Extract of a letter from London, May 19, 1770


Date: 1770 | Size: 1 item(s), 1 item, 9 p.


Intelligence of Parliamentary affairs in the wake of the Stamp Act, tea taxation, etc.

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1 item, 9 p.

Early American History Note

This rich letter dated May 19, 1770 contains a detailed report on the state of affairs in London. The author, writing to friends in the colonies, relays the political machinations inside of Parliament and out of doors. The author focuses on the debates surrounding the crisis developing between Parliament and their North American colonies. The author discusses the content of some speeches, the alignment of factions in Parliament, and the opinion of merchants and manufacturers relating to laws and imperial policies. The letter is an "Extract" and was likely copied from a longer letter. This manuscript copy was probably forwarded to interested parties throughout the colonies to disseminate news. The letter is bound. The last page contains the signature of Robert Smith, although it is not clear if this is the author of the letter, the owner of the letter, or simply an autograph.

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  • Correspondence.
  • Political Correspondence


  • American Revolution
  • Americans Abroad
  • Colonial Politics
  • International Affairs
  • Stamp Act, 1765
  • Taxation.