Ernst W. Caspari Papers


Date: 1932-1980 | Size: 9.5 Linear feet, ca 10,000 items


Ernst Wolfgang Caspari was an important contributor to behavior and developmental genetics, working primarily on the mealmoth Ephestia. Trained in Alfred Kuhn's laboratory at the University of Göttingen (1933-1935), Caspari was forced from his position by the Nazis in 1933, escaping to the United States five years later. As a professor of biology at Lafayette College, Wesleyan University, and the University of Rochester, Caspari continued his research on Ephestia, mouse genetics, and behavior genetics until his retirement in 1975.

The Caspari Papers includes correspondence, papers, grant reports, and lectures relating to Caspari's genetic research dating primarily from the period after his departure from Germany. In addition to substantial material on behavior genetics and human evolution, the collection includes correspondence relating to Caspari's editorial work for Advances in Genetics, and his involvement with the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Fifth Banff Conference on Theoretical Psychology, Genetics Society of America, International Conference on the Unity of Science, Social Science Research Council, Committee on Genetics and Behavior, and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Background note

As a doctoral student and assistant professor at the University of Göttingen, Ernst Caspari was part of Alfred Kuhn's research team investigating the developmental genetics of the mealmoth Ephestia kuhniella. In his groundbreaking work on the effects of a pleiotropic gene, Caspari helped establish the basis for sorting out the complex relationship between genes and the temporal and spatial sequence of events in ontogeny, and he contributed to Kuhn's "one gene, one enzyme" hypothesis. With the rise to power of the Nazi Party, however, Caspari's career in Germany came to an abrupt end and in 1933 he was forced to leave the country. After three years as an assistant in microbiology at the University of Istanbul, where his research was restricted to disease transmission by mosquitoes and bedbugs, he arrived in the United States in 1938 to take up a fellowship at Lafayette College, later earning an appointment as assistant professor of biology.

At Lafayette, Caspari developed fruitful collaborations with L. C. Dunn of Columbia University and his graduate student Paul R. David, working on a variety of problems in mouse genetics, and after studying the effects of the kinky tail mutant, he developed what would become a lifelong interest in behavior genetics. He also managed to revive his work with Ephestia, exploring biochemical aspects of the aa eye color mutant. He remained active in both systems, Ephestia and the mouse, for the remainder of his career.

After becoming a naturalized citizen in 1944, Caspari moved to the University of Rochester to work with another German refugee, Curt Stern, on projects associated with the genetics program of the Manhattan Project. The Rochester group was commissioned to investigate the influence of chronic irradiation by low doses of gamma rays on the mutation rates of genes in the fruitfly Drosophila.

Upon moving to Wesleyan University in 1946, Caspari returned to his interests in the developmental genetics of Ephestia, including pleiotropy (especially behavioral effects), cytoplasmic inheritance, gene modifiers, and evolutionary effects such as selective differentials. During a two-year leave of absence at the Department of Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor (1947-1949), he collaborated with several colleagues to determine the protein differences between the wildtype a+a+ genotype and the aa mutant genotype of Ephestia (as well as another moth Ptychopoda seriata), and he investigated antibody formation in caterpillars and mitochondrial differences in genetic strains of mice. He was twice a fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (1956-1957 and 1965-1966) working in behavior genetics.

Although administrative commitments as department chair (1960-1966) somewhat curtailed Caspari's research after his return to Rochester in 1960, he and a visiting German colleague, H. J. Pohley, worked productively on somatic mutations induced by purine analogues and on interactions between the endocrine system and developing tissues in Ephestia, and he helped develop a refresher course on behavior genetics for the American Society of Zoologists in 1964. He retired to emeritus status at Rochester in 1975.

Throughout his career Caspari was active in professional organizations, serving as Vice President and President of the Genetics Society of America (1965 and 1966), and Vice President of the American Society of Naturalists (1960). He made a particular impact on the profession as an editor of both Advances in Genetics (1960-1970) and later of Genetics (1968-1972), and in service on the editorial boards of American Naturalist, Behavior Genetics, and Behavioral Science. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1959 and was recipient of the Theodosius Dobzhansky Award for Research by the Behavior Genetics Association in 1979.

Scope and content

The Caspari Papers provide a relatively complete record of the research and professional commitments of the developmental and behavioral geneticist, Ernst W. Caspari, after his emigration to the United States in 1938. The 9.5 linear feet of correspondence, manuscripts of papers, lecture notes, and grant reports center on Caspari's research on the genetics of the mealmoth Ephestia and mice and his interests in behavior genetics and evolutionary biology.

The heart of the collection is a thorough run of professional correspondence relating to Caspari's research and his collaborations with Milislav Demerec, L. C. Dunn and others, as well as his correspondence as editor of the journal Genetics and Advances in Genetics. In addition to manuscripts of several of Caspari's papers, the collection includes notes for lectures on developmental genetics, and a small number of grant reports for his research on Ephestia and on mice, and information on his service on the preparatory committees for the 10th and 14th International Congresses of Genetics.

The collection is organized in a single series, arranged alphabetically by the name of the correspondent, writer, or subject. There are approximately 20 photomicrographs.

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Gift of Ernst W. Caspari, 1980.

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Cite as: Ernst W. Caspari Papers, American Philosophical Society.

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Related material

The APS has a complete run of Advances in Genetics during the periods it was edited by Milislav Demerec and Ernst Caspari (Call no.: 575.05 Ad9 v.1-29).

Additional correspondence of Caspari's is located in the papers of Milislav Demerec (B D394), L.C. Dunn (B D917), James B. Murphy (B M956), and Curt Stern (Ms. Coll. 5).

Genetics Note

Academic PressCorrespondence (257 items)1946-1980
Advances in GeneticsCorrespondence (612 items)1944-1979
Ahuja, Mulk RajCorrespondence (38 items)1975-1979
American Institute of Biological SciencesCorrespondence (35 items)1960-1968
American Society of NaturalistsCorrespondence (67 items)1960-1964
Anders, FritzCorrespondence (51 items)1974-1980
Braun, Joachim WernerCorrespondence (92 items)1950-1953
Caspari, Ernst WilhelmManuscripts (Approximately 100 folders)1956-1979
Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm -- Source Book in the History of ScienceCorrespondence (31 items)1961-1980
Caspari, Ernst Wilhelm and Ravin, Arnold -- Genetic Organization, volume IICorrespondence (132 items)1968-1974
Champlin, Arthur KingsleyCorrespondence (27 items)1965-1979
Chatard, PatriciaCorrespondence (53 items)1966-1969
Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCorrespondence (86 items)1959-1966
Cotter, William B.Correspondence (51 items)1956-1977
Dalton, ClarkCorrespondence (59 items)1948-1970
Demerec, MilislavCorrespondence (80 items)1940-1963
Dobzhansky, TheodosiusCorrespondence (36 items)1961-1971
Dunn, Leslie ClarenceCorrespondence (71 items)1939-1971
Egelhaaf, AlbrechtCorrespondence (112 items)1957-1978
Ehrman, Lee RothschildCorrespondence (27 items)1962-1975
Eicher, Eva MaeCorrespondence (97 items)1965-1979
Erlenmeyer-Kimling, L.Correspondence (28 items)1962-1973
Firshein, WilliamCorrespondence (43 items)1960-1972
GeneticsCorrespondence (65 items)1963-1973
Genetics Society of AmericaRecords (126 items)1964-1967
Goodrich, Hubert B.Correspondence (109 items)1945-1954
Gottlieb, Frederick JayCorrespondence (46 items)1962-1978
Grants (Atomic Energy Commission)Correspondence (71 items)1961-1970
Grants (National Science Foundation)Correspondence (139 items)1957-1971
Green, Melvin MartinCorrespondence (41 items)1948-1968
Hamburg, David A.Correspondence (30 items)1960-1974
Henke, Karl F. W.Correspondence (20 items)1935-1956
Imberski, Richard B.Correspondence (27 items)1966-1979
International Congress of Genetics. Fourteenth CongressCorrespondence (44 items)1974-1978
Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial LaboratoryCorrespondence (37 items)1961-1976
Kuhn, AlfredCorrespondence (72 items)1936-1948
Mayr, ErnstCorrespondence (36 items)1947-1970
Melchers, GeorgCorrespondence (15 items)1969-1976
Milano, Ann and MadelynCorrespondence (77 items)1960-1963
Miller, Harry C.Correspondence (23 items)1970-1973
Muth, Friedrich WilhelmCorrespondence (95 items)1961-1970
National Research Council. Committee on Basic Research in EducationCorrespondence (112 items)1970-1973
Nawa, SaburoCorrespondence (71 items)1961-1967
New England Psychological AssociationCorrespondence (24 items)1964-1965
Paigen, KennethCorrespondence (61 items)1951-1974
Parker, Evelyn D.Correspondence (27 items)1969-1974
Piepho, HansCorrespondence (13 items)1960-1975
Pohley, Heinz-JoachimCorrespondence (62 items)1958-1968
Schwarz, ErnstCorrespondence (174 items)1932-1964
Seiger, Marvin B.Correspondence (76 items)1965-1978
Snell, George D.Correspondence (60 items)1941-1979
Social Science Research Council. Committee on Genetics and BehaviorCorrespondence (59 items)1961-1980
Stadler, David R.Correspondence (36 items)1971-1973
Stern, CurtCorrespondence (57 items)1946-1970
Teicher, Luz S.Correspondence (57 items)1972-1978
University of Rochester. Department of BiologyCorrespondence (35 items)1969-1979
Vankin, George LawrenceCorrespondence (80 items)1958-1978
Vishniac, Wolf V.Correspondence (25 items)1965-1966
Wallace, BruceCorrespondence (22 items)1955-1971
Watson, Geoffrey S.Correspondence (91 items)1957-1977
Wesleyan UniversityCorrespondence (102 items)1954-1970

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Banff Conference on Theoretical Psychology
  • Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (Stanford, CA)
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences
  • Social Science Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Genetics and Behavior
  • U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
  • University of Rochester--Faculty
  • Wesleyan University--Faculty


  • Grant applications
  • Lectures
  • Photographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Ahuja, M. R., Mulkh Raj, 1933-
  • Anders, Fritz Wilhelm, b. 1919
  • Braun, J. Werner (Joachim Werner), 1914-1972
  • Calhoun, John B.
  • Caspari, Ernst W., 1909-1988
  • Champlin, Arthur Kingsley
  • Chatard, Patricia M.
  • Cotter, William Bryan, Jr.
  • Dalton, Howard Clark
  • Demerec, M. (Milislav), 1895-1966
  • Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grigorievich, 1900-1975
  • Egelhaaf, Albrecht, 1922-
  • Ehrman, Lee
  • Eicher, Eva M. (Eva Mae)
  • Erlenmeyer-Kimling, L.
  • Firshein, W. (William), 1930-
  • Gottlieb, Frederick Jay, 1935-
  • Green, Melvin M.
  • Kühn, Alfred, 1885-1968
  • Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005
  • McClintock, Barbara, 1902-1992
  • Milano, Ann
  • Milano, Madelyn
  • Muth, Friedrich Wilhelm
  • Nawa, Saburo
  • Pohley, Heinz-Joachim
  • Schwarz, Ernst, 1989-
  • Smith, Woollcott
  • Sonneborn, T. M. (Tracy Morton), 1905-1981
  • Stern, Curt, 1902-1981
  • Teicher, Luz S.
  • Vankin, George Lawrence, 1931-
  • Watson, Geoffrey, 1942-
  • Williamson, D.L.
  • Ziegler, Irmgard


  • Advances in Genetics
  • Behavior genetics.
  • Developmental genetics
  • Ephestia
  • Genetics
  • Human evolution
  • Lepidoptera -- Research grants
  • Mouse -- Genetics
  • Political refugees -- Germany

Detailed Inventory

Ernst W. Caspari Papers
1932-19809.5 lin. feet
Abeelen, J. H. F. van
1979 box 1
Abernethy, Virginia
1974 box 1
Academic Press
1946-19809 folders (257 items)box 1

Folder 1 (1946) only: Demerec, Milislav Jacoby, Kurt

Subject(s): Editorial matters; Publication

Advances in Genetics
1944-1979612 itemsbox 1

Subject(s): Genetics; Editorial matters; Invitations; Publication

Abbott, Ursula K.

Mc, Carrey, John R.

Abrahamson, John R.
  box 1
Allard, R. W.
  box 1
Baker, William K.
  box 1
Barry, Edward G.
  box 1
Boyes, J. Wally
  box 1
Bradshaw, A. D.
  box 1
Briles, W. Elwood
  box 1
Brown, Spencer W.
  box 1
Casselton, L. A.
  box 1
Chu, Ernest H. Y.
  box 1
Clausen, Jens
  box 1
Cleland, Ralph E.
  box 1
Courtright, James
  box 1
Curtiss, Roy
  box 1
Delbruck, Max
  box 1
Demerec, Milislav
  box 1
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
  box 1
Dodds, K. S.
  box 1
Doermann, A. H.
  box 1
Dunn, L. C.
  box 1
Eicher, Eva M.
  box 1
Eisenstark, Abraham
  box 1
Englesberg, Ellis
  box 1
Ephrussi, Boris
  box 1
Fox, Alan S.
  box 1
Frankhauser, Gerhard
  box 1
Gardner, Eldon J.
  box 1
Goldberger, Robert
  box 1
Green, Melvin M.
  box 1
Gross, Paul R.
  box 1
Hammerling, J.
  box 1
Hart, Gary E.
  box 1
Hartman, Philip E.
  box 1
Hess and Meyer
  box 1

Hess, Oswald Meyer, Gunther F.

Hoch, James A.
  box 1
Hutt, F. B.
  box 1
Jacob, François
  box 1
Jain, Subodh K.
  box 1
Jenkins, Merle T.
  box 1
Jones, Donald F.
  box 1
Kafer-Boothroyd, Etta
  box 1
Kaiser, Dale
  box 1
King, R. C.
  box 1
Kitzmiller, James B.
  box 1
Konzak, D. F.
  box 1
Lederberg, E. M.
  box 2
Lush, I. E.
  box 2
Lush, Jay L.
  box 2
Malik, Vedpal S.
  box 2
Maly, Roland
  box 2
Martin, Albert
  box 2
Maule, J. P.
  box 2
Milkman, Roger
  box 2
Mishra, N. C.
  box 2
Mosig, Gisela
  box 2
Muller, H. J. (Herman Joseph)
  box 2
Nga, Been Hen
  box 1
Oehlkers, F.
  box 2
Organization of 1944
19442 foldersbox 2

Demerec, Milislav

Organization of, 1945, 1960
1945, 1960 box 2

Demerec, Milislav

Ouweneel, W. J.
  box 2
Paigen, Kenneth
  box 2
Parsons, P. A.
  box 2
Patau, Klaus
  box 2
Patterson, J. T.
  box 2
Peacock, W. J.
  box 2
Perkins, David
  box 2
Poulson, Donald F.
  box 2
Prescott, David M.
  box 2
Ravin, Arnold
  box 2
Rædei, G. P.
  box 2
Reed, Sheldon C.
  box 2
Rick, Charles M.
  box 2
Righter, F. J.
  box 2
Russell, Elizabeth S.
  box 2
Sadgopal, Anil
  box 2
Sager, Ruth
  box 2
Schrader, Franz
  box 2
Schwemmle, Julius
  box 2
Sherman, Fred
  box 2
Simmonds, N. W.
  box 2
Smith, Harold H.
  box 2
Sonneborn, Tracy M.
  box 2
Staudt, Gunther
  box 2
Stebbins, G. Ledyard
  box 2
Steele, Dewey G.
  box 2
Stern, Curt
  box 2
Stinson, Harry
  box 2
Stubbe, Hans
  box 2
Suskind, Sigmund R.
  box 2
Thoday, John M.
  box 2
  box 2
Ursprung, Heinrich
  box 2
Westergaard, Mogens
  box 2
Whiting, Anna R.
  box 2
Wright, Theodore R. F.
  box 2
Ziegler, Irmgard
  box 2
Ahuja, Mulk Raj
1975-19792 folders (38 items)box 2

Subject(s): Recommendations; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Biographical and personal data; Requests for aid in finding positions

Aldine Publishing Co.
1974-1978 box 2
Alexander, Richard D.
1972-1973 box 2
Altmann, Dagmar
1978 box 2
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1962-1978 box 2
American Association for the Advancement of Science
1962 box 2
American Educational Research Association
1967 box 2
American Institute of Biological Sciences
1960-19682 folders (35 items)box 2

Subject(s): Lectures, public speaking -- Visiting lectures; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs -- American Institute of Biological Sciences

American Instrument Company
1959 box 2
American Psychological Association
1960-1962 box 2
American Society of Naturalists
1960-19642 folders (67 items)box 2

Subject(s): American Society of Naturalists -- Nominating committee; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs; American Society of Naturalists -- Honorary membership

American Sociological Association
19633 foldersbox 2

Re: Caspari, "Interactions between Genetic Constitution and Social Factors in Man."

American Type Culture Collection
1966 box 3

Bryson, Vernon

Anders, Fritz
1974-19803 folders (51 items)box 3

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Cancer, chemotherapy; Honors; University of Giessen; International Congress of Genetics; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Genetics

Astaurov, B. L.
1963-1973 box 3

See also Genetics Society of America.

Austin, Gilbert R.
1967 box 3
Bakheteyev, F. K.
1959-1963 box 3
Banff Conference on Theoretical Biology, 5th
1975-19803 foldersbox 3

Royce, Joseph R.

Barnes, Jacqueline K.
1979 box 3
Barr, H. J.
1973 box 3
Beard, Raimon L.
1968 box 3
Beckwith, William C. et al.
1964-1965 box 3

Re: "Determinants of Mental Illness."

Beensheim-Wiener, Marianne
1971 box 3
Behavior Genetics Association
1979 box 3

Dobzhansky Award for research in behavior genetics.

Behavioral Science
1963-19803 foldersbox 3
Bell, Whitfield Jenks.
1974 box 3
Belyaev, D. K.
1967-1975 box 3
Benavides, Carlos Moreno
1974-1975 box 3
Benzer, Seymour
1978 box 3
Bernheimer, Alan W.
1959 box 3
Bieber, Frederick R.
1975 box 3
Biopsychology Symposium
1978 box 3

"Development and Evolution of Brain Size: Behavioral Implications."

Blanc, A. D.
1959-1960 box 3
Bodenstein, Dietrich
1959 box 3
Borstel R. C. von
1961-1972 box 3
Boyes, J. Wally
1972 box 3
Braun, Hugo
1962 box 3
Braun, Joachim Werner
1950-19533 folders (92 items)box 3

Subject(s): Research support -- U. S. Army Chemical Corps; Bacterial genetics; Biographical and personal data

Bregman, Allyn A.
1976 box 3
Bresler, Jack B.
1971 box 3
Brookhaven National Laboratory
1963-1969 box 3
Brosin, Henry W.
1964-1967 box 3
Buchert, Janson G.
1959-1960 box 3
Burla, Hans
1970 box 3
Burns, John M.
1968 box 3
Calhoun, John B.
1976-19782 foldersbox 3
Campbell, Bernard G.
1968-1972 box 3

See Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man.

Cancro, Robert
1969 box 3
Caspari, Ernst W.
1956-1979Approximately 100 folders

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Behavioral genetics, IQ; Lectures, public speaking; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.; Genetics -- Ephestia; Mouse genetics; Human evolution, physical anthropology; Human genetics; Population genetics; Radiation genetics; Cytogenetics; Evolution

Behavior Genetics
 3 foldersbox 3

Re: "Perspectives in Behavior Genetics."

Bibliography and curriculum vitae
  box 3
"Biological Basis of Female Hierarchies"
19756 foldersbox 3
"Biology and Evolution"
  box 3
Commencement address for biology majors
1979 box 3
"Conceptual basis of biology"
  box 3
"Cytoplasmic inheritance"
  box 4
"Developmental genetics"
  box 4
"Effects of radiation on populations"
  box 4
"Evolution and behavior"
  box 4
"Evolutionary outlook in human populations"
  box 4
"Evolutionary theory and the evolution of the human brain"
 3 foldersbox 4
"The future of biology"
  box 4
"Genetic analysis of the resting behavior in Xiphophorine fish"
  box 4
"The genetic control of cytogenesis"
  box 4
"Genetic changes induced by alpha-DNA"
  box 4
"Genetic foundations of morphogenesis"
  box 4
"Genetic implications of ethnology"
  box 4
"Genetics of populations and its importance for human affairs"
  box 4
"Goals and future of behavior genetics: a summation"
19782 foldersbox 4
"Heredity and environment in determination of behavior"
  box 4
"Human origins"
1979 box 4
"Interaction between biological and cultural evolution in man"
  box 4
"Developmental genetics"
197227 foldersbox 4-5

Note: Bio. 135

Lecture: The human species
1971-197815 foldersbox 5

Bio. 135

Lecture notes
 8 foldersbox 5-6
The making of man
  box 6
  box 6
Mutations in mouse
  box 6
"On the structure of genic material"
1956-1957 box 6
"Organization of the cell"
  box 6
Permission to reprint
  box 6
Permit to import strains
1958-19772 foldersbox 6
"Pigment formation in eye of Ephestia and its genetic determination"
  box 6
"Present state of behavior genetics"
  box 6
"Problems in behavior genetics"
  box 6
1960-19662 foldersbox 6
Security clearance
  box 6
"Selective forces in evolution of man"
19612 foldersbox 6


"Transfer of genetic characters by allo-DNA in Ephestia"
 2 foldersbox 6
Caspari, Ernst W. and Eicher.
"Induction of somatic mutations by 5-bromodeoxyuridine in wing-scale system of Ephestia kuhniella Z."
 3 foldersbox 6
Gottlieb, Frederick H. .
  box 6

Gottlieb, Frederick J.

Caspari, Ernst W. and Marshak.
"The rise and fall of Lysenko"
  box 6
Vankin, G. Lawrence.
"Developmental studies of the lethal gene Bld in the mouse"
 2 foldersbox 6

Vankin, G. Lawrence

Watson, G. S. .
"Influence of cytoplasmic pollen sterility on gene exchange between populations"
1965 box 6

Smith, Woollcott Watson, G. S.

Wilcox, David R..
"Xanthing dehydrogenase activity in eye color mutants of Ephestia"
  box 6

Wilcox, David R.

Caspari, Fritz
1963 box 6
Catlin, Wesley
1962 box 6
Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Science (Stanford University)
1962-19772 foldersbox 6
Champlin, Arthur K.
1965-19792 folders (27 items)box 6

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Behavioral genetics, IQ; Mouse genetics; Graduate study

Chance, Michael R. A.
1959, 1979-1980 box 6
Chatard, Patricia M.
1966-19694 folders (53 items)box 7

Subject(s): Embryology, developmental genetics; University of Rochester; Requests for aid in finding positions; Biographical and personal data; Biochemistry and organic chemistry

Chovnick, Arthur
1971 box 7
Clark, Kenneth E.
1966-1967, 1978 box 7
Cleland, Ralph E.
1946 box 7
Cochrane, Vincent W.
1966-1968 box 7
Cobb, Susan
1973 box 7
Coelho, George V.
1968-1970 box 7
Colbert, Phil
1961-1965 box 7

Colbert, Edward

Cold Spring Harbor, "Past, present, and future"
  box 7
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology
1959-19666 folders (86 items)box 7

Subject(s): Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Board of Directors; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Scientific organizations, meetings, programs

Folder #1
1959 box 7
Folder #2
1960 box 7
Folder #3
1961 box 7
Folders #4-5
19622 foldersbox 7
Folder #6
1963-1966 box 7
Committee of Concerned Scientists
1976-1979 box 7
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
1979 box 7
Contemporary Psychology
1960-1961 box 7

Review: Behavior Genetics, Fuller and Thompson.

Corn, Mary L.
1970 box 7
Corson, Stephen
1960-1964 box 7
Cotter, William B.
1956-19774 folders (51 items)box 7

Subject(s): Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; University of Kentucky; Biographical and personal data; Genetics -- Ephestia

Cowgill, U. M.
1979-1980 box 7
Crews, Frederick
1966-1967 box 7
Creyhton, Harriet B.
1972 box 7
Crick, Francis H. C.
  box 7
Culbertson, Michael R.
1971 box 7
Cummings, Michael R.
1970 box 7
Dalton, Clark
1948-19703 folders (59 items)box 7

Subject(s): Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; New York University; Conferences and symposia; Publication; Biographical and personal data; Embryology, developmental genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia

Danielli, James F.
1980 box 7
David, Henry
1968-1974 box 7
DeFries, J. C.
1969 box 7
Delano, Erwin
1976 box 7
Demerec, Milislav
1940-19634 folders (80 items)box 7

Subject(s): Publication; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Russian politics and science; Radiation genetics

Demerec, Milislav et al. Re: nomenclature in bacterial genetics
1965-1966 box 7
Dessauer, Friedrich
1959 box 7
DNA legislation
1977 box 7
Doane, Winifred W.
1979 box 7
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
1961-19712 folders (36 items)box 7

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Editorial matters; Behavioral genetics, IQ; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Publication; Evolution; Genetics

Dronmraju, K. R.
1967-1971 box 7

Jameson, David L.

Dubinin, N. P.
1967 box 7
Dunn, L. C. (Leslie Clarence)
1939-19714 folders (71 items)box 8

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Recommendations; Publication; Editorial matters; Genetics; Mouse genetics

Ebata, Yuichi
1973-1974 box 8
Egelhaaf, Albrecht
1957-19785 folders (112 items)box 8

Subject(s): Editorial matters; Recommendations; Publication; Biographical and personal data; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Biochemistry and organic chemistry; Kuhn, Alfred; Genetics -- Ephestia; University of Koln

Ehrman, Lee Rothschild
1962-197527 itemsbox 8

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Publication; Recommendations; Genetics -- Ephestia

Williamson, D.L..
"On the etiology of sterility of hybrids between certain strains of Drosophila paulistorum."
  box 8

Williamson, D. L.

Eicher, Eva Mae
1965-19798 folders (97 items)box 8

Subject(s): University of Rochester; Genetics -- Ephestia; Cytogenetics; Mouse genetics; Biographical and personal data; Recommendations; Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory; Publication

Ellefson, John
1968 box 8
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
  box 8
 4 foldersbox 8
 2 foldersbox 8
Electrophoresis data
  box 8
Stick list
1971 box 8
Erlenmeyer-Kimling, L.
1962-19733 folders (28 items)box 8

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Behavioral genetics, IQ; Human genetics; Publication; Fellowships, assistantships

Fabergæ, Alex C.
1971 box 8
Falke, Ernest V.
1964 box 8
Fechheimer, N. S.
1972 box 8
Firsheim, William
1960-19722 folders (43 items)box 8

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Wesleyan University; Recommendations; Molecular genetics; Bacterial genetics

Ford, Donald H.
1968 box 8
Forrest, Fred M.
1974 box 8
Fox, Allen S.
1961-1976 box 9
Freedman, Daniel G.
1962 box 9
Friedman, Henry
  box 9
Frost, Justin
1960-1967 box 9
Gardner, Richard
1976-1977 box 9
Gay, Helen
1958-1961 box 9
Caspari, Ernst W., 1909-1988. Ravin, Arnold.
Genetic Organization, volume II
1968-19747 folders (132 items)box 9

Subject(s): Publication; Genetics; Editorial matters

1963-19734 folders (65 items)box 9

Subject(s): Referee's report; University of Rochester; Genetics Society of America; Editorial matters -- Genetics; Publication -- Genetics

Folder #1
1963-1967 box 9
Folder #2
1967-1968 box 9
Folder #3
1968-1972 box 9
Folder #4
1972-1973 box 9
Genetics Group of Upper New York State
1961-1962 box 9
Genetics Society of America
1964-1967126 itemsbox 9

Subject(s): Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Russian politics and science; American Institute of Biological Sciences; Conferences and symposia; Genetics Society of America -- Committee activities; Genetics Society of America -- President; Genetics Society of America

Astaurov, B. L.
  box 9
Avery, Amos G.
  box 9
Botanical Society of America
  box 9
Clark, Kenneth E.
  box 9
Crow, James S.
  box 9
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
  box 9
Doermann, A. H.
  box 9
Elliot, David C.
  box 9
Emerson, Sterling
  box 9
Fox, Allen
  box 9
Gagnebin, F.
  box 9
Green, Melvin M.
  box 9
Jaap, R. C.
  box 9
James, Edwin
  box 9
Kaufmann, Berwind P.
  box 9
Lerner, I. Michael
  box 9
Lewis, E. B.
 2 foldersbox 9
National Academy of Sciences
  box 9
Novitski, Edward
  box 9
Owen, Ray D.
  box 9
Perkins, David
  box 9
Plough, Harold H.
  box 9
Rogers, Stanfield
  box 9
Russell, W. L.
  box 9
Satina, Sophie
  box 9
Sherman, Fred
  box 9
Sparrow, Arnold H.
  box 9
Strauss, Bernard S.
  box 9
Thibault, Edward
  box 9
Wagner, Robert P.
  box 9
Woodward, D. O.
  box 9
Ghista, Dhanjoo N.
1979 box 9
Giles, Norman H.
1972 box 9
Ginsburg, Benson E.
1968-1969 box 9
Glass, Bentley
1968, 1979 box 9
Goldhaber, Gertrude
  box 9
Goldman, Mike
1975 box 9
Goodrich, Hubert B.
1945-19545 folders (109 items)box 9-10

Subject(s): Educational matters; Conferences and symposia; Research support; Biographical and personal data; World War II -- Impact on science; Teaching; Wesleyan University

Gottesman, Irving I.
1971 box 10

Shockley, William

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Gottlieb, Frederick Jay
1962-19783 folders (46 items)box 10

Subject(s): University of Pittsburgh; Biographical and personal data; Recommendations; Publication; Drosophila genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia

Graham, Julia
1979 box 10
Grahn, Douglas
1970 box 10
Granick, Sam
1976 box 10
Grants: AEC
  box 10
Grants: AEC
1961-19702 folders (71 items)box 10

Subject(s): Genetics -- Ephestia; Atomic Energy Commission; Research support -- Reports; Research support -- Proposals; Mouse genetics

Grants: AEC. Folder #1
1961-1968 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Grants: AEC. Folder #2
1967-1970 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

1961 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal and progress report, 1st renewal
1962 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal and progress report, 2nd renewal
1963 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal for 3rd renewal
1964 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal for 4th renewal
1965 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal for 5th renewal
1966 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Proposal for 6th renewal
19672 foldersbox 10

Re: Mutations to sex-linked lethals in the mouse.

Proposal for 7th renewal
1968 box 10

Re: Mutations to sex-linked lethals in the mouse.

Proposal for 8th renewal
1969 box 10

Re: Mutations to sex-linked lethals in the mouse.

Proposal for 9th renewal
1970 box 10

Re: Mutations to sex-linked lethals in the mouse.

Report on research
1961-19643 foldersbox 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Report on research
1964-19652 foldersbox 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Report on research
1964-19672 foldersbox 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Report on research
1966-1967 box 10

Re: Somatic mutations in moth Ephestia.

Report on research
1967 box 10

Re: Measurement of sex-linked lethals in mouse.

Report on research
1967-1968 box 10

Re: Measurement of sex-linked lethals in mouse.

Report on research
1967-19703 foldersbox 10

Re: Measurement of sex-linked lethals in mouse.

Report on research
1968-19692 foldersbox 10

Re: Measurement of sex-linked lethals in mouse.

Report on research
1969-19702 foldersbox 10

Re: Measurement of sex-linked lethals in mouse.

Grants: NIH
  box 11
Grants: NIH
1960-1961 box 11

Re: Variability in enzyme activity in inbred mouse strains.

Grants: NIH
1960-19613 foldersbox 11

Re: Behavior of the cytoplasm in populations.

Grants: NIH
1965 box 11

Re: Genic action in development.

Grants: NIH
1965-19672 foldersbox 11

Re: Pleiotropism at the A locus of Ephestia.

Grants: NIH
1967-19705 foldersbox 11

Re: Gene action on eye pigment development of Ephestia.

Grants: NIH
1974-1977 box 11

Re: Developmental effects of an early lethal gene in the mouse.

Research training
1968-1971 box 11
Grants: NSF
1957-19713 folders (139 items)box 11

Re: Genetic control of competence for pigment formation in the moth Ephestia.

Subject(s): Educational matters -- Training grants; Publication; Fellowships, assistantships; Biochemistry and organic chemistry; Research support -- Reports; Research support -- Proposals; Embryology, developmental genetics; Molecular genetics; Mouse genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia; National Science Foundation

Folder #1
1957-1959 box 11
Folder #2
1959-1960 box 11
Folder #3
1960-1971 box 11
Green, Melvin M.
1948-1955; 1964-196841 itemsbox 11

Subject(s): Genetics -- Ephestia; Drosophila genetics; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Recommendations; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Board of Directors

Grosch, Daniel S.
1960 box 11
Grun, Paul
1970 box 11
Guttman, Ruth
1966-1967 box 11
Haldane, J. B. S.
1955-1964 box 11
Halsey, A. H.
1962-1963 box 11
Hamburg, David A.
1960-197430 itemsbox 11

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Fellowships, assistantships; Human evolution, physical anthropology; Behavioral genetics, IQ

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Handbook of Genetics
1971-1975 box 11
Hartman, Philip E.
1969-1975 box 11
Haskins, Caryl P.
1955-1959 box 12
Heininger, Clarence G.
  box 12
Henke, Karl
1935-195620 itemsbox 12

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; World War II -- Impact on science; Kuhn, Alfred; Drosophila genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia

Hilgartner, C. A.
  box 12
Hilgartner, C. A.
1970-1977 box 12
"Metabolic 'Control' in Mature Erythrocytes"
  box 12
Hirsh, Jerry
1959-1972 box 12
Hoenigsberg, Hugo
1975 box 12
Hoffman, Harold A.
1973 box 12
Hollaender, Alexander
1961-1964 box 12
Holt, Rinehart and Winston
1966-1967 box 12
Imberski, Richard B.
1966-197927 itemsbox 12

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Publication; Recommendations

Immelmann, Klaus
1978-1979 box 12
Ingle, Dwight J.
1960 box 12
International Biographical Archives and Dictionary of Central European Emigres
1933-1945 box 12
International Congress of Genetics, 14th (Moscow, Russia)
1974-19782 folders (44 items)box 12

Subject(s): International Congress of Genetics -- Fourteenth Congress; Russian politics and science; International Congress of Genetics -- Organizing Committee

Interamerican Congress of Psychology -- XV Congress
1974 box 12
International Conference on Unity of Science
  box 12
5th Conference
1976 box 12
6th Conference
1977 box 12
7th Conference
19782 foldersbox 12
8th Conference
1979 box 12
International Institute of Embryology
  box 12
Invitations Refused
  box 12
Ioannou, Panyiotis
1976 box 12
Isaacs, Harod R.
1967-1968 box 12
Jackson Memorial Lab, Bar Harbor
1961-19762 folders (37 items)box 12

Subject(s): Committee activities; Conferences and symposia; Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory; Mouse genetics; Behavioral genetics, IQ

Jain, Subodth
1969 box 12
James, H. Thomas
1971 box 12
Jauhar, Prem P.
1975 box 12
Jauker, Friedrich W.
1977 box 12
John, Rosemari
1975 box 12
Jolchir, Alan
1968 box 12
Kahn, Patti
1979 box 12
Kaudewitz, F.
1976 box 12
Kaufmann, Berwind P.
1962 box 12
Keeler, Clyde E.
1968 box 12
Kikkawa, Hideo
1953, 1958 box 12
Kitani, Yoshiaki
1973-1978 box 12
Klingmuller, Walter
1975 box 12
Klopfer, Peter H.
1960-1961 box 12
Knapp, Edgar
1975 box 12
Konyukhov, Boris V.
1975-1977 box 12
Kraus, O.
1975 box 12
Re. Krivshenko, Jakov
1974 box 12
Kroeger, H.
1958 box 12
Krone, W.
1976 box 12
Kuhn, Alfred
 4 foldersbox 12
Kuhn, Alfred
1936-19682 folders (72 items)box 12

Subject(s): Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Teaching; World War II -- Impact on science; Biographical and personal data; Embryology, developmental genetics -- Lectures, public speaking; Mouse genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia

Lectures on Developmental Physiology
1964-19682 foldersbox 12
Kunkel, Beverly W.
1938-19662 foldersbox 12
Kurth, G.
1964-1965 box 12
Lasagna, Louis
1972 box 13
Laven, Hannes
1958 box 13
Lee, Geoffrey
1967-1968 box 13
Lehigh University
1961-1962 box 13
Lehrman, Daniel S.
1961-1962 box 13
Lewin, Benjamin
1980 box 13
Lewin, Herbert
1954 box 13
Lewis, Susan E.
1976 box 13
Lewontin, Richard C.
1979 box 13
Lichter, R.
1975 box 13
Lissouba, Pascal
1978-1979 box 13
Little, C. C.
1940 box 13
Lockshin, Richard A.
1975 box 13
Lobbecke, Ernst Arnold
1968 box 13
Long Island Biological Association
 2 foldersbox 13
Long Island Biological Association
1961 box 13
Biological Lab.; Present and Future
1958 box 13
Love, Merton R.
1964 box 13
McClintock, Barbara
1955-1973 box 13
McDaniel, Robert G.
1970 box 13
McLaren, Anne
1973-1976 box 13
Macmillan Co.
1961-1962 box 13
Malogolowkin, Chana
1962-1964 box 13
Marshak, R. E. -- "Nature of the Soviet Scientific Challenge"
1957 box 13
Maas, Ray J.
1966 box 13
Mattson, Pat
1970-1971 box 13
Maxson, Stephen Clark
1978 box 13
May, Eduard
1955 box 13
Mayr, Ernst
1947-19703 folders (36 items)box 13

Subject(s): Publication; Invitations; Population genetics; Evolution

Melchers, Georg
1969-197615 itemsbox 13

Subject(s): Timofeeff-Ressovsky, Nikolai W.; Biographical and personal data; History of biology, especially genetics; Genetics -- Somatic hybrids; Photographs

Middleton, Richard B.
1971 box 13
Milano, Ann and Madelyn
1960-19635 folders (77 items)box 13

Subject(s): Biographical and personal data; Recommendations; Graduate study; Genetics -- Ephestia

Milkman, Roger
1967-1968 box 13
Miller, Harry C.
1970-19733 folders (23 items)box 13

Subject(s): Behavioral genetics, IQ; Human genetics; Unpublished manuscripts, notes, etc.

Mishra, N. C.
1976-1979 box 13
Muth, Friedrich Wilhelm
1961-19707 folders (95 items)box 13

Subject(s): Fellowships, assistantships; University of Rochester; Requests for aid in finding positions; Genetics -- Ephestia; Recommendations; University of Koln; Travel -- Invitations, arrangements; Biographical and personal data; Publication

Nardi, James
1975-1978 box 13
Nathan, Helene A.
1961 box 13
National Institute of Health
1961-1964 box 13
National Institute of Mental Health
1960-1970 box 13
National Research Council
  box 13
National Research Council
1973 box 13
Committee on Basic Research in Education
1970-197310 folders (112 items)box 13

Subject(s): Conferences and symposia; Educational matters; Behavioral genetics, IQ; Research support; National Research Council -- Committee activities

National Science Foundation
  box 13
National Science Foundation
1960-1975 box 13
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
1964 box 13
Fellowships Evaluation Board
1960-1965 box 13
Nawa, Saburo
1961-19724 folders (71 items)box 13

Subject(s): Genetics -- Ephestia; Publication; Molecular genetics; Biographical and personal data; Recommendations; Fellowships, assistantships -- University of Rochester

Nayar, N. M.
1972 box 13
Nebert, Daniel W.
1974-1978 box 13
Neel, James V.
1972 box 13
Nelson, Oliver E.
1972-1973 box 13
New England Psychological Association
1964-196524 itemsbox 13

Subject(s): Conferences and symposia; Invitations

Newton, Miriam
1980 box 13
Nga, Been Hen
1973 box 13
Nupponen, Margaret Y.
1973 box 14
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1963 box 14
Obrecht, Dean H.
1969 box 14
Oliverio, Alberto
1975-19772 foldersbox 14
Omenn, Gilberg S.
1971-1977 box 14
Ottensoo___, Fritz ?
1960 box 14
Otis, Arthur
1962 box 14
Paigen, Kenneth
1951-19744 folders (61 items)box 14

Subject(s): Committee activities; Recommendations; Biographical and personal data; Publication; Biochemistry and organic chemistry; Mouse genetics; Cytogenetics

Parker, Evelyn D.
1969-197427 itemsbox 14

Subject(s): Fellowships, assistantships; Publication; Biographical and personal data; Recommendations

Parsons, Peter A.
1973-1980 box 14
Peacock, Julia
1965-1966 box 15
Perkins, David D.
1973-1979 box 15
Perlman, Philip S.
1974 box 15
  box 15
Piechota, Charles L.
1975 box 15
Piepho, Hans
1960-197513 itemsbox 15

Subject(s): Genetics -- Ephestia; Fellowships, assistantships; Invitations; Biographical and personal data; Embryology, developmental genetics

Pierce, Barbara Lee
1965-1966 box 15
Pirchner, F
1976 box 15
Pohley, Heinz-Joachim
1958-19683 folders (62 items)box 15

Subject(s): University of Rochester; Wesleyan University; Fellowships, assistantships; Embryology, developmental genetics; Genetics -- Ephestia

Polgar, Steven
1964 box 15
Poulson, David F.
1956, 1967 box 15
Proposal for Uniform Nomenclature in Bacterial Genetics
  box 15
Psychological Reports
1979 box 15
Quastley, Henry
1957 box 15
Ramp, David ?
1978 box 15
Ravin, Arnold W.
1968-1978 box 15
 3 foldersbox 15
Adams, Morton S.
  box 15
Allen, Gordon
  box 15
Battin, William
  box 15
Berry, Spencer J.
  box 15
Bergman, Allyn
  box 15
Brisbin, Lehr
  box 15
Buchert, Jason G.
  box 15
Champlin, Arthur
  box 15
Chovnic, Arthur
  box 15