Some account of the Menomonies, with a specimen of an attempt to form a dictionary of their language, 1827


Date: 1827 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, 52 p.


A brief discussion of location and the language, with list similar to that in James, A narrative of the captivity and adventure of John Tanner (1830), of Menomonee and Ojibway.

Background note

Edwin James was an explorer, naturalist, and physician.

Collection Information

Physical description

1 volume, 52 p.


Presented by Edwin James and accessioned, 1827 (1827 5875).


Communicated: Feb.2, 1827. For report of committee, see: APS Report [ca. Feb. 1827]. Cf. Minutes, p. 562.

Early American History Note

This volume appears to be a draft of a language textbook for the Menomonee and Ojibwa. It begins with an overview of the Menomonee, their culture, history, and location. The text then goes on to describe their language with examples of words and usage.

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