox Series I-4
 Banker's Electric Protective Company
18972 itemsBox Series I-4

A. L. Deane

 Barbour, R. P.
1903-19057 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barbour, Thomas
19283 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barclay Brothers
19047 itemsBox Series I-5

Personal Photograph

 Bard, Frederic B.
19191 itemBox Series I-5
 Barker, George F.
1897-190710 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barker, Jesse J.
18932 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barker, Ray Stannard
19012 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barker & Starbird
18911 itemBox Series I-5
 Barnard, A. E., Jr.
19041 itemBox Series I-5
 Barnard, Eugene E.
18911 itemBox Series I-5
 Barnard, E. E.
19082 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barnes, A. S.
19032 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barnes, E. A.
19231 itemBox Series I-5
 Barnes, H. H., Jr.
1912-19136 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barnwell Foundation, Mary Gaston
19221 itemBox Series I-5
 Barrett, George F.
19301 itemBox Series I-5
 Barrett, Robert E.
19261 itemBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1910-191115 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
191237 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1913-191530 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
191621 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
191719 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
191826 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1919-192126 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1922-192322 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1924-192527 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
192619 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barringer, D. M.
1927-193330 itemsBox Series I-5
 [Barringer], Richard
1920-19239 itemsBox Series I-5
 Barry, Charles E.
18921 itemBox Series I-5
 Barstow, George E.
19131 itemBox Series I-6
 Barstow, W. S.
1901-190710 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bartlett, C. A.
18931 itemBox Series I-6
 Bartlett, J. S.
18964 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bartlett, John
19311 itemBox Series I-6
 Bartlett, Lawrence V.
19251 itemBox Series I-6
 Bartlett, S. L.
19084 itemsBox Series I-6
 Barton, George H.
19313 itemsBox Series I-6
 Barton, S. A.
1892-190215 itemsBox Series I-6
 Barcus, Carl
1902-19192 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bascom, Joseph D.
19075 itemsBox Series I-6
 Baskerville, William F.
18931 itemBox Series I-6
 Bassett, Mr.
19001 itemBox Series I-6

Boston Automobile Club

 Bassett, N. C.
1893-18993 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bastian, J. Harold
1933itemsBox Series I-6
 Batchelder, Robert
19072 itemsBox Series I-6
 Batcher, Ralph R.
19161 itemBox Series I-6
 Bates, Charles Austin
19111 itemBox Series I-6

Fidelity Bond & Mortgage Co.

 Bates, Clark
18942 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bates, F. C.
19051 itemBox Series I-6
 Bates, George T.
18911 itemBox Series I-6
 Batterman, John J.
1925-19302 itemsBox Series I-6
 Battles, [ ]
18911 itemBox Series I-6
 Bauer, K. A.
19331 itemBox Series I-6

Carl Zeiss, Inc.

 Baush & Lomb
19052 itemsBox Series I-6
 Baxter, Gregory P.
19181 itemBox Series I-6
 Bay State Broadcasting Corporation
19321 itemBox Series I-6

Station WAAB

 Beach, Edward S.
19011 itemBox Series I-6
 Beach, R. H.
19311 itemBox Series I-6
 Beal, B. L.
19081 itemBox Series I-6

Boston Transit Commission

 Beals, Erl V.
19012 itemsBox Series I-6
 Beaman, I. M.
19021 itemBox Series I-6
 Beard, A. W.
18931 itemBox Series I-6
 Beardsley, C. R.
19101 itemBox Series I-6
 Beatty, Charles A.
19131 itemBox Series I-6
 Beckwith, H. T.
19111 itemBox Series I-6
 Bedell, Frederick
1893-192810 itemsBox Series I-6
 Beechlyn, John T.
19321 itemBox Series I-6
 Behrend, B. A.
1901-19193 itemsBox Series I-6
 Behrman, Martin
19141 itemBox Series I-6

State of Louisiana

 Bell, Alexander Graham
19161 itemBox Series I-6
 Bell, George & Sons
1907-19333 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bell, Louis
1891-19192 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bellevue- Stratford Hotel
1904-19243 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bellows, Charles
19021 itemBox Series I-6
 Bemis, Albert Farwell
19331 itemBox Series I-6
 Benjamin, I.
19051 itemBox Series I-6
 Benjamin, Park
18922 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bennett. Edward
19191 itemBox Series I-6
 Bennett, Ell C.
1912-19169 itemsBox Series I-6

The Jovian Order

 Bennett, Frederick S.
19281 itemBox Series I-6
 Bensman, David A.
19301 itemBox Series I-6
 Benson, Frank W.
1927-19285 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bent, J. E.
19102 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bentley, E. M.
1894-18992 itemsBox Series I-6
 Beran, Theodore
1900-19012 itemsBox Series I-6
 Berg, Ernest J.
1902-191010 itemsBox Series I-6
 Berg, Eskil
19112 itemsBox Series I-6
 Berring, Frank W.
19111 itemBox Series I-6
 Berry, B. J.
18922 itemsBox Series I-6
 Berry, Edward R.
1929-19322 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bialla Fine Oil Paintings
18921 itemBox Series I-6
 Bibber, Harold W.
19201 itemBox Series I-6
 Bicknell, Alfred
19011 itemBox Series I-6
 Bidwell, D. H.
18941 itemBox Series I-6
 Bigelow, Frank H.
18922 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bigelow, R. P.
19131 itemBox Series I-6
 Bigelow, T. C.
19061 itemBox Series I-6
 Bigelow, William Sturgis
1916-192216 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bill, George E.
19031 itemBox Series I-6
 Billings, E.
19151 itemBox Series I-6

Treasury Department

 Billings, Harriet
19011 itemBox Series I-6
 Binger, Carl A. L.
19271 itemBox Series I-6
 Birchard, [Aron] W.
19141 itemBox Series I-6
 Birtwell, Charles W.
19021 itemBox Series I-6
 Biseinus, E. A.
18921 itemBox Series I-6
 Bishop of Massachusetts
19221 itemBox Series I-6
 Bissen, George H.
19131 itemBox Series I-6
 Bixby, W. K.
19091 itemBox Series I-6
 Black, Dugald
19331 itemBox Series I-6
 Blackiston's Son & Company
19061 itemBox Series I-6
 Blackwell, F. O.
1894-19083 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blake, Francis
1899-19076 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blake, George F. Manufacturing Company
18982 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blake, L. L.
19322 itemsBox Series I-6
 Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor
19071 itemBox Series I-6
 Bliss, G. S.
19051 itemBox Series I-6
 Bliss, Philip E.
19311 itemBox Series I-6
 Blodgett, George R.
18951 itemBox Series I-6
 Blodgett, George W.
1902-19048 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blondel, Andre
1912-193710 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blondel, M. A.
18963 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blood, J. B.; Company
19301 itemBox Series I-6
 Blood, John Balah
19043 itemsBox Series I-6
 Blood, W. H.
19061 itemBox Series I-6
 Blume, Louis F.
19101 itemBox Series I-6
 Board of Selectmen
1920 Box Series I-7
 Boardman, H. D.
19023 itemsBox Series I-7

Mechanics National Bank

 Bodde, Theodore
19285 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bode, J.C. P.
19331 itemBox Series I-7
 Bofus, Arthur D.
19221 itemBox Series I-7
 Bogigian, H.
18921 itemBox Series I-7
 Bogle, James J.
18991 itemBox Series I-7
 Bohm, L. K.
1891-18972 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boit, Robert A.
19075 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bolles, Frank
1902-19032 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bonbright, William P. Company
1908-19167 itemsBox Series I-7
 Booher, James M.
19142 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bookmiller, E.
19111 itemBox Series I-7
 Bookwalter, A.
19091 itemBox Series I-7
 Boos, B. F.
19111 itemBox Series I-7
 Booth, Garrett & Blair
19101 itemBox Series I-7
 Bonner, Arthur
19042 itemsBox Series I-7
 Borden, Howard B.
19301 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston and Albany Railway
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston American
19121 itemBox Series I-7

Charles Perry

 Boston Architectural Club
18931 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Chamber of Commerce
19221 itemBox Series I-7

Ralph Goodwin

 Boston Children's Aid Society
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston, City of
19212 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Daily and Sunday Globe
18911 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Electric Club
1891-18923 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Elevated Railway
19305 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Herald
1892-19316 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston and Maine Railway
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company
18912 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston News Bureau
1900-19303 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Post
1914-19202 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Press Club
1911-19264 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston and Revere Beach Railway
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Rotary Club
19291 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Society of Architects
19131 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Society of Civil Engineers
1891-19305 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Society of Medical Improvement
18961 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Society of Natural History
1923-19303 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boston Stock Exchange
18921 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Sunday Post
19291 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Tercentenary Committee
19301 itemBox Series I-7
 Boston Woven Hose Rubber Company
19211 itemBox Series I-7

J. Newton Smith

 Boston Young Men's Christian Association
19051 itemBox Series I-7
 Bostonian Society
19342 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boucherot, P.
19281 itemBox Series I-7
 Bowditch, Ingersoll
19281 itemBox Series I-7
 Bowen, Charles F.
19091 itemBox Series I-7
19171 itemBox Series I-7
 Bowles, E. L.
19281 itemBox Series I-7

M. I. T.

 Bowman, Joseph H.
19011 itemBox Series I-7
 Bowman, Vivian
19291 itemBox Series I-7
 Bowser, S. F. & Company
19061 itemBox Series I-7
 Boyd, Frederic R. C.
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Boyer, E. E.
1903-19226 itemsBox Series I-7
 Boyer, Sylvester
19281 itemBox Series I-7
 Bracie, D. B.
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Brackett, S. H.
18992 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bradbury, S.
19031 itemBox Series I-7
 Bradley, Samuel R.
1917-19292 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brady, Edw. & Company
19131 itemBox Series I-7
 Bragg, William H.
1929-19369 itemsBox Series I-7
 Branch, Herbert Clinton
19331 itemBox Series I-7
 Brashear, John A.
1911-19186 itemsBox Series I-7
 Bray, A. A.
18921 itemBox Series I-7
 Breed, F. W.
18951 itemBox Series I-7
 Breen, E. E.
19001 itemBox Series I-7
 Brehmer, William G.
19291 itemBox Series I-7
 Breitung & Company, LTD.
19171 itemBox Series I-7
 Bremer, Hugo
19021 itemBox Series I-7
 Bridgman, P. W.
1907-191412 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brigham, A.
19181 itemBox Series I-7
 Bright, Sir Charles
19222 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brinkler, John S.
19331 itemBox Series I-7
 Bristol, R. D.
19063 itemsBox Series I-7
 British Association for the Advancement of Science
1930-19315 itemsBox Series I-7
 British Broadcasting Company
19243 itemsBox Series I-7
 British Engineering Standards Association
1925-19312 itemsBox Series I-7
 British Thomson-Houston Company, Ltd.
19261 itemBox Series I-7
 Brodie, J. M.
19171 itemBox Series I-7
 Bromley, Charles H.
19161 itemBox Series I-7
 Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
1891-190210 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brooks, D.
18911 itemBox Series I-7
 Brophy, John J.
1928-19305 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brosby, V. T.
18921 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, Arthur
19171 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, C. E. L.
1901-19054 itemsBox Series I-7
 Brown, C. W.
19321 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, D. A.
18971 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, E. B.
18981 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, Edward H.
18911 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, James A.
19301 itemBox Series I-7
 Brown, J. Stanford
1894-19042 itemsBox Series I-7