On the freedom of the seas, [n.d.]


Date: n.d. | Size: 3 volume(s), 3 volumes, ca. 800 p.


Peter S. Du Ponceau translated Gérard de Rayneval's "De la liberté des mers" (Paris, 1811) as an exercise, but not for publication.

Background note

Joseph-Mathias Gérard de Rayneval was a French author.

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Physical description

3 volumes, ca. 800 p.


Received from Peter S. Du Ponceau and accessioned, 07/17/1840 (34865-7).

Early American History Note

Although Du Ponceau is most well-known today for his work in Native American linguistics, the Du Ponceau Collection includes a significant amount of correspondence from Du Ponceau's legal career in the nineteenth century (B D92p). This volume on the freedom of the seas reflects Du Ponceau's legal work in international trade.

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  • Freedom of the seas.
  • International Trade.
  • Law
  • Maritime law.
  • War, Maritime (International law)