Minutes and papers of the Mason and Dixon survey, 1760-1768


Date: 1760-1768 | Size: 2 volume(s), 2 volumes, 158 p.


The first volume is minutes of the commissioners for determining the line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which was copied by George M. Justine in 1842 from an "authenticated" copy owned by Ferdinand R. Hassler. The second volume contains receipts (62 items) for money spent by the Penn family for the survey.

Collection Information

Physical description

2 volumes, 158 p.


Presented by George Justine, 1844; accessioned, 1900 (1900 2651).

Custodial history:

The volumes arrived at the APS through descendants of Edmund Physick, Receiver General for the Penn family.

Location of originals:

Original minutes in the Land Office, Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland.

Related material

Associated materials: American Philosophical Society Library, Correspondence and accounts of the Mason and Dixon survey, 1758-1769 (Mss.B.M381).


Film 303 is Microfilm of the Minutes, only. 91 frames.

Early American History Note

The Mason and Dixon Survey Collection consists of two volumes relating to their work drawing a border between Pennsylvania and Maryland and a box of correspondence. This entry describes the two volumes. One contains the Penn family's costs, which goes into specific details about items purchased and used for the venture. The second volume is a manuscript copy of the commissioners' minutes from 1760-1768. The commissioners were representatives of both Baltimore and Penn, and gave directions to Mason and Dixon. The minutes contain negotiations between the commissioners, which provide insight into surveying methods and the various disagreements between the two sides about boundaries, particularly as they relate to the Delmarva Peninsula. There are a few mentions of Indians and diplomacy, especially around 1767 when Mason and Dixon were extending the line into the Ohio Country.

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  • Maryland -- Boundaries.
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