Haida carvers in argillite


Date: 1954 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 vol., ca. 530p.


A work intended as a sequel to Barbeau (1953), "Haida myths illustrated in argillite carvings," National Museum of Canada, Museum Bulletin 127. In addition to discussing Skidegat and Masset carvers and their work, the author presents material on carvers as medicine men, material on shamanism and witchcraft, classification of the subjects of statuettes (chiefs and illustration of myths). An appendix includes myths recorded by William Beynon among the Skidegate, Tsimshian, and Niska from 1952-1954.

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Physical description

1 volume, 530 p.


Presented by Charles Marius Barbeau, 1954.

Alternate formats available

Printed (in part), Barbeau (1957), "Haida carvers in argillite," Canada Geological Survey, Museum Bulletin 139; and Barbeau (1961), "Huron-Wyandot traditional narrative in translations and native texts," National Museum of Canada, Bulletin 165.

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  • Carving (Decorative arts)
  • Haida Indians
  • Haida Indians -- Biography
  • Haida art
  • Niska Indians
  • Queen Charlotte Islands (B.C.) -- Biography
  • Tsimshian Indians