Wolfgang Köhler Papers


Date: 1862-1976 | Size: 8 Linear feet


Wolfgang Köhler was an internationally recognized leader in experimental psychology. Along with Max Wertheimer and Kurth Koffka, he was a founder of Gestalt psychology, which strongly affected the development of psychology for more then half a century. The Wolfgang Köhler Papers consist of 8 linear feet and are arranged into eight series: correspondence, grant material, lectures, manuscripts, notes, reports of assistants, research notebooks, and photographs and slides. The material relates to Köhler's career as one of the founders of Gestalt Psychology, and work as a experimental researcher.

Background note

Wolfgang Köhler was an internationally recognized leader in experimental psychology. Along with Max Wertheimer and Kurt Koffka, he was a founder of Gestalt psychology, which strongly affected the development of psychology for more then half a century.

Wolfgang Köhler was born in Reval, Estonia on January 21, 1887 to German parents. His parents returned to Germany when Köhler was six, settling in Wolffenbuttel. Köhler remained in Germany for his education, attending the University of Tubingen (1905-1906), University of Bonn (1906-1907), and the University of Berlin (1907-1909) where he earned his Ph.D. While at Berlin, Köhler studied psychology under Carl Stumph and field physics with Max Planck. His work with Planck would lead Köhler to begin applying field theory in physics to psychology, a step fundamental to the development of Gestalt psychology.

After receiving his doctorate, Köhler became an assistant to Friedrich Schumann at the Psychological Institute in Frankfurt am Main in 1909. Here he met Max Wertheimer and Kurt Koffka, collaborators in the creation of Gestalt psychology. Gestalt psychology developed in Germany during a period known as the Crisis of Science. Science seemed to lack the ability or interest to deal with human problems. Wertheimer and Köhler saw the problem not with science itself, but with the conception of natural science among psychologists.

Work with Wertheimer and Koffka was interrupted in 1913 when Köhler was appointed Director of the Anthropoid Station on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, established in 1912 by the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Köhler's one year stay on the island was extended to seven with the outbreak of World War I. During his extended stay Köhler was able to develop his thinking in significant and original directions. An important outcome of Köhler's stay on Tenerife was his study of the problem-solving capabilities and other intelligent behavior of Apes. His work resulted in the book Mentality of Apes, published in 1917, which became a classic and described as a turning point in the psychology of thinking. While on Tenerife Köhler also worked on Die physischen Gestalten in Ruhe und im stationaren Zustand (published in 1920), in which he begins to work out his relations between Gestalt psychology and physics.

When Köhler returned to Germany in 1920, he became acting director of the Psychological Institute of the University of Berlin. The following year he took the position of professor of experimental psychology and philosophy in Gottengen. In 1922 Köhler returned to Berlin to become professor of philosophy and director of the University's psychological institute. With his return to Berlin, Köhler was able to renew his work with Wertheimer and Kurt Lewin on Gestalt psychology. In the following years Berlin became a center for the study of Gestalt psychology, drawing a number of extraordinary students. Additionally, the publication Psychologische Forschung was founded, which records much of the early development for Gestalt psychology. During this period Köhler made his first visit to the United States as a visiting professor at Clark University (1925-1926). Köhler 's close collaboration with Wertheimer and Lewin ended when they left Berlin in 1929 and 1932 respectively.

Köhler departed Berlin in 1935 in the face of Nazi oppression. Following Adolf Hitler's rise to power in 1933, the Nazi party began to target the administration and activities of German universities. At the psychological institute Köhler had assistants dismissed and appointed without his consent. Köhler protested this interference only to receive empty promises from the Nazis. After the dismissal of Jewish professors Köhler took a public stand in April 1933 with "Gespräche in Deutschland." Published in Die Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung this was the last anti-Nazi article published openly in Germany, and Köhler expected to be arrested soon afterwards. In 1934 Köhler made his second trip to the United States to teach as the William James Lecturer at Harvard University (1934-1935), and as Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago (1935). At the end of his time in Chicago, Köhler decided to formally emigrate to the United States and accepted a position as professor of psychology (later becoming research professor of philosophy and psychology) at Swarthmore College.

In 1958 Köhler retired from Swarthmore in order to continue his scientific research and writing, moving to New Hampshire where he conducted his experimental work at Dartmouth College as a visiting professor. Köhler was very active in experimental research (working up to the time of his death), and is recognized as one of the most outstanding experimenters in psychology. A key to his work was the simplicity of his experiments, something he passed on to many of his students. Unlike other experimenters in psychology, Köhler did not take measurements for the sake of taking them. As such, his work stands as a meeting place between physics, biology, and psychology. Köhler 's examination of the theory of evolution clarified for many psychologists the relation between its principle of invariance and that of change. His work also placed psychology in its relation to philosophy. Additionally, his work on transformed the fields of perception and of thinking. Köhler was equally impressive as a personality. He was open to good scientific criticism of his work, acknowledging any errors that were pointed out and trying to settle the issue by new experimentation. Equally, if a colleague was in error he would review the evidence, ask key questions, and deal with the issues objectively.

Köhler was well respected internationally, with his works being translated into numerous languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. He was also sought after as a lecture in both American and Europe. He maintained a close relationship with the Free University of Berlin in the 1950s and 1960s, and was bestowed the honor of Ehrenburger. Köhler was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ between 1954 and 1956. He had the honor of delivering the Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh in 1958, and the Herbert S. Langfeld Memorial Lecture at Princeton in 1967. Köhler was also honored with membership in the American Philosophical Society, the National Academy of Science, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received honorary degrees from the Universities of Pennsylvania, Chicago, Freiburg, Munster, and Uppsala; as well as Swarthmore and Kenyon Colleges.

Wolfgang Köhler died in Enfield, MA on June 11, 1967.

Scope and content

The Wolfgang Köhler Papers consist of 8 linear feet and are arranged into eight series: correspondence, grant material, lectures, manuscripts, notes, reports of assistants, research notebooks, and photographs and slides. The material relates to Köhler's career as one of the founders of Gestalt Psychology, and work as an experimental researcher. Although the correspondence is sparse (2 ln. ft.), there are letters both for his German period in Berlin, prior to his emigration to the U. S. in 1935, as well as for his Swarthmore College period and after. The collection also contains material concerning figural aftereffects, mind-body problems, perception and attention, etc. There are also notebooks, photographs and movies of his important research as Director of the Prussian Anthropoid Station on Tenerife (1914-1920), which led to his influential book The Mentality of Apes. The lecture series covers his earlier and later efforts, including his Gifford Lectures (Edinburgh, 1958) and Langfeld Lectures (Princeton, 1966). His research notebooks span the period 1914-1959, in about 16 vols. Of some interest is the reaction to his article "Gespräche in Deutschland," which was published in April, 1933, as the last anti-Nazi article openly printed in Germany.

Series I. Correspondence 1919-1976 2 linear feet
Series II. Grant Material 1958-1967 0.5 linear feet
Series III. Lectures 1932-1969 1.5 linear feet
Series IV. Manuscripts, Drafts, Notes 1862-1962 0.5 linear feet
Series V. Notes 1930-1966 0.5 linear feet
Series VI. Reports by Assistants 1949-1965 0.5 linear feet
Series VII. Research Notebooks 1914-1959 1 linear foot
Series VIII. Photographs and Slides 1913-1962 2 linear feet

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Restrictions on Use:

In Series I, the Henry S. Odbert file is restricted.


Presented by Mrs. Köhler, Mary Henle and Solomon Asch, 1967-1973

Preferred citation

Cite as: Wolfgang Köhler Papers, American Philosophical Society.

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Recatalogued by J.J. Ahern, 2005.

Related material

The APS also houses papers of Eugen Teuber, Köhler's predecessor at the Tenerife Primate Station, and a co-participant in the first trials of his experiments to evaluate the intelligence of apes.


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Henle, Mary, ed. The selected papers of Wolfgang Köhler. New York: Liveright,1971. Call. No. 150.194 K81s.h

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Corporate Name(s)

  • Academy of Political Science (U.S.)
  • American Philosophical Society
  • American Psychological Association
  • Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin
  • National Science Foundation, U.S.

Personal Name(s)

  • Adams, Pauline A.
  • Asch
  • Benary, Wilhelm
  • Boring, Edwin Garrigues, 1886-1968
  • Brown, J. F.
  • Ford Foundation
  • Germany, Dept. of Education
  • Hertz, Mathilde
  • Koffka, Kurt, 1886-1941
  • Köhler, Wolfgang,1887-1967.
  • Lewin, Kurt, 1890-1947
  • Metzger, Wolfgang, 1899-1979.
  • Moe, Henry Allen, 1894-1975
  • Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967
  • Planck, Max, 1858-1947
  • Schrödinger, Erwin, 1887-1961
  • Wertheimer, Max, 1880-1943.


  • Animal intelligence.
  • Anti-Nazi movement -- Germany.
  • Apes.
  • Attention
  • Chimpanzees.
  • Figural aftereffects
  • Germany -- History -- 1933-1945
  • Gestalt psychology
  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Prussian Academy of Science. Anthropoid Station
  • Psychology
  • Psychophysiology
  • Senses and sensation.

Collection overview

1919-19762 lin. feetbox 1-7

Contains predominantly professional correspondence related to Köhler's research and academic career. Most of the letters are in English, but many are in German, with a few in French and Portugese. Correspondence includes letters to and from Köhler (later are carbons and drafts). Many of the received letters have annotations by Köhler. Any letters dated after Köhler's death are addressed to his wife, and relate to his publications.

1958-1967.5 lin. feetbox 1

The series is budgetary material related to grants Köhler received, and contain budget reports, receipts, check stubs for expenditures, and correspondence regarding payments.

1932-19691.5 lin. feetbox 1-4

Contains primarily manuscripts of lectures, and a few graphics where noted.

1862-1962.5 lin. feetbox 1

Manuscripts and drafts of lectures and articles. Includes proofs of "Gespräche in Deutschland"

1930-1966.5 lin. feetbox 1-2

Notes from various aspects of Köhler's professional career, including lectures, meetings, and courses (to name a few).

1949-1965.5 lin. feetbox 1

Reports prepared by assistants.

1914-19591 lin. footbox 1-2

Consists of 16 research notebooks from different times in Köhelr's career, including his time on Tenerife.

1913-19592 lin. feetbox 1-13

Consists of lantern slides of cortical curents, experimental material, graphs, and charts; photographs, slides, and movie reels from Tenerife; and 3 magnetic audio tapes (which includes a birthday greetings from the German Psychological Association).

Detailed Inventory

Series I. Correspondence
1919-19762 lin. feetbox 1-7

Contains predominantly professional correspondence related to Köhler's research and academic career. Most of the letters are in English, but many are in German, with a few in French and Portugese. Correspondence includes letters to and from Köhler (later are carbons and drafts). Many of the received letters have annotations by Köhler. Any letters dated after Köhler's death are addressed to his wife, and relate to his publications.

Academy of Political Science
19522 items
Ach, N.
19281 item
19345 items
Ackermann, Adolf
n.d.1 item
Adams, Donald K.
1957-19622 items
Adams, Joe K.
1960-19616 items
Adams, Pauline
1957-196020 items
Adrain, E. D.
19351 item
Akademischer Austauschdienst
19301 item
19571 item
Alexander, Christopher
1963-19644 items
19282 items
Allport, G. W.
19621 item
American Philosophical Society
19471 item
American Psychological Association
1957-196457 items
Amsterdam, Pharmaco-Therapeutisch Laboratorium
19311 item
Anderle, Othmar F.
19602 items
Anderson, Henning O.
19631 item
Angermeier, W. F.
19732 items
Arnheim, Rudolf
19622 items
Arps, George F.
19293 items
Articles: Permission to reprint, etc.
1955-196656 items
19721 item
Asch, Schlaym
1959-19667 items
Aslam, Q. M.
19641 item
Astrov, Mrs. Margot Kroger
19441 item
Atlantic Monthly
19293 items
Auden, Wystan
1945-19764 items
Auswartiges Amt
19323 items
Autobiographical Material
n.d.12 items
Bakan, David
1958-19633 items
Baldwin, Lewis
19602 items
Balser, Max
19531 items
Baranski, Leo J.
19601 item
Baron, Mr.
19611 item
Barthel, Ernst
19301 item
Bates, Jonathan
1961-19633 items
Bave, Wilfrid
19271 item
Beebe-Center, T. G.
19321 item
Bekesy, Georg von
19611 item
Bell, G., and Sons, Ltd.
1929-19307 items
Benary, Wilhelm
1927-19295 items
Bently, Madison
19281 item
Ben-Yosef, A C.
1961-19622 items
Berger, Curt
1931-19325 items
Bergius, Dr.
19591 item
Bergius, Rudolf
1965-19673 items
Berliner, Arnold
19281 item
Berlyne, Daniel E.
19631 item
Bernfeld, Siegfried
19311 item
19345 items
Bierer de Haas, J. W.
19281 item
Birthday greetings
1957-196721 items
Bitterman, M. E.
1956-19574 items
Blum, Harry
19662 items
Bonin, Gerhardt von
1944-19512 items
Boring, Edwin G.
1925-19605 items
Bornstein, W.
19282 items
Bosch, C.
19313 items
Bowen, Charles Francis
19591 item
Brandt, Richard
1959-19612 items
19301 item
Brazil - Minister of Education and Public Health
19321 item

Letter in Portugese. Refers to Professors Lourenco Filho and Koffka. Was originally filed under "Filio."

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Bremer, F.
19551 item
Brent, Sandor B.
19631 item
Brezinka, W
19561 item
Briefs, Gotz
19601 item
Bronowski, J.
19651 item
Brown, J. F.
1929-19424 items
Bruckner, A.
1930-19314 items
Buhler, Karl
1929-19313 items
Butts, Susan J.
19632 items
Calhoun, JohnB.
19591 item
Cameron, Norman
19291 item
Campbell, Donald T.
19581 item
Campbell, Ivy G.
19311 item
Carmichael, Leonard
1959-19675 items
Carnegie Foundation
n.d.1 item
Carriero, Nicholas J.
19591 item
Carter, H. E.
19651 item
Cason, Hulsey
19291 item
Ceraso, John
1959-19615 items
Chemische Werke
1931-19326 items
Chillag, Mr.
19606 items
Claparede, Ed
19241 item
Clark, Charles H.
19593 items
Clark, Leland C., Jr.
19571 item
Cohen, Roland L.
19641 item
Commonwealth Fund
19571 item
Concordia, George L.
n.d.1 item
Cook, Elizabeth
19602 items
Cook, Wesley
1928-19292 items
Cooper, Lovell
19621 item
Courtney, Dr.
19591 item
Coville, Walter J.
19631 item
Crannell, Clarke
n.d.1 item
Croiset, Maurice
1928-19293 items
Crutchfield, Richard S.
1939-19618 items
Cummings, Samuel B.
19591 item
Czysch, Alexander
19651 item
Dallenbach, Karl M.
1957-19635 items
Dartmouth College positions
1958-196612 items
Davis, David E.
19591 item
Day, Ross H.
19582 items
Dembo, Tamara
19311 item
Deri, Susan K.
19631 item
Deutsche Wells
1929-19315 items
Dimmerstein, Dorothy
1962-19664 items
Drevdahl, John E.
19601 item
Driesch, Hans
19291 item
Duncker, Karl
19291 item
Dussik, Karl Theo
19631 item
Eberhardt, Margarete, and T. Eberhardt
1957-19612 items
Eckhardt, William
19572 items
Eddington, A. S.
19291 item
Edinburgh University Press
1958-19593 items
Efimov, V. V.
n.d.1 item
19221 item
Ehrensfels, Emma
19311 item
Ehrmann, Henry W.
19631 item
Eisenhart, Luther Phaler
19591 item
Eissler, K. R.
19571 item
Ellis, Willis D.
19321 item
Emery, David
19451 item
Epp, Miss
19641 item
Eriksson, Sture
19652 items
Esper, ErwinA.
19671 item
Ettlinger, Leopold D.
19591 item
Evans, Keith
19591 item
Farne, Mario
1963-19643 items
Feigl, Herbert
1957-19676 items
Feigl, Herbert, and M. Schlick
19351 item
Fernberger, Samuel W.
1930-19465 items
Fieandt, Kai von
1957-19623 items
Fiebig, Herman
19264 items
Fillenbaum, Samuel
19611 item
19347 items
Foerst, W.
1930-19329 items
Forensisch-Psychologie Gesellschaft
1931-19324 items
Forschungen und For tschritte
19302 items
Foundations: Ford Foundation Correspondence
1952-196225 items
Fowler, Edmund P., Jr.
19561 item
19611 item
Frank, Leise (?)
19581 item
Frankl, P.
19451 item
Freund, Alexander
19302 items
Freundlich, H.
19311 item
Friedemann, Max
1961-19674 items
Friedlander, A.
n.d.1 item
Friedrich-Wilhelm Universitat zu Berlin
1934-193537 items
Frischeisen-Köhler, Ina
19321 item
Frobes, Joseph
19272 items
Gaffron, Mercedes
19571 item
Galleys: Hixon symposium 1951 (with letter to W. McCulloch)
19513 items
Gamillenberg, E.
19321 item
Garvey, W. D.
19611 item
Gelanter, Eugene H.
19543 items
Geldard, Frank A.
19631 item
Germain, J.
19621 item
Germany, Dept. of Education
1924-193434 items
Gespräche in Deutschland and reactions to the article.
1928-19353 folders
Folder 1
1928-193516 items
Folder 2
193337 items
Folder 3
193387 items
Gibson, James J.
19502 items
Gilinsky, Alberta S.
19561 item
Gilliland, William N.
Ginzberg, Joel
19561 item
Gobar, Ash
1962-19634 items
Goldschmidt, Richard Hellmuth
19671 item
Goldstein, K.
19211 item
Green, Harold M.
19601 item
Grelling, Kurt
19291 item
Gruder, Charles L.
19632 items
Grunbaum, A.
19301 item
Guillaume, P. F.
19311 item
Gumnit, Robert J.
1954-19619 items
Gunther, Klaus
19671 item
Gurwitsch, Aron
19632 items
Hansen, Kristian Holt
19581 item
Harcourt Brace and Company, Inc.
19261 item
Harcourt Bruce Jovanovich, Inc.
19701 item
Harkavy, Allan A.
19651 item
Hartmann, George W.
19322 items
Hassenstein, Bernhard
19501 item
Hastorf, Albert H.
19571 item
Hauer, Ludwig
19304 items
Hebb, Don
19601 item
Hebel, Otto
19631 item
Heimsoeth, H.
19292 items
Heiss, R.
19572 items
Held, Richard
1957-196519 items
Heller, Wilfried
19611 item
Helson, Harry
1962-19672 items
Hene, Mary
1960-19663 items
Hertz, Mathilde
1929-19317 items
Herzberg, A.
19322 items
Heydenreich, L. H.
19609 items

contains 7 black and white photographs of primates

Heymann, S.
19571 item
Hirsch, Ronald
19562 items
Hirschwaldsche Buchhandlung
19301 item
19651 item
American Psychological Associaction
19571 item
American Psychological Association, Ceremonial Session, Stanford University
19672 items
Freien Universitat Berlin
19594 items
Harvard University
19622 items
Societe Francaise de Psychologie, Paris
19601 item
Societe Suisse de Psychologie, Geneva
19662 items
Swarthmore College
19592 items
Hoppe, F.
19301 item
Hormann, Hans
1961-19678 items
Hornbostel, E. M. von
1931-19334 items
Houghton Mifflin Company
19731 item
Howarth, Edgar
1958-19662 items
Humphrey, George
19621 item
Hunter, Frederick Maurice
19302 items
Hunter, Walter S.
1929-19303 items
Huxley, Julian S.
19231 item
I. G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft
1931-193215 items
Ilse, Dora
19592 items
Institute for Advanced Study
1954-196711 items
Adelphi College
19591 item
American Psychology Association Symposium. Schools of Psychology
1966-19675 items
Baez, Manuel Martinez (University Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.)
19511 item
Brandon Training School, Brandon, Vt.
19631 item
British Psychological Society
1957-19657 items
Brousseau, Cecelia M.
19591 item
Canada. Defense Research Medical Laboratories
19631 item
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
19551 item
Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
19571 item
Columbia University
1964-19653 items
Dartmouth College
1959-19637 items
Denison University
196310 items
Drew University
19601 item
Duke University
19602 items
Emory University
19541 item
Fifteenth International Congress of Psychology
19565 items
First International Conference on Visual Information
19612 items
Freie Akademie
19622 items
Freiec Universitat, Berlin
19651 item
Harvard Philosophy Club
19561 item
Harvard University
19651 item
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
19653 items
International Series of Monographs on Child Psychiatry
19641 item
Japanese Psychological Association
19591 item
Magill University
19661 item
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1963-19656 items
Montana State University
19652 items
Nasson College
19621 item
New School for Social Research
19652 items
New York State Psychiatric Institute
19602 items
New York University
1959-196019 items
Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
19552 items
Ohio State University
19598 items
Postgraduate Center for Psychotherapy, Inc.
19601 item
Princeton University
19669 items
Queens College
19673 items
Skidmore College
1960-19615 items
Spanish Sociological Society
19611 item
State University of New York
1960-19633 items
Staudinger, Hans
19591 item
Stockholms Hogskola
19582 items
Swarthmore College
19591 item
Universities of Copenhagen and Lund
19592 items
University Center in Virginia, Inc.
19612 items
University of Alberta
1964-196712 items
University of Colorado
19572 items
University of Delaware
19653 items
University of Edinburgh-Gifford lectures
1956-195818 items
University of Georgia
19672 items
University of London
19587 items
University of Massachusetts
19651 item
University of Michigan
1959-19632 items
University of New Hampshire
19593 items
University of Oslo
19586 items
University of Pennsylvania
19621 item
University of Vermont
1960-19672 items
University of Victoria, B.C.
19652 items
Uppsala Universitet
1957-19586 items
Vassar College
19562 items
Veterans Administration Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan
19551 item
Villanova University
19601 item
Wayne State University
1961-19622 items
Wesleyan University
19601 item
William and Mary College
19631 item
Yeshiva University
19631 item
Iritani, Toshio
1960-19673 items
Jacob, W.
19191 item

was labeled as " Thuringische-Landesheilanstalten"

Jacobi, Helmut
19651 item
Jardon, Cesar A.
19661 item
Jarrell, Randall
19552 items
Jervis, Frederick M.
19591 item
Johansson, Gunnar
1961-196725 items
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
1929-19605 items
Johns, Henry Bruce
1965-19665 items
Johnsen, Prof.
19311 item
Jordan, Nehemiah
19651 item
Kaiser Wilhelm-Institute
19321 item
Karsten, Anitra
1958-19612 items
Katona, George
19391 item
Katz, D.
1930-19311 item
Katz, Rosa
19571 item
Kaufman, Stuart
1960-196310 items
Kegan Paul Trench Truber & Co., Ltd.
1923-193121 items
Kelm, Harold
1960-19625 items
Kelsch, Dr.
1961-19623 items
Kenna, JohnC.
n.d.1 item
Kersten, Wilhelm
19311 item
Kitzinger, Ernst
1961-19623 items
Klees, Fritz
19641 item
Klein, George S.
19521 item
Klein, Jerry
19591 item
Kleine-Horst, Lothar
19631 item
19331 item
Klemmt, Alfred
19321 item
Klix, F.
1965-19675 items
Kluver, Heinrich
1959-19603 items
Knight, Rex
19301 item
Knott, Garland
19621 item
Koehler, Otto
19571 item
Koffka, Kurt
1929-19316 items
Koffka, Mira
1962-196725 items
Köhler, Ivo
1960-19628 items
Köhler, Martin
19471 item
Köhler, Wilhelm
19322 items
Köhler, Wolfgang . Notes
n.d.7 items
Köhler, Wolfgang to Bryn Mawr dean...
19371 item
Köhler, Wolfgang. The Card Trick
n.d.1 item
Koltun, Walter L.
19661 item
Komroff, Manuel
1928-19292 items
Konig, Ernst
19551 item
19313 items
Koseleff, Paul
19581 item
Kosswig, C.
19561 item
Kraft, Georg
1934-19352 items
Krech, D.
1938-19623 items
Kreezer, George
19311 item
Krueger, F.
19331 item
La Baum, W.
19291 item
Lachman, Sheldon J.
19561 item
Lamm, Helmut
19612 items
Landauer, A. A.
19651 item
Langfeld, Herbert
19571 item
Lashley, K. G.
19502 items
Lawson, Chester A.
19571 item
Leeper, Robert W.
1958-19644 items
Leeper, Robert W. and Peter Madison
19591 item
Leibowitz, Herschel W.
19661 item
Letter to _
19241 item
Letters to Dr. Köhler
1932-19334 items

all are postcards

Lewin, Kurt
1929-19336 items
Lewin, Kurt and Gertrud
19311 item


Lichtenberger, H.
19292 items
Liebert, Arthur
1931-19323 items
Liebmann, Susanne
19581 item
Linksz, Arthur L.
1943-19453 items
Lipmann, Otto
1930-19634 items
Liveright Publishing Corporation
1927-196610 items
Loeser, J. A.
1929-19312 items
Luchins, A. S.
1959-196312 items
Luria, Alexander R.
1932-19628 items
Luyken, Richard
19323 items
Madison, P.
19601 item
Maehr, Martin J.
19631 item
Maier, Norman R. F.
1931-19322 items
Maltzew, C.
1928-19322 items
Mandelbaum, M. M.
1959-19654 items
Mandler, Jean M.
19671 item
Marbe, K.
1929-19652 items
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1962-196513 items
Matthaei, R.
19311 item
McCollough, Mrs. Celeste
19602 items
McDougall, William
n.d.1 item
Mearns, David C.
1959-19677 items
1958-19672 items
Metzger, Wolfgang
1929-196716 items
Meyerson, J.
1928-19305 items
Michotte van den Berck, Albert
1954-19646 item
19283 items

probably Henri Pieron, not "Mieser."

1945-19673 items
Moe, Henry Allen
1956-196112 items
Montaner, Jose Carlos
19301 item
Morrison, Desmond
19621 item
Mountjoy, Paul T.
1963-19655 items
Mowrer, O. H.
19601 item
Muller, G. E.
19343 item
Muller, Ilse
1933-19672 items
Muller, Ilse. "Versuch uber phanomenal optische Underchdringlichkeit"
19331 item
Murchison, Carl
1928-19316 items
Murphy, James
19302 items
Myers, C. S.
1931-19322 items
Nakajima, Shinshu
1958-19602 items
Nathan, Dr.
19601 item
National Research Council
1929-19303 items
National Science Foundation
1955-19672 folders
Folder 1
1955-195724 items
Folder 2
1957-196757 items
1930-19324 items
Neff, William D.
1957-19622 items
Nernst, W.
19331 item
New York University positions
1959-19607 items
Newman, Edwin B.
1961-19675 items
Newspaper clippings
1925-19672 folders
Folder 1
192526 items
Folder 2
1958-196710 items
Obonai, Torao
1961-19622 items
Odbert, Henry S.


Odebrecht, Fritz
19322 items
Oka, Hidemiti
19291 item
On Germany
n.d.2 items
Oppenheimer, J. Robert
1953-19654 items
Padagogisch-Psychologisches Institut, Munich
1931-193213 items
Panofsky, Erwin
19591 item
Papas, Aris T.
1964-19654 items
Pardel, T.
19631 item
Parsons, H. M.
19631 item
Pastore, Nicholas
19631 item
Pear, T. H.
19301 item
Pearson, G. H. J.
19581 item
Pell, Arthur
19691 item
Penguin Books, Ltd.
1956-19588 items
Perry, Ralph Barton
19282 items
Peschi, Silvio
19641 item
Peters, Heins Wolfgang
19321 item
Peters, W.
19471 item
Pfeiffer, Louise
19612 items
Philipps, Tracy
19321 item
Physical Society, London
19321 item
Physiologisches Institut der Universitat, Leipzig
19301 item
Pinneo, Lawrence R.
1959-19619 items
Planck, Max
1933-19344 items
Prasad, Kali
1949-19502 items
Pratt, Carroll
1929-19628 items
Prentice, William
19661 item
Pressy, Sidney L.
19611 item
Pribram, Karl H.
1953-197425 items

Contains items donated from Pribram through Mary Henle in 1989, as well as 3 letters between Henle and Pribram in 1974.

Princeton University Press
1957-19728 items
Psychologisches Institut der Universitat, Berlin
19311 item
Purdom, Luther
n.d.1 item
Rabinowitz, Herbert S.
19581 item
Rado, Richard
19321 item
Rausch, Edwin
19671 item
Reichenbach, Hans
1930-19312 items
Reid, John W.
19591 item
Reimer, Dietrich
19281 item
Rencurello, Antos C.
19651 item
Requests for articles...
1956-196753 items
Restorff, H von
19341 item
1965-19723 folders
Folder 1
1965-197220 items
Folder 2
19728 items
Folder 3
1969-197218 items
Rexroad, Carl N.
19301 item
Richter, Hans
n.d.2 items
Rieser, Leonard
19651 item
Riezler, Kurt
19301 item

Was under Frankfurt-am-Main. Universitat

Rignano, Eugenio
19281 item
Rivoire, Jeanne L.
19611 item
Robert, Curt
19291 item
Rock, Irvin
1959-19667 items
Rogosin, H.
19631 item
19311 item
Rosenblith, Walter A.
19491 item
Rosenhaupt, Hans
19301 item
Rowland, Vernon
19601 item
Rubin, Edgar
19221 item
Rupp, Hans
19351 item
Sabik, Vincent
19631 item
Sakuma, Kanae
19291 item
Sato, Koji
19632 items
Savery, Barnett
19621 item
Schering, Harald
19291 item
Schiller, Paul von
19321 item
Schlick, M.
19231 item
Schlossberg, Sarah
19651 item
Schmidt, H.
19322 items
Schmidt-Ott, F.
19334 items
Schneider, Arthur
1929-19312 items
Schneirla, T. C.
1959-19622 items
Schrodinger, Erwin
19324 items
Schrodinger, Erwin. "Zur Boltzmannschen Theorie des zweiten Hauptsatzes"
n.d.1 item

Handwritten manuscript copy of text

Scriven, Michael
19591 item
Seashore, Carl E.
19293 items
19312 items
Seeman, William
19651 item
Sein Tu
n.d.1 item
Seth, George
19581 item
Shane, Joseph B.
1960-19642 items
Shapiro, Meyer
19613 items
Shockley, F. W.
19291 item
Sickles, W. R.
19663 items
Simon, Margarete
19321 item
Simons, Hans
1928-19314 items
Simpson, George Gaylord
19734 items
19621 item
Slochower, H.
19301 item
Smith, Courtney
19571 item
Societa Editrice Universitaria
1961-196317 items
Sodhi, K. S.
1958-19606 items
Sollner, Karl
19291 item
Solomon, Richard L.
19622 items
Soskin, William F.
19561 item
Speech outline Kant Society
n.d.1 item
Spiegelberg, Herbert
1961-19663 items
Spitz, Herman H.
1961-19659 items
Spranger, Edouard
19342 items
Springer, Julius, Verlagsbuchhandlung
1928-19313 items
1967-19685 items
Stadtler, Michael
19671 item
Stern, W.
19322 items
Stockmayer, Walter H.
19661 item
Strauss, Allan
1960-19632 items
Stromeyer, Charles
1964-19674 items
Stumpf, C.
1928-193312 items
Swarthmore College
1946-19706 items
Swarthmore College, Introduction of Dr. Köhler
n.d.1 item
Talbot, Theodore
1964-19652 items
Tepas, Donald I.
19592 items
Teuber, Hans Lukas
1959-196514 items
Thoms, H.
1982 items
Thorndike, Edward L.
19291 item
Thorpe, W. H.
19501 item
Thouless, Robert
1930-19583 items
Tracton, Horace C.
19541 item
Tresselt, Margaret
19661 item