William O. Bright Papers


Date: 1949-2006 | Size: 47 Linear feet


The William O. Bright papers consist particularly of extensive correspondence relating mostly to his later academic work, a number of field notebooks from North America and India, publications on and by Indigenous North Americans (especially Karuk and other Californian tribes) and from linguistic societies, his own research and publications, and extensive lexical slip files (especially on Karuk, Spanish borrowings, and copies of Daythal Kendall's Takelma and Kalapuyan files). Many audio recordings are also present, some of which are duplicates of those at the California Language Archive. In addition to the materials browsable through the finding aid, Bright's email correspondence and computer files can be accessed onsite at the APS. William Bright's career extended to a wide variety of linguistic work, including Native Californian languages and literatures, Native American place names, editorships of major linguistics journals, and writing systems of the world.

Background note

The first outsider to become an honorary member of the Karuk tribe, William O. Bright (1928-2006) was a highly successful and dedicated linguist specializing in languages of California, wider North America, and South Asia. A student of Mary Haas at the University of California, Berkeley, Bright began working with the Karuk at the age of 21 and published a grammar as a result of his PhD thesis in 1957. Bright continued to work on Karuk throughout his entire life, eventually publishing a dictionary with the tribe and Susan Gehr shortly before his passing. He also contributed to a number of pedagogical resources.

William Bright spent 29 years at UCLA, beginning shortly after acquiring his PhD. In 1988 he moved to the University of Colorado, Boulder. One of his research areas with a particularly wide scope was the publication of several books on Indigenous place names of the United States, specifically of California, the American southwest, Colorado, and one of the United States as a whole.

In addition to Karuk, he conducted fieldwork of many languages of California including (but not limited to) Yurok, Kumeyaay, Shasta, Wiyot and Hupa, in addition to work on mostly Dravidian languages of India, as well as Kaqchikel and Nahuatl. He also collected a large lexical slip file of borrowings from Spanish into Native American languages.

William Bright was widely renowned by fellow scholars, as exemplified by his editorships of Language (the journal of the Linguistic Society of America, of which he also served as president in 1989), and later Language in Society and Written Language and Literacy. Among his edited and authored books, in addition to those on place names, were those on Coyote tales, the field of linguistics, poetry, Californian languages, and the world's writing systems.

During his time in California, Bright collected a wide range of small publications produced by Californian tribes - particularly the Karuk - as well as pamphlets and books concerning typography, another interest of his. In addition to journal editorships he was heavily engaged with conferences and societies of the languages of the Americas.

Scope and content

Series 1 contains Bright's research files arranged by author, and includes correspondence with individuals and institutions, printed materials, and works by others. Series 2 contains research files arranged by topic - typically language or region - with particular focus on Karuk, other languages and cultures of California, and India. Series 2 also contains academic journals and materials relating to Bright's interest in typography. Series 3 contains some of Bright's field notebooks, divided into subseries on languages of the Americas and of India (although there is some overlap).

Series 4 contains works produced by Bright, both published and unpublished, again including born-digital files accessible onsite. Series 5 contains index cards, including languages he worked with, Spanish loanwords into Native American languages ("Hispanisms"), and copies of Daythal Kendall's Kalapuya and Takelma files. Series 6 contains extensive audio recordings in many formats, mostly of Karuk, available in the Digital Library. Series 7 contains obituaries and condolences received after Bright's passing, and Series 8 contains a small number of personal records. Digital files of William Bright's emails and computer are additionally accessible onsite, and as of November 2018 there are additional born-digital materials to be processed.

Digital objects note

This collection contains digital materials that are available in the APS Digital Library. Links to these materials are provided with context in the inventory of this finding aid. A general listing of digital objects may also be found here.

Collection Information

Processing information

This collection was processed by Paul Sutherland in August 2017.

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  • Sound recordings

Personal Name(s)

  • Anderton, Alice J.
  • Bigelow, Charles
  • Bright, William, 1928-2006
  • Emeneau, M. B. (Murray Barnson), 1904-2005
  • Ferrara, Jim
  • Gehr, Susan
  • Golla, Victor, 1939-2021
  • Harrington, John Peabody
  • Hill, Jane H.
  • Kendall, Daythal
  • Munro, Pamela
  • Super, Violet


  • Cahuilla Indians
  • Cahuilla language
  • Cupeño language
  • Diegueño language
  • Dravidian languages
  • Gujarati language
  • Gwich'in language
  • India -- Languages
  • Indians of North America -- California
  • Indians of North America -- Oregon
  • Juaneño language
  • Kalapuya language
  • Kannada language
  • Kaqchikel language
  • Karok Indians
  • Karok language
  • Karuk language
  • Karuk people
  • Kolami language
  • Kumeyaay language
  • Luiseno language
  • Lushai language
  • Malayalam language
  • Mayan languages
  • Native American linguistics
  • Poqomchi' language
  • Quechua language
  • Santiam
  • Serrano language
  • Shasta language
  • Sherpa language
  • Takelma Indians
  • Takelma language
  • Tamil language
  • Tarascan language
  • Tolowa language
  • Tongva language
  • Tonkawa language
  • Tualatin
  • Tulu language
  • Tzotzil language
  • Ute language
  • Yamhill
  • Yurok language

Collection overview

  Box 1-36

This series contains files arranged alphabetically by author, including correspondence, pre-publication works and printed materials. The finding aid presently generally only details folders containing correspondence, between which are other folders, which will eventually be described. Dates generally only reflect correspondence, and not dates of other types of material. There are also a few files of correspondence by topic.

  Box 37-57
  Box 58-62

Notebooks consisting primarily of word and sentences lists, along with occasional texts. The letters appearing in many titles of the notebooks indicate the initials of speakers consulted in recording the language information.

  Box 63-68

This series contains works by Bright, both published and unpublished, in addition to other associated research notes and teaching materials.

  5.5 Linear feet Box 69-103
  1 audiocassette
  1 audiocassette
  4 audiocassettes
  1 audiocassette
  2 audiocassettes
  2 audiocassette
  5 audiocassettes
  2 audiocassettes
  6 audiocassettes
  1 audiocassette
  1 audiocassette
  2 audiocassettes
  1 audiocassette
  0.25 Linear feet Folder 35

Digital photographs (ca.45) of William Bright's Linguistics Society of America memorial at Anaheim, California, 2007, are accessible onsite at the American Philosophical Society Library.

Condolence/get well cards and letters, invitations to celebrations, memorabilia, and obituaries, for William Bright. Contains some biographical information, and Lise Menn has noted significant details. Colleagues who sent cards and letters include: Victor Golla, Nancy Dorian, Gene Searchinger, Leanne Hinton, Jenny Ladefoged (relative of Peter Ladefoged), representatives of Happy Camp CA (Karuk), Scott DeLancey, Richard Super, Susan Gehr, Roger Shuy, Adrienne Lehrer, Elizabeth Traugott, Ron Macaulay.

  0.25 Linear feet

A small amount of William Bright's personal records, including: ordination to the Universal Life Church, housing, banking, health, and veterinary services.

 3.5" floppy disks, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs.

Detailed Inventory

 Series 1: Research Files by Author
  Box 1-36

This series contains files arranged alphabetically by author, including correspondence, pre-publication works and printed materials. The finding aid presently generally only details folders containing correspondence, between which are other folders, which will eventually be described. Dates generally only reflect correspondence, and not dates of other types of material. There are also a few files of correspondence by topic.

 Email correspondence
  Folder 28a

A large volume (1257 files) of William Bright's emails are accessible onsite at the American Philosophical Society Library. Contents unknown. There may be overlap with the printed emails found in this series.

 Acuña, René

In Spanish.

 Alcock, Gwyn
July 11, 1992 

Comments on Rhonda Packer's manuscript draft 'The Barking Doctor: Karuk Shamanism'.

Subject(s): Karuk culture

 Allan, Keith
April 16, 2004 
 Anderson, Eugene N., Jr.

Includes a draft selection of poems from 1976-1979 titled "Turnrows", a book of poetry titled "Coyote Space", and Malki Museum Brochure no.4, "The Chumash Indians of Southern California".

 Anderton, Alice J.

Primarily concerns Anderton's employment applications, transcriptions of Ponca songs, and Caddo and Comanche lessons. Two 3.5" floppy discs accompany the descriptions.

Subject(s): Comanche language; Ponca language; Caddo language


Concerns font designs for Indic and Arabic scripts. Includes a copy of Bright, William & Saeed A. Khan. (1976). The Urdu Writing System. Ithaca, NY: Spoken Language Services Inc.

 Ashley, L. R. N.
October 8, 1997 

Concerns North American place names.

 Austerlitz, Robert
Jan 10, 1990 

In addition to reprints, this includes a draft of Austerlitz (1988) 'Myth, Play, Humor', Canadian-American Slavic Studies 22(1-4): 35-38.

 Australia Visits

Concerns seminars in Australia.

 Babcock, Barbara A.
November 8, 1999 
 Bell, Michael
July 3, 1996 
 Bennett, Bruce

Concerns and includes Coyote poems.

 Bernard, Russell
October 28, 1996 

Concerns CELIAC (Centro Editorial de Literatura Indígena, Asociación Civil).

 Betancourt, Ignacio Guzman

Concerns placenames in the US, particularly of indigenous Mexican origin, and proposals to meet.

 Bhaskararao, Peri
October 29, 1993 

Primarily concerns Bhaskararao's paper "Tiddim Chin Verbs and Their Alternants". Draft manuscript with marginalia by Bright.

Subject(s): Tedim language

 Bhat, D. N. S.

Reprints of Indian publications on Tulu.

Subject(s): Tulu language

 Bickford, Albert

Concerns a visit to Tucson AZ to give a talk on Native American place names in Mexico.

 Bickford, Albert & Jan Terje Faarlund
September 2003 

Responses to a question in SSILA about place names as nouns and adverbials in Meso-American languages.

Subject(s): Zoque language; Mixtec language

 Bigelow, Charles #1

Concerns typography and ISCII (Indian Script Code for Information Interchange). Publications by the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. A review of Olson, David R. and Nancy Torrance, ed. (2001) 'The Making of Literate Societies'.

 Bigelow, Charles #2

Correspondence towards, and drafts of, an article titled "Unicode, OS X, and phonetic fonts" for the Journal of the International Phonetic Association.

 Bigelow, Charles & Kris Holmes

Subject(s): K'iche' language

 Blackwell Publishing

Blurb endorsing Carol Myers-Scotton's book "Multiple Voices: An Introduction to Bilingualism".

 Blevins, Juliette

Lexicon of plants and animals in Hupa, Yurok and Karuk, as well as other lexica for Karuk.

 Blevins, Juliette & Andrew Garrett

"Fieldwork and the Archives: The Yurok Language Project at Berkeley" presented at the SSILA Winter Meeting, San Francisco, 5 January 2002. Draft manuscript of "Yurok data taken from: To the American Indians, by Lucy Thompson, Che-na-wah Weitch-ah-wah (1916/1991)", an 8-page lexicon by Juliette Blevins. Correspondence concerns the Berkeley Language Center archives, particularly Bright's reel-to-reel Karuk and Yurok tapes and field notes.

Subject(s): Chochenyo language; Yurok language; Karuk language

 Bradley, David
 Bright, Susie

Haikus and longer poetry written by William Bright. Details of Susie Bright's tours and publications on sexuality. A printed photograph of Susie Bright.

 Briggs, Lucy Therina
December 10, 1991 

Concerns the 1988 publication 'Aymara: Compendio de estructura fonologica y grammatical' by M. J. Hardman, Juan de Dios Yapita, Juana Vasquez et al.

Subject(s): Aymara language

 Buckley, Eugene

Primarily concerns Buckley's book prospectus "The Linguistic Structure of Writing Systems", with a 4-page typescript.

 Bringhurst, Robert

Concerns cross-cultural definitions of poetry, and typography. Includes the publication "Translating Haida Poetry: An Interview with Robert Bringhurst" (2002).

 Browne, Wayles
January 4, 1994 

Concerns German poetry.

 Buckley, Thomas

Concerns Buckley's proposal to write about California for The Columbia Guides to American Indian History and Culture.

 Callaghan, Catherine
January 30, 1994 

Concerns Spanish loanwords in Chochenyo, with an attached 8-page list.

Subject(s): Chochenyo language

 Campbell, R. Joe
June 17, 2003 

Concerns the contents of a CD on Alonso de Molina's 1571 dictionary, and a preliminary version of an article on Hueyapan Nahuatl phonology.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Campbell, Lyle #1
October 24, 1991 

Concerns Hispanisms.

 Campbell, Lyle #2

Includes many manuscripts by Campbell.

 Canger, Una

Includes a copy of the Copenhagen Nahuatl Dictionary Project (CoNDiP) version 2.1 on 3.5" floppy disc, along with a manual and some relevant correspondence and article photocopies prior to the dictionary's publication.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Casad, Eugene

Subject(s): Cora language

 Charney, Jean Ormsbee

Bound typed Comanche vocabulary found in Casagrande's "Comanche Linguistic Acculturation", 174 pages. Discussion of placenames with Comanche origin, 8 pages.

Subject(s): Comanche language

 Clark, Marybeth

Handouts and late-stage draft manuscripts on the Hmong language.

Subject(s): Hmong language

 Conathan, Lisa & Victor Golla

Concerns Jane Hill's typology of "localist" vs. "distributed" speech communities in dialectology, in reference to Northwestern Californian languages.

 Coulmas, Florian
March 28, 1999 

Concerns Coulmas' book "Writing Systems: An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis".

 Coupland, Nikolas
January 1998 

Comments on Dell Hymes' submission to William Bright of "Universitality and variation in oral narratives: communicative competence and social lives of speakers".

 Cowan, William

Concerns place names of New England, in many lists, for Bright's book "Native American Place Names of the United States".

 Cowell, Andrew

Comments on Cowell's manuscript "Publishing Tales about Taking Horses".

Subject(s): Arapaho language

 Cutler, Charles L.
November 12, 1994 

Concerns the proposed Algonquian origin of 'yankee', and Cutler's recent work.

Subject(s): Algonquian languages

 Daniels, Peter #1
1991-1993, 1998, 2000, 2004 

Submitted reviews of recent books on writing systems by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, Leonard Shlain, Johanna Drucker, Andrew Robinson, Georges Jean, Florian Coulmas, Vivian Cook, and Henry Rogers. Offprints from early 1990s. Correspondence concerns primarily recent publications and research into the history and typology of writing systems.

 Daniels, Peter #2: "Collected Grammatological Writings"

Binder containing copies of Daniels' published and unpublished papers from 1980-1991.

 de Arenas, Pedro

1862 print of "Guide de la Conversation en Trois Langues Francais, Espagnol et Mexicain", and a 3-page typescript on loanwords found in the 1611 "Vocabulario Manual de las Lenguas Castellana y Mexicana", possibly by Bright.

 de Reuse, Willem J.
March 25, 1997 

Concerns Spanish loanwords into Southwestern US languages, with accompanying copies mostly from the National Anthropological Archives.

 Dimock, Edward C.

Concerns Bengali onomatopoeia and Indian etymologies and religion.

 Edmonson, Barbara

Concerns basics of the Wastek ("Huastec") language, Spanish loanwords, and the meanings of Wastek placenames.

Subject(s): Wastek language

 Elliott, Eric
December 16, 1991 

Concerns Spanish loanwords in Luiseño, with an accompanying list (2 pages).

Subject(s): Luiseno language

 Emeneau, M. B. #1: Biographies & Obituaries #1

Correspondence and publications of Emeneau's biographies, autobiography and obituary, including a copy of his curriculum vitae and a list of his personal books created by Bright.

 Emeneau, M. B. #2: Biographies & Obituaries #2

See "Emeneau, M. B. #1: Biographies & Obituaries #1".

 Emeneau, M. B. #3: Photographs

Low-resolution printouts from a personal computer of images of Emeneau at a late age. 6 photographs.

 Emeneau, M. B. #4: Correspondence

Correspondence between Emeneau and Bright, Emeneau and others, and Bright and others, concerning Emeneau's life for biographies and obituaries. Many materials referred to are found in "Emeneau, M. B.: Biographies & Obituaries". One set of correspondence is toward the second edition of Lexicon Grammaticorum, eventually published in 2009, and includes older biographies written by Bright of Mary Haas and Charles Ferguson. Includes a copy of the American Philosophical Society's "News from Philosophical Hall" describing the APS membership process, and details of the symposium celebrating Emeneau's 100th birthday.

 Emeneau, M. B. #5: Reprints #1
 Emeneau, M. B. #6: Reprints #2
 Emeneau, M. B. #7: Interview and transcript
  Folders 25, 36

17-minute video interview and transcript. The files are available onsite at the American Philosophical Society Library.

 Erard, Michael

Request for Bright's comments on Ethnologue for the New York Times.

 Evans, Nancy

Concerns a visit to Nipomo and Jolon, CA, as part of a Salinan fieldtrip in 1954, and the community members. Includes an original photograph in two sizes of Dave Mora, intended to be sent to the Salinan Archives (now at the California Language Archive) but possibly never processed.

Subject(s): Salinan language

 Everson, William

Concerns poetry and the McArthur Foundation.

 Farmer, Steve

Concerns the Indus script.

 Feingold, Eric
February 25, 1997 

Spanish translation of a text titled "Horses".

 Ferrara, Jim

Discussions and critiques of interlinear texts and orthography usage, including a manuscript of basketry verbs.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Feshbach, Riva

Concerns a Newberry Library exhibit titled "Lewis and Clark in Indian Country", for which Bright was hired as a consultant. Includes a draft of the planning grant proposal to the NEH, discussions of particular place names, logistics of the project, and copies of maps with Bright's annotations along the Lewis and Clark expedition route.

 Fishman, Joshua

Discussion with Fishman and others concerning the famous quotation attributed to max Weinreich: "A language is a dialect with an army and a navy".

 Flores, Alvaro

Concerns requests to purchase publications from Libraria Madero, Mexico.

 Freeze, Ray A.

Includes: Freeze, Ray A. (1975). A Fragment of Early K'ekchi' Vocabulary with Comments on the Cultural Content. Missouri: University of Missouri-Columbia.

 Garner, M.
March 25, 2002 

Concerns Hupa recordings.

Subject(s): Hupa language

 Gehr, Greg

Concerns the IPA font, Truetype and Postscript.

 Gehr, Susan

Primarily concerns the production of the 2005 Karuk dictionary, co-authored with Susan Gehr. There is much discussion of headword choices and morphology, using Shoebox (Summer Institute of Linguistics) software, and several draft texts (including narratives by Violet Super) and dictionary entries. Invitation to attend the Karuk Language Immersion Weekend, Happy Camp, California, September 13-14 2003, and a Certificate of Excellence from the event.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Gensler, Orin D.

Extensive comments on Bright's publication "The Karok Language". A draft of a review of the book. Salmon vocabulary with Bright's marginalia.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Gold, David L.

Concerns the etymology and variation of the racial slur "gachupín" in Latin America, of "tarascan" borrowed into Nahuatl, and other etymologies.

Subject(s): Spanish language

 Golla, Victor

Concerns semantic couplets/disfrasismos in Luiseno ritual language. Correspondence is with Victor Golla and Jane Hill, and includes sections of a talk by Jane Hill and Mercedes Montes de Oca.

Subject(s): Luiseno language

 Golla, Victor et al.: Bibliography of the Languages of Native California

Correspondence with Victor Golla and many others, especially those at the University of California Press, concerning a porposed update to "Bibliography of the Languages of Native California" (1982, Scarecrow Press).

 Golla, Victor & Nancy Riley

Concerns a visit as a consultant to Humboldt State University working with Karuk speakers. Products of the visit include: a Karuk practical spelling chart, interlinear texts of narration and conversation, meeting minutes, a final report describing all activities, a list of Karuk speakers with addresses and some phone numbers, and a list of members of the Karuk Language Restoration Committee.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Graziano, Tracy Ann

Concerns Graziano's thesis on coyotes, and Bright's appointment as a member of Graziano's Graduate Committee.

 Greenberg, Joseph

Includes a draft manuscript "Remote Linguistic Relationship: Sapir Versus Greenberg", authored by Bright.

 Greenfeld, Philip J.

Concerns Spanish loanwords in White Mountain Apache and Navajo, including a 3-page table of loanwords in White Mountain Apache and their neighboring comparable forms.

Subject(s): Western Apache language; Navajo language

 Grimes, Joseph E.

Concerns changes to, and the publication of, Bright (ed.), Oxford International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Vol. 1, 356-358. New York: Oxford University Press.

 Grivelet, Stephane

Comments on Grivelet's review of an issue of two French-language academic publications on science, and discussions of a conference on sociogrammatology.

 Hanks, Patrick

Concerns preparations for Bright's publication "Native American Placenames of the United States", particularly potential Native American family names in Hanks' (2003) "Dictionary of Family Names", and the 2003 publication of that dictionary.

 Harmann, Harald

Concerns a request to submit an article for an edited volume on "the effectiveness of writing systems".

 Harrington, J. P. #1

Wide-ranging materials and correspondence relating to Harrington's career, including the following. Version of Harrington's Chemehuevi noun list, edited by Kenneth C. Hill. Karuk materials derived from J. P. Harrington's publications and field notes, including texts, placenames, lexica from Harrington's grammar of Karuk ( co-authored by Jim Ferrera). Discussions of the manuscripts of Geronimo Boscana. A list of Harrington's consultants and abbreviations in his field notes. A proposal by Victor Golla to document Harrington's work. Descriptions of Harrington's holdings in archives. A draft manuscript describing Harrington's Washo language work, by William H. Jacobsen. Issues of 'Clearly Heard Forever', the J. P. Harrington Database Project Newsletter. Also included are reprints and conference papers.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Harrington, J. P. #2

See "Harrington, J. P. #1".

 Hayes, Richard

Concerns Buddhist rebirth.

 Hidalgo, Margarita

Comments on Hidalga's manuscript "Mexican Indigenous Languages at the Dawn of the 21st Century".

 Hill, Jane H. #1

Concerns Hill's editorship of 'Language in Society'.

 Hill, Jane H. #2

Many manuscript drafts and conference papers.

 Hill, Jane H. #3

Many manuscript drafts and conference papers.

 Hill, Kenneth C.

Concerns etymologies, their various dictionary works, and includes a transcription of the Serrano story "The Coyote and the Flood", a list of Serrano placenames, and a draft manuscript on Serrano clitics.

Subject(s): Serrano language

 Hinton, Leanne
1977, 2000 

In addition to reprints, includes a New Year card from 2000 detailing the Hinton geneology from 999 until 1999, and a pen drawing of a hybrid coyote-human.

 Hiroshige, Ando

Postcards with Japanese woodblock prints.


Concerns Hispanisms (Spanish loanwords into languages of America). Correspondence is with the following - discussed languages are in parentheses: Yukihiro Yumitani (Jemez), Philip Greenfeld (Apache), Jane H. Hill (Hopi), Herb Landar (Navajo), Irvine Davis (Santa Ana, Santo Domingo), Research Center for Romance Studies, and Kenneth Hale, Elizabeth Erro Hvolboll (Chumash), Victor Golla, Eric Hamp. Includes conference papers and other printed sources. See Series 7 "Hispanisms" for a product of this research.

Subject(s): Santa Ana dialect; Santo Domingo dialect; Jemez language; Hopi language; Navajo language; Western Apache language

 Hitch, Douglas A.

Includes a manuscript draft of 'Religious Hybrid Scripts' with a request for comments (provided by Bright), a copy of Hitch's CV, and details of his work at the Yukon Native Language Centre.

Subject(s): Malayalam language

 Hockett, Charles F.

Concerning permission to reprint the publication 'Speech and Writing'.

 Holle, K. F.
June 7, 1999 

Reprints of Holle, with a note from "Hal" of Yale University concerning them.

 Holmes, Kris

Concerns Holmes' Devanagari Lucida Sans typeface, other Indic script typefaces, and personal conversation. Includes a publication of a text in 'Clackamas-Chinook', narrated by Victoria Howard.

 Holthaus, Gary

Artistic prints of two of Holthaus's poems.

 Hosken, Martin

Request for assistance publishing a manuscript draft titled "Creating an Orthography Description" (included).

 Hung, Daisy

Concerns housing for the Taiwan Academica Sinica conference.

 Hyde, Lewis

Correspondence with "Melvin" (full name unknown) concerning Hyde's publication "Trickster Makes This World" (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999).

 Hymes, Dell #1: Correspondence, Swadesh biography
1993, 1998 

Correspondence concerning their respective poetry and Bright's editorship of Language in Society, and a biography of Morris Swadesh.

 Hymes, Dell #2: Reprints #1

Many reprints, including small press publications of poetry.

 Hymes, Dell #3

Many reprints, including small press publications of poetry.

 International Journal of American Linguistics

Correspondence between Lise Menn and Alma Dean Kolb of IJAL concerning the posthumous publication of Bright's "Review of the World Atlas of Language Structures".

 International Research & Exchange Fund

Concerns a travel grant to a conference.

 International Symposium on Indic Scripts Past and Future

Papers presented at the 2003 conference hosted by ILCAA and TUFS in Tokyo, Japan. Related correspondence. Unicode charts for Indic scripts.

 Jacobsen, William H., Jr.
1969, 1992 

Concerns Washo stems and Spanish loanwords in Salinan.

Subject(s): Salinan language; Washo language

 Jain, Ashok

Letter of appreciation for information about universities that teach Hindi.

 Jaisser, Annie

Concerns references and work on Hmong.

Subject(s): Hmong language

 Jarret, Dennis

Concerns Coyote stories and poems.

 John Benjamins Publishing Company

Concerns many details of the journal Written Language & Literacy during Bright's editorship, mostly administrative.

 Johnson-Grau, Brenda

Endorsement of David Weber's "Writing Quechua".

 Kamins, Jeannie

Includes two pieces of original artwork by Kamins.

 Kaplan, Larry

Concerns corrections to "Napus manuscript" on etymologies.

 Karttunen, Frances

Concerns primarily Nahuatl, and Algonquian etymologies in New England.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Ka'tim'îin Arson

Concerns the suspected arson of Ka'tim'îin, the Karuk sacred site near Somes Bar, CA.

Subject(s): Karuk culture

 Katzenberger, Irit

Concerns comments on Katzenberger's manuscript "Expository text organization", submitted for the Written Language and Literacy journal.

 Kaye, Alan S.

Concerns complaints made by Kaye about the editorial practices of Sarah G. Thomason of the journal 'Language', and includes full correspondence between the two.

 Keeling, Richard

Concerns the conference 'Ancient Songs for a Modern World', held at the Idyllwild Confnerence Center and Morongo Indian Reservation in May 1992.

 Kelly, Richard S.

Concerns Kelly's publication series 'Strukturtypologie des Tricksters', and includes the series itself.

 Kennedy, Mary Jean
February 4, 1949 

Names and addresses of Kennedy's Karuk acquaintances.

Subject(s): Karok Indians; Karuk language

 Killion, Tom

Thanking Bright for his review.

 King, Richard

Concerns comments on King's manuscript.

 Knab, Tim J.

Primarily concerns Spanish loanwords into American languages.

 Knighton, Jose

Includes three small-press publications on Coyote: "Sandstone" (1979, UT: Compost Press), "Coyote's History of Moab" (1994, UT: Compost Press), and the poem "Coyote Went to Church".

 Koontz, John E.

Concerns the etymology of "Dakota", with a 4-page manuscript draft on the topic.

Subject(s): Sioux Nation; Dakota language; Lakota language

 Korda, Michael

Concerns Korda's proposed fiction book "Coyote Blue".

 Krauss, Michael
1980, 1991 

Concerns the first volume of an unnamed series, possibly on Athabaskan languages, relating to the Alaska Native Language Center. Symposium handout of the seminal call to arms "The World's Languages in Crisis", at the meeting of the LSA, Chicago, January 3 1991.

 Krishnamurti, Bhadriraju
1996, 2006 

Includes corrections and additions to 'Proto-Dravidian Laryngeal *H Revisited', and correspondence concerning the archives of Murray B. Emeneau held at California.

 Kroeber, Alfred L.

Concerns especially J. P. Harrington's transcriptions of Karuk.

Subject(s): Karok Indians; Karuk language

 Lang, Julian

Discussions of the creation of pedagogical materials, texts, audio recordings and dictionaries of the Karuk language. Includes California placenames.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Leap, William

Concerns Northern Ute literacy and orthography.

 Lerner, Jonathan

Concerns how to be published as a freelance travel writer.

 Levine, Raleigh H.

Concerns interpretations of a J. P. Harrington manuscript mentioning Puvunga/Puvungna, for a tribal land rights case.

Subject(s): Tongva people

 Levy, Debra F.

Concerns Levy's move to Indonesia and Bright's mortgage account.

 Lindenfeld, Jacqueline
December 1994 

Concerns a review and Lindenfeld's recent translation work and retirement from CSUN.

 Ljubenkov, Julie Schneider

Concerns Ljubenkov's work on Luiseno.

Subject(s): Luiseno language

 Lockhart, James

Concerns Lockhart's fieldwork and especially the publication 'We People Here'.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Lyman, Thomas Amis

Concerns a list of publications on the Hmong and a submission of a review for Anthropological Linguistics.

 Macaulay, Monica

Comments on Karuk manuscripts.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 MacLaury, Robert

Concerns the Karuk language, particularly color categorization with comments on MacLaury's paper on the same, and Karuk speakers.

Subject(s): Karuk language; Karuk culture

 Macquarie University

Concerns a potential fellowship at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Includes application papers. Principle correspondent: Flavia Hodges.

 Mair, Victor

Includes a request to comment on a manuscript.

 Malotki, Ekkehart
September 1, 1998 

Comments about Malotki's manuscript on Kokopelli.

 Malovic, Dario

Concerns transcriptions of Karuk audio recordings made in the 1950s and 1960s. Includes Karuk interlinear texts and pedagogical materials.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Manaster Ramer, Alexis

Concerns the journal Language not having reviewed 'Illich-Svitych's Nostratic Theory', and subsequent disagreements.

 Margolin, Malcolm

Concerns a proposal to produce 'a bilingual book of Karuk traditional literature'.

 Marlett, Steve

Comments on a manuscript titled 'The Form and Use of Names in Seri' for the International Journal of American Linguistics.

Subject(s): Seri language

 Martin, Jack B.

Primary concerns work on the Timucua grammar by Father Friar Francisco Pareja, including a translation and transliteration of the original.

Subject(s): Timucua language

 Maryatt, Kitty
June 18, 1992 

Invitations to Maryatt's events.

 Masthay, Carl
1995, 2002 

Concerns the etymologies of 'Yankee' and Cherokee placenames, corrections and additions to Masthay's publication "Schmick's Mahican Dictionary", and photographs of Masthay and David H. Pentland (taken in 1992 and 1986 respectively).

Subject(s): Cherokee language

 Matisoff, James A.

Concerns work on East Asian languages, specifically forthcoming publications by Matisoff and Bright's visit to China and Taiwan with Lise Menn.

 Mattina, Anthony
December 7, 1987 

Concerns Colville (Salishan) coyote stories, referring to an included publication.

Subject(s): Salishan languages

 McCawley, Jim
May 1, 2001 

Includes the comedic piece 'Dates in the month of May that are of interest to linguists'.

 McGary, Jane

Concerns McGary's resigation from the position of Associate Editor of the Collected Works of Edward Sapir.

 McGilvray, Dennis

Concerns the TransINDIC Transliteration font and an invitation to Professor Balasundaram to the University of Colorado.

 McLaughlin, John E.

Request for comments on the 1982 publication 'Working Bibliography of the Languages of (Roughly) the Western United States'.

 McLeod, Norma & Marcia Herndon

Comments on manuscripts by Norma McLeod and Marcia Herndon.

 Mehendale, M. A.

Correspondence with possibly S. M. Katre concerning Bright (1958) A Note on Visarga. Bulletin of Deccan College 18.271–73. Mehendale had an article published in the same bulletin.

Subject(s): Sanskrit language

 Menn, Lise

Concerns Bright and Menn's visit to Hunan University, Changsha, China.

 Miller, Roy Andrew

Correspondence discusses a broad range of research, especially phonology and writing systems of the languages of East and Central Asia.

 Mithun, Marianna
1991, 1993 

Concerns Spanish loanwords in languages of the Americas.

 Mixco, Mauricio J.
1991, 2004 

Concerns Spanish loanwords and Mandan and Kiliwa placenames.

Subject(s): Spanish language; Kiliwa language; Mandan language

 Miyaoka, Osahito
March 28, 1991 

Concerns publication rights to 'Encounter with an Angry God - Recollections of My Life with John Peabody Harrington' by Carobeth Laird. The correspondence is authored by Robert A. Stafford to Miyaoka.

 Morrison, Henry

Concerns Coyote stories.

 Moscow Conference on Traditional Cultures and Their Environment

Concerns the conference 'Traditional Cultures and their Environment', and includes proceedings and Bright's submission.

 Moser, Edward W.

Moser's handwritten and typeset notes on Seri morphology, a brief lexicon, and possible cognates with Chontal, Karuk and Quechan. 7 pages. Copy of Fortnight Magazine article on the Seri from 1955.

Subject(s): Seri language

 Mouton de Gruyter

Royalties for various publications by Bright.

 Munro, Pamela
1991, 1995, 2006 5 folder(s)

Munro's materials consist of a considerable volume of draft and pre-publication manuscripts, some of which may be original. Of significance are additions to a Luiseno dictionary, a Chickasaw translation of the book 'Corduroy's Day', Pima interlinear texts, a grammatical sketch of Tutelo, Christmas stories from the New Testament, and materials on Uto-Aztecan, Yuman and Gabrielino/Tongva languages. Correspondence concerns the planning of the posthumously-published "Native American Placenames of the Southwest", Cherokee work, and comments on Gabrielino/Tongva analysis.

Subject(s): Tongva language; Tutelo language; Yuman languages; Uto-Aztecan languages; Luiseno language; Chickasaw language

 Newman, Stanley

Includes 'notes on course with Stanley Newman, Chicago, Summer 1954' by Bright.

 O'Connor, M.

Concerns NotaBene academic research software and formatting. Includes drafts and submissions.

 Offield, Mamie
March 9, 1955 

Concerns a Coyote story.

Subject(s): Karok Indians; Karuk language

 O'Neil, Stephen
August 1994 

Concerns Bright and O'Neil's Juaneño (Luiseño variety) lexica, and includes copies of both.

Subject(s): Luiseno language

 O'Neill, Sean P.

Concerns a request for advice on publishing a book on language and myth among the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk of Northwestern California; and correspondence with others on O'Neill's publications and tenureship.

 Oswalt, Bob

Concerns Spanish loanwords in various languages of the Americas.

 Oxford University Press

Concerns publication of 'The World's Writing Systems', 'The International Encyclopedia of Linguistics', 'Oxford Publications in Anthropological Linguistics', and 'Language Variation in South Asia'.

 Palac, Lisa
July 31, 1991 

Personal correspondence.

 Parodi, Claudia
April 16, 1992 

Concerns Parodi's research and personal matters.

 Pau Cin Hau script

Responses to requests for references on the Pau Chin Hau script, including copies of published materials, from Wake Forest University and the University of Illinois.

 Piazza, Alberto

Concerns Bright's criticisms of Piazza's 'Postscript 1991'.

 Poser, William

Comments on the manuscript 'DAlk'wahke: The First Carrier Writing System'.

Subject(s): Carrier language

 Powers, William

Concerns miscommunications and disagreements about the publication of a book.

 Ramsey, Jarold

Concerns Coyote stories, and includes Ramsey's comments on Bright's 'Coyote Reader'.

 Rando, Emily & Donna Jo Napoli
August 2, 1991 

Includes Bright's poetry submissions for Volume 4 of 'Lingua Franca'.

 Rankin, Robert L.

Includes descriptions of the etymologies of Siouan placenames, 2 pages.

Subject(s): Siouan languages

 Ratliff, Martha

Correspondence concerns the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society's first call for papers. A 7-page bibliography of Hmong with an additional list of publication locations is included.

 Rattray, David
December 27, 1974 

Subject(s): Greek language

 Rayburn, Alan

Concerns short biographical essays on scholars of onomastics, for the 50th anniversary of the American Name Society. Bright's draft biographies are included, alongside a brief essay on Bright's own interest in place names.

 Renaissance Society of America

Concerns a conference hosted by the RSA and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and a draft of Barbara De Marco's paper 'Conversion Practices on the New Mexico Frontier'.

 Reviews: California Place Names

Reviews, comments, corrections and some of Bright's own work on his publication "California Place Names". Correspondence and print.

 Reviews: Colorado Place Names

Reviews and comments on Bright's book, in correspondence and print.

 Reviews: Native American Placenames of the United States

Reviews of Bright (2004). Native American placenames of the United States. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. Includes typeset addenda to Alan Hartley's review, containing corrections to the publication.

 Richardson, Nancy

Concerns the publication 'Now You're Talking - Karuk!'.

 Ringe, Don
January 19, 1992 

Concerns a request by Bright for Ringe to review 'Sprung from some common source' (Lamb & Douglas Mitchell, eds).

 Risling, Lyn

Concerns Risling's M.A. on the ihuk Karuk ceremony, and Karuk language lessons, including the publication of "Now We're You're - Karuk!" by Julian Lang.

Subject(s): Karuk culture; Karuk language

 Routledge Publishers

Primarily concerns revised maps and text of the North America chapter of the Atlas of the World's Languages (much correspondence is with Marianne Mithun). Also a review of Alison Phipps' proposal 'Language Stories'.

 Rose, Wendy

Includes a postcard from Rose.

 Runyon, Jennifer

Concerns the naming of Mount KIA/MIA and Spread Eagle Peak in Colorado, and Mount Diablo to Mount Kawukum in California. Runyon was representing the United States Geological Survey. Includes sections from relevant publications and newspaper articles.

Subject(s): Ute language

 Searchinger, Gene

Primarily concerns creating Searchinger's movies about writing, for which Bright consulted.

 Shirrell, Robert

A printed index to IJAL volumes 32-60, with correspondence requesting its hosting on the University of Chicago Press's website.

 Shwayder, Carol Rein
 Smalley, Jane A.

Concerns a request by Brent Nicholas to access tape-recorded exercises of William Smalley's 'Manual of Articulatory Phonetics'.

 Smalley, William A.

Concerns a review by Smalley and Hmong orthographical practice.

Subject(s): Hmong language

 Smith, Grant
February 2002 

Concerns a an invitation to an NEH Summer Seminar on place names in 2003.

 Smith, Susan
September 14, 1993 

Concerns Karuk burial practices.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Steever, Sanford B.

Concerns Steever's 1998 publication 'The Dravidian Languages', and a request for William Bright to submit an article towards it.

Subject(s): Dravidian languages

 Stern, Theodore

Concerns corrections to vowel length and tone in a 1957 publication.

Subject(s): Siyin language

 Stolz, Thomas
October 17, 1996 

Concerns the accompanying published articles.

 Stross, Brian

Original publications and photocopies on Tzeltal, including stories.

Subject(s): Tzeltal language

 Subramoniam, V. I.

Concerns the sending of books from William Bright to Dr. Subramoniam, Bright's membership in the DLA, a visit to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics in Bangalore, and other matters relating to Dravidian linguistics.

Subject(s): Dravidian languages

 Sun, Jackson Tianshin

Concerns acquiring Tibeto-Burman language materials and Bright's attendance at Academica Sinica, Taiwan.

Subject(s): Tibetic languages

 Sutton, Peter

Discussion of Ursula McConnel's indigenous language materials deposited at the South Australian Museum.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Swadesh, Morris

Reprints of articles in Spanish and English by Morris Swadesh.

 Swann, Brian

Concerns the publication of a Karuk text and song.

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Troike, Rudolph C.

Comments on Troike's manuscript draft 'Woodpeckers and Evidence for Trade in Central Californian Languages'.

Subject(s): Cahuilla language; Karuk language; Shasta language

 Udall, Mark

Concerns the Permanent Partner Immigration Act. Udall was a Member of Congress for Colorado.

 Underhill, Ruth

Publications on Tohono O'odham, Northern Paiute and Southern Californian tribes.

 Universidad de Guadalajara

Conference handouts, timetable, and Bright's certificate of attendance. Conference titled "Toponimos nahuas en los EE.UU. y Mexico" (Aztecan toponyms in the US and Mexico).

 University of Arizona Press

Comments on Paul Kroskity and Margaret Field's (eds) manuscript 'Native American Language Ideologies' (published in 2011).

 University of Illinois Press
June 14, 2004 

Comments on Michael McCafferty's manuscript "Native Place-Names of Indiana".

 University of Oklahoma Press

Discussion and draft chapters of Bright's 'Indian Placenames of Oklahoma'.

 University of Wisconsin

Concerns Bright's guest lecture series at the University of Wisconsin on South Asian linguistics.

 Unseth, Peter
April 14, 2004 

Comments on Unseth's manuscript draft 'Sociolinguistic parallels between choosing scripts and languages'.

 van Auken, Newell Ann
July 11, 2002 

Comments on an accepted submission of van Auken's review of Oliver Moore's manuscript 'Chinese'.

Subject(s): Chinese language; Chinese characters.

 Wares, Alan C.

Includes Bright's own analyses of Tarascan verbal morphology, based on a manuscript by Wares.

Subject(s): Tarascan language

 Watt, W. C.
1992, 1999 

Concerns accompanying publications on writing systems.

 Weber, David

Concerns orthography in Guatemala and other areas of Latin America, related to a publication on Quechua orthography. Includes copies of writing and correspondence by Marilyn Henne.

Subject(s): Quechua language

 Worrell, Bill
July 31st, 1994 

Typeset manuscripts of Coyote stories.

 Zenk, Henry
January 14, 2005 

Typeset manuscript titled 'Corrections/Comments to Henry Zenk's contributions cited in Native American Placenames of the United States'.

 Zhou, Minglang

Concerns a possible visit to Beijing to visit Professor Dai Qingxia.

 Zvelebil, Kamil V.
May 23, 1962 

Concerns an accompanying article on Tamil syntax, and inquiries preparing for a Tamil grammar and pedagogical courses.

Subject(s): Tamil language

 Series 2: Research Files by Topic
  Box 37-57
 "Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics": Vols. 4-8
 "Algonquian and Iroquioan Linguistics": Vols. 9-14
 "Algonquian and Iroquioan Linguistics": Vols. 15-20
 "Algonquian and Iroquioan Linguistics": Vols. 21-27
 "Algonquian and Iroquioan Linguistics": Vols. 28-31
 American Name Society Bulletin

American Name Society Bulletin of Fall 2006.

 Arabic: Aramco World Magazine

Volume 32 No 2 on "Arabic and the Art of Printing".

 Archives of the Languages of the World: Elicitation drawings

Elicitation drawings for fieldwork sent by the Archives of Languages of the World (Indiana University), with correspondence requesting that any produced audio from them be sent so that a copy be made at the Archives. 50 pages. Bound copy, with Bright's title [Richard?] "Hayes: Pictures".

 "ASAIL Notes"

Issues 4.1, 4.2 and a mailing list special issue of the newsletter of the Association for Studies in American Indian Literatures.

 Athabaskan: "Diqelas Tukda"

Pete, Shem. (1977). Diqelas Tukda. Fairbanks, AK: Alaska Native Language Center. "Tanaina"/Dena'ina language interlinear text with gloss and free translation. 31 pages.

Subject(s): Dena'ina language

 "Athapaskan Quarterly/Athabaskan News"

Athapaskan Quarterly (later Athabaskan News) issues 1(1), 3(3), 4(1) and 4(2).

 "Axe Handles"

Print of Gary Snyder's poem "Axe Handles".

 Balinese: "Proposal for encoding the Balinese in the UCS"
January 23, 2005 

UCS = "Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set", a part of the International Organization for Standardization. Working group documents by Michael Everson and I Made Suatjana. 13 pages.

 Balinese: Various publications

A Balinese pocket dictionary (1985) and a photocopy of "Belajar Praktis Mawirama 1".

 Batak bark books

Original photograph, article photocopies and newspaper clippings concerning the Batak bark book manuscripts held at Princeton.

 Bodo: "Boro Harini Metai Aro Colobata"
1957, 1963 

Bhattacharya, Pramod Chandra. (1957). Boro Harini Metai Aro Colobata (Boro Folksongs and Tales). Gauhati, Assam: New Press.

 California: "A Bibliography of the Cahuilla Indians of California"

Bean, Lowell John & Harry W. Lawton. (1967). A Bibliography of the Cahuilla Indians of California. Banning, CA: Malki Museum Press.

 "California Alphabetical Word List"

English-language word list for elicitation of Californian languages, containing ca.4700 words. See also "California: Topical Word List" and other word lists in Mary Haas' collection, Ms.Mss.Coll.94 Series 2 Subseries 'Multiple'.

 California: "The Cahuilla Indian Room"

Brochure for the Palm Springs Desert Museum.

 California: "The Cahuilla Indians of Southern California"

Bean, Lowell & Harry Lawton. (1965). The Cahuilla Indians of Southern California. Banning, CA: Malki Museum.

 California: Calendar, Indian Action Council of Northwestern California

1984 calendar of the Indian Action Council of Northwestern California, Inc. Includes photographs from the Lowie Museum, Berkeley.

 California: Calendars
1988, 1990Oversized.

Calendars produced by Justin F. Farmer Transportation Engineers Inc. Each month includes a photograph and description from Mission San Juan Capistrano (1988) and the San Diego Historical Society of Native Californians (1990).

 California: "The California Indians"

Browne, J. Ross. (1864). The California Indians: A Clever Satire on the Governments dealings with its Indian Wards. [publisher unknown]. Reprint, but no publication details provided.

 California: "The Californian Wildlife Region"
1954, 1999 

Brown, Vinson. (1954). The Californian Wildlife Region - Its Common Wild Animals and Plants. San Martin, CA: Naturegraph Company. Includes FedEx labels from Professor Martha Macri (UC Davis) and Dr Gabrielle Vail (Bradenton, Florida).

 California: "Catalogue of the C. Hart Merriam Collection"

Heizer, Robert F. et al. (1969). Catalogue of the C. Hart Merriam Collection of Data Concerning California Tribes and Other American Indians. Berkeley, CA: U. C. Berkeley. Bound, 80 pages.

 California: "The Chemehuevi Indians of Southern California"

Miller, Ronald Dean & Peggy Jeanne Miller. (1967). The Chemehuevi Indians of Southern California. Banning, CA: Malki Museum Press.

 California: "I'i Muluwet"

Nolasquez, Roscinda & Anne Galloway. (1975). I'i Muluwet: First Book of Words in the Cupeno Indian Language of Southern California. Pala, CA: Alderbooks.

Subject(s): Cupeño language

 California: "I'isniyatam (Designs)"

Saubel, Katherine Siva & Anne Galloway. (1977). I'isniyatam (Designs). Banning, California: Malki Museum Press. Publication of the Ivilyuat/Cahuilla lexicon.

Subject(s): Cahuilla language

 California: "The Indians of California"

Heizer, Robert F. (1958). The Indians of California: A Syllabus. California: UC Berkeley. Robert Heizer's course syllabus for Anthropology XB 137, bound.

 California: "Indians of California Past and Present"

American Friends Service Committee. (1957). Indians of California Past and Present. San Francisco, CA: American Friends Service Committee.

 California: "Indians of Northwest California"

Supahan, Sarah (ed). (1992). Indians of Northwest California: History/Social Science and Literature Based Curriculum Units. California: Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District Indian Education Program.

 California: "Indians of Southern California"

Walker, Edwin, F. (1937). Indians of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA: Southwest Museum.

 California: "Lower Klamath County"

McBeth, Frances Turner. (1950). Lower Klamath County. Berkeley, CA: Anchor Press.

 California: Malki Museum Press brochure

See elsewhere in this series for Malki Museum Press publications owned by Bright.

 California: "The Masterkey"

Bryan, Bruce (ed.). (1972). The Masterkey 46(3). Los Angeles, CA: Southwest Museum.

 California: "The Mission Indians"

Humphrey, Seth K. (1923 [1905]). The Mission Indians. Boston, MA: Little, Brown & Company.

 California: "Native American Arts Directory"

Blake, George Jr. et al. (1992). Native American Arts Directory 1991-1992. Eureka, CA: Humboldt Arts Council.

 California: Newspaper and magazine clippings
 California: "Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California"

Chesnut, V. K. (1902). Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California. Washington: Government Printing Office.

 California: "Po-Ho-No and Other Yosemite Legends"

Shane Smith, Elinor. (n.d.). Po-ho-no and other Yosemite Legends. Publisher unknown.

 California: "The Serrano Indians of Southern California"

Johnston, Frank. (1965). The Serrano Indians of Southern California. Banning, California: Malki Museum Press.

 California: "They Pushed Back the Forest"

Chase, Doris. (1959). They Pushed Back the Forest. [publisher unknown].

 California: "Topical Word List"

Bound copy of Mary Haas' blank ca.3350-item word list for eliciting Native Californian languages. Haas' copy is available at: Mss.Ms.Coll.94 Series 2 Subseries 'Multiple Languages', file 'Wordlist #10: "Topical Word List (California)"'.

 "Cherokee Advocate"

Vol. 19, No. 8. "Official newspaper of the Cherokee Nation".

 "Cherokee eye chart"

Optician's eye chart using the Cherokee syllabary. Photocopy.

 Cherokee: "Genesis"

White, John. (n.d.). Genesis, or the First Book of Moses. Tahlequah, OK: Cherokee Phoenix Publications.

 "Cherokee Primer"

Walker, Willard. (1965). Cherokee Primer. Tahlequah, Oklahoma: University of Chicago.

 "Cherokee Stories"

Spade, Watt & Willard Walker. (1966). Cherokee Stories. Tahlequah, OK: Wesleyan University.

 "Cheyenne Texts"

Leman, Wayne. (1980). Cheyenne Texts: An Introduction to Cheyenne Literature Told by Cheyennes. Eastlake, CO: Summer Institute of Linguistics.

 "Cheyenne Topical Dictionary"

Glenmore, Josephine Stands in Timber & Wayne Leman. (1985). Cheyenne Topical Dictionary. Revised edition. MO: Cheyenne Translation Project. Bound copy, 223 pages.

 "Choctaw Morphology" and Language Lessons
1971, 1973 

Nicklas, Thurston Dale. Choctaw Morphology. Oklahoma: Choctaw Bilingual Education Program. Language lessons are appended, no title or details of publication. Includes note from Nicklas to Bright. Bound.

 Clapperstick Institute envelope

Portrait of two unidentified native Californians from the 'News from Native California' magazine, used as the interior of an envelope.

 "Common Ground"

McManamom, Francis P. et al. (1999). Common Ground: Archaeology and Ethnography in the Public Interest. Washington D.C.: National Park Service Archaeology and Ethnography Program.

 "Correo de Linguistica Andina"
1986, 2007 

Nos. 16 and 30. Spanish and English language.

 Cupeño: Newspaper clippings
 Cupeño: "The Story of Mission San Antonio de Pala"

Carillo, Fr. J. M. (1959). The Story of Mission San Antonio de Pala. Balboa Island, CA: Paisano Press.

 "Deccan College Working Papers in Linguistics" Nos. 4-7
 Deseret alphabet: "38 Mormon Characters"

Wentz, Roby. (1978). 38 Mormon Characters: A Forgotten Chapter in Western Typographic History. California: R. Wentz and Grant Dahlstrom.

 "Die Stellung der Sprachen von Nordost-Mexiko und Sued-Texas"

Gursky, K. H. (1963). Die Stellung der Sprachen von Nordost-Mexiko und Sued-Texas. Nortorf, Germany: Volkerkundliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft. Bound copy. Concerns the languages of Northeast Mexico and South Texas, US.

 "Distribution of Languages in India in States and Union Territories"

Pattayanak, D. P. (1961). Distribution of Languages in India in States and Union Territories. Mysore, India: Central Institute of Indian Languages. Extrapolated from the 1961 Indian census.

 Dravidian languages: Bibliographies

Bibliographies of Dravidian language publications, made by T. N. Sreekantaiya and M. B. Emeneau.

 "Gwich'in Junior Dictionary"

Peter, Katherine. (1998). Gwich'in Junior Dictionary/Dinjii Zhuh Ginjik Nagwan Tr'iltsaii. 5th Edition. Anchorage, AK: University of Alaska. Bound copy.


Photocopies of articles about and containing haikus, with marginalia by Bright.

 Hmong: Correspondence, Bright's notes

Correspondence with several people (including Annie C. Jaisser, David Strecker and Martha Ratliff) expressing interest in working on Hmong. Bright's comparisons of Hmong orthographies.

Subject(s): Hmong language

 Hmong: "Flower Cloth of the Hmong"

Simonsen, Thordis. (1985). Flower Cloth of the Hmong. Denver, CO: Denver Museum of History.

 Hmong: Newspaper clippings

Originals and photocopies.

 Hmong: "Phau Xyaum Nyeem Ntawv Hmoob"

[author unknown]. (1981). Phau Xyaum Nyeem Ntawv Hmoob: Rooj Ntawv Hmoob (Hmong Primer). Jackson, Michigan: Pragmatics International.

 Hmong: Photocopies

Photocopies of a variety of Hmong materials, mostly pedagogical or relating to services of Denver, CO hospitals.

 Hmong: Various publications and leaflets
 "Hmong Women Educational Association of Colorado"

The first two volumes of "Nkauj Hmoob Suab Ncha" magazine, a description of the association, and invitations to events.

 Hokkien: "Khòan Sián?" (What are you looking at?)

Abon oe--e (Dong yao-hong). (1995). Khòan Sián? (What are you looking at?). Taiwan: TGB.

 Hokkien: "Lô-má-jī ê kò-sū" (the story of Romaji)

Abon oe--e (Dong yao-hong). (1995). Lô-má-jī ê kò-sū" (the story of Romaji). Taiwan: TGB.

 Hopi: "Field Mouse Goes to War"

Kennard, Edward A. & Albert Yava. (1977). Field Mouse Goes to War. Palmer Lake, CO: The Filter Press.

 Hupa: "He Is Dug Up"

Bennett, Ruth (ed.). (1981). He Is Dug Up. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University.

 Hupa: "History of the Hoopa Tribe"

Hostler, Patricia & Byron Hostler. (1967). History of the Hoopa Tribe. California: Hoopa Valley Business Council/Hoopa Valley Tribe.

 "Hupa Language: Literature and Culture"

Parsons, Thomas et al. (1974). The Hupa Language: Literature and Culture. Third Edition. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University.

 Hupa: "Origin of Fire"

Bennett, Ruth. (1981). Origin of Fire. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University.

 Hupa: "Songs of a Medicine Woman"

Pratt, Alice. (n.d.). Songs of a Medicine Woman. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University.

 India: Brochures and Guides

Guides and brochures on Indian cities, cultures and ethnicities, and a map of India.

 India: English in

Publications and newspaper clippings discussing the status of English in India.

 India: Newspaper clippings
 India: Pictures

18 color pictures of village life with some Devanagari.

 India: Various publications

A book in Devanagari, language data from the 1971 Indian Census, and UC Berkeley's "Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies Review" 1(1).

 India: Writing

Photocopies of articles concerning writing systems and calligraphy.

 "Indian Life and Customs at Mission San Luis Rey"

Tac, Pablo. (1958). Indian Life and Customs at Mission San Luis Rey. San Luis Rey, CA: Old Mission.

 Indigenous Language Institute

Folder containing details and brochures of the Indigenous Language Institute, NM, including copies of the newsletter.

 "ISDL Working Papers in Linguistics"

Nos. 1 and 2 of the International School of Dravidian Linguistics' "Working Papers in Linguistics" journal.

 Japanese: Loanwords

Reprints and photocopies concerning loanwords into Japanese.

 "Jicarilla Apache Dictionary"

Vicenti, Carson. (1981). Jicarilla Apache Dictionary. New Mexico: Native American Materials Development Center. Bound copy, 53 pages. Marginalia by Bright.

 Kaqchikel: "Rub'is Jun Mayab'"

Yool G., Juan. (1994). Rub'is Jun Mayab' (Tristeza de un Maya). Guatemala: Proyeto Linguistico Francisco Marroquin.

 Ferrara, Jim.
Karuk: "Acorns"

Drafts of Karuk language lessons, "Acorn Unit", with marginalia by Bright. Approximately 80 pages.

 Karuk: a'iknêech-han

Story in Karuk and English, with notes. From Maddux, Harrington.

 Karuk: "Bear Story"
  11 page(s)

Story in Karuk and English. "Collected by Hans Jørgen Uldall, c. 1932, as told by Margaret Harrie. Transcribed into Practical Spelling System 7-10-89 by Julian Lang. [U 1.1a]"

 Karuk: Bullhead & Kunâach'aa
  3 page(s)

Typescript in Karuk and English.

 Karuk: Conversation on doctoring
  16 page(s)

"Transcript of Karuk conversation between Nettie Reuben and Lottie Beck, Orleans, taped in 1950's, transcribed and translated with help of Elizabeth Snapp, 15-16 June 1967. "

 Karuk: "Cultural Resource Overview"

McDonald, James A. (1979). Cultural Resource Overview Klamath National Forest, California. Klamath National Forest CA: USDA-Forest Service. Bound publication, earmarked at 5 pages about the Karuk.

 Karuk: "The Effects of Altered Diet on the Health of the Karuk People"

Norgaard, Kari Marie. (2004). The Effects of Altered Diet on the health of the Karuk People: A Preliminary Report. Self-printed using a home printer. Over 60 pages.

 Karuk: "Elly & Phil's Wordlist"
May 24, 2004 

Draft 2 of a 5-page list of phrases in Karuk.

 "Karuk Fishing"

Bennett, Ruth & Norman Goodwin. (1982). Karuk Fishing. California: Bilingual Education Program.

 Karuk: Harrington Texts No. 61-77

Typescripts of Karuk stories recorded by J.P. Harrington (some published), with Karuk and parallel English, and handwritten corrections by Lottie Beck.

 Karuk: Humboldt State University Messenger
Spring 1990 

Includes multiple articles on language and cultural preservation, including "Karuk Language Restoration Committee Nearing Completion Of Five-Year Plan" and "Reflectoins of Julian Lang, Karuk Traditionalist"

 Supahan, Sarah. Super, Violet. Bright, William, 1928-2006. Leazer, Rose. McConnell, Debra. Noble, Karen.
Karuk: Ifyáa?

Karuk language picture book pamphlet. Produced by the Indian Education Program, Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District

Subject(s): Karuk language

 Karuk: "An Ikxaréeyav Man Becomes Pregnant"

Dictated by Phoebe Maddux to John P. Harrington in December 1928. Edited by Julian Lang and Wiliam Bright. Includes correspondence between Lang and Bright.

 Karuk: Indian Ned

Photocopy of photograph of "Indian Ned" and photocopy of newspaper article "Indian Ned at Five Score, Fourteen Years," published in The Yreka Journal, August 6, 1942.

 Karuk: Julia Starritt texts ("non-traditional")
  16 page(s)

4 stories with separate Karuk and English transcripts: "The Boy and the Deer," "The Unfortunate Man," "A Trip to Katimin," "The Coyote Pups."

 Karuk: Julian Lang

"Xuntapan chúupha--Tan Oak Words" and "ĺhuk: The Girl's Puberty Ceremony of the Karuk People, a series of Karuk language classes about and for the ĺhuk. Class Schedule."

 Kennedy, Mary Jean, 1918-1999.
Karuk: "Karok Life Stories"
1949, 1997 

Kennedy, Mary Jean. 1949 [unpublished]. Karok Life Stories. 93 pages. Bound xerox copy, with related correspondence to Richard Allen Johnson of Happy Camp CA, and an obituary of Mary Jean Kennedy.

 Karuk: "Karok World Renewal and Village Sites"

Palmer, Gary. (1980). Karok World Renewal and Village Sites: A Cultural and Historical District. California: Klamath National Forest. Report for the Klamath National Forest. Includes Appendix 4 "Protection for Karok Ceremonial Areas: Issues and Concerns of the Karok People" and a foldout map of "Karok village sites and ceremonial areas".

 Karuk Language Level One, Lesson 1-24
 Karuk Language Restoration Committee
 "Karuk Lesson Book"

Guy, Gladys & Shan Davis. (1986). Karuk Lesson Book. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University. Bound copy, 16 pages.

 Karuk: Lucy Lawson's Biography

"A Translation of Part I [of] Lucy Lawson's Biography, As Portrayed in Mary Jean Kennedy's Unpublished 'Karuk Life Stories' (1949), pp. 61-5." Translation by Violet Super (8/27/01). Transcription by Jim Ferrara. Draft #2. In Karuk with interlinear English translation.

 Karuk: "Making a Tobacco Basket"
  57 page(s)

Computer typescript, in Karuk and English, of "Making a Tobacco Basket," recorded by J. P. Harrington. Includes glossary.

 Karuk: Moscow conference transparencies

Transparencies of the story "Coyote Lays Down the Law", possibly from the 1993 Moscow conference "Traditional Cultures and Their Environment". See Series 1 "Moscow Conference on Traditional Cultures and Their Environment".

 Karuk: "My Life with the Kar-ooks, Miners and Forestry"

Hotelling, Wesley E. (1978). My Life with the Kar-ooks, Miners and Forestry. California: Wesley E. Hotelling.

 Karuk: Newspaper clippings

Photocopies from various California-based newspapers about Karuk language, culture and land reclaim.

 Karuk: Notes for Happy Camp Lecture
 Karuk: Orleans Indian Legends
  7 page(s)

"Condensations of 'Orleans Indian Legends' by Melcena Burns Denny, in 'Out West' magazine, 1906-1907." Typescript.

 Karuk: "Panther and His Wives: Deer and Bluejay"

Text in Karuk and English, "retranscribed from Harrington's typewritten manuscript 7/6/89 [Har. 1.12a]"

 Davis, Grace. Davis, Madeline. Steele, Nancy, 1955-. Super, Violet.
Karuk: Payêem vúra araráhih ichúuphiti (Now You're Talking Karuk); kóovan tá kunchúuphinati (Talking Together: A Conversation)

Pamphlet published by Karuk Language Program, Karuk Tribe of California. Comes with audio CD.

 Eaglewing, Chief. Sanderson, J. R. (Jack R.). Wallace, Kevin.
Karuk: "Peek-wa Stories: Ancient Indian Legends of California" (6th edition)
1959 38 page(s)
 Eaglewing, Chief.
Karuk: "Peek-wa Stories: Indian Legends of California" (4th edition)
1938 32 page(s)

Published by Mercury Press, 1938. William Bright's copy. Signed by Chief Eaglewing.

 Karuk: "Pi'êep yánava káan xuntápan"

Supahan, Sarah et al. (2002). Pi'êep yánava káan xuntápan. Hoopa, CA: Indian Education Program, Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District.

 Ferrara, Jim.
"Karuk Plants and Animals"

Several draft sections of the possibly unpublished book by Jim Ferrara, with marginalia by Bright. Bound. Over 200 pages.

 Karuk: "Plants and the People"

Davis, Barbara J. & Michael Hendryx. (1991). Plants and the People: The Ethnobotany of the Karuk Tribe. California: Siskiyou County Museum. Bound photocopy.

 Karuk: Sinah Fry Root

Includes 2 letters of corresopndence between California Indian Legal Services and William Bright, Bright's legal declaration on the matter, and a 38-page document on 'History of Developments Regarding Tribal Identity of Sinah Fry Root."

 Karuk: "Southern Oregonian"

Single page from the Southern Oregonian magazine. The article describes Elaine and Nisha Supahan.

 "Karuk Stories"

Bennett, Ruth (ed.). (n.d.). Karuk Stories. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University.

 Karuk stories, grammar, and vocabulary

Typescripts Karuk stories primarily from Harringon and Uldall, retranscribed into Practical Spelling System by Julian Lang in 1989. Includes vocabulary list, grammar, "How Yellowjackt Got His Sting," "Bear Story," "Eel Story," "Downslope Sleeper and Dirt-Orphan," "Ameekyaram Spirit-Girls," "Bluejay Myth," "Deer Formula," "The Salmons," "Frog Marries the Moon."

 Karuk: Texts and conversations with Violet Super

Three stories and conversation in Karuk and English.

 Karuk Texts, told in 1927 by Margaret Harrie and others

"Karuk Texts, Told in 1927 by Margaret Harrie and others. Transcribed and published in 1931 by Jamie de Angulo and L. S. Freeland. Retold in 1950 by Emily Donahue. Retranscribed and edited by William Bright."

 Karuk: Transcript of conversation between Nettie Reuben and Lottie Beck
1977 3 page(s)

"Transcript of conversation between Nettie Reuben and Lottie Beck, Orleans, taped in 1950s, transcribed and translated with help of Elizabeth Snapp, Etna, 15 June 1977."

 "Karuk Tribe of California"

Editions from 2003 to 2006 of the Karuk Tribe of California quarterly newsletter.

 "Karuk vocabulary to supplement Bright 1997"
2002 8 page(s)

Includes 2 pages of correspondece between William Bright and Susan Smith.

 Karuk: "Wolf and Coyote"

Transcription and translation of Karuk story told by Georgia Henry Orcutt, in 1940. English translation by E. W. Gifford. Published in "Karuk Myths" (UBC Pr., 1980: pp. 174-177). "Restored to Káruk by Violet Super & Jim Ferrara."

 Ladino: "La Verdad"

Copies of "La Verdad", a Ladino-language newspaper.

 "Letters from Edward Sapir to Robert H. Lowie"

Lowie, Robert H. (1965). Letters from Edward Sapir to Robert H. Lowie. [publisher unknown]. 78 pages.

 "Linguistic Notes from La Jolla"

Issues no.1 and 4 of the journal of the University of California, San Diego.

 "Linguistic Researches"

Volume 1 of the journal of the Department of Linguistics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

 "Linguistique amerindienne II: etudes algonquiennes"

Drapeau, Lynn (ed.). (1951). Linguistique amerindienne II: etudes algonquiennes. Montreal, Canada: McGill University. Bound.

Subject(s): Algonquian languages

 Luiseño: "Contest Between the Mountain People and the Ocean People"

Cuevish, Lucario & Eric B. Elliott. (2004). Contest Between the Mountain People and the Ocean People. California: Luiseno Cultural Preservation Committee.

 Lushootseed: "Ways of the Lushootseed People"

Hilbert, Vi & Crisca Bierwert. (1980). Ways of the Lushootseed People: Ceremonies & Traditions of Northern Puget Sound Indians. Canada: United Nations of All Tribes Foundation.

 Luxembourgish: Newspaper clippings
 Makah: "First Lessons in Makah"

Jacobsen, William H. (1979). First Lessons in Makah. Neah Bay, Washington: Makah Language Program.

 Mam: "Gramatica del Idioma Mam"

Ortiz Gomez, Francisco. (1983). Gramatica del Idioma Mam. Guatemala: Instituto de Fomento Municipal. Spanish language grammar of Qyol Mam.

 "A Manual for the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program"

Hinton, Leanne. A Manual for the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program, Draft 4. California: The Advocates for Indingeous California Language Survival.

 Mayan languages: "Journal of Mayan Linguistics"

Issues 1(1) and 1(2) of the University of Iowa Anthropology Department's journal.

 Mayan languages: "Nuevo Diccionario de las Lenguas K'ekchi' y Espanola"

Sedat, Guillermo. (1955). Nuevo Diccionario de las Lenguas K'ekchi' y Espanola. Guatemala: [publisher unknown].

Subject(s): Q'eqchi' language

 Mayan languages: "Ri Quitzijon Can Ri Kati't Kamama'"

Mactzul, Anselmo et al. (1978). Ri Quitzijon Can Ri Kati't Kamama'. Guatemala: Instituto Linguistico de Verano.

Subject(s): Cakchikel language

 Mayan languages: "Tavetamaj Ri Espanol"

Ruyan Canu, Dorcas. (1977). Tavetamaj Ri Espanol. Guatemala: Instituto Linguistico de Verano.

Subject(s): Cakchikel language

 Mayan languages: Various publications

Academic publications, a magazine and a calendar focusing on Mayan languages and culture.

 Menominee: Lexica

Bound copies of several Menominee lexica, including a photocopy of an unnamed Menominee-English-Menominee word list (140 pages), and: Wisconsin Native American Languages Project. (1976). An English Key to Bloomfield's Menominee Lexicon. Milwaukee: Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council & University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

 Mexico: Various publications

Mostly concerning pictographs.

 "Mission San Xavier del Bac"

Spanish and English language brochure for the mission in Arizona.

 Miwok: "Yosemite Indians Yesterday and Today"

Godfrey, Elizabeth H. (1950 [1941]). "Yosemite Indians Yesterday and Today". Yosemite Nature Notes 20(7): 1-28. California: Yosemite Natural Historical Association.

 Mohawk: "Iontenwennaweienstahkhwa'"

Mithun, Marianne (ed.). (1977). Iontenwennaweienstahkhwa'/Mohawk Spelling Dictionary. New York, US: New York State Museum.

 Music: "American Industrial Ballads"

Seeger, P. (1956). American Industrial Ballads. NY: Folkways Records.

 Music: "Aspects of Indian Music"

All India Radio. (1957). Aspects of Indian Music. India: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

 Music: "Cajun Songs from Louisiana"

Bonstein, I. (1956). Cajun Songs from Louisiana. US: Folkways Records.

 "Music of the Indians of Northwestern California"

Keeling, Richard & Charlotte Heth. (1980). Music of the Indians of Northwestern California. California: UCLA.

 Music: Recorder

Sheet music in German and English for the recorder.

 Music: "Southern California Crusade Song Book"

Barrows, Cliff. (1960). Southern California Crusade Song Book. Minnesota: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

 Music: "Zodico: Louisiana Creole Music"

Rounder Records. (1979). Zodico: Louisiana Creole Music. Massachusetts: Rounder Records.

 "Nahua Newsletter" Nos. 2-10

Publication of the Indiana University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

 "Nahua Newsletter" Nos. 11-21

Publication of the Indiana University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

 "Nahua Newsletter" Nos. 22-29

Publication of the Indiana University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

 "Nahua Newsletter" Nos. 30-37

Publication of the Indiana University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

 "Nahua Newsletter" Nos. 38-39, 41

Publication of the Indiana University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

 Nahuatl: "Compendio de Gramatica Aztekatl"

Gardenas, Juan Luna. (1965). Compendio de Gramatica Aztekatl. Mexico: Aztekatl Tlahtolmelauhkan.

 "Nahuatl for Beginners"

Horcasitas, Fernando. (1958). Nahuatl for Beginners. Mexico: Mexico City College. Bound copy.

 Nahuatl: "In Yancuic Nahua Zazanilli"

Hernandez, Delfino Hernandez et al. (1985). In Yancuic Nahua Zazanilli. Mexico: UNAM.

 Nahuatl: "Mexihkatl Itonalama"

Nos. 1-18 of the weekly periodical.

 Nahuatl: Publications of Instituto Linguistico de Verano

Several publications of Instituto Linguistico de Verano, with marginalia by Bright, including: Maticleerocan Totajtool 1 (1958), Ni Sihautl Huan Nipitzo (1965), Campana Nacional Contra el Bocio (n.d.), Campagne Nacional Contra El Tifo (n.d.), and Se Pilquimichtzij Icnotzij (1964).

 Nahuatl: Publications of the Summer Institute of Linguistics

Better quality copies the digitization available at the SIL archives, entry numbers 64114 ("Aztec (Nahuat) Texts and Dictionary, Puebla Sierra Dialect"), 64231 ("Aztec (Nahuat) Texts and Dictionary, Gulf Dialect of Veracruz"), and 64113 (Aztec (Nahuat) Texts and Dictionary, Dialect of Tetelcingo, Morelos).

 Nahuatl: Reglamento Interno

Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos. (1990). Reglamento Interno: Itic in Amatl Notocayotia Can Quitenochilian Tlacame Ihuan Quiyectlalian Aquin Tlacatl Quinequiz. Mexico: CNDH.

 Nahuatl: Translations, lexicon and copies
1980, 1993 

Translations of sections of "Florentine Codex" by Bernardino de Sahagún. A one-page Nahuatl lexicon with a comparison of the ethnicities of enrolled linguistics majors (university unnamed) in 1980. A bibliography of Nahuatl publications. Photocopies and reprints, with associated correspondence with Iowa State University.

 Native American linguistics: "Readings in American Indian Linguistics Part 1"

Haas, Mary. (1963). Readings in American Indian Linguistics Part 1. California: UC Berkeley. Curated articles on Native American linguistics.

 Native American linguistics: "Readings in American Indian Linguistics Part 2"

Haas, Mary. (1963). Readings in American Indian Linguistics Part 2. California: UC Berkeley. Curated articles on Native American linguistics.

 Native American linguistics: "Readings in American Indian Linguistics Parts 3-4"

Haas, Mary. (1963). Readings in American Indian Linguistics Part 3-4. California: UC Berkeley. Curated articles on Native American linguistics.

 Navajo: "Breakthrough Navajo"

Wilson, Alan. (1969). Breakthrough Navajo: An Introductory Course. Gallup, NM: University of New Mexico.

 Navajo: "Coyote Tales"

Morgan, William & Robert B. Young. (1954). Coyote Tales. Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix Indian School Print Shop/Bureau of Indian Affairs.

 Navajo: "Dine Bizaad Nanil'iih/Navajo Language Review"

Issues 1(1) to 2(1) and 2(4) of the Navajo Linguistics Society publication.

 Navajo: "The Sacred Mountains of the Navajo"

Begay, Harrison & Leland C. Wyman. The Sacred Mountains of the Navajo in Four Paintings. Flagstaff, AZ: Northland Press.

 "Netzahualcoyotl News"

Vol. 1 no. 1 of the publication.

 "Northwest Languages Newsletter"

All issues of the Northwest Languages Newsletter, from 1(1) to the final issue 5(3). Focuses on languages of the Northwest of North America.


Reprints of articles on onomatopoiea, particularly in Japan.

 Otomi: "Elementos de Gramatica Otomi"

Arroyo, Victor Manuel. (1955). Elementos de Gramatica Otomi. Mexico: Instituto Linguistico de Verano.

 Pakistan: Newspaper clippings

NYT articles concerning the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

 Place Names: Arkansas

Article photocopies with marginalia by Bright.

 Place Names: "Authenticity in Toponymy"

Nash, David. (2003). "Authenticity in Toponymy", in Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land. Proceedings of the Seventh FEL Conference. Broome, Western Australia: FEL.

 Place Names: "A Guide to Places in Colorado"

Shaffer, Ray. (1989-1991). A Guide to Places in Colorado. Self-published. Six booklets, each focusing on a different county.

 Place Names: Mississippi

Article photocopies.

 Place Names: "The National Geographic Names Data Base"
1984, 1995 

Open File Report 84-036, titled ""The National Geographic Names Data Base: Phase II Instructions". Manual at prior state of revision, sent in 1995 with correspondence by the Branch of Geographic Names, US Department of the Interior.

 Place Names: Oregon

Article concerning the toponym "Oregon".

 Place Names: Orth, Donald J.

Publications by, and notes on, Donald J. Orth. These concern place names of Indiana and the US Board of Geographic Names Derogatory Names Policy.

 Place Names: "Siskiyou County Place Names"
1982, 1996 

Luecke, Mary. (1982). Siskiyou County place names. Yreka, CA: U.S. Forest Department. Bound copy and correspondence with the US Forest Service.

 Place Names: South Carolina

Article reprints with marginalia by Bright.

 Place Names: "Texas Almanac"

A list of Texas place names with pronunciations, annotated by Bright.

 Place Names: "Warm Springs Cultural Resources Study"

Oswalt, Robert. (1978). Warm Springs Cultural Resources Study. San Francisco: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Bound copy, of which the largest section is titled "Native Place Names in the Warm Springs Dam Area".

 "Placenames Australia"