Sewall Wright Papers


Date: 1885-1988 | Size: 17 Linear feet


Sewall Wright ranks among the most influential figures in the field of population genetics during the 20th century, and made important contributions to biostatistics, biometrics, and evolutionary theory. These papers contain much of Wright's professional correspondence, scattered research notes, and drafts of a small number of papers.

Background note

One of the pioneers of quantitative genetics and evolutionary biology, Sewall Wright was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, to Philip Green Wright and Elizabeth Quincy Sewall Wright on December 21, 1889. He was, as he was fond of noting, the child of two cousins - the result of inbreeding. From early in his career, Wright contributed to emerging understandings of Darwinian natural selection and Mendelian genetics to lay the groundwork for modern population genetics and the Neo-Darwinian "modern synthesis." He made profound theoretical contributions in the theories of genetic drift and shifting balance, and was equally important in analyzing problems in the relationship of genotype and phenotype, biometrics, and biostatistics.

The hallmark of Wright's scientific work was his ability to combine experimental and theoretical approaches, and to apply novel mathematical and statistical methods to analyze problems in biology. Many of his theoretical insights took years to prove empirically, and others were so computationally intensive that they could not easily be tackled in the pre-computer era, but his influence, along with that of his friend, J.B.S. Haldane, and some-time antagonist, R. A. Fisher, helped reorient the disciplines of evolutionary biology and genetics along more rigorous, quantitive lines.

Wright's professional education began at Lombard College (BS, 1911), now defunct, and the University of Illinois (MS, 1912), from which he gained admission to Harvard. Opting to work on guinea pigs, one of the first groups of animals to be thoroughly studied by geneticists, Wright received his doctorate of science in 1915 for the lucidly-titled dissertation, An Intensive Study of the Inheritance of Color and of Other Coat Characteristics in Guinea Pigs. His choice of topic proved particularly fruitful in landing his first professional position, as Senior Animal Husbandman with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The U.S.D.A. was interested in having the brilliant young geneticist begin to analyze the extensive set of trait records they had gathered for their inbred guinea pig colonies established in 1906, all in the hope of applying the findings to improve livestock breeding. To make the connections between guinea pigs and swine, Wright felt it necessary first to develop a general theory of population genetics, which in turn, he argued, required more powerful and flexible statistical techniques than had previously been used. By 1918, Wright had worked out a new statistical approach, path analysis, which now has wide application in sociology, econometrics, and behavioral genetics, and with this new tool, began investigating some fundamental questions in inheritance and population genetics, delving into the relative influence of heredity and the environment in determining the appearance of traits.

By the early 1920s, Wright's methodological and theoretical approaches had matured, and he later believed that by the time he left the U.S.D.A. for the University of Chicago in 1926, he had developed most of his fundamental ideas about evolutionary processes. His first theoretical paper, the influential "Evolution in Mendelian populations," was written in 1925, though not published until 1931. Among the most controversial and far-reaching of his ideas was the theory of genetic drift, which was as widely misunderstood and misrepresented, according to Wright, as it was widely known, and which was the crux of a long-standing argument in the literature with R.A. Fisher, among others. Based on his findings, Wright suggested that small, random genetic changes ("drift") in small local populations can greatly increase the "field of variability" available for natural selection. The implications for understanding the speciation process and the rates and trajectories of evolutionary change were profound, and although controversial, his theory had a galvanizing influence on evolutionary studies, expanding the range of potential evolutionary mechanisms and invigorating debate over evolutionary mechanics. Although Wright is often said to have presented a "non-Darwinian" model for evolutionary change, he later insisted that what he had provided was instead a means of producing variability upon which the powerful forces of Darwinian natural selection could operate.

At the U.S.D.A. and at the University of Chicago, Wright also began to develop a view of evolution as consisting largely of "occasional shifts" from one state of genetic near equilibrium to another, rather than the progressivist paradigm that had dominated evolutionary studies (maintaining that evolution proceeded by the slow, incremental accumulation of small mutations and concentrating on the fixation of discrete characters). Perhaps more subtly, Wright also insisted upon focussing upon the evolution of "interaction systems" as opposed to isolated traits or organisms in isolation of their populations, laying the groundwork for understanding the evolutionary process as occurring at more than one hierarchically related levels. "An organism," he wrote, "is not a mere aggregation of characters, but a harmonious, tightly integrated entity," implying that this integration was as true at the level of the population as the gene. It would not be overstatement to suggest that Wright's theoretical, statistical, and empirical studies, in interaction with the work of Fisher, Haldane, George Gaylord Simpson, and others, were instrumental in fashioning the Neo-Darwinian synthesis of the 1940s, representing the firm fusion of Mendelian and Darwinian principles, and in galvanizing the macroevolutionary studies of the 1970s and 1980s.

At Chicago, Wright was employed (successively) as Associate Professor of Zoology, Professor, and the Ernest D. Burton Distinguished Service Professor, earning a reputation as a conscientious, demanding, and engaging teacher, who always incorporated the latest available information in his lectures. He also spent visiting years as Hitchcock Professor at the University of California Berkeley (1943) and as Fulbright Professor at the University of Edinburgh (1949-1950).

In 1955, Wright joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin as Leon J. Cole Professor of Genetics, and worked for five years until his "retirement" in 1960. For Wright, though, retirement did not mean a slacking off of research. Virtually until the day of his death at age 98, Wright remained an active participant in the Genetics Department at Wisconsin as Professor Emeritus. Many of the 210 scientific papers he wrote during his career were published after his departure from Chicago -- literally up until the time of his death -- and his magnum opus, the four volume Evolution and the Genetics of Populations (Chicago, 1968-1978), was completed only months before his 90th birthday.

Wright's professional associations were numerous, as were the laurels of his innovative and influential scientific career. He was awarded ten honorary doctorates during his lifetime, was president of five scientific organizations and the recipient of nine medals or prizes, and he held memberships in thirteen scientific societies or national and international organizations. In 1932, he was elected to membership in the American Philosophical Society.

Wright married Louise Lane Williams in 1921, with whom he had three children, Richard, Robert, and Elizabeth Quincy Wright Rose. Louise Wright died in 1975, followed by Sewall on March 3, 1988, in Madison.

Scope and content

The Sewall Wright Papers document the thought and professional activities of one of the 20th century's greatest quantitative evolutionary biologists. Containing Wright's professional correspondence, scattered research notes, and drafts of a small number of papers

Series I.Correspondence, 1931-199127 boxes, 13.5 linear feet
Series II.Manuscripts2 boxes, 1 linear foot
Series IIa.Research data and notes2 boxes, 1 linear foot
Series III.Biographical and autobiographical material0.5 boxes, 0.25 linear feet
Series IIIa.Transcripts of oral history interviews1.5 boxes, 0.75 linear feet
Series IV.Photographs1 box, 0.5 linear feet

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Collection Information


The Wright Papers were initially collected and organized by William Provine for his book, Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology (University of Chicago, 1978), and donated by him to the APS Library in 1988.

Provine had arranged Wright's papers largely by subject, however at the APS the correspondence has been reorganized by correspondent. Records of Provine's arrangement are available.

Preferred citation

Cite as: Sewall Wright Papers, American Philosophical Society.

Separated material

Tape recordings of oral history interviews conducted by William Provine have been transferred to the APS recordings collections.

Related material

The APS collections include the papers of a number of Wright's contemporaries in genetics and evolutionary biology, notably Theodosius Dobzhansky (B D65), Herbert Spencer Jennings (B J44), and George Gaylord Simpson (Ms. Coll. 31).

He appears as a correspondent in several other collections, including A. F. Blakeslee (B B585), Charles B. Davenport (B D27), Milan Demerec (B D394), L. C. Dunn (B D917), Hubert Dana Goodale (B G61), Michael Lerner (B L563), C.C. Li (Ms. Coll. 127), Jack Schultz (Ms. Coll. 27), Curt Stern (Ms. Coll. 5), and Ann Roe (B R621).


Provine, William B., Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1978). Call no.: B W937p.

Genetics Note

This collection contains materials which relate to the history of genetics.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Correspondence (15 folders)1921-1970
American Institute of Biological Sciences Records (5 folders)1950-1963
American Society of Zoologists Records (25 folders)1933-1950
American Statistical Association Records (15 folders)1931-1962
Babcock, Ernest Brown Correspondence (3 items)1924-1946
Beadle, George Wells Correspondence (24 items)1942-1965
Blakeslee, Albert Francis Correspondence (2 items)1936-1940
Cain, Arthur James Correspondence (4 items)1950-1951
Carnegie Institution of Washington Correspondence (7 folders)1921-1949
Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm Correspondence (3 items)1947-1965
Castle, William Ernest Correspondence (28 items)1916-1962
Crow, James F. Correspondence (21 items)1947-1981
Delbruck, Max Correspondence (10 items)1942-1945
Demerec, Milislav Correspondence (24 items)1932-1956
Dobzhansky, Theodosius Correspondence (6 folders)1937-1974
Dobzhansky, Theodisius -- Genetics of natural populations. XVIII experiments on chromosomes of Drosophila pseudoobscura from different geographic regions Manuscripts (28 pages)1948
Dubinin, Nikolai Petrovich -- Work of Soviet biologists - Theoretical genetics Manuscripts (4 pages)n.d.
Dunn, Leslie Clarence Correspondence (59 items)1919-1971
East, Edward Murray Correspondence (4 items)1932-1936
Emerson, Rollins Adams Correspondence (2 items)1939
Ephrussi, Boris Correspondence (6 items)1936-1946
Fisher, Ronald Aylmer Correspondence (10 items)1931-1950
Genetics Records (24 folders)1931-1972
Genetics Society of America Records (22 folders)1931-1950
Glass, Bentley Correspondence (7 items)1950-1955
Goldschmidt, Richard Benedict Correspondence (7 items)1922-1951
Goodale, Hubert Dana Correspondence (6 items)1932-1947
Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson Correspondence (23 items)1919-1968
Heidenthal, Gertrude Correspondence (29 items)1934-1958
Hollaender, Alexander Correspondence (31 items)1948-1960
Lederberg, Joshua Correspondence (3 items)1954-1973
Lerner, Isadore Michael Correspondence (10 items)1932-1952
Lewontin, Richard Charles Correspondence (9 items)1959-1977
Li, Ching Chun Correspondence (28 items)1944-1977
Little, Clarence Cook Correspondence (28 items)1918-1956
Luria, Salvador Edward Correspondence (2 items)1947-1959
Mayr, Ernst Correspondence (7 items)1944-1951
Muller, Hermann Joseph Correspondence (29 items)1928-1967
National Academy of Sciences Records (36 folders)1945-1979
National Research Council Records (21 folders)1931-1973
National Science Foundation Records (13 folders)1952-1981
Neel, James V. Correspondence (5 items)1939-1965
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Records (18 folders)1953-1968
Provine, William B. -- Transcripts of oral history interviews Transcripts (2 boxes)1969-1980
Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory Records (7 folders)1948-1961
Seventh International Congress of Genetics Records (8 items)1936-1937
Shull, George Harrison Correspondence (2 items)1922-1934
Simpson, George Gaylord Correspondence (5 items)1945-1947
Sixth International Congress of Genetics Records (9 folders)1931-1937
Sonneborn, Tracy M. Correspondence (35 items)1943-1952
Stadler, Lewis John Correspondence (21 items)1931-1953
Stalker, Harrison Dailey Correspondence (4 items)1939-1964
Stern, Curt Correspondence (25 items)1932-1967
Sturtevant, Alfred Henry Correspondence (11 items)1934-1948
Timofeeff-Ressovsky, Nikolai W. Correspondence (2 items)1936-1937
University of Chicago Records (28 folders)1927-1947
Wallace, Bruce Correspondence (11 items)1950-1968
Whiting, Phineas W. Correspondence (13 items)1934-1954
Wilson, Edwin Bidwell Correspondence (11 items)1938-1954
Wright, Sewall -- Biographical and autobiographical materials Manuscripts (14 folders)1897-1980
Wright, Sewall -- Research data and notes Manuscripts (2 boxes)1928-1973

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • House Un-American Activities Committee
  • National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)
  • National Research Council (U.S.)
  • University of Chicago

Personal Name(s)

  • Provine, William
  • Wright, Sewall, 1889-1988


  • Evolution (Biology)
  • Genetic algebras
  • Genetics
  • Population genetics

Collection overview

1895-1988 13.5 Linear feet

Incoming and outgoing professional correspondence, with a lesser quantity of administrative and personal correspondence.

The bulk of Wright's professional correspondence concerns discussions, elaborations, or clarifications of his ideas with respect to those of other scientists, or commentary on papers submitted for publication. Wright frequently served as a referee or commentator for professional journals. Among the more interesting correspondence are letters concerned with the social implications of genetic theories and discussions of the relationship of science and politics.

Correspondence relating to Wright's administrative responsibilities date mostly from his years at the University of Chicago, or relate to his work with professional socities. The majority consists of recommendations, elections, candidates for positions or offices, and the definition of institutional goals and agendas. There is also some correspondence relating to honors and awards received by Wright.

Finally, a relatively small number of items are concerned with Wright's philosophical views.

In general, correspondence is filed alphabetically by author, then chronologically by date written. In instances in which letters were written on behalf of an institution, they are filed under the name of the institution rather than the author, per se.

  1 Linear feet

Typewritten, handwritten, and published copies of papers written by Wright, submitted to him for review or comment, or garnered by him in the course of his research. The manuscripts are almost exclusively concerned with Wright's scientific interests, but also include some papers relating to his teaching.

Manuscripts are arranged by author, title, and year of publication, in that order.

1928-1973 1 Linear feet Box Series IIa-1-2

Hand-written notes recording experimental results and statistics, compiled by Wright or others, or the analysis of primary data. In some cases, these notes relate to Wright's efforts to verify; presumably, some computations are applications of Wright's "path analysis," and others relate to his work as referee of other people's papers.

Manuscripts are arranged by author, title, and year of publication, in that order.

1897-1980 0.5 Linear feet Box Series III-1

Fourteen folders containing resumes and outlines of Wright's life and career. Wright wrote detailed genealogical pieces on his family, with extensive commentary on his own life. Includes a published genealogy of the Wright family, and an illustrated booklet writen by Wright during his childhood.

Materials are arranged alphabetically

1969-1980 0.75 Linear feet Box Series IIIa-1-2

Fifty eight folders of interview transcripts, prepared from 52 tape recordings made by William Provine during research for his book, Sewall Wright and Evolutionary Biology.

Manuscripts are arranged by author, title, and year of publication, in that order.

  0.5 Linear feet Box Series IV-1

Images of Wright, his family, and his colleagues. For the images used by William Provine in Sewall Wright and evolutionary biology, Provine's captions have been transcribed on the front of the folders. Charts and diagrams used in Provine's book are also included in this series.

Folders are arranged alphabetically by the subject of the photograph.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Correspondence
1895-1988 13.5 Linear feet

Incoming and outgoing professional correspondence, with a lesser quantity of administrative and personal correspondence.

The bulk of Wright's professional correspondence concerns discussions, elaborations, or clarifications of his ideas with respect to those of other scientists, or commentary on papers submitted for publication. Wright frequently served as a referee or commentator for professional journals. Among the more interesting correspondence are letters concerned with the social implications of genetic theories and discussions of the relationship of science and politics.

Correspondence relating to Wright's administrative responsibilities date mostly from his years at the University of Chicago, or relate to his work with professional socities. The majority consists of recommendations, elections, candidates for positions or offices, and the definition of institutional goals and agendas. There is also some correspondence relating to honors and awards received by Wright.

Finally, a relatively small number of items are concerned with Wright's philosophical views.

In general, correspondence is filed alphabetically by author, then chronologically by date written. In instances in which letters were written on behalf of an institution, they are filed under the name of the institution rather than the author, per se.

 Abbott, Clyde P.
1925 Box Series I-1
 Abbott, W.S.
1924-1926 Box Series I-1
 Abrams, Gordon C.
1956-1957 Box Series I-1
 Abstracts in Anthropology
1970 Box Series I-1

Smith, M. Estelle

 Academic Press, Inc.
1966 Box Series I-1

Iacono, Anthony

 Adair, Fred L.
n. d. Box Series I-1
 Adams, Elliot Q.
1945 Box Series I-1
 Adams, James Ring
n. d. Box Series I-1
 Adelmann, H, B.
1936 Box Series I-1
 Adler, Julius
1966 Box Series I-1
 Advances in Genetics
1945 Box Series I-1

Demerec, M.

 Adkisson, V.W.
1952 Box Series I-1
 Aebischer, M.
1934 Box Series I-1
 Aeurbach, C.
1970 Box Series I-1
 Alderfer, William K.
1962 Box Series I-1
 Aldrich, W.W.
1917 Box Series I-1
 Alexander, Brooke
1961 Box Series I-1
 Alexander, Howard W.
1945 Box Series I-1
 Alexander, Jerome
1941-1949 Box Series I-1
 Allard, R.W.
1965-1971 Box Series I-1
 Allee, W.C.
1927-1954 Box Series I-1


 Allen, Garland E.
1979 Box Series I-1
 Allen, Glover M.
1968 Box Series I-1
 Allen, Gordon
1954 Box Series I-1
 Allen, Sally Lyman
1954-55 Box Series I-1
 Alvarez, Walter C.
1969 Box Series I-1
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1953-77 Box Series I-1

Burhoe, Ralph W.; Davis, Saville

 American Association for the Advancement of Science
1921-197015 foldersBox Series I-1

Subject(s): Genetics of plants; Population genetics; Conferences and symposia; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- 50-year membership; Publication -- Science; Cole, Leon Jacob; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; Committee activities; American Association for the Advancement of Science

 American Association for the Advancement of Science
1949 Box Series I-1
 Bevan, William
1970 Box Series I-1
 Cole, Leon
1921 Box Series I-1
 Du Shane, Graham
1962 Box Series I-1
 Irwin, M. R.
1947 Box Series I-1
 La Rue, George
1934 Box Series I-1
 Mayer, Joseph
1956 Box Series I-1
 Metz, C.W.
1947 Box Series I-1
 Meyerhoff, Howard
1951 Box Series I-1
 Moulton, F.R.
1944 Box Series I-1
 Oppenheimer, Jane M.
1955 Box Series I-1
 Ullman, Morris B.
1962 Box Series I-1
 Valentine, Willard L.
1966 Box Series I-1
 Ward, Henry B.
1933 Box Series I-1
 Wolfe, Dael
1961 Box Series I-1
 The American Biology Teacher
1941 Box Series I-1

Colin, E.C.

 American Cancer Society
1949 Box Series I-1
 American Council of Learned Societies
1955 Box Series I-1

Dictionary of American Biography; James, Edward T.

 American Dental Association
1960 Box Series I-1

Pearlman, Sholom

 American Eugenics Society
1957 Box Series I-1
 American Genetic Society
  Box Series I-1
 American Genetic Society
1954 Box Series I-1
 Bamford, Ronald
1950 Box Series I-1
 Cook, Robert
1932-51 Box Series I-1
 Lake, B, C.
1956-64 Box Series I-1
 American Institute of Biological Sciences
1950-19635 foldersBox Series I-1

Subject(s): Conferences and symposia; Publication; Committee activities; American Institute of Biological Sciences

 Albritton, Errett C.
1950-1952 Box Series I-1
 Freemont-Smith, F.
1961-1963 Box Series I-1
 Hylander, Clarence J.
1952 Box Series I-1
 Meyer, Samuel L.
1952-1953 Box Series I-1
 Shilling, Charles W.
1961 Box Series I-1
 American International Publishers
1922 Box Series I-1

Rommel, George M.

 American Journal of Medical Genetics-Opitz
1978 Box Series I-1

Opitz, John M.

 The American Journal of Human Genetics--Steinberg
1958-60 Box Series I-1

Steinberg, Arthur G.

 The American Journal of Sociology-Blumer
1944 Box Series I-1

Blumer, Herbert

 American Medical Association
1955 Box Series I-1

Freyder, Maydalene

 American Mouse Club
1931 Box Series I-1

Gates, William H.

 The American Naturalist
  Box Series I-1
 Baker, W.K.
1968 Box Series I-1
 Bryson, Vernon
1963 Box Series I-1
 Cattell, J. McKeen (Jacques)
1931-55 Box Series I-1
 Dunn, L.C.
1950-55 Box Series I-1
 La Duke, Frances
1968 Box Series I-1
 Lewontin, R.C.
1969 Box Series I-1
 Sokal, Robert R.
1970-74 Box Series I-1
 Taylor, Randolph Wm.
1944 Box Series I-1
 Wallace, Bruce
1967 Box Series I-1
 Williams, George C.
n.d. Box Series I-1
 American Philosophical Society
  Box Series I-1
 Bell, W.J., Jr.; Shryock, R. H.
1967 Box Series I-1
 Bronk, Detlev W.
1939 Box Series I-1
 Corner, George W.
1962-71 Box Series I-1
 Eisenhart, L. P.
1949-51 Box Series I-1
 Goodspeed, Arthur W.; Miller, John A.
1932-33 Box Series I-1
 McClung, C. E.
1933 Box Series I-1
 Moe, Henry Allen
1961 Box Series I-1
 American Scandinavian Society
1922 Box Series I-1

Creese, James

 American Scientist
1962 Box Series I-1

Gillispie, Mrs. Charles C.

 American Society of Animal Production
  Box Series I-1
 Briggs, H. M.
1949 Box Series I-1
 Cole. L. J.
1933 Box Series I-1
 Craft, W. A.
1931 Box Series I-1
 Hill, J.A.
1932 Box Series I-1
 Hogan, A.G.
1933 Box Series I-1
 Loeffel, J.
1933 Box Series I-1
 Whiting, P.W.
1934 Box Series I-1
1931 Box Series I-1
 American Society of Human Genetics
  Box Series I-2
 Brown, Judith A.; Bloom, Arthur
1980 Box Series I-2
 Dewey, William J.
1961 Box Series I-2
 Gardner, Eldon J.
1956 Box Series I-2
 Herndon, C. Nash
1956 Box Series I-2
 Murphy, Edmund A.
1976 Box Series I-2
 American Society of Naturalists
  Box Series I-2
 American Society of Naturalists
1950 Box Series I-2
 Cole, L. J.
1931 Box Series I-2
 Demerec, M.
1933-1934 Box Series I-2
 Glass, Bentley
1951-1952 Box Series I-2
 Hargitt, George T.
1933 Box Series I-2
 Lillie, Frank R.
1933 Box Series I-2
 Lindstrom, E. W.
1933 Box Series I-2
 Mangelsdorf, Paul C.
1951-1952 Box Series I-2
 Muller, H. J.
1944 Box Series I-2
 Plough, Harold H.
1953 Box Series I-2
 Rhoades, M. M.; Van Niel, Cornelius
1951 Box Series I-2
 Stone, Wilson S.; Weiss, Paul Alfred
1948 Box Series I-2
 American Society of Zoology
1933-195025 foldersBox Series I-2

Subject(s): Zoology; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs -- American Society of Zoologists; Committee activities; Business

 [American Society of Zoology]
[1944-50] Box Series I-2
 Adams, A. Elizabeth
1947 Box Series I-2
 Adelman, H.B.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Allee, W. C.
1944 Box Series I-2
 Brown, F. A.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Coker, R. F.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Danforth, C.H.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Demerec, M.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Domm, L. V.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Executive Committee
1945 Box Series I-2
 Figge, F.H.J.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Goodrich, H.B.
1935 Box Series I-2
 Hamburger, Viktor
1947 Box Series I-2
 Hartmann, C. G.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Hess, W. N.; Executive Committee
1947-49 Box Series I-2
 Hisaw, F.L.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Kempton, R.T.
1947 Box Series I-2
1947 Box Series I-2
 Lillie, F.R.
1944 Box Series I-2
 Minich, D.E.
1946 Box Series I-2
 Nelson, Thurlow G.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Noland, L.E.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Parker, G.H.
1933 Box Series I-2
 Pollister, A. V.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Twitty, V.C.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Zeleny, Charles
1933 Box Series I-2
 American Statistical Association
1931-196215 foldersBox Series I-2

Subject(s): Editorial matters; Business; Publication; Conferences and symposia; Genetics; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics

 American Statistical Association
n. d Box Series I-2
 Berkson, Joseph
1936 Box Series I-2
 Bliss, C. I.
1942 Box Series I-2
 Buros, Oscar K.
1947 Box Series I-2
 Cox, Gertrude; Finnegan, J.K.
1945 Box Series I-2
 Holtzinger, Karl J.
1934 Box Series I-2
 King, W.I.
1931 Box Series I-2
 Kopf, Edwin W.
1931 Box Series I-2
 Mills, Frederick
1934 Box Series I-2
 Miner, John Rice
1944 Box Series I-2
 Ogburn, William F.
1931 Box Series I-2
 Rice, Stuart A
1934 Box Series I-2
 Riley, Donald C.
1961-1962 Box Series I-2
 Ross, Frank A.
1926-1931 Box Series I-2
 Wolman, Leo
1931 Box Series I-2
 Anderson, Allan G.
1950 Box Series I-2
 Anderson, Edgar
1932-1960 Box Series I-2
 Anderson, Mark
n.d. Box Series I-2
 Anderson, Wyatt W.
1976-80 Box Series I-2
 Andervont, H.B.
1964 Box Series I-2
 Andrews, Henry N.
1963 Box Series I-2
 Animal Behavior Society
1968 Box Series I-2

Hirsch, Jerry

 The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
1931 Box Series I-2

Young, Donald

 Annals of Mathematical Statistics
1933-34 Box Series I-2

Carver, H.C.

 Annual Review of Genetics
1965-73 Box Series I-2

Roman, Herschel

 Annual Review of Physiology
1943-45 Box Series I-2

Luck, J, Murray; Harris, Marjorie R.; Davis, Esther

 Appel, Fred W.
1943 -47 Box Series I-2
 Archer, Joyce M.
1973 -79 Box Series I-2

The Rare Varieties Cavy Club

 Argenbright, G. F.
1923 Box Series I-2
 Arrow, Kenneth J.
1974 Box Series I-2
 Asbury, Ken
n.d. Box Series I-2
 Ashbrook, Frank G.
1931-33 Box Series I-2
 Ashby, Eric
1933-45 Box Series I-2

Australian Legation to the USSR

 Ashman, R.B.
1968 Box Series I-2
 Atwooa, Banford S.
1950 Box Series I-2
 Atz, James W.
1950-51 Box Series I-2
 Aunt Bess
1952 Box Series I-2
 Avadhani, K. K.
1971 Box Series I-2
 Avalon Park Auto Rebuilders
1947 Box Series I-2
 Ayala, Francisco J.
1980 Box Series I-2
 Babcock, E. B. (Ernest Brown)
1924-1946 3 item(s) Box Series I-2

Subject(s): Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- National Academy of Sciences; Publication; Mendel, Gregor; Iltis, Hugo

 Bach, Fritz H.
1980 Box Series I-2
 Baggett, Samuel
1922 Box Series I-2
 Baitsell, George A.
1951-53 Box Series I-2
 Bajema, Carl Jay
1979 Box Series I-2
 Baker, A. C.
1924-25 Box Series I-2
 Baker, Lawrence H.
1958 Box Series I-2
 Baker, William K.
1954 Box Series I-2
 Balakrishnan, V.
1978 Box Series I-3
 Ball, Francis M.
1963 Box Series I-3
 Ballenger, E.S.
1931 Box Series I-3

Lillie, F. R.

 Ballonoff, Paul
1973 Box Series I-3
 Ballou, W.H.
1925 Box Series I-3
 Baluch, H.G.
1931-35 Box Series I-3
 Bancroft, T.A.
1951-62 Box Series I-3
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1942 Box Series I-3
 Barigozzi, Claudio
1951 Box Series I-3
 Barrowclough, George F.
1979 Box Series I-3
 Bartelmez, G. W.
1948 Box Series I-3
 Bartky, Walter
1933 Box Series I-3
 Bartlett, J. W.
1937 Box Series I-3
 Bartlett, M.S.
1955 Box Series I-3
 Bartone, John C.
1952 Box Series I-3
 Bateman, A.J.
1948-50 Box Series I-3
 Bates, Ruth
1946 Box Series I-3
 Baxter, Brent
1940 Box Series I-3
 Beadle, G. W. (George Wells)
1942-1965 24 item(s) Box Series I-3

Subject(s): Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Population genetics; Genetics -- Neurospora; Invitations; Lectures, public speaking -- University of California, Berkeley; Conferences and symposia -- American Society of Zoologists; Cytogenetics; Genetics -- Guinea pigs; California Institute of Technology -- Thomas Hunt Morgan memorial; Morgenstern, Oskar; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; Recommendations; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Royal Society (Great Britain); Conferences and symposia

 Beale, Geoffrey
1951-52 Box Series I-3
 Beam, Alexander G.
1978 Box Series I-3
 Beecher, W. J.
1951 Box Series I-3
 Bell, George A.
1930-31 Box Series I-3
 Belling, John
1932-33 Box Series I-3
1946 Box Series I-3
 Bennett, Arthur L.
1978 Box Series I-3
 Bennett, Richard L.
1959 Box Series I-3
 Berg, Raissa
1972-79 Box Series I-3

Astaurou, Boris L.; On the dynamics of the Mutation Process in Man

 Bernet, Frank E.
1963-69 Box Series I-3
 [Bernstein, F.]
1925-26 Box Series I-3
 Bernstein, Felix
1934-43 Box Series I-3
 Bernstein, Marianne E.
1952 Box Series I-3
 Bernstein, Marianne Magnus
1950-51 Box Series I-3
 Bernstein, U.
1940 Box Series I-3
 Berry, George
1946 Box Series I-3
 Berry, Joe
1949 Box Series I-3
 Bessey, Otto A.
1936 Box Series I-3
 Bethe, Hans A.
1970 Box Series I-3
 Bettini, T.M.
1952 Box Series I-3
 Betts, Edwin M.
1955 Box Series I-3
 Bharucha-Reid, A.T.
1955-57 Box Series I-3
 Bhide, Hari S.
1931 Box Series I-3
 Bigelow, Robert
1968-73 Box Series I-3
 Binet, F.E.
1959 Box Series I-3
 Biological Abstracts
  Box Series I-3
 Biological Abstracts
1931-49 Box Series I-3
 Flynn, John E.
1933-49 Box Series I-3
 Hess, Walter N.
1947 Box Series I-3
 Kempton, Rudolf T.
1947 Box Series I-3
 Schramm, J.R.
1931 Box Series I-3
 Biological Society of Washington
1921 Box Series I-3
 Biology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1952 Box Series I-3

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 The Biometric Society
1949-54 Box Series I-3

Bliss, C.I.

  Box Series I-3
 Elston, Robert
1967-70 Box Series I-3
 Pollak, Edward
n. d. Box Series I-3
 Sampford, M.R.
1963-68 Box Series I-3
 Biometrics Bulletin
1945 Box Series I-3

Cox, Gertrude

1967-68 Box Series I-4

American Institute of Biological Sciences; Prescott, David M.

 Birdsell, Joseph B.
1951 Box Series I-4
 Bittner, John J.
1931-32 Box Series I-4
 Blackwell, R. L.
1979 Box Series I-4
 Blake, Charles H.
1946 Box Series I-4
 Blakeslee, Albert Francis
1936-1940 2 item(s) Box Series I-4

Subject(s): Invitations; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Laboratory techniques, equipment

 Blalock, Hubert M.
1970 Box Series I-4
 Bliss, C. I.
1933-45 Box Series I-4
 Bliss, P. dt H.
1950 Box Series I-4
 Bloom, O.
1948 Box Series I-4
 Bloom, William
1968-80 Box Series I-4
 Blow, W.L.
1949 Box Series I-4
 Began, William J.
1934 Box Series I-4
 Bogart, Ralph
1950-60 Box Series I-4
 Bogen, Emil
1931-33 Box Series I-4
 Bohren, B.B.
1944-55 Box Series I-4
 Bohrnstedt, George W.
1967 Box Series I-4
 Bonnier, Gert
1938-54 Box Series I-4

Corrigenda: Evolution

 Boorman, Scott
1973 Box Series I-4
 Botanical Society of America
1952 Box Series I-4

Creighton, Harriet B.

 Bothwick, Thomas Jr.
1932 Box Series I-4
 Bovbjerg, Richard
1955 Box Series I-4
 Bowman, William M.
1923 Box Series I-4
 Box, Joan G.
1968 Box Series I-4
 Boyd, Mossom de G.
1923 Box Series I-4

Black, W. H., Esq.

 Boyd, William C.
1941-47 Box Series I-4
 Boyden, Alan
1944-52 Box Series I-4
 Boyer, Donald A.
1948-49 Box Series I-4

Lysenko, Trokim

 Boyes, J.W.
1958-60 Box Series I-4
 Boyle, Edmund
1980 Box Series I-4
 Braddock, James
1948-72 Box Series I-4
 Braddock, Zora
1949 Box Series I-4

Braddock, Mrs. James

 Bradley, Ralph A.
1960 Box Series I-4
 Braum, Werner
1945 Box Series I-4
 Breeder's Gazette
1919-21 Box Series I-4
 Breland, Keller
1957 Box Series I-4
 Brewer, N.R.
1946 Box Series I-4
 Briggs, Fred N.
1947 Box Series I-4
 Briquet, Raul Jr.
1945-49 Box Series I-4

Mating tables

 Brink, R.A.
1924-53 Box Series I-4
 British Association for the Advancement of Science
1950 Box Series I-4

Hartley, Harold

 Brody, Samuel
1925 Box Series I-4
 Broeck, Carl Ten
1935 Box Series I-4
 Bronk, Detlev W.
1943 Box Series I-4
 Brosseau, George E.
1965 Box Series I-4
 Browman, Ludvig G.
1935-50 Box Series I-4
 Brown, C.
1976 Box Series I-4
 Brown, Clarence F.G.
1937 Box Series I-4
 Brown, Harrison
1952 Box Series I-4
 Brown, Kenneth S.
1954-64 Box Series I-4
 Brown, L.A.
1932 Box Series I-4
 Brown, Meta S.
1959 Box Series I-4
 Brown, Raymond
1920 Box Series I-4
 Brown, William L. Jr.
1967 Box Series I-4
 Bruell, Jan H.
1964 Box Series I-4
 Brues, Alice M.
1963 Box Series I-4
 Brues, Austin M.
1948 Box Series I-4
 Brunet, Peter
1957 Box Series I-4
 Bryan, W.E.
1949 Box Series I-4
 Buchanan, J, William
1932 Box Series I-4
 Buchanan-Smith, A[lick] D.
1933 Box Series I-4
 Buckingham, Guy E.
1943 Box Series I-4
 Buoy, Paul C.
1937 Box Series I-4
 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
  Box Series I-4
 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
1948 Box Series I-4
 Adams, Ruth
1954 Box Series I-4
 Axel, P.
1965 Box Series I-4
 Davies, T. H.
1950 Box Series I-4
 Goldsmith, H. H.
1948 Box Series I-4
 Maculey, Irene
1965 Box Series I-4
 Oppenheimer, J. Robert
1948-54 Box Series I-4
 Poliski, Iris
1962 Box Series I-4
 Rabinowitch, Eugene, Jr.
1952-54 Box Series I-4
 Simpson, John
1948 Box Series I-4
 Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics
1966 Box Series I-4
 Bundgaard, Jorgen
1975 Box Series I-4
 Burch, D.S.
1945 Box Series I-4
 Burdette, Walter, J.
1960-62 Box Series I-4
 Burdus, Russell L.
1921 Box Series I-4
 Bureau of Animal Industry-Bell, G.A.
1917-19 Box Series I-5

Bell, G.A.

 Burgher, John C.
1954 Box Series I-5
 Buri, Peter
1955-56 Box Series I-5
 Burke, W.H.
1956 Box Series I-5
 Burkett, H. Patricia
1963 Box Series I-5
 Burks, Barbara
1927-40 Box Series I-5
 Burnet, Barrie
1960 Box Series I-5
 Burnett, Thommas
1948 Box Series I-5
 Burton, Glenn W.
1947 Box Series I-5
 Busignies, H.
1967 Box Series I-5

National Medal of Science

 Butcher, Earl O.
1937 Box Series I-5
 Butler, Elizabeth
1944-47 Box Series I-5
 Butler, L.B.
1954-55 Box Series I-5
 Buzzati-Traverso, A.
1935-48 Box Series I-5
 Bywaters, James H.
1934 Box Series I-5
 Cain, Arthur James
1950-1951 4 item(s) Box Series I-5

Subject(s): Population genetics; Sheppard, Philip M.; Genetics -- Snails; American Museum of Natural History; Requests for reprints; Genetics -- Genetic drift; Publication -- Nature

 Campos, Lucio Antonio de Oliveira
1972 Box Series I-5
 Cancer Research
1961-67 Box Series I-5

Shimkin, Michael B.; Rush, Harold P.

 Capek, Milic
1961 Box Series I-5
 Carlin, C.S.
1950 Box Series I-5
 Carlsberg, Laboratorium
1975 Box Series I-5
 Carlson, Olof
1960 Box Series I-5
 Carlson, William D.
1971 Box Series I-5

University of Wyoming; National Academy of Science

 Carnegie Institution of Washington
1921-19497 foldersBox Series I-5

Subject(s): Population genetics; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; Carnegie Institution of Washington; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Blakeslee, Albert Francis; Davenport, Charles Benedict; Demerec, Milislav; Kaufmann, Berwind Peterson; Osborn, Frederick Henry; Bush, Vannevar; Drosophila genetics; Conferences and symposia; Genetics -- Guinea pigs; Human genetics; Physiology

 Blakeslee, A. F. (Albert Francis)
1922 Box Series I-5
 Bush, V. (Vannevar)
1939 Box Series I-5
 Cold Spring Harbor
1948 Box Series I-5
 Davenport, C. B. (Charles B.)
1921-1924 Box Series I-5
 Demerec, M. (Milislav)
1949 Box Series I-5
 Kaufman, Berwind
1949 Box Series I-5
 Osborn, F. (Frederick)
1939 Box Series I-5
 Carnochan, F. G.
1936 -43 Box Series I-5
 Carothers, Eleanor
1931 Box Series I-5
 Carran, A.B.
1964 Box Series I-5
 Carson, Hampton L.
1950 Box Series I-5
 Carter, G.S.
1950-67 Box Series I-5
 Carter, R.C.
1956-66 Box Series I-5
 Carter, Toby C.
1953-66 Box Series I-5
 Carver, H, C.
1934 Box Series I-5
 Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm
1947-1965 3 item(s) Box Series I-5

Subject(s): Tower, William L.; History of biology, especially genetics; Sokoloff, Alexander; Publication

Access digital object:

 Castle, W. E. (William Ernest)
1916-1962 28 item(s) Box Series I-5

Subject(s): Genetics -- Guinea pigs; Rabbit genetics; Genetics -- Animals; Congratulations, greetings, thanks; Population genetics; Lectures, public speaking; Travel -- Great Britain; Genetics Society of America -- Golden Jubilee; Rat genetics; Reed, Sheldon Clark; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- National Academy of Sciences; University of Chicago; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics

 Catcheside, D.C.
1947-63 Box Series I-5
 Cattell, Jacques
1944 Box Series I-5

Science Press

 Cattell, J. McKeen
1929 Box Series I-5
 Cattle Breeding Course Program
1950 Box Series I-5
 Cavalli, Luigi
1945-46 Box Series I-5
 Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi L.
1979 Box Series I-5
1950 Box Series I-5
1954-56 Box Series I-5

Brown, Stephen

 Celarier, Robert P.
1950 Box Series I-5
 The Centennial Review of Arts and Sciences
1956 Box Series I-5
 Chaddock, W.H.
1920 Box Series I-5

Miller, O. H.

 Chai, Chen Kang
1952-66 Box Series I-5
 Chaney, Doris M.
1954 Box Series I-5
 Chapman, Arthur B.
1931-53 Box Series I-5
 Chapman, John A.
1951 Box Series I-5
 Chapple, Eliot D.
1969 Box Series I-5
 Charles, Donald R.
1935-51 Box Series I-5
 Charlesworth, Brian
1979 Box Series I-5
 Chase, Herman B.
1944-72 Box Series I-5
 Cheatham, Paul C.
1924 Box Series I-5
 Chiang, Chin Long
1956 Box Series I-5
 Chicago Academy of Sciences
1946 Box Series I-5

Burfeind, Nat T.

 Child, Charles Manning
1930-53 Box Series I-5
 Chin, T.C.
1947 Box Series I-5
 Christensen, Lynda
1961 Box Series I-5
 The Chronicle
1973-74 Box Series I-5

Willimantic Chronicle; Leader, R. W.

 Chung, C.S.
1978 Box Series I-5
 Chute, Suzanne
1948 Box Series I-5
 Clapper, Russell B.
1947 Box Series I-5
 Clark, David
1977 Box Series I-5
 Clark, Frank H.
1933 Box Series I-5
 Clark, Paul F.
1945 Box Series I-5
 Clark, Philip Jason
1954 Box Series I-5
 Clark, W.A.
1949-50 Box Series I-5
 Clark, W.B.
1957 Box Series I-5
 Clarke, L. Floyd
1936 Box Series I-5
 Clarke, Richard T.
1934-35 Box Series I-5
 Clausen, Roy E.
1936 Box Series I-6
 Cleland, Ralph E.
1948-50 Box Series I-6

Committee on Aid to Geneticists Abroad

 Clemens, W. A.
1933 Box Series I-6
 Clifford, H.T.
1953 Box Series I-6
 Clifford, Trver
1953 Box Series I-6
 Cloninger, C. Robert
1979-80 Box Series I-6
 Cobbey, Maxwell
1947 Box Series I-6
 Cochran, W. G.
1940 Box Series I-6
 Coggeshall, L.T.
1949-54 Box Series I-6
 Cohen, Jay
1975 Box Series I-6
 Colbert, Edwin H.
1952 Box Series I-6
 Cole, Dr.
1923-24 Box Series I-6
 Cole, L.J.
1920-23 Box Series I-6
 Cole, R.
1938 Box Series I-6
 Colernan, George H.
1937 Box Series I-6
 Colin, E.C.
1934-55 Box Series I-6

Auerbach, C.

 Collias, Nicholas E.
1960 Box Series I-6
 Collins, G.N.
1933-37 Box Series I-6
 Collins, G.W.
1919 Box Series I-6
 Collins, James S.
1957 Box Series I-6
 Collins, Margaret Strickland
1955-56 Box Series I-6
 Collins, Nicholas
1942 Box Series I-6
 Columbia University
1950 Box Series I-6

Loeb, Robert F.; Hutchins, Dr.

 Columbia University Press
1943-47 Box Series I-6
 Committee Against Racism
1973 Box Series I-6
 Compton, Karl T.
1949 Box Series I-6
 Comstock, R.E.
1951-78 Box Series I-6
 Conant, James B.
1947 Box Series I-6
 Conference Board of Associated Research Councils-Committee on International Exchange of Persons
1949 Box Series I-6

Bowles, Gordan T.

 Conference on Genetic Epidemiology
1977 Box Series I-6

Morton, N.E.; Chung, C. S.

 Connecticut Accent
1974 Box Series I-6
 Connecticut Daily Campus
[1974] Box Series I-6
 Connolly, K.J.
1971 Box Series I-6
 Cook, Clarence
1937 Box Series I-6
 Cook, D.H.
1932 Box Series I-6
 Cook, Helen
1932 Box Series I-6
 Cook, Robert C.
1932-54 Box Series I-6
 Cook, S.J.
1943 Box Series I-6
 Coon, Carlton S.
1969 Box Series I-6
 Cooper, J.H.
1952 Box Series I-6
 Cooper, Kenneth W.
1943-68 Box Series I-6
 Cordeiro, Antonio R.
1963 Box Series I-6
 Cornell University Press
1975 Box Series I-6
 Corner, George W.
1919-20 Box Series I-6
 Cosmos Club
1931 Box Series I-6

Hazard, D. L.

 Costello, D. P.
1954 Box Series I-6
 Cotta, Wayne L.
1948 Box Series I-6
 Cotterman, C. W.
1949 Box Series I-6
 Cousin, G.
1947 Box Series I-6
 Cowles Commisssion
1944 Box Series I-6
 Cox, Gertrude M.
1945-46 Box Series I-6
 Cox, Hiden T.
1957 Box Series I-6
 Cox, James F.
1951 Box Series I-6
 Coyne, Jerry
1975 Box Series I-6
 Cracraft, Joel
1980 Box Series I-6
 Craft, W.A.
1931-52 Box Series I-6
 Crew, F.A. E.
1939-45 Box Series I-6
 Crick, Francis
1969 Box Series I-6
 Croneis, Carey
1954 Box Series I-6
 Cronquist, Arthur
1949 Box Series I-6
 Crouse, Helen U.
1944 Box Series I-6
 Crow, James F.
1947-1981 21 item(s) Box Series I-6

Subject(s): Genetics Society of America; Bibliographical matters; Referee's report; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; House, Verl L.; Drosophila genetics; Publication -- American Naturalist; Population genetics

 Crump, Lee
1953 Box Series I-6
 Cuboni, E.
1965-66 Box Series I-6
 Cummins, Harold
1932 Box Series I-6
 The Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd.
1919 Box Series I-6
 Curnow, R. N.
1978-79 Box Series I-6
 Curts, C.F.
1967 Box Series I-6
 Cushing, H.
1938 Box Series I-6
 da Cunha, A. Xavier
1947 Box Series I-6
 [Dahifen, Wm. H. ]
1944 Box Series I-6
 Dahlberg, Gunnar
1948 Box Series I-6
 Dalton, Emmett
1952 Box Series I-6
 D'Amario, Edmund T.
1962 Box Series I-6

Addison Wesley Publishing Co.

 Danforth, C.H.
1933-49 Box Series I-6
 Danielli, James F.
1963 Box Series I-6

Hornung, Paul

 Darnall, H.S.
1921 Box Series I-6
 Darwin, Sir Charles
1959 Box Series I-6
 DaSef, Laura
1935 Box Series I-6
 Davenport, Chas, B.
1934 Box Series I-6
 Davenport, John F.
1958 Box Series I-6
 David, Mabel
1932 Box Series I-6
 Davidoff, M.D.
1942 Box Series I-6
 Davidson, Frederick A.
1931-69 Box Series I-6

Higgins, Elmer

 Davies, T. H.
1951 Box Series I-6
 Davis, Dwight D.
1949 Box Series I-6
 Davis, H. P.
1948 Box Series I-6
 Davis, Hallowell
1954 Box Series I-6
 Davis, William G.
1935 Box Series I-6
 Darlington, C. D.
1945 Box Series I-6
 Dawson, Mary
1951 Box Series I-6
 Dawson, Peter S.
1969 Box Series I-6
 Deely, Thomas N.
1966 Box Series I-7
 Deevey, Edward S. Jr.
1951 Box Series I-7
 DeGraffenried, Thomas P.
1949 Box Series I-7
 Delaney, Still M. (Dare-Delancey)
1953 Box Series I-7
 Delbrück, M. (Max)
1942-1945 10 item(s) Box Series I-7

Subject(s): Publication -- Genetics; Bacteriophage and viral genetics; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Statistics, biostatistics, biometrics; Population genetics; Bacterial genetics; Luria, Salvador Edward; Drosophila genetics

 Delfraine, Varnac
1932 Box Series I-7