Leon Fradley Whitney autobiography, 1971


Date: 1971 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, 50 p.


This volume is an extract of Whitney's unpublished autobiography, giving a partial account of various episodes in his life as a supporter and practitioner of eugenics. There are observations on the American Eugenics Society, the Eugenics Record Office, the Leopold-Loeb murder trial, as well as mentions of Charles B. Davenport, Clarence Darrow, Harry H. Laughlin, and Margaret Sanger.

Background note

Leon Fradley Whitney was a biologist and promoted sterilization in eugenics.

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1 volume, 50 p.


Presented by Leon Fradley Whitney and accessioned, 03/24/1973 (1973 978.ams).

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Holder of original unknown.

Genetics Note

This manuscript contains materials which relate to the history of genetics.

Whitney, Leon Fradley Manuscripts (50 pages)n.d.

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Eugenics Society

Personal Name(s)

  • Darrow, Clarence, 1857-1938
  • Davenport, Charles Benedict, 1866-1944
  • Laughlin, Harry Hamilton, 1880
  • Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966
  • Whitney, Leon Fradley (1894-1973)


  • Eugenics.
  • Sterilization, Eugenic.

Detailed Inventory

 Whitney, Leon Fradley, 1894-19.
Leon Fradley Whitney Autobiography
n.d.Manuscripts ( 50 pages )

General physical description: Manuscripts ( 50 pages )

Subject(s): Davenport, Charles Benedict; Biographical and personal data; American Eugenics Society; Laughlin, Harry Hamilton; Eugenics Record Office; Eugenics

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