Adam Seybert commonplace book, 1810


Date: 1810 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, 365 p.


This commonplace book consists of brief writings and observations on agriculture, arts and manufactures, commerce, the army and navy, canals and roads, weights and measures, general politics, finance, and population. It includes a sketch of the Battle of Quebec groundworks and layout.

Background note

Philadelphia physician and chemist Adam Seybert was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1797.

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1 volume, 365 p.


Presented by Mrs. William H. Ashton, through Emerson Greenaway, and accessoned, 1966 (1966 2139ms).

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Only a map is noted.

Early American History Note

Adam Seybert's large commonplace book captures his varied interests. Seybert was an American engineer who was educated in Europe. The content often reflects his interests in engineering and current affairs, such as notes on canals or on population growth. Among other things discussed are: cotton policy, American independence, profiles of individuals, descriptions of foreign countries and cities, and the military. Included in the book is a watercolor of Quebec with details on the Battle of Abraham in 1759. Much of the data is taken from other sources, and Seybert often cites where he got the information.

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  • Commonplace Book
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  • Europe -- Politics and government -- 1789-1815.


  • Agriculture
  • American Revolution
  • Commerce.
  • Engineering
  • Finance.
  • Literature, Arts, and Culture
  • Military History
  • Science and technology
  • Transportation.
  • Weights and measures.

Detailed Inventory

 Seybert, Adam,1773-1825..
Quebec and its environs with the operation of the siege made by order of Admiral Saunders
n.d.1 map, 19.1 x 15.9 cmpage 167
This colored map is pasted in a commonplace book on page 167 amid Seybert's comments on navies and armies.

Legend: "Battle of the Plains of Abraham 13th Septr. 1759. A boom laid across the mouth of the River St. Charles. Battle of Montmorency July 13th 1795. P.L. Point Levy. Encampment of the British Troops 30th June 1759 under ..."