Charles P. (Charles Pollard) Olivier correspondence, 1915-1962


Date: 1915-1962 | Size: 0.5 Linear feet, Ca. 400 items


This collection pertains almost exclusively to Olivier's interest in meteors. Generally, there are only a few letters per person and for many correspondents, only one.

Background note

Charles P. Olivier was an astronomer who pioneered the scientific visual study of meteors, double stars, and variable stars. He attended the University of Virginia for his undergraduate and doctorate degrees, graduating in 1911 with his Ph.D. in astronomy with a dissertation disproving the existence of stationary meteor radiants. He founded the American Meteor Society (AMS), an offshoot from the American Astronomical Society, the same year in order to visually observe meteors and meteor showers. The meteor plots collected from 1911 to 1931 by AMS members helped prove Olivier's doctoral dissertation. He was also known for appealing to student and amateur astronomers to volunteer their meteor observations.

His first teaching position, from 1912 to 1914, was as professor of astronomy at Agnes Scott College. During the summers, he volunteered at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. Olivier returned to the University of Virginia in 1914 to work at the McCormick Observatory until enlisting to serve in World War I. Leaving the University of Virginia in 1928, Olivier worked as the director of the University of Pennsylvania's Flower Observatory. There, he continued his studies on double stars, discovering more than 150, and was eventually made chair of the university's astronomy department before retiring in 1954.

The moon crater Olivier is named after him.

Collection Information

Physical description

Ca. 400 items.


Presented by Charles Pollard Olivier and accessioned, 05/02/1967 (1967 883ms). Daily hourly meteor rates presented by Olivier and accessioned, 03/--/1975 (1975 526.a, .b ms).

Indexing Terms

Personal Name(s)

  • Abbe, Cleveland, 1838-1916
  • Astapovich, I. S. (Igorʹ Stanislavovich), 1908-1976
  • Barnard, Edward Emerson, 1857-1923
  • Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 1860-1929
  • Byrd, Harry Flood, 1887-1966
  • Chapman, Sydney, 1888-1970
  • Conklin, Edwin Grant, 1863-1952
  • Doolittle, Eric, 1870-1920
  • Frost, Edwin Brant, 1866-1935
  • Hall, Asaph, 1829-1907
  • Harnwell, G. P. (Gaylord Probasco), 1903-1982
  • LaPaz, Lincoln
  • Menzel, Donald Howard, 1901-1976
  • Olivier, Charles P. (Charles Pollard), 1884-1975
  • Roy, Felix de
  • Russell, Henry Norris, 1877-1957
  • Schlesinger, Frank, 1871-1943
  • Shapley, Harlow, 1885-1972
  • Struve, Otto, 1897-1963


  • Astronomy.
  • Meteors.

Detailed Inventory

Abbe, Cleveland
Abbe, Cleveland

Custodial history: The following is a listing of the correspondents of the C. P. Olivier papers received April 19, 1974 and accessioned: 1974 455ms.

Abbe, Cleveland: Report
Aitken, R.G.
Allen, Edward W., Jr.
Amundson, Thomas
Arend, S.
Astapowitch, Igor S.
Baillaud, Jules
Baldauf, Richard J.
Barnard, E.E.
Barr, John U.
Barringer, D. Moreau
Barringer, P.B.
Barton, Samuel G.
Benyon, John F.
Berman, Horace N.
Billings, C.M.
Blaisdell, D.P.
Blanco, V.M.
Bloom, Julius
Bloggs, Isabel
Bonfield, Max
Bosler, Jean
Bosler, Jean
Boyd, Sylvia
Boyles, Alfred
Brockett, Paul
Brogan, Phil F.
Brogdon, J.S.
Brouwer, Dirk
Byrd, Harry F.
Burkel, Christian E.
Catharine, Irwin T.
Chant, C.A.
Chapman, Sydney
Conklin, Edwin G.
Cook, Gustavus Wynne
Colton, Barrows F.
Crommelin, C.D.
Davis, Watson
Dawson, Bernhard
Delinger, J.H.
DeWitt, Robert L., Reverand
Dirick, R.
Dobson, C.M.B.
Doolittle, Eric
Dubs, H.H.
Dudley, L.P.
Dunsink Observatory, Ireland
Eason, F.B.
Elsavor, Walter M.
Epner, Norman
Fahrney, D.S.
Farnum, Grace C.
Farquhar, Edgar S.
Fath, E.A.
Federer, Charles A.
Ferrell, Oliver Perry
Fisher, Clyde
Fisher, Willard J.
Fleming, John A.
Folio, Peter J.
Ford, Clinton B.
Foshag, W.F.
Fowler, A.
Fox, Phillip
France, Jennie V.
Franklin, Lindley M.
Free, E.E.
Frost, Edwin B.
Furcron, A.S.
Glowan, E.H.
Guigay, G.
Guth, Vladimir
Guthwick, G.
Haas, Walter
Halbach, Edward A.
Hall, Arthur
Hammer, Carl
Harding, A.M.
Harnwell, Gaylord P.
Harwood, Margaret
Hawkins, Gerald S.
Henderson, E.P.
Herlofson, N.
Hertzsprung, Ejnar
Hill, Charles M.
Hill, Lon C.
Himsel, D.V.M.
Hoffleit, Dorrit
Hoffmeister, C.
Hollowell, M.
Hope-Jones, Frank
Hufnagel, Fred
Humphreys, W.J.
Hurder, W.R.
Ingalls, Albert G.
Inonye, Hideo
International Research Council
Jacks, Maston M.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines, President
Kapenstein, Ira
Kerolyr, M. de
Khan, A.R.
Kimmel, Joseph W.
King, A.
Kline, James, Reverand
Kohman, Truman P.
Komaki, Koziro
Kuiper, Gerard P.
Kunz, George F.
LaPaz, Lincoln
Laeb, August L.
Leander McCormick Observatory, University of Virginia
Lindblad, Bertil-Anders
Lipman, Charles B.
Luesley, Earl E.
Lukkien, H.G.
Lutz, Edgar H.
Luyten, W.J.
McBain, Flora M.
McClenahan, Howard M.
McDannald, A.H.
McDuffie, E.M.
McIntosh, Ronald
Makemson, Maud W.
Marshall, Roy K.
Martindell, Jackson
Martinetz, Walter
Mary, Donald
Mayall, Margaret W.
Menzel, Donald H.
Menzies, A.
Merrill, George P.
Metzer, Eli
Miller, F.D.
Millman, P.M.
Miner, Eunice Thomas
Mizwa, Stephen Pa
Mohler, Orren C.
Monnig, Oscar E.
Moore, Hugh
Moore, J.H.
Morrow, Glenn R.
Moulten, F.R.
Mowell, M.H.
Musser, Paul H.
Neathery, Robert W.
Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Weer En Sterrekunde
New York Times
Nicholson, T.D.
Nielson, Axel
Nininger, H.H.
Nogay, Frank
Noonan, Julia A.
Norries, L.B.
Nussbaum, Hans
Ohio State University
Olivier, Charles P.: "A History of Meteoric Astronomy"
Olivier, Charles P.: "Bibliography"
Olivier, Charles P.: Concerning Harry F. Byrd
Olivier, Charles P.: letter to the delegates of the Republican Convention
Olivier, Charles P.: letter to the editor of Life
Olivier, Charles P.: letter to the Shooting Star Commission
Olivier, Charles P.: letter to the Public Information Division, Air Force
Olivier, Charles P.: letter to the Commision Des Etioles Filantes of the International Astronomical Union
Olivier, Charles P.: "Meteors"
Olivier, Charles P.: Miscellaneous Notes
Olivier, Charles P.: "Nebula"
Olivier, Charles P.: "The August Meteors"
Olivier, Charles P.: Report from the Flower and Cook Observatories
O'Neill, John L.
Parker, Constance
Paterson, Fraser J.
Patton, John S.
Penniston, J.B.
Pepper, Aimon R.
Pickering, William H.
Pokzbvsky, K.
Pope, E.A.
Pope, Ida May
Pomeroy, John H.
Poulter, Thomas C.
Pratt, M.A.
Prentice, P.M.
Pickard, Greenleaf Whittier
Quinn, A.H.
Rand, Stephen
Reid, J.R.
Reimer, Walter J.
Rense, William A.
Rhodes, R.N.
Rifflard, Désiré C.
Ritchey, G.W.
Robbins, William J.
Robinson, L.J.
Rosa, Nicholas
Rosebrugh, D.W.
Rowe, Alan
Roy, Felix de
Russell, Henry Norris
Schiesinger, Frank
Schmidt, W.
Scranton, William W.
Scranton, William W.
Serota, Sam
Shapley, Harlow
Sharda, Jean
Shaw, Quincy A.
Sherburne, E.G.
Siekman, Rosemary
Shatton, F.T.M.
Simpson, Clinton
Skumanich, Andrew
Slouka, Hubert
Smith, Franklin W.
Smith, Howard W.
Smith, J.J.
Spitz, Armand N.
Stanjukowitsch, K.
Stebbins, Joel
Stevenson, William H.
Stewart, Meldrum
Stewart, John Q.
Stokley, James
Stone, Ormand
Stratton, F.T.M.
Sturbridge, Richard V.
Struve, Otto
Sullivan, W.H.
Tacker, Lawrence J.
Talman, C.F.
Van Biesbrouk, G.
Van Den Bergh, Sidney
Van Doren, Gene
Venable, Francis P.
Ventor, S.C.
Vermilye, William M.
Vickers, Aw. V.
Wade, Alton F.
Wallace, George C.
Warner, W.P.
Washington, Henry S.
Watson, F.
Watson, T.C.
Weaver, Claire
Webb, Walter N.
Wend, Richard E.
Wesley, W.H.
Whipple, Fred L.
Whipple, T.J.W.
Williams, Edwin B.
Williams, J.D.
Wilson, Herbert C.
Wilson, Ralph E.
Wilson, T.W.
Wirth, Lewis
Woolard, Edgar W.
Wood, Dorothy F.
Wood, Frank Bradshaw
Wright, Fred E.
Wright, W.H.
Wylie, C.C.
Young, Anne S.
Dugan, Raymond S.
Eddington, A.S.
Frost, Edwin B.
Hull, G.F.
Humphreys, W.J.
Innes, R.T.A.
King, A.
Kirkpatrick, R.
Lyman, Herbert
Merrill, George P.
National Academy of Sciences
[Opiek], J.E.
[Russell, Henry Morris], J.
Schlesinger, Frank
Shapley, Harlow
University of Sofia