Writings on Mexican languages, 1895-1902


Date: 1895-1902 | Size: 1 Volumes, 1 volume, 230 p.


This volume consists of several monographs: "Curso de lengua mixe," a short, elementary text for teaching Mixe to Spanish speakers complete with exercises, texts, lexical comments (38 pages). "Las lenguas habladas por los indigenos de la Republica Mexicana," a lengthy exposition (127 pages) on Mexican languages emphasizing the relationship of languages of Lower California to the Klamath; also Mixe, Zoque, Chontal, and Chocho, the last at length, including vocabulary and grammar. Incomplete. [This was prepared for, but not delivered at, the International Congress of Americanists, 11th session, 1895.] And, an address in English on the Indian tribes of the state of Oaxaca and their languages (51 pages).

Background note

Francisco Belmar was a Mexican linguist.

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1 volume, 230 p.


Received in December, 1939; provenance unknown.


The address in English was printed in part in the "Proceedings" of the International Congress of Americanists, 13th session, 1902, page 193.

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