Oscar Riddle papers, 1919-1963


Date: 1919-1963 | Size: 3.5 Linear feet, Ca. 3500 items


Includes correspondence, autobiographical notes, addresses, articles, and drawings. The collection reflects Riddle's interests in breeding, heredity, and evolution. He was interested in humanism and the presentation of biological and evolutionary theories. There is much information on Riddle's activities in favor of freedom of scientific teaching, especially in high schools.

Background note

Oscar Riddle (1877-1968, APS 1926) was a zoologist and physiologist. He spent most of his professional career at the Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. His research focused on birds and reproduction. Oscar Riddle was born in 1877 in Cincinnati, Indiana, near Bloomington, the son of Jonathan Riddle and Amanda Emeline Carmichael, farmers. His father died when Oscar was still a boy, and he helped to support his family by working on neighboring farms and trapping animals from a young age. In 1896 he enrolled at Indiana University to study biology but he stayed only until 1897 when he left to collect specimens for the U.S. Commission of Fisheries in Puerto Rico. There he worked as a science teacher in several schools, including the Model and Training School in San Juan and several teachers' institutes. In 1901 he traveled to Trinidad and the Orinoco River delta to collect fish specimens for his own use.

Later that year he returned to Indiana University which granted him his B.A. in 1902. Riddle subsequently enrolled in the University of Chicago's graduate program in zoology. He worked as a teaching assistant and, under the guidance of Charles O. Whitman, began experimenting with the evolution of color patterns in domestic fowl. Financial difficulties compelled him to interrupt his studies in 1903 to teach physiology at Central High School in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1906 he was able to resume his work at Chicago, and in 1907 he received his Ph.D. in zoology. Riddle continued to work at the University of Chicago for the next four years, first as an associate in zoology and embryology and a research assistant in experimental therapeutics and, after 1908, as an instructor. Riddle lost this position in 1911 as a result of a reorganization in the zoology department; however, Whitman retained him to care for his pigeon colony and help in the preparation of his voluminous papers for publication. The following year Riddle accepted an appointment as research associate at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and in 1913 he moved to the Institution's Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. Except for serving as a captain in the U.S. Army Sanitary Corps during World War I, Riddle remained at the station for the rest of his career.

At Cold Spring Harbor Riddle's research focused on organic development and heredity. He was especially interested in pigment distribution and sexual determination and reversal. He tended to study these phenomena in terms of biochemistry and physiology rather then Mendelian genetics. In this he was influenced by the work of his mentor Whitman. Riddle's three-volume compilation of Whitman's papers, essentially an anti-Mendelian approach to such problems as inheritance of feather patterns, sexual behavior, and reproductive activities, was published in 1914.

Riddle made one important scientific contribution was his discovery in 1932 of a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland, which stimulates mammaries to produce milk. Until then scientists had generally believed that lactation was triggered by either the placenta, the corpus luteum, or the ovaries. Riddle and his collaborators discovered that an extract of the pititare gland that had been shown by George W. Corner to induce lactation was a protein. They named it prolactin. Within the next five years Riddle was able to demonstrate that prolactin also induced production of milk in rats and crop milk in pigeons.

The discovery of prolactin remained Riddle's only significant contribution. Partly as a result of his overconfidence and dogmatism, most of the findings in Riddle's more than 200 research articles were superseded by the work of geneticists. Ironically, Riddle himself worked diligently to convince the public of the correctness of new scientific discoveries.

In addition to his scientific research, Riddle was also concerned with the ways in which biology was taught in American high schools. He was particularly critical of the failure to convey to high school students major advances in the life sciences because of what he called the "anti-science, anti-medical, anti-vivisection and anti-evolution crusades." Riddle explained his critical stance in an address he delivered in 1936 in St. Louis as vice president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and chairman of its zoology section. The lecture, which was published in Science under the title "The Confusion of Tongues," created significant controversy. Six years later Riddle became the chairman of a committee created by the Union of American Biological Societies that substantiated his accusations that religious strictures were responsible for preventing exposure of many public school students to the theory of evolution. In addition, Riddle published numerous articles in which he encouraged teachers to stand up to religious dogmatism and make their students biologically literate. He was a founder of the National Association of Biology Teachers, and in the first article in the first issue of the organization's journal The American Biology Teacher (1938), Riddle urged teachers of the life sciences to "pull together" in order to prevent further weakening of their discipline.

Riddle was an active member of several professional associations. He served as president of the Association for the Study of Internal Secretions (1928-1929), vice president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1935-1936), and president of the American Rationalist Federation (1959-1960). He chaired the American delegation to the Second International Congress for Sex Research in London, England (1930), and represented the Carnegie Institution at the Second Pan-American Congress of Endocrinology in Montevideo, Uruguay (1941). In addition, he was section editor of Biological Abstracts (1926-1946) and on the publication board of Endocrinology (1931-1934, 1939-1942). Among his awards and honors are the Gold Medal of the American Institute of the City of New York's (1934), the Humanist of the Year Award of the American Humanist Association (1958), and the Distinguished Service Award of the National Association of Biology Teachers (1958). He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1934 and the National Academy of Sciences in 1939.

In 1937 Riddle married Leona Lewis; they had no children. In 1945 he retired to Plant City, Florida. He continued to study and write about biology until his death in 1968.

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Collection Information

Physical description

Ca. 3500 items.


Presented by the Riddle estate and accessioned, 1969 (1969 615ms). Additional photocopied papers presented by George W. Corner and accessioned, 09/--/1972 (1972 1813ms).

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Note

Northrop, John Howard, 1891-1987Correspondence (2 items)1959-1961English

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Corporate Name(s)

  • University of Chicago. -- Dept. of Zoology.


  • Sketches.

Personal Name(s)

  • Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954
  • Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945
  • Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975
  • Kinsey, Alfred C. (Alfred Charles), 1894-1956
  • Moe, Henry Allen, 1894-1975
  • Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968
  • Whitman, Charles Otis, 1842-1910


  • Biology.
  • Birds -- Research.
  • Breeding.
  • Evolution.
  • Genetics.
  • Heredity.
  • Physiology.
  • Pigeons.
  • Science -- Study and teaching (Secondary)
  • Zoology.

Detailed Inventory

I. Correspondence
Allen, Gordon
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Burhoe, Ralph Wendell, 1911-1997; Raper, John R.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Caldwell, Otis W. (Otis William), 1869-1947; Leake, Chauncey Depew, 1896-1978; Moulton, Forest Ray, 1872-1952; Wolfe, Deal

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida

Joughin, Louis; Wilson, Burton T.

American Express Company

Indian Science Conference Arrangements

American Humanist Association

Rafton, Harold Robert, 1890-1982; Wendt, G. (Gerald), 1891-1973; Wilson, Edwin H., 1898-1993

American Institute of Biological Sciences. Visiting Biologists Program

Auffenberg; Berk, Ann M; Blakey, Mary Louise; Crampton, Mary Louise; Dickson, James G. (James Geere), 1891-1962; Eastern Air Lines; Grobman, Arnold B. (Arnold Brams), 1918-2012; Leisner, Robert S., b. 1927; Tyrrell, Joseph E.

American Institute of Biological Sciences. Visiting Biologists Program. Participating Colleges

Aquinas College; Bethune-Cookman College (Chung, In-Cho, b. 1918); Goddard College; Graceland College (Johnson, S. W.); Hollins College (Durbin, Margaret; Thompson, Jesse C.); Hood College (McCarrell, Jane D.); Howard College (McCullough, Herbert A.); State University of New York (Kramer, Sol); Texas College (Khan, Sekender A.); Winthrop College (Hess, Margaret).

American Institute of the City of New York

Light, Robert F.

American Medical Association. Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry
American Philosophical Society

Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler, 1876-1965

American Rationalist

Cejka, Viktor, 1910-1997; Coate, Lowell Harris; Doerr, Edd

Anderson, Carl
Anderson, Rudolph J. (Rudolph John), 1879-1961
Animal Behavior

Davis, David G.

Banaras Hindu University
Banta, Arthur M. (Arthur Mangun), 1877-1946
Barnum, William
Bates, Robert W.
Beach, Scott; Floyd, Oscar; McCoy, Robert; Poser, Ernest
Beadle, George Wells, 1903-1989
Beltran, Enrique, 1903-1994
Benedict, Cornelia Golay, 1870-1961
Benedict, Francis Gano, 1870-1957
Benhre, Elinor H.
Benitez-Flores, Manuel
Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954
Breneman, W. R. (William Raymond), 1907-1992
Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975
Brooks, Chandler McC.
Brother John
Bruton, James D., 1908-1995
Bulkley, Robert Johns, 1880-1965
Burton, James D.
Busch, Fred W.
Canfield, Cass, 1897-1986
Cardiff, Ira D. (Ira Detrich), 1873-1964
Carnegie Institution of Washington

Bauer, Mrs. G. Phillip (Concerning location of Whitman manuscripts); Bush, Vannevar, 1890-1974; Gilbert, Walter M.; Woodward, Robert Simpson, 1849-1924

Carnegie Institution of Washington. Office of Publications

Fassett, F. G. (Frederick Gardiner), 1901-1991

Carter, Mary Louise
Castle, William E. (William Ernest), 1867-1962
Caulfield, Gordon
Chu, Jennings Pinkwei, b. 1895
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Home Defense Reserve

Cole, Leon J. (Leon Jacob), 1877-1948
Collier's (Magazine)

Letters to the editor

Colligan, Francis James, 1908-1974

U.S. Department of State. Regarding South American travel

Collins, LeRoy
Collins, Nicholas E.
Corner, George W. (George Washington), 1889-1981
Cowdry, E. V. (Edmund Vincent), 1888-1975
Crampton, C. Ward (Charles Ward), 1877-1964
Crocker, William, 1876-1950
Davenport, Charles Benedict, 1866-1944
Davis, Watson, 1896-1967
de Bodo, Richard C.
Dombrowski, James A. (James Anderson), 1897-1983
Domodaran, M.
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945
Dunn, L. C. (Leslie Clarence), 1893-1974
Eaton, Cyrus Stephen, 1883-1979
Edwards, L. K.
Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior
Endocrine Society

Greep, Roy Orval, 1905-1997

Esquire, inc.

Davis, Myron D.

Eugenics Quarterly

Allen, Gordon


Katterfeld, Ludwig E., 1881-1974

Excerpta Medica

Woerdeman, M. W. (Martinus Willem), 1892-1990

Faber, Shepard M., 1928-2015
Farisch, T. Adolph
Fassett, F. G. (Frederick Gardiner), 1901-1991
Fast Journal

Woolever, John D.

Fink, George
Florida Council of Churches. Church and Higher Education Conference

Archer, Glenn L.; Diffenderfer, Florence; McCarroll, Tolbert H.; Scott, Harold E.; Reitz, J. Wayne (Julius Wayne), 1908-1993

Florida State School Superintendent

Bailey, Thomas David, 1897-1974

Forbes, Alexander
France. Chambre des deputes

Cabinet du President

Free Humanist

Alt, Ludwig

Free Mind

Letter(s) to the editor

Freethinkers of Southern California
Friendship Liberal League

Alt, Ludwig

Fuller, Harry J., 1907-1973
Gallant, Joseph
Grobman, Arnold B. (Arnold Brams), 1918-2012
Gulick, Addison, 1882-1969
Hall, Thomas Steele, 1909-1990
Harper's Magazine, Inc.

Letter(s) to the editor

Harrison, J. W.
Haskins, Roy
Hecht, Hugo
Heiken, Herbert
Hendrie, William E.
Hill, Leslie
Hollander, W. F. (Willard F.)
Horizon Press

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Hoskins, R. G. (Roy Graham), 1880-1964
Howard College

McCullough, Herbert A.

Howard Junior High School

Gills, Lawton L. 9th Class

Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975
India. Embassy. (United States)
Indian Science Conference

Invitations, Itinerary, Photograph, Program, Radio Interview (Script)

Indian Science Congress

Mahalanobis, P. C. (Prasanta Chandra), 1893-1972

Instituto Butantan

Valle, J. R.

Instituto de Fisiologia

Houssay, Bernardo A. (Bernardo Alberto), 1887-1971

International Planned Parenthood Federation
Jeffers, George W., 1897-1995
Johnson, James Hervey
Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Chaney, Doris M.; Schneiderman, Marvin A. (Marvin Arthur), b. 1918

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Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943
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Kinsley, Carl
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Komai, Taku, b. 1886
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League of Nations. Commission on Biological Standardization

Gautier, R.

LeFebvre, Eugene H.
Lehrman, Daniel S., 1919-1972
Leisanides, Theodophos
Levi, Wendell Mitchell, 1891-1976
Lewis, Joseph
Library on Man's Place in Nature

Bayne, Helen

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Letter to the editor

Miller, Robert R.
Minoura, T.
Moe, Henry Allen, 1894-1975
Moore, Hugh, 1887-1972

Hugh Moore Fund for International Peace

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Mussio Fournier, J. C. (Juan Cesar), 1890-1961
Muzzey, David Saville, 1870-1965
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National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)

Cornell, S. D.

National Academy of Sciences (U.S.). Indian Science Congress

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National Association of Biology Teachers

Harrold, John P.; Klinge, Paul E.

Nelson, Carl J.
New York Times

Letter to the editor

Northrop, John Howard, 1891-1987
Osterhout, W. J. V. (Winthrop John Van Leuven), 1871-1964
Perry, R. Barton (Ralph Barton), 1876-1957
Peters, James Arthur, 1922-1972
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
Philosophical Library

Morse, Rose

Piel, Gerrard, 1915-2004
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Vogt, William

Popenoe, Paul, 1888-1979
Population Reference Bureau
Pottenger, Francis Marion, 1869-1961
Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Felker, Edward Pearson, 1891-1963

Puerto Rico. Department of Education
Purohit, K. G.
Rabinowitz, Louis M. (Louis Mayer), 1887-1957
Radio Mundial S. A. (Lima, Peru)
Ramaswami, L. S.
Rauville, X. de
Reed, Mildred B.
Reimann, ------
Reimann, Stanley P. (Stanley Philip), 1891-1968
Reis, Jose

Letter to manager

Reprint Acknowledgments

Charipper, Harry Adolph, 1900-1971; Corner, George W. (George Washington), 1889-1981; Dragstedt, Lester R. (Lester Reynold), 1893-1975; Fenn, Wallace O., 1893-1971; Goldzieher, Maximilian Alexander, 1883-1969; Griffith, Robert; Miller, D. F.; Rafton, Harold Robert, 1890-1982; Smithsonian Institution; Wilson, J. Walter

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Riddle, Leona Lewis, 1896-1968
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Confusion of Tongues (Correspondence)

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Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Endocrines and Constitution in Doves and Pigeons (Correspondence)

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Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought (Disposition)

Alt, Ludwig; Altman, Ralph; Hudson, O. P.; Kleinwald, Arthur; Lewis, Joseph; Morrow, Felix; Royalty Statement

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought (Reviews, Responses to Complimentary Copies, etc.)

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Letter to Oscar Riddle, 1877-1968
1951 September 17 
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Includes letter to Ernst Haeckel, 1834-1919

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II. Manuscripts

Includes works by Oscar Riddle, manuscript drafts, memos, records, and subject files.

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Accion de la Prolactina Sobre
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
American Philosophical Society
1960 April 22 

Comments to

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
American Rationalist Federation Citation for Linus Pauling
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
American Rationalist Federation, Presidential Address
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Among the Hormones
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Animal Hormones Affecting Growth...
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Autobiographical Notes
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biography and Outside Activities
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biological Sources of Human Behavior
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biologist Speaking
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biology becomes Social
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biology in and not in the High School
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Biology Tomorrow
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Birds as Material for Elucidating the Processes of Animal Reproduction
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Birth Control and the Real Religious Issue in the Campaign
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Chemical Analysis of Streptopelia
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Church-State in the United States


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Complete Sex-Transformation in Adult Animals
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Confusion of Tongues (Press Releases)
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Contemplating the Hormones
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Control of Heredity
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Crucial Competition with Russia in Science Education
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Cyclic Changes in Blood Calcium, Phosphorus, and Fat in Relation to Egg Laying
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Developmental Disturbance and Transformation of a Hereditary Character: The Sex Character
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Differentiating Some Functions of the Anterior Pituitary Hormones
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Education for All American Youth from the Point of View of a Biologist
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Educational Darkness and Luminous Research
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Endocrine Control of Reproduction in Birds

Program of biological conference

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Endocrine, Regulation of Reproduction
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Endocrine Society Address
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Endocrines and Constitution
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Establishment of Race of Pigeons with Characteristically Large and with Characteristically Small Thyroid
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Fellowship Presentation to William L. Laurence, 1888-1977
1940 February 1 
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Fortieth Anniversary of the Scopes Trial in Tennessee
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Genetics and Developmental Forces and the Optimum in Man
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Genetics and Human Behavior
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Germinal Basis of Development (Heredity)
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Glandulas Endocrinas y la Constitucion
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Hempstead Address


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Hitherto Unknown Function of the Thymus
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Hormone Therapy Viewed by the Research Physiologist
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Hormones and Human Inequality
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Humanist of the Year Acceptance Speech
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Internal Secretions in Evolution
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Introducing J. B. S. (John Burdon Sanderson) Haldane, 1892-1964

An evening in New York City

Access digital object:

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Is Organized Religion the Source of Today's Moral Impasse?
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Items in the Emergence of the NABT
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Life-Science and Man
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Life Sciences and Modern Man
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Life Sciences in Everyday Living
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Metabolic Theory of Sex and its Reversibility in the Ova of Doves and Pigeons

Table of Contents

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Metabolism and the Newer Aspect of the Sex Problems
 2 folder(s)
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Metodos y Resultados de Medicion de Tasa
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Moods, Men, and Understanding
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Must We Fail in Science Education?
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
National Association of Biology Teachers Address
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Neglected Sciences in Modern Life
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
New Data on the Relation of Metabolism in Sex
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
New Light on the Physiology of Sex
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
New National Interest in High School Science
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Note on Professor Whitman's Unpublished Work

Carnegie Institution: Robert Simpson Woodward

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
On Endocrines and Organisms
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
On the Humanist Alternative
1966 April 29 

Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California

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Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
On the Origin of the National Association of Biology Teachers
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
On the Thyroid Data of Table and Polygons for Thyroid
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Opportunity and Obligation of the National Association of Biology Teachers
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Origin of Good and Evil
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Orlando, Florida, Junior High School Address
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Parental Behavior and Prolactin: Three Decades of Testing that Association
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Participacion de Hormonas Hipofisiarias en el Metabolismo Graso e Hidrocarbonado
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Personal Philosophy


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Personal View of Items

Florida, High School Science

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Plant City Lions Club, Brief for Talk
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Preliminary Impressions and Facts from a Questionnaire on Secondary School Biology
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Press Releases, Clippings, etc.
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Prolactin, a Product of the Anterior Pituitary
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Prolactin and Parental Behavior: Introduction
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Prolactin in Vertebrate Function and Organization
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Prolactin or Progesterone as Key to Parental Behavior: A Review
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Promise of Endocrinology
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Proofs and Implications of Complete Sex-Transformation in Animals
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Recent Knowledge of Sex
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Recent Studies on the Relation of Metabolism to Sex
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Recognition and Removal of Barriers to Effective Teaching of Secondary School Biology
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Relative Claims of Natural Sciences and of Social Studies
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.

Items mostly unpublished on religion

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Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Role of Endocrines in Development
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.

Items mostly unpublished on science

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Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Science in Education in a Democracy
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Science Seminar Abstract
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Seasonal, Endocrine, and Temperature Factors
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Serving its Time
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Sex and Intersex in Pigeons
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Sex Control and Known Correlations in Pigeons
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Sex in a Fraternity of Pigeons Obtained from an Interfamily Cross
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Should Euthanasia be Made Lawful?
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Some Aspects of Sexual Difference in Prenatal Growth and Death
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Some Concurrent Changes Involving the Newer Aspect of the Sex Problem
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Some Interrelations of Sexuality, Reproduction, and Internal Secretion
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Some Products and Functions of the Anterior Pituitary Gland
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Special Contribution of Developmental Mechanics to the Thought and Purpose of the Man of Tomorrow
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Spreading Spark of Life
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Studies on Pituitary Functions
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Sustaining Luxuries of the Mind
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
To a Few Close Relatives
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Topics to Emphasize
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
United States Ambassador to the Vatican
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
University Club of Chicago Address
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought

News release

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Visit to India


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
What the Race Needs


Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Whitman Manuscript Catalogue

Catalogue of Material for Perparation

Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Why Learning?
Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
Words at Funeral for Seymour Riddle, 1868-1944
Riddle, Leona Lewis, 1896-1968. Riddle, Oscar, 1877-1968.
III. Research Data & Notes
Birds, Wild
Birds, Wild. Data, Female
Birds, Wild. Data on Reproductive Organs
Birds, Wild. Data on Reproductive Organs of Females of Various Species
Birds, Wild. Data on Reproductive Organs of Males of Various Species
Birds, Wild. Rough Data on Reproductive Organs
Breeding Records, Egg Records

Records for various species of pigeons and hybrids

Breeding Records of Pigeons

Tables, Analysis

IV. Graphics
1905-19062 items

A selection of graphics available in the Oscar Riddle papers.

 25 items

Watercolor drawings

ca. 19051 items

Abstract: Profile watercolor of a pigeon perched on a branch.

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Pigeon, adult male, Zenaida x Zenaidura hybrid.
19061 items

Abstract: Watercolor of pigeon perched on rock.

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