The natural process by which a conquered people in an inferior grade of civilization adopt the language and system of learning of their more civilized conquerors, 1832


Date: 1832 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, 67 p., copy


This essay is accompanied by another, written two years earlier, entitled, "Consideration of the means by which the present highly advanced state of learning and civilisation in Europe can be most effectually communicated to the rest of the world and to our Indian empire in particular; Kotah, May 21,1830."

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Charles E. Trevelyan was Governor of Madras.

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1 volume, 67 p., copy.


Presented by James P. Engles, 1839; accessioned, 1900.

Early American History Note

This manuscript essay from 1832 was written by Charles Trevelyan, the governor of Madras. Broken into eleven sections, he outlines the ways in which imperial governments can force assimilation and acculturation through state policies and institutions in India.

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