Della filosofia naturale


Date: Circa 1710 | Size: 1 volume(s), 1 volume, 276 p.


Part I contains a series of definitions of the principles of physics. Part II includes chapters on the visible world, the earth, the senses, light, and meteorology.

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1 volume, 276 p.


Purchased from Jonathan Hill ($1,200.00).

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The APS houses several other treatises on early modern natural philosophy, including Charles Morton's "System of Physicks", (New England, ca. 1700), David Evans' "Aliquot Rudimenta Philosophiae" (written in New Jersey in 1747), John Questebrune's "A Short Introduction to Natural Philosophy", (Ireland, 1718-1720), and Joseph François Marie's Philosopiae Quarta Pars Seu Phisica.

Early American History Note

Written in Latin, this large bound volume from 1710 discusses physics and natural history. The last few pages contain a number of diagrams and images dealing with astronomy and calculations, all of which are hand drawn.

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