Astronomical calculations, 1778, 1779


Date: 1778-1779 | Size: 2 volume(s), 2 volumes, ca. 317 p.


These volumes contain calculations and drawings of an eclipse of the sun, 24 June 1778, and of the moon, 29 May 1779, adjusted to the meridian of Philadelphia. There is also an incomplete duplicate of the calculations for the sun, and a duplicate of the calculations for the moon. An apparently personal reference in the text suggests that Freehauff was a native of Germany.

Background note

Daniel Freehauff was an astronomer from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Collection Information

Physical description

2 volumes, ca. 317 p.


Presented by George Vaux and accessioned, 03/21/1834 (35).

Early American History Note

These two volumes contain astronomical calculations for two eclipses observed in Philadelphia, one in 1778, the other in 1779. In addition to the data and calculations, the volumes contain detailed essays of how to make such calculations.

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