Florence Barbara Seibert papers


Date: 1914-1977 | Size: 6 Linear feet


This collection contains correspondence and reports and documents Florence Seibert's work at Yale University, under Lafayette Benedict Mendel; at the University of Chicago, under H. Gideon Wells; and at the Henry Phipps Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, 1932-1959. There are cancer research folders concerning her later work at the Mound Park Hospital Foundation and the Bay Pines V. A. Center, in St. Petersburg, Florida. There are also substancial amounts on Goucher College (her alma mater); Lilly Research Laboratories; Merck, Sharpe & Dohme; and Parke, Davis & Company.

Background note

Florence Barbara Seibert (1897-1991) was an American biochemist who invented the first reliable tuberculosis test and helped improve the safety of intravenous injections.

Born in Easton, Pennsylvania, Seibert contracted polio at an early age. As a result, she would suffer from a lifelong limp. Spurred by her interest in science, she was awarded a scholarship to Goucher College, where she earned a degree in chemistry in 1918.

After briefly working as a chemist at a paper mill, she went on to study for a doctorate at Yale University. As part of her graduate work, under Lafayette B. Mendel, she discovered which proteins caused fevers after patients had been injected with protein solutions containing distilled water. She then invented a distilling apparatus that prevented bacterial contamination. She received her Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1923.

From 1924 to 1928, Seibert, as a Porter Fellow at the University of Chicago, served as a pathology instructor and continued her research in pyrogenic distilled water. During this time she met Esmond R. Long, who was working on tuberculosis. In 1932, she relocated with Long to the Henry Phipps Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, as an assistant professor in biochemistry. With funding from the National Tuberculosis Association, the two worked for thirty-one years, collaborating and developing methods for separating and purifying the protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, obtaining purified protein derivative (PPD) thus enabling the creation of a reliable test for the disease. She published her first work on purification of tuberculin in 1934.

From 1937-1938, while working with Theodor Svedberg at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, she developed methods for purifying a crystalline tuberculin derivative, therefore, successfully isolating the tuberculosis protein molecule. By 1940, Seibert had improved her protein purification procedure sufficiently for it to become the international standard for use in tuberculin tests. For this work, she received the Trudeau Medal from the National Tuberculosis Association in 1938, the Garvan Medal from the American Chemical Society in 1941, and the first Achievement Award from the Association of University Women in 1943. Other awards she received, during this time, include the National Achievement Award of 1944 and the Gimbel Award of 1946. Upon her retirement from the Phipps Institute in 1959, she moved, with her sister Molly, to St. Petersburg, Florida. She continued her research of the relationship between bacteria and types of cancer at the Mound Park Hospital and the Bay Pines V.A. Research Center. She continued to publish scientific papers until 1977. She died in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1991.

Scope and content

The papers of Florence Barbara Seibert -- correspondence, reports, and manuscripts -- afford an opportunity to learn a great deal about Seibert's work on the tubercle bacillus at the Phipps Institute of the University of Pennsylvania (1932-1959). Her fundamental studies, which combined theories and techniques of protein chemistry, microbiology, and immunology established an international standard for diagnosis of tuberculosis and led to methods for a safe use of intravenous medication and blood transfusions. The collection also contains material on Seibert's later interest in cancer research at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. Taken together, these two research programs document interesting aspects of basic biochemical research within a medical context. Because of its clinical relevance, Seibert's research on the tubercle bacillus was of immense interest to pharmaceutical houses. Her papers are therefore a valuable source on the cooperation between academic biochemists and the drug industries. The Seibert Papers are also an important source on the history of women in science. A graduate of Goucher College (1918), Seibert received her doctorate from Yale in 1923 under Lafayette B. Mendel. She then joined H. G. Wells at the biochemistry department at the University of Chicago, where she worked until her move to the Phipps Institute in 1932. A recipient of several prestigious awards and fellowships, Seibert has been rather atypical as a woman scientist of the 1920s and 1930s in terms of recognition (though she did not attain full professorship until 1955, long after her accomplishments had established her as a leading expert in her held). A highly productive scientist, she was well connected within the international community of biochemists. She was also committed to the cause of women in science and communicated with other women working in the life sciences. The five series reflect her secure place in the main-stream of biochemistry, as well as her special position as a woman in science.

The papers, 12 boxes, 6 linear feet, are divided into five series: Series I. Correspondence, 1922-1977, 8 boxes, 4 linear feet; Series II. Organizations, Foundations, Conferences, 1923-1977, 1 box, 0.5 linear feet; Series III. Universities, Hospitals, Institutions, 1914-1976, 1 box, 0.5 linear feet; Series IV. Works by Seibert, 1922-1976, 1 box, 0.5 linear feet; Series V. Works by Others, 1934-1973, 1 box, 0.5 linear feet

Collection Information


Presented by Florence Barbara Seibert, 1976, 1977; accessioned 01/05/1976 (1976 387ms). See in-house shelf list for additional accession numbers and dates.

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Note

American Association of University WomenOrganizations...1943-1975English
American Chemical Society (Includes material on Seibert's Garvan Gold Medal.) Orgnizations...1923-1977English
Anderson, Rudolph John, 1879-1961Correspondence 1934-1950English
Cohn, Edwin J. (Edwin Joseph), 1892-1953 (Scientific correspondence.) Correspondence 1936-1947English
Diller, Irene Corey, 1900-1988 (Scientific and personal communications.) Correspondence (5 folders)1954-1973English
Edwards, Lydia B.Correspondence (2 folders)1942-1972English
Goucher CollegeUniversities... (2 folders)1914-1976English
Guggenheim Fellowship (On Seibert's fellowship to Theodor Svedberg's laboratory in Uppsala.) Organizations... 1928-1942English
Heidelberger, MichaelCorrespondence 1931-1944English
Hopkins, Frederick Gowland, Sir, 1861-1947Correspondence 1928-1931English
Landsteiner, Karl, 1868-1943Correspondence 1934-1941English
Eli Lilly Research Laboratories (On supply of filtrates.) Universities...1934-1956English
Long, Esmond R. (Esmond Ray), 1890-1979 (Documents Seibert's work with pharmaceutical companies. Scientific and administrative correspondence.) Correspondence (5 folders)1924-1974English
Mendel, Lafayette B. (Lafayette Benedict), 1872-1935Correspondence 1920-1934English
Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme (Informative on contracts, equipment, and production.) Correspondence (3 folders)1926-1970English
Parke-Davis and Company (Informative on contracts, equipment, and production.) Correspondence (2 folders)1932-1975English
Pedersen, Kai Oluf, b. 1901Correspondence 1938-1975English
Richards, Alfred N. (Alfred Newton), 1876-1966Correspondence 1943-1945English
Sabin, Florence Rena, 1871-1953 (Primarily scientific correspondence.) Correspondence 1930-1951English
Sumner, James B. (James Batcheller), 1887-1955Correspondence1939-1955English
Svedberg, Theodor, b. 1884 (Contains material on Svedberg and his laboratory, documenting the connection between Seibert's biomedical research and Svedberg's laboratory.) Correspondence 1932-1949English
Tiselius, Arne, 1902-1971 (Documents the technological and social aspects of Seibert's collaboration with Tiselius and his group in Uppsala. After her return to the United States, Seibert's correspondence with Tiselius enabled her to build her own electrophoresis equipment in 1939. She remained close to Tiselius and his family, and these scientific and social contacts are well documented in the Tiselius files.) Correspondence (2 folders)1938-1961English
Trueblood, Emily W. Emmart (Filed as "Emmart, Emily W.") Correspondence 1944-1945English
University of PennsylvaniaUniversities...1932-1967English
Wells, Harry Gideon, 1875-1943Correspondence 1923-1943English
Williams, John Warren, 1898-1988 (Seibert purchased an ultracentrifuge in 1938 and carried on extensive correspondence with Williams related to that technology, as well as about her newly acquired electrophoresis apparatus. During the war Williams engaged in the blood fractionation project (designed by Edwin J. Cohn) for preparing globulins and serum albumins. Williams' correspondence in the Seibert Papers further documents interesting aspects of that important project.) Correspondence (2 folders)1938-1955English

Additional Biographical Notes:

When Theodor Svedberg became professor of physical chemistry at the University of Uppsala in 1912, colloid chemistry was a major new research area in the life sciences. Based on the premise that a colloidal or aggregate state was a fundamental property of living matter, especially of protoplasm, chemists, among them Svedberg, focused on physicochemical studies of bio-colloids.

The goal of analyzing the aggregate properties of colloids was partly responsible for Svedberg's design of the analytical ultracentrifuge, an enormous machine that separated colloidal solutions into components based on a differential rate of sedimentation in a force field. The ultracentrifuge, designed in the 1920s in collaboration with John W. Williams of the University of Wisconsin, was crucial in demonstrating the macromolecular theory and became a powerful sorting and weighing device in molecular research. In 1926 Svedberg was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

Until the late 1930s Svedberg's laboratory was the only place for studies requiring ultracentrifugation; it became an international center for a wide range of researches from physical chemistry to medicine. The Seibert Papers contain material on Svedberg and his laboratory, documenting the connection between Seibert's biomedical research and Svedberg's laboratory. Seibert's correspondence with the Guggenheim Foundation contains material relating to her fellowship in Uppsala.

Arne Tiselius was the protege of Theodor Svedberg at the University of Uppsala. His dissertation on the electrophoresis of colloidal proteins (1930) was an outgrowth of Svedberg's ultracentrifuge studies. It was well known since the 1900s that proteins carried different electric charges and could therefore be separated out of mixtures by applying an electromotive force. Several biochemists before Tiselius, including Karl Landsteiner, John H. Northrop, and Leonor Michaelis, had attempted to build electrophoresis apparatus, but were hindered by technical difficulties. In 1937, partly through collaborations with these men, Tiselius substantially improved on the original design, building a sensitive and reliable apparatus which quickly became indispensable to biochemical research. As a result, Tiselius' laboratory in Uppsala became in the late 1930s a world center for research and training in the intricate techniques of electrophoresis. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1948.

John W. Williams' most important contribution to chemistry lay in his design and construction of laboratory apparatus. The theoretical and experimental research on the ultracentrifuge and electrophoresis facilitated major advances in almost every field in the life sciences, especially in biochemistry, immunology, and molecular biology. Beginning around 1922 at the University of Wisconsin, Williams collaborated with the Swedish chemist Theodor Svedberg (during Svedberg's visit to Wisconsin as a Rockefeller Fellow) on the first prototype of the ultracentrifuge. The mathematical theories behind the apparatus were worked out by the physicist Warren Weaver, who left Wisconsin to become the director of the Rockefeller Foundation's division of natural sciences. Williams' ultracentrifuge projects received sizable grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, and his laboratory was the first academic center in America to house an ultracentrifuge (1937), thus becoming an important research and training center in the life sciences.

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Corporate Name(s)

  • Goucher College.
  • Lilly Research Laboratories.
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme.
  • Mound Park Hospital Foundation.
  • Parke, Davis & Company.
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.
  • Yale University.

Personal Name(s)

  • Affronti, Lewis Francis, 1928-2007
  • Anderson, Rudolph J. (Rudolph John), 1879-1961
  • Baldwin, R. W. (Robert William), 1927-2012
  • Cohn, Edwin Joseph, 1892-1953
  • Diller, Irene Corey
  • Dunbar, Frank P.
  • Eagle, Harry
  • Heidelberger, Michael, 1888-1991
  • Horsfall, Frank Lappin, 1906-1971
  • Landsteiner, Karl, 1868-1943
  • Long, Esmond R. (Esmond Ray)
  • Mendel, Lafayette B. (Lafayette Benedict), 1872-1935
  • Opie, Eugene L. (Eugene Lindsay), 1873-1971
  • Palmer, Carroll Edwards, 1903-1972
  • Pedersen, Kai Oluf
  • Sabin, Florence Rena, 1871-1953
  • Seibert, Florence Barbara,1897-1991
  • Sumner, James B. (James Batcheller), 1887-1955
  • Svedberg, Theodor
  • Tiselius, Arne
  • Watson, Dennis Wallace
  • Wells, Harry Gideon, 1875-1943
  • Williams, John Warren, 1898-1988
  • Winzler, Richard J., 1914-1972


  • Biochemistry.
  • Immunology
  • Medical sciences.
  • Pyrogens.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Women scientists.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Correspondence
1922-1977 Box 1-8
 Affronti, Lewis F.
1956-19744 foldersBox 1
 Allcroft, Ruth
1953 Box 1
 Allen, Federick
1922-1924 Box 1

Other Descriptive Information: Physiatric Institute

 Amberson, J. Burns
1939 Box 1
 Anderson, Rudolph J.
1934-1950 Box 1
 Armstrong, Bruce W.
1948-1949 Box 1
 Armstrong, S. Howard
1946 Box 1
 Aronson, Joseph D.
1940-1947 Box 1
 Badger, Theodore L.
1962 Box 1
 Baisden, Louis A.
1956-1960 Box 1
 Baldwin, Robert W.
1951-1977 Box 1
 Bartlett, Gerald L.
1970-1971 Box 1
 Beal, George D.
1929 Box 1
 Beam, R. Edward
1973 Box 1
 Beeson, Paul B.
1949 Box 1
 Berman, D.T.
1960 Box 1
 Bevilacqua, Ellen Burtner
1941-1944 Box 1
 Birkhaug, Konrad
1948 Box 1
 Bloch, Hubert
1949 Box 1
 Boucot, Katharine R.
1948 Box 1
 Boquet, Paul
1930-1955 Box 1
 Bourn, Janet M.
1962 Box 1
 Boyden, Stephen V.
1952 Box 1
 Brand, Erwin
1942 Box 1
 Breitwieser, Ruth
1962 Box 1
 Brown, Rachel F.
1975 Box 1
 Campbell, Charlotte C.
1964-1975 Box 1
 Cannon, Paul R.
1943 Box 1
 Cantwell, Alan
1977 Box 1
 Carpenter, Clarence R.
1938-1939 Box 1
 Carson, Rachel
1963 Box 1
 Cattell, J. McKeen
1942 Box 1
 Celmer, W.D.
1956 Box 1
 Chase, Merrill W.
1943-1974 Box 1
 Chibnall, A.C.
1943-1952 Box 1
 Chin, Philip
1946 Box 1
 Choucroun, Nina
1942-1958 Box 1
 Cleland, Ralph E.
1940 Box 1
 Cluff, Leighton E.
1956-1957 Box 1
 Cochrane, Archie
1948-1950 Box 2
 Coghill, Robert D.
1934-1940 Box 2
 Cohen, Barnett
1939 Box 2
 Cohen, Seymour S.
1961-1963 Box 2
 Cohn, Edwin J.
1936-1947 Box 2
 Cole, Llewellyn R.
1948 Box 2
 Cooper, David A.
1943 Box 2
 Cournand, Andre
1933-1942 Box 2
 Crawford, A.B.
1939 Box 2
 Cross, Forrest W.
1969 Box 2
 Cummins, Cecil S.
1961-1962 Box 2
 Dalldorf, Gilbert
1954 Box 2
 Dannenberg, Arthur M.
1964 Box 2
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1962 Box 2
 Deuel, Harry J., Jr.
1948-1956 Box 2
 Diller, Irene
1954-19735 foldersBox 2
 Doan, Charles A.
1942-1965 Box 2
 Dubos, Rene J.
1943 Box 2
 Duke, W.W.
1923-1924 Box 2
 Dunbar, Frank
1964-1969 Box 2
 Dunham, Lucia J.
1971-1972 Box 2
 Dunn, John E., Jr.
1951 Box 2
 Dunn, M.S.
1956 Box 2
 Dunning, Wilhelmina F.
1971 Box 2
 Eagle, Harry
1940-1955 Box 2
 Edgeworth, Harriet
1933-1942 Box 2
 Edwards, Lydia B.
1942-19722 foldersBox 2
 Edwards, Phyllis Q.
1959-1975 Box 3
 Emmart, Emily W.
1944-1945 Box 3
 Encyclopedia Britannica
1946-1967 Box 3
 Fabrizio, Angelina M.
1947-1950 Box 3
 Feldman, William H.
1933-1940 Box 3
 Feldmann, Floyd M.
1954-19712 foldersBox 3
 Florida State Board of Health
1959-1960 Box 3
 Freund, Jules
1935-1944 Box 3
 Furcolow, Michael L.
1939-1968 Box 3
 Georg, Lucille K.
1970 Box 3
 Gerstl, Bruno
1949-1950 Box 3
 Getz, Horace R.
1945-1964 Box 3
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1956 Box 3
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1967-1970 Box 3
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1936-1943 Box 3
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1939-1953 Box 3
 Grace de Monaco
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1946-1948 Box 3
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1932-1934 Box 3
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1939-1947 Box 3
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1959 Box 3
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1959 Box 3
 Harvard Apparatus Company
1963-1964 Box 3
 Heidelberger, Michael
1931-1944 Box 3
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1940-1966 Box 3
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1944-1974 Box 3
 Hinshaw, Corwin H.
1945-1946 Box 3
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1957-1959 Box 3
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1928-1931 Box 4
 Horsefall, Frank L.
1938-1939 Box 4
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1973 Box 4
 Iland, Charles N.
1948-1954 Box 4
 Janicki, Bernard W.
1960 Box 4
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1952 Box 4
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1963 Box 4
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1935-1936 Box 4
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1941 Box 4
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1948-1959 Box 4
 Keyser, J.W.
1948-1949 Box 4
 Kistler, Gonzague S.
1971 Box 4
 Kondo, Eiko
1962-1975 Box 4
 Konst, Herman
1960 Box 4
 Krohn, Edward F.
1954-1956 Box 4
 Kuchiki, Gorosaku
1956 Box 4
 Kundsin, Ruth B.
1965-1968 Box 4
 Landsteiner, Karl
1934-1941 Box 4
 Lange, Linda B.
1939 Box 4
 Larson, Carl L.
1963-1967 Box 4
 Lautenschlager, C.L.
1930-1938 Box 4
 Lazerow, Samuel
1956 Box 4
 Leake, Eva S.
1951-1976 Box 4

Other Descriptive Information: Also known as Eva Soto Figueroa

 Lessel, Erwin F.
1969 Box 4
 Lewis, D. Noland
1954-1956 Box 4
 Lewis, Warren Harmon and Margaret Reed
1947-1958 Box 4
 Lincoln, Edith M.
1956-1961 Box 4
 Long, Esmond R.
1924-19745 foldersBox 4
 Longsworth, Lewis G.
1941 Box 5
 Loosli, Clayton G.
1946-1947 Box 5
 Lopez Vallejo, Jose
1943-1945 Box 5
 Luetscher, John A., Jr.
1946 Box 5
 Lustig, B.
1943-1947 Box 5
 Macfarlane, Catherine
1965 Box 5
 Mack, Pauline Beery
1950 Box 5
 Manciewicz, Edith
1963 Box 5
 Mariette, E.S.
1933-1940 Box 5
 Martin, Samuel P.
1961-1962 Box 5
 Martini, A.
1972 Box 5
 McCollum, E.V.
1942 Box 5
 McDermott, Walsh
1953 Box 5
 McGirr, J.L.
1954 Box 5
 Mendel, Lafayette B.
1920-1934 Box 5
 Menzel, Arthur E.O.
1942 Box 5
 Merck Sharp and Dohme
1926-19703 foldersBox 5
 Middlebrook, Gardner
1943-1951 Box 5
 Miller, Elizabeth
1953-1972 Box 5
 Miller, T. Grier
1967-1977 Box 5
 Moore, Stanford
1972 Box 5
 Morriss, William H.
1927-1928 Box 5
 Mudd, Stuart
1973 Box 5
 Mulhern, F.J.
1959-1960 Box 5
 Murchashi, Toyoho
1966 Box 5
 Murray, E.
1930-1931 Box 5
 Myers, H. Norris
1942 Box 5
 Myers, J.A.
1944-1948 Box 5
 Nelson, Waldo E.
1934-1939 Box 5
 Northrup, John H.
1931 Box 5
 Noyes, W. Albert
1943 Box 5
 Nungester, Walter J.
1932-1938 Box 5
 Nyka, W.
1972 Box 5
 O'Brien, R.A.
1933-1939 Box 5
 Ogata, Tomio
1959-1960 Box 5
 Olsen, Kenneth B.
1948 Box 5
 Opie, Eugene L.
1942-1944 Box 5
 Orr, Gerald
1962 Box 5
 Palmer, Carroll E.
1939-19733 foldersBox 5
 Pangborn, Mary C.
1946-1954 Box 5
 Parish, H.J.
1939 Box 6
 Parke, Davis and Company
1932-19752 foldersBox 6
 Parlett, Robert C.
1961-1963 Box 6
 Pastor, J. Rodriguez
1938-1939 Box 6
 Paterson, A.B.
1953-1961 Box 6
 Patino de Pinzon, Teresina
1946-1951 Box 6
 Paul, John R.
1941-1943 Box 6
 Pauling, Linus
1943 Box 6
 Pedersen, Kai O.
1938-1975 Box 6
 Pedmann, Gertrud
1950 Box 6
 Pennell, Ellen L.
1934 Box 6
 Petermann, Mary
1944-1945 Box 6
 Phipps, John S.
1942 Box 6
 Pinner, Max
1946 Box 6
 Pio, Antonio
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 Pittman, Margaret
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 Pottenger, Francis M.
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 Russell, Walter J.
1972 Box 6
 Sabin, Florence R.
1930-1951 Box 6
 Schramm, J.R.
1960 Box 6
 Schroeder, C.R.
1938-1940 Box 6
 Scott, Annie V.
1955 Box 6
 Seibert, B.M.
1942 Box 6
 Shah, Syed Riaz Ali
1940 Box 6
 Shaw, Lawrence W.
1950 Box 6
 Shear, M.J.
1947 Box 6
 Slye, Maud
1934-1943 Box 6
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1933 Box 6
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1953 Box 6
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 Sorkin, Ernst
1953-1960 Box 6
 Spiegel-Adolf, Mona
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 Stacey, Maurice
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 Steenken, William
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1972 Box 7
 Steiner, Paul E.
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 Strong, L.E.
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 Sumner, James B.
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 Surgenor, Douglas M.
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1960 Box 7
 Svedberg, The
1932-1971 Box 7
 Svensson, Harry
1948 Box 7
 Takeya, Kenji
1956-1965 Box 7
 Taliaferro, W.H.
1956 Box 7
 Tennent, David M.
1939-1952 Box 7
 Tiselius, Arne
1938-19612 foldersBox 7
 Travaglini, Betty
1957 Box 7
 Trussell, James E.
1962 Box 7
 Tukey, John W.
1947-1950 Box 7
 United States Office of War Information
1945 Box 7
 Vandiviere, Mac
1954-1967 Box 7
 Van Slyke, Donald D.
1942 Box 7
 Waldenstrom, Jan
1945 Box 7
 Walkup, Harry E.
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 Wang, Shu Hsien
1937-1939 Box 7
 Waring, Charles E.
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 Watson, Dennis W.
1940-19702 foldersBox 7
 Waveren, G.M. van
1957 Box 7
 Weaver, Robert E.
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 Weinzirl, John
1927-1932 Box 8
 Weisbrod, Ferdinand
1948 Box 8
 Weiss, David W.
1956 Box 8
 Wells, H. Gideon
1923-1943 Box 8
 White, William Charles
1926-1946 Box 8
 Widstrom, Gosta
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 Williams, J.W.
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 Willis, Henry Stuart
1931-1976 Box 8
 Winzler, Richard J.
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 Woods, Alan C.
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 Yamamura, Yuichi
1956-1961 Box 8
 Yoneda, Masahiko
1963 Box 8
 Zinsser, J.S.
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1947 Box 8
 Series II. Organizations, Foundations, and Conferences
1923-1977 Box 9
 Altrusa Club of Clearwater
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 American Association for the Advancement of Science
1924-1974 Box 9
 American Association of Blood Banks
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 American Association of Clinical Chemists
1974 Box 9
 American Association of University Women
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 American Cancer Society
1965-1967 Box 9
 American Chemical Society
1923-1977 Box 9
 American Chemical Society-Garvan Medal
1941-1942 Box 9
 American Lung Association
1973-1974 Box 9
 American Medical Association
1954 Box 9
 American Society of Biological Chemists
1926 Box 9
 American Society of Naturalists
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 American Thoracic Society
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 American Trudeau Society
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 Beta Sigma Phi
1966 Box 9
 Business and Professional Women's Club
1922 Box 9
 Conference on the Biology of the Mycobacterioses
1967 Box 9
 Detroit Physiological Society
1941 Box 9
 Faraday Society
1951-1952 Box 9
 Florida Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association
1966-1967 Box 9
 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
1928-1942 Box 9
 Gulf Coast Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association
1966-1968 Box 9
 International Conference on Mycobacterial and Fungal Antigens
1963 Box 9
 International Congress of Biochemistry
1952 Box 9
 Iota Sigma Pi
1942-1973 Box 9
 Johns Hopkins Medical Society
1928-1929 Box 9
 Kappa Mu Sigma
1920-1927 Box 9
 Mound Park Hospital Foundation
1964-1966 Box 9
 National Academy of Sciences
1927-1940 Box 9
 National Tuberculosis Association
1938-1963 Box 9
 New York Academy of Sciences
1946-1976 Box 9
 Philadelphia Chapter of Hadassah
1948 Box 9
 Saint Petersburg Exchange Club
1969 Box 9
 Second Conference on Evaluation of Procedures for Tuberculin Testing
1969-1970 Box 9
 Sigma Delta Epilson
1926-1951 Box 9
 Sigma Xi Club
1967 Box 9
 Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
1933 Box 9
 Soroptimist Club
1950 Box 9
 Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association
1945-1948 Box 9
 Zonta International Buffalo Club
1942 Box 9
 Series III. Universities, Hospitals, and Institutions
1914-1976 Box 10
 American Board of Clinical Chemistry
1951-1975 Box 10
 Bay Pines V.A. Center
1968-1974 Box 10

Other Descriptive Information: Cancer research

 Detroit Institute of Cancer Research
1954 Box 10
 Gilliland Laboratories
1936-1943 Box 10
 Goucher College
1914-19762 foldersBox 10
 Institute of Medicine of Chicago
1929 Box 10
 Lafayette College
1938-1947 Box 10
 Lilly Research Laboratories
1934-1956 Box 10
 Mound Park Hospital
1964-1966 Box 10

Other Descriptive Information: Cancer research

 National Institute of Social Sciences
1944-1956 Box 10
 Pease Laboratories
1924-1926 Box 10
 University of Chicago
1924-1941 Box 10
 University of Pennsylvania
1952-1959 Box 10

Other Descriptive Information: Cancer research

 University of Pennsylvania-Henry Phipps Institute
1932-19672 foldersBox 10
 Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania
1936-1959 Box 10
 Yale University
1922-1939 Box 10
 Series IV. Works by Seibert
1922-1976 Box 11-12
 Active principle of tuberculin...
1939 Box 11
 Aluminum studies
1951-1954 Box 11
 Autobiographical note
1976 Box 11
 Amino acid composition of two tuberculin proteins
1951 Box 11
 Biographical information
1918-1966 Box 11
 Changes of diagnostic and prognostic significance in the serum with the development of tuberculosis
1948 Box 11
 Chemical and biological properties of tuberculin proteins and polysaccharides, as related to the tuberculin reaction
1948 Box 11
 Chemical nature and biological activity of the active principle of tuberculin
1929 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: Lecture at Hopkins

 Citation Classic
1989 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: From purified tuberculin to promising ideas for cancer patients

 Comparison of methods of sensitizing guinea pigs for standardization tests and comparison of the potency of three preparations of PPD
1957 Box 11
 Component parts of the tubercle bacillus and their relation to the tuberculin test
1948 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: Abstract of lecture

 Constituents of mycobacteria
1951-1959 Box 11
 Effect of aluminum on mammalian blood and tissues
1929 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: With H. Gideon Wells

 Evaluation of various tuberculins
1958 Box 11
1922-1925 Box 11
 Florida Women's Hall of Fame
1986 Box 11
 Gimbel Award-Philadelphia
1946 Box 11
 History of the development purified protein derivative tuberculin
1942 Box 11
 Isolation and chemistry of a bacillary protein fraction and its ability to sensitize cells
1952 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: With Angelina M. Fabrizio

 Isolation of a crystalline protein from tuberculin
1926-1927 Box 11
 John Scott Award
1947 Box 11
 National Achievement Award
1944-1948 Box 11
 Pennsylvania-Distinguished Daughter
1950 Box 11
 Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist
1968-1970 Box 11

Other Descriptive Information: Autobiography

 Purified Protein Derivative-history and production
1938-19752 foldersBox 11
 Pyrogen studies
1935-1971 Box 11
1933-1938 Box 12
 Simplified procedure for isolating polysaccharides and nucleic acid tuberculin using electrophoresis
undated Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: With Dennis W. Watson

 Some aspects of protein chemistry in tuberculosis
1942 Box 12
 Some aspects of tuberculosis research
1935 Box 12
 Some significant chemistry of tumors
1954 Box 12
 Tuberculin proteins
1952 Box 12
 Tuberculosis as the Chemist sees it
1941-1942 Box 12
 Series V. Works by Others
1934-1973 Box 12
 Antigen Study Group
1963 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Methodology manual for investigation of mycobacterial and fungal antigens. American Thoracic Society. With Seibert, L.F. Affronti, H. Baer, H.B. Levine, J.M. Cobb.

 Baldwin, Robert W.
1952 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Fractionation of C protein using zinc acetate

 Bevilacqua, Ellen Burtner
undated Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Separation and characterization of certain tuberculin components

 Cannon, Paul R.
1943 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: H. Gideon Wells, M.D., Ph.D. 1875-1943

 Cochrane, Archie
undated Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Summary of research work done under the direction of Dr. Seibert at the Henry Phipps Institute

 Diller, Irene
1962 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Cultural characteristics of T6 organism; Tissue cultures of mouse embryonic tissue infected with T-6 and S-180 organisms.

 Dunbar, Frank P.
1966-1969 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Comparisons between mycobacteria and isolates from tumors and leukemic bloods. With Edith Howard, Robert Cacciatore; Comparisons between Dr. Seibert's strains and Runyon's four groups of unclassified mycobacteria.

 Edwards, Lydia B.
1958 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Epidemiological studies of tuberculin sensitivity: preliminary results with purified protein derivatives prepared from atypical acid-fast organisms. With Carroll E. Palmer.

 Fabrizio, Angelina
1948-1952 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Progress Reorts, Fellow, American Trudeau Society; Effect of purified fractions of tuberculin on leukocytes from normal and tuberculous animals in tissue culture.

 Feldmann, Floyd M.
1956-1963 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Tuberculin Test; Automatic intradermal inoculation by pellet; Scientists at work.

 Force, H.J.
1934 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Poisons formed by aluminum cooking utensils

 Furcolow, Michael L.
1941 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Quantitative studies of the tuberculin reaction: the efficiency of a quantitative patch test in detecting reactors to low doses of tuberculin. With Edward L. Robinson.

 Hsu, Katherine
1973 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Tuberculosis chemoprophylaxis and chemotherapy in children

 Long, Esmond R.
1942-1955 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Koch's early work dramatic; Tuberculosis in the army; TB in German prison camp; Response to presentation of the Gold Headed Cane.

 Mandel, Lafayette B.
1936-1963 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Biographical information

 Middlebrook, Gardner
1950-1951 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Technique for performing the hemagglutination test for tuberculosis wiht the use of sensitized sheep red cells; New serologic tests for the detection of antibodies against antigens from tubercle bacilli.

 Miller, Elizabeth Eshelman
1955 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Studies on the amino acid, peptide, and protein composition of alcoholic extracts of rat sarcoma and similar extracts of normal muscle tissue; Electrophoretic comparisons of fluids from four different ascites tumors and sera of mice bearing the tumors in the ascites and solid forms.

 Patino de Pinzon. Teresina
1947-1952 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Action of tuberculin nucleic acid on the growth of the tubercle bacillus; BCG vaccination in the Republic of Panama.

 Pedersen, Kai O.
1948 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Arne Tiselius

 Sabin, Florence R.
1951-1956 Box 12
 Stocker, Mary L.
undated Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Dr. Porter and the Harvard Apparatus Company

 Stowell, Robert E.
1972 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Presentation of the Gold Headed Cane to Esmond R. Long

 Tiselius, Arne
1956-1971 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Electrophoresis, past, present and future; Buffer solutions

 Vallejo, Jose Lopez
1945 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: El derivado proteinico purificado de la tuberculina (P.P.D. de F.B. Seibert) y la tuberculina antigua de R. Koch

 Vandiviere, H. Mac
1961 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Comparison between purified individual tuberculo-proteins and the international standard tuberculin. With Margaret R. Vandiviere, Florence B. Seibert

 Wells, H. Gideon
1939 Box 12
 Williams, J.W.
1942-1946 Box 12

Other Descriptive Information: Directions for the preparation of normal human serum albumin; Directions for the preparation of normal serum gamma globulin antibodies (Human); Direstions for the preparation of prothrombin, isoagglutinins, and serum y-globulin (Human)