Hans Thacher Clarke Papers


Date: Circa 1903-1973 | Size: 3 Linear feet, 3,500 items


This collection contains correspondence, reports, notes, and notebooks. Clarke's participation in various organizations is documented, including the American Philosophical Society, American Chemical Society, American Otological Society, and the American Society of Biological Chemists. His chemistry research is detailed in thirteen notebooks, 1903-1971 (the 1903 volume is on photographic chemistry and processes). There is also one volume on the clarinet, for Clarke was an expert clarinetist. The personal and family correspondence is principally with Mrs. Dorothy Clarke Middleton and Mrs. Agnes Helfreich Clarke.

Background note

Hans Thacher Clarke studied chemistry at University College, London (1896-1905), worked for the Eastman Kodak Co. in Rochester (1914-1928), and was a professor of biological chemistry at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University (1928-1956). Among other researches, he was involved in the production of penicillin in the U.S.

Hans Thacher Clarke (1887-1972) was born in Harrow, England. From 1896-1905, he attended University College London School, and went on to enter the University as a student of chemistry. There he studied under William Ramsey, J. N. Collie and Samuel Smiles. He also attended courses in physiological chemistry taught by R.H. A Plimmer and physiology with E. H. Starling, but found these studies boring at the time. After receiving his B.Sc. in 1908, Clarke continued to do research at University College under the direction of Smilesand A.W. Stewart. In 1911, he was awarded an 1851 Exhibition Scholarship which he used to spend three semesters with Emil Fischer in Berlin and one semester with A.W. Stewart at Queen's College, Belfast. On his return he was granted the D.Sc. from London University in 1913.

Clarke's father had long been associated with Eastman Kodak Company as European representative. George Eastman occasionally consulted Hans on chemical matter and, at the beginning of World War I, when the company was forced to produce photographic chemicals which they had previously imported from Germany, they turned to Hans for help. Clarke moved to Rochester, N.Y. in 1914 only to discover that he was the sole organic chemist there! The correspondence retained from these years consists largely of requests for chemicals, arrangements for visits, and reports of Clarke's consultancy work which involved scanning the chemical literature (a task which continued to occupy him for two days a week until 1969!) [Box 3, 3 files, c.60 items, 191-1963]

At the suggestion of his friend Henry D. Dakin, Clarke accepted a position offered him as Professor of Biological Chemisty at Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1928. When he first took on the post he received much advice from his friend and mentor, A.W. Stewart on how to start one's own academic department (Box 7, c. 20 items, 1926-1935). While at Columbia, Clarke took a personal interest in graduate students, of whom he demanded rigorous qualifications prior to admission (a list of the PhD.s granted from 1913 to 1957, with their positions as of 1955, is in Box 2, "Biochemistry at Columbia"). As time went on, Clarke found less and less time to devote to his own research. Other responsibilities interrupted his work, including the 1953 memorial lectures for his friend Henry Dankin, and subsequent arrangements for this event at Adelphi College every year to 1965 (Box 1, Adelphia Colege, 3 files, 1957-1965).

In 1956, Clarke retired from Columbia, but continued his research and some lecturing and conducting student seminars at the Biochemical Laboratories of the Graduate School of Yale University, to which he had been invited by Joseph Fruton. This arrangement was disrupted when the Medical School needed the space Clarke was occupying in the laboratory to accommodate newly appointed members of its staff in 1964 (Box 5, Dean Vernon W. Lippard). Clarke was able to continue his research at the Children's Cancer Research Foundation Center in Boston until 1970, when ill health forced him to retire.

One of the jobs Clarke valued most was his position, in 1951-1952, as Science Attache to the American Embassy in London. His post permitted him to work closely with Sir Robert Robinson, with whom he had edited a major book on research in penicillin in 1949, after prior government service as Assistant Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development in 1944 placed him in charge of coordinating penicillin production in the U.S. (Box 4, Paul D. Foote, and Box 6, 1959-1960, concern a controversy on patenting of production methods in U.K. and U.S. which casts light on Clarke's role in the penicillin production effort).

Clarke's activities in the NAS, including records of his receipt of the King's medal in 1948 and vitae of nominees from 1942 to 1971 have been retained (Box 6). His activity as chairman of the Rochester section of the American Chemical Society (1921), of the New York section (1946) and of the Organic Chemisty Division (1924-25) as well as his work on the Committee on Professional Training, and the Garvin Award Committee, are well documented (Box 1, 6 files). Clarke was also the president of teh American Society of Biological Chemists in 1947, but the collection contains very little of interest in this regard (Box 2, 5 files, 50 items, c. 1942-1963).

Clarke's activity on grants allocation committees is well documented. As a member of the Otological Society he served on a grants committee from 1956-1962 (Box 1, 9 files). As Chairman of the Merck Fellowship Board of the National Academy of Sciences in 1957, Clarke retained such interesting correspondence as a letter from Warren Weaver to A.N. Richards recommending the use of the Merck money for two or three research professorships at $15,000 per annum rather than only for post-doctoral research, and a letter from Kenneth B. Raper at Wisconsin approving of this proposal which was passed on to the Merck Board in March 1957 (Box 5).

Clarke was in much demand for his talents as a lucid writer and was called on to serve as editor or referee throughout his career. He served on the editorial board of Organic Synthesis from 1921 to 1932 (Box 6, 3 files), of the Journal of Biological Chemistry from 1937 to 1951, and as associate editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society from 1928 to 1938 (JBC, Box 4, 8 files up to 1960, also, Box 3, Clarke's 50th Anniversary article on the Journal).

Scope and content

D. ca. 5000 items. Various sizes. Presented by Mrs. Clarke; June 7, 1973.

Much of the collection concerns Clarke's family life and his involvement with the arts. Clarke, an expert carinetist, was frequently asked to give concerts as local halls (see notebook 11).

Seven files of correspondence from unknown individuals are largely concerned with personal affairs.

Of Clarke's correspondence, the most interesting exchanges are contained in letter from A.W. Stewart (Box 7), Sirl Julian Huxley (Box 4, 17 items, 1958-1972), Sir Geoffrey Taylor (Box 7, c.30 items, 1955-1972), J. Murray Luck (Box 5, 9 letters, 1956-65), Samuel Smiles (Box 7, c.15 items, 1926-34), and members of his family, Mrs. Agnes Helfreich (c.40 items) and Mrs. Dora Middleton (c.70 items).

In addition to correspondence, the collection contains Clarke's chemical laboratory notebooks dated from 1928 to 1971 and some printed material, such as the testimony of Philip handler tot he Subcommittee of Science, Research and Development in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1971. Some routine memo materials, such as those accompanying chemicals sent to Stephen Nagy's M.I.T. analysis laboratory from 1957 to 1964 (Box 5, 35 items) is scatter through the collection. [composed by Margaret Miller, Archives Coordinator, Survey of Souces for the History of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology].

Box 2 contains 4 files, c. 200 items, 1957-1964 relating to the Journal of Biochemical Preparations. List of Editorial board members of Advisory Boards, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1964. Some drafts of chemical procedures to be included in several of the volumes.

Collection Information

Physical description

Circa 3500 items (3 linear ft.). From Finding Aid: 7 boxes & 12 notebooks, 5,000 items (1912-1972)


Gift from Mrs. Hans Clarke and accessioned, 06/07/1973.

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Note

The appointment of Hans Thacher Clarke as chairman of the biochemistry department of Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1928 signaled a disciplinary shift away from a clinical orientation toward a biochemistry firmly rooted in organic and physical chemistry. In urging him to assume the chairmanship, James Conant wrote to Clarke, "Here is a Medical Group that at last have seen the light and want a straight organic chemist to run the show" (May 23, 1928). Clarke's background in academic and industrial organic chemistry had had little connection to medical problems. A protege of William Ramsay at University College in London, and later a student of Emil Fischer, Clarke specialized in the synthesis of proteins. During World War I and until his move to Columbia, Clarke engaged in research and development of photographic chemicals at Eastman Kodak, retaining a consultantship with Kodak until 1969. During these years Clarke acquired a reputation among organic chemists as a superb organizer of research. His administrative skills and ability to recognize talent contributed to the growth of Columbia's biochemistry department, which by the 1940s had become one of the largest and most influential in the United States. During the 1930s, Clarke opened his laboratory to refugee biochemists, among them E. Brand, Erwin Chargaff, Z. Dische, K. Meyer, D. Nachmansohn, R. Schoenheimer, and Heinrich Waelsch. Unfortunately, the correspondence does not reflect the scope of these activities.

Adams, Roger, 1889-1971Correspondence (3 items)1947-1968English
American Chemical Society (Reflects Clarke's broad range of professional activities.) Correspondence (3 folders)1956-1966English
American Society of Biological Chemists (Reflects Clarke's broad range of professional activities.) Correspondence (5 folders)1942-1963English
Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975 (Located within Merck Fellowships #1.) Correspondence (2 items)1957English
Chargaff, Erwin, 1905-2002 (Contains material reflecting Clarke's influence and popularity among his students and colleagues.) Correspondence (1 item)1958English
Clarke, Hans Thacher, 1887-1972. Biochemistry at Columbia (Includes a list of doctorates granted in biochemistry at Columbia University from 1913 to 1957, with the positions of the graduates in 1955.) Manuscripts (6 items)1955-1957English
Clarke, Hans Thacher, 1887-1972. Laborartory Notebooks (Clarke's chemistry research is detailed in thirteen notebooks. The 1903 volume is on photographic chemistry and processes.) Notebooks (13 volumes)1903-1971English
Du Vigneaud, Vincent, 1901-1978 (Describes Du Vigneaud's graduate student days at the University of Rochester.) Correspondence (7 items)1955-1972English
Eastman Kodak Company (Covers the period of Clarke's research and development of photographic chemicals at Eastman Kodak, and his later consultancy with the company. During these years Clarke acquired a reputation among organic chemists as a superb organizer of research.) Correspondence (3 folders (approximately 60 items))1912-1963English
Fruton, Joseph S. (Joseph Stewart), 1912-2007Correspondence (7 items)1955-1972English
Gies, William John, 1872-1956 (Letters related to biographical material on Gies.) Correspondence (6 items)1956English
Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975Correspondence (17 items)1958-1972English
Lorente de No, Rafael (No informs Clarke of the death of Heinrich Waelsch, a former refugee bichemist for whom Clarke opened his laboratory.) Correspondence (1 item)1966English
Luck, James Murray, 1899-1993Correspondence (9 items)1956-1965English
Merck Fellowship Board (Regarding Clarke's chairmanship.) Correspondence (2 folders)1956-1959English
Nachmansohn, David, 1899-1983 (Correspondence with a former refugee bichemist for whom Clarke opened his laboratory.) Correspondence (10 items)1961-1969English
National Academy of Sciences (Reflects Clarke's broad range of professional activities.) Correspondence (3 folders)1942-1963English
Shockley, William, 1910-1989Correspondence (2 folders)1968-1970English
Smiles, SamuelCorrespondence (15 items)1926-1934English
Stanley, Wendell M. (Wendell Meredith), 1904-1971Correspondence (4 items)1956-1960English
Stewart, Alfred W. (Alfred Walter), 1880-1947 (Contains materials regarding the development of the new biochemistry department at Columbia University.) Correspondence (Approximately 20 items)1926-1935English
Taylor, Geoffrey Ingram, Sir, 1886-1975Correspondence (Approximately 30 items)1955-1972English
Tuve, Merle Antony, 1901-1982 (Biographical material on Clarke.) Correspondence (4 items)Circa 1964English
Van Slyke, Donald D. (Donald Dexter), 1883-1971Correspondence (5 items)1953-1963English

Indexing Terms

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  • American Chemical Society
  • American Otological Society
  • American Philosophical Society
  • American Society of Biological Chemists


  • Biochemistry -- United States.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Clarinet.
  • Medicine -- United States.
  • Penicillin.
  • Photographic chemistry.

Detailed Inventory

 Abelson, Philip H

22 items, 1963-1967 [Box 1] Abelson write to H.T. Clarke asking Clarke to sugest suthors and subject for leading biochemical articles in Science. List of articles published in the field of biochemistry in Science for the years, 1962, 1966 & 1967.

Other Descriptive Information: See: See also: Science, in: See also in: American Association for the Advancement of Science

 Academic Press, Inc.

1 item. [Box 1] Re. classification of article written by Clarke into subject area.

Other Descriptive Information: See: See also:

 Adams, Roger
1947, 1968 

3 items, 1947 & 1968 [Box 1] Personal letters re relatives and friends of bot Clarke and Adams. Reference to candidate to replace Fred Seitz at the NAS.

Other Descriptive Information: See: Conant, James BSee also:

 Adelphi University # 1
1953-1965Aldelphi College Correspondence (15 May, 1953)

Eddy, Paul Dawson; Williams, Carroll M[ilton]; Stetten, DeWitt, Jr.; Fruton, Joseph S. ; Aldelphi College Correspondence (15 May, 1953) 3 files, c. 200 items, 1953-1965. [Box 1] Copy of H. Dale's first memorial lecture at Adelphia College, "Henry Drysdale Dakin, His Life and Work." Copy of a letter from A.N. Richards of the University of Pennsylvania to President P.D. Eddy of Adelphi College in which Richards informed Eddy of the decision of Merck Co. Inc. to donate $7, 500 to the Adelphi College for the preservation of the H.D. Dakin Memorial Lectures as an annual function. Futher letters re: contribution to the H.D. Dakin Memorial Lectures fund. Letters from Clarke advising the Adelphi College how to extend its biochemistry courses to the graduate level and discussion of plans to extend the new chemistry building at Adelphi College. Most of the material in these three files deals directly with the Dakin Memorial Lectures.

Other Descriptive Information: See: Clarke, H. T. First Dakin Memorial LectureSee also:

 Adelphi University # 2

Eddy, Paul Dawson; Sheehan, John Clark; Wald, George; Eickelberg, W. Warren B.; Clark, Willaim Mansfield.

 Adelphi University # 3

Eddy, Paul Dawson; Clark, William M.; Eickelberg, W. Warren B.; Vogel, Alfred M.; Richards, Dickinson W.; Dale, Sir Henry Hallett; Ellis, Lilliam N.

 Albanese, Anthony A
 Allen, Charles F H
 American Academy of Arts & Sciences

2 items, 1968 [Box 1] Circular letter informing Clarke that the Nominating Committee wished Clarke to be a nomiee for election to Councilor of the Class II, Section I -Biophysics and Biochemistry for the period May 1968-May 1972.

 American Association for the Advancement of Science

1 item, 1963 [Box 1]

 American Association for the Advancement of Science--Abelson, Philip

See also in reference to Science (Magazine)

 American Chemical Society # 1

Sweting, Orville J.; Gaffin, Fisher; Philip, Brother Augustine; Noyes, W. Albert; Parham, William E.; Warren, R. M.; Elder, Albert L.; Tatum, E. L.  3 files, c.300 items, 1956-1966. [Box 1] Clarke appointed to Garvan Medal Award Committee 1957. Letters re: nominees for the Garvan Medal 1959 and 1960. Certificate attesting to Clarke's membership of the ACS for 50 years, 1916-1966. Review of book by S.P. Datta & Ottoway "Aids to Biochemisty" by Clarke for the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Feb. 1961 [Box 1]

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Awards and Certificates, in:

 American Chemical Society # 2

Parham, WIlliam E.; Tatum, E. L.; Warren, R. M.

 American Chemical Society # 3

Warren, R. M.; Du Vigneaud, Vincent; Dahl, Roland J.; Howard, John H.; Kemper, Arthur B.

 American Chemical Society. Committee of Professional Training # 1

Patterson, Boyd Crumrine; Howard, John H.; Way, Harold E.; Philip, Brother Augustine; Jones, F. Taylor. 2 files, c. 50 items, 1960-1961 [Box 1] Copy of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary School "Evaluators H andbook" for 1960. 2 Syllabi for chemical courses in 1961. Copy of report on the Dept. of Chemistry of Manhatten College, 1960. Correspondence to the from Clarke as official representative of the Middle States Association at Manhatten College, 1960.

 American Chemical Society. Committee of Professional Training # 2
 American Institute of Chemists

Foy, George F.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Awards and Certificates, in:

 American Music Center, Inc.
 American Otological Society # 1

Meltzer, Philip E.; Fowler, Edmund P.  9 files, 1956-1962. [Box 1] Records and correspondence to and from Clarke in his official capacity as consultant to Grants Committee of the American Otological Society. Grant proposals, minutes of Grant Committee meetings, administrative correspondence, etc.

 American Otological Society # 2

Kelemen, George; Meltzer Philip E.

 American Otological Society # 3

Meltzer, Philip E.; Baker, Walter C.; Fowler, Edmund P.

 American Otological Society # 4
 American Otological Society # 5

Meltzer, Philip P.; Fowler, Edmund P.

 American Otological Society # 6

Meltzer, Philip P.; Fowler, Edmund P.

 American Otological Society # 7

Lindsay, John R.

 American Otological Society # 8

Meltzer, Philip E.

 American Otological Society # 9

Meltzer, Philip E.; Fowler, Edmund P.

 American Philosophical Society # 1

Noonan, Julia A.; Hess, Mrs. Gertrude D.; Shryock, Richard Harrison, 1893-1972; Corner, George W.[ashington]; Richards, Marie A. 3 files, c. 60 items, 1956-1962 [Box 1] Biographical sketch of Charles Edward Kenneth Mees. Correspondence re: new members of the A.P.S. and letters re: Clarke's membership 1943. Correspondence re: the writing of biographical memoirs for the A.P.S. Year Book. Correspondence re: teh A.P.S. Nominating Committee, 1958-1962.

 American Philosophical Society # 2

Menzel, Donald H.; Corner, George W.[ashington]; Noonan, Julia A.; Robbins, William Jacob; Chinard, Gilbert; Moe, Henry Allen (1894-); Nichols, Roy Franklin.

 American Philosophical Society # 3

Eisenhart, Luther P.; Carmichael, Leonard; Noonan, Julie A.; Chinard, Gilbert.

 American Society of Biological Chemists # 1

Harte, Robert A.; Nachmansohn, David; Lawler, H. Claire. 5 files, c. 50 items, 1942-1963 [Box 2] Presidential nomination forms - nomination of Helen Claire Lawler (sp.? : Lowther) to the Society 1962. ASBC Committee on Educational Affairs - Report on Conference on Training in Biochemistry held at the Rockefetter Institute, September 1960. Committee reports: 1942, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961. Membership lists 1957-1963.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Awards and Certificates, in:

 American Society of Biological Chemists # 2

Stein, William H.; Lipmann, Fritz.

 American Society of Biological Chemists # 3
 American Society of Biological Chemists # 4

Davis, Albert S., Jr.; Edsall, John T.; Handler, Philip.

 American Society of Biological Chemists # 5

Handler, Philip.

 Amoros-Marin, Luis
 Amino Acids and Proteins

10 items, 1945 [Box 2] Referee report written by Clarke published in Science, June 1945. Letters re: Clarke to review an article for the Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1945.

 Anchel, Marjorie

Gross, Noel H.; [U. S.] National Institutes of Health  10 items, 1963 [Box 2] Letters relating to the National Institutes of Health Career Award, 1963.

 Anderson, Elder O N
 Anderson, Rudolph J
 Anker, Herbert S
 Annual Reviews, Inc.

Luck, J. Murray. Annual Review of Biochemistry 8 items, 1957-1965 [Box 2] Letter asking Clarke's permission to include Clarke's articles in the Journal. Subscription order and payment slips. Letters. re: Clarke's writing a prefactory chapter for issue of 1958.

 Apgar, Virginia

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Wu, Tai Te, in:

 Aquinas Institute
 Arnold, Edward, Ltd. (Publishers)
1911, 1926-1963 

Price, P. J. c. 20 items, 1911 & 1926-63 [Box 2] Letter re: publication of Clarke's book "Organic Analysis," 1911 and later arrangements for its revision.

 Arnold, Richard T

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Nobel Prize - A, in:

 Asenjo, Conrado F
 Atchley, Dana Winslow,
 Atoms for Peace Awards
 Auchincloss, Hugh
 Awards and Certificates # 1 (A-H)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Chemical Society; American Institute of Chemists; American Philodosophical Society; American Society of Biological Chemists; Athenaeum; Children's Hospital, Boston; Clarke, Hans T., Associates; Great Britain. Embassy; Harvard Universary.

 Awards and Certificates # 2 (I-U)

Institute of Chemists of Great Britain and Ireland; Rochester Torch Club; Sigma Xi; University of London; University of Rochester; United States.

 Axmann, Heidrum
 Bachmann, Mrs. Marie K
 Bachmann, Werner E
 Bailey, J L
 Baitsell, George A
 Ball, John
 Ball, Kent
 Barnard School for Boys

Zeeman, Roger D.

 Bartlett, Paul D
 Barton, Edwin M , P and S Club
 Beatty, Clarissa Hager
 Bergmann, Max (Obituary)

i item, 1945 {Box 2] Obituary written for Science, July 30, 1945.

 Berry, Frank B

Other Descriptive Information: See: Conant, James B

 Berry, George Packer
 Bieber, Theodore I
 Biochemical Preparations # 1

Coon, M. J.

 Biochemical Preparations # 2

Meister, Al.

 Biochemical Preparations # 3
 Biochemical Preparations # 4

Carter, Herbert E.

 Biochemical Society

Nevrath, Hans

 Biochemistry - Columbia University
1913-1957 & 1955 

1 items, 1955 [Box 2] College of Physicians & Surgeons: List of Ph.D.'s in Biochemistry granted from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1913-1957 and list of their activities in 1955.

 Birnbaum, George

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine, in:

 Bittinger, Charles
 Blake, Eleanor M
 Blakely, Wesley H
 Bloch, Konrad
 Blount, B K
 Bond, V P
 Borek, Ernest
 Bowen, Catherine Drinker
 Boyd, Mrs. Vallency
 Bradley, O L
 Bradley, Ruth
 Bradley, Stanley E

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, in:

 Brandeis University
 Brent De Silva-Telles, Merces
 British Schools and Universities Foundation, Inc.
 Brode, Wallace R
 Brookhaven National Laboratory

Cotzias, George C.; Jackson, G. A. I item, 1963 [Box 2] Letter asking Clarke to contribute to the "Festschrift" in honor of Dr. Van Slyke declined by Clarke.

 Bronk, Detlev Wulf,
 Brown, George B
 Browne, Parker
 Brynley, David
 Buchanan, John M
 Buchanan, Mrs. Susan
 Budka, Barbara
 Burdick, C Lalor
 Business and Professional Women's Foundation
 C , A
 Calvert, Robert. Interview with H. T. Clarke

1 item, 1953 [Box 2] Transcript of an interview of Clarke and the N.Y. Section of the ACS concerning Fordham University Station.

 Carlson, A J

Ingle, Dwight J.

 Carr, Francis H
 Carver, Mrs. Ruth
 Chambers, R W
 Channon, H J
 Chargaff, Erwin
 Chase, Robert A
 Chemical Society (London)

1 item, 1958 [Box 2] Letter to congratulate Clarke's 50th anniversary of membership.

 Chibnall, A Charles
 Chick, Harriette
 Children's Hospital Medical Center (Boston)

4 items, 1967-1971 [Box 2] Notice of appointment of Clarke as consultant in Chemistry for the year 1967-1968.

 Chilnall, A Charles
 Christian, Mrs. Marion A
 Clark, Minnie G
 Clark, Mansfield(William Mansfield)

Other Descriptive Information: See: Adelphi University

 Clarke, Mrs. Agnes Helferich

c. 40 items, 1930-1935 [Box 2] Personal correspondence concerning family affairs.

 Clarke, Ann Thacher
 Clarke, Eric Thacher # 1

(H.T.C.'s son) 2 files, c. 80 items, 1940-1963 [Box 3] 100 typed pages of a diary written by Eric Clarke on a U.S. Antartic expedition from the Dept. of the Interior making cosmic ray observations, 1940. 50 letters written from on board ship from Eric to his father of a personal nature.

 Clarke, Eric Thacher # 2
 Clarke, Mrs. Frida

2 files [Box 3] Some of Frieda Clarke's awards. Letters of condolence on Freida's death, 1960

 Clarke, Mrs. Frida --Notes in re: death by unknown persons.
 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Children

8 files [Box 3] Typescript of a diary concerning Clarke's children 1924-27.

 Clarke, Hans Thacher,First Annual GoldForb Lecture
1903-1952, 1953 

Kaempffert, Waldemar; Riddle, Oscar. 3 copies of Clarke's First Annual Goldforb Lecture given for the Society of Experimental Biology, 1953 in honor of Dr. Goldforb; lists presidents amd secretaries, number of members, number of sections, 1903-1952; also outlines areas of work undertaken by famous biochemists of the period.

 Clarke, Hans Thacher, First Dakin Memorial Lecture, Adelphia College
15 May 1953 

Davis, Pierpont V.; Dakin, Zyme. [Box 3] First Annual Dakin Memorial Lecture at Aldelphi College, 1952 (?). Typescript written by Clarke for the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

 Clarke, Hans Thacher, in re Zyme Dakin
 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Journal of Biological Chemistry
 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Miscellaneous Notes # 1

[Box 3] Speech given at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemists, N.Y. Chapter, 1954. Personal materials - outline of H.T. Clarke's career and education sent tot eh ACS News Service 1946. Congratulations and awards: Certificate of Merit for service to science during WWII awarded by the OSRD; King's Medal for service in the cause of freedom, 1948. Bioliography of Clarke's up until 1954; and biographical data for the Annual Report of the Dept. of Biochemistry, Yale University, May 1957 (50 pp).

 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Miscellaneous Notes # 2
 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Miscellaneous Notes # 3
 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Personal

Sahud, Mervyn Allen; Fruton, Joseph S.; Pratt, Richardson; Roayl Institution; Ashwin, D.W.; Fackenthal, Frank Diehl; Drum, Hugh A.; Rappleye, Willard C.; Emery, Alden H.; Frey, Charles N.; [Onant, James = removed to folder: Onant, James B.

 Clarke, Hans T. Photographs

Other Descriptive Information: See: Tuve, Merle

 Clarke, Hans Thacher, Speech
May 20, 1954 
 Clarke, Heidi

Box 3 3 items, 1960 Personal letters.

 Clarke, John T

Box 3 30 items, 1952-1967 Personal and family letters.

 Clarke, Liz
 Clarke, Pogo
 Clarke, Joseph Thacher
 Clausen, Mrs. May
 Cohn, Waldo E

Box 3 7 items, 1956-1959

 Columbia University
 Conant, James Bryant,

McIntosh, Rustin; Smith Arthur Calvert; Berry Frank B.; Adams, Roger.

 Conner, Thomas
 Cook, Dorothy Skinner
 Cooke, Francis
 Cori, Gerty T

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine, in:

 Corner, Gayton
 Cowie, Dean
 Crena De Iongh, Mrs. Polly
 Cronkhite, Leonard W , Jr.
 Cummins, J E
 Dakin, Henry D. (Zyme)

Hartley, Sir Percival. Box 3 1 file, 1931-1950 Biographical data on Dakin, 1880-1952 sent to Sir Percival Hartley of the Lister Institute, 1952 to help Hartley write obituary of Dakin. 4 personal cards from Dakin to H.T. Clarke 1931-1950.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Clarke, H.T. First Dakin Memorial Lecture, in:

 Dale, Sir Henry Hallett

Box 3 1 item, 1957

 Darby, Eleanor

DuVigneaud, Vincent.

 Darrach, William D
 Davenport College, Yale University

Liebert, Herman W.; Merriman, Daniel.

 Davidson, Eugene
 Davis, Harry
 Day, Mrs. Ida
 Deignan, Stella Leche
 Dickey, J B
 Dietrich, LeRoy S

LEwis, George T.; Smith, Sam C.

 Doering, Willliam
 Donnan, Frederick George,

Drummond, J. C.

 Drummond, Ann

Drummond, J C

 Dutcher, James D
 Du Vigneaud, Vincent

Box 3 Correspondence re: exchange of reprints. Reminiscences of graduate student days with Prof. John R. Murlin at the University of Rochester, 11 pp written by Du Vignaud.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Chemical Society; Darby, Eleanor, in:

 Dwyer, Hugh L
 Eastman Chemical Products, Inc.
 Eastman, Irene
 Eastman Kodak Company # 1

Leermakers, J. A.; Wynd, Clarence, L. A.; Smith, R. F.; Malm, C. J.; Smith, Jean; Hiatt, Gordon; Genung, Leo B.; Salo, Martti; Brummitt, Wyatt B.  Box 3 3 files, 1912-1963 Arrangements for Clarke to visit the Eastman Kodak Laboratories. Letters re: chemicals and chemical preparations. A few letters re: Clarke's work with Eastman Kodak scanning the current literature fro the company and making abstracts.

 Eastman Kodak Company # 2

Roll, L. J.; Wynd, Clarence L. A.; Malm, C.J.; WIlliams, Robert F.; Smith, Jean; Brummitt, Wyatt H.

 Eastman Kodak Company # 3

Salo, Martti; Clark, Walter; Maloney, L.; Hiatt, Gordon D.; Roll, L. J.; Litten, Walter.

 Eastman Kodak Patents # 1

Box 3

 Eastman Kodak Patents # 2
 Eberhart, John C

Heffron, Roderick; Erlander, Bernard F.

 Eckert, Fritz
 Eden, Christopher
 Edsall, John T

Box 4 6 items, 1956-1962 General correspondence

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Society of Biological Chemists; Journal of Biological Chemistry, in: See also: National Academy of Sciences; Papers Submitted, in:

 Edwards, Elizabeth
 Egerton, Sir Alfred
 Eickelberg, Warren W

Schmitt, Francis O. Box 4 4 items, 1966-1967 Letters, re: arrangements for the Dakin Memorial Lecture, 1967.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Adelphi University, in:

 Eilers, Louis K
 Eisenhart, M Herbert
 Eisenhower, Dwight D.
 Ellenbogen, Eric
 Ellis, Lillian N

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Adelphi University, in:

 Emerson, Alfred E
 Emerson, George H
 Encyclopedia Britannica
 English, Horace B
 Erlanger, Bernard F

Moe, Henry Allen. Box 4 3 letters, 1960 Request from Guggenheim Foundation for Clarke to write a recommendation of Erlanger's work.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Eberhart, John C., in:

 Evans, B Ifor
 Evans, Mrs. Joseph C
 Farber, Sidney

Box 4 1 file, 1961 Correspondence, re: exchange of reprints. Farber wrote to Clarke asking Clarke to look over an article for him. Clarke offered a position at the Children's Cancer Research Fund, Inc., 1961.

 Farinholt, Larkin H

Other Descriptive Information: See also: U.S. State department, in:

 Fassett, David W
 Feiler, Marie
 Fenner, Mrs. Marcella
 Feuerstein, F J

Van Deusen, W. P. ; Montean, John.

 Fink, Seymour
 Fisher, Edward F
 Fleming, Thomas P
 Florey, Sir Howard W
 Fohlin, Birgitta
 Foote, Paul D

Himsworth, Sir Harold P. Box 4 8 items, 1957-1958 Letters to Clarke, re: patenting rights on production of penicillin developed during WWII on a joint U.K.-U.S. project.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Penicillin, in:

 Forbes, Anne P
 Fordyce, Charles R
 Franklin, Edward C

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Kunkel, Henry, in:

 Franklin Institute

Fahrney, D. S.

 Frazer, Alastair
 Freeman, Bromley S
 Freudenberg, Karl Johann
 Frieden, Earl
 Friskin, Mrs. James [Beccle? - Nickname]
 Fruton, Joseph S

Heffron, Roderick. Box 4, 7 items, 1955-1972 Notice from Fruton of acceptance by Fred Richards of position at Yale, 1954. Letters, re: Fruton's sabbatical, 1961.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Hans T. Clarke Papers

 Gannett, Mrs. Caroline Werner
 Genhart, Cecile Staub
 Genung, Leo B

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Eastman Kodak Company, in:

 George Eastman House
 Gies, William J

Eisenhart, Luther Phaler; Karshan, Maxwell; Kurzrok, Raphael; Kunitz, Moses.  Box 4, 1 file, Collection of letters from many scientists, re: Gies to use in Clarke's biography of Gies.

 Goldfarb, A J

Box 4 3 items, 1956 Clarke nominated for vice-president of the Society of Experimental Biology & Medicine.

 Goodhart, Arthur L
 Gottschall, Gertrude Y

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Tobacco Industry Research Committee, in:

 Gould, Orin A
 Greenstein, Jesse P. Memorial Foundation

Winitz, Milton; Vickery, H. B.

 Gressley, Gene M
 Grimm, Beate
 Guggenheim, John Simon, Memorial Foundation

Moe, Henry Allen.

 Haddow, Alex
 Halket, Ann C
 Handler, Philip

Sixth International Congress of Biochemistry Box 4 2 items, 1964 Clarke asked to be chairman of a session at the 6th International Congress of Biochemistry - declined.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Society of Biological Chemists in: See: National Academy of Sciences

 Hanger, Franklin M
 Hardin, Byron

Box 4 15 items, 1962-1969 Personal correspondence.

 Hardy, Harriet L
 Harrell, George T

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine, in:

 Harington, Sir Charles R
 Harris, Joseph
 Harrow, Benjamin
 Hartley, Sir Percival

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Dankin, Zyme, in:

 Harvey, Ash & Co.

Ash, Maurice E

 Hawley, Estelle E
 Heilbron, Sir Ian
 Helferich, Burkhardt
 Helferich, Heinrich
 Hendrick, Ellwood
 Herbst, Robert M
 Herstein, Karl M
 Hiatt, Gordon

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Eastman Kodak Company, in:

 Hill, A V

Other Descriptive Information: See: table of contents

 Himsworth, Sir Harold

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Foote, Paul D.; Penicillin, in:

 Hirs, Mrs. Christopher H W
 Hitchcock, David Ingersoll,
 Hobart, Christine L
 Hoberman, Henry D
 Hoffman, William F
 Holden, Reuben A

Box 4 2 items, 1958 Letters, re: Clarke's giving XI Lecture at Yale University.

 Horan, Damarin
 Horecker, B L
 Hosmer, James
 Howell, Stacy F
 Huff, Robert
 Hughes, Walter L

Box 4 1 items, 1963 ....celebrate Van Slyke's 80th...

 Hulka, Jaroslav F
 Hunsaker, Alice P

Catgut Acoustical Society

 Hutchins, Carleen M
 Huxley, Sir Julian Sorell

Huxley, Julietta. Box 4 17 letters, 1958-1972 Semi-personal and professional correspondence.

 Institute of International Education

Background note: Box 4 1 item, 1957 Thanks to Clarke for advice given to the Institute on biochemical affairs during 1957.

 Interscience Publishers Incorporated

Box 4 1 letter, 1954 Request for Clarke to edit "Handbook of Biochemistry."

 James, Henry,
 Janus, J W
 Jensen, Mrs. Elizabeth
 Johnson, John R
 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 1

Karnovsky, Manfred L. ; Edsall, John T. ; Caputto, Ranwel; Irreverre, Filadelfo; Conn, Eric E. ; Weissbach, Herbert; Shimi, Ibrahim Raouf; Hobbs, Donald C. ; Bloch, Konrad; Price, J. M. ; Lotspeich, F. J. ; Bergmann, F.  Box 4 8 files, 1958-1961 Administrative correspondence. Comments of several members of the Editorical Board on contributions to the Journal. Report of meetings, re: decision whether or not the Journal should re-establish the section of letters to the editor. Report on the activities of the Journal, 1958-60. Notices and minutes of Editorial Board Committee, April 1959. Book of instructions to authors for use in writing articles for the Journal. Summary of the manuscripts acted upon by editors, 1960 - includes a report on the activities of the Journal for 1960.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 2

Richert, Dan A. ; Witkop, Bernard; Edsall, John T. ; Roston, Sidney; Lotspeich, F. J. ; Sobotka, Harry; Levine, Bernard; Bergmann, F. ; Kredich,

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 3

Edsall, John T. ; Vickery, H. B. ; Meister, Alton.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 4

Edsall, John T.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 5

Edsall, John T. ; Dunn, Max S. ; Mallette, M. F.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 6

Edsall, John T. ; Ratner, Sarah; Hagopian, Miasnig; Witkop, Bernard.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 7

Heidelberger, Charles; Edsall, John T. ; Witkop, Bernard; Cooperman, Jack M. ; Henderson, L. M. ; Meister, Alton; Price, J. M. ; Conn, Eric E.

 Journal of Biological Chemistry # 8

Weisburger, John H. ; Beyler, R. E. ; Edsall, John T. ; Johnson, Marvin; Roston, Sidney; Kirshner, Norman; Tanenbaum, Stuart W. ; Kuc, Joseph; Schayer, R. W.

 Kahovec, Jaroslav
 Kallir, R F
 Kamen, Martin
 Karnovsky, Manfred L

Box 5 1 item, 1971 Letter wishing Clarke well on his retirement, 8/10/1971.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Biological Chemistry, in:

 Karsham, Maxwell

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Gies, W.J., in:

 Kassell, Beatrice
 Katz, Erika
 Katz, Siegi

Box 5 8 items, 1961-1963 Family letters.

 Kay, Herbert D
 Keitel, Hans George
 Kendall, Mrs. William Sergeant
 Kerin, Robert
 Kilgour, Frederick G
 Killisch, Dorothee
 Kim, Soon Won

Saz, Arthur K. ; Litwach, Gerald; White, Abraham. Box 5 11 items, 1957-1960

 King, Donald
 Kirk, Grayson
 Knappenberger, Robert
 Knutti, Ralph E

Planck, Hildegard.

 Koepfli, Joseph B
 Korwan, Samuel
 Krauss, Felicitas
 Krolen (?), F W T
 Kumar, Somar
 Lamb, Arthur B

Box 5 1 item, 1932 On Lamb being made President of the American Chemical Society.

 Landsborough Thomson, A
 Landucci, A
 Laurini, Peter
 Lawler, H Claire

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Society of Biological Chemists, in:

 Lehninger, Albert L
 Leinsdorf, Erich
 Leppard, Vernon
 Levine, Julius

Box 5 6 items, 1966-1967 Family correspondence.

 Lewallen, Mrs. Valerie
 Lewis, George T

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Dietrich, Leroy S. , in: See also: University of Miami, in:

 Lilienfeld, Leon
 Linderstrom-Lang, Kaj Ulrik,

3 letters

 Lindskog, Gustaf E
 Link, Karl Paul
 Lippard, Vernon W

Box 5 2 items, 1964 Letters in which Clarke is told he must vacate his laboratories in the Dept. of Biochemistry at Yale Univ. Medical School.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: National Institutes of Health, in:

 Locke, Elizabeth
 Lockspeiser, Sir Ben
 Loeb, William
 Long, Cyril Norman Hugh (1907-1970)

Box 5 7 items, 1957 Request that Clarke contribute to a volume "A Biochemist's Handbook." - Clarke declined.

 Long, Esmond Ray
 Long, Sharon
 Longmans, Green & Company
 Loudon, Hughety
 Love, Robert A
 Low, Barbara W
 Luck, J Murray

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Annual Reviews, Inc., in: See also: Annual Review of Biochemistry, in:

 Lu Gwei-Djen
 Lynen, F
 McCarthy, John
 McCollester, Duncan L
 McCormick, James E
 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
 McIntosh, Rustin

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Conant, James B., in:

 McLean, R C
 McLean and Boustead
 McMaster University,

Bourns, A N

 Magoffin, J E
 Malins, Meta
 Mallinby, May
 Malm, Carl J

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Eastman Kodak Company, in:

 Marenghi, Franz
 Marrian, Guy F
 Martin, D C
 Martin, Robert L
 Martin, Sylvia, and George
 Matsuda, Yoko
 Mattei, Joan
 Maurer, Mrs. Brigitte
 Maurer, William S
 Max, O
 Mazur, Abraham
 Mei-Mei, Hsiao
 Meister, Alton

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Biochemical Preparations; Journal of Biological Chemistry, in:

 Mellanby, May
 Meltzer, Philip

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Otological Society, in:

 Melville, Donald

Wisseman, Charles L. Box 5 1 item, 1959

 Menday, Mrs. C J

Fishler, Max

 Merck and Company.

Fishler, Max.

 Merck Fellowships #1

Tishler, Max; Lapp, Claude J. ; Feger, E. W. ; Bronk, Detlev W. ; Weiss, Paul Box 5 2 files, 1956-1957 Annual report, 1957 Copy of a memorandum, re: the new projected use of funds recommended by the Merck Fellowship Board, March 1957. Minutes of the Merck Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship Board, March 1957. Copy of a letter from Warren Weaver to A.N. Richards on problems of how to distribute the Merck Fellowships, Dec. 14, 1956. Letter to Clarke from Kenneth B. Raper, re: Weaver's ideas on the merck Fellowships.

 Merck Fellowships #2

Weiss, David W. ; Lapp, Claude J. ; Weiss, Paul ; Cori, Carl F. (1984) ; Ronkin, R. R. Raper, Kenneth B. ; Johnstone, Henry W.

 Merriman, Daniel

Box 5 1 item, 1964 Concerning Davenport College,Yale University.

 Middleton, Mrs. Dora Clarke #1

Box 5 80 items, 1960-1968. Family correspondence.

 Middleton, Mrs. Dora Clarke #2
 Middleton, E A
 Middleton, Gervaise B
 Minty, Dorothy
 Mocsanyi, Paul
 Moe, Henry Allen (1894-)

Box 5 3 items, 1963

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Philosophical Society; Erlander, Barnard F.; Guggenheim, John Simon, Memorial Foundation, in:

 Molitor, Hans

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine - Robinson, Harry J., in:

 Moncreiff, Robert P
 Mont, Angelika De
 Moore, Stanford
 Mukle, May
 Muntwyler, Edward
 Nachmansohn, David, (1917)

Box 5 10 items, 1061-1969. Copy of an article by Nachmansohn 'Die Wissenschaftter Deren Andenken Das Institut fuer Lebenswissenschaftem in Rehovoth Gewidmet ist' - 39 pp. Some personal letters.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Society of Biological Chemists, in:

 Nadel, Maxine Alice

Hildenbrand, Frieda.

 Nagy, Stephen M

Box 5 35 items, 1957-1964 Applications from Clarke to Nagy for chemical analyses to be done in Nagy's laboratory at M.I. T.

 Nakatani, Misako
 National Academy of Sciences #1

Edsall, John T. BOX 6 3 filess, 1942-1963 Vitas of applicants for membership to the NAS. Minutes of the business section of the NAS at the 1963 Annual Meeting. Copy of the testimony prepared by Philip Handler give to the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Science Research and Development concerning the appropriation of funds to the National Science Foundation, 30 pp.

Other Descriptive Information: Vigneaud, Vincent du : See also: National Academy of Sciences, in:

 National Academy of Sciences #2

Carter, H. E.

Other Descriptive Information: Carter, H. E. : See also: National Academy of Sciences; President's Committee on the National Medal of Science, in:

 National Academy of Sciences #3

Handler, Philip; Richards, Alfred Newton, 1876-1966.

 National Foundation

O'Conner, Basil.

 National Institutes of Health

Grossnickle, Thurman, T. ; Ganz, Aaron; Rivera, Jose A. ; Lippard, Vernon W. ; Michalski, Josephn V. ; Benedict, Jean D. ; Pratt, James W. ; Ferguson, Frederick P. ; Scantlebury, Ronald E.  Box 6 c. 30 items, 1957-1963 Correspondence, re: references for grant applicants.

 New York Academy of Sciences

Miner, Eunice Thomas. Box, 1 item, 1958 Clarke's resignation from the Society.

 No, R Lorente De

Waelsch, Heinrich.

 Noller, Carl R
 Nystrom, Viola
 Ochoa, Severo

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Nobel Prize - O, in:

 O'Connor, Basil
 Organic Synthesis #1

McKusick, Blaine C. ; Newman, Melvin S. ;  Box 6, 3 files, 1950-1962. Correspondence and minutes of the Advisory Board.

 Organic Synthesis #2

Arnold, Richard T. ; Rabjohn, Norman; Horning, Evan C.

 Organic Synthesis #3
 Osborne, Margaret
 Palmer, John W
 Papers Submitted

Coleman, George H. ; Edsall, John T.

 Pappenheimer, John R

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Nobel Prize - P-Q, in:

 Park, C R
 Parker, Barrett

Box 6 1 items, 1952 Copy of a letter from Parker to Lord Cherwell (House of Lords), re: the U.S. Embassy's interest in the application of science to economy and industry in Great Britain, 1952.

 Pearlman, William H
 Pearson, Karl,

Johnson, Alfred R. ; Sayre, N. ; Sheehan, John C[lark] ; Princeton Unversity Press; Himsworth, H. P. ; Foote, P. D. ; York, Herbert F. ; Macauly, J. B. Box 6 15 Items, 1959-1960. Leters, re: the Upjohn and Eli Lilly discoveries of methods of penicillin production during WWII - argument of professional ethics.

 Perlmann, Gertrude E

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Nobel Prize - P-Q, in:

 Perry, Jean
 Peters, Rudolph A
 Peters, Theodore, Jr.
 Peyes, Edith De
 Pincus, Gregory
 Planck, Erwin

Muhle, Hans.

 Planck, Frida
 Planckhaus (G.J.)
 Popkin, Susan L
 Potter, John V
 Powell, Monica
 President's Committee on the National Medal of Science

Carter, H. E. Box 6 1 items, 1966. Request for Clarke to participate in nomination of a candidate, 1966.

 Princeton University Press

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Penicillin, in:

 Putterman, Gerald J
 Quarterly Journal: Alcohol

Keller, Mark; Haggard, Howard W.  Box 6 c. 60 items, 1957-1962. Correspondence, re: referee reports and articles to be refereed.

 Rabinowitch, Eugene

Forbes, W. H.

 Rajasthan, University of

Singhal, C. L. ; Varma, K. L.

 Ranke, Hermann
 Rappleye, Willard C
 Ratner, Sarah

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Biological Chemistry, in:

 Rau, Leo
 Raymond, Samuel
 Rice, Helen
 Richards, Heidi

Box 6 c. 30 items, 1960-1967. Family correspondence.

 Richards, Marianna
 Richards, Mrs. Pauline
 Richter, George A
 Richter, Werner
 Rittenberg, David
 Robinson, Sir Robert

Box 6 11 items, 1949-1965. General correspondence.

Other Descriptive Information: See: Table of Contents to 509:L56.45 Letters of Scientists

 Roos, Hans
 Rothschild, Joel
 Rothschild, Robert F
 Royal Institute of Chemistry (London)

Ellingham, H. J. T. Box 6 1 item, 1959. Clarke's 50th year as a member of the Society.

 Rurey, Mrs. Melina
 Ruttenberg, Michael
 Sage, Harvey J
 Salcedo, Juan, Jr.
 Salisbury, Sir Edward J

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Royal Society of London, in:

 Schenlabs Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Straus, WIlliam T.

 Schmitt, Francis Otto,

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Eickelberg, Warren W., in:


Abelson, Philip H. ; Turner, Joseph; Kozai, Yukie; Du Shane, Graham. Box 6 4 items, 1958-1965. Letters asking Clarke to be a reviewer of articles.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Abelson, Philip H., in: Du Shane, Graham : See: Science, in:

 Segal, Evelyn
 Seidel, Hildegard
 Sheehan, John Clark

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Adelphi University; Penicillin, in:

 Sheldon, Emma Lyon
 Shepard, Robert A
 Shockley, William #1

Box 6 2 files, 1968-1970. Letter sent to members of NAS who were to attend the business meeting, 4/28/1970 concerning Shockley's application to the NAS for funds to conduct research in eugenics along the lines of Jensen's work.

Subject(s): Eugenics

 Shockley, William #2
 Shrigley, E W

Box 6 3 items, 1957.

 Shrivastava, K C

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine - Heidelberger, Michael, in:

 Simonds, Herbert R

1 item.

 Simonsen, J L
 Simpson, Esther
 Simpson, Richard B.
 Skinner, Dorothy
 Slater, Robert J
 Slater, Sir William
 Smetana, Hans
 Smiles, Samuel

Box 7 15 items, 1926-1934. General correspondence.

 Smith, Arthur Calvert

Other Descriptive Information: See: Conant, James B

 Smith, Carleton Sprague
 Sperry, Warren M

Box 7 1 items, 1965. Reminiscences about Rochester University Medical School by Sperry, 17 pp., 1965.

 Sprinson, David B
 Staley, A. E. Mfg. Co.

Langlois, David P.

 Stamp, Lord Garven
 Stanley, Wendell Meredith,
 Stanton, Madeline
 Stavely, Homer E
 Stein, William H

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Society of Biological Chemists, in:

 Stern, Joseph R
 Sterner, James H
 Stetten, Dewitt

Hartman, W. W.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Dobzhansky, Theodosius G., in: See also: Adelphi University, in:

 Stewart, Alfred Walter

Separated material: Box 7 c. 30 items, 1926-1935. General correspondence, re: political situation in N. Ireland. References to Clarke's work on non-flammable films at Kodak. Congratulations on Clarke's being appointed to Columbia, 1928. Mention of internal argumetns over appropriations to the new Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Belfast. Mention of N. Collie's retirement from University College, London. Letters in which Stewart bemoans the state of science, 1930. Advice to Clarke on how to run one's own department at a university.

 Stotz, Elmer H
 Stumpf, Karl
 Such, Mrs. Doris
 Sunderman, F William

Box 7 8 items, 1960. General correspondence.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Journal of Experimental Medicine, in:

 Switzer, Mary

Box 7 2 items, 1967. Reports from the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare on newly proposed social and rehabilitation services.

 Tatum, Edward Lawrie,

Other Descriptive Information: See also: American Chemical Society, in:

 Taylor, Geoffrey

Box 7 c. 30, 1955-1972. Personal correspondence.

 Tennessee Eastman Corp.

Straley, J. M.

 Theorell, Hugo

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Nobel Prize - N - Nobel Award, in:

 Thin, Jean
 Thomas, Karl

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Photographs, in:

 Tippo, Oswald
 Tishler, Max
1966, 1970 

Box 7 2 items, 1966, 1970.

Other Descriptive Information: See also: Merck Fellowships, in: See also: Nobel Prize - T , in:

 Tobacco Industry Research Committee