Thomas Darlington Cope papers, ca. 1909-1964


Date: Circa 1909-1964 | Size: 7 Linear feet


This is a collection of Cope's articles, papers, notes, lectures, notebooks, and some correspondence. There is much on his research pertaining to Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, and other topics in the history of science on which he wrote. The collection includes lecture notes and three bound notebook volumes on mechanics from his study at the University of Berlin under Max Planck from 1912 to 1913. There are 11 additional bound volumes, all relating to physics, including: Minutes of meetings of the Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania (1910-1919), two volumes on the history of physics, and a volume of data on the radiometer as a measurer of electric current. The collection also contains notes on electric circuit theory lectures (1924-1925) by J.R. Carson, notes on lectures on relativity (1921) by Albert Einstein, lectures by W.F.G. Swann (1928), and information about the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, and on radiation (1909). There is significant correspondence from Lionel G. Dixon and Victor Englehardt.

Background note

Physicist and historian of science Thomas Darlington Cope received his A.B. (1903) and Ph.D. (1915) from the University of Pennsylvania; he became an instructor and later professor there from 1906-1952. He also studied at the University of Berlin (1912-1913) under Max Planck.

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7 linear ft.


Gift from Cope estate and accessioned, 1969 (1969 2136ms).

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  • Pennsylvania Academy of Science
  • University of Pennsylvania. Dept. of Physics


  • Articles.
  • Lecture notes.
  • Lectures.
  • Minutes.
  • Notebooks.
  • Notes.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Mason-Dixon Line.


  • Electric circuits.
  • Electric currents.
  • Mechanics
  • Physics -- History.
  • Radiation.
  • Radiometers.
  • Relativity (Physics)
  • Science -- History.

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Dr. Thomas D. Cope family portrait
ca. 19171 photograph(s)

Abstract: Group portrait of Cope family.

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Mss.B.C794 Correspondence
Alternating Currents
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Institute of Physics
Ames and Murnaghan
Apprentice Years of Mason and Dixon


The Astronomical Manuscripts

Other Descriptive Information: Charles Mason gave to....John Ewing

Astronomical Observations
Book on Physics
Boundary Surveys

Local natural philosophers who counselled surveys

Brandywine Valley Association, Inc.
Dr. Bradley

Greenwich observations. Tables of the Moon. Records from the Nautical Almanac

Dr. Bradley Memoirs
Carson, J. R.


Central forces. Orbits.
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon

English men of science

Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon

The Royal Society

College Physics Teachers
Cope, Deborah
Correspondence. Mason and Dixon
Condolence letters
Cummings, Hubertis M
Dixon, Lionel G
Early Pennsylvania Meridians

George M. Fisman notes



Einstein, Albert

Lectures on relativity.


Other Descriptive Information: Dr. W. F. G. Swann

Emmett, Thomas Addis
Engelhardt, Viktor
Fiedler, Anna
Fiedler, Ed
Field notes, Provincial surveyors.
George M. Fisman
Franklin Institute
Graeff, Arthur D
Hassler, Ferdinand R
Hildebrand, Joel H
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1951 October 30 
Italy's Contribution to Physics
Jeans. Problems
Laboratory reports
Lecture notes
Mahoney, William T.

"The Post marked West on the Mason-Dixon Line."

Mason and Dixon
1947 July 
Mason and Dixon and Franklin
Mason and Dixon at St. Helena.
Mason and Dixon at St. Helena with Nevil Maskelyne
Mason and Dixon at St. Helena with Nevil Maskelyne

Carl H. Roeder's notes.

Mason and Dixon.

Governor Sharpe's correspondence

Mason and Dixon

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Mason and Dixon in America
Mason and Dixon line: literature University of Pennsylvania library
Mason and Dixon literature

American Philosophical Society and Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Mason and Dixon

Norristown Rotary Club

Mason and Dixon

Notes from standard sources.

Mason and Dixon talk: Pennsylvania Academy of Science.
Mason and Dixon: Philosophical Transactions.
Mason and Dixon: Spring
Mason and Dixon survey: A scientific enterprise
Mason and Dixon: Watch and clock collection

National Convention

Mechanics - Current
Meridian of Philadelphia

Correspondence with Joseph Hyde Pratt and Homer Rosenberger

Miscellaneous notes from published works.
Moment of inertia.
Notes from Burchard and Matthew's bibliography
Notes from various sources.
Our ethical problems.
Pendleton's notes.
1941 Autumn 

Mason and Dixon

Penn Letter books
Penn manuscripts Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Academy of Science
Pennsylvania Boundaries

Notes. Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Conference of College Physics Teachers
Pennsylvania History
Philadelphia Trail Club
Physics Club of Philadelphia
Physics - Dr. W.F.G.Swann
Physical Society of Philadelphia papers

Ends E.Witmer and J.Rhodes et al

Planck, Max
Provincial surveyors. Field notes
Recordak Corporation
Rittenhouse Astronomical Society
Rumford, Count

Benjamin Thomson

Rutschky, Charles William, Jr.

Thomas Barton

Science Counselor
Seddon, R E
Some incidents in the story of magnetism.
Some local scholars

Counselled the Proprietors of Pennsylvania and their com¬ missioners during the boundary surveys.

Some questions about Mgson and Dixon
Spherical Harmonics
The Stargazer's Stone
The Stargazer's Stone.

Manuscript and galley

Dr. Stradling

Principle of relativity

Summer work
Swann, W.F.G.


Swann, W.F.G.


Swann, W.F.G.


Theory of potential
Wayne, Pennsylvania property
Webster - notes
Werckshager, Karl
When the stars interrupted the running of a meridian line northward up the Delmarva peninsula

There are also 14 miscellaneous notebooks. One volume of Elizabeth Darlington: Algebra note book 1838.