Notes on the Six Nations (New York), 1890, successors to the Five Nations which once constituted the League or Confederacy of the "Iriquois" [sic]....


Date: 1890 | Size: 1 Volumes, 1 volume, 251 p.


These notes were taken for the eleventh Census of the U.S., 22nd Division. It lists chiefs, crops, population, diseases, houses, other property and values of the Iroquois in New York.

Background note

Ohio lawyer Henry Beebee Carrington served in the military during the Civil War and continued in the army fighting Indians (1865-1869).

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1 volume, 251 p.


Gift from William Fenton and accessioned, 09/15/1971 (1567ms).


Carrington's official report was published as an Extra Census Bulletin under the name of Thomas Donaldson (Washington, D.C., 1892). 89 p. [Information taken from a letter from William Fenton to the National Archives in Washington, D.C.]

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  • Haudenosaunee
  • Indians of North America -- Census
  • Iroquois Indians -- Agriculture
  • Iroquois Indians -- Census
  • Iroquois Indians -- Diseases
  • Iroquois Indians -- Dwellings
  • Iroquois Indians -- Population
  • Iroquois Indians -- Property
  • U.S. Census Bureau