Kane Family Papers


Date: 1745-1955 | Size: 56 Linear feet


A collection of letters, legal papers and financial records of three generations of the prominent Philadelphia family. Spanning 1745-1955, detailed are the legal cases and political advocacy work of John Kintzing Kane (1795-1858), Robert Patterson Kane (1827-1906), and Francis Fisher Kane (1866-1955). Also includes correspondence, architectural drawings, and photograph albums of the Cope family. Robert Patterson Kane's daughter Eliza Middleton Kane (1863-1952) married the Philadelphia architect Walter Cope (1860-1902) in 1893. The APS papers of Elisha Kent Kane are in call no. B K132.

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Collection Information

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company.
  • Girard Bank.
  • Indian Rights Association.
  • Peale's Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.)
  • Saint George Society -- Trials, litigation, etc.
  • U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

Personal Name(s)

  • Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867
  • Bancroft, George, 1800-1891
  • Bartram, John, 1699-1777
  • Cope, Eliza Middleton Kane, 1863-1952
  • Cope, Walter, 1860-1902
  • Kane, Francis Fisher, 1866-1955
  • Kane, John K. (John Kintzing), 1795-1858
  • Kane, Robert Patterson, 1827-1
  • Kane, Thomas Leiper, 1822-1883
  • Various authors

Detailed Inventory

Series I. John Kintzing Kane

Abstract: Letters concerning Kane's career as a Philadelphia lawyer and Pennsylvania politician. He was Judge of the U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania, 1846-1854. There is much professional correspondence, as well as a lot of family material, especially concerning his son Elisha K. Kane. The letters with George Mifflin Dallas and Francis R. Shunk are especially rich for state politics. There is some concerning support for Alexander D. Bache's service in the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Background note: John Kintzing Kane (1795-1858, APS 1825) was a Philadelphia lawyer, City Solicitor, federal judge, Pennsylvania Attorney General and a member of the State Legislature. Although elected to the Legislature as a Federalist, he later worked as a Democrat, supporting the election of President Andrew Jackson and writing in support of Jackson's opposition to the Second National Bank. Kane was best known for his work as a federal judge. Kane's most controversial decision came in 1856, when he jailed a Philadelphia Quaker for failing to produce a fugitive female slave and her two children for the court. Despite a reputation as a ruthless politician, Kane had an abiding commitment to the public welfare that led him to labor on behalf of the Presbyterian Church, the blind and for the promotion of science, the arts and education. Kane was born in Albany, New York on May 16, 1795, the son of merchant Elisha Kane and Alida Van Rensselaer. The family moved to Philadelphia in 1801 after the death of his mother. In 1807 his father remarried Elizabeth Kintzing of Philadelphia. Fondness for his stepmother and the desire to distinguish himself from several cousins of the same name led Kane to adopt her maiden name as his middle name. John received his early education in boarding schools outside of Philadelphia. In 1810 he entered Yale University, graduating in 1814. Having long desired to pursue a legal career, Kane read the Law in Joseph Hopkinson's office beginning in the spring of 1815. He was admitted to the bar on April 8, 1817 and afterward began practicing in Philadelphia. In April 1819 he married Jane Duval Leiper with whom he had seven children. Five years later Kane campaigned for the Pennsylvania Legislature as a Federalist and was seated in 1824; however, he went back to Philadelphia in 1825 to work as an attorney and board member of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company. Although a Federalist in the final days of that party, he was Democrat in all but name and supported Andrew Jackson for president in 1828. He campaigned actively for Jackson, raising funds, coordinating meetings and writing a nationally circulated pamphlet entitled Candid View of the Presidential Question. After Jackson's election he also wrote in support of Jackson's opposition to the Second National Bank, causing enmity between himself and the Bank president Nicholas Biddle. In 1828 Kane also supported the Democratic candidate in Philadelphia's mayoral race with the result that he became City Solicitor. In July, 1832 Jackson appointed him to a commission on spoliation claims after the 1831 Convention of Indemnity with France, and Kane published the substance of that body's work. Kane remained a key figure in Pennsylvania politics in the 1830s and 1840s. In December 1838 he helped to lead the campaign to unseat two illegally elected Whig state senators in the struggle known as the Buckshot War. He was again active in the state and national elections of 1844, authoring pamphlets, delivering speeches and organizing the Democratic party in Pennsylvania. The reward for his efforts in the successful gubernatorial campaign was appointment as Pennsylvania's Attorney General in January 1845. In June 1846 President James K. Polk appointed Kane a federal judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania of the United States District Court, a position he held for the rest of his life. His most controversial decision was in 1856, when he sentenced a Philadelphia Quaker to jail for failing to produce a female slave and her two children. This decision exacerbated the controversy over the Fugitive Slave Act. A religious conservative involved with the Presbyterian Church, in 1837 Kane served in the Church's General Assembly as a member of the "Old School" and voted to sever ties with the denomination's New School synods, who favored revivalist methods. Kane was also involved in cultural and intellectual pursuits. He joined the American Philosophical Society in 1825, served as secretary from 1828 to 1848, vice-president from 1848-1857 and president from 1857 until his death. He served on the board of the Academy of Fine Arts, was vice-president of the Institution for the Instruction of the Blind and a trustee of Girard College and vice-provost of the Law Academy of Philadelphia. Kane is best remembered as a federal judge, but was also influential as a political strategist and writer. His skills and support won him the gratitude and respect of two American presidents and many Pennsylvania officeholders. Kane also had a reputation for political ruthlessness. He was remembered by some as a man of ability, acuteness, some learning, [and] plausibility, but . . . without moral principle." He died in Philadelphia on February 21, 1858.

Arrangement: See also Series II, VIII, IX, and X.

Provenance: Presented by Mrs. Joseph C. Aub, Dr. Oliver Cope, Thomas Pym Cope, and Mrs. Thomas P. Hazard, 1968-1974, children of Walter Cope and Eliza Middleton Kane Cope.

Processing information: Former call no. Mss. B K13

Other Descriptive Information: Early American History note The John Kintzing Kane Papers is a large collection containing the correspondence, legal papers, and financial records of this prominent Philadelphian. The collection touches on a wide range of subjects of both local and national interest.  Correspondence: The correspondence contains letters written to and from many of the most prominent figures in Philadelphia and the nation. There is an interesting set of letters from James Buchanan from the 1830s and 1840s, dated from Buchanan's home in Lancaster and Washington discussing politics and current affairs. There are large collections of correspondence from Franklin Peale, Henry Gilpin, and especially Francis Shunk, governor of Pennsylvania. There is also some correspondence relating to Alexander Dallas Bache, including letters to President John Tyler recommending him. Other notable correspondence includes letters from/to Daniel Webster, Martin Van Buren, and Washington Irving. There is also extensive family correspondence, including Elisha Kent Kane. Finally, there are documents that provide insight into the operation of the Democratic Party, with numerous letters and other documents from county organizations and partisan associations to Kane. In addition to the personal correspondence, there are documents relating to Philadelphia institutions. These include papers dealing with the disposition of the John Bartram Estate, the financial records of the African Methodist Church in the 1820s, documents dealing with the Farmers and Mechanics Bank, the APS, and the Philadelphia Museum (specifically, the sale of its building to the APS). There is also a large folder on the Indian Rights Association, although this dates to 1892. Perhaps the richest portion of the collection is Kane's own papers, which consist of essays and other documents that touch on a wide range of subjects. There is a note on the early members of the Junto, notes for a biographical profile on G.M. Dallas, a eulogy of Robert Patterson, documents on Democratic politics, a series of manuscript essays on subjects such as nurseries (that provides insight into how early childcare operated), prison reform, and on exploration, a historical essay on English aggression in Honduras, which discusses the history of Latin America, a long essay on Hamlet (that carries "not to be lent or shown" on its cover) discusses the author's interpretation of Hamlet's character, citing sections of play and dissecting their meaning, and finally a series of documents on Democratic presidential politics for the 1844 election. (See also Series IX and X)

Genre(s): Family Correspondence; Political Correspondence

Geographic Name(s): Arctic regions -- Discovery and exploration -- American.; Pennsylvania -- Politics and government

Subject(s): Marriage and Family Life; Law; Early National Politics; Business and Skilled Trades; Antebellum Politics; Social Life and Custom; Philadelphia History; Pennsylvania History

Abercombie, Mrs. to Gov. Francis Shrunk
1845 November 
Acheson, A.W. to John K. Kane
1845 November-1846 January 
Adams, James
1825 September 14 

Certification of birth of Thomas Calwell.

Adams Express Company
1857 November-1858 January 


African Methodist Episcopal Church of Philadelphia #1

List of contributors and contributions: 2 liabilities and payment - Trustees Receipts for payment of ground rent 182?-1823. Accounts 1820,1823. Account of Bond to Watson Bunting 1823,1824. Expense and building payments, received 1824. Bill and receipts: Cunningham, J.H. 1820 Aug 9, Sept 12 Stephens, Fullman 1821 Nov 17 Bunting, Watson 1820-1822 Nutt, William and Carpenter 1824 April 20 J. Castles Potts, Cyrus Nicholson, John (account), Curtis Estate etc Carter, Joseph 1821-1823 Ouran, Dr.William 1820-1823 Stevenson, Aaron 1822 Sexton, Filnon 1821-1822, 1823, 18224 Nagtee, John 1820-1821 Scott, Henry (B) 1824 Jan 24

African Methodist Episcopal Church of Philadelphia #2

Bill and receipts: Curtis, Samuel 1820-1824 Smith and ? 1822,1824 Thomas, Augustus 1823 African M.E.W. Church vs John Nicholson (C) court case African M.E.W. Church vs Augustas Thomas court case Ruben Jarman vs Robert Brown, Trustee, A.M.E.W. Church 1824 Summons: Issac B Baxter, Samuel Curtis, Robert Brown, Augustus Thomas, William Perkins - broadside 1822 Oct 1 Judgments against Scott, Henry - 1821 June 13 - broadside Copy and judgments against G. Daniels, Potts etc 1820, 1821 Mortgage tracing of Henry Scotts residence 1821 June 18, 1824 Judgments in two cases - Edward vs Potts etc Notes - Kane W....to J. Kane Court record of dispute between church and Brown, Scott: evidence, papers, produced admitted for decision 1824 April 28

Alden, J. Cox to John K. Kane
1845 July 28 
Alexander, Archibald to J.K. Kane
1850 May 21 
Alexander, E.B. to John K Kane Jr.
1857 July 4 
Alexander, George William to Hon. John K. Kane
1855 November 2 

Copy of Resolutions of The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society in reference to incarceration of Passmore Williamson.

Almbert, d' to John K Kane, Jr.
1857? July 7 
American Association for the Advancement of Science
1857 September 5 
American Philosophical Society astronomical observatory material
American Philosphical Society to Christian Olrik
1856 April 18 
American Philosophical Society dinner for J.R. Poinsett material
1830 May 3 

List to be invited (4 items). Invitation addressed to C J Ingersoll. Letters from: Bainbridge, Commodore - May 1, May 3; Coxe, D W - undated; DeLancey, Dr. - April 30; Fornel, Col. - April 30; Keating, W.H. - April 22, April 23, April 28, May 1; Kridener, Baron de - May 3; Lloyd, J. - April 24, Undated; Martin, Jacob - April 23; Miller Lt. Col.- May 1; Oliver, Robert - April 27, April 29; Poinsett, Joel R. - April 22; Reed, George O. - May 2; Ronaldson, James - April 22; Wents, John - May 3; Wolf, George - April 21

American Philosophical Society, H.D.Gilpin
1837 December 20 
American Philosophical Society purchase list
1830 April 9 

For portraits of Jefferson, et al

American Philosophical Society report
1857 November 20 
American Philosphical Society Wistar party
1856 March 4 
Ammen, Daniel to Judge Kane
1857 February-1857 April 
Armstrong, Edward to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 February 12 
Ashmead, George L. to Mr. Struthers
1841 November 18 
Ashmead, John W to Hon. J.K. Kane
1841 November 
Bache, Alexander Dallas to Bache and John Tyler

Letters from: Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; American Philosophical Society; Bartlett, WHC; Central High School, Philadelphia; Davies, Charles; Franklin Institute; Hart, John S.; Kane, J.K.; Nott, Eliph, et al; Olmsted, Denison; Patterson, Robert Maskell; Peirce, Benjamin; Princeton University (J. Henry, et al); Renwick, James; University of New York; Webster, H. Recommending Bache for post in US Coast & Geodetic Survey.

Bache, Alexander Dallas
Bache, Alexander Dallas to J.K. Kane, Esq.
November 9 
Bache, Alexander Dallas to John K. Kane
November 17 
Baldwin, Henry to W.H. Hammett (copy)
1844 February 19 
Baldy, Peter to Gov. Shunk
1846 January 12 
Bancroft, George to John K. Kane
Banks, Thaddeus to John K. Kane
1846 May 5 
Barbour, James to John K. Kane
1826 May 16 
Barclay, John
1822 April 25 

Affidavit that Thomas Caldwell attended lectures (photocopy).

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter
1858 January 21 
Barr, Daniel to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1845 March 3 
Barry, William T. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1831 September-1833 May 
Bartram, James Jones to John William Bartram, Mortgage
1839 February 14 oversize shelf

Processing information: The mortgage was found in the oversize collection unattached to a particular collection. It was decided to include it with the Kane Family Papers under the John K. Kane series, as he was the auditor for the estate of John Bartram, Jr., father of James H. Bartram and grandfather of James Jones Bartram and John William Bartram. The mortgage references "Land above described upon a partition being made of the Estate late of James H. Bartram deceased pursuant to an order of the Orphan's Court for the City and County of Philadelphia was allotted and assigned unto the said James Jones Bartram in severalty in fee."

Bartram, John and James Bartram
1807 March-1808 March 

Account with Nathan Jones.

Bartram, John-Bond to Margaret Robberts
1804 April 29 
Bartram, John-Estate-auditor J.K. Kane's request
1822 Sept 9 
Bartram, John-Estate-Ann B. Carr

Claim for wages.

Bartram, John-Estate-claimant's statement
Bartram, John-Estate-executors
1822 May 2 
Bartram, John-Estate-executors of first hearing (copy)
Bartram, John-Estate-hearing of case
1822 May-September 
Bartram, John-Estate-inventory
1812 May 25 
Bartram, John-Estate-Nathan Jones
Bartram, John-Estate-Nathan Jones
1796 September 28-1810 April 27 box Oversize
Bartram, John-Estate-Nathan Jones
Bartram, John-Estate-Nathan Jones
Bartram, John-Estate-John K. Kane, auditor
1822 April 30 
Bartram, John-Estate-letters Testamentiary and John Bartram's will
1813 January 6 
Bartram, John-Estate-meeting by F.E. Brewster
1822 April 26 
Bartram, John-Estate-J.B. Norbury to F.E. Brewster
1822 April 27 
Bartram, John-Estate-notes
Bartram, John-Estate-settlement
1821 November 26 
Bartram, John-Lease to James H. Bartram and Robert Carr
1809 December 1 

Other Descriptive Information: Originally identified William Bartram and Robert Carr as lease holders.  Correction: James H. Bartram and Robert Carr were lease holders.

Bayard, J.N. to R.M. Lewis
1830 April 30 
Bearly, N., et al to F.R. Shunk
1845 December 23 
Beaufort, Sir Francis to H. Grinnell
1857 March 12 
Beckham, A. to David Hartz
1845 April 28 
Beidman, D. to E.K. Price
1856 December 27 
Bell, John A. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 February 3 
Benedict, E.C. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1850 May 16 
Bennett, Lorenzo T. to Dr. Hawks
1853 April 5 
Bernstorff to Jacob Sperry
1823 July 6 
Berrell, Jeremiah to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 May 14 
Bethune, George W. to Judge Kane
1854 December 28 
Bethune, G.W. to R. Dunglison
1858 February 23 
Betts, Samuel to Hon. J.K. Kane
1847 April 20 
Beven, Matthew L. to Hon. J.K. Kane (with receipts)
Biddle, J. Williams to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 December-1846 January 
Biddle, Thomas to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 June 2 
Bigler, William to Hon. J.K. Kane
1855 May-1858 January 
Bills, receipts, etc.
Binns, John to John K. Kane Esq.
Binns, John to J. Randall
1846 July 2 
Birckhead, P.E. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 June 20 
Birckhead, P.E. to Jacob Snider, Jr.
1845 June 20 
Black, Charles A. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Black, Samuel W. to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 July 13 
Blackman, M.S. to Hon. John K. Kane; to Mr. Wharton, Esq.
Blackman, Samuel A. to John K Kane, Esq.
1845 September 30 
Blankman, Edmon to Hon. John K. Kane and Robert C. Greir
1848 August 30 
Bonham, J. Willis, et al to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 June 21 
Bowen, Charles to Hon. J.K. Kane
1841 January 12 
Bowman, George W. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 October 24 
Boyle, John to Hon. John K. Kane
1833 August 28 
Bradford, Eliza to Gov. Shunk
1845 September 20 
Bradford, Thomas to John K. Kane Esq.
1841 October-1841 December 
Bradford, Thomas to William G. Leiper
1841 September 30 
Bradley, Ravenel to J.K. Kane
1857 September 9 
Brady, Francis E.
1845 June 28 

Motion for deposition of witnesses.

Brandt, Joseph to Mr. Thomas
1796 June 19 

Other Descriptive Information: Removed by Mr. T.C. Cope - 1969 November 11

Brandywine, U.S. frigate

Other Descriptive Information: See: Parker, F.A. Log of the U.S. frigate Brandywine; Logbook #7.

Brazer, I. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 September 15 
Breese, Sidney to Hon. John J. Kane
1846 June 17 
Bridges, S.A. to John K. Kane Esq.
1845 September 26 
Bridges, S.A. to W.J. Leiper
1844 November 2 
Briggs, G. to George Stephenson
1857 April 2 
Brisbin, John to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 November 4 
Brooke, Charles W. to Francis Wharton
1845 January 8 
Brooke, James M. to Evan Thomas
1825 April 27 
Brown, A.E. to John K. Kane Esq.
1846 February 1 
Brown, B. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1836 June 13 

Written in Senate Chamber, Washington DC.

Brown, B.

Autograph - franking privilege

Brown, David Paul to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 June 
Brown, David Paul to Struthers & Son
1841 March 15 
Brown, R. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 March-1846 February 
Browne, John C. to J.P. Green
1857 September 26 
Browne, Peter A. to John K. Kane Esq.
1845 May 

Includes letter from G.M. Dallas to Peter Browne, dated 1845 June 2.

Buchanan, Andrew J. to J.K. Kane Esq.
1846 April 9 
Buchanan, James to John K. Kane, Esq.

Letters from President James Buchanan dated: 1831 November 15; 1836 February 26; 1839 October 5; 1839 October 7; 1840 December 13; 1841 September 14; 1844 July 1; 1844 September 30.

Burnside, James to Col. James Page; to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 April 1,1846 Feb 28 
Butler, Pierce to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 June 11 
Cadwalader, John to John K. Kane, Esquire
1832 November-1838 October 
Cadwalader, Thomas to Jomingo De Gioconria
1853 October 4 
Cadwalader, T. to John K. Kane Esq.
1835 April 29 
Cadwalader, Thomas, Gen. to Hon. John K. Kane
Cadwel, M. D. to J.P. Green
1858 August 23 
Caldwell, John to Thomas Caldwell
1845 September 15 
Caldwell, Dr.Thomas

Letters from Lavinia Sinclaire, William Caldwell, John Finlay.

Calhoun, John C.

Address leaf.

Callahan, Williams, et al to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 December 16 
Cameron, Simon to Jesse R. Burden
1846 June 16 
Camp, Enoch Ely to President M. van Buren
1840 July 13 
Campbell, George Tucker to J.K. Kane Esq.
Campbell, H. to W. J. Leiper
Campbell, Hugh to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 June-1857 April 
Campbell, Thomas P. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 April 21 
Campener, A. to G.M. Dallas
1841 March 8 
_______ to Benjamin Carr
1825 December 21 
Carr, Robert to Francis E. Brewster
1822 January 17 
Cass, Lewis to Hon. J.K. Kane
Cass, Lewis to George Plitt
1850 September 20 
Chambers, M. to David Paul Brown
1846 June 1 
Chandler, Joseph R. to Hon. John K. Kane
1848 March-1857 December 
Chapman, Henry to Hon. J.K. Kane
1858 January 28 
Chase, T.B. to W.H. Weaver
Chauncey, Charles to John K. Kane, Esq.
Chew, A.S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1839 February 23 
Chew, Anne S.P. to Mr. Kane
1845 August 18 
Childs, George W.to J.K. Kane
1858 January 13 
Christie, Stuart to Robert Taylor
1849 April 19 
Clark, J.G. to J.K. Kane
1845 October 
Cochran, Michael to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 April 13 
Collet, Mack M. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1833 December 30 
Collins, Samuel P. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 September 25 
Collis, Charles H.T. to Delphian Cricket Club
1859 April 8 
Consaden, James and Company to Robert Taylor
1849 March 22 
Constable, Mrs. Alida van Renssalaer Kane to J.K. Kane, Esq.
Conwell, Henry

Extract from book of Baptisms.

Cooper, Patrick Kane to John K. Kane, Judge
1849 April 3 
Corbin, John S. to Mary S. Corbin
1841 July 22 
Corzell, Lewis S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Crabbe, William H. to Hon. John K. Kane
1856 December 17 
Cracroft, G.A. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 December 8 
Cracroft, G.A. to F.R. Shunk
1845 January 7 
Craig, Andrew C.
1862 January 20 


Crano, William J. to Gov. F.R. Shunk
Creacraft, E.G. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 February 6 
Cresson, Mr. to _______
1856 November 1 
Cresswell, Harry to Mrs. Eliza Leiper
1853 April 5 
Cresswell, John to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 May 21 
Cromley, S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1841 June 9 
Crozer, John P. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1856 December 9 
Crump, G.W. to John Kane, Esq.
1841 November 5 
Culbertson, S.D. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1862 April 25 
Cuyler, Theodore to John Kane, Esq.
1845 October 6 
Da Costa, Jacob Mendez to Bourghelly
1857? May 20 
Dade, L.A. to "Dear Sir"
1849 December 10 
Dallas, George Mifflin to John K. Kane
1836-1857, undated 
Damon, Pardon to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1845 April 31 
Dana, Richard R., Jr. to J.R. Ingersoll
1847 January 6 
Darsie, George to J.K. Kane, Esq.

Letters dated: 1846 February 5; 1846 February 10; 1846 February 19.

Davis, John
1823 May 6 

Certification of Thomas Caldwell. See also: Merritt, George

Davis, William H. and Edward Shippen to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 February 9 
Dawson, M.L. to T.L. Kane
1857 May 20 
Delaware Coal Company to J.K. Kane, Esq.
Democracy of Tennessee to Hon. John K. Kane
1844 June 17 

Committee invitation.

Democratic Citizens of Bradford County, Pa. to Hon. John K. Kane
1844 August 6 


Democratic Committee of Publication, Philadelphia


Desilver, Robert P. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 January 29 
Desmond, Daniel I. to "My Dear Sir"
1846 June 18 
Dewees, Theodore to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1841 June 10 
Dewees, William P.
1835 January 8 


Dexter, S. Newlin to Hon. John K. Kane
1856 January 28 
Dickerson, Mahlon to John K. Kane, Esq.
1836 September 19 
Dickins, Asbury to Jas. K Kane, Esq.
1834 October 14 
Diller, A. to J.K. Kane, Esq
1845 September-1846 January 
Diller, Isaac R. to Hon. John K. Kane
Dobbin, J.C. to Hon. John K. Kane
1855 February 4 
Dodson, R.B. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846 February 4 
Drumm, August to F.R. Shunk
1846 April 6 
Drumm, August, et al.
1846 March 


Duane, W.J. to J.K. Kane
1831 June 22 
Duffey, David to J.K. Kane, Esq.
Dumotton, William to Thomas Caldwell (photocopy)
1821 October 29 
Dunglison, Robley to J.K. Kane
1849 February 1 
Dunham, L.B. to "My Dear Sir"
1845 April 8 
Dunlap,____ to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1858 February 13 
Dunlop, F. to Hon. John K. Kane
1848 April 6 
DuPonceau, Peter Stephen to John K. Kane, Esq.
1835 November 20 
Du Val, Gabriel Bertrand to John K. Kane, Esq.
Duval, Matilda
Easton (Pa.) Democratic supporters
1846 January 19 
Eaton, John H. to Hon. John K. Kane
1841 November 15 
Elder, William to J.K. Kane
1858 January 12 
Elliott, J.D. to J.H. Eaton
1841 October 29 
Elliott, Samuel to Isaac Elliott
1846 September 11 
Elwell, Edward to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 December 11 
English Aggression in Honduras
Everest, G.W. to J.K. Kane
1845 October 31 
Everett, Edward to Hon. John K. Kane
Ewing, John H. to Gov. Shunk
1845 December 
Faries, Robert to T.L. Kane
Farmers and Mechanicks Bank of Philadelphia.
1857 December 1 

See also: Kane, Elisha Kent. Estate; and, Atkinson, vs. Farmers Bank.

Fassett, Schuyler to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 October 22 
Fausset, John to John K. Kane, Esq.
1841 November 23 
Fayette County Commissioners to J.K. Kane
1846 March 9 
Fegen, John to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 March 2 
Fern Rock materials
Ferrel, William to Hon. John K. Kane
1858 January 5 
Fessett, Schuyler to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 February 
Findlay, John K. to John K. Kane, Esq.
First Troop of Philadelphia Cavalry
Firth, Thomas T. to John K. Kane
1845 July 22 
Fisher & Brother to J.P. Green
1865 September 
Fisher, C.H. to Judge Kane
Fisher, Joshua Francis to H.D.Gilpin
Fisher, Redwood to H.D. Gilpin
Flagg, A.C. to J.K. Kane Esq.
1840 September-December 
Flanigan, J.R. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1857 April 18 
Florence, Thomas B. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1858 January 16 
Folwell, Robert to Gov. H.R. Shunk
1846 January 31 
Forney, John W. to T.L. Kane
1853 December 17 
Forney, John W. to Hon. John K. Kane
1847-1854, undated 
Forsyth, John to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1836 January 5 
Foster, Alexander W. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1845 August-1846 February 
Foster, William B., Jr. to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 July 4 
Fox, George to J.K. Kane
1831 February 19 
Fraley, Frederick to John K. Kane, Esq.
Franklin, Lady Jane
1860 November 21 


Frazer, John Fries to Hon. J.K. Kane
1858 January-February 
Freeland, David S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
French, C.G. to Hon J.K. Kane
1845 May 2 
Frost, John E. to "Dear Sir"
1833 August 23 
Galbraith, William A. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 June 29 
Gemmill, J.M. to A. Boyd Hamilton
1846 April 24 
Gerhard, B. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1844, 1853 
Geyelin, G. to Henry Taylor
1850 November 1 
Gilpin, Henry Dilworth to John K. Kane, Esq.
Gilpin, Thomas W. to John K Kane, Esq.
1845 July 22 
Girard Bank

Memorial to State Senate and House of Rep. for passage of an Act for the reduction of the Capital Stock of the girard Bank. Assets of Girard Bank April 1845.

Girard College
1835 January 5 

Cost of carving capitals.

Girard, Stephen

Estate - Marble work done by Struthers.

Glossbrenner, A.J. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 April 16 
Goddard, Charles B. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1834 February 4 
Goddard, Kingston to Hon. J.K. Kane
1858 January 19 
Goodfellow, Henry

The facts relating to the separation of the Ship's Company of the Brig. Advance. Written by Henry Goodfellow by command of Miss Bessie Kane. Received August 13, 1973 - Gift of Mrs. E. Paul DuPont

Graff, Charles to Hon. John K. Kane
1831 August-1832 April 
Graham, G.W. to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 April 24 
Graham, John to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846 February 18 
Gray, Joseph to Gov. Shunk
1845 November 20 
Greeley, Horace to "My Dear Kane"
1849 July 27 
Green, A. to Francis Wharton
1845 January 18 
Green, John P. to Mrs. J.D.L. Kane
_______ to Hon. John P. Green
Greig, John to John K. Kane, Esq.
Greig, Joseph
1845 November 20 
Grey, William to F.R. Shunk
1845 September 29 
Grier, R.C. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846-1854, undated 
Grier, R.C. to J.C. Molloy
1853 November 14 
Griffin, S.P. to Hon. Judge Kane
1855 March 12 
Grinnell, Henry to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1851-1856, undated 
Grotten, Joseph to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1849 February 8 
Guillere to Mr. Sheppard
1865 September 
Guillou, Constant to John K. Kane, Esq.
Guillou, Constant to Mrs. Kane
May 13 
Gwin, Alen to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846 May 13 
Gwin, James to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846 April 24 
Hague, Thomas to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 April 11 
Hamburger, Herman to J.P. Green
1861 August 26 
Hamilton, Alexander to R. Morris
1790 March 19 
Hamilton, Mrs. A. to George Washington

Other Descriptive Information: A photocopy of a fragmant. Returned to Mr. T.C. Cope - 1969 November 11.

Hamilton, Elizabeth (Mrs. Alexander)
Hamilton, William to Mr. Caldwell
1821 October 29 

Also, a cure for convulsions.

Harris, George W. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1830 October 11 
Harris, Thomas to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 April -1849 December 
Harris, Thomas to J.A. Kearny
1846 February 9 
Harrison, Sophia to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 December 27 
Hartz, David to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 February-March 
Hatcher, Lewis M. to Judge J.K. Kane
1858 February 2 
Hawes, Horace to John K. Kane, Esq.
Hayes, P. Barry to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1845 April 14 
Hayes, S.B. to F.R .Shunk
1846 January 5 
Helme, S.P. to W.J. Leiper
1841 February 4 
Hepburn, Joseph to Hon. J.K. Kane
November 17 
Hickman, John to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 July-September 
Hieskell, W.B. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1841 December 30 
Hildeburn, Henry M. to W.H. Weaver
1849 December 23 
Hilgard, Julius Erasmus to Hon. J.K. Kane
1849 April-1858 January 
Hillman, Joseph, et al


Hilsmann, Heinrich to Friedrich Hilsmann
1805 July 28 
Hinds, C.H. to William Word
1857 January 8 
Hinton, H.A. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 October 8 
Hirst, W.L. to J.K. Kane
February 14 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania to John K. Kane Esq.
1844 July 3 
Hitchcock, L.P. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1846 January 5 
Hobart, John H. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Hodge, Langford Lovell to John K. Kane, Esq.
1842 October 18 
Hoe, M.S., Mrs. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 October 
Hoelker, L. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Hollingsworth, Henry to Hon. J.K. Kane
1847 January 19 
Hopkins, William to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 August 9 
Hopkinson, Francis to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 October 26 
Hopkinson, Francis, et al
1843 November 13 
Hopkinson, J. to J.K. Kane
Horn, Henry to J.K. Kane
1844 July 11 
Horn, J.O. to G.M. Dallas
1844 July 17 
Houston, J.W. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 March 27 

Folder includes letter from the Mayamensing Bank, Philadelphia to J.W. Houston, Esq.

Houston, Samuel to J.K. Kane
1825? May 25 
Howard to Hon John K. Kane
1846 February 6 
Hubbell, Ferdinand W. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Hughes, J.J. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1841 August 30 
Indian Rights Association
Indigent Widows and Single Women's Society
1866 January 4 


Ingersoll, Edward to John F. Gibson
1828 October 3 
Ingersoll, Joseph R. to Hon. J.K. Kane
Ingersoll, R.I. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1844 August 16 
Ingham, Samuel D. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Ingraham, A., et al
April 12 


Irvine, W.P. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 April 2 
Irving, Washington to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 March 1 
Irving, Washington


Irwin, J. Andie to J.K. Kane
1845 November 11 
Irwin, J.R. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 February 21 
Irwin, John to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 June 12 
Jackson, Andrew to Henry Simpson, et al
1837 January 4 

President of the United States. (facsimile)

Jackson, G.W. to A.B. Hamilton
1846 April 19 
Janeway, J.J. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
Janeway, J.J. to Mrs. Kane
Jayne, W.S. to Hon. John K. Kane
1745 November 26 
Jessup, William Y. to William Strickland
1834 October 3 
Jessup, William Y. to John K. Kane Esq.
1836 June 16 
Joachimssen, P.I. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Johnson, C. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 November 8 
Johnson, Charles to John K. Kane, Esq.
March 19 
Johnson, O.F. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 August 8 
Johnson, T.W. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1845 November 28 
Jones, Joel to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 January 24 
Jones, J.P. to J.K. Kane
1845 November 6 
Jones, M. Hale to John K. Kane, Esq.
Jones, Nathan to John Bartram
1795 March 11 


Jones, Nathan to Margaret Robert
1820 May 30 


Jordan, A. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 May 27 
Judson, L.C. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1845 December 11 
Justus, Philip, et al to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 January 21 
Kane, Alida V.R. to John Kintzing Kane
1820 August 12 
Kane, Bessie to Dr. J.K. Kane, Jr.
July 30, August 18 
Kane, Bessie to Dr. John K. Kane, Jr.
Kane, C.V.S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, E.D., Mrs. to J.P. Green
Kane, E.K. to Bessie Kane
1848 July 4 
Kane, Elias K. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1819 December; 1829 February 
Kane, Elias Kent to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, Elias Kent to Elisha Kane
1829 January 16 
Kane, Elisha Kent to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, Elizabeth D. to Elizabeth K. Kane (mother)
1857 September 
Kane, Elizabeth D. to J.P. Green
Kane, Elizabeth F to 'My dear mother'
1864 August 30 
Kane, Elizabeth F. to Mrs Kane (mother)
Kane, Elizabeth Kintzing (mother) to John Kintzing Kane (son)

Letters from mother of John K. Kane.

Kane Family genealogy
Kane, Francis Fisher to W.H. Brawley
1892 March 15 
Kane, James to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, James to Mrs. James D.L. Kane
1846 June 17 
Kane, James to Mrs. Sally Morris
1847 June 29 
Kane, Jane Duval Leiper, Mrs. to Mrs. Bessie (Elizabeth) Kane Shields
Kane, Jane Duval Leiper, Mrs. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, Jane Duval Leiper, Mrs. to Dr. John K. Kane, Jr.
Kane, Jane Duval Leiper, Mrs. to W.H. Weaver
Kane, J.K.

American Philosophical Society material in re "Junto"

Kane, J.K.
1844 June 

Biographical notes on G.M. Dallas.

Kane, J.K.
1841 October 18 

Concerning treatment of the insane, (copy)

Kane, J.K.
1854 December 1 

Eulogy for R.M. Patterson for American Philosophical Society.

Kane, J.K.
1835 May 19 

Eulogy for Simeon DeWitt delivered by J.K.Kane to the American Philosophical Society. Manuscript removed from 920 Pam. v. 40 #6

Kane, J.K.
1823 May 22 

Indenture....Presbyterian Ministers Fund.

Kane, J.K.

List of Deeds executed.

Kane, J.K.
1847 March 6 


Kane, J.K.

Prison reform.

Kane, J.K.
1841 April 30 

Sale of Library Company of Philadelphia share to Elisha K. Kane.

Kane, J.K.

Speech to the American Philosophical Society.

Kane, J.K.
1845 April 

Veto message for the Girard Bank Bill, written for Gov. Shunk.

Kane, J.K.
1847 March 27 


Kane, J.K. to J.W. Ashmead & G. Randle
1842 October 15 
Kane, J.K. to A.D. Bache
1857 October 24 
Kane, J.K. to Gen. Barnard
1829 October 28 
Kane, J.K. to William Paul Crillon Barton
1842 June 29-7/8x8

A.L.S. 1p.and add. Verifying birth date of his son Elisha Kent Kane.

General physical description: 9-7/8x8

Kane, J.K. to Democratic Citizens of Bradford County
1844 August 
Kane, J.K. to Mr. Draper
1857 June 
Kane, J.K. to John Dubarry
1824 April 21 
Kane, J.K. to editor
Kane, J.K. to Dr. William Elder
1857 August 19? 

Notes written about Elisha K Kane's youth, education, and sea voyages as a surgeon aboard naval ships. Description of Eastern Andes of Brazil, India, Ceylon, China, Island of Luson, Egypt, Africa. Description of slave mart in Dahomey (Africa) and predatory wars of inner Africa amongst chieftains that sought for prisoners as victims of sacrifice.

Kane, J.K. to John K. Findlay
January 4 
Kane, J.K. to F. Fraley
1853 September 15 
Kane, J.K. to H.D. Gilpin
Kane, J.K. to R.C. Grier
Kane, J.K. to H. Grinnell
Kane, J.K. to John S. Hart
1843 October 26 
Kane, J.K. to Charles F. Heazlitt
1855 July 18 
Kane, J.K. to L.L. Hodge
1832 November 8 
Kane, J.K. to F. Hopkinson
1846 October 23 
Kane, J.K. to Mrs. S.B. Hughes
1832 March 31 
Kane, J.K. to Mr. Ingham
1844 November 23 
Kane, J.K. to Elias K. Kane
1829 September 26 
Kane, J.K. to Mrs. Jane D.L. Kane
1833 February 4 
Kane, J.K. to Theodore Kane
1841 June 1 
Kane, J.K. to T.L. Kane
1838 January 1 
Kane, J.K. to W.J. Leiper
Kane, J.K. to W.M. Meredith
1832 November 15 
Kane, J.K. to Jesse Miller
1846 March 30 
Kane, J.K. to John S. Mumford
1844 August 30 
Kane, J.K. to Mrs. Helen Patterson
1830 July 23 
Kane, J.K. to W. Phelps
1848 June 14 
Kane, J.K. to Pres. Pierce
1854 November 9 
Kane, J.K. to Mr. Price
1854 March 29 
Kane, J.K. to S.E. Rice
1831 August 2 
Kane, J.K. to Bessie Kane Shields
Kane, J.K. to F.R. Shunk
Kane, J.K. to Mrs. A. Van Rensselaer, Constable
Kane, J.K. to H.I. Williams
1843 November 
Kane, J.K. to J.W. Wood
1858 November 5 
Kane, J.K. to ________
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Account of a dance

Other Descriptive Information: First page missing

Kane, J.K., Jr.- Arctic Diary (photocopy)
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Notes on Arctic voyage #1 (photocopies)
1857 May - 1858 April 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Notes on Arctic voyage #2 (photcopies)
1857 May - 1858 April 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Notes on Arctic voyage #3 (photcopies)
1857 May - 1858 April 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Notes on Arctic voyage #4 (photocopies)
1857 May - 1858 April 
Kane, J.K., Jr. to Bessie Kane
1851 November 18 
Kane, J.K., Jr. to Kane family
Kane, J.K., Jr. to J.K. Kane & family
1857 - 1858 
Kane, J.K., Jr. to mother and father
Kane, J.K., Jr.- note

Address: Arctic Expedition

Kane, J.K., Jr. to Robert Patterson Kane
August 23 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Passport
1857 May 22 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- Private journal

United States Arctic Expedition - U S Steam Brig "Arctic" - in search of Dr Elisha Kane by order of congress. Under command of Captain Hartstein.

Kane, J.K., Jr. to Bessie Kane Shields
1861 March 22 
Kane, J.K., Jr.- A Summer's Trip to the Arctic Region
1856 May 

For Putnam's Magazine.

Kane, J.L. to Elizabeth Kane
1843 August 9 
Kane, John to Elisha Kane
December 28 
______ to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kane, Robert Patterson

Regarding death of J.K. Kane - estate of Thomas L. Kane

Kane, Robert Patterson to mother and father
Kane, Robert van Rensselaer to Elisha Kane
1810 December 19 
Kane, Robert van Rensselaer to Mrs. E.K. Kane
Kane, Theodore to John K. Kane, Esq.
1841 May 29 
Kane, Thomas Leiper to family
Kane, Thomas Leiper to John K. Kane Esq.
Kane, Thomas Leiper to Hon. John K. Kane
1857 February 20 
Kane, Thomas Leiper to Dr. John K. Kane, Jr.
1868 July 3 
Kane, Thomas Leiper to W.J. Leiper
1846 July 
Kane, Thomas Leiper to Mr. Merrick
1857 May 23 
Kane, Thomas Leiper to P.M. Price
Kane, Thomas Leiper- recommendations
1846 June 11 
Kane, William L. to Thomas L. Kane
May 8 
Kearney, John A. to B. Franklin Bache
1844 December 
Kearney, John A. to David Henshaw
1844 April 
Keim, George M. to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 June 
Kelley, William D. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 December 31 
Kendall, Amos to H.D. Gilpin
1839 October 26 
Kent, Edward to the representatives of the late Dr. Kane
1866 March 

Letter addressed: "To the representatives of the late doctor Kane of world-wide fame. Or of his great grandfather the Rev Elisha Kent formerly of Massachusetts. America"

King, John P. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kinney, W.C. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1844 August 7 
Kirkbride, Thomas S. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Kline, George M. to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 August 7 
Kossuth, L. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
1851 December 31 
Kurtz, W.H. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 April 12 
Laporte, John to Hon. John K. Kane
Latrobe, John Hazlehurst Boneval to Hon. J.K. Kane
1849 November 10 
Laughlin, H.H. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1844 May 30 
Law, John to "My dear Kane"
1845 March 11 
Law, John to Daniel Lord
1839 August 5 
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company
1844 November 14 
Leiper, George Gray, 1786-1868.
Leiper, George G., et al - agreement
Leiper, Mary B. to Judge Kane
Leiper, Mary B. to Mr. Clay
1858 March 19 
Leiper, Mary B..
Leiper, Mary B. to "My Dear Sister"
March 11 
Leiper, Mrs.- account with receipts
Leiper, Samuel M. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1846 March 9 

See also: Coffin, William; Lex, C. F., et al; and, Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

Leiper, Samuel M. to Mrs. J.D.L. Taylor
1852 April 19 
Leiper, Thomas- estate
Leiper, William Jones to John K. Kane, Esq.
1826, 1844-1846 
Lemon, P. and W.S. Jayne to John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 September 29 
Lewis, Ellis to John K. Kane, Esq.
1843 April 10 
Lewis, George T. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1852 November 19 
Lewis, R.M. to John K. Kane, Esq.
Lewis, William D. to J.K. Kane, Esq.
Linn, L.F.

Autographs - franking privilege.

List, Christopher to F.R. Shunk
1846 January 26 
Little and Elwell to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 September 18 
Livermore, D. to Hon. John K. Kane, Esq.
1845 December 21 
Livingston, J.K. to Hon. J.K. Kane
1846 October 5 
Livingston, R. Dwight to Hon. John K. Kane
1846 November 19 
Longacre, Henry C.- recommendation
Oct 2 
Longstreth, Morris to Hon. John K. Kane
Lord, B. to Stephen Baldwin
1838 January 10 
Lowrie, J. Roberts to J.N. Purviance
1846 April 27 
MacArthur, Mrs. Mary Hess to Hon John K Kane
1846 March 23 
MacGregor, Daniel to Hon. John K. Kane
Mackubin, James to W.H. Weaver
Macmanus, James to Hon. John K. Kane
1845 April 8 
Madiera, Louis C. to J.K. Kane
1845 November 25 
Madison, G.A. to John K. Kane, Esq.
1833 December 5 
Magdalen Society
1845 September 8