Martin Joos Papers, [ca. 1930s-1970s]


Date: Circa 1930-1970 | Size: 16 Linear feet


This is a diverse collection containing professional correspondence, often relating to lectures, speeches, and articles; reprints; and numerous tape recordings.

Background note

Linguist Martin Joos taught at the University of Toronto and the University of Wisconsin. Joos impacted the study of linguistics through his forty or more articles, reviews, and five books: Middle High German Courtly Reader, English Verb, Five Clocks, Acoustic Phonetics, and Readings in Linguistics.

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12 linear feet.


Custodial history:

Presented by Jeannie Mae Joos, 1983.

Processing information

Part of audio digitized in 2013 by Brian Carpenter. Audio series described and arranged in 2019 by Paul Sutherland. Other materials are unprocessed as of 2019.

Related material

This collection is an adjunct to the Archives of the Linguistic Society of America (Ms. Coll. 8).

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Corporate Name(s)

  • American Council of Learned Societies. Committee on the Language Program
  • Center for Applied Linguistics.
  • Linguistic Society of America.


  • Lectures.
  • Oral histories
  • Recordings.


  • Linguists.

Personal Name(s)

  • Bloch, Bernard, 1907-1965
  • Chomsky, Noam
  • Cowan, J. Milton
  • Garvin, Paul L.
  • Gumperz, John J. (John Joseph), 1922-2013
  • Haas, Mary R. (Mary Rosamond), 1910-1996
  • Halliday, M. A. K. (Michael Alexander Kirkwood)
  • Hamp, Eric P.
  • Haugen, Einar Ingvald
  • Hill, Archibald A.
  • Hockett, Charles L.
  • Joos, Martin
  • Lamb, Sydney M.
  • Saporta, Sol
  • Stockwell, Robert P.
  • Twaddell, W. F. (William Freeman)
  • Uhlenbeck, E. M.
  • Venezky, Richard L.
  • Wang, William S.-Y.
  • Winter, Werner


  • Linguistics -- History.
  • Linguistics -- Societies, etc.

Detailed Inventory

 14 Linear Feet

As of 2019-02, manuscripts are approximately arranged by type, but otherwise unprocessed.

Audio recordings
 2 Linear Feet
Subseries I. Linguistics conferences
 35 reel(s)
Tape 0. [no title]
 1 reel(s)
Tape 1. "SIL Group at Seattle -- Ben Elson etc."
Tape 2. "M. Jacobs + F-K Li (Joos)"
1966-06-281 reel(s)
Tape 3. "Jacobs + Li + Joos"
1966-06-281 reel(s)
Tape 4. "Saporta/Carroll Reed (to be continued) - but it never was!"
1966-06-291 reel(s)
Tape 5. "Mary Haas + Joos"
1966-07-061 reel(s)
Tape 6. "M. Emeneau + Joos"
1966-07-061 reel(s)
Tape 7. "D. Olmsead & Joos; most of 7B is Joos personal"
1966-07-071 reel(s)
Tape 8. "Olmsted & Joos"
1966-07-071 reel(s)
Tape 9. "Berkeley, Gumperz (+ Mrs. G.) & Joos"
1966-07-081 reel(s)
Tape 10. "David Reed & Joos, Berkeley"
1966-07-091 reel(s)
Tape 11. "Denzel Carr + Joos, Berkeley"
1966-07-091 reel(s)
Tape 12. "Joseph H. Greenberg + M. Joos, Stanford U."
1966-07-101 reel(s)
Tape 13. "Applegate (+ Joos)"
1966-07-231 reel(s)
Tape 14. "William Bright (& Joos)"
1966-07-231 reel(s)
Tape 15. "Stockwell & Joos (to be continued)"
1966-07-251 reel(s)
Tape 16. "Harry Hoijer (& Joos)"
n.d.1 reel(s)
Tape 17A. "Hoijer"
1966-07-271 reel(s)
Tape 18. "UCLA Conference on American Indian Languages - Harry Hoijer, Mary Haas"
1966-07-281 reel(s)
Tape 19. "UCLA"
1966-07-281 reel(s)

Additional description on tape box: "Mary Haas (conclusion)"; "Yakov Malkiel"; "Karl Teeter scheduled discussion of Hoijer, Haas, Malkiel; developed as disc. of (1) History of Linguistics (2) History of Languages".

Tape 20. "UCLA"
1966-07-281 reel(s)

Additional description on tape box: "W. Bright as chair: free discussion after Teeter; Werner Winter; Prof. Seiler; Mary Haas; Winter again; Teeter on all three. Adelaide Hahn, Mary Haas, Adj."; "Carl (& Florence) Voegelin, Carl reading".

Tape 21. "UCLA"
1966-07-281 reel(s)

Additional description in tape box: "Carl Voegelin"; "Paul Garvin"; "Wallace Chafe".

Tape 22. "UCLA"
1966-07-281 reel(s)

Additional description on tape: "Sydney Lamb"; "Paul Postal general discussion on Garvin, Chafe, continued on 23a".

Tape 23. "Conclusion of 22B + discussions: McCawley, Voegelin, Chafe, Haas"
1966-07-281 reel(s)
Tape 24. "LSA meeting at UCLA"
1966-07-301 reel(s)

Additional description on tape box: "James D. McCawley, The canonization of Edward Sapir"; "Kalon Kelley (UCLA) comments on n-arg feature systems".

Tape 25. "Paul Garvin at UCLA"
1966-07-301 reel(s)
Tape 26. "Werner Winter at UCLA"
1966-08-021 reel(s)
Tape 27. "S. Newman at Albuquerque"
1966-08-061 reel(s)
Tape 28. "at Norman SIL, Sarah Gudschinsky + Doris Bartholomew to middle of U. of Penn. period"
1966-08-081 reel(s)
Tape 29. "Joseph Grimes at Norman, Okla" & "loc. cit. Barbara Erickson Hollenbach"
1966-08-081 reel(s)
Tape 30. "Kenneth L. Pike at Norman, Okla."
1966-08-081 reel(s)
Tape 31. "K L Pike cont. a little"
1966-08-08-1966-08-091 reel(s)
Tape 32. "Velma Pickett at Norman" & "Eunice Pike"
1966-08-091 reel(s)
Tape 33. "Evelyn Griset Pike" & "Robert Longacre"
1966-08-091 reel(s)
Tape 34. "Y. R. Chao (& Joos) at U. of Minnesota"
1966-08-151 reel(s)
Subseries II. Linguistics seminars at U.C. Berkeley
 33 reel(s)
"Bloch, Bernard: The English Plural Morpheme"
1962-05-102 reel(s)
"Bloch, Bernard: Postulates for Descriptive Linguistics"
1962-05-112 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Formal Properties of Simple Families of Languages"
1964-02-271 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Mathematical Linguistics - The Future"
1964-02-281 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Mathematical Models in Linguistics I"
1964-02-261 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Mathematical Models in Linguistics II"
1964-02-271 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Outline of a Theory of Syntax"
1963-02-231 reel(s)
"Chomsky, Noam: Prerequisites of Language Acquisition"
1964-02-262 reel(s)
"Garvin, Paul: The Structure of Kutenai"
1961-12-132 reel(s)
Tape 1
01. The Structure of Kutenai [1 of 4]
The Structure of Kutenai [2 of 4]
Tape 2
01. The Structure of Kutenai [3 of 4]
02. The Structure of Kutenai [4 of 4]
"Gumperz, John J.: On the Ethnology of Linguistic Change"
1965-04-082 reel(s)
"Haas, Mary: Prehistory of Languages"
1965-03-221 reel(s)
01. The Prehistory of Languages [1 of 2]
02. The Prehistory of Languages [2 of 2]
"Halliday, M. A. K.: The Concept of Theme in English Grammar"
n.d.2 reel(s)
"Halliday, M. A. K.: Intonation and the Clause in English"
1964-05-281 reel(s)
"Halliday, M. A. K.: Some Aspects of English Intonation"
1964-05-212 reel(s)
"Haugen, Einar: Linguistics and Language Planning"
1964-05-201 reel(s)
"Joos, Martin: Semology - Meaning Pattern Inside the Language"
1962-06-062 reel(s)
"Lamb, Sidney M.: Notes on Generation, Concatenation, Alternation, Transformation, Realization, and Stratification"
1964-03-121 reel(s)
"Saporta, Sol: Grammatical Models and Language Learning"
1963-04-241 reel(s)
"Stockwell, Robert P.: The Aims of Grammar"
n.d.1 reel(s)
"Uhlenbeck, E. M.: Some Objections Against Transformational Theory"
n.d.2 reel(s)
"Venezky, Richard: Morphophemics and English Spelling-to-Sound Correspondences"
1964-11-191 reel(s)
"Wang, William S-Y.: Phonological Rules and Distinctive Features"
1965-04-222 reel(s)
"Winter, Werner: Form and Meaning in Morphological Analysis"
1962-02-161 reel(s)
Subseries III. Miscellaneous
 8 reel(s)
"The Betty Kennedy Show"
1969-09-081 reel(s)in 7-inch box5-inch
Joos, Martin.
"The Five Clocks"
1959-01-211 reel(s)7-inch
Tischler, Naomi.
"German 671"
n.d.1 reel(s)
Joos, Martin.
"Pitch terminal stress in English"
1957-08-092 reel(s)7-inch
Set of earphones
"Untimely death read by" [illegible]
n.d.1 reel(s)5-inch
Untitled tape
n.d.1 reel(s)7-inch
Untitled tape [Pitch terminal stress in English?]
n.d.1 reel(s)7-inch