Victoria R. Bricker Papers


Date: 1938-2015 | Size: 12 Linear feet


The Victoria R. Bricker Papers contain correspondence, research notes, fieldnotes, notebooks, audio recordings, and born-digital files relating to Mayan and other Mesoamerican languages (especially Tzotzil as spoken in Chiapas, Mexico, as well as Chol, Nahuatl, and Yucatec Maya), and to Mayan astronomy. They also contain extensive typeset transcriptions of materials from archives in Guatemala and Spain, and a wide range of Victoria Bricker's work over seven decades from childhood through the 2010s, including collaborations with husband Harvey M. Bricker on the Mayan codices.

Background note

Victoria R. Bricker is a cultural anthropologist who received her Ph.D. in anthropology from Harvard University in 1968. Her fieldwork in Mexico includes several years with the Tzotzil-Maya Indians of highland Chiapas, investigating their ritual humor and researching Colonial and Postcolonial revitalization movements in Chiapas, Yucatan, and highland Guatemala. Since 1971 she has carried out research on the Maya language of Yucatan, including ethnobotanical research for a Maya-English dictionary. In 1978 she began to study the language of Maya hiero-glyphs, later focusing on astronomy in the Precolumbian Maya codices. She was elected to membership in the American Philosophical Society in 2002.

Scope and content

Note: There are many additional accessions to the Victoria R. Bricker Papers not yet reflected in this finding aid.

Series I contains correspondence, almost entirely on Mayan linguistics and astronomy. While the majority is ordered by author (Subseries I), there are large folders organized by subject (Subseries II), the authors and topics of which may overlap.

Series II contains research notes from anthropological and linguistic fieldwork in Chiapas (mostly San Lorenzo Zinacantán and San Juan Chamula), Mexico, among speakers of Tsotsil/Tzotzil with a focus on humor; and with Yucatec Maya speakers on the Yucatec Peninsula in both Mexico and Belize. Victoria Bricker spent multiple fieldtrips collecting hundreds of texts, written both by her and her consultants, reflected here and in the audio and digital materials.

Series III contains field notebooks from the above research, including texts and linguistic data, additionally with some Nahuatl elicitation.

Series IV contains works by Victoria and Harvey Bricker on the Mayan codices, including conferences at which they co-presented. It includes the original database placing the eclipse table in the Dresden Codex in historical time.

Series V contains Bricker's pre-professional writing from early school through to her Harvard University PhD proposal.

Series VI contains extensive typeset transcriptions of materials on Indigenous revolts from archives in Guatemala and Spain.

Series VII contains audio materials in Chol, Nahuatl, Tsotsil and Yucateco, many of which relate to texts found in Series II and III. These are available at the digital library.

Digital objects note

This collection contains digital materials that are available in the APS Digital Library. Links to these materials are provided with context in the inventory of this finding aid. A general listing of digital objects may also be found here.

Collection Information

Processing information

Collection ordered into series by Brian Carpenter. Finding aid created by Paul Sutherland in early 2018, with further accessions incorporated in late 2018. Many additional accessions have since arrived and are not reflected here. Audio recordings were previously assigned call number Mss.SMs.Coll.15.

Indexing Terms


  • Sound recordings

Geographic Name(s)

  • Chiapas (Mexico)


  • Chol Indians
  • Chol language
  • Indians of Mexico -- Chiapas
  • Maya Indians
  • Mayan languages
  • Mayas -- Yucatán Peninsula
  • Nahuas
  • Nahuatl language
  • Tzotzil Indians
  • Tzotzil language
  • Yucateco

Collection overview

1938-20153.75 Linear feet

The correspondence series includes many manuscripts, research notes, images of Mayan glyphs, and similar materials relating to Bricker and others' Mayan research, in addition to occasional photographs (noted).

1963-19772.25 Linear feet

This series includes texts, mostly typeset, with sentence-by-sentence interlinear translations in English or Spanish. Many texts correspond to audio in Series IV. An index is forthcoming.

1970s1.5 Linear feet
1975-20170.75 Linear feet

This series includes several items co-authored with Harvey M. Bricker.

1949-19650.75 Linear feet

This series is arranged chronologically.

ca. 1973-19811.5 Linear feet

Transcripts concerning the Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820 are derived from facsimile copies of ca. 600 pages of documents in the Archivo Nacional de Centroamerica (formerly Archivo General de Gobierno de Guatemala). Transcripts concerning the Tzeltal Revolt of 1712 are derived from microfilm copies of the Archivo General de Indias, Audiencia de Guatemala, Seville, Spain. They collectively contributed to Bricker's 1981 publication "The Indian Christ: The Indian King: The Historical Substrate of Maya Myth and Ritual".

Transcripts are in Spanish.

 44 tape(s)41 sound tape reels, 3 audiocassettes (63 hr., 19 min.); 1.5 Linear feet

Detailed Inventory

Series I. Correspondence
1938-20153.75 Linear feet

The correspondence series includes many manuscripts, research notes, images of Mayan glyphs, and similar materials relating to Bricker and others' Mayan research, in addition to occasional photographs (noted).

Subseries I. Correspondents
Adams, Richard N.
19781 p.
Alexander, Rani
1985-199015 p.
Alexander, Rani
2004-200854 p.
Alvarado, Rafael C.
19902 p.
American Anthropological Association
1971-1980ca. 10 p.
Anderson, Lloyd B.
19982 p.
Anderson, Thor
1989-20098 p.
Anderson, Thor & Gary H. Gossen
1988-19894 p.
Anderson-Gill, Colette
19901 p.
Andrews, Anthony P.
20063 p.
Andrews, E. Wyllys V [Joann M. & Wyllys]
1971-19837 p.
Atran, Scott
19995 p.
Aveni, Anthony F.
1983-198823 p.

Includes "An Open Letter to Correlation Buffs" (7 p.).

Aveni, Anthony F.
1995-200116 p.
Aveni, Anthony F.
2007-201418 p.
Aveni, Anthony F. [with Harvey M. Bricker]
1997-2010ca. 30 p.
Barber, Martha
20101 p.
Basso, Keith
19732 p.
Baudez, Charles F.
19911 p.
Baudot, Georges
1984-19872 p.
Bauman, Richard
19871 p.
Beck, Peggy V.
19724 p.
Benfer, Bob
20083 p.
Bierhorst, John
1984-19853 p.
Blanchet, Catherine B.
19806 p.
Blume, Anna
20123 p.
Bocarra, M. Michel
19831 p.
Bode, Barbara
1972-19773 p.
Bolig, Ramsey
20081 p.
Bolles, David
1988-199615 p.
Bolles, David
2002-200828 p.

Includes "The Meaning of Kinich"

Bolles, David
2009-2010ca. 45 p.
Bolles, David
2011-2013ca. 50 p.
Boone, Elizabeth H.
1997-201010 p.
Boremanse, Didier
1980-19872 p.
Braswell, Geoffrey
2012-20138 p.
Breton, Alain
19901 p.
Brito, Dagobert L.
19843 p.
Brody, Deborah L.
19885 p.
Brown, Cecil H.
1976-19788 p.
Brown, Cecil H.
20003 p.
Brown, Clifford T.
20053 p.
Brown, Clifford T.
20063 p.
Brown, Denise
1980-19892 p.
Bruce, Roberto D.
1974-19769 p.
Buchmann, Stephen
20033 p.
Burns, Allan F.
1983-19873 p.
Cake, Rafael H. [Ralph]
19741 p.
Cancian, Frank
1994-20085 p.
Careaga, Lorena
19962 p.
Carr, Sorayya
1986-19922 p.
Carrasco, Ramon
20013 p.
Carver, Holly
19851 p.
Caso, Laura & Mario Aliphat
20121 p.
Casson, Ronald W.
1979-19803 p.
Castellanos, Maria [Bianet]
20103 p.
Cawich, Gilmer
20113 p.
Chamberlain, Von Del
19831 p.
Chavez, Monica
20112 p.
Cheung, Sidney C. H.
20122 p.
Chinchilla M., Oswald
19923 p.
Christensen, Mark Z.
2008-2015ca. 40 p.
Chuchiak, John
2010-201312 p.
Ciaramella, Mary A.
19891 p.
Clarke, Christopher
20034 p.
Coggins, Clemency
1985-19874 p.
Collier, George A.
1968-1989ca. 40 p.

Bulk 1968-1971.

Collins, Anne
1974-19864 p.
Cowgill, George L.
19686 p.
Cunningham, John
19733 p.
D'Agostino, Matthew
20074 p.
D'Andrade, Roy
19842 p.
Davis, Virginia Dale
19765 p.
Davoust, Michel
1986-19892 p.
Dixon, R. M. W.
1977-19805 p.
1980-19816 p.
Drucker, Lesley M.
19861 p.
Drucker, R. David
1987-1988ca. 20 p.
Duetting, Dieter
19873 p.
Dugan, Jim
20081 p.
Dumond, Don
19904 p.
Early, John
1964-19786 p.
Eberhart, Stephen
1999-200010 p.
Eberl, Markus
2000-2009ca. 40 p.
Edmonson, Barbara W.
19784 p.
Edmonson, Munro S.
1980-19945 p.
Ekholm, Susanna M.
19834 p.
England, Nora C.
1978-19833 p.
Esman, Majorie R.
19831 p.
Fabb, Nigel
20123 p.
Fargeot, Rene-Stephane
1969-197110 p.

Partially in French.

Farriss, Nancy M.
1984-19905 p.
Faust, Allison
19994 p.
Favre, Henri
1975-197610 p.
Fernandez-Galan Rodriguez, Maria Elena
n.d.1 p.
Fish, Gail
20122 p.
Florescano, Enrique
19901 p.
Furbee, Louanna
1970-1978ca. 30 p.

Also with others concerning a Mayan linguistics conference.

Furbee, Louanna
1982-2007ca. 25 p.
Garcia Campillo, Jose Miguel
1989-19903 p.
Garza-Valdes, Leoncio A.
19843 p.
George-Hirons, Amy
20022 p.
Goforth, Lynnel
1980-19882 p.
Goldfrank, Esther S.
19681 p.
Gonzalez Crespo, Noberto
19781 p.
Gonzalez G. C., Alicia
19802 p.
Goodenough, Ward H.
19703 p.
Gordon, Joseph E.
19792 p.
Gossen, Gary H.
1968-1988ca. 40 p.
Graham, Elizabeth
1987-19885 p.
Grana-Behren, Daniel
2000-200829 p.
Grana-Behren, Daniel
2011-2013ca. 35 p.
Graulich, Michel
19822 p.
Grigsby, Tom
20043 p.
Grofe, Michael
20092 p.
Grube, Nikolai
1994-20078 p.
Hackney, Sheldon [to Federico Rioseco]
19801 p.
Hall, Robert
1993-20054 p.
Hammond, Norman
1986-20158 p.
Hanks, William F.
1983-201226 p.
Harmon, Jennifer H.
19872 p.
Hartig [Miram], Helga-Maria [Pauline]
1979-199310 p.
Haviland, John
1974-200818 p.
Helms, Mary W.
19771 p.
Henderson, John S.
20112 p.
Hernandez, Christine
1997-199834 p.
Hill, Jane H.
19942 p.
Hill, Rebecca
20056 p.
Hill, Robert M.
1981-201110 p.
Hixson, David R.
1998-20095 p.
Hofling, Andrew
1980-200126 p.
Hunt, Eva
1974-197714 p.
Hymes, Dell
1971-198311 p.
Ingham, John M.
1981-19824 p.
Izquierdo, Ana Luisa
19985 p.
Jansen, Maarten
20071 p.
Johannessen, Carl L.
19874 p.
Johnson, Nick
20003 p.
Johnson, Scott
20104 p.
Jones, Christopher N.
20106 p.
Jones, Grant D.
19871 p.
Joseph, Gilbert M.
19844 p.
n.d.1 p.
Joyce, Rosemary A.
19904 p.
Juengel, Peter
1993-19954 p.
Just, Bryan R.
1998-201325 p.
Justeson, John S.
1980-1989ca. 40 p.
Justeson, John S.
1992-2009ca. 25 p.
Karttunen, Frances
1979-198310 p.
Kay, Paul
19743 p.
Kistler, S. Ashley
20152 p.
Knowlton, Timothy
2001-2014ca. 50 p.
Koehler, Ulrich
1997-199911 p.
Kolber-Grebe, Dawn
20092 p.
Kunow, Marianna
20101 p.
Kurbjuhn, Kornelia
1963-1989ca. 20 p.
Kurjack, Edward B.
19791 p.
Kuroda, Etsuko
19952 p.
LaBarr, Patrick
19862 p.
Lacadena, Alfonso
1997-2009ca. 100 p.
Lamb, Weldon
19831 p.
Langdon, Tom A.
19734 p.
Laughlin, Robert M.
1964-198641 p.
Lawrence, Francis L.
19881 p.
Le Guen, Olivier
20083 p.
Leiber, Gudrun
19882 p.
Lincoln, Charles E.
1981-19889 p.
Linden, John H.
1981-1983ca. 30 p.

Includes "A Calendric Decipherment for Glyph Y".

Linden, John H.
1993-20144 p.
Little, Brenda J.
19861 p.
Lockhart, James
1987-20059 p.
Lopez, Anthony M.
19905 p.
Love, Bruce
1984-19969 p.
Lovell, W. George
19802 p.
Lucy, John
19845 p.
Luethje, Juergen
19973 p.
MacLeod, Barbara
1977-1990ca. 30 p.
MacLeod, Barbara
1997-2008ca. 40 p.
Macri, Martha J.
1985, ca. 2000s4 p.
Manning, Roswitha
19883 p.
Marcus, Joyce
20122 p.
Marhenke, Randa
1988-200324 p.
Marin, Dona Maria
19721 p.

In Spanish.

Marin Mendoza, Ermilo
19723 p.
Masson, Marilyn A.
20061 p.
May, Theresa
20084 p.
Maybury-Lewis, David
19803 p.
Mayer, Karl Herbert
1981-200915 p.
McCluskey, Steve
20073 p.
McDonald, Mary
20112 p.
McLaughlin, Ann Louise
196818 p.
McQuown, Norman
1970-19827 p.
McVicker, Donald E.
19732 p.
Mellard, Steven
2009-2010ca. 30 p.
Meyer, Peter
19901 p.
Milbrath, Susan
2006-2012ca. 50 p.
Miller, Mary
19861 p.
Monaghan, John
19901 p.
Moore-Cantwell, Claire
20092 p.
Mora-Marin, David
1995-2015ca. 30 p.
Mordy, Brooke D.
19792 p.
Moscoso Pastrana, Prudencio
19811 p.
Moseley, Edward H.
19802 p.
Murphy, Linda G.
19822 p.
Musumeci, Linda
20103 p.
Nahm, Werner
20042 p.
Nalda H., Enrique
19854 p.
Nanez, Guillermo
20002 p.
Nichols, Christopher
19972 p.
Nitzkin, Aaron
20093 p.
Noguez, Xavier
1985-19907 p.
Obeyesekere, Ranjini
19911 p.
Orie, Olanike Ola
2007-201330 p.
Osborne, Deborah
19893 p.
Parks, Jessica L.
19896 p.
Paxton, Meredith
1987-199312 p.
Peniche-Rivero, Piedad
19862 p.
Perez, Domingo Perez & Jose Hernandez Perez
1966-197129 p.

In Spanish and Tzotzil.

Perez Soler, Bernardo
20123 p.
Perry, Richard
2007-20087 p.
Plank, Shannon
200311 p.
Pohl, John
19811 p.
Pohl, Mary
1977-19806 p.
Poot Yah, Eleuterio
1967-197440 p.

In Spanish and Yucatec Maya.

Poot Yah, Eleuterio
1975-2006ca. 50 p.
Prem, Hanns J.
19901 p.
Proskouriakoff, Tatiana
1980-198116 p.
Purrington, Robert Daniel
20092 p.
Ransom, Maureen
19841 p.
Re Cruz, Alicia
19906 p.

Partially in Spanish.

Reed, George
19823 p.
Reed, James
2010-201315 p.
Reifler, Anne
19972 p.
Reifler, Consuela
20131 p.
Reifler, Frank J.
20106 p.
Reina, Ruben E.
1975-19878 p.
Restall, Matthew B.
1990-200815 p.
Riese, Berthold
1985-200011 p.
Ringle, William
1989-201519 p.
Rivera Dorado, Miguel
1989-19984 p.
Rudes, Blair
20078 p.
Rus, Jan
19877 p.
Sabau Fernandez, Ana
20133 p.
Sakurai, Mieko
19904 p.; 1 photograph(s)

Photograph is of Mieko Sakurai and Etsuko Kuroda, Osaka, Japan.

Sampeck, Kathryn
20101 p.
Sanchez, Julio
19713 p.
Sanchez Novelo, Faulo M.
20141 p.

Partially in Spanish.

Sarkisyanz, M.
19872 p.
Saurwein, Anton
19861 p.
Schele, Linda
19812 p.
Schlak, Arthur
19882 p.
Schmidt Diaz de Leon, Ileana
2005-20074 p.
Schove, Derek J.
1983-19843 p.
Schroeder, Susan
2007-20106 p.
Schwartz, Theodore
19849 p.
Selph, Alexa
2010-20112 p.
Shapiro, Rosanne
19825 p.
Simpson, J. Erik
19812 p.
Smailus, Ortwin
1977-197912 p.
Smith-Stark, Thom
1976-2009ca. 20 p.

Includes brief obituary by Bricker.

Smither, William J.
1938-19796 p.; 2 photograph(s)

Two photographs from 1938 are of the horseback sport cañas, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sprajc, Ivan
19883 p.
Stark, Barbara
19842 p.
Stone, Andrea
1989-19932 p.
Stone, Gayle U.
19882 p.
Stone, Philip J.
1966-19679 p.
Strecker, Matthias
19795 p.
Stross, Brian
1971-1988ca. 30 p.
Stuart, David
1987-199918 p.
Sullivan, Paul
1983-2006ca. 25 p.
Taube, Karl
19832 p.
Tedlock, Barbara
19884 p.
Tedlock, Dennis
1988-19903 p.
Thompson, Marcia Jordan
19794 p.
Thompson, Philip C.
19755 p.
Thompson, Philip C.
2005-2010ca. 50 p.

Includes draft of "Lexical Evidence: The Meaning of Chhibal".

Tiesler, Vera
2009-20139 p.
Tourtellot, Gair
19832 p.
Trechsel, Frank
19841 p.
Tremblay, Adrienne
20054 p.
Tulane University administration
1971-1990ca. 25 p.
Turoc, Marta
1974-19785 p.
1982-199019 p.
Uth, Melanie
1992-201717 p.

Correspondence from 2017 (6 p.); printed materials including part of "Yucatec Maya Root Consonant Co-Occurrence Restrictions" by Masaki Noguchi and "The LAKAM Sign" by David Stuart (11 p. total).

Vail, Gabrielle
1988-2000ca. 50 p.
Vail, Gabrielle
2001-2013ca. 50 p.
Valencia Rivera, Rogelio
20087 p.
Van der Sluijs, Marinus Anthony
20111 p.
Vasquez, Alfredo Barrera
1975-19804 p.

In Spanish.

Vega, Constanza
1981-198616 p.

Some in Spanish.

Ventus, Pierre
19821 p.
Villa Rojas, Alfonso
197912 p.

In Spanish.

Vogt, Andrew
20111 p.
Vogt, Evon Z.
19666 p.
Vogt, Evon Z. & Nan
1961-1971ca. 50 p.
Vogt, Evon Z. & Nan
1972-1973ca. 30 p.
Vogt, Evon Z. & Nan
1974-2003ca. 60 p.
Vogt, Nan
1965-196610 p.
Voit, Claudia
20107 p.
Wagner, Elke
19882 p.
Wald, Robert F.
1998-19996 p.
Wasserstrom, Robert
1969-197816 p.
Whitten, Norman E.
19811 p.
Willey, Gordon R.
19861 p.
Wilson, Carter
1992-2010ca. 25 p.
Woodhead, Louise
19655 p.
Wren, Linnea H.
1982-19878 p.
Yasugi, Yoshiho
1989-2001ca. 50 p.
Yeldham, Rebecca
20102 p.
Zender, Marc U.
20112 p.
Subseries II. Subjects
American Philosophical Society Memorial Session for Evon Z. Vogt
200514 p.
Book review editorship of American Anthropologist
1971-19737 p.
Calendar Round almanac in Madrid codex
2001-200226 p.
Caste War [of Yucatán]
1971-1996ca. 110 p.
Chilam Balam of Kaua
1974-2002ca. 100 p.

Much of the correspondence is with Helga-Maria Hartig (Pauline).

Editorship of American Ethnologist
1973-19776 p.
2005ca. 15 p.
Historical linguistics
1976-1977ca. 40 p.

On Mayan historical linguistics. Includes Bricker, Victoria R., "Pronominal Inflection in the Mayan Languages", Occasional Paper 1, Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University, New Orleans, 1977.

The Indian Christ, The Indian King
1981-1982ca. 30 p.

Correspondence and reviews of Bricker's 1981 publication with the University of Texas Press.

Mayan glyphs [1 of 5]
1979-1989ca. 40 p.
Mayan glyphs [2 of 5]
1993-1999ca. 60 p.
Mayan glyphs [3 of 5]
1999-2000ca. 50 p.
Mayan glyphs [4 of 5]
2000ca. 50 p.
Mayan glyphs [5 of 5]
2000-2008ca. 60 p.
Mayan linguistics [1 of 2]
1970-1990ca. 50 p.
Mayan linguistics [2 of 2]
1994-2009ca. 40 p.
Paper patch on the Madrid codex

Correspondence with Michael D. Coe and A. M. H. Schuster (4 p.); chapter by Harvey M. Bricker on the paper patch, with correction from publication.

Provenance of the Madrid codex
199814 p.

Correspondence is with Angela M. H. Schuster.

Ritual humor
1972-1986ca. 50 p.

Most earlier correspondence is with Barbara Spielman, University of Texas Press, relating to Bricker's publication "Ritual Humor in Highland Chiapas". Later correspondence concerns Japanese and Spanish translations.

Split ergativity [1 of 2]
1996-1997ca. 100 p.

The majority of the correspondence is with Stephen D. Houston, Brigham Young University.

Split ergativity [2 of 2]
 ca. 80 p.

Index, possibly to concordances in Mayan glyphs.

Totonicapán rebellion
1973-197610 p.

In Spanish.

Travel to Madrid and Cambridge
2009ca. 20 p.

Concerns visits to see the Madrid codex and present at Cambridge University. Correspondence is between Victoria and Harvey Bricker and Alfonso Lacadena, David Hodell, Paul Mellars, and Michael Hoskin.

Tzeltal [Cancuc] revolt, 1712
1974-1977ca. 30 p.

Most correspondence is with Jan de Vos and Edward E. Calnek.

Vowel harmony/disharmony
1996-2000ca. 90 p.

Much correspondence is with John S. Justeson. Includes manuscript by Stephen Houston, David Stuart and John Robertson titled "Disharmony in Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Linguistic Change and Continuity in Classic Society" (1997, 42 p.).

Series II. Fieldwork on Mexican languages
1963-19772.25 Linear feet

This series includes texts, mostly typeset, with sentence-by-sentence interlinear translations in English or Spanish. Many texts correspond to audio in Series IV. An index is forthcoming.

Calendar for Carnaval (Chamula)
1968-1969ca. 35 p.
Calendar for Xmas Week (Chamula)
1968-12-162 p.
Carnaval Calendar for Chenalhó
1969-01-12ca. 15 p.
Carnaval in Chamula
1969-02-07-1969-02-2013 p.
Carnaval Orchestra, Costumes, Personnel - Chenalhó
1969-01-12-1969-01-144 p.
Carnaval Personnel (Chamula); Duties of Carnaval Personnel (Chamula)
1968-12-074 p.
Census and nicknames of Nabencauk, Zinacantan, Chiapas #1
ca. 1966-1970over 150 p.

Includes: publication "Nicknames and Social Structure in Zinacantan" with George Collier (American Anthropologist 72(2), 1970, pp.289-302); many lists of nicknames; research methodologies and questions; copy of census and derived lists; nicknames collected by Romin Perez Hacienda; statistical charts; notes on the role of marriage and other factors; names from Archivo General de Guatemala.

Census and nicknames of Nabencauk, Zinacantan, Chiapas #2

Includes: description of contents and key to census and map; notebook containing part of handwritten census; copy of census, 1965; correspondence with Nancy Modiano and Francesco Pellizzi concerning census; two copies of a line map of Nabencauk, with house numbers.

Census and nicknames of Nabencauk, Zinacantan, Chiapas #3: Aerial photographs
19645 photoprint(s)
Chamula Ritual Positions
1969-01-242 p.
Chamula Surnames
1969-01-166 p.
Chamula Tsotsil texts: Index
1968-19692 p.
Chamula Tsotsil texts: CX001-CX013
Chamula Tsotsil texts: CX014-CX020
Chamula Tsotsil texts: CX021-CS036
Chamula Tsotsil texts: TZC001R001, TZC001R004, [story about the war]

Consultant: Marian Collaso Pakanchin (Marian Koyaso Pancin).

Chenalhó interviews: Interview with Mikel Lopis Zu
1968-12-173 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Summary of Chenalhó Carnaval
1969-02-087 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Interview on Chenalhó Carnaval
1969-02-0865 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Chenalhó Version of Caste War
1968-02-0811 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Chenalhó Prayers
1969-02-0810 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Follow-Up on First Chenalhó Interview
1969-03-171 p.
Chenalhó interviews: Interview with Jacinto Arias
1969-03-232 p.
Chenalhó interviews: [Miguel Lopez Tecomate]
 4 p.
Christmas Eve in Chamula
1968-12-247 p.
The Constellations
ca. 1968-19691 p.
Field notebook
Field notes on curing ceremony
1963-05-023 p.
Field notes
1963-06-23-1963-08-3047 p.
Field Notes; text X034

5 pages of field notes.

Field notes from Chep Hernandez Heronimo's house
Field Notes for December 11-12, 1965
1965-12-122 p.
Field Notes for December 24-January 7; texts X029, X030, X166
Field Notes for January 15 - Fiesta of Escuipulas; text 160
Field Notes for January 19-23 (San Sebastian); texts X027-X033; note on joking
Field Notes for February 8. 1966 (Curing Ceremony)
1966-02-082 p.
Field Notes for Fiesta of Carnaval (K'in Tahimoltik), February 18-22
1966-02-245 p.
Field Notes
1968-12-03-1968-12-103 p.
Field Notes on Fiesta of Guadalupe in Nabencauk
1968-12-10-1968-12-125 p.
Field Notes for January 4-7, 1969 (Zinacantan); texts X251, X252, X253, X258
Fiesta of Canib Vyernes - March 18
1966-03-182 p.
Fiesta to Commemorate Installation of New Saint ʔIskipula in ʔApas (April 1-2, 1966)
1966-04-01-1966-04-022 p.
Fiesta of San Lorenzo
1964-0820 p.

Text X185 "Songs of Mayordomo Rey" (10 p.); field notes of stay in Cep Hernandes Heronimo's house, August 7-11 1964, including notes on humor (5 p.); text X039 (5 p.).

Fiesta of San Sebastian (January 19-22, 1969); Additional Notes on San Sebastian; texts X250, X255-X257
Humor analysis, Zinacantan
ca. 1963-1966ca. 50 p.

Includes: article "The Pattern of Interaction Between the Computer and the Ethnographer in the Field" (based on this research and presented at unidentified conference, July 4-8, 1966) (23 p.); lists of euphemistic words for sexual acts and organs (7 p.); various notes on humor text sample, including tagging (ca. 20 p.).

Interview (Zinacantan)
1968-12-163 p.
Interviews on Carnaval (Chamula)
1968ca. 100 p.

Includes: summary of findings; interview questions; interviews in Tsotsil with English interlinear translations.

Kinship Address and Reference Terms (Chamula)
 4 p.

Charts showing generation, gender and familiarity.

Miscellaneous Humor Notes
1966-06-041 p.
Miscellaneous Notes

On San Sebastian, Carnaval, Chamula, Bombas, jousting ritual at San Sebastian, and Mamal and Meʔcun.

New Chapel in Nacih
ca. 1968-19691 p.
Notes comparing Carnavales
1969-01-241 p.
Notes from Church of Santo Domingo, San Christobal Las Casas
1974-08-134 p.
Notes on Bankilal-ʔIz'inal and other topics
196819 p.

Titles of pages: Interviewing -- Bankilal-ʔIz'inal; Interviewing: Seating, Marching and Drinking Order; Ranking; Bankilal and ʔIz'inal - Domains; Kinship: Ranking by Age in Ego's Generation (Figs. 8,9); Bik'it and Muk'ta - Domains; Changing Duties (Replacement); Go-Between; Comparison of Ranking in Chamula and Zinacantan.

Notes on drinking interactions
1966-05-26-1966-09-2326 p.
Notes on ethnozoology at Zinacantan
 52 p.

Lists of animal species and their functions (10 p.); filled questionnaires about animal use (10 p.); reading notes on Nicholas H. Acheson, "The Ethnozoology of the Zinacantecan Indians" (11 p.); taxonomies (2 p.); handwritten notes on animal taxonomies, presence in texts, and other related topics (19 p.).

Notes on loko loʔil and other interactions present in texts
 23 p.
Notes on Revitalization Movement in Tumbala, Chiapas
1974-08-213 p.
Officials at Cabildo - Gary's Notes; San Sebastian in Chamula (K'in Sansavasyan); Miscellaneous Notes on Chamula
ca. 19693 p.
Peteh Surnames
1969-01-234 p.
Probanza de Santa Maria Magdalena
 4 p.

Includes translated correspondence and note on the Tzeltal rebellion of 1712. In Spanish.

Reading notes on Angel M. Corzo
 7 p.
Reading notes on Calixta Guiteras-Holmes
ca. 1969ca. 30 p.
Reading notes on Carlos Caceres L.
 1 p.
Reading notes on Henning Siverts
 1 p.
Reading notes on Ricardo Pozas
 ca. 20 p.

On work(s) relating to Chamula.

Relationship of Ethnographer to Zinacantecos
1966-06-066 p.
Ritual Humor in Highland Chiapas - Outline
1969-01-044 p.
Schools in Nabencauk - Dispute
ca. 1968-19691 p.
Sections from Merida Blanco's field notes
1964-06-1964-075 p.
Some Principles of Social Classification
1969-01-041 p.
Some Principles of Social Ranking in Two Highland Maya Communities (Zinacantan and Chamula)
n.d.18 p.
Texts and drawings by Mariano Lopez Mendez
 20 p.

Topics include horse racing, cow slaughter, and "Dance of the Warriors".

Translation of José Daniel Contreras R., "Una Rebelion Indigena en el Partido de Totonicapan en 1820"
 36 p.

Handwritten translation into English of part of the text, concerning the rebellion of Totonicapan, Guatemala.

"Tzotzil and Yucatec texts" CD-R
20081 items
Tzotzil Field Dictionary
1968ca. 280 p.

Tzotzil-English and English-Tzotzil dictionary. Produced by the Harvard Chiapas Project, Harvard University. Adapted from Robert M. Laughlin's Tzotzil-English Dictionary manuscript. Programmed by John B. Haviland, edited by Victoria R. Bricker, co-ordinated by Eric Vogt.

Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: Index and informants
ca. 1960s36 p.

Partial index to texts, and association of anonymised informants to texts.

Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: Informants
 3 p.
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X001-X008
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X009-X028
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X030, X033-X065
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X066-X074
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X075-X125
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X126-X156
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X157-X186
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X187-X198
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: X199-X226, X254
Zinacantán Tsotsil texts: TZZ001R028-TZZ001R031, TZZ001R041, Wars
Zinacanteco Proverbs
ca. 1968-19692 p.
Series III. Field notebooks
1970s1.5 Linear feet
"Chan Kom"
1979-02-031 notebook

Transcription of text "History of Chan Kom" (YUA06-02/CHK-1979-1).

1979-07-02-1979-07-031 notebook

Transcriptions of at least two texts, including "Chol text" (Chol-01-01) recorded at Salto de Agua, Chiapas, Mexico, as well as various elicited sentences and paradigms relating to transitivity.

"Cholan (Chol-Chontal)"
n.d.1 notebook

Includes: comparison of Yucatec and Chol verbs, vowel harmony, transitivity, constituent order, and nominal inflection.

"Chorti texts"
n.d.1 notebook

Interlinear text "Sesimite", with notes on constituent order.

"Comparative Mayan Grammar"

Cites various elicited texts.

"Comparative Mayan Grammar 1970s"
1970s1 notebook

Includes interrogatives, nominalizations, transitivity, syntax, negation, and more, in many varieties, mostly Tzotzil and Yucateco.

"Comparative Mayan Languages"
1975, n.d.1 notebook

Includes Chol, Lacandon, Cholti, Classical Mayan, Proto-Maya, and notes from the Society for American Archaeology meetings of May 1975.

"Ebtun - Texts 1"
1979-031 notebook

Transcriptions of texts "The Siege of Tihosuco in 1866" (YUA07-02/EBT-3/R017), "Autobiography" (YUA08-01/EBT-1/R018), and "Spasm and Tendon"/"Pasmo and Tipte" (YUA08-02/EBT-2/R019).

"Ebtun - Texts 2"
1979-051 notebook

Transcriptions of two texts: "The Revolution" (YUA09-12/EBT-1979-5/R030) and "The Revolution" (YUA09-11/EBT-1979-6/R029).

"Eleuterio Po'ot Yah - Hunchbacks"
[1978]1 notebook

Transcription of text "The Hunchbacks" (YUA05-01).

"Grammar (Ebtun), Roots (Hocaba)"
19791 notebook

Brief grammatical notes on Ebtun in 1979; roots 1-2507 in Hocaba, including root, part of speech, Spanish gloss, and English gloss, as well as many example sentences.

"Grammar Notes, July 1979"
1979-061 notebook
n.d.1 notebook

Sentences illustrating Lacandon/Jach-t'aan syntax and morphology,

"Main Entries, Yucatec Maya"
n.d.1 notebook

List of 1557 roots with their parts of speech and glosses.

"Maya Verbs"
n.d.1 notebook

Includes: Yucatecan nominal environments, tables of related transitive and intransitive verbs, loans from Spanish, Swadesh lists for Yucatec, Itza, Mopan, and Lacandon, eating and drinking in Yucatec, and work by Eleuterio Po'ot Yah.

"Nahuatl (I)"
n.d.1 notebook

Many interlinear Nahuatl texts interspersed with grammatical notes.

"Nahuatl (II)"
n.d.1 notebook

Continuation of "Nahuatl (I)".

"Roots (Hocaba) 2"
n.d.1 notebook

Continuation of notebook "Grammar (Ebtun), Roots (Hocaba)". Roots 2508-3138.

Untitled notebook #1
n.d.1 notebook

Lists of 895 verb stems and 163 numeral classifiers, with their parts of speech and Spanish and English glosses, and additional notes. Unidentified variety.

Subject(s): Mayan languages

Untitled notebook #2
n.d.1 notebook

Includes notes on future tenses, interrogatives, various elicited sentences, and transitive verbs, of an unidentified variety.

Subject(s): Mayan languages

Untitled notebook #3
n.d.1 notebook

Includes complement constructions, interrogative sentences, verb tenses, lists of adjectives, and other various lexica, of an unidentified variety.

Subject(s): Mayan languages

"Yucatec Maya Grammar"
n.d.1 notebook

Brief notebook of grammatical notes.

Series IV. Works by Bricker & Conferences
1975-20170.75 Linear feet

This series includes several items co-authored with Harvey M. Bricker.

19754 p.
"Examination of original Dresden Codex, 8 and 9 November 2007"

Typeset and handwritten notes by Victoria and Harvey Bricker.

"Observations about ethnicity and social and political changes"

Subject(s): Apartheid

"Other Memorable Journeys"
ca. 201733 p.

Unpublished chapter 13 of American Philosophical Society Transactions 106(5), "Transformational JourneysAn Ethnologist's Memoir" (2017).

Bricker, Harvey M..
"Restudy of Dresden Codex Eclipse Table"
1996, n.d.3 folders

Originally in 2 binders. Database generated by a computer program written by Harvey M. Bricker to place the eclipse table in the Dresden Codex in historical time, and to show that it could be recycled over a long period of time. It served as a foundation for Bricker and Bricker, "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" (2011, Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society).

Seventh Annual Maya Hieroglyphic Lecture and Workshop, Florida Atlantic University

Includes "Reconstructing Maya History from Hieroglyphic Texts", "Numbers and Calendrics", "Lady Katun's Biography", and "Astronomy of the Ancient Maya in Their Own Words". Co-presented with Harvey Bricker.

Subject(s): Mayan languages -- Writing

Talk delivered at University of Cambridge, 15 October 2009

Talk titled: "Astronomical Records in the Hieroglyphic Writings of the Precolumbian Maya", by Harvey and Victoria Bricker.

"Teaching Foreign Languages"
19759 p.
Wilderness Travel tour

Invited talks by Victoria and Harvey Bricker in Guatemala and Mexico, as part of a package tour. Folder includes: correspondence with Ray Rodney, organizer; ephemera; "Star Time Among the Ancient Maya" by Harvey Bricker; "Maya Cycles of Time" by Victoria Bricker (both including printed slideshow).

Series V. Works as a student
1949-19650.75 Linear feet

This series is arranged chronologically.

Poems from Grade 5 at Ravenna School in Seattle, Washington
English Themes I

English literature assignments.

Lab Writer

Publication of Roosevelt High School, edited by Bricker.

"World Health is World Wealth"

Senior thesis.

English Themes II

English literature assignments.

Essays and term papers at Stanford University
Essays for course "Arab-Muslim Philosophy" at Stanford University
Essays and notes on philosophy at Stanford University
"The Relation Between Meaning and Reference"

Philosophy honors thesis, Stanford University.

"A Critique of Anthropological Method and Theory Through an Analysis of Kwakiutl Myths"

Humanities honors thesis, Stanford University.

Subject(s): Kwakwaka'wakw

"Clinical Training in Psychiatric Music Therapy" journal at Stockton State Hospital, California
"Methods of Determining Genetic Connections Among Nine Venezuela Tribes"

Essay for Evon Z. Vogt, Harvard University.

"Appraisal of the Viru Valley Project"

Essay for Evon S. Vogt, Harvard University.

"Cultural Ecology and Ethnography in the Tropical Forest"

Essay for Evon S. Vogt, Harvard University.

Linguistics essays at Harvard University
[1963], n.d. 
"A Transformational Approach to Social Structure"

Essay for Evon S. Vogt, Harvard University.

"Economic Change in Village India"

Essay for Cora Du Bois, Harvard University.

"The Indian Army as a Social Force"

Essay for Cora Du Bois, Harvard University.

"The Nature of Teotihuacan-Maya Contacts"

Essay for Harvard University.

"A Reappraisal of the Position of the Overseas Chinese (in Southeast Asia)"

Essay for Cora Du Bois, Harvard University.

"A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Ancestor Worship Among Some Far Eastern Peoples"

Essay for "Pelzel" (John C.?), Harvard University.

"Thesis Proposal"

For PhD on humor in Zinacantan, Chiapas, Mexico, at Harvard University.

Series VI. Transcripts of archival documents
ca. 1973-19811.5 Linear feet

Transcripts concerning the Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820 are derived from facsimile copies of ca. 600 pages of documents in the Archivo Nacional de Centroamerica (formerly Archivo General de Gobierno de Guatemala). Transcripts concerning the Tzeltal Revolt of 1712 are derived from microfilm copies of the Archivo General de Indias, Audiencia de Guatemala, Seville, Spain. They collectively contributed to Bricker's 1981 publication "The Indian Christ: The Indian King: The Historical Substrate of Maya Myth and Ritual".

Transcripts are in Spanish.

Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820: Facsimiles of materials #1
Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820: Facsimiles of materials #2
Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820: Facsimiles of materials #3
Totonicapan Rebellion of 1820: Facsimiles of materials #4