Jane M. Rosenthal Papers


Date: 1700-2002 | Size: 16 Linear feet


The Jane M. Rosenthal papers contain a wide variety of historical and contemporary audio recordings, texts, elicitations and grammatical descriptions of Nahuatl, particularly the variety spoken in Tlaxcala, Mexico, both from the research of Rosenthal and others. Fieldwork in Tlaxcala (including photographs), archival research in Mexico and Chicago, and the work of many scholars that formed the Friends of Uto-Aztecan are represented.

Background note

Jane Rosenthal had already achieved careers in journalism and English as a Second Language teaching by the time she became interested in Mexico's indigenous languages during a visit to some of her students' families in 1964. Earning a master's degree in linguistics from the University of Chicago (graduating in 1971), she specialized in Uto-Aztecan, particularly the Tlaxcaltec variety of Nahuatl, spoken in Tlaxcala, Mexico. She returned for many fieldtrips throughout the 1970s and 1980s, forming an intimate friendship with her correspondents, especially the Texis and Atonal families, while attending doctorate-level courses at the University of Chicago.

Field trips to Mexico increasingly involved visits to Archivo General de la Nación, forming the basis for Rosenthal's research into the details of 17th-18th century Jesuit missionaries' operations in colonial New Spain. One missionary of particular interest to Rosenthal was Natal Lombardo, author of a grammar of the Ópata language. In 1991 Rosenthal presented a conference paper summarizing his life, and in the final years of the decade amassed evidence for a lexicon held at Archivo General de la Nación having been mislabeled as his work on Ópata, concluding it to be instead of Eudeve by Balthasar Xavier Loaysa. This rigor and attention to detail is also apparent in interlinear transcriptions of many other manuscripts held in Mexico and libraries in her long-term home of Chicago.

Despite not holding an academic linguistic position at a university, Jane Rosenthal maintained productive and warm working relationships with many linguists, historians and anthropologists with whom her research intersected. Particularly notable are Jane Hill, who also conducted fieldwork on Tlaxcaltec and other varieties of Uto-Aztecan, linguistic anthropologist N. Louanna Furbee, Nahuatl linguist Frances Karttunen, and scholar of Mesoamerican religion Kay A. Read, with whom Rosenthal co-authored papers. She regularly attended the Friends of Uto-Aztecan meetings from the first in 1973 up until 2002, in addition to the American Anthropological Association and the Chicago Linguistic Society. Jane Rosenthal's extensive notes and fusion of sources amounts to a collection reflecting colonial Mexico from the Spanish conquest to the present day.

Scope and content

Series 1 contains correspondence with individuals and institutional representatives. Some correspondence is in Spanish, particular with her Tlaxcala consultants. Series 2 is the most extensive and contains Rosenthal's research files, divided roughly into three subseries: field notebooks and other related materials collected during fieldwork in Tlaxcala, Mexico, on Tlaxcaltec; archival research and transcriptions of Nahuatl texts; and research toward Rosenthal's published articles. Series 3 contains Rosenthal's notes and assignments from Master's degree at the University of Chicago. Series 4 contains teaching materials from the brief period that she taught Nahuatl to students at a college in Chicago. Series 5 contains many manuscripts by other scholars, particularly of Nahuatl, in various stages, as well as printed materials. Series 6 contains mostly handouts from conferences Rosenthal attended, especially the American Anthropological Association, Chicago Linguistic Society and Friends of Uto-Aztecan. Series 7 contains a small volume of index cards, mostly from research at various archives of Mexico and Chicago. Series 8 contains photographs, mainly from her fieldwork in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Series 9 contains a few floppy disks produced by others, and Series 10 contains cassettes and reel-to-reels of Nahuatl. Many items contain newspaper clippings in addition to their described materials.

Collection Information


Gift of Anne Rosenthal, 2004.

Processing information

This collection was processed in August 2017 by Paul Sutherland.

Indexing Terms

Geographic Name(s)

  • Tlaxcala (Mexico)

Personal Name(s)

  • Hill, Jane H.
  • Karttunen, Frances
  • Loaysa, Balthasar Xavier
  • Lombardo, Natal
  • McQuown, Norman A.
  • Miller, Wick R.
  • Read, Kay A.
  • Rosenthal, Jane M.
  • Shaul, David
  • Steele, Susan


  • Classical Nahuatl language
  • Comanche language
  • Cupeño language
  • Ethnography
  • Gender
  • Indians of Mexico
  • Indians of Mexico -- Religion
  • Indians of Mexico -- Social life and customs
  • Indians of North America -- Mexico -- Music
  • Linguistics
  • Luiseno language
  • Mayan languages
  • Mayo language
  • Missionaries -- North America.
  • Mixtec language
  • Nahuas
  • Nahuas -- Folklore
  • Nahuas -- Religion
  • Nahuas -- Social life and customs
  • Nahuatl language
  • Native American linguistics
  • Otomi language
  • Shoshoni language
  • Tamahumara language
  • Tarascan language
  • Tlaxcalan Indians
  • Tohono O'odham Indians -- Religion
  • Tohono O'odham dialect
  • Tojolabal language
  • Tuscarora language
  • Zapotec language
  • Ópata language

Collection overview

  Box 1-2
  Box 3-8
  Box 3

This subseries contains notebooks, itineraries, expenses and correspondence from multiple trips by Rosenthal during the 1970s and 1980s to document Tlaxcaltec Nahuatl, spoken in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

  Box 4-5

This subseries contains transcriptions and other notes from research at various archives and libaries, particularly the Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico, and the Newberry Library and University of Chicago Library in Chicago. Some miscellaneous/not fully identified work is also present.

  Box 6-8

This subseries containts various stages of notes, drafts, and related correspondence, for specific publications and conference presentations.

  Box 9-10

Rosenthal attained a Master's degree in Linguistics at the University of Chicago in 1971 with a thesis titled "The Omnipresent Problem of Omnipresent 'in' in Classical Nahuatl". Rosenthal continued to take doctorate-level courses in linguistics at the institution in subsequent years. This subseries contains notes, readings and class assignments for this period.

  Box 11

During Rosenthal's career as an English teacher at various colleges in Chicago, Rosenthal developed a course on linguistics of the Nahuatl language, represented in this series along with other professional correspondence.

  Box 12-16, 24
  Box 17-19

Handouts, correspondence, travel details and other ephemera relating to conferences that Rosenthal attended.

 ca.1800 slipsBox 20

These card files relate mostly to research at various libraries (Newberry Library Chicago, University of Chicago, Archivo General de la Nación Mexico) and analyses of Nahuatl. See also Series 2 Subseries "Archival research & transcriptions".

  Box 21-22

Some photographs are also included in other series (particularly Correspondence).

  Box 23
1972, 1978-1979, 1982-1984, 1986, 1989; 1978-1982 28 tape(s)

Detailed Inventory

 Series 1: Correspondence
  Box 1-2
 American Anthropological Association
1974-1976 Box 1

Concerns Rosenthal's membership.

 American Dialect Society
1974 Box 1

Concerns Rosenthal's membership.

 Application for the Newberry Library
 Armagost, James L.
1984 Box 1

Concerns Comanche, possibly as a response to a request for examples of compounding.

Subject(s): Comanche language

 Atonal, Herminia Atonal
1987-1989 Box 1

In Spanish. One of Rosenthal's Nahuatl consultants.

 Atonal, Paulina
ca.1974-1979 Box 1

In Spanish. One of Rosenthal's Nahuatl correspondents.

 Atonal, Rafael
1973-1975 Box 1

In Spanish. One of Rosenthal's Nahuatl correspondents.

 Bartholomew, Doris
1969-1981 Box 1
 Bedford High School Reunion
1983 Box 1

Correspondence and ephemera to do with the Bedford High School 40th Reunion, Indiana.

 Bradshaw, Denise
1976 Box 1
 Brody, Jillian
1979 Box 1

Letter of appreciation for Rosenthal hosting Brody at a linguistics conference.

 Buccini, Tony & K. Landahl
1991 Box 1
 Burnham, Jeff
1984 Box 1

Request for unpublished Uto-Aztecan phonology or morphology problems/exercises for use in a class, with a page of examples of accusative marking in Mayo.

Subject(s): Mayo language

 Calvert, Emily B.
1993 Box 1
 Canger, Una
1974, 1989, 1992 Box 1

Concerns the Copenhagen Nahuatl Dictionary Project (CoNDiP).

Separated material: CoNDiP floppy disk is in the Digital Materials series.

 Cassell, Joan
1993 Box 1

Related material: Concerns Cassell's research on gender in surgery, and includes several reprints of Cassell's publications.

 Chapin, Paul G.
1977-1980 Box 1
 Courterier, Edith
1978-1979 Box 1

Includes a typed manuscript of "From Poverty: The Story of an 18th Century Mexican Widow Dona Micaela Angela Carrillo" (n.d.).

 Dakin, Karen
1974-1991 Box 1

Many letters relating to their research and personal issues. Includes photograph of Dakin's daughter Johanna at 6 months old.

 "Dewie", Indiana University
1985 Box 1
 Feldman, Lawrence
1977 Box 1

Request from Rosenthal for Feldman's "Guide to Classical Nahuatl" for use in a course taught by Rosenthal in 1977.

 Foster, Rand & Sylvia
1979-1985 Box 1

Concerns Foster's research on Basque, the Fosters' move from Mexico to Michigan in 1983, and other administration.

 Friedlander, Judith
1969 Box 1
 Furbee Losee, Louanna
1978-1989 Box 1

Many letters and postcards. Includes reference to the slides in the Photographs series, and Nahuatl names for illnesses.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Grace, Michael
1995, 2002 Box 1
 Gutierrez de Texis, Andrés
1975-1984 Box 1

In Spanish. One of Rosenthal's Nahuatl consultants.

 Hamp, Eric
  Box 1

Subject(s): Scottish Gaelic language

 Helgeson, Jeff
  Box 1

Personal letter.

 Hill, Jane
1974-2000 Box 1

Separated material: CD-ROM in Digital Materials series.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Hill, Jane & Kenneth
1975-1980 Box 1

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Hill, Kenneth
1977 Box 1

Concerns Hill's appointment as chairperson of the University of Michigan linguistics department, Hill sending Rosenthal a copy of Horacio Carochi's "Arte de la Lengua Mexicana", and other administrative issues.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Hoffman, Bianca
1981 Box 1

Queries about learning Nahuatl. 1 page.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Holler, Anne
1984-1986 Box 1


 Indiana University Alumni Association
1982 Box 1

Request and response for an alumni meeting for Indiana University journalism graduates.

 Josserand, Kathryn
1982-1983 Box 1

In Spanish.

 Karttunen, Frances
1972-1992 Box 1

Many letters and postcards. Includes corrections to a Nahuatl dictionary, and copies of Karttunen's work.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Lastra de Suarez, Yolanda
1981-1987 Box 1

The death of Jorge, presumably Yolanda's partner. Summer 1985 visit to the LSA Institute, Georgetown, Virginia. Article reprints and xeroxes. Other personal letters. See also "Works by Others" series.

 Leal Carretero, Fernando
1988 Box 1
 Lewis, Clifford
1977 Box 1

Wedding invitation.

 Litvak King, Jaime
1988 Box 1
 Lockhart, James
1986 Box 1

Concerns a book release by the UCLA press, and a citation for the dubitative particle "cha" in Tlaxcaltec.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Lockwood, Randall
1986 Box 1
 Lombardo/Opata facsimile project
1992-2001 Box 2

Correspondence with several people (including Ignacio Guzman Betancourt, Roberto Escalante, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, "Robin", Kay Read, Rosa Herminia Yanez Rosales, Susanna Cueves Suarez, Bob Karrow, and Ann Matheson) concerning the Natal Lombardo/Opata facsimile project ("the study, edition and publication of" Lombardo's Arte de la Lengua Teguima) with Ignacio Guzman. Some in Spanish. Initiation of the project was in 1997 when Rosenthal met Roberto Escalante of the INAH, Mexico. Includes Rosenthal's itinerary, May 2001.

Separated material: 6 3.5" floppy disks are in the Digital Materials series.

 Luhrmann, George W.
  Box 2
 MacKay, Carolyn J.
1987 Box 2

Invitation to submit an article on Tlaxcala and Puebla (Mexico, Nahuatl) linguistics for a series edited by Jaime Litvak King at the University of the Americas.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 MacLaury, Robert
1978 Box 2

Invitation to participate in MacLaury's research project on color categorizations.

 Mann, Charles
1974 Box 2
 Massey, Douglas
1992 Box 2
 McQuown, Norman
1981 Box 2

Includes McQuown's itineraries, 1981 and 1988.

 McQuown, Norman & Dolores
1984-1985 Box 2

Christmas cards.

 Miller, Wick R.
1983 Box 2

Invitation to a symposium of the 45th International Congress of Americanists.

 Mock, Carol C.
1985 Box 2

Concerns visiting Rosenthal while attending a conference, and references to M. A. K. Halliday's systemic-functional linguistics applied to reading.

 Modern Language Association of America
1974 Box 2

Concerns membership.

 National Science Foundation
1978-1990 Box 2

Request for Rosenthal to review project proposals of: Mary L. Clayton, "Analysis and Nahuatl Lexicon of a 16th Century Trilingual Manuscript Dictionary"; Jane Hill, Frances Karttunen and Joe Campbell, "Nahuatl Workshop"; David Shaul, "Yoeme and English Dictionary"; Frances Karttunen "An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl". Includes the grant applications, response and Rosenthal's notes. See also "Chapin, Paul G." in the same series.

Subject(s): Yaqui language; Nahuatl language

 Nutini, Hugo
1982, 1986 Box 2

From the University of Pittsburgh.

 Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company
ca.1989-1990 Box 2
 Polzer, Charles
1990 Box 2

Unanswered correspondence to Polzer, and with Daniel T. Reff, concerning Jesuit materials for Rosenthal's 1991 paper on Natal Lombardo, specifically asking if there is a Jesuit archive in Puebla, Mexico. Includes a photocopy of Polzer's 1972 University of Arizona dissertation 'The Evolution of the Jesuit Mission System in Northwestern New Spain', with marginalia by Rosenthal.

 Read, Allen Walker
1983 Box 2

Request for Illinois endonyms for a forthcoming article.

 Reff, Daniel I.
1990 Box 2

Concerns an introduction to Reff's work, the possibility of comparing Heve and Teguima in Lombardo's Arte, and attendance at a symposium with Rosenthal called "Jesuits Overseas".

 Reid, Beth A.
1982 Box 2

Request for Nahuatl publications by the Texas Linguistic Forum.

1990-2002 Box 2

No last name identified. Address is Balcarres, Fife, Scotland.

Separated material: "Betancourt, Ignacio Guzman: Natal Lombardo's Arte de la Lengua Teguima" CD-ROM is in the Digital Media series.

 Rodriguez, Lorenzo Cuapio
1973 Box 2

In Spanish. Possibly one of Rosenthal's Nahuatl consultants.

 Rood, David S.
1980 Box 2

Concerns Rood's appointment as editor of IJAL.

 Roosevelt University
1974, 1980 Box 2

Concerns Rosenthal's resignation from the position of Director of the Writing Library, Roosevelt University, held between approximately 1967 and 1980, and loans.

 Ruiz, Ramon
1984 Box 2
 Sanchez de Texis, Rosalia
1974-1977 Box 2

In Spanish. One of Rosenthal's Nahuatl consultants.

 Schroeder, Susan
1993 Box 2

Summary of Natal Lombardo's life.

 Schwaller, John F.
2001 Box 2

Email correspondence from a listserv between Schwaller and Kay A. Read, concerning the etymology and mythology of Classical Nahuatl "Tecuciztecatl"/Tecciztecatl.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Shaul, David
1980-1990 Box 2

Many letters. Includes offer to xerox Shaul's unpublished manuscripts on Uto-Aztecan languages.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages

 Shaw, Edward
1980 Box 2

Letter to Robert Rosenthal listing books being sent to Jane Rosenthal.

 Sullivan, Thelma D.
1977-1981 Box 2

Correspondence with Sullivan concerns time spent together in Mexico, an NEH grant for "Primeros Memoriales", Rosenthal's review of Sullivan's grammar of Nahuatl, Tlaxcala materials, and other professional and personal issues. Also includes Rosenthal's submission to the International Journal of American Linguistics of Sullivan's obituary, with related correspondence with Alma Dean Kolb and Karen Dakin.

 Tapp, Mara & Michael Silverstein
1986 Box 2

Personal correspondence. Includes a photograph of Jane and likely Robert Rosenthal.

 University of Chicago: Loans
1990-1992 Box 2

Lists of Rosenthal's loans from the University of Chicago.

 University of Texas Press
1987 Box 2

Concerns whether Rosenthal would be interested in producing a book-length version of the paper presented at the AAA meetings, Chicago, 1987 or 1988.

 Wares, I.
1974 Box 2
 Weiner, Nella Fermi
1980 Box 2

Request for response to questionnaire about motivations for having children at the University of Chicago.

 Wells, James
1983 Box 2
 Whiteside, Martha Jane
1985 Box 2
 Series 2: Research
  Box 3-8
 Subseries 1: Fieldwork in Tlaxcala, Mexico
  Box 3

This subseries contains notebooks, itineraries, expenses and correspondence from multiple trips by Rosenthal during the 1970s and 1980s to document Tlaxcaltec Nahuatl, spoken in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

 Field notebook #1: "Ocotlan Torres - Papalotla, Tlaxcala #1 (February 1970)"
1970 Box 3
 Field notebook #2: "Ocotlan Torres, Papalotla, Tlaxcala #2 February 19 to March 13, 1970"
1970 Box 3
 Field notebook #3: "Don Amado Morales - Ayometla, Tlaxcala #1 March 23 1970 to May 20 1970"
1970 Box 3
 Field notebook #4: "Don Amado Morales #2 Ayometla, Tlaxcala, Aug. 16, 1971 - July 73"
1971-1973 Box 3
 Field notebook #5: "Tlaxcaltec - Acxotla #1"
1973-1974 Box 3

Transcription with some interlinear glosses of Reel #18 (July 1973, conversation and elicitation with Mercedes and Rosalia Sanchez de Texis), and #23 (November 4 1974, conversation and elicitation with Maria Otlilia Texis Rojas). Digitizations of the audio are available in the Digital Library. Around 20 pages filled, plus itinerary information and correspondence concerning the train service.

 Field notebook #6: "Tlaxcaltec Transcription"
1974-1975 Box 3

Sketch phonologies of Tlaxcalan, Milpa Atla, Tetlcingo and Matlapa varieties of Nahuatl. Transcriptions and interlinear glosses of narratives and conversations with Inez Texis (processing corn), "Rosalia, age 5" (a fiesta, and shoes for her doll), Don Amado (salutations, honorifics, recursive possessives, baskets, food preparation), Rosalia's mother Juana Tecuapaeko (preparing corn), Rosalia Sanchez de Texis, Tiburcia and Silvia (honorifics and familiar versions of verbs, weather, greetings, body parts, animals). Around 18 pages filled, plus expenses for a vacation to Bermuda at the back.

 Field notebook #7
ca.1979 Box 3

Various introductory phrases and brief grammatical notes. Ca.13 pages filled, double-sided. Year estimate is based on the handwritten calendar.

 Field notebook #8-16
ca.1974-1980 Box 3

Small notebooks. Includes contact details, expenses, itineraries, and elicitation.

 Field notebook #17
1986 Box 3

Summaries of research, itineraries and expenses. Small notebook.

 Fieldwork contacts, expenses notebook
ca.1971-1973 Box 3

Small notebook detailing various information from field trips undertaken during at least 1971 and 1973 to Tlaxcala, Mexico. Includes hotels, directions, breakdowns of daily expenses, genealogies, and contact information and addresses for many of Rosenthal's contacts including: Louanna Furbee de Losee, Cosme Lima Aguilar, Norman McQuown, Sr. Cerilo Texis Texis, Sra Ocotlan Torres, Dionicio and Paulina Atonal, Hilario Flores, Don Amado, Karen Dakin, and others.

 Fieldwork receipts 1986, xeroxes
1986 Box 3

Includes a full xerox of Lara Martínez, Rafael (1976) "Gramática de náhuatl de Ahuacatlán" and a xerox of Rosenthal's transcriptions of "Memories of the Revolution", likely a duplicate.

 Fieldwork receipts, correspondence 1970s
1974-1975, 1978 Box 3
 Fieldwork receipts, itinerary 1964
1964 Box 3

Receipts and itinerary from Rosenthal's first visit to Mexico in 1964, where she visited Chicago Board of Education students' families.

 Tape reel contents
ca.1970-1974 Box 3

Details of contents of various audio tape reels (see digitizations in the Digital Library). Also other original and xeroxed notes on Tlaxcaltec.

 Subseries 2: Archival research & transcriptions
  Box 4-5

This subseries contains transcriptions and other notes from research at various archives and libaries, particularly the Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico, and the Newberry Library and University of Chicago Library in Chicago. Some miscellaneous/not fully identified work is also present.

 Archivo General de la Nacion notes
ca.1992 Box 4

Notes from Mexico's Archivo General de la Nacion on various manuscripts. Includes correspondence from Karen Dakin. See also the Card Files series.

 "Bibliographical data"
  Box 4

Bibliographical citations and notes. Subjects include many Jesuit missionaries. See also Card Files series: "Bibliographical Data". Includes brochures listing rare books for sale, possibly owned by Rosenthal's husband Robert Rosenthal.

 "Dissertation outline"
ca.1980s Box 4

Various notes on Nahuatl grammar, copies of Rosenthal's earlier articles, correspondence, and more relating to a PhD dissertation on Tlaxcaltec grammar that was not produced. Includes "Working Outline of the Grammar of Classical Nahuatl" (1969 revision [1954]), a xerox with no author named. Although titled "Dissertation outline", it does not contain an outline or any drafts.

 Florentine Codex transcriptions: Book 2 "Las Ceremonias"
  Box 4

Handwritten interlinear gloss (over 30 pages) from several translations of the original, including that by P. Arnold. Includes copies of the source materials. See "Works by Others" series for a full print of P. Arnold's version.

 Florentine Codex transcriptions: Book 3 "The Origin of the Gods"
1999-2000 Box 4

Handwritten interlinear gloss (over 20 pages) from the translation by Anderson and Dibble (1978).

 "For Alice"
1978 Box 4

Notes on "Ms 1591", "Ms 1592" and publications by Alan R. Sandstrom. 3 pages, double-sided.

 Itineraries 1992-1993
1992-1993 Box 4

Typeset itineraries for February 1992 and May-June 1993, both periods involving visits to Mexico.

 "Jesuit Travel to New Spain (1678-1756)" notes
  Box 4

1 page (double-sided) of handwritten notes on Theodore E. Treutlein's article (1937, Mid-America 8(2):104-123).

 La Opinion, Veracruz notes
  Box 4

Notes (mostly transcriptions) from 1910s issues of the newspaper "La Opinion", Veracruz, Mexico.

 List of codices
  Box 4

List of (reproductions of?) codices. Source unidentified. Partially in another person's handwriting.

 "Loaisaga, Manuel de: The Miraculous Virgin of Occotlan (notes & quotes)"
  Box 4

Notes, quotes and xeroxes in Spanish.

 Miscellaneous notes
  Box 4

Includes business cards and loose Nahuatl analysis.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: ARS Musica Chicago
  Box 4

Lyric transcriptions and sheet music of colonial songs from Mexico.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: "Coyote and the Novio" segment
  Box 4

First few words of "Coyote and the Novio", Side B Tape #26.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: "Memories of the Revolution", unidentified tape
1982 Box 4

Includes transcriptions of conversations with Matiyana Texis, Emilia, and Aldefonso Texis ("Memories of the Revolution"). Over 20 pages.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: Passives, poetry
1979 Box 4

Includes poetry and passives from others' publications. Over 20 pages filled.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: Reduplication, verbs, interview analysis
ca.1979 Box 5

Includes notes on reduplication, verbs (especially "to come" and "to go"), publications by others, and analysis of an interview with Rosalia. Around 15 pages filled.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: Sentence interlinear glosses and free translations
  Box 5

Sources identified as "Guatemala 52" and "La Conquista". Written on ca.100 computer punch cards.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: "The Fifth Age (Das Funfte Weltalter)"
1990 Box 5

Interlinear glosses and free translation. 21 pages plus a xerox of the original.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: Various texts
ca.1989-1993 Box 5

Interlinear glosses with free translations, loose card slips, and xeroxed source materials for various Nahuatl texts.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: Various grammatical notes, transcriptions
ca.1973-1980 Box 5

Wide-ranging notes mostly on phonology and morphology of Tlaxcaltec. Includes marginalia on others' publications, overlap with Teaching Materials subseries: "Language of the Aztecs", handwritten interlinear texts (including interviews with San Miguel Tenancingo, Don Prisciliano Mena Sanchez (San Pablo del Monte)), some tape transcriptions, a child's drawing, fieldwork preparation, and lexica.

 Nahuatl transcriptions: "Zacatelco inscription"
  Box 5

Transcription of a Nahuatl inscription in an unnamed church in Zacatelco, Tlaxcala, Mexico. 1 page, double-sided.

 Newberry Library notes #1
  Box 5

Handwritten notes on various manuscripts held at the Newberry Library, Chicago. ca.15 pages handwritten plus xeroxes.

 Newberry Library notes #2
ca.1987 Box 5

Includes notes possibly on a lecture by "MLP" and a bibliography of Spanish-Indigenous Central American contact.

 "Vocabulario Trilingue Espanol Mexicano Otomi"
  Box 5

Copies of several typeset and handwritten pages referring to Norman McQuown. Purpose and context unknown, apparently introductory pages. Contains no lexica.

 Subseries 3: Research toward articles
  Box 6-8

This subseries containts various stages of notes, drafts, and related correspondence, for specific publications and conference presentations.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo
ca.1991-2000 Box 6

Notes, source materials, drafts and correspondence culminating in two closely-related works: "Natal Lombardo, Jesuit Missionary and Linguist of Sonora". Paper given at the International Congress of Americanists, New Orleans, 1991; and "Identifying a Fragment of Vocabulary – AGN Manuscript AHH Temporalidades". In Eugene Casad et al. (eds.) Uto-Aztecan: Structural, Temporal, and Geographic Perspectives, 2000, pp. 333-341. "The Vocabulary Fragment" was a paper delivered at the 1997 Friends of Uto Aztecan meeting in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, as a prior version of the 2000 publication. More related materials may be found in the Works by Others series. The first paper summarizes findings on the life and research of Natal Lombardo, referencing a manuscript assumed to be composed by Lombardo and assumed to be of Opata. The second paper investigates and debunks these assumptions, concluding it to instead be Eudeve and written by Balthasar Xavier Loaysa.

Subject(s): Ópata language

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: AGN Manuscript AHH Temporalidades 333-341 xerox & correspondence
1991 Box 6

Correspondence is with David Shaul.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: Archivo General de la Nacion xeroxes
  Box 6

Xeroxes from the archive in Mexico City.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: Eudeve and Opata vocabularies
1998 Box 6

Handwritten notes and correspondence (David Shaul) relating to Eudeve and Opata. Two short lexica.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: "Identifying a Fragment of Vocabulary" notes
  Box 6
 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: "Identifying a Fragment of Vocabulary" typeset drafts
  Box 6

Typeset manuscript drafts, with feedback from others.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: "Natal Lombardo" typeset drafts
  Box 6
 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: Newberry Library research
  Box 6

Includes correspondence with "Robin" (see also Correspondence series).

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: St Louis University Vatican Film Library
1993 Box 6

Correspondence and materials related to the St Louis University (Missouri) Vatican Film Library, specifically relating to Natal Lombardo and the Jesuits.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: "The Vocabulary Fragment" correspondence
1995-1997 Box 6

Concerns Rosenthal's presentation at Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1997.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: "The Vocabulary Fragment" handouts, drafts
1997 Box 6

Paper presented to Friends of Uto-Aztecan, Hermosillo, Mexico. Handouts and (possibly later) draft versions. Includes feedback and conference ephemera.

 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: Xeroxes of source materials #1
  Box 6
 AGN Manuscript & Lombardo: Xeroxes of source materials #2
  Box 6
 "Aztec Just-So Stories: Discovering Nahuatl Imagery and Stylistics"
1987 Box 7

Presented at AAA, Chicago, 1987. Drafts and notes include an interlinear gloss of the Florentine Codex.

 "Aztec Relative Clauses Up-To-Date: Modern Tlaxcaltec, 1973-1974"
1975 Box 7

Handout presented in 1975.

 "Compendio de la Gramatica Nahuatl"
1980 Box 7

Manuscript drafts, correspondence with IJAL and original author Thelma Sullivan, and published version, of the review in IJAL 46(4).

 "Dogs, Pets, Horses, and Demons": drafts
1985 Box 7

Several draft copies of the article published in the International Journal of American Linguistics, 51(4), 1985. Includes edits by Michael Silverstein.

 "Dogs, Pets, Horses, and Demons": notes
1984-1985 Box 7

A variety of notes collected toward the article published in the International Journal of American Linguistics, 51(4), 1985. Includes drafts, a published version, excerpts from relevant publications and conference papers for citation, maps of Nahuatl dialectology, correspondence with Michael Silverstein (editor), Rudolph Troike and some unidentified, extensive handwritten notes (loose and in notebooks), newspaper articles, and conference ephemera.

 "Hechiceros and Holy Men: Two Points of View in Seventeenth Century Sonora"
1991 Box 7

Paper presented at the Illinois Conference for Latin American Studies, November 1-2, 1991. Feedback is provided by David Shaul, alongside Shaul's own draft chapter titled "A Piman Voice" on agriculture in colonial New Spain. Includes source materials, conference ephemera and drafts.

 "How Uto-Aztecan is the Aztec Possessive?": data, preparation for handouts
1980-1981 Box 7

Mostly data from various Uto-Aztecan languages, collected from xeroxed source materials, with Rosenthal's summaries and analyses.

 "How Uto-Aztecan is the Aztec Possessive?": drafts, correspondence
1980-1981 Box 7

Drafts, submissions and correspondence toward its 1980 conference presentation and 1981 publication.

 Response to Langacker, Robert: "Relative Clauses in Classical Nahuatl"
1975 Box 7

Notes toward, and draft of introduction page, of an incomplete critique of Langacker's publication in IJAL. Includes a preliminary version of that publication (dated 1973) with Rosenthal's marginalia, and several other publications and conference handouts relating to relative clauses.

 "Sleeping with Women and Other Aberrant Verbal Strategies"
1990-1998 Box 7

Handouts, handwritten notes, an itinerary for November 17-30 1993 (staying in Washington D.C. and Maryland), and the copy of the SSILA newsletter of October 1993. This also includes handwritten interlinear transcriptions of "The Fall of Tollan", "History of the Mexica", "Mixcoatl and Chimalman", "Running", "Die Wolkenschlangen", "The Deer Story", and "Codex Aubin Foja 58", made between 1990 and 1998.

 "Some Early Spanish Loans in Tlaxcaltec"
1980 Box 8

Personal notes, handwritten handout, source materials and conference ephemera for Rosenthal's presentation at the Eighth Uto-Aztecan Working Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, June 22-23 1980.

 "Some Types of Subordinate Clauses in Classical Nahuatl": notes
1973 Box 8

Paper for the Chicago Linguistic Society Regional Meeting, April 1973, and published in Claudia Corum et al. (eds.) You Take the High Node and I'll Take the Low Node, Papers from the Comparative Syntax Festival. Includes abstract, handout, relevant correspondence, draft copies, conference ephemera including handouts, Rosenthal's handout "The Possessives and Other Noun Phrases of Classical Nahuatl - a Different View" (AAA 1972), handwritten notes, and publications referenced.

Subject(s): Otomi language; Tuscarora language; Nahuatl language

 "Something about the Aztec Language" handout
  Box 8

Illustrated lexicon. 1 page.

 "The Chalcan Woman's Song": drafts, notes
ca.1999 Box 8

Drafts, several notebooks of handwritten notes, source materials and various newspaper clippings (possibly unrelated).

 "The Chalcan Woman's Song": submission
2004 Box 8

Submission to the Ethnohistory Journal of Kay A. Read and Rosenthal's article, eventually published in The Americas 62(3).

 "The Chalcan Woman's Song": "Various forms"
ca.1999 Box 8

Mostly drafts and notes of the translation co-authored with Kay Read. Includes a different translation by Camilla Townsend; a version presented at Central States Anthropological Society, Chicago IL 1999; Camilla Townsend's manuscript "What in the World Have You Done to Me, my Lover: Sex, Servitude and Politics among the Pre-Conquest Nahuas" (50 pages, n.d.), and Kay Read's review of Miguel Leon-Portilla's (1992) "Fifteen Poets of the Aztec World".

 "The Great Vowel Shift Lives!" notes
1976 Box 8

Notes for Rosenthal's 1976 guest lecture at the University of Adelaide, and related materials about sociolinguistics and AAVE.

 "The Nahuatl Directional Verb Suffixes and the Expression of Intention and Result"
1990 Box 8

Presented at the Uto-Aztecan Working Conference, Mexico, 1990.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 "The Persistent Characteristics of Tlaxcalan Nahuatl"
1973 Box 8

Multiple versions of the conference handout, referenced materials, and handwritten notes. Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, 1973.

 Various Nahuatl presentations
ca.1972-1975 Box 8

Various conference handouts and loose notes. Includes Rosenthal's presentation at the Australia National University, 1975.

 "Xochiquetzal and the Virgin of Ocotlan": drafts, notes
1986-1989 Box 8

Multiple typeset drafts, and notes, of the paper co-authored with Kay A. Read. Includes correspondence with Kay Read and others.

 Series 3: Student Notes
  Box 9-10

Rosenthal attained a Master's degree in Linguistics at the University of Chicago in 1971 with a thesis titled "The Omnipresent Problem of Omnipresent 'in' in Classical Nahuatl". Rosenthal continued to take doctorate-level courses in linguistics at the institution in subsequent years. This subseries contains notes, readings and class assignments for this period.

 "Argumentation notes (Sadock course)"
1982? Box 9

Notes from a course on syntax.

 "Case and Category in Tamahumara Verbs"
1968 Box 9

Paper for the class "Topics in Phonology and Morphology" with James D. McCawley.

 Classical Nahuatl notebooks
ca.1966-1969 Box 9

Two filled notebooks spanning several years from various courses on Classical Nahuatl and Tarascan. Contains much grammatical analysis and others' reprints.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language; Tarascan language

 Comparative Uto-Aztecan handouts
  Box 9
 Diachronic syntax articles, notes
ca.1975 Box 9

Several preprint/reprint articles, and 1 page of Rosenthal's notes on English.

 "Fifty Aztec Sentences (Computer project in COMIT)"
1966-1967 Box 9

Class possibly taught by Norman McQuown. Includes printouts of Nahuatl sentences on continuous form paper.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages; Nahuatl language

 Historical linguistics, morphology & syntax notes
  Box 9
 Hueyapan Nahuatl phonology handout
  Box 9

3 pages. Author: Ken Hill.

 "Introduction to Language Typology" course notebook
1981 Box 9

Notebook including a linguistic typology course by Gene Gragg, and notes on various Uto-Aztecan languages from publications.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages

 "Linguistic Typology", Gene Gragg
1981 Box 9

Mostly handouts and readings.

 MA thesis: "Final form"
1971 Box 9

Late-stage manuscript draft. Correspondence with Jane Hill concerns syntax in Hill's dissertation on Cupeno.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language; Cupeño language

 MA thesis: notes, drafts #1
ca.1971 Box 10

Handwritten notes and drafts for Rosenthal's MA thesis, including postcards of Mexico, correspondence with Gene Gragg and Norman McQuown, loose card slips, and notes and drafts toward "On the Sentences of Classical Nahuatl - a Transformational Study".

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 MA thesis: notes, drafts #2
ca.1971 Box 10

See #1.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 "Methods of Conversion, Dissemination, and Perpetuation of the Holy Faith Employed by Missionaries in New Spain and Guatemala in the 16th Century"
1967 Box 10

Course paper for History 437 with T. Bentley Duncan. Drafts and submission. Includes comments by T. Bentley Duncan.

 Nahuatl interlinear text exercise
  Box 10

Exercise handout (a transcription of a Sahagun manuscript, likely produced by Norman McQuown) and Rosenthal's answers (13 pages). See also Works by Others: "McQuown, Norman: Classical Nahuatl verb complex", to which Rosenthal refers.

 Phonetics handouts, exercises
ca.1974 Box 10
 Ronald W. Langacker course notebook
1969 Box 10

Full notebook (ca. 160 pages with inserts) from Ronald W. Langacker's courses on Uto-Aztecan languages while Langacker was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Chicago.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages

 "Tarahumara: JMR's notes (1969)"
1969 Box 10

Manuscript draft, handwritten notes and loose index cards on Tarahumara grammar, especially morphology.

Subject(s): Tarahumara language

 "Transcription and Analysis of Letter from Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla"
1966 Box 10

For class on Classical Nahuatl taught by Norman McQuown. Free translations and interlinear glosses totaling 50 pages.

 Series 4: Teaching Materials
  Box 11

During Rosenthal's career as an English teacher at various colleges in Chicago, Rosenthal developed a course on linguistics of the Nahuatl language, represented in this series along with other professional correspondence.

 "Language of the Aztecs" preparations and assignments
ca.1983-1987 Box 11

Assignments and preparatory notes for Rosenthal's course "Language of the Aztecs". Includes many pages of Nahuatl transcription and analysis, a sketch grammar of Nahuatl, xeroxes of sources (including codices), correspondence from Kay Read and Eric Hamp, handwritten notes on a Nahuatl colloquium by Kay Read, and xeroxes of Rosenthal's conference handouts.

 "Language of the Aztecs" wordslips
  Box 11

Xeroxed Nahuatl lexical slips on letter paper (undivided). ca.40 pages.

 National Louis University/National College of Education Language Institute
1983-1990 Box 11

Memos, correspondence, assessment materials and other ephemera.

 Series 5: Works by Others & Printed Materials
  Box 12-16, 24
 "American Speech" Annual Editorial Report 1973
1973 Box 12
 American Society for Ethnohistory 1996 Nominations
1996 Box 12
 Arnold, Philip P.: "Eating Landscape: Human Sacrifice and Sustenance in Aztec Mexico"
  Box 12

Typeset draft. 38 pages.

 Arnold, Philip P.: "Florentine Codex Book 2 Chapter 25"
  Box 12

Full text with interlinear glosses. 122 pages.

 Austin, Peter & Tamsin Donaldson: Australian language tape transcriptions
1973-1975 Box 12

Xerox copies of interlinear transcriptions of Ngiyambaa ("Ngiyamba") and Diyari/Dieri ("Dhirari"), likely those housed at AITSIS, Canberra, Australia.

Subject(s): Ngiyambaa language; Diyari language

 Bartholomew, Doris: "The Practical Grammar: General Considerations"
1973 Box 12

Manuscript draft.

 Bartholomew, Doris & Earl Brockway: "El uso de los tiempos en el discurso nahuatl"
  Box 12

Xeroxed pre-publication manuscript.

 Campbell, R. Joe: "A Preliminary Manual of Nahuatl Grammar"
1985 Box 12

Printed on continuous form paper. 303pp.

 Campbell, R. Joe: "Nahuatl Domains Dictionary Kinship Terms"
  Box 12

Printed on continuous form paper. 9pp.

  Box 12
 Cohn, Bernard: "Cloth, Clothes & Colonialism: India in the 19th century"
1983 Box 12

Conference paper.

 Coon, Roger B.: "A Phonology of Southern Eudeve"
  Box 12

B.A. thesis.

Subject(s): Ópata language

 Dabegies, Carlos
  Box 12

Single handwritten page detailing Nahuatl kinship terminology.

 Dakin, Karen & Diana Ryesky: "Morelos Nahuatl: A Sociolinguistic Survey"
ca.1973 Box 12

Copy of manuscript. 10 pages.

 "Directory of Latin Americanists"
1988 Box 12

36 pages. Jane M. Rosenthal is listed. Produced by the University of Chicago.

  Box 12

Xeroxed articles.

 "El Sol de Tlaxcala"
1970 Box 24

Broadsheet newspaper of Tlaxcala, Mexico. 18 May 1970.

Physical & technical details: Oversized.

 Feldman, Lawrence H.: "A Guide to Nahua Morphology"
1977 Box 12

Unpublished revision to Feldman (1964) "A guide to the history, morphology, and lexicon of Nahuatl", with related correspondence. 29 pages.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Fogelson et al.: "Annotated General Bibliography on the North American Indian"
1974 Box 12

Typeset manuscript. 24 pages.

 Foster, Rand Bryan: "The Syntax of Noun Phrase Complement Instructions in Chiconcuac Nahuatl"
1979 Box 12

Partial xerox.

 Furbee, N. Louanna: Tojolabal Text Concordance and Dictionary microfiche
1981 Box 13

Microfiche of Furbee's Tojolabal text concordance and dictionary, published by the University of Missouri-Columbia, Miscellaneous Publications in Anthropology #15 and #16.

Subject(s): Tojolabal language

 General linguistics
  Box 13

Reprints and xeroxes.

 Hanks, William F.: Mayan articles
1986 Box 13

Includes a preliminary version of "Authenticity and Ambivalence in the Text: A Colonial Maya Case".

Subject(s): Mayan languages

 Hill, Jane: "Culture Shock, Positive Face, and Negative Face: Being Polite in Tlaxcala"
ca.1979-1980 Box 13

Copied manuscript. 21 pages.

 Hill, Jane: "Female Linguistic Lag in Modern Nahuatl"
  Box 13

Copied manuscript draft. 41 pages.

 Hill, Jane: "Language Variation and Human Adaptations"
  Box 13

Undated typeset manuscript with marginalia comments (author unidentified). Unpublished. 44 pages.

 Hill, Jane: "Reported Speech in Modern Nahuatl"
  Box 13

Copy of manuscript draft. 37 pages.

 Hill, Jane: Tlaxcaltec interview transcriptions #1
1976 Box 13

Interlinear glosses in Nahuatl and Spanish. Interviews are with Sr. don Dionisio (Atonal), Pauline Atonal (Atonal), R. Hilda (Atonal), Sr. Marcos Fernandez (Tzompantzin), Eufemia Rojas Gutierrez (Acxotla), Abundio Tecxis Rojas (Acxotla del Monte), Tiburcia Tzompantzi (Acxotla). Interviewer unidentified, likely Jane Hill. Circa 60 pages.

 Hill, Jane: Tlaxcaltec interview transcriptions #2
1974-1975 Box 13

Xeroxed interlinear transcriptions of interviews with various residents of Axotla del Monte. Transcriptions by Jane Hill. Includes marginalia by an unidentified author. ca.50 pages.

 Hill, Jane: Tlaxcaltec narrative transcriptions
1975, 1982 Box 13

Copies of typeset narratives and interviews with interlinear glosses with speakers from Acxotla del Monte, also Jane Rosenthal's fieldwork site. Includes notes by Hill and Rosenthal, and correspondence detailing all the contents. Over 40 pages.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Hill, Jane & Kenneth: "Honorific usage in modern Nahuatl: The expression of social distance and respect in the Nahuatl of the Malinche Volcano area"
  Box 13

Copied manuscript. 35 pages.

 Hill, Jane & Kenneth: "Variation in the Construction of Subordinate Clauses in Modern Nahuatl"
ca.1979-1980 Box 13

Copied manuscript draft.

 Hill, Kenneth: Translation of Molina's Nahuatl grammar
1975 Box 13

Typeset manuscript free translation. 79 pages.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 Investigaciones Linguisticas xeroxes
  Box 13
 Karttunen, Frances: "The Roots of Sixteenth-Century Mesoamerican Lexicography" draft
  Box 13

Printed on continuous paper. For the Thelma Sullivan memorial volume.

 Knab, Tim: "Valley of Puebla" Nahuatl articles
  Box 13

Xeroxes of several undated manuscripts.

 Langacker, Robert: "A Partial Bibliography of Uto-Aztecan"
1974 Box 13

Typeset manuscript personal bibliography of Uto-Aztecan materials, with Rosenthal's marginalia. ca.37 pages.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages

 Langacker, Robert: "Passive, Impersonal, Reflexive, and Unspecified Argument Constructions in Uto-Aztecan" preliminary version
1974 Box 13

Typeset manuscript. 180 pages.

Subject(s): Uto-Aztecan languages

 Lombardo, Natal: "Arte de la Lengua Teguima" xeroxes
1990, 1991 [1700] Box 14

Xeroxes from the Newberry Library, Chicago, and related correspondence with David Shaul.

 Maps & tourist guides
  Box 14

Maps and tourist guides of Mexico, mostly Tlaxcala.

 McClaren, Marlys: Dissertation excerpts & "The Lexical Ground Plan of Yucatec Maya"
  Box 14
 McQuown, Norman: "American Indian Linguistics in New Spain" manuscript
1974 Box 14

49 pages, typeset.

 McQuown, Norman: "Apuntes explicativos sobre el contenido de J. Richard Andrews' "Introduction to Classical Nahuatl""
1998 Box 14

Typeset draft. 17 pages.

 McQuown, Norman: "Classical Nahuatl Research Materials"
  Box 14

Typeset manuscript. 22 pages.

Subject(s): Nahuatl language

 McQuown, Norman: "Classical Nahuatl verb complex"
1954 Box 24

Tables of Classical Nahuatl verbal morphophonemics. 8 letter pages and 9 ledger pages. Also includes "Working Outline of the Grammar of Classical Nahuatl" (1954 manuscript, ca.20 pages).

Physical & technical details: Oversized.

 McQuown, Norman: "La Ley y la Moralidad"
1978 Box 14

Typeset manuscript. In Spanish. 2 pages. Details an experience in Guatemala.

 McQuown, Norman: Structure of a grammar
1974 [1964] Box 14

Xerox of handwritten notes, likely produced for a class, apparently detailing the structure of a typical grammar. 9 pages. Includes contacts and bibliographic notes in Rosenthal's handwriting.

 McQuown, Norman: "Telling Tongues" review
  Box 14

Typeset manuscript. Review of Heath, Shirley Brice. (1972). "Telling Tongues. Language Policy in Mexico. Colony to Nation". U.S.: Columbia University. 9 pages.

 Mesoamerica (non-linguistic)
  Box 14

Xeroxed articles.

 Mesoamerican languages
  Box 14

Xeroxed articles.

 Miller, Wick: "A Sketch of Shoshoni Grammar (Gosiute Dialect)" draft
1975 Box 14

Manuscript draft for Miller's article in the Handbook of American Indians, vol. 15.

Subject(s): Shoshoni language

 Miller, Wick: "The Classification of the Uto-Aztecan Languages Based on Lexical Evidence"
1980 Box 14

"Prepared for the Uto-Aztecan Historical Symposium, June 26, at the 1980 Linguistic Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque". Copied manuscript. 76 pages.

 Miller, Wick: Uto-Aztecan comparative vocabulary
1980 Box 14

Xerox copy of basic vocabulary in 32 Uto-Aztecan languages. Includes sources.

 Nahua Newsletter
1986, 2000 Box 14

Nos. 1 and 30.

 Newspaper & magazine clippings: Articles from "Science"
  Box 15
 Newspaper & magazine clippings: Literacy
1981-1982 Box 15
 Newspaper & magazine clippings: Miscellaneous #1
  Box 15
 Newspaper & magazine clippings: Miscellaneous #2
  Box 15
 Pamphlets, bulletins etc.
  Box 15

Includes some Mexican organizations.

 Read, Kay A.: Contributions to "Encyclopedia of Mexico"
1996 Box 15

Typeset manuscripts of Read's contributions to Werner, Michael (ed.). 1996. "Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture". U.S.: Fitzroy Dearborn Press.

 Read, Kay A.: "Death and the Tlatoani" drafts
1999 Box 15
 Read, Kay A.: PhD dissertation chapter drafts #1
1988 Box 15
 Read, Kay A.: PhD dissertation chapter drafts #2
1988 Box 15
 Read, Kay A.: "Sacred Commoners: The Motion of Cosmic Powers in Mexica Rulership" draft
  Box 16

Includes notes by Rosenthal.

 Read, Kay A.: "The Body and the Beast"
1985 Box 16

Manuscript for a colloquium paper titled "The Body and the Beast: Stability and Change in Vedic and Aztec Royal Sacrificial Consecration Rights".

 Read, Kay A.: "Xochiquetzal, Artist and Harlot: A Symbol of Transformation in Aztec Religion"
1982 Box 16

Honors thesis submitted to the University of Colorado.

 Religion & Jesuit missions
  Box 16

Xeroxed articles.

 de Ripalda, Geronimo: "Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana"
1886 Box 16

Nahuatl translation. Xeroxed from the University of Chicago, with Rosenthal's marginalia.

 Shaul, David: "Eudeve Morphosyntax: An Overview"
1988 Box 16

Draft manuscript of the 1991 publication. Includes 2 pages of handwritten notes (likely by Shaul) and related correspondence inviting Rosenthal to work on the language.

Subject(s): Ópata language

 Shaul, David & Louanna Furbee: "Language and Culture"
1989 Box 16

Pre-print edition of the 1997 publication. 209 pages, photocopied manuscript.

 Smith, Mary Elizabeth: "The Sanctuary of Ocotlan at Tlaxcala"
1986 [1960] Box 16

Attached correspondents indicates and this is the "revised section of [Smith's] M.A. thesis". Xerox. 48 pages plus figures.

 Steele, Susan: "AUX in Luiseno"
  Box 16

Copied manuscript draft. 17 pages.

 Steele, Susan: "Four Syntactic Suffixes in Luiseno"
  Box 16

Copy of manuscript draft with marginalia. 12 pages.

 "Suggested list for Professor McQuown's Retirement Memoirs"
  Box 16

Single page. Includes Rosenthal's name.

 Texts in various Mexican languages
  Box 16

Typeset texts with illustrations in Zapoteco, Mixteco, Nahuatl, and Otomi. Some are bilingual with Spanish, and some have vocabulary or grammar pointers. Each is 1-2 pages with pictures. Produced by Gregorio Magdaleno Lopez, Genaro Gonzalez Cruz, Juan Celestino Lauriano, Lorenzo Martinez Ramirez, Aucencio Craviota Gonzalez, Jesus Vazquez Caballero, Porfirio Garcia Frijol. Possibly previously owned by Doris Bartholomew.

Subject(s): Mixtec language; Zapotec language; Otomi language; Nahuatl language

 Tlaxcala & Tlaxcaltec Nahuatl
  Box 16

Reprints, xeroxed articles and leaflets relating to the region of Mexico and its language. Abundant other related material can be found across the collection.

 Tojolabal Mayan publications
  Box 16

Xeroxes of various publications, conference presentations and notes on Tojolabal Mayan.

Subject(s): Tojolabal language

 University of Chicago Library Nahuatl xeroxes
  Box 16

Colonial religious bilingual texts.

 Willett, Thomas L.: "Clause Types in Southeastern Tepehuan" & "Sentence Components in Southeastern Tepehuan"
1980-1981 Box 16

Attached correspondence indicates that these are copies of articles published in the Summer Institute of Linguistics 1980 Workpapers.

 Series 6: Conferences
  Box 17-19

Handouts, correspondence, travel details and other ephemera relating to conferences that Rosenthal attended.

 American Anthropological Association 1972-1973
1972-1973 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1974
1974 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1976
1976 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1979
1979 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1981
1981 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1982
1982 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1983
1983 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1986
1986 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1987
1987 Box 17
 American Anthropological Association 1988
1988 Box 17
 American Society of Ethnohistory 1989
1989 Box 17
 American Society of Ethnohistory 1994
1994 Box 18
 Campbell, R. Joe: Nahuatl handouts
  Box 18

Undated copies of handouts, likely from Friends of Uto-Aztecan meetings.

 Central States Anthropology Society 1999
1999 Box 18
 Chicago Linguistic Society 1975
1975 Box 18
 Chicago Linguistic Society 1979
1979 Box 18
 Chicago Linguistic Society 1980
1980 Box 18

Includes correspondence with Jane Hill and possibly a membership list.

 Chicago Linguistic Society 1986-1987
1986-1987 Box 18
 Chicago Linguistic Society 1988
1988 Box 18
 Chicago Linguistic Society 1989
1989 Box 18
 Columbian Quincentennial Symposium of Loyola University of Chicago
  Box 18
 Dakin, Karen: Uto-Aztecan handouts
1986 Box 18
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1973
1973 Box 18

First Friends of Uto-Aztecan conference. Includes much correspondence.

 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1974
1974 Box 18
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1975
1975 Box 18
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1975: Draft papers
1975 Box 18
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1979
1979 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1980
1980 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1981
  Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1982-1983
1982-1983 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1984
1984 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1985
1985 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1987
1987 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1989
1989 Box 19

Includes the SSILA meeting of 1989.

 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1990
1990 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1995
1995 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1997
1997 Box 19

See also series "Works by Rosenthal" subseries "Natal Lombardo & AGN Manuscript" for materials relating to Rosenthal's presentation at this conference.

 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1999
1999 Box 19
 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 2002
2002 Box 19
 Hill, Jane & Kenneth: Tlaxcaltec conference articles
  Box 19
 International Congress of Americanists 1991
1991 Box 19

See Works by Rosenthal "Natal Lombardo & AGN Manuscript" subseries for many notes on Rosenthal's paper about Natal Lombardo, and subsequent publications.

 Linguistic Society of America Nahuatl session 1980
1980 Box 19
  Box 19
 Ross, John Robert: Syntax handouts
1977-1979 Box 19
 Series 7: Card Files
 ca.1800 slipsBox 20

These card files relate mostly to research at various libraries (Newberry Library Chicago, University of Chicago, Archivo General de la Nación Mexico) and analyses of Nahuatl. See also Series 2 Subseries "Archival research & transcriptions".

 Archivo General de la Nación: "AHH 278"
  Box 20
 Archivo General de la Nación: "Jesuitas - Legajos I-10, I-11, I-16"
  Box 20
 Archivo General de la Nación: "Jesuitas - Legajos II-4, II-7, II-12, II-13"
  Box 20
 Archivo General de la Nación: "Misiones Legajo 25 Mission history 1622-1647"
  Box 20
 Archivo General de la Nación: "Publications vol.8 1913-1920s"
  Box 20
 Archivo Historico de INAH: Fondo Jesuita
  Box 20
 Bannon, John Francis notes
  Box 20
  Box 20
 "Biographical data"
  Box 20

See also Works by Rosenthal: "Bibliographical Data".

 Dunne, Peter Masten notes
  Box 20
 "EL Noroeste de Mexico (Documents 1600-1769)"
  Box 20
 "Lombardo data"
  Box 20
 Nahuatl grammar and lexicon
  Box 20
 "Nahuatl word and morpheme slips - working"
  Box 20

Created during the time of Rosenthal's MA thesis.

 "Notes from Lord Crawford's copy of Lombardo Arte"
  Box 20
 Notes on "Guia documental del Fondo Jesuita" & Ayer manuscript
  Box 20
 Notes on Natal Lombardo
  Box 20
 Palafox Library: "Puebla houses (and libraries) of colonial Mexico City"
  Box 20
 "Sentences from texts"
  Box 20
 Tlaxcala elicitations
  Box 20
  Box 20
 Series 8: Photographs
  Box 21-22

Some photographs are also included in other series (particularly Correspondence).

 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1973 negatives and prints
1973, 1970s31 photographic negatives 56 printsBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1973 prints
19732 printsBox 21
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1978 negatives and prints
197827 photographic negatives 33 printsBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1978 prints
197828 printsBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1978 slides
197825 photographic slidesBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1978-1979 slides
1978-197916 photographic slidesBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1979 prints
19793 printsBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1980s prints
1980s23 printsBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1982 slides
198244 photographic slidesBox 22
 Acxotla del Monte, Tlaxcala: 1997-1998 prints
1997-19983 printsBox 22
 English language immersion class 1989
1989 Box 21

Possibly at the Language Institute, National Louis University.

 Friends of Uto-Aztecan 1997
1997 Box 21

Group photograph of participants of the FUAC 1997 conference. Participants are not named. Certificate of Rosenthal's attendance.

 Furbee Losee, Louanna 1982 slides
198223 photographic slidesBox 22

[see Correspondence]

 House party 1980
19807 printsBox 21

Identified in the photographs: Jane Rosenthal, Nick & Kathryn Hopkins, Karen & Sergio Dakin, Otto Schuman, N. Louanna Furbee, Thom Smith-Stark. One photograph is of an unidentified child from a different reel.

 Mexico: 1974 prints
197431 printsBox 22
 Mexico: 1975 negatives and prints
197564 photographic negatives 13 printsBox 22
 Mexico: Undated prints
 8 printsBox 22
 3 color postcardsBox 21

Unfilled postcards of Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala and Puebla, Puebla, Mexico.

 Rosenthal's grandchildren
ca.19871 print 6 photographic negativesBox 21

Photograph of (possibly) Robert and Jane Rosenthal's grandchildren, and a Christmas letter intended for friends and family detailing occurrences of the past year. The year is unknown.

 Tlaxcala: 1982 negatives and prints
198223 photographic negatives 15 printsBox 22
 Series 9: Digital Materials
  Box 23
 Betancourt, Ignacio Guzman: Natal Lombardo's Arte de la Lengua Teguima
  Box 23


Separated material: Separated from Correspondence: "Robin".

 Copenhagen Nahuatl Dictionary Project (CoNDiP)
1992 Box 23

3.5" floppy disk.

Separated material: Manual and correspondence is in Correspondence: Canger, Una.

 Various floppy disks
ca.1996-2000 Box 23

Disks are titled: "Word (Microsoft)", "Jane's Sonoran Cognates (From W. Miller)", "Sonoran Cognate Sets (Wick Miller)", "Data Disk JMR [Jane Rosenthal] Aztec", "Data Disk 2 - BU created 10/21/87 lost Just-So Handout -> Nah.Dir.Sufs FUAWC [Friends of Uto-Aztecan Working Conference] '96", and "Sonoran Sets from KD Backup".

Separated material: Separated from Correspondence: "Lombardo/Opata facsimile project".

 Zamarron, Jose Luis Moctezuma & Jane H. Hill: "Avances y Balances de Lenguas Yutoaztecas, Homenaje a Wick R. Miller"
1999 Box 23

CD-ROM. Proceedings from the Wick R. Miller conference, 1997.

Separated material: Separated from Correspondence: Jane Hill.

 Series 10: Audio recordings

Processing information: This audio has been digitized and published in our Digital Library, but individual recordings are not yet linked to this collection finding aid. The recordings can be accessed here: https://diglib.amphilsoc.org/islandora/object/audio%3AMss.Ms.Coll.129/

 Sound tape reels
1962, 1970-1974 38 reel(s) Box 25-27
Reels.01 Nahuatl language recordings made in Tlaxcala
1970-1975 32 reel(s)
Reels.02 New Year Greeting by Dionisio Atonal
1973, 1978 
Reels.03 Nahuatl elicitations recorded in San Andrés, Morelos
1962 2 reel(s)
Reels.04 Reading of items recorded for the Linguistic Atlas of New England
circa 1963 3 reel(s)
1972, 1978-1979, 1982-1984, 1986, 1989; 1978-1982 28 tape(s)