Bernard Ogilvie Dodge papers, 1908-1961


Date: 1908-1961 | Size: 0.25 Linear feet, 44 items


This collection contains certificates and diplomas of learned societies and letters to Dodge from Charles H. Peck, William G. Farlow, David R. Goddard, Robert A. Harper, and H. Rehm. There are letters about Dodge to William J. Robbins, who used them in preparing his memoir of Dodge for the "Biographical Memoirs" (v. 36) of the National Academy of Sciences.

Background note

Bernard Ogilvie Dodge was born 1872 April 18,in Mauston, Wisconsin and died 1960 August 9 in New York, N.Y. Dr. Dodge was a botanist and plant pathologist interested in the morphology, taxonomy, pathology, and genetics of the fungi. Dodge was a mycologist, intensely interested in the fungi as such, though for a substantial part of his active career he studied their relations to disease in plants and in animals also. Teacher and principle of secondary schools in Wisconsin, he then moved to New York City for graduate work and became an Instructor at Columbia University. Next he was the Plant Pathologist concentrting on fruit diseases at the Bureau of Plant Industry for the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. From 1928-1948, he was responsible for the practical control of plant diseases and insect pests at The New York Botanical Garden.

Dr. Dodge's concern with fungi as causes of disease extended from plants to animals, including humans. Along with Dr. R. M. Harper he played an important advisory role in the organization by J. Gardner Hopkins in 1928 of the Department of Dermatology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons. From 1928 to 1939 he was Consultant in Mycology for the Vanderbilt Clinic of the Presbyterian Hospital of New York City, and from 1928 to 1951 Lecturer in Dermatology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University.

He worked out techniques for the experimental manipulation of Neurospora, as well as other microorganisms, and his many basic discoveries of new phenomena set the stage for the development of the field of biochemical genetics. Dodge's investigations of Neurospora revealed principles of genetics in beautiful simplicity and dramatic fashion, in some respects more sharply than was possible with any other organism previously studied. Genetic studies on Neurospora first carried out by Dodge and amply confirmed by later investigators proved that there was only one nuclear fusion and this occurred in the ascus. His investigations laid the foundation for the use of Neurospora in the investigation of genetics and biochemical genetics on a world-wide basis.

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Physical description

44 items.


Presented by William J. Robbins and accessioned, 01/09/1963 (1963 102ms).

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Family Name(s)

  • Rehm, H.


  • Certificates.
  • Diplomas.


  • Plant pathologists.

Personal Name(s)

  • Dodge, Bernard Ogilvie,1872-19
  • Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919
  • Goddard, David R.
  • Harper, R. A. (Robert Almer), 1862-1946
  • Peck, Charles Horton, 1833-1917


  • Botany.
  • Plant diseases.

Detailed Inventory

 Series I. Correspondence
 McGowan, James H..
McGowan, James H.
1908 February 22 Box 1:
folder 1
 Peck, Charles H. to Bernard O. Dodge
1910 January 14 Box 1:
folder 2
 Rehm, H..
Rehm, H. to Bernard O. Dodge
1910 January 21 Box 1:
folder 3
 Harper, Robert A. (Robert Almer), 1862-1946.
Harper, R. A. to Bernard O. Dodge
1910 February 7 Box 1:
folder 4
 Reed, George M. (George Matthew), 1878-1956.
Reed, George M. to Bernard O. Dodge
1910 July 16 Box 1:
folder 5
 Rehm, H..
Rehm, H. to Bernard O. Dodge
1912 July 31 Box 1:
folder 6
 Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919.
Farlow, Wilson G. to Bernard O. Dodge
1912 November 10 Box 1:
folder 7
 Rehm, H..
Rehm, H. to Bernard O. Dodge
1913 September 3 Box 1:
folder 8
 New York State Military. Census card
1917 Box 1:
folder 9
 Farlow, W. G. (William Gilson), 1844-1919.
Farlow, Wilson G. to Bernard O. Dodge
1919 January 12 Box 1:
folder 10
 Certificate of membership from Triple A.S.
1925 December 7 Box 1:
folder 11
 National Geographic Society to Bernard O. Dodge
1930 February 27 Box 1:
folder 12
 Certificate of membership from National Academy of Sciences
1933 April 26 Box 1:
folder 13
 Certificate of membership from New York Academy of Sciences
1935 February 4 Box 1:
folder 14
 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1935 May 8 Box 1:
folder 15
 Ingold, C. T. (Cecil Terrence), 1905-2010.
Ingold, Cecil T.errence to Bernard O. Dodge
1947 March 15 Box 1:
folder 16
 Columbia University
1949 May 2 Box 1:
folder 17
 Rappleye, Willard C. (Willard Cole), 1892-1976.
Rappleye, Willard G. to Mrs. Bernard O.Dodge
1951 March 3 Box 1:
folder 18
 New York Botanical Garden. Distinguished service award.
1951 May 10 Box 1:
folder 19
 New York Botanical Garden. Distinguished service award speech of presentation.
1951 May 10 Box 1:
folder 20
 Harding, Charles B..
Harding, Charles B. to Bernard O. Dodge
1951 May 24 Box 1:
folder 21
 Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.
1951 July 19 Box 1:
folder 22
 Goddard, David R..
Goddard, David R. Telegram.
1952 September 8 Box 1:
folder 23
 Goddard, David R..
Dodge, Bernard O. to David B. Goddard. Telegram.
1952 September 8 Box 1:
folder 24
 Batra, Lekh Raj, 1929-1999.
Batra, Lekh Raj Christmas card.
1954 December 25 Box 1:
folder 25
 Batra, Lekh Raj, 1929-1999.
Batra, Lekh Raj to Bernard O. Dodge
1955 February 9 Box 1:
folder 26
 Linnean Society of London. Certificate of membership.
1955 June Box 1:
folder 27
 Linnean Society of London
1955 July 12 Box 1:
folder 28
 Stair, Ralph to Bernard O. Dodge
1956 July 10 Box 1:
folder 29
 Botanical Society of America. Certificate of merit to Bernard O. Dodge.
1956 August 28 Box 1:
folder 30
 Hutner, Margarita Silva.
Hutner, Margarite Silva to Bernard O. Dodge
1956 November 24 Box 1:
folder 31
 Fleming, Robert V..
Fleming, Robert V. Invitation.
1957 January 21 Box 1:
folder 32
 Horsfall, Frank Lappin, 1906-1971.
Horsfall, Jr., Frank L. to Bernard O. Dodge
1957 September 19 Box 1:
folder 33
 Rickett, Harold William, 1896-1989.
Rickett, H.W. to Bernard O. Dodge
1958 April 13 Box 1:
folder 34
 Linnean Society of London to Bernard O. Dodge
1958 December 31 Box 1:
folder 35
 Manners, J. G..
J. G. Manners to Bernard O. Dodge
1959 January 7 Box 1:
folder 36
 Linnean Society of London to Bernard O. Dodge
1959 January 19 Box 1:
folder 37
 Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grigorievich, 1900-1975.
Theodosius G. Dobzhansky to William J. Robbins
1961 April 19 Box 1:
folder 38
 Zirkle, Conway, 1895-1972.
Zirkle, Conway to William J. Robbins
1961 April 19 Box 1:
folder 39
 "George" to William J. Robbins
1961 April 27 Box 1:
folder 40
 William J. Robbins. Concerning Bernard O.Dodge..
1961? Box 1:
folder 41
 Series II. Photographs

Abstract: A selection of photographs from the Bernard Ogilvie Dodge papers.

F8.12.4 Plant cells.
undatedSize: 25.5 x 20.5 cm. Format: 1 photoprintLH-B-33
U4.3.19 Bernard Ogilvie Dodge, standing in front of school house, Lyndon Station, Wisconsin
1938emph: Size:; emph: Format:LH-B-33
U4.3.20 Microscopic view of phenocohus? plant
1954emph: Size:; emph: Format:LH-B-33
U5.2.69 Alexander Fleming
undatedSize: image 17.8 x 12.8 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33

Other Descriptive Information: Fleming was a Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist. His best-known discoveries are the enzyme lysozyme in 1923 and the world's first antibiotic substance benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) from the mould Penicillium notatum in 1928, for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain.[3][4][5] He wrote many articles on bacteriology, immunology, and chemotherapy.

U5.2.70 Lindina school house, Juneau County Wisconsin
1944Size: image 18 x 12.6 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33

Other Descriptive Information: District number 4. "Flag pole and roof over porch are the only changes since 1878 when I first went to this school at the age of six years." Bernard Dodge

U5.2.71 New York Botanical Garden, 1915
1915 September 6Size: image 18 x 12.6 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33

Abstract: Procession of men and women walking along a path in the garden.

Access digital object:

U5.2.72 Prof. Massey and Bernard Dodge
undatedSize: image 18 x 12.6 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33
U5.2.73 Prof. Massey and Bernard Dodge
undatedSize: image 18 x 12.6 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33
U5.2.74 Group of men in garden
undatedSize: image 18 x 12.6 cm. Format: 1 photoimageLH-B-33