Curt Stern Papers


Date: 1907-1981 | Size: 21 Linear feet


The Papers of Curt Stern include extensive correspondence, lectures (1920s-1970s, 1.5 boxes), autobiographical material, articles, zoological course notes, photographs, etc. Stern's various areas of scientific interest are documented in the collection: the chromosome theory of heredity, role of gene mutation and chromosome rearrangements in evolution, action and interaction of genes during individual development, and particularly his contribution to the development of human genetics as a discipline (centered on his popular and influential book, Principles of Human Genetics, 1949, 1960, 1973). Both his career in Germany and the United States is documented in his correspondence. After studying with T. H. Morgan at Columbia University on a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship (1924-1926), Stern returned to Richard Goldschmidt's lab at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute (1926-1932). There is material of note in the collection concerning this period when Stern helped to establish the cytological basis of crossing over. After a short stay at the California Institute of Technology in 1932, Stern's temporary residence in the U. S. became permanent, and his later career at the University of Rochester, 1933-1947 (Chairman, Department of Zoology) and at the University of California, Berkeley, 1947-1970 (there is abundant material on the Department of Zoology) is covered in the collection. There is other material on: American Association for the Advancement of Science Inter-Society Committee on Science Foundation Legislation, 1946-1947; American Society of Human Genetics (Pres., 1957); Atomic Energy Commission (Advisory Committee for Biology and Medicine, 1950-1955); Genetics (journal); Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Advisory Committee for Biology, 1955-1968); and the Rockefeller Foundation. Stern's correspondence with friends and colleagues in Germany, England, and the U. S., during the 1920s-1930s, is of particular note as it documents not only the developments in genetics and the institutional and administrative networks supporting research, but it also offers general comments and observations on science, Germany, and politics. The photographs (2 boxes) include pictures of many prominent geneticists and scientists.

Background note

In the generation of great Drosophila geneticists that came of scientific age in the 1920s, Curt Stern stood out as one of the most original and most productive thinkers. A scientist who combined an exacting intellect with sterling abilities as an educator, writer, and interpreter of his field, Stern began life in the blazing days of the rediscovery of Mendel's laws and ended as molecular and biochemical techniques transformed his discipline. His career, in many ways, is a microcosm of the development of genetics in the 20th century.

Raised in the vicinity of Hamburg, Germany, by an English father and German mother, Stern saw a childhood interest in animals become a career when he enrolled in Max Hartmann's zoology course at the University of Berlin. Continuing under Hartmann for his graduate studies, Stern earned a doctorate in 1923 at the tender age of 21 for a cytological study of mitosis in the heliozoa, and that same year he became one of the first recipients of a new program of international fellowships funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Thus in 1924 Stern arrived in New York to begin work in T. H. Morgan's famed fly room at Columbia University. Leaping into Drosophila with zeal, Stern busied himself with a study of a sex-linked recessive gene that produced shortened ("bobbed") bristles. Discovering that XXY females did not express the bobbed mutation, Stern hypothesized that the Y chromosome (ordinarily found only in males) carried the wild type dominant allele, providing evidence for the first time that the Y chromosome did indeed contain genetic information. Stern subsequently explored the implications of Y-chromosome fragmentation for fertility, and when he returned to Germany in 1926 to take up a position as Richard Goldschmidt's assistant in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut, he stood on the threshold of another major discovery in genetics.

Along with the near-simultaneous work of Harriet Creighton and Barbara McClintock on maize, Stern's research on Y-chromosome fragmentation confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt the chromosome theory of heredity as well as the physical exchange of segments between homologous chromosomes by crossing over. This co-discovery was a milestone in the development of genetic theory and made Stern's name familiar throughout the field. His subsequent research on Drosophila continued to produce path-breaking results, including one of the earliest demonstrations of gene dosage effects, of genetic compensation in development, and of somatic crossing over.

At Kaiser Wilhelm, Stern also emerged as a significant figure in synthesizing ideas about his discipline, turning his attention to a review of the establishment of the chromosome theory of heredity, to the interaction of multiple alleles in animal populations (Multiple Allelie, 1930), and to an examination of linkage and crossing over (Faktorenkoppelung und Faktorenaustausch, 1933), the area to which Stern had personally contributed so substantially. Attending the Sixth International Congress of Genetics at Cornell in 1932, he found himself one of the international guiding lights in genetic research. That summer, he married the American, Evelyn Sommerfield.

The rise to power of the Nazi Party in 1933 dramatically altered the course of Stern's life. After he had arranged a six-month appointment at Cal Tech, Stern secured an appointment at the University of Rochester, wisely opting not to return to Germany. Despite his credentials, he did not become a full professor at Rochester until 1941. He never again returned to Germany. The conditions of his emigration, however, did nothing to diminish Stern's productivity. He continued his Drosophila research with vigor throughout the 1930s, examining the interaction of development and chromosomal arrangement on genetic expression, among other subjects.

During the war, Stern channeled some of his time into new pursuits. Contributing to the war effort, he became one of the heads of the genetic studies conducted at Rochester under the auspices of the Manhattan Engineering District, examining the effects of radiation on mutation rate, gene expression, and physiology. His findings, that even low doses can produce measurable rates of mutations that can be linearly extrapolated from the rates produced at higher doses, eventually, led to more stringent protection for nuclear workers. He later served on the Advisory Committee for Biology and Medicine of the Atomic Energy Commission from 1950 to 1955, and remained interested in radiation biology for much of the rest of his career.

Paradoxically, Stern also developed an increasing interest in the dimly viewed field of human genetics during the war, in part through teaching students enrolled in the ASTP premedical program at Rochester, and perhaps in conjunction with the changing research interests of James V. Neel, who had been Stern's first graduate student. In 1947, when Stern left Rochester to replace Richard Goldschmidt in the Department of Zoology at the University of California, he was deeply engaged in research into the population dynamics of Rh blood incompatibility between Rh-negative mothers and their Rh-positive offspring. Equally important, he published a seminal textbook on human genetics, the Principles of Human Genetics, that for many years and through three editions was the standard in the field.

An excellent lecturer, punctilious writer, and exacting thinker, Stern's career at Berkeley is reflective of many of the changes affecting American science in the post-war period. Always in great demand, Stern was forced to limit his commitments outside of Berkeley and refused all prospective graduate students in human genetics in favor of those devoted strictly to Drosophila. Particularly as he grew toward the end of his career, Stern began to take a more retrospective view of his field, writing on the rediscovery of Mendel's theory and other aspects of the history of genetics and turning to consideration of the social and philosophical implications.

Stern was recipient of numerous honors and awards during his career, including election to the American Philosophical Society (1954) and the National Academy of Sciences. He was twice recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship (1955, 1963), received the Kimber Aware in Genetics from the National Academy of Sciences, and was president of both the Genetics Society of American and the Social for Human Genetics. He died in Berkeley in 1981.

Scope and content

Curt Stern's most productive and original period as a geneticist spanned the years from the earliest days of researching the structure of the chromosome to the earliest days on the structure of the gene. A Drosophila geneticist who was instrumental in demonstrating crossing over, dosage effects, and position effects, Stern's papers reflect his varied research interests through correspondence with colleagues (18.5 linear feet), leavened with research notes, lectures, publications, photographs (1 linear foot), and miscellaneous other material.

Stern maintained connections with many of the major geneticists and evolutionary biologists of the 1930s through 1960s, and in most cases, he retained copies of his outgoing correspondence along with the incoming. Among the most prolific correspondents in the collection were Barbara McClintock (3 folders, 1933-1962) whose correspondence includes substantive discussions on her critical maize research of the 1930s and early 1940s, as well as a handful of letters written in 1933 when McClintock traveled to Germany as Stern emigrated to the U.S.; Ernst Mayr (4 folders, 1943-1974), whose correspondence centers largely on Stern's participation in the Committee on Common Problems in Genetics and Paleontology; L.C. Dunn (5 folders, 1933-1974), Milislav Demerec (7 folders, 1933-1947), and Sewall Wright (3 folders, 1934-1973).

Stern kept in close contact with his former student James V. Neel (7 folders, 1939-1976), and their correspondence includes some valuable letters written by Neel when beginning his work on the genetic effects of the atomic bombings in Japan. There is, as well, correspondence with his old mentors T.H. Morgan (2 folders, 1927-1941) and Richard Goldschmidt (7 folders, 1922-1948). Of special note is Stern's voluminous correspondence with H.J. Muller (15 folders, 1926-1967), which covers territory from Drosophila studies to radiation biology, mutation and mutagenesis, Lysenkoism, and American science during the Cold War. A valuable adjunct to this is Stern's more intimate correspondence with Theodosius Dobzhansky (7 folders, 1929-1975). Folders for the Scientists' Committee on Loyalty Problems (8 folders, 1948-1956) provide additional insight into the political context of American science during the Cold War, and Stern's post-war interest in radiation biology appears more generally.

From the time of his remove to Berkeley, Stern's correspondence increasingly reflects the administrative demands on his time, leaving less room for original research. Much of his correspondence during this period revolves around commentary on publications, his work on later editions of his textbook on human genetics, administrative and committee demands, and his growing interest in the history of his discipline.

The text of a substantial number of Stern's lectures have been preserved (filed mostly under Stern), dealing with topics ranging from human heredity (e.g. "Genetic resources of man," "Human inheritance," "Genetic aspects of human behavior," "Human heredity problems"); race ("Biology of the Negro," "General talk on race," "Why do people differ?," "Model estimates of the frequency of white and near white segregants in the American Negro"); Drosophila studies ("Developmental genetics of the fly Drosophila melanogaster," "Inheritance of the Y chromosome of Drosophila" (1926), "Drosophila 2x3A transplantation," "Position effect"); radiation biology and nuclear weapons ("The atomic bomb and the scientists," "Genetic consequences of radiation," "Problems of radiobiology..." (1951)); and evolutionary biology ("Evolution of genetic systems," "Gene expression in genetic mosaics," "Genetics and evolution" (1935-1938), "Genetic selection in man").

From relatively early in his career, Stern also talked on the social and philosophical issues raised by his genetic studies, including "Biology of religion" (1937), "Atomic power... eugenic power," and "Human genetics counseling." The value of these lectures in enhanced, at least in some cases, by the presence of both popular and professional versions, and by the long time span represented.

Finally, the Stern Papers includes a very important series of photos of the major figures in the history of genetics. Among these are formal and informal portraits of individual geneticists and a number of group photos taken at professional meetings and symposia. Due to Stern's interest in the history of his discipline, several of the images pre-date the period of Stern's active participation in genetics, reaching as far back as the 1880s with views of the laboratory at Annisquam, Mass., at which T. H. Morgan, Jacob Rheingard et al. first worked. Stern also collected a number of photos of Richard Goldschmidt from all phases of his career from his days at gymnasium to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut (a fine view of one of the labs) to Berkeley.

Many of the photographs from Series II. have been digitized. Links to the digital versions of the images are included in the inventory. You may also view a gallery of all images here.

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Collection Information


Presented by Mrs. Curt Stern, 1981-1982.

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Cite as: Curt Stern Papers, American Philosophical Society.

Other finding aids

The printed version of Bentley Glass' A Guide to the Genetics Collections of the American Philosophical Society contains another biography of Stern and a further description of the Stern Papers.

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The papers of Stern's first graduate student James V. Neel (Ms. Coll. 96) are available at the APS, as are the papers of his collaborator Ernst Caspari (Ms. Coll. 1), along with numerous colleagues.


Bentley Glass, A Guide to the Genetics Collections of the American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, 1988).

African American History Note

Included in the collection are various materials reflecting Stern's thoughts regarding race: from articles and lectures ("Biology of the Negro," "General talk on race," "Why do people differ?," "Model estimates of the frequency of white and near white segregants in the American Negro"), to subject files (Race and racial prejudice, Race crossing in paradise?, UNESCO - statement on race and racial prejudice), and correspondence (T. Edward Reed and William Shockley, for example).

Genetics Note

This collection contains materials which relate to the history of genetics.

Alava, Aloha Margaret Hannah Correspondence (30 items)1950-1973
American Association for the Advancement of Science. Inter-Society Committee on Science Foundation Legislation Correspondence (3 folders)1947
Atomic Energy Commission Records (21 items)1950-1968
American Philosophical Society Correspondence (18 items)1944-1976
American Society of Human Genetics Records (7 folders)1954-1975
American Society of Human Genetics. Allen Award Correspondence (17 items)1962
Astaurov, Boris L. Correspondence (15 items)1968-1974
Baltzer, Fritz Correspondence (17 items)1938-1964
Baur, Erwin Correspondence (6 items)1930-1933
Beadle, George Wells Correspondence (2 folders)1946-1968
Beadle, Muriel Correspondence (3 items)1968-1970
Becker, Gweneth Carson Correspondence (9 items)1960-1969
Becker, Hans Joachim Correspondence (46 items)1956-1975
Belar, Gertrud Correspondence (11 items)1929-1956
Belar, Karl Correspondence (36 items)1925-1931
Bernstein, Felix Correspondence (6 items)1946-1949
Bernstein, Marianne Wiener Correspondence (23 items)1949-1970
Bridges, Calvin B. Correspondence (16 items)1927-1938
Buck, John B. Correspondence (19 items)1946-1975
California State Department of Education -- The Science of Genetics (Film). Critique Manuscripts (29 pages)1962-1963
Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm Correspondence (16 items)1946-1970
Centerwall, Willard R. Correspondence (27 items)1961-1972
Chicago Cytogenetics Conference Records (4 folders)1966
Claxton, Jack H. Correspondence (20 items)1965-1970
Cooper, Kenneth Willard Correspondence (86 items)1939-1967
de Garay, Alfonso L. Correspondence (28 items)1967-1973
Delbruck, Max Correspondence (13 items)1938-1968
Demerec, Milislav Correspondence (140 items)1933-1947
Dempster, Everett Ross Correspondence (25 items)1946-1970
Dobzhansky, Theodosius Correspondence (5 folders)1929-1975
Dronamraju, Krishna R. Correspondence (32 items)1964-1971
Dunn, Leslie Clarence Correspondence (120 items)1933-1978
Eakin, Richard M. Correspondence (63 items)1939-1971
Ephrussi, Boris Correspondence (23 items)1941-1955
W. H. Freeman and Company W. H. Freeman Foundation Correspondence (66 items)1949-1972
Frisch, Karl von Correspondence (15 items)1933-1965
Genetics Correspondence (7 folders)1940-1967
Genetics Society of America Correspondence (37 items)1940-1966
Genetics Society of America. Committee on Aid to Geneticists Abroad Correspondence (4 items)1946-1947
German, James Correspondence (31 items)1964-1976
Goldschmidt, Richard Benedict Correspondence (88 items)1921-1957
Gould, Adair Brasted Correspondence (41 items)1937-1971
Hadorn, Ernst Correspondence (18 items)1939-1974
Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson Correspondence (31 items)1929-1965
Hamburger, Viktor Correspondence (29 items)1927-1969
Hammerling, Joachim Correspondence (35 items)1929-1980
Hammett, Frederick S. Correspondence (22 items)1939-1941
Hartmann, Max Correspondence (11 items)1933-1962
Heidenthal, Gertrude Correspondence (24 items)1938-1946
Hildreth, Philip Elwin Correspondence (32 items)1967-1974
Huskins, C. Leonard Correspondence (49 items)1928-1950
International Congress of Genetics. Twelfth Congress Correspondence (3 folders)1965-1968
Jeffery, Duane E. Correspondence (24 items)1969-1975
Kodani, Masuo Correspondence (32 items)1945-1960
Komai, Taku Correspondence (45 items)1938-1972
Kuhn, Alfred Correspondence (16 items)1927-1968
Lederberg, Joshua Correspondence (15 items)1947-1970
Lewis, Edward B. Correspondence (42 items)1957-1971
Lucchesi, John C. Correspondence (27 items)1964-1974
McClintock, Barbara Correspondence (38 items)1933-1962
McKusick, Victor A. Correspondence (34 items)1961-1976
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Morgan, Thomas Hunt and Morgan, Lilian V. Correspondence (32 items)1927-1952
Moseley, Helen Rydquest Manuscripts (3 folders)1943
Mukherjee, Ardendu S. Correspondence (47 items)1958-1972
Muller, Hermann Joseph Correspondence (198 items)1926-1972
Nachtsheim, Hans Correspondence (6 items)1927-1967
National Academy of Sciences Correspondence (39 items)1948-1978
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Records (6 folders)1963-1967
Neel, James V. Correspondence (7 folders)1939-1982
Novitski, Edward Correspondence (5 folders)1940-1979
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Advisory Committee for Biology Records (5 folders)1955-1968
Orel, Vitezslav Correspondence (28 items)1966-1975
Patterson, John Thomas Correspondence (27 items)1933-1945
Reed, T. Edward Correspondence (24 items)1950-1973
Rockefeller Association of Scientists Correspondence (17 items)1946-1947
Rockefeller Foundation Records (170 items)1929-1971
Sarkar, S. S. Correspondence (21 items)1964-1969
Saturday Evening Post -- Adventures of the Mind Correspondence (6 items)1959-1960
Schaefer, Ann Correspondence (11 items)1966-1967
Schrader, Franz Correspondence (57 items)1926-1961
Schrader, Sally Hughes Correspondence (11 items)1927-1973
Schultz, Jack Correspondence (15 items)1927-1968
Science Correspondence (27 items)1937-1972
Scientific Monthly Correspondence (22 items)1943-1944
Scientists' Committee on Loyalty Problems Records (8 folders)1946-1950
Seiler, Jakob Correspondence (11 items)1929-1970
Sekla, Bohumil Correspondence (16 items)1961-1967
Sherwood, Eva and Stern, Curt Manuscripts (6 folders)1958-1962, n.d.
Shockley, William Correspondence (8 items)1965-1973
Shull, George Harrison Correspondence (45 items)1937-1952
Spencer, Warren P. Correspondence (18 items)1929-1970
Stadler, Lewis John Correspondence (18 items)1932-1949
Stern, Curt -- Adventures in Dermatological Genetics Manuscripts (2 folders)1936-1970
Stern, Curt -- An analysis of crosses involving new allelamorphs of the mutant ebony in Drosophila Manuscripts (1 item)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- The atomic bomb and the scientists Manuscripts (11 pages)1946
Stern, Curt -- Behavior Genetics Manuscripts (2 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Biographical Information. Biography, "A Geneticist's Journey" Manuscripts (3 folders)1954-1966
Stern, Curt -- The Biology of the Negro Manuscripts (5 folders)1954-1956
Stern, Curt -- Calculations, miscellaneous Manuscripts (3 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Congress of Genetics (Thirteenth International, 1973) Manuscripts (2 folders)1973
Stern, Curt -- Course notes, Biology Manuscripts (10 folders)1943-1955
Stern, Curt -- Course notes, Zoology Manuscripts (40 folders)1942-1971
Stern, Curt -- The Cunier pedigree of color blindness Manuscripts (2 folders)1957-1958
Stern, Curt -- Curriculum Vitae Manuscripts (1 item)1930
Stern, Curt -- The Cytogenetics of Man Manuscripts (2 items)1970
Stern, Curt -- Data on [bristles and] sex combs of XY and XO males Manuscripts (7 folders)1963
Stern, Curt -- Developmental singularities and genetic competence in speciation Manuscripts (6 items)1957
Stern, Curt -- Diabetes mellitus Manuscripts (1 item)1959
Stern, Curt -- Die Mitose der Epidermiskerne von Stenostomum Manuscripts (2 items)1925
Stern, Curt -- Discussion of C. E. McClung, Evolution of Germplasm Manuscripts (1 item)1940
Stern, Curt -- Down's Syndrome Correspondence (40 items)1960-1961
Stern, Curt -- Drosophila 2x3A transplantation Manuscripts (1 item)1968
Stern, Curt -- An effect of temperature and age on crossing over in the first chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster Manuscripts (9 folders)1926
Stern, Curt -- Evolution of Genetic Systems Manuscripts (1 item)1959
Stern, Curt -- The gene and how it acts in development Manuscripts (1 folder)1943
Stern, Curt -- The genetic consequences of radiation Manuscripts (4 pages)1955
Stern, Curt -- Geneticists (10 most able) Manuscripts (1 item)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Genetics of longevity Manuscripts (3 folders)1962
Stern, Curt -- The genetics of testicular feminization in male pseudohermaphrodites Manuscripts (1 folder)1954
Stern, Curt -- R. B. Goldschmidt biographical sketch (notes) Manuscripts Correspondence (9 items)1958-1963
Stern, Curt -- Honors Manuscripts (37 items)1958-1964
Stern, Curt -- How a Scientist Develops Manuscripts (1 item)1956
Stern, Curt -- Human Chromosomes Manuscripts (2 folders)Circa 1958-1959
Stern, Curt -- Human Inheritance Manuscripts (2 folders)1939
Stern, Curt -- Julian Huxley, Introduction Manuscripts (2 folders)1950, 1955
Stern, Curt -- Inheritance in the y chromosome of Drosophila Melanogaster Manuscripts (1 folder)1926
Stern, Curt -- Innervation of bristles (setae) in Drosophila Manuscripts (1 folder)1936-1938
Stern, Curt -- Interview - "The normal and abnormal child" Manuscripts (1 item)1950
Stern, Curt -- Interview - "Race for All" Manuscripts (1 item)1944
Stern, Curt -- Japan Manuscripts (7 folders)1956-1957, 1963
Stern, Curt -- Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes Manuscripts (1 folder)1920s

Genetics Note (continued)

Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Academic Freedom in a totalitarian state" Manuscripts (1 folder)1936
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "The additional effect of multiple allelomorphs" Manuscripts (7 pages)1929
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Analysis of testis and duct shape in Drosophila" Manuscripts (1 folder)1938
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Aspects of gene action in Drosophila" Manuscripts (9 pages)1948
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Aspects of the position effect of genes" Manuscripts (6 pages)1945
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Aspects of recent work in genetics" Manuscripts (4 pages)1942
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Atomic power-eugenic power: who wields them and how is it used?" Manuscripts (4 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "A biologist looks at the world and his profession" Manuscripts (3 pages)1940
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Biology and Religion" Manuscripts (6 pages)1937
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Cell Division and Fertilization" (Zellteilung und Befruchtung) Manuscripts (24 pages)1927
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Chance in evolution" Manuscripts (25 pages)1947
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "The Child's Heritage" Manuscripts (11 pages)1957
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Chromosomes of Man" Manuscripts (4 pages)1968
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, Cold Spring Harbor Symposium Manuscripts (8 pages)1944
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Diseases of the nervous system in childhood" Manuscripts (6 pages)1961
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Experiments in developmental genetics" Manuscripts (5 pages)1969
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Fundamental aspects of medical genetics" Manuscripts (10 pages)1962
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Fundamentals of Heredity" (Hamburg) Manuscripts (22 pages)1927
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "General talk on Race" Manuscripts (42 pages)1948-1949
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genes and differentation" Manuscripts (5 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic aspects in human behavior" Manuscripts (20 pages)1966
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic aspects of mental defectiveness" Manuscripts (4 pages)1958
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic aspects of mental disease" Manuscripts (5 pages)1958
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic aspects of muscular disease" Manuscripts (5 pages)1964
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic aspects of peptic ulcer and cancer" Manuscripts (9 pages)1952
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic basis of human behavior" Manuscripts (6 pages)1966
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic future of man" Manuscripts (9 pages)1950-1951
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetic selection in man" Manuscripts (10 pages)1956
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetics and evolution" Manuscripts (4 pages)1935-1938
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetics in adoption" Manuscripts (16 pages)1964
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetics in gynecology" Manuscripts (13 pages)1950
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetics in medical education" Manuscripts (7 pages)1959
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Genetics of congenital malformations" Manuscripts (4 pages)1949
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, Hamburg Manuscripts (2 pages)1927
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Hereditary factors affecting adoption" Manuscripts (18 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Hereditary factors of mental and emotional disturbances" Manuscripts (6 pages)1951
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Heredity and environment" Manuscripts (4 pages)1964
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Human genetics counselling" Manuscripts (2 folders)1954, 1969
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Human genetics: new facts and old problems" Manuscripts (8 pages)1964
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Human heredity problems" Manuscripts (9 pages)1968
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Impressions of France and Germany" Manuscripts (4 pages)1952
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Injuries to hereditary material due to radiation" Manuscripts (2 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Interrelations between general and human genetics" Manuscripts (17 pages)1967
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Mutation rates" Manuscripts (16 pages)1955
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "On being a scientist" Manuscripts (9 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "One world: Genes and their action" Manuscripts (2 pages)1948
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Our changing genetic constitutions" Manuscripts (11 pages)1967
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, Population problems Manuscripts (2 folders)1962
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Position effect" Manuscripts (3 folders)1946, n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Problems of radiobiology with emphasis on radiation genetics" Manuscripts (11 pages)1951
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Research and Science" Manuscripts (18 pages)1944
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Science and Religion" Manuscripts (10 pages)1941
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Sex-determination in plants, animals, and man" Manuscripts (2 pages)1941
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Social implications of Human Genetics" Manuscripts (6 pages)1969
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Some General aspects of medical Genetics," "Genetics of selected diseases," "Current concepts in human genetics" Manuscripts (18 pages)1960, 1962
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Some present-day aspects of Science" Manuscripts (5 pages)1945
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Some problems of Human Genetics" Manuscripts (2 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "The structure of chromosomes" Manuscripts (11 pages)1929
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, Student Scientific Conference Manuscripts (4 pages)1941
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Survey of Human Genetics" Manuscripts (3 folders)1959-1961
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Use of mosaics in the study of developmental effects of genes" Manuscripts (8 pages)1966
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, Wells College Manuscripts (3 pages)1944
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Why do people differ?" Manuscripts (2 pages)1946
Stern, Curt -- Lecture, "Young scientists, teachers, parents" Manuscripts (4 pages)1960
Stern, Curt -- Male sterility (notes) Manuscripts (3 pages)1938
Stern, Curt -- Medawar, Peter Brian Manuscripts (3 pages)1967
Stern, Curt -- Medical genetics Manuscripts (10 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Mendel and human genetics Manuscripts (8 items)1965
Stern, Curt -- Model estimations of the frequency of white and near-white segregants in the American Negro Manuscripts (4 folders)1952-1953
Stern, Curt -- Mosaic diagrams Manuscripts (5 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Mosaics in Drosophila Manuscripts (1 folder)1934
Stern, Curt -- Mosaics in flies and man Manuscripts (5 pages)1971
Stern, Curt -- Munich Manuscripts (6 pages)1972
Stern, Curt -- Naples Manuscripts (1 folder)1929
Stern, Curt -- Nature-Nurture Manuscripts (3 folders)1958, n.d.
Stern, Curt -- New data on the problem of Y-linkage of hairy pinnae Manuscripts (8 folders)1958-1964
Stern, Curt -- New York Times (letters to the Editor) Correspondence (20 items)1945-1946
Stern, Curt -- A note on the detection of diferential effects of mutagens Manuscripts (11 items)1956-1957
Stern, Curt -- Notebook on genetics Manuscripts (1 folder)Circa 1949
Stern, Curt -- Notes Manuscripts (1 folder)1933
Stern, Curt -- Notes and figures on bristle patterns Manuscripts (1 folder)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Notes and sketches, miscellaneous Manuscripts (2 folders)Circa 1923
Stern, Curt -- Notes on genetics of maize Manuscripts (1 folder)Circa 1935
Stern, Curt -- On a case of lethal Ichthyosis in Hiroshima Manuscripts Correspondence (17 items)1957-1958
Stern, Curt -- On teaching vs. research at the University of California Manuscripts (8 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- On the Occurrence of Translocations and Autosomal non-disjunction in Drosophila Melanogaster Manuscripts (17 items)1933-1934
Stern, Curt -- The Origin of Genetics (correspondence) Correspondence (16 items)1965-1967
Stern, Curt -- Personality Questionnaire Manuscripts (1 folder)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Pigmentation mosaicism in intersexes of Drosophila Manuscripts (5 items)1965-1979
Stern, Curt -- Place of Genetics in Medicine Manuscripts (19 items)1974
Stern, Curt -- Population Genetics (World Population Conference) Manuscripts (1 folder)1965
Stern, Curt -- Porcupine Man Manuscripts Correspondence (9 folders)1948-1958
Stern, Curt -- Principles of Human Genetics Manuscripts (6 boxes)1942-1983
Stern, Curt -- Problems of Y chromosome inheritance in man Manuscripts Correspondence (2 folders)1956-1957
Stern, Curt -- Protozoenkurs Sketches (1 folder)1921-1922
Stern, Curt -- Public Health seminar Manuscripts (9 pages)1960
Stern, Curt -- Publications in Human Genetics Manuscripts (3 pages)1973
Stern, Curt -- Radiation Genetics Manuscripts Correspondence (7 folders)1953-1958
Stern, Curt -- Ratio of monozygotic to dizygotic affected twins and the frequency of affected twins in unselected data Manuscripts (3 folders)1958
Stern, Curt -- Reflections on Armistice Day, 1940 Manuscripts (1 folder)1940
Stern, Curt -- Religious questionings Manuscripts (6 pages)1939
Stern, Curt -- Report on foreign travel Manuscripts (1 folder)1965
Stern, Curt -- Research grant proposals (N.I.H.). "Mosaicism and developmental genetics in Drosophila" Manuscripts (3 items)1970
Stern, Curt -- Research grants Manuscripts (2 folders)1958-1970
Stern, Curt -- Research notes and calculations Manuscripts (4 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Retirement and birthday greetings Manuscripts (1 folder)1970
Stern, Curt -- Reviews (by Stern) Manuscripts (3 items)1932-1944
Stern, Curt -- Reviews, "Selection and Eugenics" Correspondence (6 items)1949
Stern, Curt -- Rhizopoda Manuscripts (1 folder)1920s
Stern, Curt -- Sabbatical reports Manuscripts (11 items)1951-1968
Stern, Curt -- Selection, polymorphism Manuscripts (7 pages)1969
Stern, Curt -- Self-introduction Manuscripts (1 folder)1962
Stern, Curt -- Sensory physiology of the relation between honeybees and flowers Manuscripts (8 pages)1942
Stern, Curt -- Sigma Xi lecture tour Notebooks (1 folder)1952-1953
Stern, Curt -- Somatic recombination within the white locus of Drosophila melanogaster Manuscripts (2 folders)1968-1969
Stern, Curt -- Some general problems of human inheritance Manuscripts (3 pages)1939
Stern, Curt -- Speaking engagements (letters, announcements, notes, etc.) Manuscripts (5 folders)1959-1970
Stern, Curt -- Sturtevant, A. H. Manuscripts (1 folder)Circa 1970
Stern, Curt -- Summary of position effect tests of various translocations Manuscripts (1 folder)1942
Stern, Curt -- Symposium, "Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Intelligence." Opening remarks of chairman Manuscripts (6 items)1969
Stern, Curt -- Symposium, "Man and the atomic age" Manuscripts (3 items)1949
Stern, Curt -- Testis shapes and colors of Drosophila species Manuscripts (3 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Uber Wechselbeziehungen zwischen allgemeiner Genetik und Humangenetik Manuscripts (9 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Unforgettable Kindness Manuscripts (2 pages)1971
Stern, Curt -- U.S.S.R. Exchange Visit Manuscripts (5 folders)1963
Stern, Curt -- University of California, Berkeley. Bio-Bibliography Manuscripts (4 folders)1961-1973
Stern, Curt -- University of California, Berkeley. Faculty Research Lecture Manuscripts (2 folders)1963-1964
Stern, Curt -- University of California, Berkeley. Zoology 151 address Manuscripts (1 folder)1970
Stern, Curt -- University of California, Berkeley. Zoology 253 Manuscripts (1 folder)1968
Stern, Curt -- University of Rochester. "The News about the University of Rochester" Manuscripts (1 letter)1944
Stern, Curt -- Untersuchungen uber Acanthocystideen Manuscripts (2 folders)1924
Stern, Curt -- Weinberg, Wilhelm Manuscripts (4 folders)1956-1973
Stern, Curt -- Whom will our child resemble? Manuscripts (8 pages)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Wing correlation Manuscripts (7 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt -- Zur Histologie und Regeneration der ungeschlechtlichen Fortpflanzung bei Stenostomum Manuscripts (1 folder)n.d.
Stern, Curt and Belar, Gertrud -- Race crossing in paradise Correspondence (23 items)1948-1955
Stern, Curt and Bridges, Calvin B. -- The mutants of the extreme left end of the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster Manuscripts (4 folders)1926
Stern, Curt and Enders, Trudy -- The frequency of twin births in relation to the age of the mother Manuscripts (3 folders)1947-1948
Stern, Curt and Fung, Sui Tong -- Seriation of fourth chromosome loci in Drosophila Inelarogast Manuscripts (1 folder)1951
Stern, Curt and Heidenthal, Gertrude -- Materials for the study of the position effect of normal and mutant genes Manuscripts (1 folder)1944
Stern, Curt and Heidenthal, Gertrude -- The position effect at the locus cubitus interruptus in Drosophila Melanogaster Manuscripts (3 folders)n.d.
Stern, Curt and Kodani, Masuo -- Studies on the position effect at the cubitus interruptus locus of Drosophila melanogaster Manuscripts (9 folders)1954
Stern, Curt and Sherwood, Eva -- Chromosome IV and sex balance in Drosophila melanogaster Manuscripts (2 folders)1968
Stern, Curt and Tokunaga, Chiyoko -- Non-autonomy of a pattern determining gene in mosaics of Drosophila Manuscripts (5 items)1965
Stern, Evelyn Correspondence (13 items)1924-1973
Stern, Hilde Correspondence (3 items)1948-1972
Stern, Holly Correspondence (2 items)1948
Sturtevant, Alfred Henry Correspondence (54 items)1927-1968
Tokunaga, Chiyoko Correspondence (4 folders)1956-1975
Tokunaga, Chiyoko and Gerhart, John C. Manuscripts (3 folders)1976
Tschermak-Seysenegg, Erich von Correspondence (2 folders)1949-1951
University of California, Berkeley. Department of Zoology Records (4 folders)1947-1976
University of California, Berkeley. Eakin, Richard M. Correspondence (7 items)1956
University of California, Berkeley. Loyalty Oath, 1950 Correspondence (16 items)1950
University of Rochester Correspondence (5 folders)1945-1947, 1969-1970
Uphoff, Delta Correspondence (12 items)1954-1972
Ursprung, Heinrich Correspondence (12 items)1965-1973
Valentine, Alan Correspondence (19 items)1933-1947
Warmke, Germaine L. Correspondence (3 folders)1947
Weinberg, Alvin M. Correspondence (6 items)1965-1968
Welshons, William Correspondence (25 items)1954-1979
Wiener, Alexander S. Correspondence (60 items)1943-1972
Williams, Gabriel Correspondence (4 folders)1967-1974
Willier, Benjamin Harrison Correspondence (39 items)1933-1971
Wilson, Edmund Beecher Correspondence (5 items)1929-1937
Witschi, Emil Correspondence (11 items)1933-1970
Wolf, Elizabeth Correspondence (30 items)1952-1973
Woolf, Charles M. Correspondence (19 items)1955-1970
Wright, Sewall Correspondence (20 items)1934-1979

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science. Inter-Society Committee for a National Science Foundation
  • American Society of Human Genetics
  • National Research Council. Committee on Common Problems in Genetics an
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Advisory Committee for Biology
  • Scientists' Committee on Loyalty Problems
  • U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Advisory Committee for Biology and Medicine
  • University of California. Department of Zoology--Faculty
  • University of Rochester--Faculty

Personal Name(s)

  • Ahuja, Yog Raj
  • Alava, Aloha Margaret Hannah, b. 1913
  • Astaurov, B. L. (Boris L'vovich), 1904-1974
  • Beadle, George Wells, 1903-1989
  • Becker, Hans-Joachim
  • Belar, Karl
  • Bernstein, Marianne
  • Bridges, Calvin B. (Calvin Blackman), 1889-1938
  • Caspari, Ernst W., 1909-1988
  • Cooper, Kenneth W.
  • Delbrück, Max, 1906-1981
  • Demerec, M. (Milislav), 1895-1966
  • Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grigorievich, 1900-1975
  • Dunn, L. C. (Leslie Clarence), 1893-1974
  • Gaffron, Hans, 1902-
  • Goldschmidt, Richard, 1878-1958
  • Hadorn, Ernst
  • Haldane, J. B. S. (John Burdon Sanderson), 1892-1964
  • Hartmann, Max, 1876-1962
  • Huskins, C. Leonard
  • Kodani, Masue
  • Komai, Taku
  • Lewis, Edward B., 1918-2004
  • Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005
  • McClintock, Barbara, 1902-1992
  • Mohr, Otto Louis, 1886-
  • Morgan, Thomas Hunt, 1866-1945
  • Muller, H. J. (Hermann Joseph), 1890-1967
  • Neel, James V. (James Van Gundia), 1915-2000
  • Novitski, Edward
  • Schrader, Franz
  • Schultz, Helen Redfield, 1900-1988
  • Schultz, Jack,1904-1971.
  • Shockley, William, 1910-1989
  • Sonneborn, T. M. (Tracy Morton), 1905-1981
  • Spence, Warren P.
  • Stern, Curt, 1902-1981
  • Sturtevant, A. H. (Alfred Henry), 1891-1970
  • Timoféef-Resovskii, N. W. (Nik
  • Tschermak-Seysenegg, Erich
  • Valentine, Alan
  • Wallace, Bruce, 1920-2015
  • Welshons, William
  • Wiener, Alexander S. (Alexander Solomon), 1907-1976
  • Willier, Benjamin H. (Benjamin Harrison)
  • Wilson, Edmund Bidwell, 1879-1
  • Wright, Sewall, 1889-1988


  • Biology, genetics, eugenics
  • Chromosomes
  • Crossing over (Genetics)
  • Drosophila -- Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Genetics
  • Genetics -- History
  • Germany -- Politics and government, 1918-1945
  • Human genetics
  • Maize -- Genetics
  • Political refugees -- Germany
  • Population genetics
  • Race, race relations, racism
  • Radiobiology
  • Refugee scholars -- Germany
  • Science -- Political aspects -- History -- 20th century
  • Social conditions, social advocacy, social reform

Detailed Inventory

1907-1981 Box 1-43
 Abe, Ichizo
1958-19614 itemsBox 1
 Abelson, Philip H.
1966-19733 itemsBox 1
 Academic Racism
19724 itemsBox 1
 Adair, Fred L.
19672 itemsBox 1
 Adalja, Mahendra
19674 itemsBox 1
 Aereboe, Friedrich
19301 itemBox 1
 Agol, I.J.
19322 itemsBox 1
 Ahokas, Hannu
19722 itemsBox 1
 Ahuja, M.R.
1968-19692 itemsBox 1
 Ahuja, Yog R.
1969-197225 itemsBox 1
 Aid to German and Austrian Scholars
1946-19472 foldersBox 1
 Folder 1
194710 itemsBox 1
 Folder 2
1946-194710 itemsBox 1
 Alameda County (Ca.) Tuberculosis and Health Assoc.
19493 itemsBox 1
 Alava, Aloha Hannah
1950-19733 foldersBox 1

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Russian politics and science; Political issues -- Finland; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Teaching -- University of Turku; Publication; Research support; Drosophila genetics; Radiation genetics

 Folder 1
1950-19618 itemsBox 1
 Folder 2
1962-196611 itemsBox 1
 Folder 3
1968-197311 itemsBox 1
 Alfert, Elizabeth
18713 itemsBox 1
 Alfert, Max
19703 itemsBox 1
 Alibazah, Dr. Partomo
19654 itemsBox 1
 Allan, William. Memorial Award
19742 itemsBox 1
 Allen, Archie C.
19071 itemBox 1
 Allen, Garland E.
1968-197212 itemsBox 1
 Allen, Gordon
1968-19644 itemsBox 1
 Allen, John F. (Mrs.)
19662 itemsBox 1
 Alsberg, Elsa
19642 itemsBox 1
 Alsberg, Henry G.
19642 itemsBox 1
 Altenberg, Edgar
19451 itemBox 1
 Alvarez, Luis Walter
19691 itemBox 1
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1959-19653 itemsBox 1
 American Academy of Pediatrics
19651 itemBox 1
 American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.). Inter-Society Committee on Science Foundation Legislation
19473 foldersBox 1

Subject(s): Research support; Political issues; American Association for the Advancement of Science; Legislative bills -- National Science Foundation Act; Business; National Science Foundation -- Committee activities; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs

 Folder 1
19476 itemsBox 1
 Folder 2
19473 itemsBox 1
 Folder 3
19476 itemsBox 1
 American Association for a Democratic Germany
19452 itemsBox 1
 American Association of University Professors
19453 itemsBox 1
 American College of Physicians
1970-19764 itemsBox 1
 American Eugenics Society
19552 itemsBox 1
 American Gynecological Society. Fred Lyman Adair Award
1966-19679 itemsBox 1
 American Institute of Biological Sciences
19611 itemBox 1
 American Journal of Human Genetics
1955-19657 itemsBox 1
 American Journal of Physical Anthropology
19672 itemsBox 1
 American Medical Association
19687 itemsBox 1
 American Philosophical Society
1944-197618 itemsBox 1

Subject(s): Invitations; American Philosophical Society -- Nomination, election; Research support -- Mouse mutant stocks; Referee's report -- Muller, Hermann Joseph

 American Red Cross
19425 itemsBox 1
 American Society of Biophysics and Cosmobiology
19381 itemBox 1
 American Society of Human Genetics
1954-19757 foldersBox 1

Subject(s): Scientific organizations, meetings, programs -- American Association of Physical Anthropologists; American Society of Human Genetics; American Institute of Biological Sciences; Educational matters; Publication; Committee activities -- Minutes; Committee activities -- Reports; Solicitations for support or contribution -- Bibliographical matters; Referee's report -- Montalenti, Giuseppe; Referee's report -- Shaw, Margery W.; Referee's report -- Gates, Reginald Ruggles; World War II -- Impact on science; Eugenics -- Nazi eugenics; International Congress of Human Genetics

 Folder 1
1955-199715 itemsBox 1
 Folder 2
1956-195718 itemsBox 1
 Folder 3
195720 itemsBox 1
 Folder 4
195722 itemsBox 1
 Folder 5
1954-196227 itemsBox 1
 Folder 6
1956-196214 itemsBox 1
 Folder 7
1956-19757 itemsBox 1
 American Society of Human Genetics. Allen Award
196217 itemsBox 1

Subject(s): Lerner, Isadore Michael; Morton, Newton; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs; Honors; American Society of Human Genetics

 American-Soviet Science Society
19462 itemsBox 2
 Amitaba, I. Gusti Bagus
1963-197319 itemsBox 2
 Amorosi, Irene M.
19711 itemBox 2
 Ancestors and Heredity
n.d.1 itemBox 2
 Anderson, Ernest Gustav
19272 itemsBox 2
 Anderson, Linda E.
19721 itemBox 2
 Anderson, Thomas F.
1972-19738 itemsBox 2
 Anderson, William W.
19751 itemBox 2
 Ankel, Wulf Emmo
1929-19686 itemsBox 2
 Annual Review of Genetics
19653 itemsBox 2
 Antarctic Colony Associates
19501 itemBox 2
 Anti-"Women's Liberation" League
19732 itemsBox 2
 Anton, Juan Gomez
19643 itemsBox 2
 Antweiler, H.J.
19643 itemsBox 2
 Apgar, Virginia
1964-19665 itemsBox 2
 Aquinas, Sister M.
19642 itemsBox 2
 Arkel, Gerard A. van
19642 itemsBox 2
 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
1970-19712 itemsBox 2
 Arnheim, Norman
1968-19695 itemsBox 2
n.d.1 itemBox 2
 Ash, Adrienne
19742 itemsBox 2
 Ashburner, Michael
19702 itemsBox 2
 Ashman, Richard
19672 itemsBox 2
 Association of Rochester Scientists
19461 itemBox 2
 Astaurov, Boris L.
1968-197415 itemsBox 2

Subject(s): Astaurov, Boris L. -- Death; Publication; Biographical and personal data; Congratulations, greetings, thanks; International Congress of Genetics -- Twelfth Congress

 Atomic radiation
19554 itemsBox 2
 Auerbach, Charlotte
1956-19575 itemsBox 2
 Austin, Lloyd
19691 itemBox 2
 Avery, Robert W.
19692 itemsBox 2
 Avirachan, T.T.
19705 itemsBox 2
 Ayala, Francisco J.
19601 itemBox 2
 Aydelotte, Frank
19412 itemsBox 2
 Babcock, E.B.
19434 itemsBox 2
 Bacus, Frances
19712 itemsBox 2
 Baer, Dee Adela
19702 itemsBox 2
 Baer, Rudolf L.
19641 itemBox 2
 Bailey, Vera
19472 itemsBox 2
 Bailin, Marilyn H.
19662 itemsBox 2
 Baitsell, George A.
1947-19538 itemsBox 2
 Bajema, Carl Jay
19703 itemsBox 2
 Baker, Dorothy Doan
1965-19713 itemsBox 2
 Baker, Herbert G.
19581 itemBox 2
 Baker, William K.
1965-19663 itemsBox 2
 Baldwin-Wallace College. Biology Department
19743 itemsBox 2
 Ballard, W.W.
19472 itemsBox 2
 Baltzer, Fritz
1938-196417 itemsBox 2

Subject(s): Publication; Biographical and personal data -- Boveri, Theodor; Heitz, Emil; Frisch, Karl von; Dohrn, Anton; World War II -- Impact on science; Biographical and personal data; Congratulations, greetings, thanks; Lectures, public speaking -- Stern, Curt; Invitations -- Switzerland; Drosophila genetics

 Balze, Felipe A. De La
1961-19626 itemsBox 2
 Bancroft, I.A.
19662 itemsBox 2
 Baney, Robert M.
19722 itemsBox 2
 Bannerman, Robin M.
19702 itemsBox 2
 Barigozzi, C.
19721 itemBox 2
 Barnes, Carole Wolff
19712 itemsBox 2
 Barron, E. S. Guzman
19441 itemBox 2
 Barry, Patricia Z.
19692 itemsBox 2
 Barthelmess, A.
1952-19686 itemsBox 2
 Basden, E.B.
19702 itemsBox 2
 Basu, Sri Amit
1964-196917 itemsBox 2
 Bateman, Angus J.
1957-19596 itemsBox 2
 Bauer, Hans
19561 itemBox 2
 Baur, Erwin
1930-19336 itemsBox 2

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics -- Fifth Congress; Genetics of plants -- Antirrhinum; Publication; Biographical and personal data

 Bay Area Biologists Society
n.d.1 itemBox 2
 Bayreuther, Klaus
19641 itemBox 2
 Beach, Frank A.
19641 itemBox 2
 Beadle, George Wells
1946-19682 foldersBox 2

Subject(s): Honors -- Kimber Award; Biographical and personal data -- Wright, Sewall; University of California, Berkeley; Biographical and personal data -- Goldschmidt, Richard Benedict; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Nobel Prize; Goddard, David Rockwell; DuBridge, Lee Alvin; Editorial matters -- Genetics; Fellowships, assistantships; Requests for aid in finding positions; Drosophila genetics -- Suppressor-v; Drosophila genetics -- Crossing over; California Institute of Technology; Stanford University; Recommendations -- Kaplan; Recommendations -- Stalker, Harrison Dailey; Recommendations -- Maas, Werner; Hadorn, Ernst; Sturtevant, Alfred Henry; Biographical and personal data; Drosophila genetics -- Nomenclature; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Origin of Genetics

 Folder 1
19551 itemBox 2
 Folder 2
1946-196818 itemsBox 2
 Beadle, Muriel (Mrs. George W.)
1968-19703 itemsBox 2

Subject(s): Zea (maize) genetics -- Beadle, George Wells; Behavioral genetics, IQ -- Chromosome abnormality and personality; Human genetics; Publication -- A Child's World

 Beale, Geoffrey H.
19551 itemBox 2
 Bearn, Alexander G.
1964-19759 itemsBox 2
 Beatty, R. Alan
19731 itemBox 2
 Becker, Gweneth Carson
1960-19699 itemsBox 2

Subject(s): Radiation genetics; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Biographical and personal data; Drosophila genetics; Graduate study

 Becker, Hans Joachim
1956-19754 foldersBox 2

Subject(s): Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Genetic Mosaics; Embryology, developmental genetics; History of biology, especially genetics; Goethe; Munchen; Eugenics; Biographical and personal data; Political issues -- West Germany; Political issues -- Poland; Drosophila genetics; Cytogenetics; Teaching; Recommendations -- Seidel; Recommendations -- Cooper, Kenneth Willard; Delbruck, Max; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Origin of Genetics

 Folder 1
1956-196112 itemsBox 2
 Folder 2
1962-19677 itemsBox 2
 Folder 3
1969-197111 itemsBox 2
 Folder 4
1973-197516 itemsBox 2
 Beckman, Carolyn
19713 itemsBox 2
 Beerman, Herman
19646 itemsBox 2
 Beermann, W.
19611 itemBox 2
 Belar, Gertrud
1929-195611 itemsBox 3

Subject(s): Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Max-Planck Institutes; Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes; Biographical and personal data; World War II -- Impact on science

 Belar, Karl
1925-19313 foldersBox 3

Subject(s): Belar, Karl -- Death; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Biographical and personal data; Editorial matters; Cytogenetics; Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes; Fellowships, assistantships -- California Institute of Technology; Fellowships, assistantships -- John Innes Horticultural Institution

 Folder 1
1925-19298 itemsBox 3
 Folder 2
192913 itemsBox 3
 Folder 3
1930-193115 itemsBox 3
 Bellido, A. Garcia
19701 itemBox 3
 Benda, Clemens E.
19601 itemBox 3
 Bender, Armin
19411 itemBox 3
 Bender, Harvey A.
19654 itemsBox 3
 Benedek, Ladislaus
n.d.1 itemBox 3
 Bengelsdorf, Irving S.
19654 itemsBox 3
 Benjamin, John D.
19661 itemBox 3
 Bennett, Charles
19661 itemBox 3
 Bennett, John F.
19641 itemBox 3
 Bentley, David R.
19701 itemBox 3
 Benzer, Seymour
1967-19703 itemsBox 3
 Berg, Bea J. van den
19742 itemsBox 3
 Berg, Raissa
19754 itemsBox 3
 Berger, Charles A.
19433 itemsBox 3
 Bergh, B.O.
1966-19733 itemsBox 3
 Bergner, A. Dorothy
1939-19645 itemsBox 3
 Bergsma, Daniel
1966-19704 itemsBox 3
 Berkoff, Charles E.
19642 itemsBox 3
 Bernier, Paul E.
19511 itemBox 3
 Bernstein, Felix
1946-19496 itemsBox 3

Subject(s): Displaced German scholars; Human genetics; Graduate study -- Bernstein, Marianne Wiener; Requests for aid in finding positions; University of Rochester

 Bernstein, Marianne E.
1949-197023 itemsBox 3

Subject(s): Einstein, Albert; Goethe; World War II -- Impact on science; Displaced German scholars; Human genetics

 Berrill, John
1940-19466 itemsBox 3
 Berry, George Packer
19653 itemsBox 3
 Bhasin, Mahinder Kumar
1965-19694 itemsBox 3
 Bhattacharya, B.
1963-19674 itemsBox 3
 Bianchine, Josette
19732 itemsBox 3
 Bigelow, W.W.
19692 itemsBox 3
 Billingham, Rupert E.
19674 itemsBox 3
 Bingham, Woodbridge
19642 itemsBox 3
 Biology equipment and supplies
n.d.7 itemsBox 3
 Biomedical Book Service
19702 itemsBox 3
  BioScience (Journal)
19683 itemsBox 3
 Bird, M. J.
19471 itemBox 3
 Birdsell, Joseph B.
19501 itemBox 3
 Birmingham, Lloyd and Marion
1943-19443 itemsBox 3
 Bishop, Sherman C.
1947-19484 itemsBox 3
 Blake, Igor R.
19714 itemsBox 3
 Blakeslee, Albert F.
1936-19488 itemsBox 3
 Blanc, Richard
19522 itemsBox 3
 Blankenhorn, David H.
19684 itemsBox 3
 Bliven, Floyd
1940-19422 itemsBox 3
 Bluhm, Agnes
19331 itemBox 3
 Blum, Arnold F.
19461 itemBox 3
 Boas, Franz
1939-19404 itemsBox 3
 Bodenstein, Dietrich
1930194612 itemsBox 3
 Bodmer, Walter
19131 itemBox 3
 Bogart, Ralph
19743 itemsBox 3
 Bohme, H.
19712 itemsBox 3
 Boklage, Charles E.
19752 itemsBox 3
 Boklage, Charles E. "The Embryogenesis of schizophrenia"
n.d.1 itemBox 3
 Boklage, Charles E. "Embryonic Determination..."
19741 itemBox 3
 Born, James L.
19651 itemBox 3
 Boudo, Mrs. Stephen J.
19472 itemsBox 3
 Bouman, H.D.
19472 itemsBox 3
 Boveri, Marcella
19381 itemBox 3
 Boveri, Margaret
19641 itemBox 3
 Boveri, Theodor
  Box 3

see University of California Press

 Bowen, Carroll G.
19682 itemsBox 3
 Bowman, James T.
19692 itemsBox 3
 Box, Joan G.
19683 itemsBox 3
 Boyd, William C.
19491 itemBox 3
 Boyes, J. Wallace
1946-19714 itemsBox 3
 Brachet, Jean
19472 itemsBox 3
 Bragg, Desmond H.
19692 itemsBox 3
 Brasted, Adair
  Box 3

see: Gould, Adair (Mrs. Charles

 Braun, Warner
1931-19478 itemsBox 3
 Braver, Gerald and Norma
1966-19684 itemsBox 3
 Brehme, Katharine S.
1940-194417 itemsBox 3
 Brenton, Bill
19702 itemsBox 3
 Bresch, Carsten
1965-19723 itemsBox 3
 Bresler, Jack B.
1967-19713 itemsBox 3
 Bridges, Calvin B.
1927-193816 itemsBox 4

Subject(s): Laboratory techniques, equipment; Editorial matters -- Drosophila Information Service; Drosophila genetics; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Morgan, Thomas Hunt; Sturtevant, Alfred Henry; Mohr, Otto Louis; Muller, Hermann Joseph; Goldschmidt, Richard Benedict; Dobzhansky, Theodosius; Anderson, Ernest Gustav; Publication; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.

 Bridges, Philip N.
19462 itemsBox 4
 Brieger, Anneliese [Mrs. F.G.]
1937-19732 itemsBox 4
 Brieger, F.G.
19731 itemBox 4
 Brink, R. Alexander
1947-19665 itemsBox 4
 British Broadcasting Corp. Open University
197510 itemsBox 4
 Bronk, Detlev W.
19673 itemsBox 4
 Brosseau, George E., Jr.
19592 itemsBox 4
 Brown, Edmund G. (Governor of California)
1961-19664 itemsBox 4
 Brown, Helen Lang
19251 itemBox 4
 Brown, Spencer
19723 itemsBox 4
 Brown, W.M. Court
19682 itemsBox 4
 Brownfield, E. Dorothy
19642 itemsBox 4
 Browning, Luolin S.
19683 itemsBox 4
 Bucher, Thomas
1963-19646 itemsBox 4
 Buck, John B.
1946-19752 foldersBox 4

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; World War II -- Impact on science; Radiation genetics; University of Rochester -- Charles, Donald Randolph; Evolution; Political issues -- University of California, Berkeley; Political issues -- Loyalty oaths; Graduate study; Bibliographical matters -- Genetics; Laboratory techniques, equipment

 Folder 1
1946-197016 itemsBox 4
 Folder 2
19753 itemsBox 4
 Buckless, Max
19531 itemBox 4
 Buice, Chris
19702 itemsBox 4
 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
19512 itemsBox 4
 Bunche, Ralph J.
19601 itemBox 4
 Buncher, Charles Ralph
19651 itemBox 4
 Burian, F.
19642 itemsBox 4
 Burkart, Arturo
1933-19705 itemsBox 4
 Burnett, Charles H.
19541 itemBox 4
 Burns, George W.
19691 itemBox 4
 Burns, John M.
1967-19694 itemsBox 4
 Burton, Marie Rosenberg
19422 itemsBox 4
 Buruga, Joseph
19702 itemsBox 4
 Buser, Susanne
19702 itemsBox 4
 Butler, E.G.
19451 itemBox 4
 Butterfass, Theodor
19671 itemBox 4
 Butterfield, V.L.
19442 itemsBox 4
 Buyse, Adrian
1941-19472 itemsBox 4
 Buzzati-Traverso, Adriano
1935-19734 itemsBox 4
 Cahill, Ruth Mary. "Partial analysis of `Hybrid Sterility' within the species Drosophila Melanogaster"
19451 itemBox 4
 Cairns, John
1963-19645 itemsBox 4
 California. Committee on air pollution and radiation protection
19581 itemBox 4
 California. Department of Mental Hygiene, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute
19582 itemsBox 4
 California. Department of Public Health
19642 itemsBox 4
 California. Department of Social Welfare
19601 itemBox 4
 California Monthly. December 1981 Obituary
19812 itemsBox 4
 California State Board of Health
19643 itemsBox 4
 California. Study Commission on Mental Retardation 1964
19642 itemsBox 4
 Calsoyas, C.D.
19666 itemsBox 4
 Cambridge University Press. Developmental and Cell Biology Series
19751 itemBox 4
 Campbell, Robert
19572 itemsBox 4
 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
19711 itemBox 4
 Cancro, Robert
1969-19705 itemsBox 4
 Cantril, Simeon T.
1951-19542 itemsBox 4
 Carlson, Elof Axal
1961-19728 itemsBox 4
 Carlson, J. Gordon
19472 itemsBox 4
 Carmichael, L. (National Roster of Scientific Personnel)
19401 itemBox 4
 Carson, Gweneth (See Becker, S.C., Becker, M.J.)
19561 itemBox 4
 Carson, S.F.
19682 itemsBox 4
 Cartter, Allan M.
19651 itemBox 4
 Carus, Frank E.
19701 itemBox 4
 Casale, Anne
19661 itemBox 4
 Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm
1946-19702 foldersBox 4

Subject(s): Editorial matters; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Wright, Sewall; Beadle, George Wells; World War II -- Kuhn, Alfred; World War II -- Hartmann, Max; Publication; Radiation genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia; Drosophila genetics

 Folder 1
1946-19476 itemsBox 4
 Folder 2
1959-197010 itemsBox 4
 Caspersson, Torbjorn
19453 itemsBox 4
 Castle, William E.
1947-19505 itemsBox 4
 Castleman, Kenneth R. "Pictorial output for computerized karyotyping"
19701 itemBox 4
 Caullery, Maurice
19332 itemsBox 4
 Cavalli-Sforza, Luigi L.
1966-19694 itemsBox 4
 Cell Biology: A Comprehensive Treatise
19751 itemBox 4
 Centeno, Judith Viegas
19691 itemBox 4
 Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences
19673 itemsBox 4
 Centerwall, Willard R.
1961-197227 itemsBox 4

Subject(s): Graduate study; Publication; Biographical and personal data; Human genetics -- India; Human genetics -- Y-chromosome

 Cervenka, Jaroslav
19641 itemBox 4
 Chachere, Marvin L.
19703 itemsBox 4
 Chamberlain, Owen
19681 itemBox 4
 Chamberlin, Philip
19641 itemBox 4
 Chambers, Robert
19452 itemsBox 4
 Chandra, Sharat
19673 itemsBox 4
 Chao, Y.R.
19683 itemsBox 4
 Charles, Donald R.
19551 itemBox 4
 Chaudhuri, Subhendu Datta
19702 itemsBox 4
 Cheadle, Vernon I.
19641 itemBox 5
 Chen, P.S.
19651 itemBox 5
 Chen, Tao-Hsin
19462 itemsBox 5
 Chiba, Sadako
1966-196917 itemsBox 5
 Chicago, University of. Honorary Degree
19735 itemsBox 5
 Chicago Cytogenetics Conference 1966
19664 foldersBox 5

Subject(s): Publication; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs; Cytogenetics; Human genetics; Conferences and symposia

 Folder 1
19663 itemsBox 5
 Folder 2
19661 itemBox 5
 Folder 3
n.d.1 itemBox 5
 Folder 4
19661 itemBox 5
 Child, C.M.
19531 itemBox 5
 Child Health and Development Studies
19671 itemBox 5
 Childs, Barton
1961-19626 itemsBox 5
 Folder 1
n.d.1 itemBox 5
 Folder 2
n.d.1 itemBox 5
 Chown, Bruce
19642 itemsBox 5
 Chu, Ernest H.Y.
1958-19725 itemsBox 5
 Citizens League Against the Sonic Boom
19683 itemsBox 5
 City Commons Club (Berkeley, California)
19652 itemsBox 5
 Clarke, C.A.
19692 itemsBox 5
 Clausen, Lucy
1945-19584 itemsBox 5
 Clausen, Roy
n.d.1 itemBox 5
 Clausen, Sam
n.d.2 itemsBox 5
 Claxton, Jack H.
1965-197020 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): University of California, Berkeley; Publication; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Fellowships, assistantships; Embryology, developmental genetics; Drosophila genetics; Teaching -- University of New England (Australia); Biographical and personal data

 Cleary, John Thomas
19542 itemsBox 5
 Cleland, Ralph E.
1945-19676 itemsBox 5
 Close, Perry
19721 itemBox 5
 Cobb, W. Montague
19572 itemsBox 5
 Cock, Alan G.
1954-19699 itemsBox 5
 Cockerell, T.D.A.
19442 itemsBox 5
 Cockrell, Robert A.
19651 itemBox 5
 Coe, E.H.
19732 itemsBox 5
 Cohelan, Jeffery
19701 itemBox 5
 Cohen, Bernice
1965-19664 itemsBox 5
 Cohen, I. Bernard
1960-196510 itemsBox 5
 Cohen, Nathan W.
19651 itemBox 5
 Cohen, Robert. Productions
19632 itemsBox 5
 Coker, R. E.
19421 itemBox 5
 Coleman, Richard W.
1967-19709 itemsBox 5
 Coleman, William
1967-19713 itemsBox 5
 Collins, J.L.
19331 itemBox 5
 Collins, Robert L.
19683 itemsBox 5
 Columbia University
1943-19443 itemsBox 5
 Columbia University. Department of Biology
19711 itemBox 5
 Columbia University. Department of Zoology Newsletter
1943-19465 itemsBox 5
 Combes, J.J.
19692 itemsBox 5
 Combs, Ernest F.
19722 itemsBox 5
 Comings, David E.
19703 itemsBox 5
 Commission on Undergraduate Education in the Biological Sciences
1966-19673 itemsBox 5
 Committee for Nuclear Responsibility
1971-19726 itemsBox 5
 Committee on Developmental Biology, May 1952
19521 itemBox 5
 Los Compañeros
n.d.2 itemsBox 5
 Comroe, Julius H., Jr.
19682 itemsBox 5
 Comstock, Ralph E.
1967-19686 itemsBox 5
 Conference on Genetic Disease Control 1970
19704 itemsBox 5
 Conference on Human Genetics, Second International (Rome, 1961)
19613 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Human Genetics -- Second Congress

 Conference on Human Population Genetics in Israel 1961
19725 itemsBox 5
 Conferences of Human Genetics, International
19616 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Human Genetics

 Congress of Genetics, Sixth International (Ithaca, N.Y., 1932)
1931-19323 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics -- Sixth Congress

 Congress of Genetics, Seventh International (U.S.S.R., 1937)
1936-19376 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics -- Seventh Congress

 Congress of Genetics, Twelfth International (Tokyo, 1968)
1965-19683 foldersBox 5

Subject(s): Congresses and symposia -- Japan; International Congress of Genetics -- Twelfth Congress; Committee activities; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Embryology, developmental genetics; Publication; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Genetics

 Folder 1
196812 itemsBox 5
 Folder 2
1967-196819 itemsBox 5
 Folder 3
19653 itemsBox 5
 Congress of Genetics, Thirteenth International (Berkeley, 1973)
1972-197318 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics -- Thirteenth Congress

 Congress of Human Genetics, Third International (Chicago, 1966)
n.d.3 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Human Genetics -- Third Congress

 Congresses of Genetics, International (1899-1968; summaries)
1965-19669 itemsBox 5

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics

 Conklin, Edwin Grant
19512 itemsBox 6
 Conley, C. Lockard
1959-19715 itemsBox 6
 Connell, Frank H.
19414 itemsBox 6
 Constance, Lincoln (Dean, College of Letters and Science, University of California, Berkeley)
  Box 6

-see: University of California, Berkeley. Constance, Lincoln

 Cook, Robert C.
19441 itemBox 6
 Cooper, Jane G.
19672 itemsBox 6
 Cooper, Kenneth W.
1939-19675 foldersBox 6

Subject(s): Referee's report -- Gregg, John; Recommendations -- Cooper, Kenneth Willard; Recommendations -- Wald, George; Recommendations -- Sonneborn, Tracy M.; Recommendations -- Tyler, Albert; Recommendations -- Blum, Harold; Recommendations -- Pollister, Arthur W.; Recommendations -- Steinbach, H. Burr; Recommendations -- Mazia, Daniel; Recommendations -- Poulson, Donald F.; Bibliographical matters; Holtfreter, Johannes; Monod, Jacques; University of Rochester; Editorial matters -- Journal of American Zoology; Editorial matters -- Genetics; Dobzhansky, Theodosius; California Institute of Technology; Darlington, Cyril Dean; Schultz, Jack -- Chromosome pairing; Fellowships, assistantships; World War II -- Impact on science; Columbia University -- Schrader, Franz; Columbia University -- Pollister, Arthur W.; Biographical and personal data -- Charles, Donald Randolph; Biographical and personal data; Cytogenetics; Drosophila genetics; Princeton University; MacKnight, Robert H.

 Folder 1
1939-19407 itemsBox 6
 Folder 2
1941-194523 itemsBox 6
 Folder 3
1946-194718 itemsBox 6
 Folder 4
1948-196018 itemsBox 6
 Folder 5
1962-196720 itemsBox 6
 Copeland, Gene
n.d.1 itemBox 6
 Cordeiro, Antonio R.
19591 itemBox 6
 Corner, George Washington
1941-19582 foldersBox 6
 Folder 1
1941-194411 itemsBox 6
 Folder 2
1949-19585 itemsBox 6
 Correns, Anna Eva
19651 itemBox 6
 Correns, Carl
19241 itemBox 6
 Cossey, Mr. and Mrs. Allen
19722 itemsBox 6
 Counce, Sheila
19722 itemsBox 6
 Cox, Gertrude M.
19662 itemsBox 6
 Crackpot letters
1951-1976 (ca)36 itemsBox 6
 Crandoll, Barbara F.
19712 itemsBox 6
 Cranston, Alan
19721 itemBox 6
 Creighton, Harriet
19423 itemsBox 6
 Crew, F.A.E.
19396 itemsBox 6
 Cross, Ira B.
19711 itemBox 6
 Crouse, Helen V.
1947-19684 itemsBox 6
 Crow, James F.
1962-19717 itemsBox 6
 Crowley, Clement R.
19522 itemsBox 6
 Csik, L.
19581 itemBox 6
 Cundy, Kenneth R.
19642 itemsBox 6
 Cutting, Windsor
19642 itemsBox 6
  Cytogenetics (Journal)
1961-196618 itemsBox 6
 Czechoslovak Medical Society
1962-19631 itemBox 6
  Daedalus (Journal)
19701 itemBox 6
 Dahlberg, Gunnar
  Box 6
 Dalton, Clark
19461 itemBox 6
 Danforth, C.H.
1935-19517 itemsBox 6
 Daniels, John
19683 itemsBox 6
 Danner, Helen
19652 itemsBox 6
 Darley, C. Barrington
1947-19482 itemsBox 6
 Darlington, Cyril D.
1932-19462 itemsBox 6
 Daske, Yves
19673 itemsBox 6
 Datta, Rajat Kumar
1969-19703 itemsBox 6
 Davenport, Charles B.
1933-19424 itemsBox 6
 Davidenkova, Eugenia
n.d.1 itemBox 6
 Davis, Bernard D.
19653 itemsBox 6
 Davis, Betty
19691 itemBox 6
 Davis, Bradley M.
19481 itemBox 6
 Davis, Watson
19622 itemsBox 6
 Day, Robert Winsor
1963-19721 itemBox 6
 DeBeer, Sir Gavin
1960-19724 itemsBox 6
 DeFrank, Josephine
19472 itemsBox 6
 Degenhardt, Karl-Heinz
1961-19727 itemsBox 6
 Deignan, Mrs. Ormand
19472 itemsBox 6
 Delbrück, Max
1938-196813 itemsBox 6

Subject(s): University of California, Berkeley; Goldschmidt, Richard Benedict; Morgan, Thomas Hunt; Biographical and personal data; Bacteriophage and viral genetics; Genetics; Political issues; California Institute of Technology; University of Koln -- Institute of Genetics; Invitations; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Kimber Award; Recommendations -- Becker, Hans Joachim; Recommendations -- Ursprung, Heinrich; Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson; Frisch, Karl von

 Demerec, Mary
19662 itemsBox 6
 Demerec, Milislav
1933-19477 foldersBox 6

Subject(s): Fano, Ugo; Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm; Political issues; Editorial matters -- Advances in Genetics; World War II -- Impact on science; Publication; Evolution; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs; Cytogenetics; Schultz, Jack; Bridges, Calvin B.; Ephrussi, Boris; Dobzhansky, Theodosius; Biographical and personal data; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Laboratory techniques, equipment; Drosophila Information Service; Drosophila genetics; Genetics of plants -- Delphinium; International Union of Biological Societies; International Congress of Genetics; Neel, James V.; Stalker, Harrison Dailey; Charles, Donald Randolph; Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole -- Gene Conferences; Brasted, Adair; Brehme, Catherine; Hoover, Margaret; Publication -- Biology of Drosophila; Conferences and symposia -- Cold Spring Harbor Symposium

 Folder 1
1933-193525 itemsBox 6
 Folder 2
1936-193712 itemsBox 6
 Folder 3
1938-193922 itemsBox 6
 Folder 4
1940-194122 itemsBox 6
 Folder 5
1942-194310 itemsBox 6
 Folder 6
1944-194529 itemsBox 6
 Folder 7
1946-194720 itemsBox 6
 Dempster, Everett Ross
1946-19702 foldersBox 7

Subject(s): Drosophila genetics; University of California, Berkeley; Biographical and personal data; Political issues; Mathematics; Editorial matters; Evolution; Laboratory techniques, equipment; Human genetics

 Folder 1
1946-196613 itemsBox 7
 Folder 2
1966-197012 itemsBox 7
 Denell, Robert
19723 itemsBox 7
 Dennes, William R.
19612 itemsBox 7
 Dermen, Haig
19551 itemBox 7
 Descartes, Blanche
n.d.1 itemBox 7
 Deutsche Akademie Der Naturforscher Leopoldina
19752 itemsBox 7
 Development Biology Conference 1970
19642 itemsBox 7
  Developmental Biology (Journal)
19705 itemsBox 7
 Diamond, Louis K.
1970-19775 itemsBox 7
 Dick, Hugh G.
19572 itemsBox 7
 Dickerman, Stephen G.
19632 itemsBox 7
 Dictionary of Scientific Biography
19671 itemBox 7
 Dighton, Ralph
19662 itemsBox 7
 DiPaolo, Joseph A.
19652 itemsBox 7
 Diver, C.
19291 itemBox 7
 Dobell, Clifford
19251 itemBox 7
 Dobzhansky, Theodosius
1929-19755 foldersBox 7

Subject(s): Russian politics and science -- Kerkis, Julius J.; California Institute of Technology; World War II -- Impact on science; Political issues; Drosophila genetics; Requests for aid in finding positions; Displaced German scholars; Biographical and personal data; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Evolution; History of biology, especially genetics; Biographical and personal data -- Bridges, Calvin B.; Population genetics; Cytogenetics; Publication -- Genetics and the Origin of Species; Laboratory techniques, equipment; Recommendations; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Columbia University; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Rockefeller University; Reviews -- Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich; Bibliographical matters; Dunn, Leslie Clarence; Ephrussi, Boris; Congratulations, greetings, thanks -- Stern, Curt. 70th birthday

 Folder 1
1929-193315 itemsBox 7
 Folder 2
1935-194023 itemsBox 7
 Folder 3
1940-194728 itemsBox 7
 Folder 4
1950-196826 itemsBox 7
 Folder 5
1970-19754 itemsBox 7
 Dobzhansky, Theodosius. "Studies on the intersexes and supersexes in Drosophila Melanogaster"
19302 foldersBox 7
 Folder 1
19301 itemBox 7
 Folder 2
19301 itemBox 7
 Dodds, H. W. (President, Princeton University)
19472 itemsBox 7
 Dohrn, R.
19291 itemBox 7
 Doljanski, L.
19391 itemBox 7
 Dominican Republic
19423 itemsBox 7
 Dougherty, Ellsworth C.
19602 itemsBox 7
 Dougherty, Ellsworth C. "Cultivation of Brachionid Rotifers"
19602 itemsBox 7
 Downs, James F.
19701 itemBox 7