New York (State). Canal Commissioners. Records


Date: 1825-1826 | Size: 7 volume(s)


Correspondence and petitions to Henry Seymour regarding canal routes in northern New York, personnel, etc. Mentions David Thomas, Wells Hatch.

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Alta California Bookstore, purchase, $225.00.

Early American History Note

This collection contains official documents and correspondence of the New York State Canal Commission for the years 1825-1826. Although a small collection, it does contain some interesting documents, including correspondence among officials who discuss building new canals, a petition from inhabitants near Seneca Lake that offers their opinion on the best route for a canal near them, and official reports of the commissioners.

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  • Business Records and Accounts
  • Correspondence.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Official Government Documents and Records
  • Petitions.


  • Business and Skilled Trades
  • Canals -- New York (State)
  • Colony and State Specific History
  • Engineering
  • Government Affairs
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