David Hosack letters and papers, 1795-1835


Date: 1795-1835 | Size: 3 microfilm_reel(s)


These letters and papers include a memorandum book (1795-1827), lectures on botany and medicine, genealogical materials, committee reports from Columbia College, speeches, minutes of the New York Horticultural Society (1822-1828), letters to Sir James Edward Smith (1817-1826), a receipt book of Alexander Hosack (1781-1801), and diaries of Thomas K. Wharton (1830-1862).

Background note

David Hosack (1769-1835) was a New York physician and horticulturist, and was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1810. He remains widely known as the doctor who tended to the fatal injuries of Alexander Hamilton after his duel with Aaron Burr in July 1804, and who had similarly tended to Hamilton's son Philip after his fatal 1801 duel with George Eacker. He established several institutions including Elgin Botanic Garden, New York and a medical school at Rutgers University.

Collection Information

Physical description

3 microfilm reels.


Acquired and accessioned, 1958 (1958 1570mf). See in-house shelf list for additional accession numbers and information.

Location of originals:

Originals in Columbia University Library, Linnean Society of London, New York Academy of Medicine, New York Botanical Garden, New-York Historical Society, New York Public Library, Rutgers University Library, University of Pennsylvania Library, and Yale University Library.

Early American History Note

This is a microfilm of an early American collection that may be of interest to researchers at the APS and may complement an original manuscript collection at the APS.

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Corporate Name(s)

  • Columbia College (New York, N.Y.)
  • Horticultural Society of New York.
  • Medical Society of the County of New York.
  • Rutgers Medical College.


  • Diaries.
  • Lectures.
  • Microfilm Collection
  • Minutes.
  • Receipts.
  • Speeches.

Personal Name(s)

  • Hosack, Alexander E. (Alexander Eddy), 1805-1871
  • Hosack, David, 1769-1835
  • Smith, James Edward, Sir, 1759-1828
  • Wharton, Thomas Kelah, 1814-1862


  • Botany.
  • Horticulturists.
  • Medicine.
  • Natural history.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. David Hosack Miscellaneous Material in the Collection of Columbia University

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.

 David Hosack. An Inaugural Discourse, delivered at the opening of Rutgers Medical College
1926 November 6 
 David Hosack. An Inaugural Address delivered before the Medical Society of...New York.
1924 July 12 
 David Hosack. Lectures on medicine.
 Deed to the people of New York of his botanical garden. Recorded: Ben.Ledyard: Certified, Cadwalader D. Colden.
1811 Jan. 3 
 David Hosack to DeWitt Clinton. New York.
1800 February 18 
 Joseph Francisco Correa de Serra letter to David Hosack
Oct. 2. 
 David Hosack letter to Richard Rush. New York.
1827 June 6 
 Peter Augustus Jay letter to David Hosack
1819 September 5 
 B. Whiting letter to David Hosack. Geneva.
1829 August 31 
 David Hosack letter to Simeon DeWitt. New York.
1820 March 20 
 David Hosack letter to the Trustees of the College of Physicians & Surgeons. New York.
1813 August 30 
 David Hosack. Report to the Trustees of the College of physicians and surgeons on the botanical garden
 Series II. David Hosack. Material in Rutgers University

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.1

 David Hosack. Statement of loan to the college of physicians & surgeons.
1825 December 31 
 David Hosack letter to Jacob Blount
1827 February 19 
 David Hosack letter to Joseph Blount
1827 February 25 
 David Hosack letter to Augustus A. Adee, B.R.Tinsler, and J. Hallett Borrowel, committee of the students of Rutgers College .
1827 December 17 
 Johann Abraham Albers Inscription: "Professor Hosack with respectful compliments of Dr. Albers."
 Wright Post.letter to John W. Francis
1823 April 19 
 David Hosack letter to Archibald McIntyre
1826 November 6 
 David Hosack letter to James Thacher
1829 January 1 
 Series III. David Hosack Material in the New York Historical Society

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.2

 David Hosack letter to Nathaniel Pendleton
1805 August 3 
 William Coleman letter to Harry Croswell
1810 January 28 
 David Hosack letter to Archibald McIntyre
1816 April 13 
 David Hosack letter to Nathaniel Pendleton
1816 August 23 
 William Lee letter to David Hosack
1817 January 27 
 Francis Adrian Van der Kemp letter to David Hosack
1818 January 18 
 Francis Adrian Van der Kemp letter to David Hosack
1818 January 20 
 Caroline W. Hone letter to Mrs. Bridget Wickham
1828 December 3 
 Emily Burrall Hoffman letter to Bridget Wickham
1828 December 17 
 C. P. White letter to David Hosack
1823 December 1 
 Estate of David Hosack. Inventory.
1823 January 1 and February 23 
 Estate of Magdalena Coster Hosack. Notice of appraisal of estate.
1841 August 4 
 Estate of Magdalena Coster Hosack. Inventory.
1841 December 15 
 Magdalena CosterJ Hosack. Quit claim to Hugh Goble. . [Mrs.] Magdalena [Coster] Hosack. premise to Richard
1823 January 14 
 Magdalena Coster Hosack. Release of mortgaged premise to Richard Cromwell.
1823 December 15 
 Series IV. David Hosack. From originals in the Low Library, Columbia University.

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.3

 Report of committee appointed by the board of trustees to examine the proposition made by David Hosack concerning a botanical garden for the college.
1797 November 3 
 David Hosack. Petition to the president and members of the board of trustees of Columbia University concerning the establishment of a botanical garden.
1797 November 3 ? 
 David Hosack letter to William Harris
1822 May 
 David Hosack letter to William Harris
1826 April 21 
 David Hosack letter to William Harris
1826 April 1 
 James Renwick. List of books given to Columbia College by David Hosack
1821September 1 
 The American collector. Armchair from Benjamin Franklin's library
1941 March 
 Series V. David Hosack Papers in Yale University

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.5

 David Hosak to William Buell Sprague
1832 March 12 
 David Hosaek letter to Benjamin Silliman
1813 January 16 
 John Trumbull? letter to David Hosack
1826 May 9 
 Series VI. David Hosack Papers. New York Botanical Garden Material

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.6

 Daniel Hale, Secretary of State of New York
1811 January 14 
 Bill of lading to David Hosack
1804 January 26 
 Thomas Eddy to Stephen Van Ranssalear
1824 December 31 
 Samuel L. Mitchill letter to David Hosack
1825 January 31 
 David Hosack. Outline of the Linnean system. Arranged for the use of the students of Rutgers Medical College.
 New York Historical Society. Minutes.
 David Hosack. A catalogue of plants contained in the Botanic garden at Elgin.

29pages with marginalia.

 Series VII. David Hosack Material in New York Public Library Table of Contents

Other Descriptive Information: Mss.Film 885.7

 Alexander Hosack. Receipt book. New York
 Thomas Kelah Wharton. Diaries
183O-1834, 1853-1862. 
 Maria Trumbull Church letter to Faith Silliman, New Haven. Hyde Park, New York.
1831 October 17 
 Broadside. David Hosack. Catalogue of the entire medical library of the late Doctor David Hosack.
 David Hosack letter to the literary and philosophical society.
1833 January 10 
 Literary and philosophical society of New York. Resolution concerning the resignation of David Hosack.
1833 March 14 
 David Hosack letter to L. Hoelker. London. New York.
1829 February 14 
 David Hosack letter to Amos Eaton, Catskill. New York.
1810 August 30 
 New York Horticultural Society letter to John Griscom, New York. New York.
1824 September 29