Notes on Mexican Antiquities


Date: 1785-1806 | Size: 1 volume(s)


Related to the Dupaix expeditions of 1806, four loose notebooks with 23 ink and pencil sketches of Mexican ruins and hieroglyphics. Fragmented text, in Spanish, with images of construction and decoration on stonework, pottery and buildings of various native ruins of the Yucatan. The APS manuscript sketch file has an inventory list of the images.

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Physical description

4 items of 15, 16, 17, and 18 p.


Donor (?), Joel R. Poinsett, 1830.

Early American History Note

Compiled by an anonymous traveler to Mexico sometime in the 19th century, this large volume contains hundreds of extremely intricate pencil and watercolor sketches of Mexican artifacts and sites that were seen during an expedition to Mexico.

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  • Mexico -- Antiquities.


  • Beyond Early America
  • Indians of Mexico
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Detailed Inventory

Freeman 2189 Pyramide de Paplanta [sic]. Description Ic[o]nografica, de la antigua y famosa Piramide o Adoratorio del Pueblo de Papantla [1785].
1785 1 item(s) 16 p.

Abstract: First is an extract from the Gazeta de Mexico for Tuesday, July 1785, entitled "Papantla." Second is a brief description of the iconographic decorations, together with 4 pencil sketches.

 Pyramide de Papantla
Freeman 444 Varios modas de pintar. Y por geroglificos en el fresco y al temple [1785-1806?]
Circa 1 item(s) 18 p.

Abstract: A brief discussion of coloring techniques with some mention of figures used.

Freeman 2337 Algo de lengua mexicana, y de la explicacion de Algunos geroglificos [n.d.].
n.d. 1 item(s) ; 1 item, 15 p.

Abstract: A brief essay on phonology, dialectical differences, and an explanation of some hieroglyphics.

Freeman 2181 Notas varias y Caprichosas; Tehuantepec, Tonila, etc. [ca. 1800].
Circa 1 item(s) 17 p. ; 1 item, 17 p.

Abstract: Discusses means of construction and decoration of stone work in various Mexican and Mayan sites. (One sheet bears reference to 2nd Mixtecan expedition, 1806, i.e., DuPaix's 1806 expedition.)