Collection of Peruvian manuscripts,1790-1800, 1820


Date: 1790-1820 1790-1800 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, ca. 200 p., copy


This collection includes nineteen documents relating principally to the revolt of Tupac Amaru II (José Gabriel Condorcanqui), the last claimant to the throne of the Incas (1780-1783). The materials refer to his rebellion, capture, and execution. Other documents in the collection concern medicine, manners, learned organizations, the making of wills, and the history of the Spanish conquest of Oran, 1505-1509.

Background note

Joel Roberts Poinsett was a diplomat and statesman. He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1827.

Túpac Amaru II, born José Gabriel Condorcanqui, was a cacique in the Tinta region of southern Peru. In 1780, he hanged a Spanish provencial administrator in protest of heavy taxes and forced labor of indigenous peoples, which set off an armed rebellion against Spanish colonial rule. Túpac led with his wife Micaela Bastidas, though they were betrayed to Spanish authories in 1781 and subsequently tried and executed. Their rebellion continued until 1783 and inspired others to revolt; Peru gained independence in 1811. Túpac and Bastidas are considered symbols of Peruvian indepdence and indigenous rights.

Collection Information

Physical description

1 volume, ca. 200 p., copy.


Presented by Joel R. Poinsett, 1820; accessioned, 1900.

Early American History Note

Although outside the bounds of the Early American Guide's parameters, this collection may be of interest to early Americanists. MOLE contains further details on this items content. The documents are in Spanish. There is a detailed table of contents that describes the content of each document in English. Among the documents are diaries, proclamations, and affidavits relating to the Peruvian rebellion.

Indexing Terms

Geographic Name(s)

  • Latin America -- Politics and government -- To 1830.
  • Peru -- History -- Insurrection of Tupac Amaru, 1780-1781.

Personal Name(s)

  • Poinsett, Joel Roberts, 1779-1851
  • Tupac Amaru, Mariano, 1762-1784


  • Beyond Early America
  • Incas.
  • International Affairs

Detailed Inventory

 1. Anno que el da a de Marzo once se promulgo en Ermonaca Josef Gabriel Tupamano Inca esta san que vd trone principe Peri quanto por todad mandamientos seme hace indepentable el bajan al Cuzco
1780-1781 2 page(s) 12-1/4x8
 2. Copia de las Declaraciones tomadas a Pedro Gonzales Santaella, y en Compahio Gaspar Garzia, Soldados que se libersanon enclarato de Sonatar...
1781 4 page(s) 11-3/4x8
 3. Pannilla, Manuel to the Commander-in-Chief of the province
1781 March 5 7 page(s) 12-1/4x8
 5. Diario del primer sitio de la cuidad de la Paz by Sebastian de Segurela, addressed to Geronimo Manuel de Muedas y Morales
1781 March 13-July 1 30 Leaves 12x8 and 84 pages are 8x6
 7. Diario de los principales sucessos acaecidos en los dos azedios y cercos que padecio esta Cuidad de la Paz por los Indios desde el diaz 14 de Marzo hasta el diax y seis de Octubre del presente año 'il
1781 March 14-October 16 71 page(s) 8-1/4x6-1/4
 8. Copy of 15 documents mentioned in the preceding journal