Harold Lindsay Amoss Papers


Date: 1918-1922 | Size: 2 Linear feet


A pathologist and researcher at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, 1914-1922, Harold Lindsay Amoss (1886-1956) specialized in research on infectious diseases ranging from poliomyelitis to meningitis, erysipelas, brucellosis, and encephalitis.

The Amoss Papers are comprised primarily of materials relating to Harold Amoss' medical service in the United States Army during the First World War (1918-1919), to his research at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, 1920-1922, and to his efforts to develop vaccines for meningitis and poliomyelitis.

Background note

The pathologist Harold Lindsay Amoss was born in Cobb, Kentucky, on September 8, 1886. After receiving his BS (1905) and MS (1907) degrees at the University of Kentucky, he pursued both medical degree and doctorate at Harvard, receiving them in successive years, 1911 and 1912.

Amoss's early career was marked by an atypical academic vagabondage that saw him shift positions nearly every year. He passed through jobs with the Kentucky Agricultural Station (1905-1906), the Hygienic Laboratory of the U.S. Public Health Service (1906-1907), and the Bureau of Chemistry of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (1907-1908) before landing a position in the Harvard Medical School. In 1912, he was lured to the vibrant life at the Rockefeller Institute to work in pathology and bacteriology. Interrupted by service in France during the First World War, Amoss' research was focused on a variety of infectious diseases, including poliomyelitis, meningitis, erysipelas, brucellosis, and encephalitis and on the development of vaccines.

Leaving the Rockefeller in 1922, Amoss joined the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (1922-1930) as a professor of medicine and worked briefly at Duke University (1930-1933), before returning to the Rockefeller in 1933 as a medical consultant. He remained associated with the Rockefeller.

Scope and content

The Amoss Papers represent the scant survivals of the papers of Harold L. Amoss, a pathologist and medical researcher long associated with the Rockefeller Institute. The collection includes professional correspondence with colleagues, both in-coming and out-going, dating primarily from the period 1918-1922. While there is interesting material pertaining to Amoss' research on polio, meningitis, and on vaccines, nothing is very extensive. Documentation of Amoss' service in the Army Medical Corps during the First World War is somewhat better, though still slight.

Collection Information


Gift of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1964 (accession number 1964-150.2ms).

Preferred citation

Cite as: Harold Lindsay Amoss Papers, American Philosophical Society.

Related material

The papers of several of Amoss's colleagues at the Rockefeller Institute contain additional correspondence, including Leon J. Cole, Simon Flexner, and Peyton Rous.

Indexing Terms

Corporate Name(s)

  • Lederle Laboratory
  • Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

Personal Name(s)

  • Amoss, Harold L. (Harold Lindsay), 1886-1956
  • Bayne-Jones, Stanhope, 1888-1970
  • Beckwith, H. K.
  • Chesney, Alan M. (Alan Mason), 1888-1964
  • Cole, Rufus Ivory, 1872-1966
  • Corner, George Washington, 1889-1981
  • Flexner, Simon, 1863-1946
  • Fosdick, Harry Emerson, 1878-1969
  • Heiser, Victor (Victor George)
  • Hitchens, Arthur Parker, 1877-
  • Hume, Edward H. (Edward Hicks)
  • Kunz, George Frederick, 1856-1932
  • Lane, William Arbuthnot, Sir, 1856-1943
  • Lovett, Robert W. (Robert Williamson), 1859-1924
  • McCrae, Thomas, 1870-1935
  • Murphy, James B. (James Bumgardner), 1884-1950
  • Noguchi, Hideyo, 1876-1928
  • Olitsky, Peter Kosciusko, 1886
  • Osler, William, Sir, 1849-1919
  • Osten, Anna L. von der
  • Piersol, George Morris, 1880-1
  • Robbins, Frederick C., 1916-
  • Rockefeller, John D. (John Davison), 1874-1960
  • Rous, Peyton, 1879-1970
  • Smith, Theobald, 1859-1934
  • West, Byron L. (Byron Lillibri
  • Woglom, William Henry, 1879-19
  • Zinsser, Hans, 1878-1940


  • Immunology
  • Medicine -- Research
  • Meningitis -- Research
  • Pathology
  • Poliomyelitis -- Research
  • United States. Army -- Medical care
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- Medical care

Detailed Inventory

Harold Lindsay Amoss Papers
1918-1922 box 1-2
Alexander, Harry L
Allen, Frederick M
Alperman, A S
American Association of Immunologists
American Automobile Association
American Express Co. - D.K. Donovan
American Museum of Natural History
American Red Cross
Amoss, Harold L.
Amoss, Harold L.
"Passage of Meningococcic Agglutinins From the Blood to the Spinal Fluid..."
Anderson, John F.
Aronson, Joseph D.
Ascoli, A.
Austin, J. Harold
Avery, O. T.
Aycock, William Lloyd
Babbitt, James A.
Babcock, James W.
Baeslack, F. W.
Bailey, William H.
Baker, M. A.
Balamuth, Herman L.
Barnaby, Marietta D.
Barnum, Merritt W.
Bartlett, F. H.
Bassett, Mrs. Fred J.
Baxter, M. V.
Bayne-Jones, Stanhope
Beach, Mrs. C. E.
Bechwith, H. K.
Bell, H. H.
Belleview Hospital
Bixby, M. K.
Blair-Bell, W.
Bogert, E. S.
Bolar, F. E.
Bonniwell, H. M.
Boyd, Hugh
Brady, Marion
Brian, C. E.
Bricker, Elizabeth B.
Bronfenbrenner, J.
Brooks, F. H.
Brown, J. Howard
Brown, Sanger,2nd
Browning, A. J.
Brownlee, C. H.
Bruce, Sir David
Bryant, Alonzo J.
Buck, N. W.
Buckley, Dorothy S.
Bucknell, George T.
 3 folders
Bull, C. G.
Bunce, A. H.
Bunzel, E. Everett
Burns, Stanley
Burrows, M. T.
Burton and Kessler
Buskirk, M. Alice
Carnegie Foundation
Carniol, A.
Carpenter, P. S.
Carr Brothers
Carroll, George J.
Carstarpher, Fred C.
Casilli, A. R.
Cason, Charles
Chagas, Carlos
Chase, A. F.
Chase, Floyd W.
Chesney, Alan M.
Childern's Hospital
Clark, Paul F.
Coby, T. H.
Coca, Arthur F.
Colby, Beatrice G.
Cole, Rufus
Connell, F. Gregory
Connor, C. H.
Conover, John R.
Cook, F. E.
Corner, George W.
Cotoni, I.
Cotton, Henery A.
Coward, F. A.
Cox, J. W.
Dalton, Charles F.
Dann, A. U.
Darrow, Dan C.
Dean, Rodney
Dean, Rollin C.
Defries, Robert D.
DeLamater, Florence T.
DeLap, D. F.
DeLuca, H. R.
DeNormandie, R. L.
Dewees, F. L.
Dice Drug Company
Dickey, Frank A.
Dietrich, F. A.
Dobrin, A.
Dochez, A. R.
Doisy, Edward A.
Donaldson, Thomas B.
Douglas, W. G.
Drake, C. St. C
Duncan, Ralph E.
Dunne, N. J.
Du Nouy, P.
Durand, Paul
Duval, Charles W.
Dwinell, W. G.
Eberson, Frederick
Edahl, E. W.
Fabyan, Marshall
Fagan, M. Howard
Faguy, L. G.
Farenholt, A.
Farlow, M. A.
Felt, W. L.
Fenimore, Edna P.
Ferrell, John A.
Fisher, O. O.
Flexner, Morris
Flexner, Simon
Fosdick, Harry E.
Foster, George B.
Foster, P. H.
Foucar, F. H.
Fraser, Francis
Frothingham, Lt. Col.
Fuller, Hulbert
Gamir, A.
Gatewood, Wesley E.
Gay, F. P.
Georgia Baptist Hospital
Gerry, Mrs. Wilfred E.
Getty, Samuel E.
Gibbs, William M.
Gibson, Frank S.
Gillis, E. L.
Givler, J. P.
Gray, Rebecca
Greene, Mrs. Delphine D.
Gregg, Walter K.
Grove, W. G.
Gucker, K.
Gurley, Caroline R.
Gumbel, Robert W.
Hague, The Netherlands, Hospital Municipale
Hamilton, J. H.
Hamlin, Donald R.
Hammond, John W.
Handy, A. B.
Hanssen, Eilif C.
Harrison, William Nelson
Hartnell, J. Henry
Harvard Graduate Medical School
Hassman, D. M.
Havens, L. C.
Haws, Mary E.
Hayes, J. N.
Hazen, Elizabeth Lee
Heagey, Francis W.
Heineman, P. G.
Heiser, Victor G.
Helm, Robert W.
Henderson, R. P.
Henle, Carye-Belle
Hershey, Harold W.
Hess, Walter M.
Heydt, Charles O.
Heydt, Mrs. C. O.
Hilpert, M.
Hitchens, A. P.
Holt, L. Emmett
Holt-Harris, John E.
Hood, R. C.
Hooper, C. W.
Hornaday, Frank A.
House, William
Howard, T. D.
Howe, F. Stanley
Hubbard, D. L.
Hubbard, LeRoy W.
Hubbard, Roger S.
Huddleson, I. Forest
Huff, Allen
Hull, Thomas G.
Hume, E. H.
Hunt, E. Livingston
Hussey, Raymond G.
Hutchinson, C. E.
Ingold, Mrs. Fred
Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Jahmel, F.
Jeffrey, Annie T.
Jones, F. S.
Jones, William H.
Keegan, J. J.
Kellert, Ellis
Kelley, A. G.
Kelshaw, H. S.
Kendall, Arthur E.
Kennedy, Foster B.
King, C. W.
Kirkbride, Mary B.
Kliger, I. J.
Kohn, Rudolf
Kolmes, John A.
Knox, Douglas
Kramer, James G.
Kraus, R.
Krumwiede, Charles
Kunz, George F.
La Bach, J. O.
Lacy, G. R.
Laird, J. L.
Lane, Sir Arbuthnot
Laughlin, James W.
Laveran, A.
Lebron, J. D.
Lederle, Antitoxin, Laboratory
Lee House, Washington, D.C.
Leith, J. F. Von Der
Lindenberger, I.
Lipman, J. C.
Littell, Elton G.
Liu, J. H.
Loowe, Leo
Loewy, Georges
Love, Tracy R.
Lovett, Robert W.
Lucas, W. P.
Lull, G. F.
Lundblad, W. E.
Lundin, O. A.
Lusk, William V.
Lyle, J. I.
Lyle, William G.
Lymans, Ltd.
Lynchberg, Virginia
Lynes, A. L.
Lyon, M. W. Jr.
McAlpin, James C.
McBrayer, L. B.
MacBrayne, Ralph
MacCallum, W. G.
McCann, G. F.
McCarthy, John J.
McClellan, James L.
McClintock, John M.
McCoy, G. W.
McCrae, Thomas
McFarland, Joseph
McGinley, R. Magdalene
McGlannan, Alexius
Mackenzie, A. S.
MacLaurin, Janet
McLean, B. P.
McLean, Franklin C.
McMillin, P. J.
MacNeal, W. J.
Maldeis, H. J.
Maloy, James J.
Manwaring, W. H.
Marine, David
Martin, C. J.
Maxcy, Kenneth F.
May, Hickman
Mayer, E.
Medlar, E. M.
Meehan, J. P.
Melick, C. O.
Mellon, Ralph
Meningitis Cases
Menne, Frank R.
Meredith, Lawrence C.
Metz, Philip B.
Meyer, Karl F.
Miles, R. E.
Military Training Camps
Miller, Mrs. Carroll
Minaker, A. J.
Moffitt, George R.
Moore, A. T.
Moore, R. A.
Moore, Rawlee
Morrey, Charles B.
Morse, Almon G.
Mulhall, F. J.
Murphy, James B.
Neal, J. B.
Nelson, G. W.
Nelson, William
Neustaedtler, Marcus
New York State, Dept. of Health
New York State Police New York State, Public Service Commission
New York City - Board of Health
New York Nursery and Child's Hospital
Newport, R. I. - Hospital
Newsom, N. J.
Nichols, H. J.
Nicoll, M.
Nicolle, M.
Noble, William C.
Noe, Peter, Jr.
Noguchi, H.
Norton, W. H.
Nott, Susan
Odell, H. E.
O'Donnell, J. F.
Olistky, Peter K.
Orcutt, Marion L.
Orion, W. H.
Osler, Sir William
Owen, Ellis
Palfrey, H.
Palmer, W. W.
Panzone, Nicholas B.
Pardee, Irving H.
Parke, Davis & Co.
Pasteur Institute
Pastenr Laboratory of America
Patek, Arthur J.
Pearce, R. M.
Perkins, Roger G.
Peters, H. Leb.
Peters, Mary
Pettit, A.
Peyton, Harry A.
Piersol, George Morris
Pinnell, W. R.
Poltenson, Sadie
Poor, Daniel W.
Pritchett, Ida W.
Proctor, E. D.
Purdy, W. H.
Purll, Richard
Putzki, Paul S.
Ramsdellm, Edwin G.
Ramsey, G. W.
Randall, George B.
Rashbaum, Maurice
Reed, D. W.
Rhode Island Hospital - Providence
Richter, Charles
Ricker, William G.
Robb, A. Gardner
Robbins, Frederick C.
Robertson, A. D.
Robertson, Muriel
Robertson, Oswald H.
Robins, Vernon
Robinson, H. C.
Robison, L. A.
Rochester, N. Y.
Rockefeller, Mrs. Abby A.
Rockefeller, John D., Jr.
Rockefeller, Mrs. William G.
Rockefeller Institute
Board of Scientific Directors
1919 Sept. 15 
Rockey, Paul
Rose, Wickliffe
Rothberg, William
Rous, Peyton
Ruhe, Louis
Russell, F. F.
Russell, G. Gardner
Rutis, A. A.
Salter, P. P.
Salzman, S. R.
Schardt, George L.
Schible, Ernest L.
Schlande, T. S.
Schmeisser, H. C.
Scholtz Mutual Drug Co.
Schorer, E. H.
Schreiner, E. R.
Sears, Frederick W.
Shea, W. E.
Shimer, William
Siebert, A
Sievers, Dr.
Sivon, S. U.
Smeallie, Miss E. Louise
Smiley, Miss E. M.
Smillie, Wilson G.
Smith, B. F.
Smith, D. O.
Smith, E. B.
Smith, F. D.
Smith, G. B. L.
Smith, I. C.
Smith, L. R.
Smith, Theobald
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Somers, G. W.
South, Lillian H.
Southside Hospital
Spriestersbach, David O.
Stack, James
Stauffer, R. S.
Steiner, J. S.
Stevenson, Holland N.
Stewart, George A.
Stiebeling, Helen S.
Stimson, A. M.
Stitt, E. R.
Stone, B. H.
Storens, Harold A.
Strange, Mrs. E. B.
Straus, A. H.
Straus, Israel
Strong, Richard P.
Sweet, Albert W.
Sweet, B. L.
Symmers, Douglas
Symonds, Ruth
Synnot, M. J.
Tanney, L. L.
Taylor, Mrs. Beatrice
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, H. W.
Tenbroeck, Carl
Terry, B. T.
Thalhimer, William
Thomas, S. J.
Thompson, Martha
Thompson, Samuel
Titration of Media
Tomkies, J. S.
Toomey, J. A.
Trahan, E. B.
Traylor, George A.
Tripp, Donald
Turck, F. B.
Typhoid Serum
Univ. of Penna. Hospital
U. S. Army
U. S. Army
U. S. Army - Field Medical Supply Depot
U. S. Army - Madison Barracks, N. Y.
U. S. Army Medical Dept.
U. S. Army - Medical Reserve Corps.
U. S. Army - Medical Supply Depot, N. Y. C.
U. S. Navy
U. S. Naval Hospital
U. S. Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Illinois
U. S. Naval Training Station, San Francisco, Cal.
U. S. Navy - Medical Dept.
U. S. Public Health Service
Van Der Bogert, Frank
Von Der Osten, Anna L.
Vandervoort, Edwin
Van Dusen, F. E.
Van Dyk, J. M.
Van Ingen, Gilbert
Vaughan, Henry F.
Ver Nody, C. D.
Voegelin, A. E.
Vogt, Charles
Voigt, Edwin F.
Volery, Augusta
Von Wedel, H.
Wachter, Leonard M.
Wadlington, John B.
Wadsworth, A. B.
Wagner, Charles G.
Walker, D. L.
Walker, O. J.
Walsh, Groesbeck
Walter Reed General Hospital
Warford, L. E.
War Trade Board
Waters, Bertram H.
Way, Joseph H.
Weaver, G. H.
Webb, Anne
Webb, Gerald B.
Weild, David, Jr.
Weiss, Charles
Weiss, Minnie E.
Welch, S. W.
West, Byron L.
West, Mrs. G. N.
Wharton, Mrs. W. P.
Whilcher, S. C.
White, Benjamin
White, C. Y.
White, G. B.
Whitman, Armitage
Whitman, Royal
Whitmore, Eugene R.
Whitney, Mary L.
Whittaker, Thomas
Wightman, Orrin S.
Willetts, David G.
Williams,... (Camp Jackson, S. C.)
Williams, C. L.
Williams, George W.
Williams, S. R.
Willis, J. D.
Wilson, Dunning S.
Wilson, Emily N.
Wilson, Eric R.
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, Franklin D.
Wilson, George
Winslow, C. E. A.
Woglom, William H.
Woods, Alan C.
Wood, Casey A.
Woody, Samuel E.
Wolfe. Edwin P.
Wolfe, Samuel M.
Wolfe, Arthur
Wright, Louis W.
Wyllsey, Thomas W.
Wyman, Edward T.
Yaeger, Virginia
Young, C. C.
Zinsser, Hans